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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

===============================================  “Religion, like alcohol, should only be for wise people”

Martin Malik

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Trips to Asia

Spy – book

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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Expedition to Israel and Palestine

By: Martin Malik

Expedition to Israel and Palestine


I present the description of my trip to Israel and Palestine, as a tourist destination. Also, I describe the history of the conflict between Jews and Palestinians, and the realities of life of two hostile nations towards one another, living in one area. Also noteworthy are the quotations from the Koran and the Talmud regarding “infidels”, which make me think of Jews and Arabs as perfectly worth each other.


First of all it is crucial to pay attention to the title because for some people the country I’m going to describe is Israel and to others it is Palestine. Although Israel was established in accordance to the international lawlessness I want my readers to decide whether the area it is on should be Israel, Palestine or maybe both countries. After more than 2000 years of absence of Israel on the world map the infested with Zionist agents British government headed by Churchill himself gave its protectorate in the Middle East to the Zionist Organization in the occupied Palestine and then allowed Jews to forcibly remove Palestinians from their own country to create their own. Although the political attack on Palestine in my opinion has been in process since the Versailles Treaty, the military assault has been going on since 1948 and it has the blessing of all the “democratic” and “civilized” countries.

, Expedition to Israel and Palestine, Compass Travel Guide

Tragically the Great Exchange Project is repeating again but this time in the continents of White fatherland, and again it is politically wrong to not to accept White Genocide. The tactic is exactly the same as in Palestine because it is planned by the same people.

Ironically the United Kingdom sent Tony Blair to be the peace envoy to the Middle East, despite the fact that he himself is responsible for wars in that region and he comes from the country which is a direct cause of the whole problem.

In order to understand better the nonsense of the whole case let’s imagine the following situation: Julius Caesar conquered England about 50 BC and then the Roman Empire occupied it for five centuries. Then, around 2050 huge deposits of oil, gas, gold and diamonds are found in England and apart from that the destroyed with multi – culturalism England has a strategic location next to a new country in the former territory of France called the North Mahreb. The Italian Prime Minister has expressed his great interest in recovering the “historic homeland of Italians” and in exchange for political and military support of the United States, Russia, China and other strong countries he promised to give his allies free natural resources. Then, after removal of the British army from the earth’s surface the UN voted in a “democratic” way that now England belongs to Italy. The remaining British fighting for freedom of their country are locked in separate areas behind a long wall because of their “terrorism”, “xenophobia” and “racism”. Some time later the UN sends a peace envoy to the Roman Britain and of course he is “Italian” of Jewish background.

This tragic story referring to a very unlikely alternative future seems to be a complete absurd but how tragic it is that it really happened in Palestine in 1948 and it still continues.

Palestyna10I’ve come to a conclusion that if after more than 2000 years we can resurrect an extinct country then perhaps we should also have the Mayan and Aztec countries and finally the Byzantine Empire. I wouldn’t want the return of Prussia but surely it would have more sense to exist than Israel. I should therefore ask myself if I support Israel? I think that “support” is too much to say but if more than 6 million Jews and over 1.5mln Arabs live in Israel we should be glad that they live over there and not in Europe. Therefore purely for immigration reasons I support maintaining the stability of Israel. Someone also started to argue that “Israel is a satellite of the West in the Middle East and that there is a need for a strong country in the region to stop the Arab terrorism”. I replied that maybe there is a little bit of truth in that but on the other hand maybe we wouldn’t have to worry about the “Arab terrorism” if the West had not put a stick into an anthill first.

The border of Israel

Travelling around Israel begins with crossing the border and it became clear to me right from the start that those who have nothing on their conscience do not ask too many questions. I was held at the border for 6h and I was asked various questions, including those that didn’t make any sense. In general Jews didn’t like that I visited Iran and Lebanon and many other Muslim countries. Then I noticed that Jews are afraid to live in their own country and that’s why they see an enemy in every shadow and they suspect everyone who is not Jewish, they don’t trust each other too.

