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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

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Trips to Asia

Spy – book

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

Nine pillars of the anti-French lie; part III

By: Martin Malik

Start from part one …

Conversation about the sad consequences of the revolution wrongly called “French”.

Martin Malik: I suspect that only Marine Le Pen from the National Front is able to deal with the Muslim barbarians and make France – France gain. Does the National Front have the chance to win the presidential election and if it does happen, is there a chance for a nationalist revolution? Also, would the National Front deal with Sodomites?

Antoine RatnikAntoine Ratnik: You are deeply wrong. Marine le Pen has believed in the Zionist promises. FN removed its great founder Jean-Marie Le Pen from its womb. All nationalist elements were removed from the bosom of the party. Marine Le Pen surrounded herself, among others,  with homosexuals and the original FN movement she has turned into a demo-liberal party. This party is the enemy of the Catholic religion and tries to please the mainstream officials at all costs. They are disgusting.

The current FN has denied France and its French traditions. FN has admitted a lot of losers and technocrats and even if FN got some concessionary successes it would not change anything. France is governed by Freemasonry – it does not matter who the president is. If the FN came to power I have no doubt that they would not fight sexual deviations.

FN does not have any program and most recently FN executives tried to close the mouth of Jean-Marie Le Pen – its founder. He was eventually excluded. This is TREASON!

FN does not collect so many votes at all. Only the number of voters is decreasing and thanks to that the percentage of FN votes is increasing but in absolute numbers there is no increase in votes casted for this new demo-liberal FN.

Paris black immigration multiculturalism

A street in Senegal? Maybe it’s a street in Mozambique or Nigeria? No, it’s a street in Paristan, the capital of France.

If the National Front came to power they would designate a category of immigrants with the permission of  the media and they would start fighting them. They would probably try to reject illegal immigrants from Africa, Afghanistan and from Pakistan. It is possible that they would also begin to make media moves to exit the euro zone, and perhaps they would shout very loudly on TV against the Brussels Commission. That’s all. I know the National Front. I joined the National Front in 1992. I posted their posters and I was an ambitious activist – but now it’s all over and I don’t know these people. Now it is a demo-liberal party and homosexual influence is very real in it.

Martin Malik: What is the attitude of the French and the National Front to the Poles? Have you ever met any reluctance of native Frenchmen to you? In my opinion, also because of the Muslim invasion the French should be happy that you have decided to live in France because now they have an ally in defense of their culture.

Antoine Ratnik: The current, new, demo-liberal National Front can no longer be taken seriously and therefore a question of  such nature about the Poles is pointless.

Except for some Zionist and leftist hell holes there is no resentment against Poles in France and I have never encountered anything similar myself. When it comes to me, it’s not that I have enriched France but France has enriched me very much. This is however a very badly formed question. Why should the French have good attitude towards anyone at all? All they need is to have good relationship with themselves. In the meantime however, it is very bad with that.

The revolution of 1789 that began under the banner of the nation destroyed the nation and its identity and today an average Frenchman doesn’t even know who he is. In a moment of desperation a Frenchman would recklessly rant about human rights, even though he doesn’t even believe in it himself. It is much better in the regions with strong national identities such as Basconia, Catalonia, Provence, Vendee or Brittany. The autonomous identity of Alsace is becoming is becoming clearer too but the Parisian authorities strive to strangle that autonomy. In my Normandy there is also a regional movement but it is too obsessed with mad pagan ideology and it puts too much emphasis on the achievements of the Waffen SS to pull the masses. The identity of France is Catholic. It was here where Christianitas was born. However, the crazy behaviours of unworthy kings after the death of Charles VII led to the oblivion of that period, and today, with the exception of a few monarchists, no one longs for the ancien régime (old regime).

When it comes to Polish people France is not such a Polish centre as England or Scotland and serious contacts are limited because of the Poles who despise France by refusing to learn French. Our compatriots are very often selfish, they only strive for great successes, for money and the so called self-realization etc. They are good at taking but almost no Poles can give and generally thy constantly repeat that they don’t earn enough money, and such stories are not welcome in France, where money is absolutely not a subject of a conversation because no one ever talks about their income. In addition Poles are very often ungrateful and this is seen in France as an absolute crime.

