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, Israel, Compass Travel Guide
Official name: the State of Israel
Population: 8 325 000
Area: Jewish territories -22 072 km², West Bank – 5,860 km2, Gaza Strip – 360 km2.

, Israel, Compass Travel Guide


Tourist attractions of Israel, international recognition of Israel, Israel – the present times, the latest history of Israel……and Palestine.


!!! This article will be complete for readers only if it’s read with the article about Palestine.

Right from the beginning I would like to make my readers aware that Israel is not just about occupation, watch towers, airstrikes, barbed wire and political hypocrisy. There are also very nice, beautiful and historic places that should be the true travel destinations. Many people who go to Israel change from being travellers to politicians, but in order to make the trip successful we should to be able to split those two sides. Jews and Palestinians themselves are also very political and they always have ready-made up horror stories for tourists about “the other ones”. However, in my opinion those stories should be approached with a distance, and I advice travellers to visit the whole country, because Israel is not only about war, the same as India is not just about poverty and Thailand is not just about prostitution. It is true that terrible things happen in Israel, but as a Polishman I am more interested in solving the problems of Poland, than the Jewish-Palestinian conflict.

The Jews themselves also feel tired of the fact, that in Western media and the Internet only present Israel as a war zone. Israel is a really valuable country, which I recommend to everyone regardless of their political views.

Those of my readers who are interested in the Jewish-Palestinian conflict I recommend my article “Expedition to Israel and Palestine”.

Division of Israel map.

The current division of Israel which in my point of view can change.

Tourist attractions of Israel

My journey through the Jewish part of the country I started from the seaside resort of Eilat by the Red Sea. It is a very pleasant and a very expensive place full of wealthy Russians, but I due to my empty pockets slept in a tent on the beach, I ate at the bakery and swam in the sea for free. From the shore I saw the city of Aqaba and the Jordanian flag where I had been before.

Then I went to see the fortress on top of a mountain called Masada, which was a really nice place to visit. First spent a night in a tent and in the morning I went to see the ruins of an ancient fortress on the top, where had beautiful views of the Dead Sea and interesting rock formations. Then I went to the beach in Ein Bokek and I swam in the Dead Sea, although I think that it would be better to say that was floating on the water.

Then I hitch-hiked to Jerusalem which turned out to be my base for about a week. I lived in the Old Town, which is very interesting and which has immense historical value. I don’t know how people can spend in Jerusalem only 4 hours on an organized trip, if I after 5 days still felt that I didn’t see enough and I was constantly discovering new places. Because of the great Golden Dome, the most famous and probably the most photographed place in Jerusalem is the Al-Aqsa mosque, but to me that building didn’t have any particular meaning. It is true that there is quite an interesting architecture and mosaics on the walls, but I didn’t see anything holy in that place and Muslims themselves were not saint too.

The most beautiful and the most valuable places in Jerusalem are the Christian places. Many times I visited the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre where Jesus is buried, where there is a stone on which he was anointed after his death, and where there are the last Stations of the Cross. In the Old Town there is also a Lutheran church with a high tower, that overlooks the skyline of Jerusalem, and there are many other interesting churches, a lot of tea houses, shops and huge stone gates. Out of the Old Town walls there is also a very attractive Church of All Nations, and the olive garden of Gethsemane where Jesus was arrested. Just before it there is also a Tomb of the Virgin Mary, and on the way to Mount of Olives a Russian church of Mary Magdalene. I also went to the room of the Last Supper, and then I saw Oscar Shindler’s grave, the Austrian industrialist who saved hundreds of Jews during the war.

A compulsory sight to visit is of course the Wailing Wall which from the cultural point of view is a very interesting experience to every traveller and a holy place to Jews; but to me it was rather an ideal setting for shooting a horror film, not for prayers. I saw a lot of Jews dressed in their traditional costumes who jumped, danced and wobbled as if they were drunk, while reading their prayers. The Western Wall with the Golden Dome of the Al-Aqsa mosque right behind gave me very mixed feelings.

Jerusalem - view at the Old Town walls from the Olive Hill.

Jerusalem – view at the Old Town walls from the Olive Hill.

also went to Tel Aviv where I spent two days. I liked the beach and the old town of Jaffa, where I stayed. When it comes to the centre, unfortunately again I had mixed feelings, especially after seeing certain places. Strolling near the Rockefeller street I went the Hall of Independence, where David Ben-Gurion declared Israel an independent country. The film which I saw there was a naive story about the ever innocent and the ever suffering Jews who returned to their historic homeland, despite the fact that the same story could be told from the Arab’s point of view and then it would be called the Hall of Occupation and not “independence”.

A similar story I saw in the Haganah Museum, which tells of Jewish partisans before the creation of the Israeli army (IDF). It is mainly a story about the “very bad Palestinians and their terrorism“, because they defended their homeland from the invasion of “the chosen nation“. The museum also shows the influx of illegal Jewish immigration tthe occupied Palestine by the approval of the British, and a way how Jews of the Haganah looted British trains. Jews used to steal British weapons and ammunition and then fought against the British using their own weapons, even though without the British there would never be Israel. Another words Jews robbed everybody and then got the support of the United States and still even the UK, which quickly silenced the fact in the media that British soldiers were killed and robbed by Jews. Well, Jews are always “innocent”.

A beautiful and interesting place during my trip around Israel was also the Galilee. I had my base in Tiberias, just by the Sea of Galilee, but the real adventure started when I was travelling around the lake. First I went to the Mount of the Beatitudes, to the Catholic church in a quiet garden and then I walked down on a dirt road to Tabgha. There are two important churches there, but first I walked down the Sea of Galilee where I sat down in the natural pool between rocks and took a shower under a waterfall, by the tributary to the Jordan river.

Then I went to see the st.Peter’s church which is located just by the lake, and after that I visited the Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fish. On the shores of the first church the apostles saw Jesus for the first time, and in the other one there is a stone on which Jesus placed two loaves of bread and two fish that fed 5000 listeners. I also went to Capernaum, where Jesus commanded his future apostles to throw their nets on the other side of the boat, and he said to Peter and his brother that if they go with him they would be “the fishermen of people“. In Capernaum there are also two nice churches, including one Orthodox with beautiful paintings inside. For me, the whole area of the Sea of Galilee was a combination of natural beauty with a trip to biblical timesI therefore warmly recommended Galilee.

Jews in their traditional costumes. Israel.

Jews in their traditional costumes. Israel.

When I still had time and money I planned to visit the Golan Heights, the mountain station of Tsfat and the city of Haifa, but because of my miserable economy ended my journey around Israel in biblical Nazareth. I walked through the narrow streets of the Old Town from one church to another, in a city where Jesus grew up and where Joseph once had a carpentry workshop. The object dominating the skyline of Nazareth is the Basilica of Annunciation, which I recommend partly because of the very special paintings depicting Mary and Jesus, donated by many countries from around the world. It was there where angel Gabriel flew down on earth to tell Mary that she was pregnant and she was carrying the son of God.

Next time I also want to go to Haifa and to the hill station called Tzfat (Safed), because I’ve heard a lot of good things about that place. A Jewess at the border also recommended to me Golan Heights, where according to her “there is a jungle like the one in Malaysia”. I’m sure it is beautiful but Golan is rather Syria under Israeli occupation and not Israel. To people who are hungry for adventure I also recommend the Negev desert, although remember about water and protection from the sun.

From a Christian point of view Israel is a very interesting country, although at the same time a trip around Israel and Palestine opens eyes to the lies of the British media.

Israel – the present times

The international recognition of Israel

Israel was declared an independent country on the 14th of May 1948. Currently out of 192 UN member states 161 countries recognize Israel, what means that 31 countries still do not recognize Israel. These are mostly Muslim countries that boycott Israel, they express their solidarity with Palestine, and they want the liquidation of the state of Israel. 16 countries do not recognize Israeli passports and 8 countries do not allow entry to neutral tourists with Israeli stamps in their passports. However, if we took under consideration also the partially recognized regions that do not recognize Israel, then we would find out that that number could easily reach 36, what still does not change the fact that about 80% of the world recognize Israel.

As for the immediate neighborhood of Israel, Syria demands the return of the strategically important Golan Heights, Lebanon has a claim to the Shebaa Farms, and Palestine wants to take control over the entire territory which is now occupied by Israel. To most Muslim countries Israel has no right to exist at all. Interestingly, Israel is also not recognized by North Korea, Bhutan and Cuba. According to me Bhutan does not recognize Israel because of its isolation policy and an open opposition against wars, while North Korea and Cuba do not recognize Israel because of bad relations with America. North Korea calls Israel the “imperialist satellite”.

Israeli border from the side of Jordan.

Israeli border from the side of Jordan.