Israeli border guards wanted to know what I was doing exactly in Iran and in Lebanon, where I lived, what places I visited and why I was in Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, Brunei and Malaysia. Jews are not able to understand that someone can go to Malaysia just to trek in the jungle and to see orangutans. They can’t understand that someone went to Iran or Tajikistan for tourism.

They asked me if I was in the army in England, if I had anything to do with Islam and finally they said to me that I looked like a soldier. They were also very suspicious about my name – Malik, but on the other hand I could have looked suspicious to them. A White man named Malik with two passports filled with Muslim visas who dresses like a soldier. I was questioned by a few Jews, they searched my luggage and finally they let me go after 6h but still with heavy hearts.

I remember that when I was in Eilat I was approached by a redhead vixen who spoke with a Russian accent and I was under impression that she was examining me and then she said that she would love to see me again. But when I said loudly to myself: “Who knows, maybe you’re a spy sent to me by the MOSSAD?” she disappeared straight away and I never saw her again. I will never know the truth but I know for sure that two borders where long confession is combined with a full x-ray makes me suspect that I might have been watched.

MOSSAD also asks questions in a very specific way. They looked into my eyes as if they wanted to hypnotize me and they vomited with questions one after another, sometimes even without a meaningful follow-up. That way they try to intimidate an interviewee and break him mentally. I however asked for tea, I looked at them I was answering slowly. The fact that they ask questions doesn’t mean that have to get the answers immediately but they may if they deserve. For a comparison, Hezbollah asks questions in a more polite way and they also have a better sense of humour.

, Expedition to Israel and Palestine, Compass Travel Guide

On the way back I did not wait that long but border guards still had a lot of questions. They were even interested why I was in Brunei 3 years ago for 4 days and if I had any contacts there. When they finally put me and my luggage through an x-ray I got to a “stamp man”. That specimen after scanning my passport read information about me for a few minutes and after all gave me the exit stamp. Unfortunately that was not the end. When I was waiting for my plane at the gate, half before the boarding time security officers asked on a side for a more detailed search. I didn’t have to undress but to mu surprise they even checked the stitches in my jeans and soles in my shoes – that didn’t like me that much.

During a thorough search they found a badge of Hezbollah in my luggage which I got in Lebanon and after seeing that Jews lost their mental balance. Well, when I was in Lebanon I bought a painting near Beirut and the seller didn’t have change so he gave me a Hezbollah badge instead. Moreover, in Lebanon they also sell T-shirts, flags, cups and balloons for children with a symbol of Hezbollah but for MOSSAD it is a red alert. I saw by the Jew faces that they were genuinely disappointed when they had to let me go, as if they invested a lot of time and work in me and as if they watched me before? They also wanted to see the souvenirs that I bought and they didn’t like the poster showing Jerusalem had the title: “Visit Palestine”.

Occupation of Palestine

Before travelling around Israel and the Palestinian territories (according to the official name) we must realize that the country is divided into the Jewish territories and the West Bank which is the Palestinian Territories. In the Jewish part there are good roads, good cars drive in the streets and it is an area of many investments as evidenced by expensive hotels and new facilities in the resort town of Eilat and Tel Aviv. It is clear that Israel is a place of continuous development, it is clean and there is good organization.

On the other hand, in comparison with Israel the Palestinian Territories stand at a much lower level. It is a region which has minimum investments and its streets are often dirty and very crowded because Jews pushed Palestinians from their own land. Attention should be also paid to the Palestinian refugee camps where on several streets and in very poor conditions sometimes 30.000 Arabs or more are squashed together. I went to Aida camp in Bethlehem and to Balata camp in Nablus, what gave me a clear understanding that Jews have learned a lot from the concentration camps. In addition, Israeli F-16’s fly over refugee camps and make a lot of noise and they do it just so the Palestinians could remain in fear.