Martin Malik: On this topic I can not agree with you at all and I don’t think that my question was “pointless”. When you interviewed me about Britain you also asked me about the attitude of the British (and I mean the real Britons) to the Poles. The attitude of an average Pole to France and Frech people does not come from contempt but from the fact that history has taught us to not to trust anyone and France is a good example here. I also don’t think that Poles don’t give, as you put it, because others, like the Arabs can’t give too. In addition, the French language is more difficult and less useful than English or even German.

Antoine Ratnik:  If for some immigrants the French language is not useful I suggest them to settle in a different other country.

Martin Malik: I share your opinion on that but I don’t think that we completely understand each other. If I wanted to live in France then of course I would learn French but the potential emigrant choosing a settlement country often chooses an English-speaking country just because of the language. I for example went to England mainly because I knew English well.

Martin Malik: If Poles necessarily have to leave Poland, do you advise them to emigrate to France or perhaps it would be better to not sentence them on that experience? If they emigrate then which region of France would you recommend as the truly French and free from Islam? I guess there are places like that? What do you like about France?

Antoine Ratnik: I don’t intend to encourage anyone to emigrate, although I urge to leave the Polish hell. I do not consider myself an emigrant. Where I live there are no Poles at all and I am myself French. If someone has a military vocation and wants to wear a uniform then he can enlist in the Foreign Legion. But it is necessary to obtain the consent of the Polish Ministry of National Defense and there are a lot of candidates who apply with such permission. This is very important because after returning to Poland one would go to prison for 3 years and Polish prisons are heavy.

It’s very difficult to get to the Foreign Legion because there are 13 candidates for one place. You have to be a very good and tough runner, be able to do a lot of pull ups, to not to pretend to be better than your colleagues and not to despise them. Contempt for everything what is non-German and non-English language is a national Polish disadvantage, unfortunately.

For young men who think that perhaps they have a priestly vocation it would be good to have a priestly seminar, which has been recently opened in Angers by the Marcel Lefebvre’s Union of Priests. The director of the seminar is Jean Bishop Jean-Michel Faure. Men who think that they have a religious vocation can also make contact with traditional monasteries in France, for example with the Dominican Dominions of Avrillé I encourage you to get educated about the traditional France.

Sooner or later all immigrants, including those from Poland would always have problems with the Arab and Negro population. There is no region in France which would be free from them. I mainly advise regions with strong regional identities, such as: Alsace, Vandee, South France or Brittany. They are convenient conditions to remain who you are while assimilating at the same time, which is necessary.

To answer your question about regions, I especially recommend Vandee. Philippe de Villiers transformed that department into an oasis of prosperity and French pride.

Muslims pray in the streets of France.

Muslim prayers in the streets of French cities have become a norm. That way Muslims fight the West, and in this case prayer is a way of occupation of France.

Martin Malik: I think that France is rather the last country in which I would like to settle, but on the other hand England is also cutting its own veins. I would not want to live in a tragic criminal zoo, and I also have to admit that it would be hard for me not to feel as someone better in a society as disgusting as the one that the replace the French society. I wouldn’t join the Foreign Legion neither because I wouldn’t want to fight or even die for the interests of American Jews. However, I recommend the church the most, although I suspect that in many places in France I would be the only person during a mass beside the priest. All of that is very sad……very sad.

Martin Malik: In my opinion Napoleon Bonaparte used Poles and treated them as a cannon fodder. He promised independence to Poland if the French Empire defeated Russia. Would he really have done that if he hadn’t been stopped by the Russian winter? Maybe I am wrong about his attitude towards Poles? Could you name at least one or two French names that without any doubts you could call a friend of Poland and Poles?

Antoine Ratnik: Polish soldiers had undoubtedly much better lives in the Napoleonic army than in the armies of the invading countries. At least they were not beaten in the French army. I also have no idea what a new Europe would look after Napoleon’s victory but I have no doubt there would be room for some Polish country. There was also a place for Poland after the Congress of Vienna and the Kingdom of Poland under the Romanov scepter would have very serious chances of reuniting with Lithuania, or at least with part of it. You have traces and if even reflection all of that in the dispute between Mickiewicz and Słowacki, whom Mickiewicz did not like because of his stepfather’s attitude during the Filaret process. The whole thing was reflected in the “Dziady”. Hopes for unification of Lithuania and the Kingdom were very real. Otherwise the fate of Poland would be different. It is Napoleon’s omission that, until 1863, until the end of January, there was a chance to achieve the independence. But if the Polish issue in Europe ever stood and lasted until 1989, it was thanks to Napoleon.

