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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

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Trips to Asia

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The dark side of Thailand

By: Martin Malik

The dark side of Thailand


Thailand is known as a tourist paradise, which tempts with its natural beauty and interesting culture. However, there is a dark side of Thailand, such as the drug industry, prostitution, and crimes against the nature. Thailand’s criminal market and Thailand’s social problems are very well developed and have the approval of the Thai government.


Thailand as a tourist paradise

Thailand is one of the most popular and most visited countries of South-East Asia, and its charms are famous around the world. There is a centuries-old culture and art, evidenced for example by beautiful, built on a grand scale and decorated with great splendour and variety of sculptures and ornaments Buddhist temples. Thailand is also the world capital of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with turquoise waters, fairy tale lagoons, coral reefs and coconut trees – and all of that is set in a warm, inviting climate. Thailand is also the home of Thai boxing, Thai massage, tasty but spicy cuisine and motorbikes which tourist ride from one to another idyllic beach. Tourists can explore Thai jungles on elephants, they can raft down the river and see a lot of beautiful Buddhist temples and monks living in them.

Although the country is very commercial it still retains its traditions and culture, which despite a steady stream of Whites gives us a taste of what the true and beautiful Thailand is about. Rich in art and good cuisine Bangkok is one of the most often visited city in the world and direct income from tourism industry stand at 7% of GDP and the indirect income related to tourism stand at 17% of GDP. Relaxed atmosphere, pleasant climate, bananas and mangoes taken straight of trees or swings hanging on coconut trees by the warm sea are the attractions which in a very skillful way cover the dark side of Thailand.

Even though a big part of GDP comes from the tourist industry a great part also comes from the sex industry, from drugs, from trade with body parts of endangered species and from cruelty to animals. Thailand is a country where everything is for sale and where nobody smiles for free and where sex industry is a part of tourism industry, the same as hotel or elephant riding. Officially prostitution is illegal although on the other hand the illegality of this crime is lawfully defined in a very unclear way, to purposely give a green light to the golden mine of prostitution – and that’s what a big part of this article is going to be about.

Thailand as we want to see it

Thailand as we want to see it.

The plague of prostitution and homosexuality

As I mentioned earlier Thai culture is based on Buddhism what sends a very good message, however there is another famous custom in the country.

Thailand is overwhelmed by a plague of “faggotness” and transvestites called ladyboys, who especially in Thailand are utterly disgusting. I have seen men dressed as women, including schoolboys wearing dresses, with make up and long hair; and unfortunately there is a big social acceptance to it. For the purpose of feeding prostitution a lot of boys undergo sex change operations and then pole dance and sell themselves to tourists. Ladyboys however are mostly men who dress as women and who occupy tourist centres whilst showing off their dirty deviation and looking for customers from Europe. It happens mostly in bars although sometimes they ride on motorbikes through shopping areas shouting loudly: “ladyboys”. They sometimes admit to be men but more often they try to fool adventure hungry tourists to be women.

To those who are desperate I advice to cool down because one hour with a „doubtful woman” can transform into a serious illness or result in a long mental therapy. I also advice to not to take whatever wraps itself around your neck , because most likely it would be a man. It is worth to pay attention to details like hands or Adam’s apples. I’m also reminding that homosexuality is directly connected to HIV/AIDS, and Thailand is a very high risk country.

In this respect Thailand is terrible, and I think that this subject also relates to health.

Zdjęcie z wieczornego bazaru na Koh Samui gdzie przychodzą też rodziny z dziećmi. Te są przynajmniej kobietami.

A photo from the night market in Koh Samui which also visited by families with children. These ones are at least women.

Even though tolerance is not my specialty I think that if a couple of perverts want to wretch each other behind closed doors without the use of children, l would leave them alone. However, indecent exposures of deviations associated with a loss of dignity should not be tolerated or encouraged in the name of sick and twisted ultra-liberalism. For the public good and for ensuring safety of the healthy society certain things should exist only in the shadows. I spent many moths in Thailand in the space of many years and I think that too many social freedoms can one day turn upside down and become very harmful.

Apart from that the subject itself is very unpleasant, the same as whole streets of living flesh for sale, now also imported from the world’s capital of HIV, from the neighbouring Cambodia. According to me ladyboys are every day hollows, the symbols of deadly disease and the fall of moral values. I think that such outbreak should be banned from sleazing to the streets and that kind of behaviour should be criminalized.

