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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

===============================================  “Religion, like alcohol, should only be for wise people”

Martin Malik

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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About the author

Best travel films

By: Martin Malik

Best travel films


There are many films that encourage travel and deep reflection about the world. Thanks to them, people would also want to develop their interests in other areas. In my opinion, traveling is a discipline which people still don’t fully understand. Most confuse travel with tourism, but those who really are adventure travellers, after some time realize that they have developed in many other areas as well. Whilst traveling around the world, a traveler begins to explore many sciences and interests. These sciences are usually geography, history of countries and civilizations, history of art, geology, politics, and economics. However, it doesn’t end there, because depending on the experiences, travelers also become interested in zoology, fishing, foreign cuisine, botany, diving, Thai-boxing, carpet production, or even elephant painting. In my opinion, traveling is a discipline which is only an introduction and encouragement to many other passions.


Introduction to the best travel films

I present films which would surely encourage you to travel and help you in developing many interesting passions. I’m going to update this topic regularly, because from time to time I will add new videos here. I recommend.

Because I also publish political articles on my website, people sometimes ask me why according to them I am so ‘far right’. My answer: it’s because I’ve seen so much, and experienced so much, and I’m interested in so many topics that I just don’t believe in leftist nonsense. The ‘far right’ in their opinion, is in my opinion primarily about rationalism and the desire for balance in every sphere of life. One of the reasons I hate multi-‘culturalism’ is because I enjoy learning about other cultures. Tight borders help to protect diversity. Maybe thanks to these films my readers would understand?

‘ Apocalypto ‘

Apocalypto is one of the best films I have seen. The action takes place when the Mayan civilization was on the verge of collapse, and the first Europeans were on their way to Mexico and South America.

The film features Latin American actors who live in the jungle and speak the Mayan language. They lead a carefree life hunting tapirs in the jungle and fishing in the river, but one morning they are kidnapped by the head-hunters sent over by the Maya. Some are sold as slaves and others are sacrificed in the high temple, that we can see in Mexico today. Interesting is not only the escape and fight of the main character in the jungle against the sadistic head hunters; but also a new look at slavery, without the ever ‘bad’ whites. The film also shows the hypocrisy and stupidity of the priests, who are only murderers who fool the nation. The full solar eclipse scene is brilliant.

The director is Mel Gibson, and all the actors appear to be indigenous to Mexico during the Mayan period. Apocalypto is a great adventure and an extremely interesting film. I have the impression that there is also a criticism of globalization, because these people were happy living in the jungle, in small villages, in their own culture, while death and misfortune were the result of the so-called ‘civilization and progress’.

‘ Fear is a sickness. It will crawl into the soul of anyone who engages it. It has tainted your peace already. I did not raise you to see you live with fear.’

I definitely recommend ‘Apocalypto’; a film without great special effects, without commercialism, without immoral disgust, but with great adventure and the lesson of unknown history. Apocalypto was produced in 2006, and I think it is a real treasure, because in the times of extreme multi-culti and political correctness, a film was made which is about a different culture and which at the same time has no basis to be on the Marxist radar.

‘ Apocalypto ‘

‘ Alpha ‘

Alpha is an adventure film that takes place 20,000 years ago, during the Ice Age. The spectacular landscapes of glacial Europe and the animals of that time play an important role in the film. In forests and vast landscapes we see mammoths, wild boars, wolves, buffaloes, wooly rhinoceros, vultures, and of course a saber-toothed cat. In the Aplha, we also see the relationship between humans and animals, and the way primitive tribes lived in those days. There are interesting scenes showing how people light fires, how they hunt, what camp they live in, how they are dressed, and how they make stone knives, arrowheads and spears. Regardless of technical advancement people have always had need for contact with deities and they’ve had a habit of burying the dead or building stone monuments to them. People always had the need to create art, and the foundation was always a family and living in groups.

Before the arrival of winter our tribe went hunting, using stars for navigation. The main character of the film is a boy named Keda, who enters his adult life. His father, who is the leader of the tribe, takes his son on an expedition to teach him the arts of survival, the art of making fire, fighting, and hunting. However, Keda is mild-mannered and he refuses to kill. When the bison hunt finally takes place, an accident occured. One of the bisons cought the boy by the horn and falls with him over the cliff. The whole tribe thinks the boy is dead. His father sets stones for him to say goodbye, cries and is heartbroken to see that his son is lying on the rock below the cliff and does not move. The tribe takes the meat and returns to the village before the harsh winter sets in.

