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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

Seen from the Islands; part I

By: Martin Malik

a series of interviews with Martin Malik

– – Antoine Ratnik: You are a well known online author but readers don’t know a lot about you. Before we start my already second interview with you could you remind us how long have you lived in the United Kingdom and what university did you graduate from in Poland? Why did you leave Poland? Was it for economic reasons or for adventure?

Martin Malik: I sincerely welcome you sir and my dear readers. Also, thank you that you have decided to carry out this interview with me and thank you for calling me “a well-known online author.” Although my articles have been read by tens and soon maybe by hundreds of thousands of people, it must be remembered that unfortunately an author who represents noble right-wing views always has to struggle uphill in England and around the world.

Let’s remember that even though the media in England are served in English language it does not mean that they are English. Because of the Marxist bacteria called “political correctness” the English-language media have become a hostage in the hands of the leftist regime working against English people. Therefore as you can see in order to become “well-known online author” whose articles are read by millions of people, first I would have to break through the leftist fortress in the form of an English-language media. I am currently in the last phase of translating my articles into English and I hope that I will be also publishing in that language, including this interview.

As for the second part of the question I was one of hundreds of thousands and then millions of young Poles who emigrated and even though in the Kingdom of Political Correctness I could never complain about lack of adventures I primarily emigrated for work. I also want to add that emigration has never been my dream because I love Poland and I wanted to stay in my fatherland. Unfortunately this was not possible because the Polish government has been always very hostile to Polish people and condemned millions of our hard-working and valuable countrymen into exile.

Among many people that I have met in England I met a Polish housekeeper with a psychology degree and a Polish lawyer who used to pick olives in Spain. I know a lot of stories of that kind but bills are always there to be paid ……….. unless someone is Black or Muslim and can live for free just to feed the far Left. If someone doesn’t have a strong back than usually a graduation from a Polish university leads to unemployment or small salary, what meant that I had to take matters into my own hands and push forward. With time I also mastered English language and to such a level that I became a teacher of English, mainly teaching groups from France, Spain and Italy.

Today I am still looking for my path in life, especially that despite my diligent work I was removed from most offices in London for political reasons. I’m sure that my regular readers would surely understand what I mean. Today I am a traveller and a publicist.

Armenia Sevan lake

Armenia – Martin Malik and a church in the background by Lake Sevan, during one of his many trips.

My university is quite a funny story. I graduated with master’s degree from the Warsaw Academy of Physical Education, the department of tourism, despite the fact that my studies had little to do with sport or tourism. I was mainly taught economic subjects, sociology, philosophy and languages, though I also enjoyed my time at a couple of sports camps. Although I had my lectures on every other weekend because I had to work to pay for my university I was at the uni all the time anytime because in a certain way I lived at a female campus.

Despite my happy student days I think that if I could go back in time I would chose a different path. I would study sociology, political science or philosophy on weekends and during the week I would learn for example carpentry, plumbing or tiling. I realize that my opinion on this topic may seem very unfortunate but I assure that personal self-development of deep thoughts does not interfere with manual labour, especially that it can be well paid. Regardless, I finished a delightful university which proved to be nothing more than a confirmation that I am capable of logical reasoning and I realize that I am not alone in that.

I travelled to England even before I finished my university but as soon as I had a diploma in my hand, in 2002 I moved there permanently. I landed in a town where the Negro population was about 95% and whilst listening to a concert of police sirens I was wondering what to do next. To Poland however I had no reason to go back to. I had make my way in England ……. and I worked that out. Over the years I practised martial arts, I worked, I travelled the world and I was educating myself on various subjects. From the perspective of time it really makes me laugh when I look at my university diploma and a worthless phrase associated with it in Poland called the “maturity test”.

My real maturity test began long before the graduation and in difficult moments I laughed at the promises of Polish politicians and at naivety of Polish voters and I was telling myself: “Thank you SLD, thank you PiS, PO, PSL (political parties)”. I hope that one day I will find myself in a situation to punish the whole Polish political system and I am sure that many representatives of the British and American Polish diaspora would gladly help with this. There is a saying that time heals all wounds but I assure you that when it comes to certain people hatred towards enemies of Poland is eternal and it becomes stronger as the time goes by. Sometimes we come back …..

– – Antoine Ratnik: So you have lived in the UK for thirteen years … Britain is a home country to my immediate family which I communicate with in English ……. I think that Britain is a land which has been politically dominated by leftist tyranny. It is a left-wing dictatorship, isn’t it? Do you agree with my opinion?

Martin Malik: Yes, I have lived in England for almost thirteen years but I also want to add that if salaries in Poland were more appropriate to the cost of living I would have stayed there. As I can see you are also connected to the United Kingdom but in your case it is a very positive fact. Britain has become a global ghetto infested with millions of Muslims, Negroes and the whole world that seeing is not a pleasant experience.

I wish all those people good luck but in their own ethnic and cultural circles because when the whole world lives in one place that will always result in problems. As far I know you live in France, which is the cantre of Arab crime of all kinds. When I read for example about Marseilles or when I check all the creepy statistics about sexual assaults caused by Muslims I wonder where in France you live. Currently in France the French society is being exchanged into Arab and Negro.

Perhaps the Alps or warm Corsica with a nice forest and waterfalls in the middle would be the right place for you to live? As a traveller I’ve been always interested in those beautiful parts of France. When I was tackling Malaysian jungle in the company of French Belgians they spoke of a weekly trip through the forest of Corsica and I recommend it to you too. It would be a close contact with nature which would also guarantee some rest from Arabs. What more could you ask for?

