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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

===============================================  “Religion, like alcohol, should only be for wise people”

Martin Malik

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

Nine pillars of the anti-French lie; part I

By: Martin Malik

Conversation about the sad consequences of the revolution wrongly called “French”.

Martin Malik: Ladies and Gentlemen. I have a pleasure to present to my readers the record of my conversation with a well-known right-wing publicist Mr Antoine Ratnik, who lives permanently in France.

Mr. Ratnik has cooperated with me already because he was interested in my observations on life in the United Kingdom and the survival of the White Civilization. My readers have already read a few exceptionally honest articles about England and Sweden, but they still don’t know France from the perspective of a Pole who is an eyewitness to the changes that take place on the other side of the English Channel. I also believe that it won’t be just wise but also a very interesting material which would display the freedom of expression.

I traveled a few times through France on my way to England, although I was also on vacation in Paris when I was only 12 years old. I was obviously on the Eiffel Tower, in Montmartre, I saw the Sacré-Coeur Basilica and the Notre-Dame Cathedral, I was in the Louvre, under the Triumphal Arch and on Seine river. France has also beautiful Alps, waterfalls and forests in Corsica and a very attractive Azur Coast.
France is therefore a beautiful country and I am truly sorry that this interview will not be about beautiful things ………..

Antoine RatnikAntoine Ratnik: Unfortunately, this interview will not be about beautiful things. You are right. Because you expect me to express freedom of speech, from the very beginning I will unfortunately put it as they used to say in the vile Polish Labour Party.

I support a thesis developed by prof. Jean de Viguerie that France no longer exists. When did she die? The professor does not give a specific date. He only quotes different opinions as there is a degree of discretion in that matter. All followers of this thesis agree that the date of death of France happened later than 1789. This corresponds to the acknowledgment of the outbreak of the Revolution in 1789 (incorrectly called “French” – even though we should call it “anti-French”) as the initium calamitatis of the oldest Daughter of the Church. I am myself in favour of 1789 as the date of death of France. Why? Because this is what comes out from the analysis of the causes of the French revolution researched by prof. Xavier Martin. The causes are of course many: empty royal treasury, too many taxes, exhaustion of the state budget because of the war for the US independence (this is not possible because Americans did not get this help for free), the underground job of freemasonry, the English conspiracy etc. All of those things are partly true.

However, the main and sufficient cause of the Revolution of 1789 is the philosophy of Enlightenment. Currently there is a lot of talk about the need of shaming all the criminals, such as Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky or Pol-Pot, but nobody wants to organize a campaign to shame the creators of the so-called Enlightenment; even though it is very necessary.

I therefore give names of the main villains responsible for the annihilation of France:

Denis Diderot (1713-1784), Jean d’Alembert (1717-1783), Claude Schweitzer called Helvétius (1715-1771) and a widow after him, Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778), François-Marie Arouet called Voltaire (1694-1778), Honoré de Mirabeau (1749-1791), Nicolas de Condorcet (1743-1794), Julien de la Mettrie (1709-1751), Etienne de Condillac (1714-1780), Jean-Jacques Régis de Cambacérès (1753-1824).

Those people (let their names be cursed for ages!) created a very primitive “philosophy” claiming that there is no essence of things. According to them there is no intellectual recognition and there is no rational soul. Man is a piece of meat that reacts to external material impulses and there is no significant difference between an oyster and a philosopher. This was the example that they often served. According to them human as such does not deserve to live. Voltaire claimed that only some 100 000 people deserve to live because of their intellectual initiation.
According to this theory the role of “philosophers” is to put on the throne the “enlightened” absolute monarch, who by using the achievements of specific sciences, mainly medicine, would enslave people for his “own happiness”. He would then overthrow the rule of “obscurantism” (read – the Catholic religion) and raise masses of foolish mortals. He would regenerate humanity – as they used to say.

The absolute and enlightened monarch and his assistants are supposed to manipulate the people in such a way that they think they are free. As a result this means that humanity would have the right to live if it goes through their make-over. People have to live modestly and the fullness of humanity belongs only to the rich who have the right to become rich in a free trade. In order for trade and profits to be unlimited all barriers must be abolished: religion, priesthood, orders, corporations, families, price controls, charities. The next step is the abolishment of millennial state privileges. A mass of mediocre individuals is to be established. Rich people limit the king by human rights and the people must accept humanitarianism as the new neo-religion. Hence, for example there was a guillotine instead of a wheel, arrest instead of lushes, etc. The last one is a huge distortion because corporal punishment takes a few minutes and detention lasts for months, it is destructive to the personality and it is criminogenic. An individual is supposed to live in fear of losing his property and this is the way to keep him in check. Anyone who does not agree with this program is to be physically eliminated and hence the Great Terror and genocide in Vandée. Interesting, isn’t it?

