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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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Trips to Asia

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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Trip to Singapore

By: Martin Malik

Trip to Singapore


A brief description of my trip to Singapore. A clean and well-organized country – city, where modernity meets tradition.


, Trip to Singapore, Compass Travel Guide

Marina Bay Sands – Singapore.

After a one month expedition around Vietnam I flew to Singapore. Last time I was there in 2004, but unfortunately too short, that`s why this time I stayed 6 days. From the airport I got on an air-conditioned, sleek and clean, modern underground, and got off at Aljunied station. This is the cheapest district of Singapore where for one bed in a dormitory I paid only 14 dollars, instead of 60 dollars as the usual minimum. There was however a reason for doing so because it was no longer that clean, and female immigrants from China were staged to sell. Anyway, the area was safe and bars offered a wide choice of Malay, Chinese and Indian food; and it was cheap.

Within six days I was practically everywhere where I should have been. I saw a cultural and historical districts of Little India and Kampong Glam, the business district, Chinatown, The Quays, Colonial District, Orchard Road, a truly wonderful zoo, the botanical gardens and other interesting places. Especially the business district was amazingly modern and colourful. In the central point there is a hotel consisting of three skyscrapers, with a huge boat on their roofs. Apart from that, there is also a show of lights after dusk, modern gardens and the symbol of Singapore – Merlion (half lion, half fish).

, Trip to Singapore, Compass Travel Guide

The zoo in Singapore was one of my favourite places.

Sentosa Island

In addition to the above, I also spent one day on the Sentosa island. I was lying on the beaches among the palm trees and was swimming in the warm, blue sea. Sentosa Island showed me once again that money can buy anything. If it was Burma, there would probably be only a jungle, with few wooden baracks covered with palm leaves. Singapore  however shines with wealth. Sentosa has been transformed into a great amusement park for huge money. Even sand and rocks were imported to improve the view.

Singapore was extremely modern but it also keeps its culture and history. I think it could be best compared with Hong Kong, although in Europe there is no city of this type.

, Trip to Singapore, Compass Travel Guide

Sentosa island – the beach paradise of Singapore.

I have over 1000 pictures from Singapore and my journal will be certainly very helpful, full of practical advice, and the answer to the fundamental question; which is how to not to get bankrupt there. There is a way.

Singapore was very special and I do recommend it!



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