‘Survival is never certain.’

This is where the beautiful adventure reallly begins, because the boy wakes up, jumps into the river, heals – and then, against the backdrop of picturesque views of the Ice Age, whilst fighting hunger and merciless nature, he tries to get home. I won’t be telling the whole movie, but the breakthrough comes when Keda is chased by a pack of wolves, and whilst running away to a tree he injures one, and then he waits for the pack to go away. Instead of killing the wolf, Keda feeds her and gives her water, he gains her trust, and begins to hunt with her. Without realizing it, the boy soon begins a relationship which continues to this day.

Alpha is a film about how humans domesticated dogs. Let us respect this relationship and love our faithful friends. The dog is part of the family, part of the tribe, a part of being human. Let’s make susre that dogs are happy with us. The film itself is a huge pre-historical adventure which I recommend to nature lovers.

“Alpha” was directed by Albert Hughes, starring Kodi Smith McPhee, Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson, the wolf and the wonderful nature of the Ice Age.

‘ Alpha ‘

‘ The Edge ‘

‘The Edge’ is an adventure film set in Alaska. In the beginning it is just a trip organized by a wealthy businessmen to the bosom of nature, where an elderly intelligent billionaire treated his younger beautiful wife with a photo shoot. As they fly by plane from a picturesque lakeside base to a more wild terrain, their plane crashes, and our three characters must unite to survive. Three men, accustomed to luxury, are suddenly stranded in the wilds of Alaska, where they must fight to survive and flee from the bloodthirsty Kodiak bear, which goes after them. As a back story, there is also betrayal and jelaousy for money and a woman. In my opinion, the film also teaches that whoever is rich is not evil, but wise, resourceful and ambitious. However, the most interesting thing about the film is the adventure itself, what people are capable of to survive, and what dirt comes out of ‘best friends’ when they have nothing left to los

Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin, the charming Elle MacPherson, and a black actor Harold Perrineau.  “The Edge” was produced in 1997 by Lee Tamahori, from New Zealand. I find this film to be very interesting and suspenseful. The beautiful nature and the big bear are additional advantages.

Charles Morse: So what do you value me for, Bob?
Robert Green: I like your style, your wife’s pretty cute too.
Charles Morse: So how are you planning to kill me?

I believe that a black actor was employed in this film to meet the standards of political correctness, but he did not play the politically correct role. He was part of the team, he had duties like everyone else, and he owed his life and well-being to an Englishman. ‘The Edge’ is not just another story about ‘bad white people’ and ‘blacks who saved the world’. I recommend.

‘ The Edge ‘

Kodiak bear

Kodiak bear is a subspecies of the brown bear, which sometimes is also referred to as the ‘Alaskan brown bear’. The Kodiak bear is a real beast, which is admittedly the second largest bear in the world after the polar bear, but is generally heavier and may be more aggressive. A male Kodiak bear can easily reach 500 kg, and sometimes even 700 kg, and it can run at speeds exceeding 60 km/h on short distances. Its height on two legs is about 3m. Also, if someone sees this bear, I advise to look for a tree, because escaping it in an undeveloped area doesn’t make sense. The Kodiak bear is, in my opinion, more dangerous than its relative grizzly. If a man sees his teeth and claws from a close distance, it is certainly the last thing he sees in his life. Fortunately, the natural habitat of the Kodiak bear is in the Kodiak archipelago, where it has been isolated for about 12,000 years, so it takes an effort to meet it or be a survivor of a plane crash on its islands. In the last 90 years, only one person has been killed by Kodiak.

Kodiak bear versus polar bear

In natural conditions a fight between the Kodiak bear and the polar bear would never happpen, and speculation about who would win this fight should to be cut short. In my opinion, a polar bear would run away from Kodiak in panic. Polar bears run away from grizzly bears, sometimes giving up their prey to them, so the more they would run away from a Kodiak, which is stronger and more massive than a grizzly. According to what I have read, there is a fundamental difference in the psyche between the Kodiak and the polar. Well, Kodiak is curious, shy and does not track people for another dinner, while a hungry polar male can follow people for many days to eat them. The range of the polar occurrence sometimes coincides with the human population, so meeting it is more likely than a Kodiak (Canada, Russia, Greenland, Svalbard). In addition, Kodiak also eats forest fruits and other plants, while polar bear eats only meat, what means that he is a more determined killer.

