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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

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Trips to Asia

Spy – book

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

The cultural ‘enrichment’ of Europe; part II ‘Muslims’

By: Martin Malik

A warning to white women underneath the article !

Start from part one . . .


Part II – “Muslims” 

. . . (and racial – cultural segregation as a way of protection of the White society)


In the second part of my article I’m going to write about Muslims but I would like to clarify that my criticism will not apply to Muslims in a general concept but only in connection to Europe. Whilst traveling around the Muslim world I saw a lot of good things, and as everywhere I met good, hospitable and helpful people (because in Muslim countries Jihad is not needed anymore). I appreciate the ancient cities on the Silk Road, the original architecture, the art of the Koranic calligraphy, Persian carpets and good food. In addition, I like visiting Muslim countries and I don’t mind the fact that I disagree with Islam. I’m only worried about the hateful attitude of Muslims towards Europe and the European culture based on history and the present times. For those reasons I am against Muslim immigration to Europe and I support their mass deportations to the countries of their ethnic and cultural origin. I do not want to preach Muslims on how to live because I don’t want to change anything about them. I don’t want to attack their countries to rob them under the banner of false democracy and I don’t want them to force their culture on us. All I want are the separation of our civilizations and peace.

“One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it (Europe). And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.”


Houari Boumedienne, (the president of Algieria from 1965 to 1976)

Speech at the United Nations in 1974, which was widely ignored by the European politicians.

History of the “Religion of Peace”

The history of Islam is 1300 years of rape, slaughter and a complete, utter nonsense in the name of a brutal paedophile, murderer and rapist who declared himself “a prophet from God”. Because Mohamed is a perfect man to all Muslims and because a raped woman is a “halal” of a rapist (meaning: gift from God) after importing them to Europe we can expect from them rapes, slaughter and their never-ending collective nonsense. Although Muslims stand higher in intelligence than Negroes (not a compliment by the way), they are very destructive to everybody around them and to each other; the same as Negroes. It is also very important to understand that Islam is not just about religion. It is a barbaric militant ideology which consists of few main components (pillars), such as: religion, law, politics, economy and military and which as a result is a combination of mafia with Nazi politics. Islam is not only incompatible in the West. Islam is a crime against humanity and a mental torture used as a propaganda tool to control its violent, illiterate masses without questioning.

fucking muslims

Young Christian woman beaten up, raped and murdered by Muslims in the name of the “religion of peace”. The Western media is silent.

Muslims are not children of Jesus but soldiers of Allah and we can never forget that. Islam is a religion of illiterate shepherds, it is based on the lowest instincts and that’s why it will be always destroying higher cultures. To defeat Islam we must forget democracy because Islam is the right opposite. Terror can be only defeated with terror and delegalization of Islam, deportation of Muslims from Europe to their cultural territories and closure of our borders should be the priorities. Then we should allow them to be Muslims – but only in their own countries. Unfortunately Muslims must be under constant observation because they pretend to be our friends only as long as they are not strong enough to slaughter the infidels. Of course Muslims can be gentle and extreme but the extreme ones always rule the moderates. I experienced a rough Muslim war propaganda in “moderate” countries such as Jordan and Palestine and apparently it was just a prayer.

A Christian woman converting to Islam is a like Negro voting for slavery.

As soon as the mass murderer, rapist and a paedophile declared himself the “prophet from God” in 610 AD, the world immediately began to flow with blood. According to historians, including Muslim historians, since the beginning of Islam Muslims killed more than 670mln non-Muslims, because according to the military doctrine of Islam they “must kill infidels wherever possible.”In the Balkan countries, Russia, Ukraine and Hungary Muslims killed 80mln Christians in the space of 500 years. Then, to put an end to the endless Muslim invasions on the Christian Europe and to defend the Byzantium, in 1095 at the behest of Pope Urban II Europeans started crusades which proved to be the golden remedy in purification Europe from Islam. Then, when Muslims conquered the Iberian Peninsula in 711 they controlled its large parts until 1250 and when the last Muslim region of Grenada finally collapsed in 1492 the Holy Inquisition cleared Spain of the Muslim plague. However, despite the mass expulsions and mass executions of Muslims, still they were not able to understand the message that it was the time to leave Europe and Christians in peace. Then the Ottoman Empire attacked Vienna in 1529, but after the failed campaign tried again in 1683 and the goal was always the same – the Islamization of Europe. Muslim Turks also killed 1.5 million Christian Armenians and now all Muslim creeds carry out terrorist attacks around the world. For centuries, the Berbers also haunted the southern shores of Europe to kidnap White sex slaves because slavery is a crucial part of Islam; which was by the way confirmed to me by a mullah in Pakistan.

