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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

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Trips to Asia

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

Great Britain and the GREAT betrayal of Poland; part II

By: Martin Malik

Start from part one …

Great Britain and the GREAT betrayal of Poland; part II

… and a reflection of that situation today


I believe that Poles have to rely only on themselves and should never have any illusions about this; and an eventual aid offered by an ally should be treated only as a good gesture rather than a core of the Polish defense. The only advice for Poland is to first poison all the pests and then to arm the country in offensive and defensive weapons to such a level such that an assault on Poland would become too expensive for the aggressor. The Polish firepower should be at least at the level of Turkey because “democracy” depends on the number of „cannonballs” and they are the ones which help the most in all peace negotiations. The betrayal of Poland by Great Britain and France was the proof of this, as was the naivety and widespread fawning of the Poles.


Wstęp Part II – “The main actors”


In the second part of my article I’m going to look closer at the politicians who had a decisive effect on Poland and based on historical facts I intend to present their views on Poland and Polish people. I also think that calling them actors is very accurate because many of them only played their roles.

Neville Chamberlain

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from May 1937 to May 1940. Chamberlain made many unforgivable mistakes and therefore he is remembered as the Prime Minister of failures, even though British historians try to forcibly make him look better than he really was.

Chamberlain became infamous for his naivety and weakness and for signing the Munich Treaty under which he gave the Third Reich the Czech Sudetenland, what in effect meant that he paved Hitler the way for war. Ironically Chamberlain was proud of himself and after his return to London he read the treaty publicly and declared it to be the “assurance of peace for his times”, whilst at the same time Hitler said to Ribbentrop: “Do not take it so seriously, this piece of paper does not really matter.” Chamberlain was so naive and completely out of touch with reality that he believed in cooperation with the Nazi Germany towards building the stable Europe, and after signing the Munich Treaty and returning to London the following quote became a part of history:

„How horrible, fantastic, incredible it is that we should be digging trenches and trying on gas-masks here because of a quarrel in a faraway country between people of whom we know nothing.


Neville Chamberlain


After reading that document and taking into account the obvious betrayal of Poland the English were still applauding him, but in the opinion of many British people the Prime Minister Chamberlain was a traitor and the enemy of Poland and the above quote is also a firm evidence that at the Mason University Chambarlain studied ignorance instead of geography. A further hostility of the British Government towards Poland and Polish people was also reflected in the fact that after the betrayal of Poland and stepping down as the Prime Minister Chambarlain still enjoyed great respect in the Parliament.

For British people the Prime Minister Chamberlain should also be a symbol of helplessness, especially after he was humiliated in the Norwegian campaign in 1940 and as a result of this humiliation he resigned. Prime Minister Chamberlain was not able to offer any genuine political or military aid to any of his “allies” but he gave it to Hitler. Ironically, Chamberlain was elected to be a Prime Minister because he promised a strong stance against the Nazi Germany and protection of Britain’s allies.

Neville Chamberlain – old, depressed, useless, boring Englishman in a hat with an extremely exaggerated sense of his own value.

Winston Churchill

First let’s have a look at the origin of Churchill which says a lot about his decisions in relation towards Poland and the later destabilization of the world.

After the humiliation associated with the Norwegian campaign in 1940 the Prime Minister Chamberlain resigned and was replaced by Winston Churchill – the enemy of Poles, Jew by birth, loyal agent of Jewish interests in Palestine, in the British Parliament known as the agent of Zionism, according to the Talmud solidarity a sworn enemy of the Catholic Church and together with the other “English gentlemen” he participated in disgusting homosexual orgies. According to the Jewish law Churchill was a Jew from the side of his mother – Jenny Jacobson-Jerome, and like Hitler he also spoke openly of the lower races such as Negroes, Arabs and Indians. Churchill regarded Saxons to be of a higher race and wondered why he should apologize for it, despite the fact that he was not a pure Anglo-Saxon himself, and as a matter of fact English aristocrats took Jewish wives what meant that their children had Semitic features. It is therefore important that Churchill fought against the Third Reich to protect the British interests and to protect the interests of the Jewish communities in Palestine but in terms of a racial theory and even in terms of continuing the Holocaust he shook hands with Hitler.