It is also very interesting that the Berlin Wall was seen as an attack on freedom and democracy and the fence surrounding concentration camps was seen as a crime against humanity but on the other hand the wall in Palestine, although much longer and higher than the one in Berlin is kept in silence as if it didn’t exist. In my understanding it means that brutal occupation and walls of that type are perfectly fine but only on a condition that they serve Jews.

“A powerful hostilely disposed nation is infiltrating almost every country in Europe. This nation is in a state of perpetual war with these countries and severely oppresses their citizens. I am referring to the Jewish nation”.


Johan Gottlieb Fichte

Both parts are separated by a high wall and the final length is planned to extend to 700 km. From the Palestinian side the wall has an interesting graffiti showing the truth about the occupation of Palestine. Apart from that there are also many observation towers with snipers inside, there are military bases surrounded by concrete and the so-called Jewish territories inside the Palestinian territories such for example those in Hebron. Snipers, roadblocks, wall, barbed wire and armed soldiers are everywhere. In the camp of Aida in Bethlehem I saw a picture of a 13 year old boy who was shot by an Israeli soldier just because he was a Palestinian and another time someone told me that the Israeli army dressed as Arabs to shoot someone in the hospital. Afterwards they put the whole blame on Palestinians but unfortunately that will be never seen in the media.

I don’t think anyone would be surprised that the important part of the occupation of Palestine is possible due to Zionist media which brainwash both Arabs and Jews…..and the whole world. It is true that Jews and Arabs regularly break off each other’s heads, it is true that Jews are killed in a broad daylight by Arabs but on the other hand nobody dares to mention that Jews kill a lot more. The truth is that both sides have a lot of blood on their hands but the media do not want to admit that it was the Jews who invaded Palestine after 2000 years.

I was at the exhibition where artists showed paintings depicting Palestinian olive trees behind barbed wire and Palestinian olive pickers ejected from a field by a Jewish soldier. The occupation art in Palestine is huge and omnipresent and a very good example of it is a graffiti depicting a white dove in a helmet and a vest, with an olive branch in its beak……… and a shooting target on his heart.

Despite the evident tragedy of Palestine it is also important to keep a sober look not only at the issue of Palestine but also at the history of Islam which is firmly connected with Palestine. Muslims play poor and good when they ask for benefits in Europe or when they are under occupation but the history of Islam is 1300 years of murder, rape, barbarism and mass hysteria. Also, even if we do not like Jews and we consider them to be evil let us remember that they do not occupy the innocent ones.

In my opinion their isn’t a positive character in this story that’s why we should always keep a cold approach to it, we should stay neutral and we should firstly take care of Christians. To Muslims we will be always infidels and to Jews dirty goys. We must never forget that because lack of this knowledge or ignoring leads to a cult of our weakness.

“And kill them wherever you find them and expel them from wherever they have expelled you, and fitnah (persecution) is worse than killing. And do not fight them at al-Masjid al-Haram until they fight you there. But if they fight you, then kill them. Such is recompense of the disbelievers.”


Koran 2:191


“Your wives are a place of sowing of seed for you, so come to your place of cultivation however you wish and put forth for yourselves. And fear Allah and know that you will meet Him. And give good tidings to the believers.”


Koran 2:223

(Another words Koran teaches that non-Muslims should be killed or expelled from their land and a Christian man’s wife is a ploughing field for Muslims because she is a wife of an infidel, who doesn’t have any rights to owe anything – because he has a different God than Allah. Therefore bringing and establishing Muslims in Europe is pure idiocy and barbarism towards White women). 

The Talmud however is very similar to the Koran and both these books have a lot in common with the racial theory of Adolf Hitler:

“Non-Jews have been created to serve Jews like slaves.” (Midrash Talpiot 225)


“Non-Jews have to be avoided even more than sick pigs.” (Orach Chaiim 57, 6a)


“Only Jews are people. Goys are not people but cattle.” (Keritot 6b, 78)


“Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night; and it can be never retired from its captivity. It is not suitable for the son of a King (Israeli) that animals serve him in their own form but animals in a human form”. (Midrash Talpiot 225b)

(Tolerance of Jews in Europe is pure idiocy and a crime against humanity).