It is very important to understand that Muslims are the enemies of Europe and the enemies of Christianity, and that terror can be fought only through even a more brutal terror. Regarding the Muslim issue, as a Christian I am very proud of both the Crusades and the Inquisition.

muslims again

Muslims “refugees” are already in Europe.

However, Islam is not just about raging wars against Christians because the greatest genocide committed byMuslims happened in India. Muslim historian Firistha (born in 1570) wrote in his publication titled “Tarikh-i Firistha“, also called “Gulshan-i Ibrahim” that during the Islamic occupation of India from the XII to the XVI century Muslims murdered 400 million Hindus, thereby reducing India’s population at the time from 600m to 200m. Even the mountain range Hindu Kush means the “Hindu killer” because it is associated with tragic history. When Muslims led Indian slaves from India to Central Asia most Indians died of cold and hunger.

“After this I proceeded to the city of Barwan, in the road to which is a high mountain, covered with snow and exceedingly cold; they call it the Hindu Kush, that is Hindu-slayer, because most of the slaves brought thither from India die on account of the intensity of the cold.”


Ibn Batutta, Chapter XIII, Rihla – Khorasan

When it comes to killing Jews I don’t think anyone would be surprised that Muslims kill them with the greatest pleasure; but Muslims killed about 10 million Buddhists (David Berret and Todd Johnson, “World Christian Trends AD 30 Ad-2200” 2001, page 230.) and decapitation is a very popular activity of the Islamists in Thailand. Countries such as Indonesia and Afghanistan were Buddhist, while Iraq and Lebanon were Christian. Exactly the same situation is in Africa. Muslims commit genocide on African Christians in Sudan, Nigeria, Congo and the Central African Republic. Without even taking into account wars and terrorist attacks anymore Muslims kill Christians regularly, including small children and pregnant women. Wherever Muslims appear there are always problems, radicalization and actions leading to total domination for the cause of Allah. A good example is the Philippine island of Mindanao, although to Muslims the enemy is everyone who is not a Muslim. Even Muslims coming to Europe on pontoons throw Christians overboard for being Christians. Do we really need any more evidence? Both history and the present times teach us that Islam is a religion of genocide and my words can be confirmed by historians or even by Muslim activists in England who do not even bother to lie anymore about their true intentions.

The real nature of Islam

I would also like to explain why Islam is called the “religion of peace”. Well, Islam is a “religion of peace” or the “Islamic Home of Peace” (“Dar-es-Salaam”) when in a country all non-Muslims have been either expelled or murdered. Then, in that country there is no point to fight for the cause of Allah anymore and that’s why Muslims are at peace. However, even this is not entirely true because even in countries with 100% Muslim populations there are Shia and Sunnis and also para-military groups of more radical views. After some time it turns out that if Muslims don’t have any more Christians or Jews to kill they start slaughtering each other. Good examples are Somalia (100% Muslim) and Yemen (99.9% Muslim) where despite of “the Islamic House of Peace” there are ongoing civil wars and regular acts of terrorism, slavery and kidnapping.

“There are signs that Allah will give great victory to Islam in Europe. Without swords, without guns, without conquests. We don’t need terrorists or suicide bombers. 50 million Muslims [in Europe] will transform it into a Muslim continent within few decades.”


“Allah mobilizes the Muslim nation of Turkey to join the EU. It’s another 50 million Muslims. It will then be 100 million Muslims in Europe. Europe is in a difficult position as well as America. Soon these continents will agree to convert to Islam or declare war on us.”


“You are a minority in Europe. But one day, thanks to Allah, you will become masters, leaders and the heirs of the European continent.”


Muammar al-Gaddafi

Islam is not a religion or a cult but a full and complete regime. According to the CIA: The World Fact Book (2007) Islam has religious, political, economic and military components. Religious component is the foundation for all other components while the Islamization occurs when there are enough Muslims in a country to begin demands for their so-called “religious rights.” When politically correct and multicultural societies agree to “reasonable” Muslim demands for their “religious rights”, Muslims quietly pass all the other components. That’s how it works.

Poziomy muzułmańskiego radykalizmu.

The levels of Islamic radicalism.