In 1942, the Polish Army General and the Polish Prime Minister in exile Władysław Sikorski urged to bomb the death camps, gas chambers and paths leading to them, but on Churchill’s order the British propaganda silenced the Polish Prime Minister because the Zionists wanted to use the mass tragedy of the poor Jewish people for Business-Holocaust, which in effect has earned Jews billions and it keeps on earning to this day. Soon after Władyslaw Sikorski died in strange circumstances which according to many historians were arranged by Churchill himself. Sikorski flew from Gibraltar on a board of Liberator II aircraft which crashed shortly after the take-off and only the pilot survived. Immediately a number of conspiracy theories were made accusing the Germans, Soviets, the British and even the Poles, although officially it was an accident. However in my point of view it was a combined Soviet – British initiative. In 1942 Gibraltar was not besieged by the Nazis and that’s why, the same as in the case of blaming them for Katyń I also exclude Germans as suspects. Poles helped to win the Battle of Britain what meant that they did their job very well and for that reason the Prime Minister Sikorski and the exiled Polish government in London demanded from Churchill to protect Poland from the Soviets, what was very contrary to the British – Soviet interests. Sikorski therefore became extremely inconvenient for Churchill and that’s why he did not hesitate to get rid of him in the name of good relations with Stalin.

„Poles are the greedy hyenas of Europe”.


Winston Churchill

A crucial information is that Churchill was a friend of Chaim Weizmann – the president of the Zionist Organization in the Palestinian territories and later the first President of the Zionist Israel, and they worked together to create a Jewish state at all costs, even for the price of occupied and destroyed Poland which for Churchill was worthless. Churchill said to Weizmann: “the eternal hope of your race will be fulfilled,” and then he spoke to a pack of Jews in Jerusalem: “not only for your own good but for the good of the whole world” – (and that’s why now we know why the Middle East is burning today). For Churchill Poland was a ‘cancer’ on the map of Europe which was not worth defending unless it would become a European Israel. In addition, all Jewish crimes committed against European people the American and the British propaganda cleverly covered up in favour of Jews. The Jerusalem Post columnist Moshe Koln wrote that “cunning, no doubt, came to Churchill in the Jewish genes…..”

„Well, nobody will help or resurrect the Poles murdered in Katyń”.


Winston Churchill (ironically) –

The Katyn massacre which took place in the same year as the Battle of Britain was never investigated by the British government and in the name of good relations between London and Moscow Churchill was not going to remind Stalin that he murdered 22,000 Poles and simply “believed his word” that it was done by the Germans. Another time the Soviets kidnapped Polish leaders and the governments of the USA and the UK asked the Soviets if it was true, but once again they were satisfied with the answer that no kidnapping took place and the whole story was invented by the Poles.

In the Battle of Britain the Polish Squadron 303 (the Kosciuszko Squadron) was included to the best air power divisions of World War II. In 1940 the situation in Europe was tragic because Hitler conquered Poland and France in few weeks and then he also conquered Norway and Belgium. The war machine of the Reich seemed undefeatable, especially that Hitler sent over Britain 6000 aircrafts and his air aces of the Luftwaffe. The 303 Polish Squadron shot down the biggest number of the enemies’ aircrafts from all squadrons fighting in the Battle of Britain. The Poles shot down in total 126 machines.


„Never in the field of human conflicts was so much owed by so many to so few”.


Winston Churchill –

-in the words which show that he was impressed by the Polish heroism and that he was genuinely grateful to Poland. Unfortunately his attachment to his Jewish roots and sucking up to Stalin pushed him to the next betrayal of Poland. During the 1946 Victory Parade in London the armies of all the Allied forces marched along side each other, with an exception of the Polish Army. The British government was afraid of offending Stalin and the absence of the Poles was called “a necessary compromise due to the political circumstances of the day”. However the obvious truth is that after more than 200,000 Poles fought and died under the British command Churchill did not need them anymore and that’s why in 1946 Churchill and his government changed their decision on Poland; from the pro-democratic Poland in exile, to a new, dominated by the Communists, the Provisional Government of National Unity of Poland, which according to Churchill and others was founded by a totalitarian government. In other words “among close friends dogs tore apart the hare”, although I would rather put it as: ” among the insidious hyenas polar bears tore apart the true lion”, because it was the Poles who were the heroic, brave lions later pecked to death by vultures and ripped apart by a pack of hyenas. Churchill however was very pleased with that situation. Even though Roosevelt and Churchill sold Poland to Stalin in Yalta on the 04.11.1945 it was just one of his many betrayals of Poland.