In my opinion Israel is an artificially established country by Great Britain on the Arab land; and Jews even confirmed that by saying that – “they returned to their historic homeland after more than 2000 years.” Palestine is therefore occupied by the Zionist Israel, but we must take under consideration that even though the satanic Jewish nation has blood of many nations on its hands, even though Jews are responsible for many wars, for the economic crises, for Communism and for the propaganda and politics destroying white Christians, still Israel itself is mainly the problem of Muslims and they are the ones who should solve it if they wish so. Let us remember that the history of Islam is 1400 years of murder, slavery, the continuous invasions of Europe and various tortures. To sum up, even if the White civilization was liberated from the Judeo – centric regime, even then the removal of the time bomb on the world map called Israel would be still against our interests, because it would mean that first we would help Muslims and then pray that they would be kind enough to not to invade us.

The occupation of Palestine is not like in a Western, where the bad guys terrorize the good guys and in the end the good and the honourable ones win. In Palestine there is no good character, because in that situation one devil occupies another devil. It should be also taken into account what would happen if there was no Israel. Then Muslim countries would be at peace and they would grow economically, what would mean that they would have a strong Muslim army. We already know from history what Muslims do to Europe and then to White women when they have a strong army, and that is the only reason why the existence of the evil Jew in the heart of the Arab land starts to make sense. Besides, Jews and Muslims are very much alike, both culturally and ideologically, and both only respect brutal force.

Besides, Jews and Muslims are toxic nations that were thrown out of all the countries that adopted them. I advise Whites to leave the problem of Israel, or the occupation of Palestine (as one would prefer) to Jews and Arabs. I personally recognize Israel only because 6.5 million Jews living in Israel live far away from us, what means that if they live over there, they cannot live with us at the same time. I would like all Jews to live in Israel and never leave Israel, and if a White traveller ever wanted to see their funny side locks and ridiculous outfits, he could always visit them with a camera.

(On a side note, when it comes to “return of Jews to their historic homeland after 2000 years” it makes me optimistic for the future, because it means that one day all Negroes and Muslims could also leave Europe and return to their historical homelands).


According to the international standards Israel’s economy is technologically advanced, and according to the UN Human Development Index in 2015 Israel was in the top 20 in the world and was the first in its region, what puts it in the position of a highly developed country. According to the World Bank’s official data, Israel’s GDP in 2016 reached nearly $319 billion and annual growth was at 3.5% -4%. In addition, Israel’s total gross external debt is $ 95 billion, or about 41.6% of GDP, while unemployment is generally between 4-5%. Israel’s ambitious plan is to become the 15th largest economy in the world by 2025 – and I believe that under the condition of radical Zionism against other nations this goal is achievable.

The political fans and the political enemies of my website are surprised with this picture. Israel is not just about war and occupation. It is also  about sea turtles.

The political fans and the political enemies of my website are surprised with this picture. Israel is not just about war and occupation. It is also  about sea turtles.

Israel is one of the most important centres in the word in the field of processing and polishing diamonds. Other branches of the Israeli economy are: weapons production, aviation engineering, pharmaceuticals, high technology equipment (computer parts and cyber security), agriculture, transport and communications, construction, textiles, metallurgy, food processing and the inflow of foreign investment. Israel is a poor in natural resources because it is the only country in its region which doesn’t have oil, but on the other hand it exploits gas production off the coast of Gaza, and because of its rich history Israel has a large revenue from tourism.

In general, the breakdown of Israeli GDP by sectors is agriculture (2.1%), services (69%) and industry (27.3%). At the very beginning, it is important to realize that Israel and its economy should be seen not only within Israel but also through Wall Street, the City of London, the global media, Hollywood and the fact that Jews have a profound influence in politics and the world finances – which very generously support Israel. Otherwise, this small desert country surrounded by enemies from each side and without natural resources would have no chance of success.

In 1952 Israel and West Germany signed an agreement that the Germans would have to pay Israel for the persecution of Jews during the Second World War, and for confiscation of Jewish property. During the next 14 years West Germany paid Israel 3 billion German marks, or about $ 111.5 billion in the current currency. These incomes proved to be so great that in 1956 they accounted for 87.5% of the Israeli GDP. For this money in 1950 the government of Israel allowed American and Canadian Jews to buy vouchers, whose total value a year later exceeded $ 52 million. In the following years Israel was largely dependent on donations from wealthy Jews who led the American Federal Reserve, and which officially accounted to about $ 100 million a year. Apart from that Israel was also dependent on the US economic and political aid.

Funds from those sources were invested in the industrial and agricultural development projects, which allowed Israel to have independent economy. Among the projects supported by the assistance were the Hader Power Plant, Dead Sea Works, the National Waterway, the construction of the Port of Haifa, Ashdod and Eilat, desalination plants and national infrastructure projects. At the beginning of the Israeli existence textiles was the most important branch of the Israeli economy. Therefore, Israeli companies (thanks to the foreign support) supplied such companies as Marks & Spencer, Sears, Walmart and Kalvin Klein. Interestingly, in order to save on production costs, in their factories Jews employed poor Arabs who had previously stolen Palestine from them. Amazing!

I agree that Germans persecuted and killed Jews but on the other hand I would like to recall that electing Hitler was caused by the Zionists themselves, who first ruined Germany at the end of the First World War, then through the Treaty of Versailles, and then Germany was also destroyed by the Jewish Zionists during the war break. As a result of the policies imposed by Jews, it led to huge social problems in Germany and destruction of the German economy to such an extent, that Germans stood in queues for soup in the streets, and the only things that flourished were poverty and prostitution. When Germans had enough of their Jewish enemies and parasites they elected Hitler – who immediately put Germans into work and who built industries. I think that Jews owe a lot more to Germans for all the harms done to them than the other way round. Besides, without Hitler there would be no Israeli and without Germans there would be no one to finance it. This situation continues until today, because in my opinion Jews are leading a brutal economic, social and a propaganda war against the whole world,  and if that does not help, then also a military one. This is exactly the economic essence of the International Jewish Crime Syndicate. I also remind that Jews were thrown out of every country where they settled and the reason was never their religion or their culture, but their hostility to the nations who in their great naivete accepted them.

„The new Germany exists only in order to ensure the existence of the state of Israel and the Jewish people.”


Martin Shultz, the president of the European Union

Since the beginning of the 1990s the decline of the Israeli economy was saved by a huge wave of millions of well-educated Jewish immigrants, mostly from the former USSR. At present they account for about 16% of the population of Israel – and that is exactly what I call a healthy and wise immigration. Israel, as the Jewish state took 1 million Jews who are their blood brothers and who want the best for Israel. According to me the very presence of Jews in Israel is in my opinion the greatest symbol of the Jewish patriotism.

With those Jews it is better to not to mess. Israel.

With those Jews it is better to not to mess. Israel.

In comparison, Europe destroys the flower of its nation, it promotes abortion among white women, it promotes race-mixing, socialist ideologies and it turns white Christian cities into Arab-Negro criminal ghettos. It is a matter of time before western European countries fall apart. I’m talking about the ethnic and the cultural decline, but over time they will also fall economically. According to the Center for Social Justice of the United Kingdom the utopia of multi-culturalism is so expensive that the combined maintenance of the Black and Muslim parasites living in London alone costs £ 36 billion, so more than the UK’s annual defense budget which is £ 34.3 billion.

Israel has also other problems such as huge cost of living and the lack of housing, but given that in the 1980s (after the Arab invasion of Yom Kippur) Israel’s economy was comparable to Zimbabwe’s economy, today Israel has achieved economic success bordering on miracle. At the expense of others but still. Jews however, not as Israelis but as the Zionists of Jewish descent have absolute authority over the world’s financier, but also CNN and Hollywood which are the breeding grounds for their propaganda. Jews have the largest gold and diamond stocks in the world and there isn’t even one bank in which they would not participate, there isn’t even one mainstream television or a newspaper and there is no court nor government in the world where Jews wouldn’t have their own people. Jews have a stake in every major economy and industry in the world, even including sheep farms in Australia.

It seems that when Jews hear about their economy they should open a bottle of champagne, but in my opinion the Israeli economy also has its problems. It is being destroyed by internal conflicts and I don’t only mean problems with Arabs but also with ultra-orthodox Jews. According to a study conducted by the Israeli government 65% of Haredi Jews do not have jobs and do not intend to work, but they have 6-8 children per family and they love street demonstrations against the Zionist Israel, and even against the existence of Israel. At present Haredi Jews make up 10% of Israel’s population but within a few decades they might represent as much as 25%, what could be very damaging to the Israel’s economy and lead to a political catastrophe within the country, which would have nothing to do with the Arabs.