I would like to give a very clear evidence of the lying Zionist media and a proof that these media are not even entirely Israeli but international. When I was in Hebron in a cheap restaurant I was watching live news about riots in the streets of Hebron. The footage showed Arabs throwing stones and Israeli police firing gas. After seeing that I walked out of the bar to see if it was really that bad but there was no fighting at all.

It is also worth mentioning that on that day the Israeli army closed Hebron. No one could get out.

, Expedition to Israel and Palestine, Compass Travel Guide

Another example is my conversation with certain Jewess when I was still in Jordan. The Jewess said that when she was in France she was watching a live broadcast showing riots in Jerusalem. The “French” TV showed Arabs and Jews shooting at each other on the streets, they showed burning cars, gas in the air and police signals. After seeing that the Jewess rang her mother to Jerusalem to ask whether she was safe because the “French” TV showed that Jerusalem was at war. Her mother replied that it was peaceful. She even called her friends in different parts of the city to confirm that but everywhere was quiet.

“I do not know a worse plague in the country than Jews because of their deceit, perversity, usury and exploitation. They bring people down to misery and perform all the meanness, which normal honest people would be disgusted with.”


Mother Theresa

The war and fear propaganda in Israel is so big that the entire nation is involved in it. On the Jewish side Jews kept warning me to not to go to the West Bank because Arabs would certainly kidnap me or maybe even kill me and every Jew has a lot of imaginary stories of that kind. This is because Jews do not want tourists to travel to Palestine because they don’t want us to see their crimes and then write about them on the Internet.

, Expedition to Israel and Palestine, Compass Travel Guide

My itinerary in Israel

I would like my readers to know that Israel is not only about the occupation, watchtowers, raids and barbed wire. There are also very nice, beautiful and historical places which are the true tourist destinations. My journey through the Jewish part of the country I started from the seaside resort of Eilat by the Red Sea. It is a very pleasant and a very expensive place full of wealthy Russians and due to my empty pockets I slept in a tent on the beach, I used to eat at the bakery and swam in the sea for free. From the shore I saw the city of Aqaba and the Jordanian flag where I had been before.

Then I went to see the fortress on top of a mountain called Masada and that was also a nice place to visit. First I spent a night in a tent and in the morning I went to see the ruins of an ancient fortress on the top where I had beautiful views of the Dead Sea and interesting rock formations. Then I went to the beach in Ein Bokek and I swam in the Dead Sea although I think that it would be better to say that I was laying on the water. When it started getting dark I took a shower on the beach and I hitch-hiked to Jerusalem which turned out to be my base for about a week.

I lived in the Old Town which is very interesting and which has immense historical value. I don’t know how people can spend in Jerusalem only 4 hours on an organized trip if I after 5 days still felt that I didn’t see enough and I was constantly discovering new places. Because of the great Golden Dome the most famous and probably the most photographed place in Jerusalem is the Al-Aqsa mosque but to me that building didn’t have any particular meaning. It is true that there is quite an interesting architecture and mosaics on the walls but I didn’t see anything holy in that place and Muslims themselves were not saint too. The most beautiful and the most valuable places in Jerusalem are the Christian places.

Many times I visited the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre where Jesus is buried, where there is a stone on which he was anointed after his death and where there are the last Stations of the Cross. In the Old Town there is also a Lutheran church with a high tower that overlooks the skyline of Jerusalem and there are many other interesting churches, a lot of tea houses, shops and huge stone gates. Out of the Old Town walls there is also a very attractive Church of All Nations and the olive garden of Gethsemane where Jesus was arrested. Just before it there is also a Tomb of the Virgin Mary and on the way to Mount of Olives a Russian church of Mary Magdalene. I also went to the room of the Last Supper and I saw the grave of Oscar Shindler, the Austrian industrialist who saved hundreds of Jews during the war.

