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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

===============================================  “Religion, like alcohol, should only be for wise people”

Martin Malik

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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Rape of Sweden


Sweden was once a homogeneous, safe country for white families. However, at one point, the Swedish government secretly made the decision to replace the white country with a multiracial and a multicultural one. In this article, I describe the consequences of that devastating and shameful decision, made in secret behind the Swedes’ backs. Let’s take a look at Sweden’s cultural enrichment.



When I was still a boy, in the 80s and the 90s I saw Sweden as a very peaceful, safe and a clean country which stood at a very good economic level. In those times, when Poland was still locked behind the Iron Curtain many Poles would have gladly gone to Sweden to work and live. When I was a boy Sweden looked to me as the rich version of Poland on the other side of the Baltic Sea but today the situation has changed so dramatically that I see Poland as a better version of Sweden. Even 20 years ago Sweden was so safe that there wasn’t even need to shut the front door and each one of the darkest streets was safe at any time of day or night. There were no arsons, brutal murders or rapes, there weren’t any wild people in the streets nor criminal ghettos. In those times Sweden was a prosperous, safe haven for White families.

Multiculturalism in Sweden is rape, terrorism and degeneration.

Multiculturalism in Sweden is rape, terrorism and degeneration.

In my article, first I’m going to present the invasive Muslim immigration to Sweden and who is responsible for the great harm caused to the Swedish people. Then I’m going to describe the specific rape and subsequent murder attaching photos from that case; and unfortunately they are so shocking and so brutal that after reading my article White women would seriously rethink travelling to Sweden on their own.

„I’m really happy to work in Malmö because it feels like Iraq or any other Arab country”.


Immigrant from Iraq

Currently Sweden has become a tragic multi – “cultural” experiment and the laboratory of Scandinavian destruction and its native inhabitants. The far Left socialist party which is now in power is trying to create a “perfect” (in its own view) society based on an open out war against their own people. Because of uncontrolled immigration from war torn and lawless Muslim and African countries many Swedes do not feel that Sweden is still their country. Immigration from countries such as: Somalia, Eritrea, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the whole of the Middle East in numbers higher than 100.000 a year and in conjunction with the ultra-liberal welfare state has led to creation of Muslim crime ghettoes which are closed even to police. Currently in Sweden 55 Muslim gangs control 186 territories which are outside of the Swedish law. This nightmare has led to a situation where White people realize that visiting those areas may result in their deaths. Muslims however admit very honestly that police has nothing to look for in “their areas” because „those neighbourhoods belong to them”. The Muslim crime ghettoes in Sweden are so rough that police and medical services are simply afraid to go there but from time to time fire brigades have no choice.

“Perfect” societies have been created already by Lenin and Stalin and now also by the Kim clan in North Korea …………….. and quite seriously Sweden is on the same way too. In order to maintain The Laboratory of Swedish Doom the two socialist parties beat Swedish people with a whip of „racism” and they do it to such an extent, that not only the criticism of immigration and Islam are a subject to arrests and media-defamation but even a mere discussion of this problem. Anyone who dares to openly criticize or even discuss the issue of Islam or immigration into Sweden has no chance to find a job or lead a normal life, and if such person is exposed by the red media then the newspapers usually publish his photograph and label him “racist” or “fascist”. From that moment onwards a person like that has to be very careful. Swedish socialists created a system based on Stalinist methods what means that people even make reports to the regime when they hear a “racist comment” or when they see a right-wing newspaper in front of someone’s house with articles about Muslim immigration and Muslim crime. The constantly growing Muslim population has even led to a tragic reality that Sweden has become the European capital of rape which is growing in direct proportion to the number of Muslims. Negroes beat Swedes in the streets, in schools, on buses and rail stations and after setting cars on fire they always gather around and record videos on their mobile phones, which were by the way funded by the Swedish taxpayers. The Swedish multi-culti bonanza is still going on and one thing is certain – Swedish people are very patient.