The main sectors of the Israeli economy:

I have already written about various sectors of the Israeli economy but now I would like to say more about those that I consider to be the most important:

Science and technology in Israel is one of the most developed and industrialized sectors in the country. The proportion of Israel engaged in research and technology and the amount spent on research and development in relation to gross domestic product (GDP) are among the highest in the world. Israel occupies the fourth place in the world in scientific research, measured by the number of scientific publications per million citizens. Israel’s share of the total number of scientific publications published worldwide is almost 10 times higher than that of the world population. Despite a small population compared to other industrialized countries around the world, Israel has the largest number of scientists and technicians per capita in the world, which is about 140 scientists and technicians per 10.000 employees. For comparison, in the United States it is 85 per 10.000 and in Japan 83 per 10.000.

Israel’s advanced technologies are in high demand and many applications in Israel can now be found in products from international companies in the fields of communications, computers, information systems, medicine, optics, consumer goods and software. The high-tech industry in Israel is one of the most powerful engines of the economy. Israeli scientists have helped to develop and refine other sectors of the economy, such as: agriculture, electricity, genetics, medicine, solar energy, and various types of engineers. It is worth mentioning however that the scientific background that allowed Israeli scientists to succeed in Israel was from foreign universities. Either way this is something what I like very much about Jews. They learn abroad and then they go back to Israel and build their own country and not a foreign one. For example, the Negev Desert is Israel’s sunniest area, and that’s why it is also the center of Israeli solar industry, in particular the National Solar Energy Center and the Arava Valley.

Jerusalem - view of the Church of All Nations and the Church of St. Magdalene.

Jerusalem – view of the Church of All Nations and the Church of St. Magdalene.

Next to India and Belgium Israel is the world leader in polishing of diamonds, of which diamond exports in 2011 reached $ 7.3 billion, while exports of unpolished diamonds amounted to $ 2.8 billion. Diamonds play a very important role in Israel’s economy, accounting for about 24% of total exports. The largest recipients of diamonds from Israel are the United States (36% of total exports), Hong Kong (28%) and Belgium (8%). In 2007 12% of all diamonds in the world came from Israel and in 2010 only 9%. Diamond market competition is huge.

I would also like to recommend to my readers my article about Burma, in which I described the hell that the workers have to go through when looking for diamonds. I want to say that “blood diamond” is a very uncomfortable subject for the global financial elites, because it doesn’t help in upholding the utopia of multi-culturalism as the never-ending Disneyland in all the colours of rainbow. On one hand we can see hostile hordes in Europe and America living at the expense of the state, and on the other hand lives of the same people in their own countries are worth nothing, unless they dig up a small glowing stone. The US is the world leader in diamond imports ($ 24.4bn), Israel ($ 7.1bn), and to my great surprise the United Kingdom only $ 2.2bn.

The “defense” industry (war industry) is also Israel’s specialty, as it has as many as 150 arms manufacturers and has a combined annual profit of $ 3.5 billion. Israel is one of the largest exporters of arms, and in 2007 Israeli arms accounted for 10% of the world trade. Exports of Israeli arms amounted to $7 billion in 2012, which was a 20% increase comparing to the previous year. Recipients of the Israeli weapons can be found in the whole world, including Poland, while the pride of the native production is Merkava tank, prepared to fight in the desert. Israel is considered to be the largest exporter of drones in the world, and in 2001-2011 it took over 41% of the world’s drone export. Israel is in the top ten in the world in terms of arms trade (as well as the “great defenders of human rights and democracy” – Great Britain).

„The current mess in Iraq is the direct outcome of Jewish political domination of the West for last two decades”. When America and Britain launched a second criminal Gulf War, it was the Zionist neo-conservatives, a bunch of politically influential Jews who urged the „liberation” of the Iraqi people. Members of the same breed of tribal exponents have rallied for intervention in Iran, Libya and most recently in Syria.”


Gilad Atzmon, Israeli musician.

The Israeli defense industry is one thing but another branch of the Israeli economy is war itself, occupation of other countries in the region and direct terrorist attacks on foreign military targets. For example, the Israeli air force directly supported ISIS through bombing Syrian troops in the city of Palmira on the 17/03/2017. How else could this be understood if Israel bombed an army which was fighting ISIS. The war is business and ISIS has a lot of oil. Israel also killed Lebanese children with phosphorus bombs but it has never been in any way accused of using chemical weapons. Anyway, Israel is the main player in the region and according to what ISIS said: „Israel is the only terrorist organization that ISIS is afraid of”.

Tourism is one of the main sources of Israel’s income, because only in 2013 Israel has been visited by more than 3.5 million foreign tourists. Israel offers many historical sites and seaside resorts and it is a biblical country which in my opinion every Christian should see.

The additional, unofficial branches of the Jewish economy are the occupation of Palestine, which is an economic hostage in Israel’s hands, as well as business holocaust and anti-Semitism, which are the 2 endless milk cows, that Jews themselves have created and they inflame them for their own financial gains. It is difficult for me to estimate how much exactly Jews earn on business holocaust and anti-Semitism, but I think it would be a mistake to count only money, because thanks to those two economic sectors they also enjoy political and propaganda benefits and all kinds of equipment, such as for example free submarines from Germany. Business holocaust and anti-Semitism are also beneficial because they give Jewish people a river of compassion and make other nations more willing to turn their eyes blind to the Jewish crimes. Accusation of anti-Semitism is a vicious Jewish tactic in which Jews make non-Jews feel guilty for nothing, and the biggest “anti-Semite” is always the one who doesn’t agree with Jews. To better understand the economy of Israel I recommend my article about Palestine, which is in a very bad way connected with Israel.


Education in Israel is free and guaranteed by the state between the ages of 6 and 18. Education takes place on three levels: primary (6-12), middle (12-15) and higher (15-18). Jewish parents take the education of their children very seriously and especially their mothers spend a lot of time with their children, often giving up their own pleasures, because good education is a way to a better work. In all, education has played a major role in Jewish society also in ancient Israel. The thing which I personally like very much aabout Jewish education is that this education is geared up towards preservation of the Jewish culture, what very regretfully I cannot say about the British education, which is designed for a total destruction of the British culture. The religion of all communities is important because the final exams vary according to their religious affiliation.

Israel’s Jewish population maintains a relatively high level of education, with almost half of all Israeli Jews (46%) having post-secondary degrees. Christians in Israel have the best education compared to any other religion, and Israeli children from Russian-speaking families have the highest rate of passing through bagrut (high school exam). Among immigrant children born in the former Soviet Union the rate of high school exams is the highest among European children (62.9%) and the lowest in children from Central Asia and the Caucasus.

Dead Sea. Israel.

Dead Sea. Israel.

As the Israeli economy is largely scientific and technological, the labour market requires people who have achieved some form of higher education, particularly in science and engineering, to gain a competitive edge when looking for work. In 2012 Israel ranked second among OECD countries, as the percentage of people aged 25 to 64 who had a university education was 46%, compared with the average score of 32% for the OECD. In addition, almost twice as many Israelis aged 55-64 had higher education, compared to other OECD countries, and 47% had a science degree compared to an OECD average of 25%. In 2011, Israel spent 7.3% of its GDP at all levels of education, contributing to the rapid growth of its economy.

In my opinion the above figures are true and there is no reason to not to believe them, but it is important to remember that without the money for education sent by the “generous uncles” from Wall Street, and without the substantial gifts paid by rich and influential international Jewry, such success in Israel would be impossible. In other words, life is easier with regular cash injections. The other thing is that Jews are smart enough to use their chances, they are pragmatic and they fight fiercely to achieve their purposes.

Education in Israel has also its dark side. In Israel Jewish children are taught to blindly believe that Jews are always innocent and crystal clear, while the whole world is dirty (goy) and guilty, and owes Jews their last piece of bread for the alleged persecutions. This education is also evident when dealing with Jews. Jews raised on Zionist lies honestly believe that they have always been persecuted for no reason and that every nation, without exception, owes them something. I would not be surprised if we soon heard that “during the holocaust we killed 16 million or even 60 million Jews.” Therefore a part of the Jewish education is based on a lie and vulgar money extortion from innocent nations.


Health care in Israel is widespread and health insurance is compulsory. All Israeli citizens have the right to basic health care as a fundamental right. The Israeli health care system is based on national insurance law and requires all citizens residing in the country to join one of the four official health insurance organizations, known as the Holim Kupot (Patient Fund). The Israelis can increase the coverage of medical care and improve their ability by purchasing private health insurance. In a study conducted in 48 countries in 2013 the health system in Israel ranked fourth in the world in terms of effectiveness and took seventh place in 2014 out of 51. In 2015 Israel was the sixth most healthy country in the world according to the Bloomberg ranking, and it ranked eighth in terms of lifetime, with a score of over 82 years per person.

