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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

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Trips to Asia

Spy – book


My account has been blocked many times for publishing truth and conservative views.

Facebook is a leftist fortress, that truth defines as "hate speech", and common sense as "discrimination." It even happened that Facebook removed the post of pope emeritus Benedict XVI, because it was too conservative - but professionally speaking, it didn't meet the Facebook's "community standards". Another time Facebook censored a photo of Father Christmas kneeling in front of baby Jesus, describing it as "violent content".

In addition, Facebook regularly removes "likes" from right-wing websites and brings them down in search results. Facebook in theory "allows" to promote articles criticizing homosexual propaganda and anti-immigrant policies , but at the same time it does not promote them, because the number of visits in such posts is frozen.

The best known intelligence agencies in the world are: CIA, FBI, MI5, MOSSAD, KGB ..... Google and Facebook. By creating a Facebook account, you set up your own police file!

Think well before you give information about yourself on this important wing of the CIA. We live in times when it is not necessary to brutally interrogate "the enemies of the revolution", if there is a device thanks to which people willingly say what they have done, and even what they will do. Facebook knows who you are connected to; and if you are really naive, it also knows your family and your car registration number. To the secret services, Facebook is a dream come true.

Facebook is a mine that extracts information about you instead of coal, and makes money on your privacy. Really, there is no privacy anymore, and technology becomes more dangerous. As confirmed by Facebook's founder silence, I think that even if you delete your FB account, the info about you stays with them forever.

To those who doubt in "freedom of speech", I advise to learn how to fake your IP address. The first rule is that IP address does not travel with the user, although there are other ways. If someone is an "intolerant racist", and wants to write on FB that: English people are white and only white, that he doesn't want to transform Big Ben into a minaret, and that anus was designed only for toilet purposes, then it is better to post such comments outside of your address, because otherwise, as I have read: "the brave men in police uniforms have no problem in finding a delinquent who promotes an extremist material". This is not Communism by the way , but "progressive democracy".

In addition, Facebook is designed to be addictive. Its template quickly catches the eye, it lets people to complain about social and political matters, and those who feel lonely have their own communities on FB, so they don't feel that lonely anymore. Users are rewarded and punished, that's why they try to present themselves the best the can in the eyes of their communities. They unconsciously open the door to police, secret services, and foreign consulates issuing visas . FB and other social networking sites promote false, improved image of their own reality, for which they want to be admired and rewarded.

Dreams versus Reality- on social platforms.

Do not try to promote an improved image of yourselves on the internet, because you are chasing an unreal dream, which could become a terrible mental blow during the first brutal contact with reality.

Instead, I advise you to learn manual jobs which develop thinking and independence - (carpentry, construction, plumbing, herbology), so we don't end up with a generation of idiots, whose whole world ends with stupid selfies and Facebook likes.

Twitter is another Marxist platform led by Marxist trash; and that's why my Twitter account has been already suspended. Generally on Twitter, church and white people can be offended at will, but on the other hand criticism of homosexual movements and anti-liberal, non-globalist views lead to account suspension. I also noticed that especially quotes from the Bible, to Twitter are like salt in the eye.

When it comes to women, I advise them to learn how to bake cakes for their husbands, instead of flexing their buds on Instagram. Social media is also designed to outcast people from the real society, because people whose attention is constantly hijacked by tablets, smartphones and computers, do not have time to interact with real people.

“People will come to love their oppression, to adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think.”

— Aldous Huxley

Throw away your smartphone, and use cheap trashy phones without internet access, and use temporary SIM cards with them. After a week or two, burn them and use another disposable trashy phone. You will be safer and you will keep more privacy from the constantly stalking You eyes of the Big Brother. If several million people did it, smartphones would be free, on a condition of long contracts and internet connection. Stop wasting your life on pressing buttons on your smartphone that you don't even fully understand, and which have already taken over your freedom. Instead, talk to a living human being, have connection with the natural beauty, and your phone can be as primitive as possible. I even think that not using a smartphone these days is an act of rebellion against Big Brother, who wants to control us more and more through visually attractive but to most of us incomprehensible, more advanced applications.

In my point of view phone addiction is a dangerous disease of civilization

"Freedom of speech" on social media is not free, privacy is like golden dust, and officially it is neither Communism nor censorship, but "progressive democracy" based on total invigilation - through creating a pleasant and technically advanced concentration camp with glass walls!

"Believe nothing you hear, and only half the you see."

