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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

Schengen – the great risk zone

By: Martin Malik

Introduction to Schengen

The history of free borders within Europe dates back from 1957 when thanks to the Rome Treaty the Member States were asked to ensure the freedom of movement for their citizens across the internal borders. However the progress in this subject was small because the governments of France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands decided to have a common policy on abolition of the internal borders. In 1985, not far from the small town of Schengen in Luxembourg was signed a treaty which now covers 26 European countries, 3 “micro-states” and the European territories belonging to Spain and the Netherlands. The main objective of this project was to remove the ‘internal’ borders to enable the free movement of people, goods, information and money without border controls and to develop tourism with developing countries such as India and China. To ensure security of Europe the Schengen countries committed themselves to strengthening external borders with countries not belonging to the treaty and police officers from Schengen countries exchange information about criminals. At first glance it looks like we don’t have to worry about anything because Schengen is a very safe and convenient system that gives Europeans the freedom of movement, the freedom of transporting money and goods without any procedures and formalities.

Political marketing specialists are able to sell political products to people in exactly the same way as McDonald’s does it with their tumor wrapped in a colorfoul paper. Has anyone ever wondered why hamburgers in the pictures are big and plump and when they are finally served they look as if they were run over by a truck? Has anyone ever wondered what meaning and consequences hide behind such tempting phrases as “freedom”, “freedom of movement” or “removal of borders”? Lets have a look then how sweet the Schengen zone is in the real world and what “the great risk zone” means for us – for White people.


Beneficiaries of the Schengen – “hard-working, honest, educated and well mannered”.

Schengen lies on security and immigration

First of all we should realize that based on immigration Schengen itself is already a country. This policy ensures that individual nation states are no longer countries but only dependent territories and that’s why they must rely on other on issues such as immigration and security.

Supporters of the Schengen zone and at the same time my critics talk a lot about free movement from one country to another without unnecessary procedures or problems. I agree that it is a great help. There are for example Austrians who live in Vienna and want to do some shopping in Bratislava or Finns living in Helsinki who want to shop or dine in Tallinn. Examples of this type are many and indeed in this case it is a great help that saves time and helps developing good neighbouring relations, building economies and border regions.

This convenience comes at a price because the lack of internal borders is a dream come true for terrorists, drug and arms dealers and prostitute traffickers. Every single kind of a harmful element also enjoys the rights of free movement what means that a criminal can commit a crime in one country and then take refuge in another one where the law is more lenient. Translating this into the language closer to individual souls this means that for example Islamic terrorists or African criminals can go from Germany to Denmark for a trip. Whilst there, they can rape a woman, sell some drugs and then without any checks they get back to Germany. Currently if a group of Muslims with machine guns wants to go from France or Germany and provided they wouldn’t break the traffic rules they could go unnoticed to Poland and kill the “infidels” in the name of “the religion of peace”. Reinstatement of border controls would ensure serious restrictions on the movement of Gypsy herds and high quality loafers, rapists and African terrorists who after getting off their bamboo boats in Italy or Greece travel to other countries without embarrassing questions.

Critics of the Schengen zone raised their voices that too much openness is dangerous because Europe is becoming too vulnerable to criminal activity and mass, uncontrolled immigration. In response to this allegation the Schengen countries committed themselves to strengthening external borders with countries which do not belong to the treaty, what only in theory means that the external borders of Europe are the impenetrable fortresses. However, when we go to the southern coast of Italy or Spain it is very easy to see that it is an outright lie because every week Europe is being invaded by thousands of African Muslims, and the next ones already wait for a boat on the beaches of northern Africa. This means that to control immigration from African countries nobody needs the Schengen zone but instead iron immigration laws in the southern European nationalists countries. Besides, it is not against the heavily exaggerated “human rights” to repatriate Africans to safe African countries. In other words, Schengen is just another way of an open-door policy and a simple message to White people that whoever comes to Europe can stay forever because these are the African’s “human rights”. For example, a couple from Pakistan with their 6 children can apply for a Schengen visa at the Slovak consulate so the day after they could wait in front of human rights office in Austria which would treat them with unlimited stay, free accommodation and a weekly allowance. As usually, in the beginning everyone gives fairy tales about being harmed and abused but after some time we have a Jihadi army in Europe. How many people is Europe able to accommodate I simply do not know but I know that Schengen is just another way of Jewish bureaucrats to destroy the White man’s civilization.

 Dzięki Schengen muzułmańskie hordy mogą się swobodnie przemieszczać aby się łączyć i wspólnie wyć jak kojoty na ulicach jednego kraju

Thanks to Schengen Muslim hordes are now free to travel, join forces and howl together like a pack of coyotes on the streets of one country.