In France those people made a great impression and they began to fascinate the higher social snobs. The king, people in his palace, part of the lazy nobility and most of the clergy recognized this program as their own. This was possible because due to comfortable living and a heavy, sluggish and vain art and literature (this mania began in the reign of Francis I), the French elite degenerated and abandoned in their hearts the true religion (Catholicism) but also the virtues of military. There was a spiritual and intellectual emptiness and that emptiness was filled by the above-mentioned charlatans.

When the General State was summoned, a few rulers proved enough to impose on the mentally feeble delegates, the one man = one vote rule. The nobles protested in honour but the lazy of overeating and dull minded Louis XVI, who was a follower of Enlightenment himself, ordered the nobility to surrender.
Interestingly, with all his enthusiasm for the Enlightenment and for the Revolution, Louis XVI was a genuine Christian believer  – and it was rare in France at the time. Even bishops did not believe in God at that time. It was his personal Catholic faith that made Louis XVI to realize what was going on and that’s why he refused to cooperate further, and that is also the cause of his death. He was killed for the refusal of the further collaboration but it was too late anyway. Enlightenment won and France ceased to exist. Year 1789 was therefore the last year of France, because it meant replacement of the constitutive heritage of France with a new ideology of enlightening, which was completely opposite of what France stood for.

I know it might be shocking to you but that’s the way things are. You hoped for freedom of expression, and that’s what I’m giving you.

Saint Joan of Arc

The saint Joan of Arc fought and died for France. Such Catholic heroes France needs today.

Martin Malik: I’m not easily shocked but a lot of things disgust me. As I can see for a few hundred years nothing has changed. In Europe there is still an open war against Christianity but above all against the Catholic Church. Just as in the days of Louis XVI, also today masses are deliberately taken away from the Catholic and national virtues and instead they are forced to participate in the Marxist make-over. White nations are sentenced not only to the White Genocide but also to the Masonic indoctrination where our enemies take to the heavens heavy sin and pure evil, such as homosexuality.

The readers of our patriotic community know you already because of your noble right-wing views and they know that you were the author of the month, but they still don’t know anything about you personally. Please tell us how long have you lived in France and under what circumstances you left. Did you emigrate for work and a better life or maybe you left for an alpine holiday and decided to stay on the ski slopes? What kind of university did you finish and do you have nice memories from it?

Antoine Ratnik: I left Poland in 1982 and I did it mainly for adventure. I was 24 at that time. After many adventures in Paris I finally landed in Normandy and I got to know the Catholic tradition there. I am affiliated with the Priest Order of Marcel-Lefebvre (USML) and I maintain contacts with the Dominican Fathers of Tradition in Avrillé.

Before I left Poland I had attended a high school with traditions. That was the way to describe it but I don’t want to name it because my teachers are still alive. In general, the school focused on a Polish philology – what means that there were usually boring lessons of Polish, instead of fascinating university proseminars. Together, under the guidance of highly committed teachers, we concentrated in depth on certain periods in the history of literature, to the point where today, even many years after, I do not have look into textbooks at all.

And this is where the problem lies. What was the point of putting so much literature into young minds? We were served the whole of the Polish, European and American literature according to chronology, what resulted in the fact that we were made to believe that everything should be put on one level. Therefore the key to teaching of the history of literature was not truth but chronology. Homer, Shakespeare, Cervantes, Mickiewicz, Witkacy, Zofia Nalkowska …… it all went like one breath and that intelligent way of brainwashing lasted 4 years. The emphasis was placed on the literature and art which was degenerated, individualist, decadent and pessimistic.

We also had philosophy lessons from the late nineteenth and the twentieth centuries and we were only interested in degenerates such as Freud or Sartre. In fact, these were the only things they taught us. There has never been a single word about such Polish authors like Zofia Kossak-Szczucka or Jan Dobraczyński. To this day I remember a part of Gombrowicz, almost all Witkacy and Nałkowska’s “Border”. No comment. These are just examples..

