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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

===============================================  “Religion, like alcohol, should only be for wise people”

Martin Malik

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Trips to Asia

Spy – book

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

Nine pillars of the anti-French lie; part II

By: Martin Malik

Read part one …

Conversation about the sad consequences of the revolution wrongly called “French”.

Martin Malik: The attack on Charlie Hebdo was a matter that aroused enormous emotions and further questions about the future of Muslims in France. To my surprise however, the newspaper Charlie Hebdo which according to many people’s opinion is a Zionist propaganda machine aimed at destroying religion, was met with a great deal of support from the influenced with Jewish lies French society. If I’m right, it looks to me that those people got exactly what they deserved and that’s why in that operation I support the Muslims with all my heart because Charlie Hebdo was destroying Christianity the most. It seems that in general the media in France is a Leftist Fortress? What is your opinion on these issues?

Antoine RatnikAntoine Ratnik: Yes, it is a leftist tyranny but we can’t be sure that the attack on people from Charlie Hebdo really took place. The fact that TV shows something doesn’t mean that it must be true. Even if this attack took place, it didn’t have to go as it was shown on television. This last sentence was immediately pronounced after the assassination by the English Bishop Richard Williamson. I do not really get how Charlie Hebdo could suddenly sell as many as 7 million copies of its magazine. Somehow they instantly found a printing company which suddenly had such a huge, powerful productivity that it printed as many as 7 million copies of a magazine that almost no one bought before?

This case is very similar to Kirov’s assassination and the Stalin’s extremely quick reaction. It looks like all of that had been planned a lot earlier. My digression here: I don’t know if you realize that the globalists have the equipment which enables them them to display any image on any firmament. For example tomorrow evening they could display Christ’s return and then put on television false Christ and command humanity to obey his orders. The Lord Jesus warned about it before and it was written in the Gospel black on white. After all, now they even keep the pope in their pocket. Francis’s last encyclical is a steak of globalist slogans. Do not forget that before the Lord Jesus returns for real – the Antichrist will come before him . This is the dogma of the Holy Faith.

As for the media in France, they are a leftist fortress: Bolshevik, consumerist, pro-American. It is a natural habitat of deceit. I have not watched TV since 1994 and I do not have a TV set at home. I encourage readers to get rid of this devilish invention and I also encourage you to boycott the cinema.

Martin Malik: The attack on Charlie Hebdo was in my opinion a carefully planned action which principal purpose was destruction of Christianity and promotion of atheism but at the same time also promotion of Jews and Judaism for the chosen ones. Once again the hired for this task and financed by the Jews Muslims were shown as terrorists and Jews as the usual sufferers.

I agree with you that Pope Francis is a globalist agent. His words are indeed a leftist sputter and I am afraid that because of him the Catholic Church might burn in the Masonic, liberal holocaust. I also suspect that the globalists wanted to force Pope Benedict to sell his soul but he had no conscience to destroy Europe and the only true Catholic faith and that’s why he was forced to resign. I haven’t had a television for 12 years and the same as you I will never agree for Freemasons to embrace their homosexual Marxist propaganda. As for the level of education in France it is unbelievable that the French let the invaders to destroy them. Poles are smarter after all but Poles also have strong Church.

A few years ago I thought that it couldn’t be any worse in France but I understood that I was wrong in that matter when the socialists came to power. At present, France is no longer just a cesspit of the Muslim and Black crime and huge social problem. France also conducts an open war against the Church and its Christian morality, for example through extreme promotion of sodomy. Is it really that bad and can it get even worse? Apparently the next president is to be the Jew Nicolas Sarkozy. Will this change anything in terms of sodomy and Islamization or France would rather have a few more years of life in stupidity and hopes for resolving its key issues?

Antoine Ratnik: It is exactly as you say. Nothing more nothing less. I would like my supposedly “right-wing” friends in France to be as clear about the situation in their own country. Sarkozy will not change anything. He will only lie and destroy France in a different way.