‘ Beasts of no nation ‘ 

‘Beasts of no nation’ is a war drama which I consider to be one of the best I’ve ever seen. This film is about the civil war in Africa, but it focuses on child soldiers.

‘Beasts of no Nation’ shows in a dramatic way how child soldiers are recruited, manipulated, abused, and transformed from victims of the civil war into beasts of destruction and terror. Even more tragic and frightening is that this is not just another shocking war drama, because the action of this film takes place every day in reality, especially in the jungles of ‘democratic’ Congo and many other parts of Africa. . . . . It’s also tragic that the children who were tricked into the civil war don’t even know why they fight, they don’t know who they shoot at and for what cause. For the African war barons, this is just another nigger in Africa, so if they die, there will be more. This fact once again proves my thesis that blacks in Europe and the USA “fight racism” only for economic reasons and out of hatred towards whites. The Negro’s greatest enemy will be always another Negro.

I also liked ‘Beasts of no Nation’ because it is not just another politically correct movie about “bleached blacks”, a movie where black actors play roles intended for whites. Here, blacks play blacks, they speak with an African accent, and show the realism of life in Africa during the civil war. Do we remember the black Romans, the black Achilles, the black piano teacher in the palace of the Queen of France, etc.? In ‘Beasts of no Nation’ there is African realism , and it is not a film where whites have been chosen to be guilty.

– Agu: I am thinking about my mom… and brother… and my little sister.” “Sun, why are you shining at this world? I am wanting to catch you in my hands, to squeeze you until you can not shine no more. That way, everything is always dark and nobody’s ever having to see all the terrible things that are happening here.”

The premiere of the film in the UK took place in 2015, and the director is Cary Fukanga. The main role is played by Idris Elba, who speaks with an English accent on daily basis, and who is portrayed by the politically correct media as an ‘English actor’. ‘Beasts of no nation’ was recorded in Ghana. The main advantage of the film is its realism; but also African landscapes, from jungle to deserts and African villages. I think this movie encourages you to travel in parts of Africa which are still safe. I’m sure the locals have a lot of interesting, shocking stories for white travellers.

‘ Beasts of no nation ‘

‘ 1492. Conquest of paradise ‘

‘1942. Conquest of paradise ‘. This movie is a must see for every traveller. ‘1942. “Conquest of Paradise” is the story of Christopher Columbus’ expedition, and the impact of the initial colonization of the native people by the Spaniards. First, the film shows Columbus’ political battle for the favours of Queen Isabella I, in order to sponsor him. At the end of the 15th century it was a very precarious expedition, and first Columbus had to raise funds for it. He needed ships, people, and all the means necessary to go for the expedition in which he himself did not quite believe in. Columbus was Italian, and that’s why it was even harder for him to convince the Spanish nobility and the Queen herself to trust him. For Columbus, in order to be able to make this trip, he simply had to lie. He said that if there was China on one side of the world, there must be a continent on the other side as well, even though he wasn’t sure at all. Columbus said the trip would take about 3 weeks, although he knew it might take many months. He didn’t even know if he would ever come back, and he didn’t fully believe that he would even find land. Columbus promised Spanish Queen Isabel I and King Ferdinand II gold, spices, unknown riches, and he also promised to expand Christianity.

The first contact with the indigenous people of the Caribbean began very friendly. There were bows, gifts from King Ferdinand, and exchanges of pleasant gestures. But when the Spaniards saw that they could rule over the primitive tribes, next time the brought 17 ships and 1,200 men, and they forced ‘Indians’ into slave labor, and ordered them to pay taxes for the development of Spain. According to many that time is described as the darkest in the history of mankind, but the Caribbean people themselves invited the Spaniards and gave them slaves, because primitive tribes have always been interested in the technological thought of the white men. This has not changed to this day, and that’s why I believe that European colonization had its very bad but also good sides, both for the colonists and for the colonized nations. I am aware of slavery, colonization and destruction of cultures, but sometimes I wonder what the world would be like today, if it had not been fertilized by the light of white civilization?

Without going too far into history, the movie ‘1492. Conquest of Paradise ‘shows the efforts of the Spaniards in the New World, and the torment of the Indians against the Spaniards. In this film we see struggle against the nature and climate, a snake bite, new diseases, and an attempt to build the first Spanish city in the New World. The scene of building a church together, and lifting a heavy bell to the top with the help of people and animals is unforgettable. According to some people, this film is average, and sometimes even boring, although I liked it very much. Still, everybody agrees that the film has been enriched by great music, which has gone down in the history of cinema. This is a piece by the Greek composer Vangelis, called ‘Conquest of Paradise’, and I present it below so everyone could feel the sense of discovering the New World.