Ironically, in 2004 the eurocrats created Frontex, based in Warsaw, which was set up to control mass immigration, human smuggling and terrorist activities across the European Union. One of the main responsibilities of that agency is to protect the borders of the European Union, although when I realistically investigate its actions it is clear to me that Frontex is an agency that helps the elements hostile to the European civilization in getting to Europe. The refugee camps have evolved into breeding grounds for criminals and Islam militant groups, out of which which Muslims escape to steal, rape and replace the once tranquil European cities in ratholes from hell. A good example is the Italian island of Lampedusa with its native population of just 5.000 peaceful people. Over the last few years Lampedusa has been invaded and devestated by 50.000 Muslims what means that rapes, robberies and even defecation inside the robbed houses have become a norm. Meanwhile, Frontex and the Italian Government greet them with great affection and instead of sending them back to Africa they help them in the invasion of Europe. Even the Pope Francis arrived on Lampedusa to wash Muslim feet and called them „the friends of Christianity”, at the same time not showing any sympathy to the native victims of Lampedusa. (Perhaps I do not quite understand the Pope but I find it very hard to accept him).

As long as we are anointed by the the utopia of multi-culti and the open-door policy, in practice the Schengen zone means the free movement of criminals at the expense of people who want to live in peace. However, the Socialists and their puppet masters from the Brussels Tower of Babel have a politically correct answer for the brainwashed with extreme liberalism Europeans. The European border agency Frontex replied that the abolition of the internal borders can now consolidate the eastern border of the Schengen zone to stop the influx of people from countries such as Belarus or Ukraine. Of course it is a pure political heresy because on one side Schengen controls the influx of White Christians and on the other side, on the North African coast the boast are boarded with as many Negroes as can fit in them. Exactly the same is with the influx of Muslims from western Asia what only speeds up the White Genocide policy. Considering the above it seems that it can’t be any worse…….but unfortunately it can. The ultra-leftist bonanza of the Schengen pointless laws also created the Schengen Information System (SIS) which calms down the public that due to abolition of the “internal” borders police in the Schengen area exchanges information about potential criminals. In other words, from time to time an article appears in a newspaper that thanks to the international police cooperation the Schengen officers detained a Ukrainian cigarette smuggler or a Norwegian “racist” in Sweden. However, about all the organized Muslim gangs operating in Europe and about the wave of Islam which flows like sewage from the coast of Italy to France or Sweden, and about their crimes along the way no-one would ever hear to not to offend them and to not to inflame “racial hatred.”

The easy Schengen visa

According to the fairy tales about the immigration law all travellers entering the Schengen area are “scrupulously controlled”. The funniest thing however is that “controls” are coordinated by the EU agency Frontex – the same one that allows the Muslim / African invasion in southern Europe. Generally, everyone should have a visa but as it turns out that very important rule has plenty of relaxed concessions that make the borders virtually non existent.

The Schengen visa regulations state very clearly that:

  •  “Those who frequently cross the border are not subjects to checks as they are usually well-known to the immigration services. There might be only checked from time to time”. This means that a lorry transporting yoghurts can be packed with up to 50 Muslims, but if the immigration officer knows the driver, then he can simply enter.
  • Probably the best sentence of the Schengen visa law is: “In exceptional and unforeseen circumstances where waiting times become excessive, external border checks can be relaxed on a   temporary basis. This means that if lorries infested with Negroes and Muslims exceed all expectations of the immigration officers, then they simply let them in and pretend they have never seen them.
  •  “Many procedures are optional and border guards have discretion in deciding how rigorously they check travellers. When carrying out checks at external borders, border guards are, by law, required to respect the dignity of travellers and are forbidden from discriminating against persons based on their sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation”.
  •    Then there are given the differences in interviewing the delinquents and as always that it is usually the easiest route is through Western Europe or the “old EU”. For example: “On avarage interviewing a person in Greece takes about 15 seconds and in Slovakia about 3-5minutes. In the Netherlands about 30-60 seconds and in Latvia about 2-5 minutes “. This means that the system is not consistent.
  • All travellers arriving from outside the Schengen Area using their own air plane or boat, have to go directly to an airport or seaport having a border control”.

Schengen itself admits that “this policy opened up a gap in the law which gave the possibility to smuggle huge amounts of drugs”. But the most ironic issue here is the official statement   that “coast guards make a substantial effort to prevent private boats from entering without permission”. Once again, it is an outright lie which becomes obvious when hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants invade the southern shores of Europe. What’s more, in my point of view the Schengen immigration guards put considerable effort in order to tow the African migrants to Europe, take them out of the sea and help them to find a warm nest in Europe. Frontex is the African immigrant’s best friend and his partner in crime on White people of Europe and our culture.