Let’s remember that every island and every tourist resort has a part for families with children and for prostitution, even Pattaya. This means that after reaching the island we should always ask at the port for the “quiet” or the “loud” part of island. In Thailand however the problem is so extreme that in the island of Koh Samui which is not known for prostitution, taking into account the population of over 60.000 there are about 10.000 prostitutes. Many times I saw old men with young Thai women walking hand by hand and going together to a room, and it was clear to me that they did not have to much to say to each other.

Sometimes women support their whole families that way and it has social acceptance. I talked to prostitutes about it and they told me that they were aware of what they were doing but they were happy they could pay for their families. In addition, there is also a religious element. According to Buddhism these women believe that because of selling their bodies to old and unattractive men or because of being their paid lovers, for the sufferings of the present life their souls will be rewarded in the next life, because their souls would be transferred into a body of a rich person.

Prostitution industry recruits girls as young as 11 years of age and the whole business is worth in Thailand about $ 6.4bln a year. It’s been also calculated that about 300,000 women work as prostitutes in Thailand, although in my opinion these data are very optimistic. There is also child prostitution imported from Cambodia and Laos, and the so-called opportunists. Mafias also hire children for begging in tourist areas for about $25 per month, who additionally serve as prostitutes.

Opcja dla ekstremalnych desperatów lub dla bardzo pijanych. Przypatrzcie się temu zdjęciu bardzo dokładnie!!!

The option for the extremely desperate ones or the dead drunk. Take a good look at this picture!!!

A lot of Thai women think that prostitution is good because it lowers the rape numbers and it is a part of social habits of Thailand. However I am under opinion that this sick attitude to the problem is an alarming signal that perhaps in a few years in Europe things such as: Islam, homosexuality and pornography at schools would become “a part of social habits of Europe”.

Thailand is the second after Malaysia most visited country of South-East Asia, where tourism accounts for 7% of the national income and prostitution accounts for 3%. In Thailand sex industry has such a huge social acceptance by both tourists and Thais that some women feed their whole families that way, and about 10% of all dollars spent by tourists comes from paid sex. This sad reality is very welcomed because of Thai poverty and their huge and uncontrollable hunger for money. I will never forget when I was moving around by taxi in Bangkok and every time we stopped on the red lights the taxi driver was pricing all women walking past. From this perspective Thailand is awful, and I also think that this subject closely relates to health.

HIV and AIDS are also a big problem and unfortunately Thailand is a high risk country. Thai government imposed a war against HIV and it does a lot to make people aware of its risks but, despite that it was calculated that 0.5mln of all Thais are infected with HIV. Women who work in brothels and “massage saloons” are safer than those in the streets because of regular medical checks are a part of their policies. As in all countries of developing Asia there is also a big risk of food poisoning, but in comparison to India which is the cradle of all diseases and poisonings of all kinds, in Thailand we still have nothing to worry about. However, before visiting Thailand it is advisable to be vaccinated against many dangerous diseases.

The other big problem is that because of the New World Order, the Third World which lives in Europe also brings their diseases with them straight to us. This is however a subject that even the Left does not entirely know how to deal with, because truth contradicts the absurd, called: political correctness.

The nightmare of mixed relationships

Opowieść o kobiecie rzeźniku w białej sukni, która postanawia pozostać hodowcą Białych świnek. Głaszcze świnkę, dobrze ją karmi a gdy śwince jest już dobrze tajska kobieta rzeźnik "podrzyna jej gardło". W efekcie tego naiwna biała świnka traci WSZYSTKO.

A tale about a butcher woman in a white dress who decides to become a White pigs farmer. She strokes the pig, she feeds it well and when the White pig thinks it is already in heaven, the Thai butcher woman “slits its throat”. As a result of it the naive White pig loses EVERYTHING

Apart from the racial purity which I many times wrote about in my articles, there is yet another painful crime in Thailand. Men from Europe go to Thailand to find a wife, what apart from Thai cooking classes has created titles such as: “How to lose everything in Thailand”. According to the Thai law a foreigner has no right to buy a property but can rent it.

Seduced by a warm climate, tasty food and cheap life, and in the very beginning also fooled by the absolute dedication to the man by his Thai wife, White men after a few broken marriages in their home countries looking for love get trapped in the biggest scam of their lives. It happens all the time that European men build houses and hotels under the name of their Thai wives, and then Thai women leave them, and Thai courts deport European men leaving everything to Thai women.

Naivety of White men in Thailand has no limits, the same as the never-ending greed of Thais. As if that was not enough, very often Thai women say in the beginning that they look for a man “who would build them home”, so obviously mixed relationships in Thailand are at the end only about business. Many times in many different parts of Thailand I saw an Englishman working behind the bar whilst his Thai wife stayed on a sunbed giving him orders, because in case of divorce he would not have any rights to the property that he paid for.