In addition Israel has one of the most technologically advanced and highest quality healthcare systems in the world. Hospitals in Israel are equipped with modern facilities and high quality medical technology, and the staff is very well trained. At the end of 2014 there were 85 hospitals in Israel: 44 general hospitals, 12 psychiatric hospitals, 29 specialized hospitals (geriatric and rehabilitation) and 278 long-term facilities. Public clinics and pharmacies, along with other medical facilities, are operated by four Holim Kupots, each carrying its own network. Clalit has the largest network of medical facilities, with approximately 1400 clinics and 420 pharmacies. Leumit runs 320 clinics and 150 pharmacies. Maccabi operates 150 clinics, 43 pharmacies and 20 diagnostic and therapeutic centers. Meuhedet runs 250 clinics and 40 pharmacies. In addition, there are hundreds of private clinics and pharmacies. The death rate for children under 5 in Israel is 4 in 1000 and the mortality rate for newborns is 3 in 1000.

Most medications in Israel are reimbursed by 50-90% and if the operation cannot be performed in Israel then the government sends the patient abroad, although there is a limit of that spending that amounts to $250.000. In addition, Israel has more doctors per population of 1,000 than any of the highly developed countries such as Japan or the United States, and an additional 10.000 non-practicing medical staff is in reserve. On the other hand, about 50% of doctors are immigrants, mostly from South America and Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, Israel has problems with nurses, because they have twice less than the average number in other countries. For such a small country Israel has 700 ambulances, some of which are armoured.

Israel is also becoming a popular destination for medical tourists. In 2006, 15.000 foreigners went to Israel for medical purposes and they spent $40 million. Since 2010 about 30.000 foreigners have come to Israel every year, mostly from Russia. Israel also hospitalizes many Palestinians and war victims (in the interests of Israel). In 2012, according to the official data, profits from medical tourism reached in Israel $140 million and the main clients are Eastern Europeans, Americans and Cypriots. When I was in Iraq, Kurds told me that even ISIS terrorists were hospitalized in Israel. At first I didn’t want to believe it but Israel itself confirmed that it treats the so-called “Syrian rebels”. In addition, Israel is a leader in medical research, including medical marijuana.

HIV infection is very small in Israel because for example in 2011 428 people (283 men and 145 women) were infected. The same year 28 people were diagnosed with AIDS. The HIV / AIDS index in Israel is 52.8 cases per million inhabitants, with most of the carriers having African roots. High-risk groups are homosexuals who carry the virus in 33.2% of cases.

I would like to add that in spite of good health care in Israel, I consider Israel to be a terrible country to live, because from the very beginning of that state there wasn’t even one generation that would live without war.

Culture / Religion

In my article I’m going to briefly write about the Jewish culture and my experiences with Jews during my trip around Israel. About the Palestinians I wrote in the section about Palestine.

The culture of Israel shaped long before the creation of the state of Israel, because for thousands of years Jews spread throughout the world, upholding their customs, religious rituals and their language. I am keen of a mono-cultural society and that’s why in my point of view the culture of Israel should be a Jewish culture created by Jews for Jews, but today it is not true because the culture of Israel is not always the same. In the beginning Jews from Europe and from the former Soviet Union, including the conservative Haredis began to come to Israel. Christians also went to Israel who greatly enriched Israel in a cultural and intellectual way.

In Israel, there are also Negroes from Ethiopia whom I consider to be economic immigrants because they didn’t moved to Israel for religious reasons but purely for economic ones. Apart from that there are also Arabs in Israel, thank to which both Jews and Muslims “never get bored”. There are many different Jewish sects and ethnic and religious groups in Israel, and although the official languages are Hebrew and Arabic, there are as many as 83 languages in Israel. As a matter of fact Russian is also very popular because in Israel 15% of the population speaks it as the first language.

Zionism has had a great influence on the Jewish culture, which according to Israeli ideologists it is a “political Judaism”, but to me that opinion is nothing more than just a ridiculous propaganda. In my opinion Zionism is an ideology of global Bolshevism, which on many issues is contrary to Judaism and it is hostile to the Catholic Church. The ancient Judea was Jewish, while Zionism is a colonial ideology based on hatred flowing from racism to indigenous societies. Zionism is the ideology of Jewish supremacy derived from the belief that God supposedly gave the “chosen people” the right to commit crimes on other nations for their own benefits, and those crimes shouldn’t have moral consequences. Torah teaches that “only Jews are human and non-Jews are animals in a human form which live only to serve the Jews.” This is what Zionism is all about, and from that we can figure out a great deal about the culture of the Jews.

The old Jew club in Tiberias. Israel.

The old Jew club in Tiberias. Israel.

Following the path of the “chosen people” I would like to say a few things about religion in Israel. Well, 50% of the population of Israel define themselves as non-religious, 37% are atheists, 17% are agnostics and 60% want to separate religion from the state. On the other hand that wicked mob of hypocrites calls Israel “a holy land chosen by God.” Despite that Jewish candlestick – hanuka, David’s star and yarmulka hat are very popular at the Israeli bazaars, but in my opinion it is just a local folklore, which might be attractive to some tourists.

Although most Jews dress in a European way, many also wear traditional costumes and face decorations. Whilst traveling in Israel, especially on the Sabbath day, I saw Jewish men with long side-locks and beards, who wore specific black hats and black coats, and sometimes black fur hats. Some of them also wore white shawls with blue stripes, though most of them wore yarmulkas, which are small caps worn on the top of the head. Orthodox women also cover their heads during prayers and always after marriage, to not to attract other men’s attention. In the synagogues under the Wailing Walls, women and men pray separately. Besides, there is also a question of kosher food which is consistent with the teachings of the Torah. The Torah teaches for example which land animals, fish and which birds can be eaten and which ones should not be eaten. Torah teaches about separation of meat from dairy products and explores the religious philosophy on whether the food is still kosher if it was prepared for example by a Christian.

Important element in the life of Jews are the religious rituals which are more special than the Sabbath on every Saturday. Male infants are circumcised shortly after birth and at age 13 boys undergo a ritual of bar miztvah, meaning the entry of a young Jew into adulthood, responsibility for their own deeds and the opportunity to participate in all religious rites. The equivalent of it for girls is called bat miztvah, who go through the same ritual at the age of 12 or 13, depending on the degree of religiousness of the family (and probably also the maturity of a girl, as I presume).

These are the most important and the most significant manifestations of the Jewish culture, and if someone is interested in the smallest detail of this culture, then it is necessary to study this subject under the guidance of well informed rabbis, since I doubt that an average Jew would be an expert. The Jews’ special clothes and face decorations I consider to be a local folklore, as it is in the case of the Amish or Muslims. However, folklore stops to be interesting and worth exploring when foreign cultures invade us and introduce their laws into our civilization. In kosher food I see no harm and some of those laws are even good, because for example Jews are not allowed to eat the birds of prey, what I agree with.

When it comes to Torah, there is a lot of hatred to other cultures and religions, but it is not only hate – and if any rabbi thinks that I’m a pig because I’m not Jewish, then that rabbi is a pig in my eyes too – with a one way ticket back to Israel. I feel reluctance towards the Jewish nation for historical and political reasons, what means that it is not anti-Semitism but grief and distrust based on bad experiences. I put this paragraph so that White Christians can defend themselves when someone declares a word war against them, which today is usually manifested by accusations of “anti-Semitism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia” and whatever else our enemies might invent. Word is a weapon!

Israel also has its music, its cinema and its theater. The music is good because it is not depressing. In the bars of Tel Aviv young Jews play instruments, which is nice and if anyone wants he can also go to the philharmonia. Theater is different because sometimes it is a ballet, sometimes a musical and generally it can be a pleasant experience. Unfortunately I am not keen on Israeli films, because it is a propaganda cinema told from the Jewish point of view, who repeatedly repeat the Holocaust subject and the Jewish-Palestinian conflict in a forged opinion of Jews. It seems to me that Jews would like to have holocaust every 10 years, so they could convert it into a real profit.

As far as sport is concerned, football is the most popular, but tennis, judo, windsurfing too- and volleyball in Tel Aviv beach.

A Jew in Jerusalem. Israel.

A Jew in Jerusalem. Israel.

There are a few things that I noticed about Jews during my trip around Israel. First of all Jews are very suspicious, and I consider their great suspicion to be the fundamental characteristic of Jewish people. They held me at the border for 6h before I could enter Israel, and then for another 2h when I left Israel. That is not all because Jews are also suspicious by nature. Whilst walking around Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, Jews many times stared at me and looked at me from head to toe, then commented about me between each other, and then turned away. At the Yehuda market in Jerusalem the vendors looked at me as if they had X-ray in their eyes, they were so suspicious. The others asked me questions as if they were interviewing me, and generally in Israel I didn’t feel like a tourist but like a suspect, the one that shouldn’t be trusted and must be followed. Several times when I was standing in front of a Jewish shop or a Jewish cafeteria, a Jew came outside and told me that “there were nice views out there and he recommend me to go there”, even though it was already a dark night.