‘Riches don’t make a man rich, they only make him busier.’

‘1492. Conquest of Paradise ‘- a 1992 film directed by Ridley Scott telling the story of Christopher Columbus’ voyage to America. Starring among others: Gérard Depardieu, Armand Assante and Sigourney Weaver. The heart uplifting music was composed by Vangelis.

‘ 1492. Conquest of paradise ‘ (turn up the volume)

What did Columbus really discover?

I decided to explain because I doubt people would know. Christopher Columbus planned to discover a new sea route from Europe to Asia, but he sailed to the Americas instead. In fact, Columbus did not discover America, and he never walked in North America. During four separate voyages that began in 1492, Columbus landed on various Caribbean islands including the Bahamas (San Salvador), as well as an island later called Hispaniola (now Haiti and the Dominican Republic). Columbus also reached the shores of Central and South America, but never North America. Columbus’ journeys across the Atlantic paved the way for the European colonization of the Americas, which is why he is known as the one who ‘discovered America’, even though in fact Columbus actually showed Europeans the way to the ‘New World’. Thanks to Columbus’ expedition, Spain conquered and colonized most of South and Central America, the Caribbean and the south of North America. Brazil was officially colonized in 1500 but it was under Portuguese administration, and Mexico was taken over by Spain in 1519.

The news that Columbus discovered the New World spread quickly throughout Europe. On the 10th of May 1497, the discoverer Amerigo Vespucci set off on his first journey. During his third and the most successful journey, he discovered Rio de Janeiro and Rio de la Plata. Believing he had discovered a new continent, he called South America the ‘New World’. America was thus named after Vespucci, even though today’s historians believe that neither Columbus nor Vespucci discovered America. However, Columbus is more recognized because he paved the way for Europe to colonize the Americas. South America was also symbolically colonized by France, Great Britain and the Netherlands. In North America, the first British colony was founded much later, and it was Jamestown in the state of Virginia, in 1607.

‘ The Grey ‘

The Grey’ is a 2011 film about several oil workers stranded in Alaska after a plane crash. The crash of the plane in the frozen outpost of Alaska turned out to be only the beginning of the struggle for survival. The men are led by a skilled hunter, in order to survive, but they are haunted themselves at every turn by a pack of ruthless Canadian grey wolves. The survivors even cope quite well after the shock of a plane crash, and they fight the very cold weather. However, the bloodthirsty, ruthless wolves kill one after another and they don’t let go.

The advantage of the film is the beautiful nature of Alaska, ways of survival, fighting wildlife and wolves, and the cooperation of the men in order to survive. Sometimes they give up, sometimes they have a strong will to fight, but the wolves and Alaska itself are terrible enemies. Despite the beautiful landscapes, I’m not sure if this movie is worth advertising for tourists going to Alaska.

The director is Joseph Carnaham, and Liam Neeson (and his Irish accent) play the main hunter leading the group of survivors through Alaska. Some people might prefer to stay home after this film.

” Once more into the fray,
Into the last good fight I ever know.
Live and die on this day,
Live and die on this day… ”

‘ The Grey ‘

‘ Waterworld ‘

First of all, “Waterworld” is one of the best adventure, post-apocalyptic and at the same time travel encouraging films that I’ve ever seen. For me, this film represents freedom, independence and the constant fight for achievement, even if it’s unknown and uncertain. I will never understand why film critics and audiences describe “Water World” as an absolute flop? I don’t agree with them. I think Waterwold is great and it deserves many Oscars. I highly recommend it.

The film takes place in the distant future, when the glaciers completely melted and the sea level rose to over 7,600 m, covering almost all of the land. The plot of the film focuses on a selfish antihero without name, a vagabond who sails the Earth in his trimaran. From the Old World, only tiny human settlements survived, which float on the water, living in the utopian hope that dry land has survived. . . somewhere. Our sailor however, has an advantage because he has mutated to live in the one never-ending ocean. He has skin between his toes and gills that allow him to breathe underwater; even though he is human. The sailor fights hunger, loneliness, and a group of pirates who rob whatever they can. After all, our sailor reluctantly helps a woman and a young girl to search for dry land, but he doesn’t do it out of a good heart. There is a tattoo on the girl’s back, which is a map leading to the dry land.