Poland has many friends in France but France doesn’t have any friends in Poland. I could list many names, such as for example the whole editorial office of the daily Présent, the Institut Civitas, or Mr Bissaut de Chassey who interviewed me once and who even wanted to publish a book in France which was written in Poland, but it didn’t happen because of the language barrier.

Martin Malik: On this topic, in my opinion you drew some facts from the historical context in favour of Napoleon. When Napoleon came to power and carried out the Anti-French Revolution, let us remember that the king deserved such fate because he led France to bankruptcy by supporting America against the British. In the context of France one evil ruler was replaced by another evil ruler, especially because Napoleon himself broke certain manifestos of his own revolution after coming to power. What’s more, today French children are proud of Napoleon and speak with pride about “the French Republic”. In my opinion however it is no longer a “republic” and it is not even “French” anymore.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Naive Poles became victims of their own propaganda, believing that Napoleon was their friend.

Please forgive me but it is hard for me to call Napoleon a “friend of Poles”. Napoleon allowed the formation of the Polish Legions in Italy in 1797 because he wanted to use the fighting strength of Poles against Napoleon’s enemies inside Europe and eventually against Russia. Napoleon’s cult as a “friend of Poles” was created not by the French but by the Poles themselves. After the fall of the November Uprising the political emigration in France was desperate for an ally and that’s why they decided to emphasize Napoleon’s achievement in favor of the Poles, but it was only a diplomatic trick aimed to force France to fight for the independent Poland. For that reason Napoleon became a symbol of the suffering nation that has lost because it was betrayed just like the brave Polish nation. Over the years and over the centuries Poles were tricked with their own propaganda.

Poles were massacred in large numbers for Napoleon’s interests in Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, France and even in the Caribbean. I agree that Napoleon created the Duchy of Warsaw but he didn’t do it for Poles but for himself. He had cheap labour and soldiers supplying the French army, he made upset the invading countries at the expense of the Poles and then he sold property to Polish people which had been stolen from them by the Prussians. Ass a result of that it led the Duchy of Warsaw to bankruptcy. Besides, the Polish hospitality was very convenient for Napoleon and his army on their way to Russia, but there is no historical evidence that Napoleon truly liked Poland and Poles.

If Napoleon really loved someone it might have been Maria Walewska with whom he had an affair, but that was all. All the rest was just business and the forcibly idealized myth about the emperor of France, who in the naive opinion of Poles guided himself with sentiments – and the symbol of the Polish stupidity today are the monuments of Napoleon in Poland. In my opinion it was the Poles who were friends of Napoleon because when the Duchy of Warsaw was taken over by the Russians in 1813, the heroic but very naive Poles still stood by their emperor. More than 100 years later the Polish naivety was viciously used by Churchill. Shall we build him a monument too?

Marcin Malik: What is your opinion about the French leader Charles de Gaulle in terms of politics towards France and Poland? During his official visit to Poland in 1967 crowds of Poles cheered him, but was it not a circus which once again showed Polish naivety based on empty hopes? How do you judge the defeat of the French troops in Algeria and the fact that de Gaulle gave independence to Algeria and then to other colonies? Did France as a colonial country not sentence itself to the Arab nightmare of today and wasn’t France too soft?

Antoine Ratnik: After 1945 the power of France was already pure fiction and de Gaulle knew it well. It was him who finished off his own country and it was him who threw the former French Empire for the final kill to Soviets and Americans. He betrayed the people and the army in Algeria and after 1962 he began a completely meaningless, irrelevant politics of reconciliation with Germany, a country that was already an American colony and which was occupied by the occupation troops. Therefore de Gaulle could afford empty gestures. He was a perfect comedian. Of course, on the Polish side it was naive. De Gaulle was a butcher of real France and a man who conflicted French people with each other and established personal tyranny which would not allow any opposition … ..

I will quote only the final passage of the speech of Colonel Bastien-Thiry:

“ (…) On behalf of his (de Gaulle – AR.) victims, on behalf of our fellow citizens and our children we took this opportunity and used that man for our right to self defense. That man has blood of French people on his hands and he is a shame to France. It is not good, neither moral nor legal for that man to continue the supreme authority over the state. Morality, law, and human reason all condemn him. The truth about what has happened, we said to ourselves and to many others, will always burden him wherever he goes and whatever he does, and one day the man will pay for his crimes. If not before men then before God.