Meanwhile the Swedish Government decided to remove from the Parliament a baroque painting of a woman with bare breasts to not to offend the feelings of Muslims and feminists. The painting created by the Swedish author Georg Engelhard Schröder called “Juno” hung in the Swedish Parliament for 30 years and it was a well known masterpiece of the Swedish culture. Unfortunately in Sweden only the feelings of the enemies of the White civilization are taken into account but not the feelings of Swedish people. Political correctness has gone mad in Sweden, it is out of control.

„This place is more dangerous than Mogadishu. You cannot tell the truth here. The truth is kept secret and the people are silenced”.


Amun Abdullahi – a Somali journalist of the Sveriges Radio International who returned to Somalia after she was attacked physically and mentally for telling the truth about the horror of the politically correct media in Sweden. Among other things she testified that the head of the youth centre in a town of Rinkeby recruited young Muslims to the Islamic Somali terrorist organization al-Shabab.

Linda, lat 18, brutalnie zgwałcona przez społeczeństwo multi - „kulturowe”. Według badań w którymś etapie swojego życia zgwałconych lub napastowanych seksulanie będzie 23% wszystkich Szwedek i będą to gwałty popełniane przez muzułmanów. Czy Szwedzi nadal chcą być „wzbogacani kulturowo” ???

Linda, 18, brutally raped by the multi – “cultural” society. According to the research 23% of all Swedish women will be raped and sexually assualted at a certain stage of their lives and those crimes will be committed by Muslims. Do Swedes still want to be “culturally enriched”???

However, the most surprising is the attitude of Swedish people who don’t even feel at home anymore and who are regularly terrorized and raped by Muslims. All the years of brainwashing with an extreme Left propaganda propped up by the regime based on fear has led to a state in which most Swedes do not have a problem in being the people of the last category in their own country and they don’t mind paying huge benefits to their oppressors and enemies. Luckily there is also a patriotic party called the Swedish Democrats which talks openly about the dangers of Islam and the tragic future of Sweden, that it is on the way to become a Third World country. The patriotic party’s support has doubled only to 13% and to 50 seats in the Parliment. This result means that the enemies of the Western civilization and Swedish people who are simply fooled by the left-wing propaganda come out to the streets en mass to fight “racism”. Muslims flood to the streets and scream that „There Will Be Blood” and they can do whatever they want (because they actually can) and stupid Swedes come out with banners that they are proud of their 87%. Unbelievable.

Unbelievable that a nation seemingly so enlightened and advanced in every sphere of life accepts in its country such poisonous primitive and signs the death sentence on itself !!!

Trojan horse at its own request

The natural virtue of every nation is a sense of nationalism although people do not even realize it. The blessing of nationalism or patriotism is manifested in attachment to the nation’s land, to its culture, national values, morals, to its flag, the national anthem and a natural attachment to the people from the same ethnic background. Even though in Europe for example Poles and Germans are not necessarily great friends than during my far away travels it became clear to me that regardless of the origin, for example in India or Iran White people become a family to each other and they always stick together. I therefore wonder that if the horror of multi – “culti ‘ led to such a situation in Europe than perhaps Sweden as the experimental pig of Europe would find itself first in such a tragic reality? What if the extreme Left government through immigration of the elements hostile to the native Swedish population and skillful fear propaganda led to such madness that Swedish people would not be aware of who they are and they would feel completely helpless?

„Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society”



Currently the population of Sweden is about 9.6m of which the population of Muslims who officially live in Sweden is about half a million, what approximately represents 5% of the total population. What is interesting however is the fact that according to American calculations there are 500.000 Muslims in Sweden and according to the Swedish data there are “only” 350.000 Muslims. The Muslim population and the naive open door policy are causing the Muslim population in Sweden to grow day by day and although many Swedes have let the government to sentence them to live in fear, on the other hand only the questioning of the Muslim invasion is associated with experiencing the very dark side of the Swedish “democracy”. Before the year 2000 Sweden was infested with about 280,000 Muslims but in 2015 this number grew to 500,000 and according to some calculations it may be even tens of thousands more. This means that the open door policy and a greater fertility of Muslims has doubled the Muslim population in Sweden, and as a result of this in many towns and districts of large cities Swedes do not feel as if they still lived in Sweden. What’s more, native blonde women dye their hair black and walk in groups because they fear for their health and their lives but still the Socialist Scum Party does not fight Muslims because of “racism”. Organizations such as Eurostat, the UN and World Religion Database predict that if nothing changes then by 2030 the Muslim population in Sweden will reach about 1 million and 10% of the total population.

I think that’s what makes many Swedes jelaous of immigrant groups. You have culture, an identity, a history, something that brings you together. And what do we have? We have Midsummer’s Eve and such silly things”.


Mona Sahlin – the former leader of the Swedish Socialist Democratic Party which keeps on proving that moving Africa and the Middle East to Sweden is possible.

After living in such a vile reality any sane person would vote for the anti-immigrant party but tolerant and opened Swedes still have not had enough Islamization, rape and hundreds of thousands of parasites living at the expense of the state. The Swedish Government which stinks with Marxism, apart from asylum has also a family reunification programe which only in the years 2004-2011 took 250,000 illiterate parasites from Somalia who can only take benefits, steal, rape and shout: “racism” and “discrimination”. An article published by the Swedish Parliament contains a clear message that thousands of Somalis wait in Somalia for a flight to Sweden, even though none of them has the money for a ticket nor living expenses. What is even more interesting is the information that just in 2009 only 16% of Somali refugees had passports. This means that none really knows where they truly come from, what organizations they belong to and no-one can predict their true plans towards Sweden. We know however that according to the very politically correct police 100% of rapes on Swedish women are committed “by men of non-European features.” The family reunification bonanza which is an utopian nonsense in itself is not cheap too because the regular shifting of Somalia and Arabistan to Sweden only in 2013 cost Sweden $341 million. Then the government gives them housing, benefits and human rights which Muslims could not even dream of at home. The family reunification programme only in 2012-2013 benefited 112,500 Muslims, mainly from Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan and Syria. Immigrants of this type do not work for the first few years or do not work at all, especially that Muslim women get pregnant very quickly.

One of the 186 Muslim territories which are out of the Swedish law is a ghetto of the City of Malmö called Rosengaard. There power in Rosengaard is in the hands of local imams and that’s why there are regular demonstrations there against Jews and Swedes and unemployment stands at 70%. The city of Malmö by the way is already 25% Muslim. There is no food in Malmö which would include pork and one of the most popular names are no longer Lars or Anders but Mohamed and Ali. In the beginning I simply could not believe it but in Malmö there is even a Jihad driving school and a local politician Adly Abu Hajar declared that “Sweden is the best Islamic republic”. To Rosengaard ambulances and employees whose job is to clean burned cars enter only when protected by armed police which is quite helpless anyway. Even when Jews in Malmö organized a pro-Israeli demonstration Muslims were throwing stones at a 90-year-old man who survived the Holocaust. Jews thought that the police would beat them up and arrest them and all demonstrators standing in front of Muslims were waiting for the reaction of the police but when they didn’t see any they finally asked the police why they did nothing. The policeman only replied that “according to the Swedish constitution Muslims had such right”. However the Swedish constitution does not give the right to criticize Muslims as those who insulted them were removed from the demonstration.

Horror associated with Islam and Muslims becomes a never-ending story and a symbol of helplessness, stupidity and apathy of Swedish people.

Islam in a human is as dangerous as rabies in a dog”.