 ‘ Dry land is not just our destination. It’s our destiny. ‘

One scene proves the tragedy of the post-apocalyptic water world. An elderly couple approaches the sailor with their daughter and offers him to make her pregnant in return for payment with things that would be useful for him during his voyage. I haven’t had such a proposal yet; at least not for money. The diving scene into the ruins of the city was also beautiful. In this world, it is no longer gold or money that counts, but a boat, land, seeds, and a fertile woman to extend mankind. I think that someone really cared about describing ‘Water World’ in the worst possible way in all the media.

Waterworld was produced in 1995, it was directed by Kevin Reynolds and among others the main actors were: Kevin Costner, Dennis Hopper and Jeanne Tripplehorn.


‘ Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World ‘

This film tells the story of a true British naval captain, who was ordered to fight a French ship off the coast of Brazil during the Napoleonic Wars. Captain Jack Aubrey was a young captain of the warship “Surprise”, who in 1805 fought a faster and better armed French navy vessel, the “Acheron”. Realizing the advantage of the French frigate and the excellent leadership skills of the French captain, after the first and severe attack of the French, the Englishman circles Cape Horn and leads his ship into a dense fog, to deal with the French right there.

 ‘ When empires where won and lost at sea, the strenght of a nation depended on a courage of a few. ‘

The film shows the lives of English sailors who came from different social classes, had different responsibilities and represented all generations. They worked together for common victories, traveling the world under the British flag. This is a manifestation of patriotism and a beautiful sea adventure. This film is interesting because it shows the work of a team, the conscientious division of duties, the songs of the English sailors of that time, and the struggle with the sea. These were the times without socialism, without political correctness, and without benefits for ordinary idlers; and that’s one of the reasons in my opinion, why the British Empire achieved so much.

(It is crucial to remember that geographic location is Britain’s best ally, what already proved to be the half of its success. If Britain was between Russia and Germany, I doubt the British Empire would have ever happened. The only other country whose geographic location is so favourable, is Japan, and it is this geographic location that can mobilize for domination and a sense of supremacy.)

The film also shows contact with representatives of a distant culture, who approach the British ship on canoes, and are happy to see English sailors. Pictures on the Galapagos Islands are also a huge advantage of the film. That is why ‘Master and Commander’ is the first non-documentary film where the action took place in such a unique place. Thanks to this, the naturalist saw marine iguanas and albatrosses for the first time, and he had the opportunity to describe many other previously unknown species of plants and animals.

‘ Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World ‘

Because of all those things, I also treat the ‘Master and Commander’ as a way of honouring the great achievements of the British Empire. We live in times when for the requirements of political correctness, the British Empire is only presented as evil, but the British Empire also used to build, educate, and it had huge impact on the development of many sciences. Without the light of white civilization, it is possible that in many parts of the world the Stone Age would continue to this day, and the only inventions given to us by Negroes would be a stick in the nose, and a leaf. . . for the obvious purpose!

‘ Arctic ‘ 

‘ Arctic ‘ is a film about the will of survival and not giving up, no matter how hard it is. It is also a film about how much good a person can do for another person, even if he doesn’t know him. After the plane crash, the man got stuck in the arctic wilderness, but despite his loneliness, he is doing quite well and lives in reasonably good conditions. He lives in the wreckage, what protects him from the wind. He also lights a fire on a gas cylinder so he could get warm. Our survivor is also very good at ice fishing, what I must admit is quite a nice experience of this film.

Our hero however, wants to return to civilization, and for that reason he looks out for patrolling helicopters. When he finally sees that one tries to land, he crashes because of a very bad weather. The pilot dies, but the woman survives. As a result of the catastrophe she is in shock, her state is very uncertain, and she only confirms her reactions by squeezing the hand of her good man. Soon the man asks himself; whether to wait for the next helicopter, which may or may not to come, and that way condemn to death the woman who wanted to save him, or wait for the next helicopter in average comfort as per the circumstances. However, he decides to take the woman on a sledge, and sliding her on snow and ice he sets off on an uncertain journey into the unknown, even risking his own life. The great advantages of the film are of course the scenery, polar bear attacking a human, the scene in the cave, and a lesson of ice fishing.

‘ They are looking for you, don’t worry. They’ll be here tomorrow.