The Jews wanted to get rid of me, because I was not Jewish and in their opinion those who are not Jewish pose danger to them and to the security of Israel. Jews in Israel live in the paranoia of constant danger, and that’s why they treat every non-Jew as a potential enemy, who probably visited Israel to blow them up. During one of my conversations with Jews I told them that I was in Malaysia to see orangutans and to trek in the jungle, and usually everybody understands that Malaysia is a country of natural beauty. But in the eyes of the Jews I was a potential terrorist because when they heard “Malaysia”, they immediately held their breath and stepped away from me. They also asked what I got in my backpack. When I said that I was also in Iran, the Jews showed me how fast they could run.

The cultural feature of Jews is also based on the endless search for idiots, sometimes in favour of Israel and sometimes to make money. When I met an Israeli Jew in Armenia, he told me that when I go to Jerusalem I will feel vibration of the ground, because Israel is “the center of the world.” Another time, when I was walking around Tel Aviv I went to the jewellery store and when I decided to not to buy, the Jewess immediately started talking about the Holocaust, about all the victims and how much money they lost. Another Jew, also in a shop wanted to blame Poles for the Holocaust, so I would pay him more for his goods. However, I replied that the Polish Catholic Church gave false christening certificates to Jews to save their lives that way. Thanks to that the Jewish liar closed his pie hole and was forced to give me a discount. Besides, the whole Jewish nation is engaged in a hate propaganda against the Palestinians because they repeatedly told me stories out of blue and they tried to convince me swearing to God, that as soon as I go to Palestine they would kill me. In Israel it is also difficult to hitchhike, but especially on Saturday, because on Saturdays I am more “dirty” than usually – “goy”, and then Jews wouldn’t let me into their car.

The main parts of the Jewish character are therefore suspicion, lies, making themselves look like eternal victims and the constant search for idiots in order to make money. Jews teach us tolerance, peace and openness but this is bullshit. The biggest advocates of liberalism and feminism are Jews, and they advertise those destructive, socialist ideologies everywhere in the world – apart from Israel. Jews do not want their women to be liberal feminists because they know that it would be their end. Jews in Europe advertise openness and race-mixing but they themselves built a wall and keep Palestinians in camps. Jews promote peace with Muslims but they shoot to Muslims like to ducks and they support ISIS for oil.

Jews promote respect for other religions but in Eilat I saw a large figure of a monkey reading the Bible, in Tel Aviv I saw an advertisement of a play in theathre about homosexual Jesus, and in Jerusalem Jewish soldiers entered a Christian mass to ostentatiously smoke cigarettes, then threw them on the ground and then they left. I also spoke to a Ukrainian woman living in Israel who said that she was forced to convert to Judaism because otherwise she would not be able to find a place to live or work. When she was Christian she was unemployed but as soon as she converted to Judaism she found a job right away and exactly in the same place which had rejected her earlier, because then she was still a Christian.

Jewish hats. Jerusalem. Israel/Palestine.

Jewish hats. Jerusalem. Israel/Palestine.

On the other hand wherever I go I always had good experiences with people too, and in Israel it was the same. If I thought that all Jews were evil, I would have to end up traveling. When I was in Burma in 2004, a Jewish woman was exceptionally nice to me, and when I ran out of cash she gave me $20 so I could pay the airport tax and leave Burma. Then I sent her $20 to Israel and she confirmed that she received her money. In Israel, besides all the suspicious side locks, several Jews posed to photos and had friendly conversations with me. One Jew also allowed me to keep my backpack for a few days in his shop, what was also helpful. On the way to the airport two young men gave me a lift and I felt very grateful because I don’t know what I would have done. Either a sniper would take me off just in case, or I would miss the flight. A few times Jews gave me a ride in their cars too, although Muslims are better when it comes to hitchhiking.

My point is that I really wanted to have a dialogue with Jews and I wanted to drink with them, but between us and them there is a wall built of suspicion about every gesture and every word. Unfortunately this is also the culture of Israel, but good and open people are there too. In my experience the more orthodox Jews the harder it is to have a dialogue with them, because I am “goy” and they are “the chosen ones”. Either way they are all very suspicious and the Israeli government will gladly continue building this paranoia towards everyone who is not Jewish, to unite Jews in Israel also against those enemies who don’t exist. Finding an enemy is a great way of controlling a nation.

A troubling quote:

“We must realize that our Party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By pounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the Whites, we can mold them to our program. The terms ‘colonialism’ and ‘imperialism’ must be featured in our propaganda. In America we will aim for subtle victory while inflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will endeavor to instill in the Whites a guilt complex for exploiting the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions, and in the world of sport and entertainment. With this prestige the Negroes will be able to intermarry with the Whites and begin a process that will deliver America to our cause.”


Jew Israel Cohen in his book published in 1912, titled „ A Racial Program for the XX Century”.

The more I learn about Jews and the more I investigate history, I understand that there aren’t bigger liars and hypocrites with double standards and a broken morality than Jews. That nation is burning with hatred, disgust and suspicion for everything what is non-Jewish, under the false banner of suffering, equality and tolerance. On the other hand, I cannot accuse every Jew individually because it would be an absurd and I personally met good people, but it still doesn’t change the fact that Jews are a toxic nation which can’t live in peace and strives for total domination.

It was definitely not my last visit to Israel because I consider that country and all its inhabitants to provide a very interesting experience. First of all, if I am provoked to talk I intend to be honest regarding my political views. I also noticed that some Jews were able to accept my historical and political criticism, but the worst species in this respect are the deaf and blind, extremely leftist, post-Christian and cowardly White liberals, who have political blinders on their eyes. I talk to Jews because I know how to do it and I am not afraid to speak the truth, but to white liberals I don’t talk at all because they are too stupid to talk to.


In official jargon the freedom of the press in Israel is defined as “partially free”, what means that there is no freedom of the press unless it serves the Zionist regime. The point is that Palestinian journalists are routinely persecuted in the form of verbal and physical attacks and they are arrested by Israeli soldiers without charge. Palestinian journalists may file a complaint but Israeli soldiers have never had problems after attacking Palestinian journalists. Palestinian journalists are held captive by the Israeli side for months and sometimes even years, and some in the form of protest go on hunger strikes. Palestinians filming street riots are beaten, treated with pepper spray and then taken to Israeli courts where Jews make false accusations, after which Palestinian journalists are usually imprisoned for years. At the infamous Qalandia and Hawara checkpoints which are frequent places of rioting, Israeli snipers regularly kill Palestinian journalists. The situation is so serious that being a Palestinian journalist is equal to running a war, and the authors of articles and their families fear for their lives.

Once in a while Israel shows archival street fights in the media, from a year or two and it reports that these are the current news. Then Israeli militants take advantage of chaos and kill the inconvenient Palestinians, they interrogate others in a brutal manner and take them to Israeli courts which are a tragic farce. For Palestinians it really doesn’t take a lot to organize street riots, because they are sick and tired of occupation and that’s why they throw stones and Molotov cocktails at Jews – and Jews open fire saying that they “fight terrorism.” Whilst traveling around Israel and Palestine it is impossible to not to notice that both nations are very political and that’s why every traveler would surely hear a lot about “the other ones”, what makes it difficult to distinguish the truth from propaganda.

Mind the Jews after all.

Mind the Jews after all.

In my humble opinion Palestinians are right about Jews and they certainly suffer under the Jewish occupation, but on the other hand Muslims are very good at pretending that they are hurt and in need of help in order to expand the influence of Islam. The Jewish devils are ruthless towards the Muslim devils (not necessarily Palestinians) but none of them wants to admit how similar they are to each other. Both devils want to dominate and for that reason it is the best to just visit them and then leave them where they are.

A major blow for Israel’s press freedom was decision to close down Al Jazeera and shut it down completely. As always Israel explains that Al Jazeera is a tool of promotion Islamic terrorism, Iran, Hamas and ISIS, which by the way Israel supports. Interestingly, the Qatar owned Al Jazeera offices have been also closed in many Arab countries of the region.

More about the press and speech freedom in Israel and in the occupied territories I have to say in the description of Palestine. According to the Reporters Without Borders, on the list of press freedom, in 2017 Israel was on the 91st place, while neighboring Palestine, which is persecuted by Israel was in 135th place.