Winston Churchill

Let’s be honest with ourselves and realize that the Swedish justice is a justice of double standards created to benefit the evident enemies of the Western civilization. We should also admit that Sweden has not been conquered and raped from the outside but from the inside. It is therefore rape, crime and the regime on demand of the Swedish people. Swedish people are so brainwashed by the leftist propaganda that many people start voting for the Swedish Democrats only when rape or beating happens to someone from their closest family or to themselves. Swedes are very peaceful and welcoming while Muslims walk in groups, they never step aside and their demonstrations are always a combination of hate speech with violence and setting cars on fire. Swedes do not realize that in Swedish streets Muslims are creating an army of murderers and rapists who consists of enemies of Sweden. Another tragic fact is the one that most Swedes are so politically correct that they would rather die of hunger than defend their country and their women just to not to be accused of “racism”. Unfortunately for now the wild hordes of sub-human creatures are recruited en masse by Jews to the once very safe White homelands.

Rape in Sweden

Another sad fact is that rape and pedophilia are integral components of the “religion of peace” and if prophet Muhammad himself gave such example and if his pedophile activities are documented in the Quran, then Muslims are given a green light to rape at will. Purely because of a Negro and Muslim immigration currently Sweden has officially become the European capital of rape, still behind countries such as South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana and Swaziland. The situation is so dramatic that it has been calculated that at some point in their lives as many as 23% of women in Sweden will be raped or sexually assaulted, including 12 and 15-year-old girls.

“Mohammed would take a bath with a little girl and fondle her”.


Bukhari 6:298

In 1975 the Swedish Parliament decided to secretly change the homogeneous Sweden into a multi-cultural one what has proved to be a tragic experiment. Since then violent crimes have increased by 300% and rape by 1472%. In 1975 the population of Sweden was approximately 8.2mln and in 2014 because of immigration mainly from countries such as Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan it reached already 9.7mln, what means a population increase of over 18%. Apart from that the population growth stands at about 1.9 for Swedish women and over 2.4 for Muslim women. Interestingly the second generation of Muslims is counted as “Swedes” and White women do not always give birth to White children. The Swedish Marxists naively believed that assimilation was possible but today rape has become so notorious that in fear of revolution media have no right to provide the origin of the rapist and sometimes they even call them “Swedish”. Anyone who tries to tell the truth is furiously attacked by the socialist regime of Sweden. Sweden has about 66 rapes per 100,000 population and about 90% is not even reported to the police. In 1996 the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention issued a report in which it stated that men from North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia) commit rape 23 times more likely than native Swedes. Throughout Sweden there are also Somali gangs which rape young Swedish women and force them into prostitution.

Only in the first seven months of 2013 Muslims raped 1000 women of which 300 were under the age of 15.

In contrast the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (BRA) which has become a hostage in the hands of the lethal extreme left-wing Swedish government has banned to use the words “Muslim” and “rape” in the same sentence. According to police because of the stigma associated with sumbitting rape reports the true figures may be higher by about 400-900%.

However, when Michael Hess, a politician from the Swedish Democratic party openly said that rape and brutality are deeply rooted in Islam and that plague of rape in Sweden is caused by Muslims the court sentenced him to a fine and a suspended jail sentence. The Marxist court of Sweden decided on a staged trial that Mr. Hess is prejudiced towards people of Muslim religion. Even criticism of Islam, criticism of Muslims and saying that Muslims rape in Sweden are all punishable by the Swedish law. Even rape victims can’t say that they had been raped by Negroes or Arabs because they would be also accused of „racism” ……………….. I am writing very seriously.

“After the war women were taken as slaves by the people of Muhammad and their fathers and husbands were killed. Then the women were raped and made pregnant with the permission of Muhammad without any signs of sympathy for his “war booties”. “Shall we finish outside or inside the female slaves” – asked the soldiers. Muhammad replied: “if they become pregnant let it be. Such is the will of Allah “.