Or the day after tomorrow. Don’t worry. ‘

‘ Arctic ‘ is a movie with basically only one actor, and I think he is brilliant. Our fearless hero fighting polar bears and arctic frost is the Dane Mads Mikkelsen, who is excellent in this role. I suspect he would even beat a polar bear himself in a fist fight. The film was made in 2018 and its director is a Brazilian Joe Penna.

‘ Arctic ‘

‘ Into the wild ‘

‘ Into the Wild ‘ is a biographical adventure drama, which is different from the ones I usually describe. The main character is Christopher McCandless, a young graduate of Emory University, who finished his studies as a top student in both science and sports. Chris comes from a well situated family, and as an intelligent young man after University, he has the opportunity to start a profitable career. His parents want to buy him a car they and want him to use their help and his education to be successful. However, this is his parents’ dream.

Christopher decides to donate all his savings to a charity, he gets rid of the rest of his fortune, and embarks on an epic adventure through America, to Alaska. On his journey, first he burns the rest of his money, he destroys his IDs, and he abandons his old car. Then he sets off on a crazy hitchhiking trip, and on his way he meets many interesting people who change his character and his perception of the world. After traveling for several years, Chris enjoys a variety of activities and he spends time with people, who he finds to be interesting and as out of touch with reality as he is hmself.

Chris doesn’t act thoughtfully, but only does what his heart tells him, and what he loves the most is the uncertainty of tomorrow and the adventure that comes with it. Even though he might have a respectable suit job, drive a new car and be surrounded by people of false smiles, he chooses the life of a poor traveller – and he is happy. For example, he lives for a long time in the wreckage of an old bus, where he hunts animals, collects forest fruits and herbs. How this adventure ended for Chris, I leave it for the viewers to watch.

Christopher McCandless: ‘Some people feel like they don’t deserve love. They walk away quietly into empty spaces, trying to close the gaps of the past.’

The film ‘Into the wild’ was made in 2007. Sean Penn was the director and Emile Hirsh played the main role. The movie is long because it is about 2.5 hours, but it’s a beautiful tale of a road, which in my opinion will be misunderstood by someone who is not a traveller.

‘ Into the wild ‘

The main character reminds me a bit of me. I could have had good life in Warsaw, but as a young man, after graduation from university, I embarked on an adventure to London that has been going on for most of my life now. I took a lot of different jobs below my qualifications, and I dropped everything to go backpacking to the end of the world, sometimes without even knowing exactly where I was heading. I slept in the most disgusting shitholes of Asia, in a tent in the desert and in the jungle, and even under a truck a few times. When I finally left the black and gypsy ghetto in London, I had very good respected jobs, but ‘I had one major disadvantage.’ Well, I was very bad at licking black ass, what in the Kingdom of Political Correctness is a key to success. I completed my studies very well, and my quality of work was always praised – but because I was so hopeless at political correctness and tolerance, I was fired in England from every job. What did I do back then, besides showing them my middle finger for goodbye? I packed my backpack, and after a few days I was already on a plane to the deserts, jungles, slums of India, etc. What Chris did was crazy, but the others think the same about me. Society wanted me to be a careerist in a suit, who would live to pay off credit cards and mortgages. Now I know that society was wrong, and I was right. I don’t regret anything, and I think the main character of this film doesn’t regret too.

‘ Cast Away ‘

‘Cast Away’ is a film that reminds me a bit of the story of Robinson Crusoe, brought to the present day. The main character is a man who has a job at a FedEx parcel delivery company. He is punctual, well-organized and gets along well in his private life. However, one unlucky day, while flying to Malaysia, his plane crashes in a heavy storm somewhere over the Pacific. Our main character, Chuck Noland, is the only one to survive the accident, and then, through huge waves, rain and lightnings, he gets to a desert island, where he remains for many years.

Chuck tries to make contact with the outside world, but without luck. In the meantime, he learns how to split coconuts, he collects the remains of an airplane that is thrown ashore, he learns to hunt fish, how to make fire, and he also burries a pilot. All those simple things, which in the civilized world are a normality done without any effort, on this desert island are a great achievement for him. His only friend is a Wilson volleyball.

‘ I would rather take my chances out there on the ocean, than stay here and die. ‘

To viewers, ‘Cast Away’ is a great dramatic survival adventure, which teaches humility to what can lose. Chuck Noland finds himself in a world where he has to fight for every little thing. It is a world disconnected from the rest of the world, where Chuck has plenty of time to think about the meaning of life. Everything he had in the previous world was taken away from him, and his skills ceased to count. On the island, he can only count on himself, and he has to learn everything from scratch.