Polish humanities were annihilated during 1939-1952 and after 1956 they no longer revived. Then the new, individualistic, relativistic and nihilistic humanities were born, which today produce language confusions such as: “the subject of a mass funeral illusion is collectivism understood as the non-adjustable space time being in the course of progressive temporalization”.
And that’s how it is until this day and that’s why there are no real thinkers in Poland today. And in France they are! They grow like mushrooms after rain.

During the higher education it was not better either and I don’t want to expose the name of the university because my professors are too famous. It was a pseudo-Catholic university. Well I studied philosophy. During my first year I had lectures with a phenomenologist but I still don’t have a clue what he was talking about, because he never told us what his lectures were about. During my second year I was in the seminar with him and from the very beginning he began to say that the truth was being constructed. I said that the truth is the compatibility of recognition of the reality. Because of that I got punished terribly not only by him but also by some modernist priest in a suit who told me that I had a very schematic conception of truth. Later, after some time I left and didn’t have to listen to the supposedly Catholic school, that there was no truth.

Neo-thomists of this university did not consider themselves to be philosophers of the Church but private thinkers, free electrons that were always right and with the exception of a few career student and a few enthusiasts, no one took them seriously. These are my memories from my university. It represented a very strong technical side, huge erudition and complete relativism. Then I realized that because I opposed that professor, even though I was 20 then, it meant that the high school did not quite distort me. In general I only wonder how I managed to deal with that liberal atmosphere.

Martin Malik: There is an infamous subject in the media about the huge problem with the 7 million Arabs and Negroes in France. According to many people the situation is already so tragic that they are no longer French cities and that’s why this new reality can be called the Great Replacement Project. Do you agree with me? Could you give me statistics from individual cities, schools and districts.

Antoine Ratnik: You are absolutely right that out of the masses of immigrants you exclude Arabs and Negroes. The problem of immigration in France is quite complex. Historically the first immigrants were Spaniards, Italians and Poles. Their assimilation was extremely fast and complete. A lot of residents of Lille for example are not Poles but Frenchmen with Polish names who are active around saint Stanislav holiday and they organize banquets in those days. As a curiosity I can add that the name Stanislav in a slightly altered tone has become a part of the repertoire of the French names. I currently know three French Stanislavs who have no Polish origin. Both saints Stanislav (such as: Stanisław Biuskup and Stanisław Kostka) are also in the calendar of the universal Church.

The Portuguese did not assimilate but their lifestyle is identical to that of the French and that’s why they go unnoticed. Asian immigration in general is not a problem and is welcomed by the population mainly because of the former relationship with Indochina. Even part of Muslim immigration is not a problem. Turks are highly appreciated bricklayers and they have kebab shops, what means that we can eat something cheap in the city at lunchtime (and they are 55% cheaper than classic French restaurants), and Kabyles – white indigenous people from Algeria (and the countrymen of St. Augustine) have restaurants and shops. Restaurants play a huge role in France, which is a Mediterranean country. (Even north of France is Mediterranean – please pay attention to how the chairs in the cafeteria are located even north of Paris. This is the Mediterranean way, not the Viennese as it is in Warsaw.)

Meanwhile Arabs and Negroes are a huge problem. Why? In the 1950s France was white and the French were still at home. However, Arabs and all the coloureds began to come to France after the decolonization which was carried out at the request of the US and the USSR, which were the winners of the Second World War. First, all the cheap and unskilled workers were brought in. Such a procedure allowed the Great Capital to not to make innovative investments in industry what let them maintain outdated production techniques. This was possible thanks to the illiterate, lonely workers of the former French colonies of Africa: the Arabs and the Negroes. For the Communist Party, for the Trotskyists and for other left-wing parties it was a great opportunity to use those immigrants as their new urban proletariat which was later subjected to Marxist ideological make-over. Their presence in the former metropolis also allowed the Marxists to spread the myth that immigration from Africa was a reward to that population for the historic harm of colonization. Of course, France did not harm anyone in Africa but on the contrary it brought civilization, writing, language, hygiene, medicine, put an end to slavery and ritual murders and stopped witchcraft and cannibalism.