Bukhari (62: 137)

Cases of rape in Sweden are so frequent and so violent that it is a never ending subject and that’s why in this part of my article I want to mention only a few. According to the survey 82% of women in Sweden are afraid to go out after dark although in Sweden Somali gangs rape in groups even in a broad daylight. What’s more, this plague is so notorious that rape has become a part of the Swedish “culture”, if it can be called that way. Meantime police defines Muslims as Swedish what is a pathetic mockery of all the violent crimes and a disrespect towards the victims. Police and the media in Sweden have became political hostages in the hands of the Socialist Party and they simply ignore the truth about the relationship of Islam with violence and other crimes. Two cases were especially brutal; one where a young woman was raped and beaten up by a pack of niggers almost to death, and the second one when a young girl was raped in a public bath by two „Moslems”. But the strangest thing is that there were about 30 people in that bath and nobody did anything. Where are the Swedish men and can we still call them men? Another Muslim slashed eight Swedish women in several different pubs and raped one more because as he said he hated Swedish women. In neighbouring Denmark a mullah said that those women who do not cover their heads are “whores” and therefore raping them is compatible with Islam because Muhammad also raped women from the conquered countries as his war booty. All other Muslims think the same. When journalists asked Muslims on the streets of Sweden if raping Swedish women should be allowed to them, they always replied yes because according to them they were all “whores” anyway. They only have Swedish women to rape them or to release some energy on them for a while and then they marry an Arabic virgin. Muslims can only see the problem when an Arab woman gets raped because “they have morality and for them it is a heavy blow” and “Swedish women whore themselves all the time anyway so for them it is not a problem, they do not deserve respect and are fucked to pieces “. According to Muslims raping Swedish women is compatible with Koran because „Swedes are infidels and that’s why they do not deserve respect and their women are not theirs, the same as Sweden. Their women are seen as the Muslim war booty taken away from the infidels”.

“Allah granted Rayhana of the (Jewish) Qurayza to Muhammad as booty” (but only when she was forced to watch how her father and brother were beheaded, the mother was taken away to be raped and sisters were sold as slaves).


Tabari IX:137 (Muhammad considered the women that he captured and enslaved to be God’s gift to him).

A very interesting and extremely shocking at the same time was the case of gang rape on a woman who worked in a refugee house and who sincerely loved immigrants and took care of men from Africa and the Middle East. She was gang raped by seven Afghans to whom the Swedish woman was only an “infidel”. She was being raped so brutally a whole night that she managed to call the police in the morning. The court sentenced them from 4.5 to 6.5 years of imprisonment although in Sweden prisoners usually stay 1/3 of the time behind bars. This means that rather sooner than later the same „Moslems” will come out and continue to rape “the infidel women.” My readers probably think that it’s over but unfortunately it’s not because the Muslim rapist’s best friend is noone else but the Swedish court which is officially very compassionate towards immigrants, but unfortunately not even towards teenage rape victims of a school age. For example the court in Sweden sympathized with Somali and Arabic rapists to such an extent that they were acquitted in a few cases when young girls were raped by 6, 7 and 8 of them.

I predict that soon the law in Sweden will be the same as the law in the Arab countries where women are „guilty of rape”.

Cześć. Znacie mnie? Jestem Elsa ze Szwecji. Mam 12 lat i zostałam brutalnie zgwałcona przez 3 murzynów i 3 Arabów. Nienawidzę ich i chcę aby umarli ale sąd w Szwecji ich kocha. Trzech z nich dostało 30h pracy społecznej, dwóch wyrok w zawieszeniu a jeden został uniewinniony. Witajcie w Szwecji!

Hi. Do you know me? I am Elsa from Sweden. I am 12 years old and I was brutally raped by three Negroes and three Arabs. I hate them and I want them dead but the court in Sweden loves them. Three of them got 30 hours of community service, the other one a suspended sentence and the other two were acquitted. Welcome to Sweden!

Lawyer Ann Christine Hjelm conducted an investigation about violent crimes in the Supreme Court and risked her life and persecution from the cultural Marxists but still managed to publish a report that 85% of convicted rapists were born abroad or they were born in Sweden to foreigner parents (meaning: Muslims). Officially however, the media report that rapes are always committed by Swedes to not to offend immigrants and to not be framed into “racism”.