Coming back to the subject of England I agree with you entirely but according to me it is a leftist dictatorship based on extermination of the White race. Britain is drowning in leftist magma and English people naively perish underneath without realizing the consequences of such wrong politics. A few years ago the United Kingdom liberated itself from the nightmare of the Labour Party – a Marxist monster destroying not only the British economy but also the biological foundations of the British nation.

Then we had a coalition of the Conservative party with the Liberal Degenerates what changed absolutely changed because still the whole nation was automatically accused of “racism” and “homophobia”. Now, after the election we will have the Conservatives governing alone but in my opinion it will still not change anything. In my opinion Britain is governed by One Big Party under three different names in order to give voters the choice that they do not have anyway because the entire political system is based on socialism with elements of capitalism.

I consider the so-called Conservatives to be the cast system party because it actively works on creating social divisions, in such a way that the elite could rule the country and that power was inherited from one generation to another. The English do not realize that their culture and their very bloodline are becoming a part of history and they still allow to be ruled by the same traitors. Most native British people are brainwashed by the Left and they give themselves away in the hands of traitors as evidenced by the fact that in the last elections UKIP suffered a major defeat and the BNP was politically bled dry.

It is a tragic reality that in many cities in the UK English people have become a minority and the law is structured purely to exchange the British society into foreign. The best evidence of the great exchange project from the British into the Third World is described in school statistics which clearly show that 70% of school children come from non-White families and 70% use at home different language than English, while in some boroughs such as Brent White children stand at 5% of the school population.

The same situation is in the whole of England that’s why talking about the extermination of the White civilization is a very legitimate term. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Birmingham or Manchester or in a small town such as for example Luton. Those cities and towns culturally and ethnically do not belong to England anymore. British politicians are afraid to break the conspiracy of silence and talk openly about the problem, and those who say something are regarded as “racists who do not move on with the spirit of the current times.”

Apart from that, in England there is a vulgar race-mixing propaganda and immigration of non-Whites, mostly Muslims has no end. I’m sure that to most Englishmen I am a “racist” because I speak openly about that issue. When a BNP activist started a campaign called “Rights for Whites” he was criticized but at the same time the Third World has all rights and privileges. Unfortunately an average Englishman would prefer to starve to death rather than openly challenge the issue of non-White immigration and the need for racial purity but on the other hand without any hesitation he would send all Poles back home. The English however forget that in London alone there are already 1,500 mosques and the most popular name in England is Mohammed; and obviously none of those tragic figures is the fault of Poles.

“Pathological humanitarianism is an obsession based on saving all those who appear to be discriminated. As a result however it is a cult of weakness. “

Muslims in England

In the so-called ‘democratic countries’ certain cultural groups are privileged. Apartheid is back.

British universities are well known for its Marxist indoctrination and one of them, the University of Leeds is infested by a Marxist Jew Zygmunt Bauman who in cooperation with Stalin’s NKVD used to slaughter Polish intelligentsia in Polish forests and at Polish universities. Just the presence alone of that communist, Jewish butcher of Polish people at a British university already proves what the United Kingdom truly stands for and who it serves.

Ironically the Jewish Bolshevik Bauman wrote his books mostly about morality, despite the fact that even a pack of wolves howling to the moon has more in common with opera than a Jew with morality. Even the North Pole and the South Pole have those two things in common that they lie opposite to each other and they are both cold, but looking for morality in a Jew is like waiting for a flood in the Sahara desert ……. and although I don’t expect every single Jew to fit my theory, Zygmunt Bauman fits that profile perfectly.

I have illustrated the tragic situation in the UK in my article in two parts: “The British – Nation Great pretenders” (first, second) in which I described the crimes of the multi – “cultural” society and what is scary for this country, the fact that political decisions in many areas of England are made by the enemies of the Western civilization. The country has already died because the British do not have enough character to take to the streets and beat Muslims and the mixed relationships. Their supine nature will eventually finish them off, but I don’t want to continue this subject because I described it many times in my other publications.

For a better comparison let’s imagine a situation in which Poles would be a minority in Poland, Polish children would be raped by Muslims and criticism of Islam would be classified as a “brutal crime”. It is therefore an extreme Left regime and I can assure everyone that without pounds and benefits Poles would be never interested to live in the UK because in Poland only the money is worse while the rest is at the same level or better.

When it comes to the Conservatives again who will be in power for the next five years, I think that political correctness and the curse of race-mixing will be blossoming with their acquiescence. Conservatives do not want any change, they just want to rule and it is the only thing that matters to them. How brutal and shocking it is that people who wanted to be the masters of the world are now slaves in their own country and they are terrorized and fertilized by the Black and Muslim primitive. Every single day I can see in the streets English women with coloured children and streets full of young Muslims and young Black men, but on the other hand also elderly English people. The process of ethnic replacement continues under the hard shoe of the Left regime. I think about returning to Poland all the time even though I still live in a relatively English area and I have a lot of privacy.

In addition, the Conservatives are playing with the European card and they have promised the EU – exit referendum . The British of course who are damn naive do not know that even if there is such a referendum Cameron would rig it in exactly the same way as the referendum on Scottish independence. The English are simply too apathetic and too frightened to free themselves from the genocidal occupation. The British nation has never been ruled by a patriot, someone who would truly love them and wished them well.

On the other hand changes tend to be brutal and unexpected and we can already see that Europe is turning right. Although still the fanatics of perversive Left ideology and pathological humanitarianism are the majority there are also more people of sober minds and a sense of national pride who value their cultural heritage. Why don’t we observe Britain and see in what internal situation will it be in ten years, in 2025. Until that time there can be either a brutal but successful nationalist revolution in favour of the White Civilization or deepening of the White Genocide agenda.

Read part two …



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