Let’s take a look how Muslims change depending on their numbers in a country. As long as the Muslim population remains at around 1% they are perceived as a peace-loving minority and local press and TV emphasize their joyful difference. In the range of 2% to 3% Muslims start to differ from other minorities. They begin to be visible as members of street gangs and in prisons and they start honourable killings. There are also first signs of the social assistance abuse. Above 5% Muslims begin to be strongly visible (disproportionately to their numbers) and they have bad impact on a society. At the 5% level they push for the introduction of halal (“clean” by Islamic standards) in order to force the state to create a large number of jobs just for Muslims. There is also a series of requests to the retail chains to introduce halal food to the market, often reinforced with threats. Over 10% a state government is forced to recognize Sharia courts under the Islamic law, which is the only one which they recognise. Ultimately Islam seeks to ensure that the whole world is run according to Sharia law. Followed by a significant increase in lawlessness there are Muslim ghettos where even armed police patrols are afraid to go. The government begins to lose control of the situation. Any excuse could lead to riots, car arson and attacks on non-Muslims. Above 20% Muslims start to show their power in the form of public demonstrations, arson of schools, hospitals, cars, synagogues and churches. Most of the prisoners are Muslim. At the 20% level, until recently the occasional para-military Jihadi groups begin to work in a broad daylight, often expelling local security forces from Muslim / Sharia run districts. Above 40% we can expect regular massacres and terrorist attacks. Para-military organisations rule certain districts completely. At the same time follow kidnappings and abductions of unfaithful women, rapes and unofficial slavery. Over 60% we can expect non-limited persecutions of non-believers and sporadic mass murders. At the 60% level Sharia law is implemented in a whole country. The unbelievers are forced to pay a tax “for protection”, the so-called “Jizya” and very often their whole property is taken away from them. Then follows the mass exodus of non-Muslims from the country. Above 80% purges and killings are coordinated directly by the state. Close to 100% we can expect Muslim Peace (hence Islam is known as the “Religion of Peace”) or “Dar-es-Salaam” what means the “Islamic Home of Peace.” According to the military doctrine of Islam at that level there should be peace because if everybody is Muslim there is no reason to kill anymore. However, as I had mentioned earlier, even this is not entirely true because Muslims start to create groups of different levels of radicalization and they begin to kill each other for various reasons.

The sad fact is that 80%of Muslims living in Europe are unemployed and they get fat on European benefits like pregnant pigs but nonetheless they breath with hatred towards everything what is European.

I realize that it is hard for people to think on a national scale and that’s why it might be better if I focus on small places, so that my readers can multiply that city by 10. When Muslims enter a small town in a politically correct country it is always an intentional invasion to install Sharia law and to throw out or kill all the infidels. First, Muslims build as many mosques as possible and they try to close all churches. Then they introduce Muslim patrols, they organize Muslim marches and they beat and persecute the infidels, both in the streets and in schools. In the eyes of Muslims all Christian symbols, national flags and all aspects of life that are incompatible with Islam are “offensive”. When in politically correct societies people defend themselves against the invasion of their culture, the country’s police are on the side of the “persecuted minority” and in the case of crimes committed by Muslims the destroy the evidence against them to not to be accused of racism. Defenseless native people, betrayed by their government and their police have no other choice but to leave their native city. Then, more Muslims come in their place, they build even more mosques and they put even more pressure on breaking out from the laws and regulations of the country. Another words their aim is to create a state within a state and when one city is conquered they move on to the next one. Just like cancer they spread across the country, at the applause of the local police.

, The cultural &#8216;enrichment&#8217; of Europe; part II &#8216;Muslims&#8217;, Compass Travel Guide

If I wanted to be accurate I would have to deport to planet Mars the contents of all the Parliaments of Western Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand but here I’ll just mention 3 names of false leaders: Justin Trudeau (Canadistan), Theresa May (Britainistan) and Angela Merkel (Germanistan). 

Sharia law is so terrible that even some Muslims said that they felt threatened and one woman from Iran said that the introduction of sharia law would turn back Canada in time by 1400 years. Despite that Sharia law unofficially operates in Canada on a national and a local scale and pro-Muslim Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stated that he identifies himself with Islam which he according to him is more peaceful than Christianity. As if that was not enough he nominated a Muslim for an immigration minister. In Canada even local cafes have been devoted to Allah because every Friday they are transformed into mosques where students pray towards Mecca. This is exactly the case in England, where Muslims with many wives get extra benefits, halal food is sold nationally and Muslim patrols are tolerated. In addition the “British” Prime Minister Theresa May officially wanted to introduce Sharia law. For example in Sweden, in a small town of Halmstad it is prohibited to “show off” Swedish flags and there is a total ban of pork in schools. However, Muslims in Hamlstad have stated that although all three churches have been already closed, they still feel irritated by the small chapel. Muslims also complained that Sunday was a day off because “it should be Friday”. However, the most important thing is the change of the official language into Arabic, while the Swedish is not needed because the prophet forbidden to translate the Koran into the languages ​​of infidels. This is exactly what a gradual Islamization look like but explaining that to European liberals is like having a conversation with a toilet. The Patriots on the other hand, who speak the truth about Islam are persecuted, interrogated, and worse.