Homosexuality in France

The destruction of France and its Catholic values is so intrusive that the enemies of the White Christian Europe do no longer hide who they really are. Meanwhile the French carps continue to vote for Christmas although in France it is better to say that sheep vote for halal.

Martin Malik: Because of our solidarity in Christianity and our White race I sympathize with France. I have recently seen a film in which Sarkozy was convincing his Parisian Freemasons that ethnic change must come sooner than planned because he believes that the French do not mix with Arabs and Negroes fast enough.

Antoine Ratnik: Yes, there are government plans to start settling them now also in villages and in good neighborhoods. It was proposed by the current Prime Minister, who is a Spaniard, right after the attack on the people from Charlie Hebdo.

Martin Malik: I admit that I took one incident quite personally. I’ve heard that Muslims in France have thrown stones at Catholics leaving the church, and then the French government instead punishing them raised their benefits to calm them down … In my opinion, the French government has paid tribute to the Arabs, what means that political correctness imposes the culture of submission. Can you describe what happened? How do policemen behave when Arabs and Negroes steal and attack again in a broad daylight?

Antoine Ratnik: I didn’t follow that occurrence specifically but I agree with you again because that is always the case. The Paris-based government pays Arabs and Negroes a great deal of money to calm them down. This is called: buying social peace. That is what the right calls it, so the ones who are in opposition to every government in Paris, regardless of who governs. On the other hand, the regime calls it a policy for cities, because that’s how we can translate the term “politique de la ville”. Immigrant associations act hand in hand with the leftists of all shades receive colossal sums of money from the state and mayors of different cities, which the authorities of France obtain from foreign and internal loans. It is worth knowing that the debt of France today is over 2 billion euros, what means that France borrows 2345 euros per second. Cash boxes are not even empty. France has not even had cash boxes for a long time! There is only a huge debt and incredible dependence of France on the Arab countries, what I think explains a lot.

Police always behaves the same way. They try to detect the perpetrators or they eventually arrest them once in a while. But the police are kept in check by the Masonic commissioners, mostly by the Interior Ministry and by the media, which order them to oppress Whites (mainly drivers) and to show mercy to the coloureds, in the name of humanity which I described above.
Several Arabo-Muslim elements have also entered the police in France. (I do not know if this is true but a lot of Ukrainian-Banderist elements were admitted to the police in Poland. We would have to check that.)

During the recent gigantic street demonstrations in Paris organized by the right wing in protest against the legalization of “homosexual marriages”, the police used provocations and mass arrests. But generally speaking – in spite of everything – sit behaved fairly well. If such gigantic demonstrations were to take place in Poland, the “Polish police” would kill some of our best youth. This was not the case and in addition the police turned out to be in a far worse physical condition than the nationalists (although they were sometimes only slightly older) and with the naked eye it was visible in the photos that they didn’t run as fast as those who they chased. They lost a street battle with native French youth who for a few days took over the Parisian street. Therefore the police is one issue and the other one is the infiltrated by the extreme left criminal justice system which immediately frees Muslim and African offenders brought to the court by the police. In France the police are still much better than in Poland, although it leaves much to be desired. That is understandable. A boy who becomes a policeman usually comes from the lower classes and he often has a lot of common sense. Only higher education makes people complete idiots.

Martin Malik: Debt or rather financial dependency is becoming a part of the European culture, because in order to enslave the country first Freemasons sentence each one of us to poverty. Consumerism however is promoted in the media by blunt celebrities who support the homosexual lobby. Even Christmas in most European countries and America are just commercial holidays and the Marxists try to use a non-Christian term such as “happy season”. Disgusting and shameful.

As for the anti-French or the anti-Polish behavior, I believe that if a true patriot reaches at least territorial power, he should immediately give the people of that area a militarized character.