Environmental issues

Israel is a small country with a large population in relation to its territory and it has many environmental problems. The first annoying problem is air pollution, especially in major cities like Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa, and the industrial center of Ashdod. In 2003, the Israeli Environmental Protection Association (IUED) published its results which revealed that 1,400 people die each year from exposure to air pollution, mainly in Tel Aviv and Ashdod. This means that more Jews die from air pollution than from traffic accidents and terrorist attacks. One in six Israeli children suffers from asthma, mainly due to air pollution.

All the rivers in Israel, apart from those that flow through sparsely populated areas are much more polluted than rivers in Europe and the USA. For example, the Kishon River was particularly affected because over the past 40 years the Haifa Bay chemical industry has been discharging industrial waste directly into the river. According to the United Nations World Water Development Report 2003, Israel was 88th among 122 countries in terms of water quality. This result means that even some of the rivers in the less developed countries are cleaner and more than half of the wells in Israel are polluted.

Israel is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, because the 6.5 million population means that Israel is more densely populated than India, and that problem will become even more serious as the population of Israel grows. The Israeli government wanting to develop its cities abandons parks, gardens and playgrounds, which are important for the health and quality of life. In the chapter about Palestine I described the ways in which Jews steal Palestinian lands to deal with this problem. A direct consequence of this is the extinction of native species, also due to tourism, infrastructure and housing. For example Eilat’s reef is threatened and migratory birds have less space for nesting.

Jewish policeman in Jerusalem. Israel/Palestine.

Jewish policeman in Jerusalem. Israel/Palestine.

Israel is on the list of countries poor in water, what means that not Arabs but precisely the lack of water presents the greatest risk to its existence. Rain in Israel does not fall for at least 6 months a year, and despite the fact that Israel tried to consume water sensibly, the large population of the Jews consumed water very carelessly, and the problem of water shortage has become more serious. Israel has access to the Jordan River, but in my opinion it is not enough and in the coming years it will depend on importation of water. In addition the Dead Sea, which relies on water flow from the Jordan River disappears. The Jews however changed the route of the Jordan River for agricultural benefits, what polluted it even more.

Other environmental problems in Israel include rubbish, as more than 6.5 million people produce a lot of waste. In the chapter on Palestine I also wrote about the way Israel disposes industrial, toxic and chemical waste in the West Bank, but that way also has its end. In my opinion Israel should give up part of its military expenditure and instead invest in waste water treatment plants, car catalysts, thermal conversion of waste and protection of plants and animals. I’m afraid that one day Jews will kill the Dead Sea, in exactly the same way as the Soviets killed the Aral Sea, because they wanted to irrigate the cotton fields.

The latest history of Palestine ….. and Israel

Before I begin to talk about the history of Palestine I would like to say that the latest history of Palestine is also the history of Israel and of the entire region of West Asia and the Muslim world. I will limit myself to the most important facts, although I also intend to describe the facts not given in the mainstream historical sources. Let us remember that there are two kinds of history: the true history and the history written by Jews. I prefer the true history but in order to understand how Palestine became a Zionist nest of evil, first we must go back to the First World War and its consequences.

, Israel, Compass Travel Guide

Most people are asleep because of the myth of democracy but I would like to wake up a few and make them understand that Zionist Jews have ruled America in absolute terms at least since the late 19th century. They’ve had control over American banking system, the media and they’ve had huge impact on politics. At that time, in Europe, in the summer of 1914 World War I broke out mainly between the combined forces of England, Russia, Italy and France, against Germany, Austro-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria. Other countries changed sides depending on the course of the war. After 2 years, in 2016 Germany won the war against everyone. The British navy was destroyed and its soldiers did not have enough ammunition to continue fighting, the Italian army suffered a defeat, France lost 600,000 young soldiers in a defensive struggle and the Russians were so war-torn that they simply packed and returned to Russia. Also the powerful Ottoman Empire was finished, what resulted in redrawing of the Middle East map. Germany therefore won the First World War in 2016 and immediately offered peace to England because the Germans wanted Europe to be at peace. However, the very strong Zionist lobby in Germany, which owned a large part of the German industry, told the British to not to accept the German peace offer because England could still win the war if the Zionists succeeded in bringing American troops to Europe. They said however that if America wins with Germany, the price for it would be Palestine for Jews.

In 1916 most Americans were on the German side as many American immigrants were of German descent and wanted to destroy the regime of the Russian Tsar, therefore being on the German side was natural for Americans. The English on the other hand had the same right to Palestine as the Poles to the Chinese rice fields, which is none. Nevertheless, the British Empire agreed to the conditions of the Zionists, they rejected the German peace deal and they sold Palestine to Jews. Soon Jewish bankers transformed America into a war factory and they sent the American army to Europe, which within the next two years crushed the Germans. American society was shocked and opposed to such a situation. Germany was destroyed and forced by the Zionists to sign a very unjust for them Versailles treaty in 1919. In Russia, the Zionists carried out a revolution in 1917 and then created the Soviet Union, whose government was 80% Jewish. By the way, Jews used Communism as the basis of Zionism, because there was no other ideology in the world that could stupefy entire nations as much as Communism. That way Jews destroyed Germany, the country they had warmly welcomed them, and then they led the economic, media and social war against Germany around the world, until Adolf Hitler freed Germany from the Jewish occupation in 1933. The United Kingdom sold Palestine to Jews, which was a country they knew nothing of, and America was no longer America but a Zionist colony of the Jewish bankers.

When Hitler came to power the rich and influential American Jews were happy because they financed him and they needed Hitler for the final colonization of Palestine. Apart from that, the racial theory of the National Socialists was highly appreciated by Jews because the Talmud itself is built on racism. The Zionists reached the conquest of Palestine at the expense of destroyed Europe and the extermination of 80 million European “Gentiles”. The global Jewry with its headquarters in Wall Street and in the City of London knew that Hitler was not able to win that war because the German industry was not able to match the American and the Soviet industries, which Jews by the way sponsored against the Third Reich, and they also sponsored the German war machine so that the Germans could bleed longer. Hitler however made too many mistakes in Europe and did not reach Palestine to deal with the Jews. Soon the war was over and the global clique of Jewish terrorists and thieving rats won. Meantime the Zionists, by sacrificing worthless to them poor Jews began to promote the “business holocaust” and they were preparing to take over Palestine from Britain.

(Today however, the naive little children knows as “Europeans” and “Americans” believe the Zionist created story about “the evil man known Hitler who killed innocent Jews because he was bad”. Currently history is repeating itself. Zionist Jews destroy Muslim countries by using American and British armies and they also destroy Europe by Islamization, race-mixing and degeneracy. Between the two world wars Germany was run by communists who destroyed the German economy and also promoted degeneracy and extreme social problems. 98% of those communists were Jews.) 

Nazi trap for Jews.

Nazi trap for Jews.

Palestine is a land which historically was referred as the area between the Mediterranean sea and Jordan river and throughout the centuries Palestine was occupied by the Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire, just to mention the two. After the First World War Palestine was administered (occupied) by the United Kingdom on the basis of the mandate given to Britain in 1922 by the League of Nations. During the British rule the British introduced an open door policy for Jews in order to flood Palestine with Jewish Zionists and their politics during the 26 years of their rule was focused mainly on bringing Jews into Palestine and suppressing the anti-immigrant demonstrations organized by Palestinian patriots during the years 1936-1939. In the 1930s even the Jews called themselves “the illegal immigrants in Palestine” because at that time Jews getting off the ships did not realize that they would have Israel. Then in 1947 and also with the help of Great Britain the Zionists made armed assault on Palestine calling it “the return of the Jews to their historic homeland” – after 2000 years!

In order to make the Jewish take over of Palestine possible the British were the first to initiate the proclamation of the new state of Israel in Palestine, which they themselves occupied before, and in addition they unofficially left a a lot weapons for the Jews as a present. During transportation of the weapons on the trains the British employed Jews so it is easier for them to steal and those British soldiers who didn’t know about it and defended the ammunition were killed by the Jews – what the British propaganda quickly silenced. In 1947 the UN proposed the partition plan of Palestine (officially “division” to make it sound nicer) into the Jewish and the Arab territories and even though that resolution was very accurate in terms of division of land, from 1947 until today the Jews confiscated most of Palestine, pushing the Arabs to refugee camps and separating them by the wall. When the Israeli independence was announced the British troops left Palestine / Israel at the end of 1948 and Harry Truman, the President of the United States immediately recognized a new country, what gave rise to a new, endless war; and by the way also helped to rebuild the global arms industry. (By the way, after reading the historical facts that I have just described I am not surprised that Muslims hate the British so much. It’s good I’m Polish.)

“You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism, but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless of whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest.”