, Expedition to Israel and Palestine, Compass Travel Guide

A compulsory sight to visit is of course the Wailing Wall which from the cultural point of view is a very interesting experience to every traveller and a holy place to Jews, but to me it was rather an ideal setting for recording a horror film, not for prayers. I saw a lot of Jews dressed in their traditional costumes who jumped, danced and wobbled as if they were drunk while reading their prayers. The Western Wall with the Golden Dome of the Al-Aqsa mosque right behind it gave me very mixed feelings.

I also went to Tel Aviv where I spent two days. I liked the beach and the old town of Jaffa where I lived. When it comes to the centre unfortunately again I had mixed feelings, especially after seeing certain objects. Strolling near the Rockefeller street I went the Hall of Independence where David Ben-Gurion declared Israel an independent country. The film which I saw there was a naive story about the ever innocent and the ever suffering Jews who returned to their historic homeland, despite the fact that the same story could be told from the Arab’s point of view and then it would be called the Hall of Occupation and not “independence”. A similar story I saw in the Haganah Museum which tells of Jewish partisans before the creation of the Israeli army (IDF). It is mainly a story about the “very bad Palestinians and their terrorism” because they defended their homeland from the invasion of “the chosen nation“. The museum also shows the influx of illegal Jewish immigration to the occupied Palestine with the approval of the British and a way how Jews of the Haganah looted British trains. Jews used to steal British weapons and ammunition and then fought against the British using their own weapons, even though without the British there wouldn’t be Israel. Another words Jews robbed everybody and then got the support of the United States and still even the UK which quickly silenced the fact in the media that British soldiers were killed and robbed by Jews. Well, Jews are always “innocent”.

A beautiful and interesting place during my trip around Israel was also the Galilee. I had my base in Tiberias, just by the Sea of Galilee but the real adventure started when I was travelling around the lake. First I went to the Mount of the Beatitudes to the Catholic church in a quiet garden and then I walked down on a dirt road to Tabgha. There are two important churches there but first I walked down the Sea of Galilee where I sat down in the natural pool between rocks and I took a shower under a waterfall by the tributary to the Jordan river.

Then I went to see the st.Peter’s church which is located just by the lake and after that I visited the Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fish. On the shores of the first church the apostles saw Jesus for the first time and in the other one there is a stone on which Jesus placed two loaves of bread and two fish that fed 5000 listeners. I also went to Capernaum where Jesus commanded his future apostles to throw their nets on the other side of the boat and he said to Peter and his brother that if they go with him they would be “the fishermen of people“. In Capernaum there are also two nice churches, including one Orthodox with beautiful paintings inside. For me, the whole area of the Sea of Galilee was a combination of natural beauty with a trip to biblical times. I therefore warmly recommended Galilee.

When I still had time and money I planned to visit the Golan Heights, the mountain station of Tsfat and the city of Haifa but because of my miserable economy I ended my journey around Israel in biblical Nazareth. I walked through the narrow streets of the Old Town from one church to another in a city where Jesus grew up and where Joseph once had a carpentry workshop.

The object dominating the skyline of Nazareth is the Basilica of Annunciation which I recommend partly because of the very special paintings depicting Mary and Jesus, donated by many countries from around the world. It is here where angel Gabriel flew on earth to tell Mary that she was pregnant and was carrying a son of God.

, Expedition to Israel and Palestine, Compass Travel Guide

Qalandia checkpoint

Although Qalandia checkpoint is not included in the tourist highlights everyone travelling from Jerusalem to the West Bank would surely have to go through it. Among many interesting things tourists can see over there a high wall decorated with barbed wire and watchtowers with snipers waiting for their lucky day. In addition to the above there are also concrete roadblocks, a lot of garbage, iron barriers and machines for scanning luggages like at airports. Israeli soldiers who check documents are extremely rude but still very nice comparing to those who sit in the glass bunkers and press the green buttons. Qalandia is a very sad, depressing place which is a frequent venue of Palestinian demonstrations against the Jewish occupation. Next door there is also a Palestinian refugee camp of the same name.