Martin Malik: The French President François Hollande said that “France without Jews would not be France”. Well, at least he is clear who is behind the ethnic and cultural fall of the French and why Jews use Muslims? Why according to the current president the presence of Jews in France is “so incredibly important”? Perhaps France would be better off without them? Could you please comment on this.

Antoine Ratnik: Hmm, who does he call Jews? God called Abraham to come out from Ur of the Chaldeans because Abraham and his family had never abandoned faith in one God, even though they lived among pagans. These are the origins of the nation that was once called the chosen people, but today they are not. After rejecting the Messiah by those who were the remnants of that nation at that time, after the destruction of Jerusalem and spreading its nation of all over the world, today we are dealing with masses who profess the false Talmudic religion. They have no relationship with Abraham, Isaac or Jacob. If they are supposed to be Jews … the only things that connect them together are one one hand hatred towards Christianity, and Talmudic practices and Zionism on the other. (About the Savior of the World the Talmud writes that he is in hell and he burns in a pot with human wastes. This great blasphemy itself should be a motive to create a huge distance from those people on our part – and meantime we do ecumenism with them!). It is better and more precise to say: Zionists.

Zionists have always used Muslims because Islam is a byproduct of Talmudism. But you also need to remember something else. The Republic is a pure lie, pure fiction, spiritual desert and it does not suggest anything to anyone. The population might find out that it is a lie and it might start to resist. Therefore at school and in the media we constantly talk about the harms that Jews suffered during the Second World War (these harms were real) and that’s why people are scared that those monstrous things could repeat again if the current system was removed from power. For that reason the French regime makes extraordinary bows towards Jews or rather the Zionists of the diaspora, who are a lot more temperate than the left-wing Gentiles. The system in France exists only because of lies and this is one element of this all-encompassing lie.

Jews as such have great influence in France in the media but the media could be easily shut down. I want to add that these Jewish media are very often negatively assessed by the Israeli forces.
The problem is not with the Jews but only with the System, which is based on the 9 pillars from the title of our conversation and which I described above. In fact, many Jews do not trust the left and in everyday life they behave normally while Muslims cause only problems, also in private life.

Martin Malik: Everyone is afraid of the truth and the Jews as a nation are no exception. If they could only learn history which was not written by the Zionists, if they learned how much evil and lies they are responsible for and if that truth was publicized, I suspect that then a lot of Jews would be disgusted with themselves.

I have a question about racial purity. Do French men and French women mingle with the rest of the world or perhaps the vast majority of them are in pure white relationships? Are women aware of the dangers connected with Arabs and do they avoid their ghettos, or maybe they have they lost their minds? What does it look like in cities with large populations of the racially and culturally antisocial elements? Do successive French governments promote race mixing?

Antoine Ratnik: Of course. The successive governments based in Paris promote race mixing. It’s clear. They do it in three ways. First of all, in the Afro-Arab ghettos young people of European descent are rapidly integrating themselves into North African customs, they try to listen to the same degenerate, extreme in literal meaning “rap music”, they do Muslim greetings and they completely give up to the Arab-Muslim mentality, which is the rape culture,  car burning and murdering the defenseless. The second area of ​​Muslim influence which exists only thanks to the constant efforts of the Parisian authorities are schools at all levels. Muslim religion is obligatory there and all meals are halal. The third way is promotion of Arabo-Muslims in various posts in the administration and business. This is called the ‘diversity policy’. But the state does not work alone in that field. The great capital and the clergy go exactly in the same direction. We can see it with the naked eye that the interests of the left and the Great Capital go undoubtedly like hand into a glove and it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone after the last encyclical of Pope Francis, who uses numerous globalist slogans.

Whites mix with dark races. It happens mainly among the lowest classes, those from the pathology but also among the left-wing pseudo-intellectuals with higher education. It sometimes happens among some middle class people, but with them it is less frequent. Very often, Arabs kidnap children and take them to Africa after some time.

French football team all black.

The genocide of the French nation is being carried out at every level and sport is a very useful propaganda tool because it refers directly to the society. Here, it is a picture of the anti-French football team up to the age of 21. It looks that there is no place for French people in the French society.