The Zionist agent – Winston Churchill

(Recognition of Israel by America was also dictated emotionally because the entire US Senate was influenced by the Jewish lies about the number of Jewish victims during the Second World War, what made them think that they needed a country for the protection of Jews. There are more Jews in America than in Israel and anyone who can count to 6 should not believe in such huge numbers of Holocaust victims. Those Jews who had money fled to America and the poor Jews fled to Russia. After the II World War the American World Almanac counted the world population according to religion and it turned out that there were more Jews after the war than before the war. Well, control over the media and the world finance gives huge powers.)

Loss of Palestinian land.

Loss of Palestinian land.


(As for the British themselves, in my previous articles I always tried to say something good about them, I showed them as victims of the colonial politics of their own empire and I paid attention to the good things they did in their colonies; and I still think so. However, when it comes to Palestine I can’t find any excuse and I think that what the British did in Palestine was disgusting. I can’t imagine that the British would control Poland for 26 years, that during that time they would let in 10 million enemies of Poles at the same time killing Polish patriots and then they would just leave and support our enemies militarily and through propaganda. Ironically, now the peoples of Africa and Asia colonize Great Britain and the nation that once wanted to be the masters of the world are made pregnant on a large scale by the Black and Muslim primitives, and with the accompaniment of the degenerate English masses.)

As soon as David Ben Gurion announced the founding of the State of Israel on May the 15th 1948 under the terms proposed by the United Nations, the Arabs had a different opinion on that subject and joined the fight for Palestine and the Arab Palestinians. The Arabs were devastated because Palestinians who had normal lives were now lived in refugee camps in desert tents where they were starving and dying. It was not until many years later that they were transferred to refugee camps built of bricks but still without electricity and running water. It is also important for my readers to understand that while Judea in Palestine existed at the time of Jesus, Zionism is a colonial ideology even contrary to Judaism. During the first Israeli-Arab war Palestinians were defeated and therefore in 1949 both sides signed a ceasefire agreement. At that time Israel occupied areas of Palestine designated by the United Nations, Jordan controlled West Bank and East Jerusalem and Egypt controlled the Gaza Strip.

Another important event was the 6-day war which took place from the 5th to the 10th of June 1967. Since the first Israeli-Palestinian war Arabs had time to rebuild their armies and that’s why they became very confident. Egypt at that time had the largest squadron of combat aircraft, a lot of tanks and soldiers and they though that with the help of Jordan they would turn small Israel into dust. However, the Israelis could not take a risk of the Arab invasion and for that reason they attacked first, effectively removing the Egyptian air force from the surface of the planet. For a comparison, the Arab side had devastating losses in equipment while losses in humans only in the Egyptian army reached about 10,000 – 15,000. In the Israeli army those losses did not exceed 1000 and the losses in equipment were minimal. That war, although lasted only 6 days turned out to be a nightmare for the Arabs as it meant that Israel needed only 6 days to emerge as the leader in the region. Later Israel took over the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, from Jordan it took West Bank and East Jerusalem and from Syria it took the Golan Heights. (The United States immediately recognized the new enlarged borders of Israel.)

I'm in the room of proclamation of the new state of Israel. Tel Aviv.

I’m in the room of proclamation of the new state of Israel. Tel Aviv.

I think that it is also important to remind the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty on the 8th of June 1967, during the Six-Day War. After the Americans learned that it was not the Arab but the Israeli air force that killed 34 American servicemen and wounded 171, Israel said that it was a mistake because they thought it was an Egyptian ship. However, a mistake like that was impossible to make because USS Liberty was very well marked with American flags and American symbols and that kind of ship was certainly not owned by Egypt. Israel apologized and paid compensation to the families of the victims and they also paid for the equipment, but it is obvious that the true reason for the attack was to provoke America into a war against Egypt. Israel thought that Americans would be naive enough to be fooled, although it soon became irrelevant anyway because the pro-Jewish propaganda in America quickly silenced the Israeli attack on America.

Another war broke out in 1973 between Israel and Egypt in the Sinai Peninsula and against Syria on the strategic Golan Heights; although Jordan and Iraq also sent out a couple of battalions. Egypt had once again overwhelming strength and it was primarily a war for the Sinai Peninsula that broke out as a result of the 1967 Six-Day War. This time the Arab forces were winning in the beginning and Arabs definitely proved that they could match in the fight against their Jewish opponent, although ultimately Israel achieved a very expensive victory. Mainly Egypt, but also Syria, Jordan and Iraq invaded Israel unexpectedly during the Jewish reconciliation holiday (Yom Kippur), but the Israeli army which was deployed on the Sinai Peninsula managed to push the Arabs beyond the Suez Canal and they even threatened Cairo. The United States and the Soviet Union could longer put up with that war and because of their diplomatic efforts both sides stopped fighting. In 1979 Israel and Egypt signed a peace treaty stating that until 1982 Israel would take all its troops from the Sinai peninsula, apart from the Taba territory which was returned to Egypt in 1989.

In subsequent years, from 1974 to 1982 Lebanon, Syria and Iraq carried out many artillery offensives against Israel and Israel of course did not stay in debt. Either way, if I wanted to be more detailed it would be really difficult to count all the Israeli wars and military operations against the Arabs, but if I had to list the most important ones I would definitely include the ongoing water war and the Israeli intervention during the Lebanese Civil War in 1982 and the Israeli occupation of Lebanon for 22 years until 2000. Israel also bombed hospitals and Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and it invaded Lebanon once again in 2006, however this time Hezbollah gave a painful lesson to Israel. (I recommend the Hezbollah run Mleeta Museum in Lebanon where I went for an educational trip about war). The Iran sponsored Shiite Hezbollah, the Qatar sponsored Hamas and any Arab who can build a bomb, a Molotov cocktail or even throw a stone dreams to destroy Israel. Peace between Jews and Muslims is a fiction.

The Jew job in Gaza strip. (To not be one-sided I want to remind that Muslims have exactly the same solution for Jews.)

The Jew job in Gaza strip. (To not be one-sided I want to remind that Muslims have exactly the same solution for Jews.)

In my opinion any peace deal between Jews and Arabs is completely irrelevant and a Jew who believes an Arab is simply a naive Jew. This war has been going on for thousands of years, although the modern Arab-Israeli war has been going on since 1948. I think that Arabs have already learned that they will not win with Israel in an open war, even though they are able to inflict wounds to the Jews, as for example the Shi’ite Hezbollah which was able to win the battle. Free Palestine is the dream of every Muslim and that’s why I believe that now Arabs will try to destroy Israel through the politics of small steps. Israel itself is well aware of that and for that reason when Jews see that Arabs get stronger they provoke wars to weaken their opponents and maintain dominance in the region. In my opinion another war between Jews and Arabs is only a matter of time. In addition, both Jews and Arabs are toxic nations that have been thrown out of every country they lived (and still they are “innocent” !!!), and they hate each other the most. I also think that the Jewish national identity is based on hatred towards Muslims and vice versa. I have no doubt that even if they signed 100 friendship agreements, then at a convenient occasion Muslims would rape all Jewish women and they would kill every Jew to the last one of them, and Jews would drive Muslims out even to India or they would poison them all. From the European perspective the expulsion of Arabs by Israel to India would be neutral for me but the problem is that the Zionist Israel and the Jewish financiers in America sponsor the Islamization of Europe and they don’t even bother to hide it. I do not claim that every Jew is bad but there is plenty of evidence that powerful Zionists lead a war not only against the Arabs but also against the White Christian civilization.

In 1974 the Arab League recognized the Palestine Liberation Organization as a representative of Palestinian people on their way to independence. In 1988 the National Council of Palestine approved the Palestinian Independence Declaration, which states: “the Palestinian state in our Palestinian territory with its capital Jerusalem”, although it didn’t specify exact borders. The well-known word in Palestine is “Intifada” which is the rise of Palestinians against occupation and confiscation of land, against putting Palestinians into Israeli prisons, against deportations and against bad conditions in the occupied territories. Only in the years 1987-1993 more than 1000 Palestinians were killed in the streets, despite the fact that the Western media always show Jews as victims and Palestinians as terrorists. I therefore understand that Poles were also terrorists because they fought the German and the Soviet occupation?

This situation led to the first formal agreement between Israel and Palestine which took place in Oslo in 1993 and which transformed into another theatre for the naive West. According to the peace treaty West Bank and Gaza Strip were to be under the Palestinian rule and Israeli troops were obliged to leave the area. However, shortly after the Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin was killed in 1995 and the peace deal with Palestine was immediately cancelled, even though the killer was not a Palestinian but a Jew Yigal Amir. In my opinion the Jews considered it a better choice to sacrifice one of theirs than to lose partial control over Palestine. Over the years Jews have also committed a number of terrorist attacks in Israel, which were supposed to look like the work of Palestinians but they were done by Jews. The most unbelievable attacks were bombs in Jerusalem on empty buildings and empty cars where not even one person got hurt but there was a lot of noise and a lot of fire.

