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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

===============================================  “Religion, like alcohol, should only be for wise people”

Martin Malik

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Trips to Asia

Spy – book

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

Seen from the Islands; Part II

By: Martin Malik

Start from part one …

a series of interviews with Martin Malik

– – Antoine Ratnik: In France the government in Paris and the Freemasonry indeed want to replace the French with coloureds. It’s called Le Grand Replacement. But France is a republic and Britain is a monarchy so how is this possible? Or perhaps it is a false monarchy?

Martin Malik: I felt you would ask me that inconvenient question. When I was taking the British citizen I had to swear allegiance to the Queen and I hope that Queen will help me to keep my promise by making the right decisions, such as: building patriotism based on racial purity of the British and defending the traditional Christian values. Well, hopefully the Queen will go exactly that way.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories about the British Royal Family like those that their relatives were certain presidents of the United Satans of America or the Rothschild family. There are a lot of articles about their genealogical trees and therefore evidence that all in all the members of the British royal family are “very wealthy and influential Jews elevated to the skies and standing above the law” – and that is a common opinion in the alternative media.

There is a theory that Princess Diana was not the Spencer’s daughter but a daughter of Sir James Goldsmith who belonged to a wealthy Jewish family. As we know Judaism is passed along the maternal line what means that both prince William and prince Harry would be Jews; although again these are just speculations. Kate Middleton’s mother, nee Goldsmith, is also a half-Jewess according to many sources what means that Kate’s children would be also Jewish. The Prime Minister David Cameron according to publicly available information is a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II and a descendant of King William IV and during a visit to Israel he said that he “feels linked to Jewish people because of his Jewish ancestor Elijah Levita who wrote a first novel in Yiddish “.

Such examples or rather connections between Jews, the monarchy and politics in Britain could be given forever, but again …. I do not work in the British archives. The British monarchy even without Jews certainly would not be completely British. The Jewish question is the most important and crucial to me with regards to the II World War and the occupied Palestine. For example Prince Philip is Greek and Prince Albert (husband of Queen Victoria) was German.

Also, the original name of the “British” Royal Family has been changed in such a way so it would at least sound English. The original name Saxe-Coburg-Gotha was changed in 1917 to Windsor although another name used by the royal family is the German name Mountbatten.

I also want to greatly emphasize that although in my opinion the British Royal Family is not British the only thing which is unacceptable is the Jewish issue but whether their blood line is linked to Germans, Greeks or the Russian Tsar it doesn’t matter to me at all. To them however it is of a great importance because it guarantees that control of the world’s finances remain in one global family. I also believe that marriages between monarchs from different countries are theoretically good in order to appear friendly and to transfer the biological material. I also wouldn’t be surprised if all the royal families were in fact one family.

My theory makes great sense because it is a base which helps to finally dispel the myth of democracy and to come to terms with the fact that power over the world is inherited through the bloodline rather than through “democratic elections”. It is also a proof that in the opinion of the British aristocrats the British nation can be even mixed with Negroes or Arabs because according to them they are subhuman anyway and only the aristocracy should take care of their financial- racial purity.

Tsar Nicholas II and his cousin King George V

Tsar Nicholas II and his cousin King George V – please note the great resemblance of the two men.

Because I am Christian myself I am very interested if the Queen of England who is the head of the Church of England is a Christian herself….. and I have to admit that I have great doubts. I think the Royal family definitely tries to appear Christian but they don’t always succeed. For example I saw the Queen’s Christmas speech and to my great surprise she called Jesus a “holy man” and just a man and not a Son of God. I therefore understand that Queen Elizabeth puts Jesus in the same line with Mother Theresa or perhaps even Leonardo Da Vinci but certainly not with someone who came from God. After that the Queen gave us a lesson of globalization and love towards sodomy through her words about Jesus Christ:

“..he who taught the people of his time goodness and tolerance and the fact that we are one human family and that we should live in peace and harmony.”

Meanwhile the Queen did not mention a single word about the mission of salvation and redemption of our sins through the death on a cross. Then the Queen gave us another quote about Jesus: “the man who revealed that good is in all of us” despite the fact that the Bible teaches exactly the opposite thing. Jesus did not come to Earth to show people that they were good but to tell them that they are awful sinners and that’s why he had to die for our sins. The Queen Elizabeth’s quotes on Christmas are definitely not Christian quotes and I think that her immediate family is not Christian too.