Czarna, muzułmańska inwazja. Specjalność Schengen.

Black, Muslim invasion. The speciality of Schengen.

“The Schengen rules require that all passenger carriers across the Schengen external border must check, before boarding, if the passenger has the travel document and visa required for entry. This is to prevent persons from applying for asylum at the passport control at airports or boat ports in the Schengen Area. There are penalties on carriers who transport foreign nationals without correct travel documents, something that makes carriers act like a passport control authority”.

The above quotation makes us believe that despite all the nonsense the Schengen zone does a fairly decent job because it does not allow aliens to apply for asylum. Let us have a look then at the truth about the asylum in the Schengen zone countries. For example in 2013 asylum was granted in: Germany 127.000, France 66.000, Sweden 55.000 – although in the later years Sweden wants to become the Asylum World Champion, Belgium 21.000, Italy 26.620 and Poland 15.240, although here the open door policy smiles mainly at the Jews. I want to stress that these are only the asylum applications which do not show the total avalanche of Islam on Europe under the “considerable effort of Frontex”.

According to law asylum “is a form of international protection granted by the State on its territory. It is awarded to a person who is unable to seek protection in his / her country of citizenship and / or residence in particular for fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion “. After reading that nonsense it seems to me that the whole world is persecuted, apart from the White civilization of course, so apart from Europe, America and Australia. According to these laws Europe is a well without depth.

I am glad however that asylum can be also granted to people of different political views because it means that if I am ever persecuted for my political beliefs I will also have a chance to seek asylum somewhere – but I just don’t know who would like to take me?

Short stays and transits mean hospitality without limits. According to the Schengen law “sometimes, but not always selected nationalities are exempt from the obligation of obtaining a work permit if they want to take up employment or self-employment during their stay”.

This means that if a group of Vietnamese immigrants or followers of Allah haunt the Polish border and have enough money for a visa, they can enter and then disappear in Poland forever.

When it comes to visa requirements for citizens from outside the Schengen zone, they are welcome with open arms for 90 days which they may also spread over a period of 180 days. However, the year long visa is also possible. However the most embarrassing is another rule which I’m going to give a closer look.

According to Schengen: „even if a third-country national does not fulfil the criteria for entry, admission may still be granted”:

  •  “On humanitarian grounds” – what means that if a Negroe escapes from Africa to Europe because he is persecuted in Africa for being a paedophile. Then the liberal regime lets that Negro into Europe for “humanitarian” reasons.
  •  “On grounds of national interest” – when The Swedish Government lets in an evil Arab because he tells an emotional story about his terrible life in a Muslim country and of course how much he “loves” the Swedish culture and how much he wants to “assimilate”. Then the extreme left-wing party has an excuse to let even more Arabs for their political goals.
  • “On the grounds of national interest” – when for example The Italian Government in return for letting 100.000 Arabs would have a discount on oil.
  •  “If the person is not in possession of a visa, but fulfils the criteria for being issued a visa at the border” – when a truck packed with Negroes has an appointment at the border with the human rights lawyer.

As we see the Schengen laws are not designed to protect Europe but to pollute it with elements who are hostile to the White civilization and those who are nothing more than parasites and criminals.

The Schengen countries which got tired with the open borders utopia

According to the rules: „ A Schengen state is permitted to reinstate border controls with another Schengen country for a short period where there is a serious threat to that state’s “public policy or internal security” or when the “control of an external border is no longer ensured due to exceptional circumstances”. This has already happened many times because many political parties are simply very tired with the fact that illegal immigrants and criminals of every possible kind who have nothing to offer Europe, can freely enter in order to take benefits, rape women and howl to Allah.

April 2010 – Malta has introduced border controls because of the visit of the Pope Benedict XVI.

July 2011 – Denmark tightened custom controls to fight illegal immigration and organized crime. This movement was of course criticized by Germany and the EU Commission, which said that the decision was contrary to the principle of free movement (read: According to the leftist regime Denmark is not entitled to have the national security).

The revolution in Tunisia 2010-11 – the Italian Government issued six-month residence permits to 25.000 Tunisian immigrants. This allowed the migrants to travel freely within the Schengen area. In response France and Germany threatened to impose border controls as they did not want Tunisian refugees to enter their territory. In April 2011, for a few hours France blocked trains carrying migrants on the French – Italian border in Ventimiglia.





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