The Palestine football team during a tournament in Australia in 1939. Maybe one day we will see the free Palestine team at a World Cup?

The Palestine football team during a tournament in Australia in 1939. Maybe one day we will see the free Palestine team at a World Cup?

Palestine has been recognized by 137 UN members and since 2012 it has had the status of a non-member observer state at the United Nations – what indirectly gives Palestine a country status. Negotiations are still in progress but in my opinion this problem can be only solved either with war or with an earthquake under the Israeli army, because democratic solution would not be possible even if Palestine was recognized by every country in the world. I would also like to point out the false speeches of America about peace between Palestine and Israel. If America wanted peace, then peace would have been achieved a long time ago because all it takes is to cut off funding for the Israeli army and to break up cooperation with Israel. That’s why all the emotional speeches of America about peace are just mere scam. Jews also do not want peace because as Jewish politicians say, according to them there has never been anything like Palestine, despite the fact that the word “Palestine” appears four times in the Old Testament. On the other hand, the word “Eretz-Israel” also appears in the Bible but in my opinion Jews are not the chosen people because they have repeatedly broken vows with God, eventually rejecting his son as a saviour. I used to think that the best solution would be to create an independent Palestine from the Suez Canal to the Dead Sea with the special administrative province of Judea in Tel Aviv, but now the war has gone too far to make it possible.

In my opinion if all Muslim countries under the highly unlikely Russian leadership do not organize a decisive attack on Israel, then the playing on time Judeo-America would allow Israel to first push all Arabs out of Palestine and then expand the Israeli borders from Nile to Euphrates. This means that the Greater Israel would cover the whole of Jordan, Lebanon, half of Saudi Arabia with its oil fields, most of Syria and Iraq, rich in oil Kuwait and the most fertile lands of Egypt from Nile to the east including the Sinai Peninsula and the Suez Canal. In addition, top rabbis and David Ben Gurion have repeatedly mentioned that the current borders of Israel are the borders drawn by the British but they are not the real borders of Israel recognized by Jews. Such a scenario would lead to a great war in the Middle East between Jews, Muslims and their allies, and it could cause immigration implications for Europe on a genocidal scale and it could even mean the end of the White Civilization.

Black clouds gather over the Muslim world ……. and over Europe, and both are being finished off by the same Zionist killer, but in two different ways. West Asia is being destroyed by Jewish terrorism and Islamic fanatics and Europe is being destroyed by a Zionist-funded open borders policy and degeneracy. I also don’t think that an attempt of conquering Israel would make sense because in my opinion the power over Israel is not in Israel and Israel is not the centre of Zionism but only its satellite. Zionism is a Global Bolshevism and its destruction would have to be planned as a coordinated attack on key targets in many corners of the earth, but Muslims wouldn’t do that because they have insufficient military power and too much to lose; and Europeans and Americans would not do it too because they are too stupid to even see what is going on around them. Most of the Jews living in Israel would in my opinion support any act of Zionist aggression because they love their home country and also because they are controlled by the propaganda of the Arab apocalypse, in which ironically the Palestinians help the government of Israel.

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“You ask me to repudiate the Balfour Declaration and to stop (Jewish) immigration. This is not in my power … and it is not my wish … It is manifestly right that the scattered Jews should have a national centre, and a national home to be re-united, and where else but in Palestine, with which for three thousand years they have been intimately and profoundly associated?


We think it will be good for the world, good for the Jews, good for the British Empire, but also good for the Arabs who dwell in Palestine…they shall share in the benefits and progress of Zionism.”


The Zionist agent – Winston Churchill

I based the historical part on my own research, taking into account the speech of Benjamin H. Friedman from 1961 at the Willard Hotel in Washington. Freedman was a Jew who converted to Catholicism and who decided to expose the crimes of the Zionists.

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Practical information

Tourist visa: At all border crossings citizens of most European countries, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, North America and most of South America get a free stamp entitling them to stay in Israel and the Palestinian Territories for 90 days. Sometimes an immigration officer may decide to issue a permit for no longer than 30 days but then a traveller is informed about it. In general the biggest difficulties in getting to Israel have Muslims, those who have connections with Islam and citizens of the Third World countries.

Safety: Security in Israel is taken very seriously and the government of Israel is prepared for any eventuality. In the whole country there is a risk of throwing stones and Molotov cocktails, attacks on buses, stabbings and beating on intercity routes. However, I visited a lot places in Israel, I always used public transport and I never felt in danger. Therefore in my opinion, apart from “special occasions” such as internal fighting, demonstrations and bombs dropped at the border areas Israel is a safe country for tourists. Tel Aviv, Eilat and Galilee are safe, the same as Nazareth and Jerusalem which are homes to many Palestinians. Jerusalem is safe because the whole city is backed by an armed police and there are observation towers and snipers on all roads. Besides, there is also the infamous wall with observation towers which separates Israel from Palestine and that’s why everyone who enters the Jewish part of the country is checked to the limits

On the other hand, let’s keep in mind the reputation of Israel as a country which is in the heart of the oldest conflict in the world. When in France or Belgium Muslims show us the true meaning of the “religion of peace”, still those European countries are considered safe but Israel is associated with war even if nothing happens. In addition, a dangerous fear propaganda is also fueled by the Israeli government and by average Jews because if a Jew has something to say to a tourist, most likely it would be a story that “I should not to go where Arabs are because they would certainly kill me”. I spent three weeks in Israel and I never had any problems but it is easy to notice that people are vigilant. As a traveler who toured Israel, based on my experiences I consider Israel to be safe.

Before going to Israel be sure to check the current safety but you should only do this on travel forums because only there you can read the truth. On the other hand I am against taking travel advice from the fear addicted British Ministry of Foreign Affairs because they always show the world through the picture of apocalypse and the judgment day.

Moving around the country: Getting around Israel is very easy. Throughout Israel there is a well organized bus network and shared taxis. On the way to the West Bank from Jerusalem to Bethlehem there is a routine inspection at Qalandia checkpoint and then a bus change. Hitchhiking in Israel is possible but unfortunately it does not work very well. The reason for this is that Jews see in any tourist a possible enemy of Israel and that’s why they are afraid to take people, but also there is a cultural and a religious factor too. Many Jews wouldn’t take anyone especially during the Sabbath because a non-Jew is a “goy” – (dirty). Let us therefore celebrate the fact that Jews are “clean” and let’s better use buses and leave Jewish imagination alone.

Prices: (in 2015 when £1 = 4.6ILS) From a financial point of view travelling around Israel is a very unpleasant experience. Many people think that if the Israeli Shekel is equal to the Polish zloty prices would be the same but in Israel it is a lot more expensive. West Bank is cheaper but the main cities such as Tel Aviv or Haifa are unfortunately expensive what forces a budget traveller to carefully count his money. In Israel however it is not only expensive for visitors but also for local Jews.

For a bed in Jerusalem in a room with 10 other people I paid an average 60 shekels and generally it is possible to find such accommodation for that price, even in Tel Aviv. The Tower of David in Jerusalem cost me 40 shekels and it was the most expensive museum while the other ones do not cost that much. For transport from Jerusalem to Bethlehem I paid 8 shekels one way, a bus ticket from Eilat to Masada cost me 50 shekels and from Tiberius to Nazareth I paid 19 shekels. Food prices are comparable to the Polish prices though Tel Aviv is much more expensive. The cheapest places to eat are the Arab bars and shops where due to lower prices even Jews do shopping. Shawarma is about 25/35 shekels, beer – 15/20 shekels, chips – 15 shekels, fruit – 6/10 shekels/kg, a cup of tea – 0.5/ 1 shekel, a bottle of water 1.5l – 7/10 shekels. Not a single day is the same in terms of spending money because we don’t have to travel every day. However, I believe that a sensible budget traveller should spend in Israel about £30/40 a day. I sometimes used to spend £10 a day because I slept in my tent and I was able to hitchhike a few times so at the end I spent only on food.

Climate: The northern and coastal areas of Israel have Mediterranean climate and are characterized by hot and dry summers and cool and rainy winters. On the other hand the southern and eastern areas of Israel are characterized by dry climate. The average air temperature in Tel Aviv is 26°C in July and 13°C in January while the sea is the warmest in August, when the water temperature reaches 29°C. The rainy season extends from October to early May and most rainfall occurs from December to February and it differs significantly in the regions from north to south. The highest rainfall occurs in the northern and central parts of Israel and it reduces in the southern part of the country, from the Negev to Eilat where precipitation is sporadic.

17 October 2016

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