However, the left and the modernist clergy after the second Vatican Council constantly infused the French with guilt and they told nonsense about the historic guilt and making up to the Arabs and the Negroes. In the early 1970s the same government that imposed abortion and contraception for white women (and only for white women) imposed national legislation on merging the immigrant families. Immigrants stopped being lonely men anymore and they were allowed to bring their numerous wives from Africa, who began to give birth to children and who were later sent to the state schools (read: the Masonic schools). Soon after all the Arab-Muslim families begun to pump billions out of social welfare and that way France became a paradise for the whole of Africa. Today we have successive generations of quasi-Arabs and quasi-Negroes. These boys and girls live in rabbit cages in the suburbs of big cities. Masonic state education has instilled in them a rebellious attitude. Some of them are neurasthenic. Some, if not everyone. They don’t know any language, they have no identity and they are totally dependent on mass consumption. In the cellars they have accumulated weapons, including medium-caliber weapons and because the System gives them everything for free, in case of nationalist revolution they would defend the Republic until the last drop of blood. They are the fanatical Bolsheviks of the liberal democracy. Each one of such young boys is the Pavlik Morozov of Enlightenment. They are not assimilated because they are too numerous and in addition the Muslim religion makes them ignorant people, convinced that the natives are ritually unclean. The Koran calls for the killing of Christians and these Arabs and Negroes see French people as Christians. The Arab-Muslim-Negro immigration is a human bomb in the hands of Freemasonry. Some French cities, such as: Argenteuil, Mantes-La-Jolie and Roubaix are 65% African already. Marseille, department 93 in Paris, a part of Paris and suburbs of Lyon are big Muslim ghettos.

The Muslim population is supported by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which lend money to the government based in Paris and it is also the subject of activity of its very favourable US embassy. The mosques are sponsored by the same petrol reach states, the masses are in Arabic and they call for the Holy War. 85 mosques in France are in the hands of the jihadists and there are about 15 thousand open jihadists in France. Those Arab countries which fiercely fight Islamic terrorism, such as Tunisia and Egypt accuse France of their very soft touch on terrorists. Tunisia has accused France of its pro-Saudi policy for a long time. However, the government in Paris is an obedient dog of the politics forced by Washington. The former French President Nicolas Sarkozy even attacked peaceful Libya and because of the destruction of the oasis of peace and prosperity that Gaddafi built in Libya, today hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are dying to get to Lampedusa – and Lampedusa Island is organized throughout to attract those immigrants. This is done deliberately. Freemasonry always sees French people as the people of Christian faith, it remembers very well the counter-revolution after 1792 and that’s why it has decided to destroy that nation, and it is likely to succeed. They are afraid of France, in the same way as the Greeks were afraid of son Hector – it is the same mechanism.

What is it then if not the Great Replacement Project !? Freemasonry is afraid that the French might wake up one day and that is exactly the reason for the Great Replacement. The mechanism of the Great Replacement Project has been done in such a way that for some time now, let’s say since the end of 1968, the white mass of ethnic Frenchmen has been fed with – instead of solid food (intellectual, spiritual, moral, aesthetic, civilizational) – a worthless, leftist cat food. The level of education at all levels was lowered very significantly. They stopped teaching history, geography, art, they even stopped teaching how to read … yes, yes. Reading lessons are taught the  global method, what means that students only know those words which Masonic teachers would give them to read, because such method does not teach how to put letters together.

TV shows promote the new model of a Frenchmen as a soft drug user in silk pants. The army has been destroyed, military service abolished, villages have been depopulated and destroyed. In France there is no peasantry at all and among the surviving farmers rage waves of suicides out of hunger and despair. I could give you a lot of such examples. At the medical academies they introduced numerus clasus for French students (the administrative limit of admissions to medical universities) and that’s why today there is shortage of doctors in France. Among many the social problems of France are: illiteracy, abortion, contraception, 56% of marriages get divorce quickly. Concubinage has become a norm and illiteracy widens. Social pathology is also on the rise.

At the same time the education authorities, at the request of Freemasonry, which is in charge of France, observe the immigrant communities and that’s why the most talented boys and girls from the Muslim ghettos are offered education in boarding schools where they learn everything as they used to, with good discipline and with the right methods; sometimes students even wear uniforms. That way they produce a new republican elite. In 10 years those young people will hold key posts in administration and they will be technically perfect. They are ambitious, bilingual, very efficient and they have the will to succeed. They are Republican Janissaries. (I forgot to state that when France writes and says ‘the Republic’, it is not a form of government or a constitution, because those are ultimately indifferent. It is only about the Enlightenment content of the regime and such definition is common to the followers and opponents of the Enlightenment philosophy.) The French will be expelled to open-air museums or labour camps, they will be slaves in extermination camps and masters of what once was France will be completely inherited by Freemasons without any Christian roots. Such politics is also consistent with the demands of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which are the real owners of France. Those two countries rule France jointly, with Freemasonry.