Prince Charles is well known for his multi-religious circus and he even admitted that his coronation as the King of England would be multi-religious, what means just another step on the way to the establishment of a global religion. The Royal Family goes with the spirit of the times in exactly the same way as a flag flutters with the direction of the wind and without any hesitation it will change its direction when the wind starts blowing from the other side. According to the above I dare to suspect that the British royal family are false Christians who are not even familiar with the concept of patriotism. According to some opinions and not necessarily mine it is simply a Freemasonry.

By the way, it is a shame that racial purity does not apply to the whole British nation and not just to the Royal Family as it is now. Personally I believe that the Royal Family act as tourists who do not care what happens in the UK. It is clear that the Queen can see that there are 1,500 mosques in London, she can see that in the three largest British cities white people are a minority, she can see the rape of British children and she can see the crisis of Christianity in England; and still she does not speak about any of those cases.

I realize that a British monarch cannot speak on political matters to not to create chaos but the current situation in England is so extreme that the only thing that could help is chaos. The Royal Family should also take a lesson from history to realize what happens when red pigs come to power. By saying this I mean that the Russian part of the royal bloodline which was a part of the imperial power has been lost forever.

“I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls the British money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”


Nathan Mayer Rothschild

I also believe that democracy is only an illusion and art of manipulating the masses, and justice might even exist but only at low levels and only when there isn’t any threat to the elite. However, at the high levels nothing is an accident. How does it happen in politics that we just elect those candidates who are advertised in the media? What are their true roots? How does it happen that they find themselves in a position in which they were prepared their whole lives to be where they are, so we could vote for them?

By the way, the death of Princess Diana was a very fortunate event for the Royal Family because if an English princess gave birth to an Arab child it would be the end of the British monarchy once and for all. Between 1649 and 1660 Britain was a republic for political reasons but such a slap in the face of the Royal Family as an Arab in the family would not only mean the definitive end of the English royalty but also a huge embarrassment.

Let’s think how it was possible that the English princess who had the best driver and the best car driving on probably the best road in the world where nights are as bright as days had such a tragic “accident”? It takes a professional idiot to believe that it was actually an accident. Diana deserved to die for treason against our White race and in my opinion that murder was arranged in the same way as the murder of the Polish Prime Minister in exile Wladyslaw Sikorski, who died on a board of Liberator II whilst flying out from Gibraltar in 1943. In that case the pilot / driver also survived the assassination attempt but the target did not. I therefore wonder how I would die if I pursued a career in the British politics? Due to the “originality” of the boring Englishmen in my case it would have to be only a helicopter.

To sum up, I think the monarchy is an important part of the British tradition and should be maintained, especially that a republic such as Poland for example is very far from being perfect. The British monarchy are just people and as all of us they have their ups and downs but very importantly monarchy should never be idle and should be always very strong Right. The monarchy should always protect its people and its culture at all costs and against the excesses of politicians, rather than idly watch their country fall. Only under that condition the monarchy is needed, like the pope who has a moral obligation to disagree with the world’s political traitors and cowards.

– – Antoine Ratnik: What do you think of English people? I worked with an English company a few years ago and it was a pleasure: seriousness at work, discipline, order and culture. What it is an average Englishman like in everyday life and can you sense any aversion towards Poles when meeting a native British person?

Martin Malik: English people (not to be confused with citizens of the UK) are the Nation of Great pretenders. Each one of them has a mask tailored to a given situation and it seems to me sometimes that the British nation has drowned so deeply in self-deceit that it is no longer able to be honest especially with itself. It is however a very general opinion because I’ve met a variety of English people and some of them were kind, some were kind to a certain degree and the others were not at all. I think that each one of them has a lot of Polish qualities and that’s why I do not want to judge their characters specifically based on their bloodline.

The main difference lies in the fact that we Poles are more direct and effusive in good and bad feelings while the British seem to be so intimidated by their leftist regime that they often pretend to be nice when they simply do not feel like it. There also certain differences in our cultures. To Polish people all the National and Catholic holidays are extremely important whilst to the British they practically do not exist what obviously the traitor British government loves very much. English men prefer a rugby game and a visit in a pub what I consider to be the national and the cultural tragedy. I also think that English women multiplying with the whole world are a separate chapter of my views on the British nation.

I’ve worked with English people many times and I think that seriousness depends on a person. Everybody likes jokes and I think that if English people make fun of Poles or with Poles in a nice way than I think that it is a benefit to us because it means that they feel comfortably with Polish people, and I want them to feel precisely that way. The English nation is certainly not disciplined and they don’t to get to work right away. First they drink tea, than they socialize and pretend that they’ve come for a picnic. Fortunately now in every English group there are Poles because otherwise the English would fall asleep at work.