Every tourist returning to Jerusalem, for example from Bethlehem or Jericho will surely experience that unforgettable and stunning experience which the Qalandia checkpoint definitely is. By the way, I also think that Jews could make quite a lot money by selling postcards from that place – postcards presenting concrete wall, watchtowers, barbed wire, soldiers with big guns and the inscription underneath: “Feel the realism of Israel.” Such souvenirs in Israel are still missing.

, Expedition to Israel and Palestine, Compass Travel Guide

My route in Palestine

My journey around Palestine opened my eyes to many things. I went to all the biblical places but the thing which I will remember the most is the reality of the Palestinian lives and the fact that many of them want to tell their stories to tourists, as well as their dream of free Palestine. I saw a lot of poverty there, the tragedy of Palestinian people, the occupation, the Arab bazaars, I tasted Arabic sweets and I met a lot of business oriented people. I think that even under Jewish occupation Palestine is a very interesting and educational tourist destination and due to political circumstances the country can be compared to Tibet.

My first trip from Jerusalem was to the birthplace of Jesus – to Bethlehem. I went there primarily to see the Church of Nativity built in in the place of the holy family’s shed where there is an exact place of Jesus’ birth and the manger just next to it. Today however Bethlehem is an Arab town with important Christian churches and colourful bazaars which would be completely deserted without its Christian history. I however was mostly moved in Betlehem by its high wall that separates Palestine from Israel, the observation towers and colourful graffiti showing free Palestine and Israeli soldiers and violence against the Palestinians. I was also in “banksy” shops where I bought occupation art souvenirs and I went to Aida Palestinian refugee camp where once again I saw the brutal reality of the kosher democracy.


I also went to the city of Ramallah which I recommend even though it doesn’t have any cultural heritage. Ramallah is very good due to observation of people. There is a huge mosque and a bazaar around it even though Ramallah is a grand bazaar in itself . I also went to Nablus to see the old architecture and the traditional bazaar with good fruit and Arabic sweets.

As before in Bethlehem, also in Nablus there is a beautiful church (which Arabs should be very proud of); and unfortunately there is also the Balata Palestinian refugee camp. I spent half a day in Balata talking to Palestinians, I had a dinner there, I bought fruit and took an interesting photo of myself inside a car after a bomb explosion. I wish Palestinians all the best but I think that escape to Europe is not the right choice. They should remain in the occupied Palestine and with the help of other countries they should fight for free Palestine.

From Nablus I went to the town of Qalqilya to see its small zoo and I have to admit that despite of its small territory and just a few animals the zoo in Qalqilya is one of the nicest experiences in the occupied territories. I was quickly surrounded by children because everyone wanted a free lesson of English, although they liked me too. I felt very uncomfortably when Palestinian girls picked up wild flowers for me. Qalqilya Zoo brings a little bit of happiness in the occupied territories and a smile on children’s faces. In the same place, in addition to many drawings on the walls depicting Yasser Arafat there was also a painting exhibition showing olive trees behind barbed wire guarded by Israeli soldiers. At every step in Palestine and on every occasion there is a strong reference to the occupation and that’s why Palestinian people remain strong.

, Expedition to Israel and Palestine, Compass Travel Guide

I really enjoyed my trip to one of the oldest cities in the world – to Jericho. I saw interesting ruins in the ancient Hisham palace and I went up by a cable car to the Mount of Temptations where I saw the Qurantul Christian monastery built on the edge of the rocks and partly inside a cave. Of course there is more to see in Jericho than just those two objects. It is also about the lives of people, setting of the town’s main square with a park and many bars and workshops. But most of all Jericho is a city of history where first people settled around 10,000 BC.

At the end I relaxed by walking in the fountain and I bought a first quality box of Palestinian dates (not worse than those in Iran), salty mud from the Dead Sea and a date syrup.