“From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an iron curtain has descended across the Continent”.


Winston Churchill –

in his infamous speech from the 5th of March 1946 in the American Westminster College which Churchill ironically called “the sinews of peace”, despite the fact that his own policies deliberately divided Europe into “democratic” West and the communist East – and that speech is regarded as the beginning of the Cold War. In the „sinews of peace” speech Churchill expressed his profound gratitude to the Soviet Union for the end of the war. But Poles; those who really helped him to win the war were “interrogated” (read: tortured and murdered) in the Lubyanka by the Soviet NKVD executioners and subsequent teachers of the UB. Poles who until recently had fought for Britain heard ridiculous accusations during court cases set up by the NKVD – which had very strong support from the Western powers including of course the UK.

Winston Churchill – a notorious criminal of the Polish nation, the seller of Poland and the agent of Zionism. Disgustingly obese, nasty Jewish hog with a tobacco breath, empty worded and dressed in a gypsy style uniform. Once again, disgusting.

Adolf Hitler

After a shameful defeat of Germany in the World War I and after the very harmful to her Versailles Treaty, with limited military, tragic economy and with either lost or divided land it was easy to predict that the country located in the heart of Europe would continue to fight. In my point of view World War II was therefore a direct result of the Versailles Treaty which later Hitler raped the way he wanted. Then, when the war ended the overnational ruling class was afraid because the Allies lacked an official enemy in the European continent. But first, in 1933 Adolf Hitler came to power.

The new Chancellor of the Third Reich wanted Poland to allow him to join Gdansk to East Prussia and he also wanted the extra-territorial corridor as it would enable a more coordinated strike on Russia rather than by Czechoslovakia and Romania. Since taking power in 1933 to the early 1939 Hitler sought alliance with Poland because of Gdansk and he promised that the German expansion in the east was to take place at the expense of Ukraine, not Poland. Hitler’s original plan was to make Poland a part of the Axis so they could together invade the infested by Jews and communism Soviet Union, but on the other hand Hitler said many things and often changed his mind in key decisions, and depending on the course of the war and degree of dependence on morphine he also changed his racial ideology. As for Hitler’s attitude to Poland and Polish people I would describe it as very bad and undecided and through his policies he often denied his own views. On one hand Hitler regarded Slavic people as “under-humans” who lived to serve the “master race” and didn’t want Aryans to mix with Poles. However, when Germans invaded Poland they were very impressed by the beauty of the Poles because they had not even realized before how many beautiful people of blond hair and blue eyes lived in Poland. As a result, even though Hitler did not want those “sub-humans” in Germany he still kidnapped 200,000 Polish children as racially beneficial so they could be germanized. Hitler was of an opinion that they were the Aryan descendants but it was an obvious absurdity of a man who lost himself in his own paranoia.


“Poles are the most intelligent of all the people with whom Germany came across during the war in Europe… Poles in my opinion and based on the observations and reports from the General Government are the only nation in Europe that combines high intelligence with an incredible cleverness. They are the most talented people in Europe because while living in extremely difficult political circumstances they acquired a great sense of living unparalleled anywhere else.


Based on recent research made by Reichsrassenamt our scientists came to the belief that Poles should be assimilated into the German society as racially valuable. Our scholars concluded that a combination of German regularity with Polish flair and inspiration would give excellent results”.


Adolf Hitler; in a letter to Himmler from the 4th of March 1944.