- Edgar Allan Poe

In the 'About the author' section I have posted the most interesting entries from my Facebook account.

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

The British – the nation of great pretenders; part II

By: Martin Malik

Start from part one …


Here’s the second part of the article about the tragic cultural collapse of the British nation. Let us remember that countries which are strong militarily and economically, but at the same time also heavily in debt, do not fall in a military action and its ethno-cultural-religious disaster always serves others. They are destroyed from within and it is a long process which takes generations. For creations such as the Roman Empire, America or the United Kingdom scenario is usually the same. In a country where different peoples are mixed to the limits, where evident enemies breed at the expense of that country, where men pretend to be women and vice versa, where pseudo art, kitsch and perversion grow bigger than common sense, the end of such country is always near. Britain is a state where extreme liberalism has grown to the point of religion and patriotism has become illegal.

“We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. Our Control Commission will, in the interests of peace and wiping out interracial tensions, forbid the whites to mate with whites. The white woman must cohabit with members of the dark races, and the white men with black women. Thus the white race will disappear, for mixing the dark with the white means the end of the white man, and our most dangerous enemy will only become a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the earth. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over the world of dark races.


Rabbi Emmanuel Rabinovich 1952

I am aware of the difference between Judaism and Zionism and I don’t suspect all Jews of destruction of the White race because this type of approach would be naive. On the other hand I also believe that to a large extent the above quote is adequate in the current times.

We must all understand without unnecessary illusions and hopes that the Jewish system itself is based on spitting bile and hatred on everything what is non-Jewish, to such extreme boundaries of racism that Jews do not even want to eat our food because it is not kosher. For the good of British people and Europe that circumcised, power and money hungry tribe should be deported. Then a country which would welcome them in their naïve goodness after being brought to the brink of survival would want to get rid of them once again.

A different kind of democracy

I have to admit that for a so called “democratic” country every British government is well known for its lack of democracy and I don’t want to mention things such as „ the war on terror” or the torture of prisoners. I just want to focus on domestic issues and things that have direct impact on British people.

Britain is a country where employment depends on political views which is in itself against democracy. During recruitment process in any free country the generally asked questions relate to education and professional experience and political views are a private matter. In England however employers are interested in whether a potential employee has ever had ties with a political party whose ideology opposethe current regime. What’s more; police officers, teachers and prison staff who have different political views than imposed from above shall not be employed. During recruitment to the police nobody is interested in education or experience but if a potential employee has ever helped a Negro and how they contributed to the safety and well being of “multi – culti”. On the other hand I think that police has a reason to like Negroes because if they got deported most officers would be unemployed.

At universities students are subjected to mental tortures during which liberal and left-wing politicians poison young people’s minds about the beauty of the Marxist ideology, but of course they do not phrase it that way. All colleges and universities have leaflets about promotion of „multi – culti” and they are told that it is mandatory. Of course any right-wing thought is not allowed to be spoken because patriotic parties have no right to speak in educational establishments. Patriotism in England is therefore illegal.

Masters of assimilation in action.

Britain is a country where a paedophile can adopt a child and where a man can marry a man, but who knows, maybe soon even a donkey or a giraffe. Britain is a country where traditional Christian values have been replaced by sodomy. Orphanages, pre-schools and other institutions despite the fight against paedophilia are infested with paedophiles who feel unpunished because they have links with leading members of the leftist political parties.

When observing the British politics it has become clear to me that the British government tries to destroy Christianity, even though that after tracing the British history of education I can see that in the eighteenth, nineteenth and the twentieth century it was the church that paid for education because the British government only cared about their own pockets enriching themselves on the poor. For many centuries the God sent church also paid for hospitals, orphanages, charities and raised the British nation whilst the British government was drowning in its swamp of brutality, betrayal and hypocrisy. Today however the church does not hear a single good word……and it should!

There is also a difference between an ordinary thief and the UK Government. An ordinary thief steals money or other material goods while the British government steals British people’s lives, it steals their history, their cultural heritage and now even the colour of their skin. In addition, British people also live in illusion and they are not able to honestly accept the very unfortunate current times. The British Empire which they once had is now over and they still think that they are great because so many people want to live in England. Unfortunately those tragic victims of their own system completely forget that no one comes to England because of the high level of education (with certain exceptions) or because of the Christian and moral values, or because of safety and cleanliness in the streets or because of justice, but only for economic reasons and eventually to English language schools. Each element of British life is strongly politicized, employment in key professions depends on political views and freedom of speech is only there to serve the Left and those who the Left collected from around the world for their political ends. Britain is also a country where the real history of the country has been changed to the history of feminism and the history of sexual minorities and God and role models have been replaced by drunken celebrities. 

