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Bahrain was an interesting addition to my trip around the Arabian Peninsula. On my way there I didn’t expect that it would be so interesting and it would have so much to offer. In this small area I saw old and modern cities, ancient forts, several nice beaches, exotic nature, spectacular fishing boats, a camel farm and many other interesting places. For this reason I’ve decided to call Bahrain ‘a little treasure’.

King Fahad causeway (land border with Saudi Arabia)


Bahrain Fort

Bahrain museums (Bahrain museum, Koran museum)

Al Fateh mosque

Bu Maher fort (boat trip from Bahrain Museum)


Janabiyah camel farm

Bahrain burial mounds (Janabijah, Riffa, A'Ali, Sar)

Riffa - Sheikh Ahmed bin Salman Alfateh Fort

Bahrain beaches (Budaiyah, Al Jazair, Malkiya, Sitra and Al Dur island)

Formula 1 - Bahrain

Al Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve

Askar (on the way to the 'flamingo island')

Arad fort

Al Jasra (return to Saudi Arabia)

Tree of Life

19 March 2010


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