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After exploring around 50 countries I have tens of thousands of photos and even more memories and interesting stories to tell. I think that by publishing only a few thousand photos in galleries and articles I will be able to show my adventures and a large part of my life from many interesting countries.

People - Beaches - Animals


Wherever I go I meet people who stay in my memory forever. Here are the most interesting people who were not been able to escape my camera:


During many trips to interesting parts of the world I had the pleasure to be on beautiful, sometimes fairy tale beaches. Here are a few of them:


I am a nature lover and animals occupy a special place in my journeys and in my heart. Many of my travel experiences are connected to animals.

East Asia


China is an old and rich civilization which influenced many Oriental countries. Great Wall of China, Terracotta Army, Shaolin Monastery and panda – I recommend.


My trip to Genghis Khan’s homeland I will remember mostly because of my expedition to the Gobi desert. I went to Mongolia for the 800th anniversary of the country’s founding.


Traveling around Tibet is an adventure on the “roof of the world” which combines old Buddhist culture, beautiful Himalayas, turquoise lakes and tragic political conditions.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a country, a city and a special administrative region of China where tall skyscrapers, British architecture and Chinese culture are integrated into one.

West Asia


Georgia is a home to scenic mountain views and ancient churches, a country of beautiful valleys, rapid rivers and good food. Christianity in Georgia is very important.


Armenia is the first country in the world which adopted Christianity. Armenia has ancient churches with picturesque mountains, good food, nice people and it is a great adventure.

Nagorno Karabakh

Nagorno-Karabakh is a country which officially does not exist. Karabakh is a “little Armenia” on the official territory of Azerbaijan where mountain views lead to ancient churches and remains of war.


Azerbaijan is a rarely visited country. The magnificent capital of Baku, the picturesque Xinaliq village and mud volcanoes are just some of the attractions of the “little Turkey” on the Caspian Sea.


Turkey is a popular tourist destination with 4 seas, castles in the mountains and good food. Istanbul, Antalya or Cappadocia are on a well-known trail. I also recommend eastern Turkey.

Iraq - Kurdistan

Iraqi Kurdistan is an autonomous region in Iraq, which although it is full of surprises, it offers a great adventure through mountains, rivers, machine guns and culinary delights.


Persia is one of the oldest cultures in the world and although the “Islamic republic” is definitely present in Iran , ancient Persia in the form of art and architecture deserves attention of tourists.


Lebanon is an adventurous country by the Mediterranean Sea where scenic views and ancient architecture meet barbed wire and machine guns.


Jordan is a popular tourist destination due to Petra but I also recommend the Wadi Rum desert, Dead Sea ….. and counterfeit perfumes. Jordan is a beautiful Arab country.


Biblical Israel is a land of important Christian sites but also the land of occupation, observation towers, barbed wire and Jews dressed up in their traditional costumes.


Palestine is a country behind the wall occupied by Israel where I recommend biblical cities, interesting occupation art “banksy” and educational visits to refugee camps.


Kuwait is a small desert country in the Arabian Peninsula. I recommend Kuwait City with its famous Kuwait Towers and Mubarakiya market. There is also a desert, beaches and Oceanarium.


Bahrain was very interesting and had a lot to offer. In that small country, I saw old and modern cities, ancient forts, picturesque beaches, exotic nature and a camel farm.

Saudi Arabia

My trip through the Saudi desert was a big challenge. I saw canyons and interesting rock formations, forts, nice beaches, ancient tombs, date palms and a lot of mosques.

South Asia

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka (Ceylon) is the Pearl of the Indian Ocean and the journey to Sri Lanka is an adventure in the land of Buddha, its ancient cities, tea fields and one of Asia’s most beautiful beaches.


Bangladesh is an Indian Subcontinent for connoisseurs. Tea fields, lemon trees, millions of rickshaws, monkeys on trees and travelling on train roofs – this is Bangladesh.


Pakistan is a country with a specific reputation, although Pakistan has also beautiful mountains, old cities, good green tea, religion worth staying in Pakistan and million Kalashnikovs.

Central Asia


Kazakhstan offers turquoise lakes, horse riding in the mountains, lamb skewers and crossing its huge steppe in search of beautiful loneliness.


Kyrgyzstan is a country of horseback expeditions, rock formations and turquoise lakes high up in the mountains. I also recommend yurts, herd of goats on green pastures and its national carpets.


Tajikistan is a journey through the Pamir Highway, the Wakhan Valley shared with Afghanistan and the hot springs. Tajikistan is a great adventure and huge challenge.


Uzbekistan has beautiful cities on the Silk Road, such as Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, although I also went to the interesting capital of Tashkent and the far away Karakalpakstan.

South East Asia


Thailand is a country of great beaches, beautiful Buddhist temples, thai-boxing and good food. Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.


Laos is a country of beautiful waterfalls, caves, jungles and tranquil Mekong River. Buddhist culture, impressive temples and Lao beer add flavour to Laotian adventure.


Cambodia is best known for its ancient Angkor Wat temples, although it also has exotic beaches, interesting arts and beautiful views.


Vietnam is a country of mopeds where ancient architecture, Buddhist art and natural beauty accompany the evidence of the tragic history associated with war and Communism.


Malaysia is a paradise for nature lovers where I recommend expeditions to the jungle, some of the largest caves in the world, beautiful beaches, exotic plants, long nosed monkeys and tea fields.


Singapore is a gem of the Malay Peninsula where modernity is accompanied by the traditions of many cultures, good cuisine and natural beauty.

Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar is a land of golden pagodas, many faces of Buddha and interesting culture. Myanmar is a magical adventure among palms, monkeys and unforgettable places such as Inle Lake or Bagan.


The Sultanate of Brunei is an interesting stop at the end of the world during trip around Borneo. Brunei offers jungle expeditions, long nosed monkeys encounters, a town build on water and tranquility.

The Philippines

The Philippines is a country of beautiful beaches and turquoise waterfalls hidden in the jungle. In the Philippines, one can swim with sharks and sea turtles, and meet happy people.


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