By the way, Asian women in Europe have exactly the same strategy and White men are stupid right to the end. I think that the most stupid in this subject are Englishmen, because they are the ones who get screwed by their Thai “wives” the most. Some of those men are so stupid that they make their Thai prostitutes’ biggest dream come true. They take them to Europe, then they marry them and they have children with them, and after few years Asian women file for divorce. In such eventuality a Thai woman has the right to everything he owns, what means that first an Englishman loses all he has, then he moves out of his own home and he even has to pay the mortgage for the house that he was thrown away from.

Also, in night clubs Thai women look still quite good although not always, but during daylight they look simply awful and definitely not worth that money. It is also very sad that White men make them pregnant what means that our endangered White race becomes even more endangered. Whilst travelling around Thailand I was also under impression that nobody smiles for free, and tourists are treated not as guests but as walking cash machines. The naturally beautiful Thai women appear from time to time but the best place to see them is still on a computer…….after many retouches or plastic surgeries.

Foreigners-Homeless-in-ThailandEvery year in Thailand rises the number of homeless White men who were cheated and robbed by their Thai wives. Some of them can’t even afford to go back home and they are forced to beg. Strangely, Thai women often play in open cards, but they still daydream about their honesty.

As an experienced traveller and an expert of Asia I would like to give an advice to all the “romantic” men and the desperate ones looking for sex with Asian women.

• Firstly everyone who has £20 has a Thai woman for 1h or even a whole night, and everyone who has £100 can have 5 or 6 of them over a night, that’s why there is no sense to go into a fake relationship with a business woman. On the other hand there is no need to pay. I used to know a traveller from Poland who had a different kind of problem. Thai women forced themselves into his bed all the time for free and at the end he was so fed up that he gave up on them. In that moment the Polish traveller appreciated the White women’s beauty.

• ​For those who look for love I advise to take a woman from Russia, Belarus or Ukraine. They are beautiful women, culturally very close to us, easy to handle, they meet our racial standards and they are potential mothers to our White children. Also if that relationship fell apart, foreseeing men would not get robbed of everything as it is with Thai and other Asian women, and such relationships would guarantee the survival of a clean White bloodline.

I hope that this chapter will become a warning for the naive, and even though certain sentences might sound unusual perhaps I will save a few naive, adventure hungry men.

Crimes against the nature

The natural environment of Thailand is very beautiful but it does not mean that it is well cared for. The big problem lies in contamination of water, air pollution and illegal logging in the Thai forests, although the government controls this aspect at least to some extent. In the ’60s afforestation of Thailand was at the level of about 53% and now it only stands at approximately 20%.

, The dark side of Thailand, Compass Travel Guide

Before crocodiles and other reptiles get transformed into bags, shoes and wallets, first they are tortured during tourist shows.

Growing population and growing industry poison everything around what has its tragic impact on nature. Another problem is the lack of fish in the seas of Thailand as their numbers have fallen by as much as 90%, and one of the most threatened species is a kind of sawfish (Pristis pectinata), which is popular in many cultures. Poachers for example regularly murder many species of crocodiles and large cats, and a lot of small animals are kept as pets what means that first they have to kill the mother of that animal.

In 1991 the number of wild living elephants in Thailand stood at the level of 1900 and now there are less than 1000. Furthermore they still have not been classified as endangered species. Male elephants are killed for their tusks and females to steal their children from them. An elephant cub cost $7000 on the black market and when they grow up they are used either for work or for shows for tourists. Elephants in Thailand are kept in bad conditions what gives them terrible bruises and later they also suffer from mental illnesses.

Not long ago Thailand was known as the last bastion of wild tigers but today there are only 250 of them and only about 3000 in the world. Poachers hunt them because of their skins and body parts (teeth, skulls, claws) and fortunately there is a group of armed rangers who kill the poachers. Unfortunately from time to time tigers still get killed although without the rangers those beautiful animals would be already dead.

China on the other hand orders tiger penises for about $1300 per piece which are later sent to the rich Chinese as aphrodisiacs, amulets, medications and they are also served in restaurants. Great demand for animals’ body parts in many Asian countries is estimated to be worth about $6bln yearly and tiger penis soup in Bejing or Taipei costs about $320 per bowl. Supply comes of course from Thailand but also from Laos, Vietnam and other countries.