“Extreme Muslim is the one who beheads the infidel and the moderate Muslim is the one who holds the feet of the victim”.


Marco Polo (Venetian merchant, traveller and the author of “Description of the World”)

However, the most important thing to remember is that a mosque built on a non-Muslim land is treated like a conquered land and that a Muslim tells the truth to a non – Muslim only if he makes a mistake. Muslims lie without even thinking about it, without blinking and without regret. Deception is their way of life. Lies define them as Muslims because Muslims are children of lies and all the teachings that come from them are false and based on double standards. Where there are two Muslims there are three lies, where there is Islam there are schemes leading to the destruction of all including Muslims. The Koran makes it clear that “there is no greater deceiver than Allah” and it shows the prophet of Islam in the same way. Today among the most advanced liars of all Muslims are Arabs and verses in Koran make it clear that cheating is an inseparable component of Islam. Every trick, every crime, every rape and any act of terrorism has its justification in the Koran because every Muslim is a “soldier of Allah”. A good example is al-takiya (Islamic philosophy of deception).When Muslims arrive en masse to non-Muslim countries and as long as there aren’t too many of them they pretend to be friends of the native people and sometimes they even criticize Islam. However, when there are more of them they show that their true purpose was to gain trust of naive Europeans so they could hit them with full force. A common example is an encounter of a Muslim man with a Christian woman. A Muslim would do absolutely anything to make her believe that he wants to completely get away from Islam and convince her and her family that he wants to fully assimilate to the European culture. However, after marriage a Christian woman must wear a headscarf, she is harassed to convert to Islam and her only mission in life is to give birth to as many Muslim children as possible and raise them to become the new fighters for Islam. Then, according to the teachings and assurances of the Koran that there is no greater deceiver than Allah such Muslim is considered to be a hero because he weakened the „infidels” by taking one of their women and having Muslim children with her. In such circumstances his earlier renunciation of Islam is his al-takiya what means a religious deception, for which according to Koran he will enjoy the grace of Allah.

Koran – (8:30), (10:21), (2: 225) (16 106).

In some things I agree with America and in others I don’t. However, when it comes to changes of a European society under influence of Muslim population the CIA is simply correct. Either way it is also important to mention the significant facts that the CIA Fact Book did not want to say:

  • Terrorism and religious fanaticism indeed do exist in Islam but the CIA did not provide the information that they are created and inflamed by America – sometimes against Russia, sometimes because of widening the sphere of influence, sometimes because of natural resources and cultivation of drugs and sometimes to strengthen Israel by destabilizing Muslim countries. This means that there is a good dose of terrorism in Islam but on the other hand there aren’t bigger terrorists in the world than CIA and MOSSAD. (I want to make it clear that I’m not trying to be on someone’s side. I only say it the way it is.) America knows the nature of Islam very well and that’s why inflaming it for her own purposes is easy and brings profit.
  • Islam is not a uniform religion what means that its version does not depend on the Koran but mainly on the culture of the particular country. For that reason the Arab version of Islam is different from Islam in Central Asia.
  • Thirdly, criticism of people and criticism of religion are two different things. I have a good opinion about Iranians but not about the model of the Islamic republic.
  • America likes to talk a lot about Islamic terrorism. I agree that it does exist but on the other hand where was America when Israel killed Lebanese children with phosphorus bombs?
  • Every action causes reaction. First the CIA and MOSSAD blew up the two towers in New York to have an excuse for destabilization and robbery of Arab countries under the cover of fighting terrorism. Then they removed M.Gadaffi and S. Hussain who were the dream come true leaders for Europe because they kept Muslims in Muslim countries. Then the U.S. created ISIS and flooded Europe with Muslims under the banner of “helping the refugees.” This is how the Judeo-America and Judeo-Britain kills the Arab world and Europe and then they dare to ask why they have so many terrorists. As I understand Polish partisans during the Second World War were also “terrorists” because they fought “democracy” introduced on us by Germany and Russia?
  • There is also a question of Palestine, a country that has never attacked the West and has never threatened the West. Meanwhile Britain included Palestine into its empire and then sold it to Zionist Jews who threw Palestinians out of their own land. The best way to fight terrorism and to ensure peace is to never attack other countries. I very much doubt if Muslims wake up in the morning and think: “Who are we going to hate today? Maybe America, maybe Israel or maybe England.” There is always a reason.
Muslim sex slaves

Television Jews can go on a long vacation because White women are the primary source of destruction of the White civilisation. Uncontrolled, brainwashed with tolerance, feminism and unconditional humanitarianism White women are a huge threat to the society. (Pictured: the Muslim’s future sex slaves).