Apart from many of his bad comments I think it is very important to know, to what opinion of the Poles came one of the largest criminals of Poland and one of the biggest enemies of the Polish national identity. It’s a pity that he came to such opinion so late but it is also important that Poland received from the Nazis “the chance of a doubtful quality” whilst from the British and the French, Poles received only a meticulously planned treason based on destruction of Poland and all Poles. Those facts therefore leave me under opinion that Churchill was not at all better than Hitler because Hitler dropped his bombs and Churchill dropped lies which cost Poland even more destruction and even for a long time after the war ended. It was Hitler’s weakness that he learned to respect Poles and he understood their greatness only after they defended themselves the bravest of all, they broke the Enigma coding machine, they turned out to be the Luftwaffe’s nightmare over England and they led a fierce guerrilla war. Hitler was only able to understand a brutal force and that’s why he began to speak well of the Poles only when Wehrmacht bled itself dry under Staliningrad and when in his delusions had hoped that perhaps Poles would repeat the success from over England, but this time for him.

Hitler’s opinion on Marshal Pilsudski was also an important fact to be taken into account. Hitler was full of admiration for Pilsudzki for winning the Battle of Warsaw in 1920 as the marshal saved Europe (including Germany) against the flood of Bolshevism, which they both rightfully saw as the greatest threat to Europe. Stalin on the other hand always treated Poland as a sworn enemy and feared the Polish-German alliance. Hitler tried to drag Poland onto his side and on January the 26th 1934 a non-aggression pact was signed between Poland and Germany, what Stalin saw as an expiry of the same pact between Poland and Russia. Hitler was under opinion that if Pilsudzki was still alive a war against Poland would never take place and even after the death of Pilsudski he enjoyed big respect in Germany. Wehrmacht read books about him and especially about how he beat up the Russians in the 1920s.

I also find very interesting a Nazi propaganda film from 1940 titled “The Eternal Jew”, directed by Fritz Hippler, which shows Jews as parasites who make themselves rich by destroying European nations. The document presents Jewish ghettos as the cradle of all evil but what is interesting is that Poles are portrayed as the victims of the Jews in their own land and as those who have no choice but to ask Adolf Hitler to save their country. In my opinion, above all Hitler was very angry with Poland because he wasted six years of fierce diplomacy without receiving any specific answers. Moreover, he was even more furious because Poland which defended Europe against Bolshevism now decided to side Hitler’s enemies including Jews. Such outcome he could even take personally and he wanted revenge, and on the way to Russia Poles were simply in a wrong place.

Adolf Hitler – an Austrian painter with unique style and burning ideology who in his passion towards his art took his brush far beyond the canvas. In my opinion Hitler was usuful to different nations in different ways. Germany needed him to be able to rebuild the army, the economy and the much ruined national pride. Jews needed Hitler to be able to set up Israel and Britain, France and Russia so they could have someone to be afraid of and therefore learn to respect the others. Above all, Adolf Hitler was a great dreamer who in his delusions maniacally believed in the glory and the indestructibility of Germany and the German army. That man never stopped dreaming and never had enough war. He was an enemy of Catholicism and turned out to be not only a criminal of Poland but also the Aryan race which in theory he protected so passionatelly.

Joseph Stalin

When it comes to Stalin’s attitude towards Poles I think that a short reminder of certain historical facts will speak for itself.

In 1932 was signed a Polish – Soviet non-aggression pact that was broken by Stalin on the day of signing the Soviet – German non-aggression pact from the 23rd of August 1939. It was the Ribbentrop – Molotov pact which secretely included a division of Poland between Russia and Germany. As a result of that agreement on the 17th of September 1939 on Stalin’s order the Soviet Union invaded Poland. Great Britain was silent.

A few months after the invasion of Poland, in April and May 1940, the NKVD carried out the Katyn massacre killing 22,000 Poles. Meanwhile Winston Churchill in the name of good relations with the Soviet Union simply “believed” Stalin that it was the Germans who killed those Poles, despite the fact that at that time of the war it did not make any sense. The Western allies did not want to hear about Katyn and didn’t want to hear about more than 100,000 raped women by the Red Army soldiers, even though soon after it turned to a mass sexual epidemic. The Red Army also raped approximately 2 million German women during its entry into Berlin, but after the war the United Kingdom and America chose to not even mention a word about it. Soon the new Cold War was just about to start.