“And those of your wives who no longer expect menstruation – if in doubt – let them wait three months; similarly those who not yet menstruated. And for those who are pregnant let them wait until they deposit their burden. And whoever fears Allah – He will make for him of his matter ease.”


Qur’an (65: 4) (In Islam rape, marriage and divorce from sexually immature children is legal).

Meanwhile a group of Swedish students have invented a special belt that can be opened only with both hands and which gives control to the wearer and not someone who would try to remove it by force. The belt is similar to a chastity belt and it is designed to deter violators. The students intend to make a golden business out of it.

A deceitful Jew

Every single time I investigate the White genocide agenda and destruction of the European culture and Christianity, every single time some disgusting, stinking Jew appears in the surface. In Sweden however the situation is so extremely bad that Jews do not even try to pretend anymore that they stand behind destruction of the White civilization, even though in many parts of Sweden common Jewish people are afraid to walk the streets in fear of Muslims. A good example of that is Barbara Spectre, a Jewess who with the help of the Swedish government and the money funded by Swedish taxpayers has set up a Jewish educational institute named PAIDEIA. Barbara says that the so-called “anti-Semitism” in Sweden will pass and Jews will have a very important leading role to play in a country of such vast changes as Sweden. Her school is visited by hundreds and thousands of very naive Swedes who learn to love Jews, even though they don’t even know why, and they learn how to accept the Swedish genocide agenda. The whole circus is of course hidden behind nice words and the never-ending financial support from the left-wing party in power gives the enemies of Sweden such as Barbara Spectre endless possibilities. The PAIDEIA organization is therefore yet another propaganda machine designed to brainwash Swedes with an ultra-leftist propaganda and change their way of thinking into a Jewish one, in the transforming Swedish Caliphate.

On the home page of that organization appear words that don’t need any firther explaination:

Paideia is dedicated to the revival of Jewish culture in Europe, Paideia educates leaders for Europe – academicians, artists and community activists – towards fluency in the Jewish textual sources that have served as the wellsprings of Jewish civilization. Paideia is reviving a European Jewish voice long silenced by Communism and post-Holocaust trauma – a voice that can contribute to a culturally rich and pluralistic Europe”.

The words “culturally rich Europe” mean the Muslim invasion, Muslim getthoes and Swedes as the future minority in their own country. The words “PAIDEIA educates leaders for Europe – academicians, artists and community activists” mean that the organization builds brainwashed with Zionism brainless puppets who would be endlessly obedient to Jews.

However the most interesting and the most direct quote made by Barbara Spectre refers to the Jewish absolute control over Europe in which she admitted the fact that Jews are responsible for the ethnic cleansing of the White man’s civilization:

Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive”.


Barbara Lerner Spectre, IBA-News, 2010.

Interesting – Europe will not survive without all the lazy, illiterate and criminal Negroes and Muslims? Does she think that we are complete fools ???

Barbara Spectre is a hardline supporter of Zionism and the occupation of Palestinian lands by Zionist Israel. In Sweden she promotes cultural Marxism (multi-cultural diversity) in order to destroy Europeans on their own lands.

Gdyby żyd mógł zobaczyć swoją duszę w lustrze.

If a Jew could only see his soul in a mirror.

However, three years before making the above comment Barbara Spectre allowed herself to release her evil tongue in a more honest way and that’s why she explained straight from her heart why Jews want to destroy the White civilization:

We need a Jewish community in Europe. Israel needs a Jewish community in Europe. Israel cannot exist, both economically and politically, without Europe. They are necessary advocates for Jewish issues”.


Barbara Lerner Spectre, Jewish Peoplehood and Identity, 2007

On the other hand it is very interesting that the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu openly proclaims the creation of Israel only for Jews, at the same time pushing Negroes and Muslims to Europe under the false banner of “assimilation”. After observing the past few decades in Europe, North America and Australia it is clear to me that White people are the only ones who need diversity and assimilation, and also the only ones who are “racist” if they want to remain White. The rest of the world does not need any of the Marxist utopia.