Martin Malik: I can see that this is exactly the same method of building the White Guilt which is in England. The truth that no one dares to mention is that Negroes come from countries where they used to live in huts built of straw and cow shit. Africa is the place where rape replaced the traditional method of procreation and where until recently Negroes used to eat each other. Arabs on the other hand are “light skinned niggers in white sheets” with minds so twisted by evil Islam that any assimilation of such a harmful element is impossible. France is in the hands of enemies at every level of life and the French in my opinion are blind and weak, as if they agreed with loss of their country and their culture.

As far as  I know precisely because of the large population of Arabs and Negroes France suffers not only from the increasingly frequent acts of terrorism. The problem is also that Muslim gangs are involved in crimes of all kinds, from assaults and knife stabbings, through theft and of course rape, which is the specialty of the followers of the “religion of peace”. I also heard an opinion that the French are dominated by the Arabs in their own country. Do you agree with me on the above or you think that I am just a right-wing populist who simply exaggerates these facts?

Antoine Ratnik: You don’t exaggerate anything! You underestimate this sad reality. If only the Arab domination was the problem in France it would be half of the problem! The French are dominated by the System. Immigration is just one factor because this tyranny is based on nine pillars:

  • Obsession with dualism of spirit and matter – is a legacy of gnosis,
  • Humanism – a primitive philosophy that grew at the beginning of the 16th century,
  • The ideology of enlightenment – I talked about it in the beginning,
  • Scientology – a belief that science would solve all the problems of a very narrowly understood human universe,
  • Laicism – hatred for the Catholic religion. This is the supreme and obligatory doctrine of the Republic,
  • The myth of the existence of an international Nazi threat – the media speak of it exclusively. There is supposedly a very powerful “extreme right” who wants to bring Adolf Hitler to power again and re-murder the Jews,
  • Humanitarianism – supposedly to every human body is attached a very specifically understood dignity, what means that for example if a teacher disciplines a student for misconduct, is immediately considered a Nazi and he is haunted by the System – because he has violated the canons of humanity,
  • The culture of death – the masses are implemented with the opinion that human life is bad and that euthanasia and suicide should be propagated and that infertile homosexuality is the peak of love towards one another.
  • Bolshevism – the Bolsheviks have railways and power stations in France, and they partly rule education. This is mainly about the heirs of the French Communist Party (pro-Soviet), but in the higher education, the Trotskyists play an enormous role.

That whole system of deceit is discreetly controlled by Freemasons, Jews and Protestants. Media, school, cinema, theater, even sports and state administration “roll” this subject 24/7. The system is maintained by the fact that their deceit never ends and it is constantly filtered into the mind of the French. If France run out of electricity and media and education wouldn’t be able to work – then the system would collapse very quickly, as nearly half of the French (exactly 43%) has not yet lost common sense. That’s why I allowed myself to write jokingly that democracy runs on electricity.

The black population of France.

Breeding among the Negroid population is like the advert of the National Lottery – one million on Wednesday, one million on Saturday. Wake up France!

Martin Malik: I think your assessment that 43% of French people have common sense is just pure optimism. If that was really the case then the common sense of the French would translate into patriotism rather than into France’s biggest enemy called Nicolas Sarkozy and then another enemy of the French called François Hollande. I worked at a language camp with French teenagers in England and although they liked me and they admitted that they learned a lot, I was quickly fired for what they called – “the fascist propaganda”. While teaching English language I talked about national values ​​and Catholic religion and I talked about the difference between the true French people and Arabs on French passports. All the English and French teachers were shocked with my views and considered me an enemy (of the Marxist revolution). This example shows that the French system does not provide education but instead the Marxist indoctrination and unfortunately in Britain it is exactly the same. When I asked the English teachers what was their position on the White Genocide agenda, first they said they were not racists and then they sold me to the head office. In England and France it is exactly like during the Stalin’s regime – there is a habit of reporting on the enemies of the Marxist revolution. Those people were afraid to talk to me. They were shaking of fear and when I told the black teenagers to turn off their offensive “monkey music” called rap, I was considered a Nazi.

Read part two…



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