Martin Malik: I wonder what else the French need to realize that they are the citizens of the last category in their own country? I wonder if they haven’t had enough of being raped and abused by the Arab and Negro primitives and how far their stupidity can go. The English are unfortunately the same. I think that the nations of European sheep can be only awaken by an extreme financial crisis, but unfortunately it would still not mean that they would open their eyes.

As for rap “music” it is hard to recognize this primitive black cough as music. According to historical data rap was created as a way of expressing the racist hatred of Blacks against White people, and today White civilization is so dull and devoid of even the basics of aesthetics that it itself produces this worthless grind. The Jewish media promotes the most stupid, worthless and the most pathetic pseudo-art, so that White civilization could go back even further in the moral de-evolution. Rap became a propaganda weapon against the White Culture but the best thing is that every idiot, every monkey and every worthless creature of the lowest social class can become a rapper. I personally call rap a “monkey cough”.

Martin Malik: You told me once that the French army is anti-French and that it is composed of a post-Muslim and White anti-Christian element. Very interesting. Could you explain.

Antoine Ratnik: This one is a very painful topic because the army is one of the main myths of the French right (or rather – it was such a myth even until recently), but also my own, because I am the son and grandson of Polish officers. However, I want to emphasize: The Polish Army, not the People’s Army of Poland. (But the army has already gone – and the military ideals are necessary at some stage of life. At some point it is necessary to convert it into a monastic ideals because those are even higher.) Current relations in France increasingly focus on the difficulties of everyday life and on finding purely practical solutions, what creates a huge trap, and because of the fact that the army has ceased to be a myth it is not so tragically felt by the general public, but the fall of military, soldier’s ethos and military virtues are all together a very serious pain.

The army was appointed by the Revolution and this army was a complete break away from the old royal and princely armies. The revolutionary army was of an anti-national by its nature, because the revolution itself, misleadingly called “French” was anti-national. Napoleon created an army that resembled the term “army with the nation, nation with the army” but that army was also ideological and it served the ideology of Enlightenment. After Napoleon’s final defeat the army played a negative role. But from the beginning of the end of restoration of the Bourbon dynasty the French started the colonial conquest and with that conquest they created the cult of the army, which so far was a dream of the Right. The French army won Algeria and captured half of the world in the second half of the nineteenth century. The French army created an empire which although was expensive for France, on the other hand it brought all the peoples living in darkness, “our wild brothers” – as it is said in England: civilization, literacy, education, Greek-Latin culture, hygiene, medicine etc. It put an end to which craft and slavery, created indigenous elites and the population made of ordinary people was given medical care and Catholic religion, with all the favors of religious orders, church hospitals etc. Christianity gave salvation to many souls. Most often, the authors of that remarkable work were not only priests, officials and physicians – but also soldiers, sometimes against the orders from Paris.

The army enacted a beautiful card defending French possessions against the English during the Second World War (in Syria and North Africa), boldly confronting the Indochinese and then fighting against the Bolsheviks in Indochina and Algeria. A beautiful card was a military revolt in connection with accidents in Algeria, the OAS and the attack on de Gaulle in Petit-Clamart near Paris. There are two books in Polish. De Gaulle then identified the army as the enemy of demo-liberalism, even though he himself came the power because of a military coup that was not meant to bring him to power, but that is another matter. After 1962 some regiments were dissolved, some officers removed, others shot. In the early 1970s the nationalist elements were systematically removed from the army. However, the spirit remained nationalist, mostly among officers, sometimes among the conscripts, who were generally very quickly influenced by ideological officers.

The French army played a very important role in Africa before 2006. Unfortunately Nicolas Sarkozy became obedient to the US politics. France began to engage the American side in Afghanistan, earlier in former Yugoslavia and later in Libya against Gaddafi, which proved to be a tragic mistake and which is now very expensive for France. In addition, budget cuts were made and discipline was loosened.