Jews are the masters of deceit and hypocrisy and a global mafia enriching themselves on destroying other nations; through usury, deception, “divide and rule agenda” and the massive demoralization and atheisation of Christian societies. Lord, save us from Jews.

The case of Elin Krantz

Elin Krantz was a 27 year old leftist fanatic who openly supported the Negro and Muslim invasion on Sweden and she was a deadly opponent of the patriotic party called the Swedish Democrats. This young, native Swedish woman was a pretty blonde and a Facebook fan of a group called “We like diversity” – and by now it is already obvious that she made a huge mistake. Her ultra-leftist, extremely liberal nature led her to an opinion that Sweden shouldn’t have borders at all and the vile race mixing ideology became her obsession which she openly promoted.

That young, emotionally lost woman also enjoyed the video titled “Mix it up” which is a brutal race mixing propaganda funded by Jews living in Sweden. Its main message was the call for inter-racial sex. It is an evasive, slimy, worthless and extremely demoralizing clip showing obese Negroe women and a blonde mocking sex on top of a Negro whilst singing the Swedish national anthem. Shortly speaking – Sodom and Gomorrah.

Unfortunately Elin’s fate was already decided. On one evening Elin was on a train with a Negroe from Ethiopia who first got off at the same station and then followed her throught the night. His name was Ephrem Tadel Yohaness who after serving his sentence in the United States asked for asylum in Sweden on the grounds of ” racial persecution in the United States”. The Government of Sweden of course welcomed him with open arms and gave him a free acommodation and the lifetime benefits. That Negroid who was unemployed throughout his stay in Sweden and earlier also in the US followed Elin under the cover of the night. According to the eyewitness he tried to make contact with the girl but because she was not interested he attacked her, then he brutally raped her and then he killed her. To make sure that Elin was no longer alive he pick up an 83.6 kg rock, he crashed her head with it and then he threw her naked body into the bushes and walked away as if nothing happened. Elin clearly didn’t realize how changed Sweden had been by people like herself and she was destined to pay the highest price for it. When Swedish men leave nightclubs they go home quietly but Negroes and Muslims go out to rape and murder. After the incident the media in Sweden did not publish any information about the origin of the perpetrator but because of the patriots and the internet we know who he really was.

As a result the Negroid was sentenced to 16 years in prison, although first of all it will never return the Swedish woman’s life and secondly for similar crimes in Sweden murderers generally serve 1/3 of the time.

Elin Krantz - Skrajnie lewicowa działaczka popierająca inwazję murzynów i muzułmanów do Szwecji.....brutalnie zgwałcona i zamordowana przez murzyna!!!

Elin Krantz – the extreme Left activist and a hardline supporter of the Negro and Muslim invasion on Sweden ….. brutally raped and murdered by a Negroe!!!

In addition to the huge tragedy and unimaginable bestiality of this case I’m also wondering about a few things:

– in the last moments of life did Elin realize her great mistake in promoting the coloured immigration to Sweden? When she gave her last breath did she become a nationalist of healthy right-wing views? After being brutally raped by a Negroe did she realize how dramatic for many women in Sweden is the invasion of those under-humans or perhaps she was trying to explain herself that it was not his fault because he was a “victim of the White man’s racism”? If Elin had predicted her tragic fate would she become a patriot promoting a homogeneous Sweden or perhaps in spite of everything she would keep on drowning in her leftist swamp?

We will never find out any of that but let the case of Elin Krantz be a warning to all White women and each one of them individually.

– if the Socialist government of Sweden had forseen that murder would they still have let the Negro rapist and murderer into their country? I’m sure they would have because in Sweden the highest sub-value is the extremely leftist utopia and the one who disagrees with it is a “racist”.