Very sadly, people who want to raise their children with certain values and the national identity have to do it quietly ……….. in fear of “democracy”.

“One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.”


Houari Boumedienne (president of Algieria from 1965 to 1976) in a UN speech in 1974 which was of course totally ignored by the European politicians.

“Justice” is a separate issue in the British regime. According to the official figures each year the United Kingdom imports 18-23 tonnes of heroin and 25-30 tons of cocaine and then the British government makes money on it. Even without the official statistics which I often find hypocritical I can clearly see the acceptance of the British police to the on street drug sale even though officially they fight them. Negroes who are used by the Left as the “victims of racism” openly sell drugs and always in the same places and police walks past them giving fines for cycling on pavements.

To show more British „justice” once even the British justice minister said that rape is not always rape” what means that since then Muslims and Negroes have been given a green light to rape and because they can count on support of the politically correct press they feel unpunished.

Another significant element of the British justice” is the fact that for arson of poppies symbolizing the British soldiers who died during the war the Muslim got a smaller fine that a parking ticket and he was honestly surprised. In contrast an Englishman who tore the Koran went to prison for three months. Britain is a therefore a country of double standards.

On the 2013 press freedom index (Reporters Without Borders) the United Kingdom which advertises itself as an oasis of freedom and democracy is on the far 29th place, ranking behind countries such as Costa Rica, Namibia and Jamaica, at the same time being ahead of Ghana by 1 point and Suriname by the whole 2 points. Compared to the previous years the freedom of speech in the UK has worsebecause in 2011 Britain took the 19th place. This means that the leftist regime is increasingly more ruthless.

“The individual in the photo is obviously innocent. As a child he was mistreated by his White teachers and that’s why his crimes are a fault of the system created by White men.” This is seriously the official version in the UK.

When it comes to elections in a sense of putting a proverbial cross in a blank space I have noticed three very disturbing things in England:

  • Firstly we always vote with pencil and never with a pen because pencils can be easily wiped off and another cross can be put in a different space for the Left.
  • I’ve also noticed that once all ballots were folded in such a way that the right wing UKIP was listed at the end below the last folded section and as a result of this many people did not see this party on the vote ballot and rang UKIP why they didn’t put up any candidate….and they certainly did.

By the way, after the recent elections to the European Parliament when the National Front won in France and UKIP won in England an interesting article appeared in the Israeli press, titled: “Have Jews lost Europe?

  • A few years ago English people at last started talking loudly about immigration and when it finally came to elections polling stations in one of the very last White bastions got closed and most of the British press went silent about it. Shortly thereafter the Prime Minister started preaching about “all the good things” that Islam brought to the British public. What is even more interesting, at the same time British soldiers guarded polling stations in Kabul so the Muslim heroine users could have their right to vote.

In light of the above is there really any sense to fool ourselves? Britain is infested by an authoritarian regime where the real power is hidden behind the Parliament and and any disagreement with the Marxist ideology means repression. These are traditional Stalinist methods without the cult of personality so in the event of the fall of the regime people do not really know who to hang.

An attempt to challenge the “White guilt”

In the major British cities native English people and White schoolchildren are already a minority but a nation which used to conquer a big part of the world is not able to realize that it is being conquered itselfThere is also undeniable evidence that despite the warfare nature of the British Empire it also did a lot of good things, but that part of education is prohibited as it is contrary to building the “White guilt”. In country where “racism” is just about being White British people feel guilty for the sunshine and they feel guilty for the rain. They are to blame for anything you say.

Contrary to building of the “White guilt I could give a lot of examples but I will mention just the most obvious ones. Before the British sailed to Singapore it was just aobscure fishing village but thanks to the vision of one man it became the financial centre and purely because of the British colonialism it will be always in the elite of the world’s richestNot far away from Singapore there is Hong Kong which before the British times was also just a poor fishing village with a mountain in the middle but today it is a symbol of financial power thanks to which China will profit for ever and ever. The same was with Malacca which is today one of the most important ports in South-East Asia and which without Malaysia could not even dream of its economic development.