 People who today exercise real power in the state can sentence us – they really have that possibility. But they have no right to it.

Millions of men and women who have suffered from the abominable and utterly degrading of the de Gaulle’s politcs are now with us in this courtroom and testify that we have only done our duty to the French.

In view of our history, our compatriots and our children, we say we are innocent, for what we have done is merely an introduction of the great and eternal law of solidarity between people. “

Here Antoine Ratnik talks about Polish books about Colonel Basten-Thiry, about his translation of speech made by Colonel Basten-Thiry from French into Polish and with a foreword of prof. Bartyzel, however those information are irrelevant to non-Polish speakers. There are also publications about the declaration made by Colonel Basten-Thiry in English. The French website is

At the end of our conversation I would like to say a few more things. Perhaps you were expecting some brilliant answers, something unusual and very elaborate, similar to what you presented to our Readers in our previous conversation. On one hand I didn’t do it because I have a completely different personality than you (and I’m in different age), and on the other hand because my opinion about the current System and everything what preceded it is so negative that I don’t want to go in depth of it.

The current times is fiction. The current system only navigates inside the promise of different pleasures. The vast majority of people live in a system of vulgar pleasures; whilst conscious Catholics navigate between honest and honourable pleasures. But this is the same fiction, the same hedonistic practice. Living in a false reality, from one pleasure to another. With one friend with whom I have maintained lively correspondence for many years, we have been wondering for some time when we would be hit by a great famine.

The catastrophe would be spectacular – after all supermarkets have reserves only for 36 hours. Can you imagine a dozen million corpses in the streets and the epidemic that would follow? There is no point to get exited with various problems that seemed so important to us a few years ago. Who knows, maybe this is our last publication on the internet? What is the guarantee that there will be no war or plague tomorrow and that food supplies to cities would not break down within three days? How many people with higher education would die then … how many psychologists and even sociologists …..


Bishops Jean-Michel Faure and Richard Williamson. Worthy and faithful successors of the Apostles. Clerics on whom we can rely.

Therefore I had to ask someone to remember anything from what I said in this conversation, I would just ask just for one thing. You should get rid of all the credit cards you have in your possession, stop using the internet too often, learn a particular profession (for example: baker, potter, carpenter, tanner, bricklayer, carpenter or blacksmith) and spend at least an hour each morning on reading and meditating on the classic authors of the Church; for example St. Bernard of Clairveaux, St. Catherine of Siena, St. John Chrysostom, St. Gregory the Great or St. Agustus and in your prayers ask the Lord Jesus for a quick return to Earth in order to make the Last Judgment and to end the “experiment of humanity”, which cost the Savior – humanly speaking – a lot of sorrow and blood and and finally death in horrible circumstances, and it brought Him more tears than joy.

There are still several spiritual and intellectual authorities in France and that’s what I like about it. In Poland there is no one anymore, and that’s why one has to cope by himself using tried and tested means, mainly by reading the tried-and-true authors like the ones I mentioned above but mainly St. Gregory the Great, whose sermons speak to the modern mind. The reality that surrounds us is no longer a source of certainty and that’s why we have to make that certainty again by contacting the Eternal Truths.

Martin Malik: I’m not surprised that you have a very pessimistic attitude to life and that your words show a lack of faith in the return of proper order. I agree that people are looking for pleasures, sometimes vulgar and sometimes not, because those tragic victims of the extreme left regime feel so weakened by the propaganda sewage of pseudo- values and anti-human rights that the only things they have is satisfying their simple needs. Most people would not even want to talk about the topics we are discussing now because the truth would destroy even further their false sense of security. That’s why today millions of people are more likely to give up and accept life on the pile of anti-moral trash. I also think that what you said was brilliant because it is a great message to millions of blind people. I hope that after reading your speech they might be able to see again.


As for de Gaulle I agree with you completely but I also want to add that traitors such as him Poland and England have had and still have today.

Thank you very much for the conversation.

With Antoine Ratnik ( talk Martin Malik (

If there is one thing under which we can both put our signature, it is a wish for European nations to finally open their eyes and be aware of the genocidal reality that surrounds us.

Martin Malik



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