A friend of mine, much younger than me, wanted to become a soldier and started attending one of the military high schools. However, his superiors (officers) promoted any kind of weakness and femininity there. They personally cut off their own epaulets so no one could see their military ranks. They favored women and students were forbidden to go out in uniforms. My friend was punished countless times for such “crimes” like ….. organizing parties for new recruits or for wearing short hair. Punishment in military high school for short hair! The teacher of philosophy (in France in the matriculation class there is philosophy and they even had to take an exam to get the high school diploma) taught the future soldiers … criticism of the pure mind of Kant (Kant maintained a theory that our mind is not able to know the reality as it is in itself and that there aren’t objective norms of good and evil, but instead there is only a subjective “categorical imperative”. Not only that these are mistakes but the point is that the story of this kind taught in a military school only undermines enthusiasm and morale of the future soldiers. Soldiers must have a clear understanding of ​​what is objectively good and what is bad). The result was that my friend resigned from the army and became an engineer but in his soul he remained very attached to the spirit of the military and in such spirit he raises his sons, and he has 6 of them, even though he is just over the 30.

The last paragraph I dedicate to all those who want to discourage young couples to make babies:) His sons will be never in the army. Why? Firstly, the current atmosphere in the army is bad. Secondly, there is a strong immigrant presence and desertion is growing. Immigrants desert because they fail to subdue even to the weakened discipline, and also because the army has been systematically getting worse for some time. These last two issues need to be explained. As I said above France is a republic and the Enlightenment ideology brings men to the rank of a piece of meat. For that reason the republican army is not able to offer young people any ideals, because what ideals can be presented to a piece of meat? Therefore as a substitute the army offers money and only money. And that money (borrowed from the Arab countries) is not so great compared to what the army really requires, and the element that enters the army is bad, except for a few regiments of paratroopers and elite troops. Many boys either withdraw at the last minute or they leave after one year of voluntary service. In addition, the French army defends wrong things because France is a vassal of the USA and it constantly supports American business. Therefore the army is either filled with”hot heads” or youth from the Arab-Negro ghettos and they often desert as I said above. This is no longer the French army. This is more of an armed force without any ideal. For that reason sons of decent parents have nothing to do there. There is only Legion, where volunteers from the Balkans care about racial purity.

Muslim riots in France.

Certainly the French army is strong enough to remove Muslims but in France it is the French who are removed, not Muslims.

France actually does not have a strong army today. It has intervention force of some importance but even in Africa it is no longer independent. Aircraft carriers and submarines are aging …. They start to talk about the nuclear disarmament. Even those patrols that walk in uniforms in Paris with guns seemingly ready to fire only look dangerous. Actually, there is no ammunition in them as it is hidden in their pockets! The fall of the army is logical. Enlightenment is a middle class ideology – and the middle class is disgusted with military virtues. Without soldier’s ethos no society would last long. That’s why the destruction of the army is a great national and a human tragedy. The sons of my friends never held arms in their hands. In case of aggression they are determined to not defend themselves, because they believe that the attacker is always right. That’s why many young people are very offensive and very rude – they are aware of their weakness and “behind the desk culture” and that way they try to hide it. At the bottom of their hearts reside love for sexual pleasures, hatred towards other people and love towards easy way of life. Nothing else. The current havoc that is very visible in many environments in France is the result of the fall of the army and the removal of the soldier’s virtues from the society. Wherever you look there are low cut dressed women – in trousers! The present society is the society of insurers and accountants.

Martin Malik: According to, which occupies itself with a military ranking France is at the 6th place in the world, that’w why I think that perhaps you are too pesimistic in that matter. Perhaps the morale and the ideals have fallen but many countries would like to have the same military strength as France. On the other hand France feeds on Trojan Pig against which the military would not work. In that war we need ideals, morale, education, patriotism and Catholic values, and in that respect France is at the very end. It is very sad ….

Read part three, and the last one…



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