Indian law is based on the British law so it makes me think that if it was so bad Indians could easily exchange it with their own. Apart from that thanks to the famous tea trade places such as Sri Lanka, Darjeeling and Assam were established on the map and Ceylon tea is now considered to be the cleanest and the best in the world. Therefore thanks to the British the current tea trade forms a significant income of countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Bangladesh. British colonialism also built the powers of North America and Australia where today wants to go the whole world.

Speaking again of Sri Lanka, thanks to England the country has the highest literacy rate of all countries of the Third World because in the colonial times Britain invested in education of the local people. Bombay for example is the largest slum in the world but a district called Colaba could be easily called today “the Westminster of India” because the British stationed there and they built a lot of beautiful buildings: including a fine university, the Prince of Wales museum which looks like a palace, Victoria Palace and even a train station which also looks like a palace. Moreover Colaba is and always will be the centre of education, culture and a great income from tourism for the Government of India. The United Kingdom also left a lot of beautiful sculptures and artworks in India, it popularized Indian cuisine, national costumes (sari) and the natural beauty of the Indian Subcontinent. These are all undeniable, obvious facts visible to a naked eye; but in order to see the world from a wider perspective English people should read a little more than just Evening Standard or Metro, whose sole reason for existence is to poison British minds with extreme Left-wing epidemic and it is by the way the only reason why those newspapers are free of charge. I agree that whatever Britain did was for its own interest but as a result of it the British colonialism built each one of the colonized countries. The only exception are the African countries because the Black species is so aggressive, stupid and mentally limited that instead of using Whites for their own advantage they are still only able to blame them for their own problems, which Negroes will not solve for many centuries to come. The problem is that Negroes have black nature and black thoughts. Every nation in Asia and the Americas knew how to use the British for their development but but an average Negroid was too stupid for that.

The Englishmen’s wives.

The nightmare of mixed relationships

At the present time the nation which wanted to become the masters of the world is now a slave and a citizen of the last category to its own government. Further to this tragism British people are also colonized and fertilized by a Negro and Muslim primitive. Ironically however I can see that very often in several aspects of life “the backwarded and primitive Third World” is on a much higher level than the UK, what for example means: family values, religious values and commitment to their culture.

“Hunting” for British people and their money has no end and the native people of the island are naive to the limits. The typical pattern is that men from Africa, Arabs and Indians take White women and White men take Oriental women. This means that year by year there are less White people what I had mentioned earlier, although this time I would like to take a closer look at the principles that the Third World immigrants really have. One of the reasons of course is a permanent visa and then a British citizenship and I can assure that these dealings comparing to all the other ones are quite innocent. All Indians and Negroes do not like themselves for who they are so they at least want their children to be a little whiter than they are sentenced to be themselves. I’ve also heard pinions from Black women that they want to have children only with White men because they “want their children to be better than ordinary niggers”, even though personally I can’t see any difference. Muslims for example who in my opinion have mastered lying to perfection also take White women. As soon as she gets pregnant he wraps her head in a thick black bandage, then he converts her to Islam and then such Arab may already stay legally in the benefit state and look for another stupid White woman. Then White women end up alone with Negro and Muslim children and till the end of their lives they have „slut” written on their faces. A picture like that in England is very common, it is a notorious epidemic as evidenced by the fact that England is the capital of Europe in the number of single mothers, divorces and the number of children in orphanages who are politically correct called “children of dual cultural heritage”….and those are always ready for adoption in any numbers.

On top of everything I believe that it is Oriental women who make the greatest careers with English men. These are so ferocious that they specifically look for old Englishmen, then they quickly get pregnant with them and after their death they inherit their big houses and fortunes. Then, those Oriental women already hate White men because many of them came straight from massage parlours and brothels of Asia. I personally know a Chinese woman who did that and I also knew her Chinese friends who came to England on a six month visa not to look for a job but to find a husband. Then Asian prostitutes living in big houses and driving good cars instruct good and honest Polish women how to do house cleaning, even though just a year ago they massaged their feet in Thailand or worked in brothels. But still Their English husbands keep on paying for their prostitutes, they give them their wealth and they forget that whoever has £20 in Asia may also have an Asian woman. I can see the stupidity of the British nation on every step and that’s why I think that their end is evident. The British nation is simply too stupid to survive. Already, at this point the only thing that British have left from the true Britain and the British culture are films from the 60s and 70s which show what the real England used to look like.

By the way, I also want to give an information that the youngest parents in the UK were 12 years old and the youngest alcoholic was 3 years old. In my opinion these are all artificially created problems which exist to distract British people from taboos such as immigration and the ethnic change of the country.