“Cast Away” was made in 2000, it was directed by Robert Zemeckis, and the main role was played by Tom Hanks. For most part of the film, we only see on the screen one man and his volleyball, but in order for that one man to look realistic, my guess is that another 200 people must have worked around him, who we cannot see. The budget of the film was $90 million, so that was the cost of planting Tom Hanks on the island 🙂

‘Cast Away’

Viewers also wonder if the shipping company FedEx paid anything for the advertisement. Well, FedEx management even admitted that it was hard to believe that FedEx didn’t pay even 1 cent towards the film, even though it benefited greatly from it. After the premiere of ‘Cast Away’, FedEx earnings increased significantly, and the company’s brand became recognized also in Europe and Asia. So for FedEx it was free advertising …. worth heavy millions. The Wilson company, which produces balls, did not pay for the film neither. I think that in that case the director should have come up with fictional companies for the film.

‘ Against the Ice ‘

“Against the Ice” is a film based on facts set in 1909. At that time, the Danes organized an expedition into the unknown, wild, ice-bound Greenland to refute the United States’ claims to the northeastern part of the island. The US claims were based on the hypothesis that Greenland was split into two different pieces of land, and therefore one of them should belong to the Americans. The Danish men who embarked on the life-threatening expedition finally found evidence that Greenland was a unified island, with the result that the US abandoned its claims. This makes “Against the Ice” also a patriotic movie, as Danish explorers risked their own lives to keep Greenland under the control of their country.

As we know, to this day all of Greenland is a territory belonging to the Kingdom of Denmark. A few years ago, US President Donald Trump wanted to buy Greenland, but Denmark once again firmly rejected the offer.

Despite the fact that “Fighting the Ice” is based on facts and has political background, it is primarily an adventure film with great passion for travelling and discovering a new and very dangerous land; but it is also a film about friendship, courage and brotherhood. Our heroes travelled hundreds of miles on ice-bound Greenland using dog sleds. They lived in isolation, fought against hunger and polar bears, and fell into traps in extreme weather conditions. Although our heroes found evidence that Greenland was one island, it took them longer than expected to return to the camp. They thought they would meet the rest of the crew there, but they only saw their ship crushed in the ice and abandoned camp. Those two brave men could only wait for help sent from Denmark. The journey through Greenland is extremely difficult and dangerous in 2022, and in 1909, with much worse technology and without precise maps, even the best explorers had to accept, that they might not be able to come back.

‘Remember the single most important task for an explorer. When you travel into unknown lands to discover new parts of the global, it is to ensure the records of your discoveries are delivered back safe and sound, with or without you. Otherwise it is all in vain. The blood, and sweat, and tears, would all be for nothing.’

“Against the Ice” is a film about life under extreme pressure, a film about fighting the cold, lack of food, weakness of the human mind, and the fight against hungry polar bears. When our brave explorers lived in solitude in the cold wilderness, they lost hope of survival and experienced mental health issues. Distrust and paranoia began to raise the question of whether it was worth fighting for their lives.

“Against the Ice”

The film “Against the Ice” was made in 2022. The film was directed by a Danishman Peter Flinth. The main actors were Dane Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as captain Ejnar Mikkelsen, and an Englishman Joe Cole as Iver Iversen. The other actors are Englishman Charles Dance and Icelandic woman Heida Reed. As you can imagine, the film was shot in Iceland and Greenland.

The film “Against the Ice” is a faithful account of what happened in real life, as it was based on a book by Ejnar Mikkelsen. The two heroes of that expedition: Mikkelsen and Iversen are true historical Danish figures. I recommend this film.

Greenland – an island or a continent?

I would like to clarify this point because there is a misunderstanding. Greenland is the largest island in the world, located on the continental shelf of North America, what means that it is not geologically separate from Canada, the USA and Mexico. In addition, Greenland has plants and animals that are found in the Northern Hemisphere. Although Greenland is located on the continental shelf of North America, it is historically and culturally connected with Europe, and more specifically with Denmark.

One definition of a continent is, that continent lies on its own continental shelf and has unique fauna and flora, as well as a culture not found anywhere else. Therefore Australia meets the definition of a continent, but not Greenland.

Flag od Denmark.

Flag od Denmark.

Flag of Greenland.

Flag of Greenland.

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