„Installing communism in Poland will be like putting a saddle on a cow”.


Joseph Stalin

The bad memories of 1920 were still very much alive in Moscow and by saying that Stalin knew that it wouldn’t go smoothly with Poland. However, when the Soviet Union took control of Poland, for the next half of a century the UB (communist militia) in the beginning ruled by Lavrietniy Beria (head of the NKVD) only in 1945 exiled to Siberia about 50,000 Poles and none of them survived. At the same time Churchill celebrated „his” victory given to him by those Poles who now died in labour camps in the remote wastelands of Russia and who became tragic subjects of staged court hearings involving ridiculous accusations. England was pleased with the progress of such cases, especially that the British ministers were invited to courts where they witnessed the “democratic” hearings.

It is also important to know that Stalin’s policies lasted almost 50 years after his death and it was mostly Churchill and Roosevelt who were the authors of the Iron Curtain. Britain did not have any problem with that although she could have done differently. At the Yalta conference when the Red Army already occupied most of Poland, the Baltic states and a part of Germany, Roosevelt and Churchill did not want to get involved in another great war, just to throw away Stalin from Eastern Europe. For that reason they opted for the easiest way and decided to sell Poland, especially that Poles in America were not a big electorate.

Poland was therefore a very small player in a huge game and that’s why from the perspective of the West it was more important to restore the authority of the United Kingdom and to sweeten Stalin at the expense of Poland. In addition, the Allies also took into account that during the attack on Berlin it was the Soviet soldiers who died and not the British or the American so in that way that had a debt of gratitude to Stalin, despite the fact that his hands were as dirty as the hands of Hitler.

Stalin’s crimes amounted to about 60 million people, what means that he took responsibility for about 40,000 lives every week during his whole reign, even taking into account the times of peace. That means that Poland, Polish people and the Polish cultural heritage were at the mercy of a brutal tyrant ……….. among the “closest friends”.

Joseph Stalin – a sworn enemy of Poland who had no mercy to anyone, including his own son. Stalin’s crimes against Poland are continued by the current Russia whose version of history is: “We saved you from Nazism, so be grateful.”



My article should be a lesson for those who believe that Poland has friends and for those who believe that in the XXI century “certain things do not happen anymore.” In my opinion the situation of Poland has not changed at all. To the east we have a buffer country Ukraine and the powerful and threatening Russia and to the west we have the economic Nazis who are able to do business with Russia at the expense of Poland. Heads of states continue meeting at conferences without participation of Poland where they discuss Polish affairs behind Polish backs and at Poland’s expense. Currently the role of Britain and France has been taken over by America, whose army looks good on TV and when its opponent is a “flock of sitting ducks”, what unfortunately does not have anything to do with the real defense of Poland.

I believe that Poles have to rely only on themselves and should never have any illusions about this; and an eventual aid offered by an ally should be treated only as a good gesture rather than a core of the Polish defense. The only advice for Poland is to first poison all the pests and then to arm the country in offensive and defensive weapons to such a level such that an assault on Poland would become too expensive for the aggressor. The Polish firepower should be at least at the level of Turkey because “democracy” depends on the number of „cannonballs” and they are the ones which help the most in all peace negotiations.

I also wonder what kind of tribute Poland would have to pay in the case of “a friendly help.” Let me remind everyone that when the German army invaded the British Isles, the Kingdom could barely hold any longer. Roosevelt helped as we know but in exchange Churchill had to close Britain’s trade routes with the Empire, what meant the end of it. Then Britain had to also pay for the use of American equipment for a long time. What does Poland have what it could be robbed off in “a friendly manner” ??? In my opinion Americans are just another kind of “Russkies” with exactly the same appetite for total control, but with the ideology far more destructive and disgusting than the one offered by the “polar bears”. No, Poland has no friends and the honourable battle and loyalty to England was just a big, expensive utopia.


I would like to remind that this article is copyrighted. I have seen the mainstream media in Poland taking my thoughts out of context a few times without mentioning me, because my views were politically incorrect to them. I know which media they are, and I will remind them in due course. Those who don’t like me as an author, or those find it inconvenient to mention me, don’t need to use my site at all.



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