Very interesting was also the city of Hebron where Jews and Palestinians regularly treat each other with stones, Molotov cocktails and gas of course. I went there to see the Old Town and the Ibrahimi mosque which contained the tombs of prophet Abraham and his wife Sarah. Of course all the small streets and local products were very interesting but most shops and even street was closed because of the Jewish occupation. Hebron is a very special city because about 4000 Israeli soldiers guard 500 Jewish settlers who live in separate ghettos. Whilst walking down the street I saw a metal mesh over my head with stones dropped by Jews on Palestinians. I also saw watch towers with Jewish soldiers over Palestinian territories and I visited Palestinian homes without locks and handles so that Jewish soldiers could always get inside without any problem.

Arabs in Hebron live in fear and are kept on a very short leash but to me it was an unforgettable experience where I even bought a sheep skin.

, Expedition to Israel and Palestine, Compass Travel Guide

My opinion of the whole problem is as follows: I’m not going to defend neither Muslims nor their terrible religion because I know what they are capable of but looking soberly at the whole situation it is an evident fact that in Palestine Palestinians are those who are being harmed and terrorized by Jews and Palestinians are those who lose their own land. In contrast people such as Israeli soldiers are not needed in Palestine but in Europe for cleansing the White continent from traitors and the Muslim and Black element because good Muslims are those who live in countries of their ethnic and cultural origin and Palestine is such a country. My journey through Palestine opened my eyes to many things and I recommend this country for a visit. Moreover, contrary to Jewish lies Palestine is safe for Europeans.

Summary of Israel and Palestine

Israel / occupied Palestine has many historic and biblical sites and that’s why it is a very important country for Christians, Jews and Muslims. It is here where we can see the Stations of the Cross and the cities where Jesus was born and brought up and it is here where Jews led to his murder. Israel / Palestine is a very interesting country for many reasons that I described above and I warmly recommend it regardless of travel interests or political views.

Unfortunately, some prices in Israel are higher than in London, Amsterdam or Paris what means that Israel is not a budget destination. Especially food and transport are very expensive but it is possible to find cheaper accommodation. A financial holiday from Jewish prices I had in the West Bank, in the Palestinian part. Over there everything is cheaper.

I have to admit that I felt very differently when I was in the Jewish territories and the Palestinian territories. In Palestine people wanted to shake my hand, they wanted to talk to me, sometimes they gave me a fruit and helped me to get on the right bus. Although the multi-culti in Europe is an enormous harm I have a lot of good things to say about Palestinians in Palestine. Jews however never wanted to talk to me unless they had something really bad to say about Palestinians or when they wanted to take me out from their area.

When I visited Palestinians I felt like a guest. Sometimes we drunk together and sometimes I was invited to taste baklava, while Jews just measured me up and down from head to toe and didn’t want to have anything to do with me. Apart from certain exceptions when I visited Jews I felt accused and like a suspect but it is perhaps like that because Jews have so much on their conscience that they approach everyone very warily.

, Expedition to Israel and Palestine, Compass Travel Guide

I will never forget when I was in Jerusalem at the Wailing Wall during Sabbath to see how Jews dressed in ridiculous costumes prayed to the wall, how they shouted shaking their heads and how they corrected their side locks. In that moment only one thought came to my mind: “Merciful God, thank you that you didn’t make me a Jew.”

Similarly, when I was in the Palestinian city of Ramallah on Friday I saw Muslims praying in the streets. The prayers I heard from the speakers sounded like drums of war and the praying Muslims looked like an army. In that moment only one thought came to my mind: “I felt like in a European city and felt that surely there will be a war in Europe”

To summarize I believe that Jews and Muslims are perfectly worth each other and I even think that none of the two is able to live in peace. They simply like war and I believe that if one of the two was gone or if someone separated them I suspect that they would miss each other because hatred of one another is a part of their culture and this is exactly what identifies them as Jews and Arabs. From a Christian point of view I just want to have both Jews and Arabs as far away from me as possible and when I feel that I want to experience the cultural differences than I know where to find them. How fortunate I am to be a Christian.



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