Will they survive?

Knife in the back

From the position of a Pole, England is tragic to me and I feel disappointed with it because Polish pilots of the 303 squadron died and practically won the Battle of England, because “British homosexuals” were not able to. Polish pilots fought for White British families and for the European culture and not for White Genocide or the Third World. It is clear to me that over the centuries Great Britain has had a whole cabaret of tragic leaders. Some of them were tyrants and traitors and others were clowns and utter idiots. First the British were deported like animals across the world where they used to die of hunger and disease and now they are being murdered and raped in their own country by its multi – ‘cultural’ society. Apart from the modern British puppet leaders who only deserve to be hanged I have the worst memories of that fat, ugly and smelly with nicotine Winston Churchill and his sickly loser Chamberlain. That cowardly, deceitful, empty worded hog of a posture of a sitting pig and gypsy style uniform stabbed Poles in the back and later did not even allow Polish soldiers to parade in London because he was afraid to offend Stalin. Churchill did not only look like a pig. He was indeed a pig, partly responsible for 50 years of communism in Poland and I think that any photo of this Jewish invented Zionist puppet should be hanged in every toilet and it should be spat on whenever it is used. I also believe that the same attitude should be represented by the British too, because it was Churchill who had two peace offers from Hitler, but even so he still preferred to bleed his own people and pay a tribute to Americans by withdrawing transport routes with the British Empire, although with good diplomacy it was not necessary. During the times of Chambarlain and then Churchill the United Kingdom could have avoided the war and could have kept her colonies and her dignity. Today however dumb British people who don’t even know their own history have allowed Churchill to become a pop culture figure, not knowing that Hitler didn’t want the war with England but he was forced to itBy the way, Poland could have also avoided the war on such a scale but the Polish government trusted the traitors (UK) and the cowards (France). (I will write about the British betrayal of Poland in another article).

In its entire history England had only one good leader and it was Cromwell. Only he could oppose the thieves and traitors and he did the impossible – he woke up the British.


don’t know whether my thoughts would ever see daylight, but if they do then the common sense parties would consider me their friend while the Marxist parties would label me the „Polish Nazi” and as a result the brainwashed crowd would believe them. My views in this article should considered as a warning to Polish people in BritainI wonder what would British people do if my article was published in a daily press? Most of them would do what they always do, which is nothing. Cowards would want to release their aggression and they would accuse Poles of “racism” because telling the truth to dark peoples is politically incorrect. Very few however would start to tell the truth and they would support my views, but those would be just exceptions because British people have water in their veins instead of blood. For a promise of increased benefits most of them would sell me for a grain of salt. I would also want to ask British people about their definition of: “God, HonourFatherland” but I’m afraid to hear empty, infertile words.

I’ll never forget when I and a group of Polish fighters trained with English fighters. First we beat the English but then we quickly realized that beating White people didn’t make sense so we decided to teach them. After 3 months of Polish training the English were nearly as tough as usI therefore comfort myself that perhaps there is still power in the British nation but it just needs an impulse or simply a Polish kind of trainingespecially that I want all the best for them.

According to my research if Britain continues to slide down towards the leftist swamp then within the next 50 years the country would become another South Africa, but worse because Britain would be under strong influence of Islam. From that moment the media would not be even able to cover up the criminal practices of the multi-”cultural” society because they would be too visible in the streets. Even then the “minorities” would be still called that way because for the political ends of the Left the racial census would be based only on small islands, such as the Shetland islands.

I also want to remind British politicians that political prostitution can be worse than AIDS but it only kills slowler, and that one day the British government will have to decide whether to choose political correctness or the survival of their own civilization.

In addition to the above, British people forgot that Britain does not need racial and cultural minorities but racial and cultural minorities need Britain. If someone has a problem with the British culture they know the way to the airport. Britain should not change its racial, cultural and religious values to please the primitive instincts of the Third World countries, no matter how loud they would scream “racism” or “discrimination“. If a Negro or a Muslim or anyone else wants to come to the UK to walk around the city, to eat, sleep or even breathe British air they should respect Britain, its people and the traditional British culture – or leave.

I also believe that in the current political climate all Poles should sell everything they have in the UK, they should return to Poland and they should not plan their future in the island before the Zionist controlled British government begins to blame Poles for its own political prostitution.

This way the British nation is becoming a part of history.



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