Because of brutal dealings of poaching there are no any free-living gibbons in Thailand anymore. We can only go to Pukhet island to see their very small and poor looking reserve. Crocodiles and snakes are kept in farms where they participate in brutal shows and then they are skinned and eaten. In the illegally deforested jungles shrinking the natural habitat of animals there are bamboo slaughterhouses where every day hundreds of lizards and snakes are skinned. Tortoiseshells are also very popular even though all of them are highly endangered species.


Money for the price of critically endangered species. The Thai government does not do enough.

My heart bleeds when I think that the Thai hunger for money has no boundaries and generally the Yellow race is the most brutal and ruthless of all. Despite the hunting ban introduced on the endangered species there are still bazaars in Thailand where people can buy animal parts of critically endangered species and one of those places is for example at tourist bazaar on the island of Koh Samui. Every year at Thai airports smugglers are detained for trying to export from Thailand tiger fur, reptile skins and tortoiseshells, and sometimes it is a cargo worth millions of dollars. These dealings also exist in China, Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Protection of endangered species does exist but in Thailand people would eat anything and they would be able to even kill a two-headed unicorn if they could cash in on his death.

The drug hypocrisy

I think I should start by saying that for drug trafficking in Thailand the government has imposed life imprisonment or even death penalty. Nevertheless hundreds of thousands of tourists are arrested each year. I therefore want to warn against stupidity! Even small quantities which in the Netherlands would be legal in Thailand are severely punished. Under no circumstances should anyone buy them, especially that plain-clothes Thai police often sells grass and gives astronomical fines. A strong will and a firm “no” will certainly keep us out of trouble. Although the Thai government openly advertises its lack of tolerance to drugs foreigners do not learn from mistakes. In 2009 Thailand arrested 7258 foreigners of which 61% were convicted of drugs. In 2010 behind bars were 116.323 offenders and compared to previous years the numbers are growing.

It is important to always pack your luggage yourself and never allow anyone to touch our bags as there have been cases of people tossing drugs to bags of people travelling to the airport. Such a person is commonly called a “mule” what means that he/she carries heroin through international airports for a huge amount of money which they never see because they immediately go to prison for life. In addition to self-packing it is also important to not to make any friends at the airport or with someone who needs favour in carrying something.

There are Thai and African gangs operating in Thailand that prey on tourists in the most popular tourist centres. Tourists often think that they can make a lot of money after returning home but it is only their imagination. In stupidity which is most often mixed with alcohol, the British and the Australians are the two nations which are above all the others.

Ironically all the violent drug laws in Thailand only exist to make sure that nobody dares to step into the Thai government’s drug business, which is one of the biggest drug smugglers in the world. In general every government deals drugs. The US government protects the drug fields of Afghanistan and the governments of south-east Asia protect their business. Until the beginning of the twenty-first century the Golden Triangle, which is also an interesting tourist destination was the worlds greatest drug centre and the largest exporter of heroin, but then this “honourable” title was taken over by “Heroinistan” (Afghanistan).

Taking into account that Thailand fiercely fights drugs and the fact that everyone knows about the heroin plantations in the north of the country this practice is protected at all cost. Well, for the magic door opener called “money” illegal things such as drugs and prostitution become “legal” in segregated areas. Now Thailand annually produces about 500 to 1000 tons of opium which after hard work in the laboratories are converted into about 50 to 100 tons of heroin. Golden Triangle (Laos, Thailand and Myanmar) then sends their heroin to other parts of the world but by far the largest importer of the south-east Asian heroin is China. China orders 90% of heroin from the Golden Triangle and the demand is so huge that the country needs to top up with heroin from Afghanistan.

, The dark side of Thailand, Compass Travel Guide

The Golden Triangle is not able to cope with the growing demand on heroine but „it does whatever it can” to meet the orders.

Based on the intelligence supplied by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and Europol, the drug dealing business is worth about $435bln a year, and only the cocaine business is worth $84bln a year. Apart from that it is easy to foresee that the global drug profit (which Thailand supports) will surely rise and with it the arrests of the British and Australians at Thai airports. Small smugglers always get caught but big players such as prominent politicians, judges and heads of immigration offices never do.

„I know that drugs destroy the world and they harm our children and children in the far away countries, but it is the only way for me to pay for schooling of my own children. When I grew rice, lettuce or other crops I used to earn only $500 a year and when I grow drug poppies I earn about $3500 a year. Apart from that it is safer because the gangs protect my fields and they also protect my family”.


Farmer from South–East Asia

! ! ! It has been calculated that the criminal industry of Thailand (prostitution, fake currencies, counterfeit goods, human trafficking, piracy of all kinds) is estimated to be worth about $14bln a year. Corruption, arms trade and gambling are apart from beautiful beaches also a specialty of Thailand.



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