Unfortunately when it comes to order there isn’t one at all in the British nation. I’ve been to British homes and unfortunately they are always in mess. Their dishes are not washed for a week because the cleaner comes once a week, chips lie on the floor and when an English family watches TV cans of beer lie on the floor for several days. Order in British homes is only good when their homes and families are taken care of by someone from Poland. I think that all English people should be immediately sent to the army for six months just to teach them order and discipline. According to me Poles are much cleaner and a more disciplined nation. When it comes to manners that depends purely on a specific human and that’s why I think that in this respect the British and the Poles are equally rude and equally gentlemen.

Dislike to Poles varies from one specimen to another. I’ve never had problems with English people but about tenderness I cannot speak neither. With some English men I almost went into a fight but I don’t want to view it from a nationalist angle because at least in my case the reasons were different. The biggest problems with Poles have English people from the lowest social class, such as for example: fat women who always wear tights and those who walk with black or brown children whilst smoking cigarettes, but also the heavily tattooed toothless men. These are the types which have never worked and are never going to work and those are exactly the ones who don’t like Poles, apparently because we steal their jobs.

I heard about a Polish woman who was beaten up by a fat English woman and her personal Negro, whom she apparently took for an Englishman. I also remember a dialogue of a Polish cleaner with an English woman. The English woman asked the Polish one why she was sentenced to unemployment and the Polish woman who came to England took her job. The Polish woman answered that she was a cleaner and every single day she has to go to different houses to clean toilets but she understands that English people should have priority in her country so she would be happy to give her some of her hours. The English woman walked away without a comment.

We can all remember the scene on the train where certain English woman had enough of immigration and she shouted abuse against Poles. Let’s think for a minute why every single time people “have a problem only with Poles”. The one and only reason is that White Christians of other nationalities than British are not covered by political correctness, and that’s why those English cowards who consider themselves to be nationalist speak against Poles because we are the only people which their Marxist government allows them to complain about. One Englishman asked me what I was doing in his country because I was Polish and why I couldn’t leave. I told him that if he goes to a Black area or if he enters any mosque to ask them the same question he would become my hero, but he just put his head down and said that “they were alright.”

In my point of view it is cowardice combined with hypocrisy which by the way is the main specialty of UKIP. I have much more respect towards the BNP because they speak openly against Muslims and Negroes what unfortunately the English mob brainwashed with cultural Marxism is unable to swallow. I think that the BNP is more likely to accept Poles as allies to protect the European culture, whilst UKIP (although it is sacredly right about the EU) has not grown up for the job because it stinks with hypocrisy. BNP represents the true nationalism based on national values whilst UKIP is just a conservative splinter.

Apart from that I want to remind everyone that Poles are not being destroyed by the BNP or the EDL but by UKIP and the socialists. Unfortunately the Polish alliance with the British is quite uncertain and I hope that all Polish emigrants will one day return to their homeland to build our country. English people do not even like each other and Poles they only “like” if they can use them and because they can openly complain about us. I think that English people would appreciate us only if all Europeans left England forever and then the British would be left alone with their Third Worlders, with their mosques, Gypsies and Muslim and Black gangs. But the British would rather prefer to die of starvation than openly admit that they hate coloureds and homosexuals. Hypocrisy, cowardice and their supine nature will eventually finish them off.

 Media propaganda

Media in the UK force feed with cultural Marxism. The propaganda of white guilt, race-mixing and promotion of degeneracy never stop.

I remember when thousands of Poles suddenly came to a certain English town because they got an information that there was plenty of work. The British of course didn’t like the Poles because they were overwhelmed by the numbers. However, after some time the Cultural Marxists send their Muslim hordes from Pakistan to the same town and the British immediately fell in love with the Poles. The subject was presented in the British media in such a way that Muslims were the positive characters and the whole blame was taken by the Poles. In the media no one dares to mention the heroic pilots from the 303 Squadron which saved England but on the other hand clowns such as Gordon Brown or David Cameron lick Muslim backs to the limits.

If the British media is put against the wall and it finally has no choice but to discuss immigration, no one mentions anything about Negroes and Muslims waiting in Calais but always about workers from Eastern Europe. Aversion towards Poles is therefore fuelled by the Bolshevik apparatus of Britainistan. They don’t like that we go to the church and that we are white because they’re afraid that one day we might vote BNP. They are also afraid of Catholicism because for Catholics it is much harder to accept the Marxist nonsense of “the spirit of our times” such tolerance and equality.

Read part three …



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