The utopian construction of a “perfect” society in Sweden through “the cultural enrichment” has no end. I can see only two ways out from this situation. The first option is that Swedes might have enough rape on their own nation and might overthrow the Marxists, deport the entire Third World, ban Islam and return to the Christian values. Then Sweden would transform into a nationalist state, where the nation and its native people are considered to be of the highest importance. However, if Swedes do not wake up from the politically correct lethargy and if they don’t begin to fight for their country then Muslims would achieve mastery over Sweden. All Swedish women would be forced to convert to Islam and they would forced to give birth to Muslim children, and Swedish people, their culture, language, their flag and their entire history would be erased from our memory by the individuals of inferior cultural level. I also want to stress that Sweden has not been conquered from the outside but from the inside and it is now paying a huge price for its weakness. So it is therefore not the fault of Muslims but the fault of Swedes that they allow their enemies to murder and rape them in their own streets. It is important to know that slam is just a tool that globalists use in a very clever way and they will also very brutally remove it when necessary. Besides, Muslims and Negroes are excellent in their roles because considering their crimes no-one would ever cry after them.

Izraelskie Ministerstwo Spraw Zagranicznych potwierdziło, że eksportuje nielegalnych afrykańskich imigrantów do Szwecji płacąc każdemu $3500, pod warunkiem że nie wrócą do Izraela. Dlaczego nie eksportują ich spowrotem do Afryki???

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that it exports the illegal African immigrants to Sweden, paying each one of them $ 3500, provided that they would never return to Israel. Why don’t they export them back to Africa ???

Although I primarily blame Swedes for such a tragic turn of events in my point of view Islam is not the only problem, despite the fact that Muslims are the most visible to the public. Another problem is the extreme liberalism and replacement of Christian traditions with foolish and hostile to Sweden pseudo-values. Officially about 70% of Swedes belong to the Church of Sweden which because of political correctness lost the status of the national church in 2000. However after a detailed research it turned out that only 5% of Swedes go regularly to the church, only 13% consider themselves religious, 3% believe that Bible is the word of God and 12% have had a “religious experience” in the lives. It is therefore no-one else but Swedes themselves who have exchanged God for alcohol and political correctness and the values given in the Bible for the pervert parades. To the Socialists religion is just “opium for the Swedish masses” anyway even though they fiercely promote Islam and give Muslims the status of inviolability. The stupid Swedish nation even sympathizes with Islam. Women willingly go to beds of Arabs and Negroes because they can see that Muslims are like an army and they see that they are strong and at the same time they have money, even though they don’t have to work. According to the opinion of Muslims they are just prostitutes, to put it mildly, but Swedish women don’t mind that opinion. When a White woman is killed or raped all media are silent about it but when a Muslim woman was once killed, then in the name of solidarity with Muslims Swedish women posed to photos in hijabs. In Sweden there are about 5,000 native Swedes who converted to Islam and 70% of them are women because those are unfortunately the most lost and naive. Just for comparison, in the UK this figure has already passed 100,000 and I wonder what percentage of those women is able to understand what Islam is truly about and if they understand that to Muslims they are just naive prostitutes or a better version of a goat.

For the last section of my article I prepared an absolute hit and I’m not sure if a rock bottom of such kind would take place even in the utterly brainwashed Netherlands or England. Well, the English-language newspaper in Sweden named The Local published an article that the ultra liberal left Sweden allowed a convicted paedophile to adopt a child. According to the presented evidence the man was previously sentenced for molestation of a 5-year-old girl and was also suspected of molesting a young teenage girl and now he regularly talks to teenagers via the Internet. In addition to all of that he was also guilty of 90 other crimes. The Municipality Committee of Social Affairs (Socialnämnd) without giving any explanation stated that the man did not pose any threat to children and therefore allowed him to adopt.

As we can see Sweden has a much bigger problem than just Islam because in Sweden everyone is innocent. In Sweden the only law and the only religion is the utopian ideology based on extreme Marxism.

Tęsknicie już za mną???

“Multiculturalism” is a code word for rape, demoralization and genocide of the White civilization.



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