“Sometimes I wonder if in the liberal world it wouldn’t be safer for women if they refrained from voting from time to time? Such choice would guarantee them a greater safety because women are naturally more liberal, what means that first their votes open the borders and then they are raped and abused according to their wishes by dark human garbage. However, explaining this to women makes no sense because if they heard me they would want to burn the “male chauvinists” on a stack. Either way I think that my idea is perfect because it would finally put women under control of their own vaginas.”


Martin Malik

Let’s also make it clear what Islam actually is. On the basis of my historical studies and research on Muslims I came to the conclusion that the word “allah” comes from the ancient pagan deity, meaning the moon – and this is where the symbol of Islam comes from – the crescent. In order to make the ideology of Islam more respected and to give it its poetic and philosophical overtones Koran was partially copied from the Old Testament – and that’s why there are the same stories in the Koran as in the Bible. The breakthrough however came with Mohamed, who was a military leader but he also was a war criminal, an exceptionally brutal tyrant, a rapist and a pedophile, who after the conquest of Mecca and Medina declared himself a “prophet of God” and said that all his crimes were happening “with the God’s approval”. In those days the people of Mecca and Medina called Mohamed a blasphemer but on the other hand anyone who opposed him was immediately shortened by a head. People such as Mohamed could have been more and only in the twentieth century it could have been Hitler or Stalin but in the twentieth century people were already better educated and they had a better idea of ​​the world; but above all neither Hitler nor Stalin could lie as Mohamed did because none of them was dealing with stupid Arabs. In North Korea for example “the prophet Mohamed” is every new “dear leader” and people really worship him. Mohammed introduced to Islam barbarism, military doctrine, religious fanaticism and he legalized sexual crimes – because those where the only things that he really knew. Because Mohamed wanted people to listen to him and be blinded by the new “religion” he told them to pray to the moon (the crescent in the sky) – that is, to the deity “Allah”. In the current times Islam has became the religion of illiterate shepherds and the ideology of Islam is used by political leaders as a tool to control stupid masses by boundless obedience. Besides, Islam will always destroy higher cultures because it is in itself an ideology of a lower cultural level based on deception. Even Muslim prayers look like incitement to war and I have no doubt that those responsible for the importation of Muslims to Europe and the Europeans setting up families with Muslims are the enemies of the European culture.

Typically experts divide Muslims into many religious and ethnic groups but my division is even simpler. I divide Muslims into good and bad, no matter whether they are Sunni or Shia. Good Muslims are those who live in their countries and it really doesn’t matter to me how much they suffer from the mental illness called “Islam”, how they treat their women and whether they slit throats or not. As long as they live in their home countries they are “good Muslims”. The second category are “bad Muslims” so those who live in Europe or those who think about coming to Europe. It doesn’t make any difference to me who they are and how they behave. As long they live in Europe they are “bad Muslims”. I do not want to build churches in Saudi Arabia, I do not want to convert Muslims to Christianity and I do not want to invade them. I just want to keep them as far away from Europe as possible and when I want to experience the cultural differences then I know where to look for them.

Although Muslims fit Europe like a fist to an eye there are certain things which I agree with them on. Muslims do not accept the Jew World Order, they are sacredly right when it comes to the Jewish bacteria that destroys the whole world and they keep their women in a straight line. In Islam, the same as in traditional Christianity there is a very simple distinction between the roles of a man and a woman, without poisoning women’s brains with nonsense such as feminism or liberalism. These are the things that Christians have lost because White men were stupid enough to invent tolerance and gave power to soft women. On the other hand I can’t understand why so many European women vote for parties that condemn Europe to a Muslim death sentence. Mass rape and the treatment of women like animals still do not convince women from the Netherlands, England, Sweden or Germany, and that’s why I’ m going to give an example that should force European women to think. The circumcision of small girls is widely practiced in many Muslim countries and involves partial or complete removal of their genitals without any medical reason and it is done with a knife, a razor blade or even with a piece of broken glass. In other words, Muslims permanently mutilate women in the name of their stupidity, what leads to many health complications and sometimes even to death. According to the organization Terres des Femmes, which deals with protection of women, Muslims and Negroes mutilate around 200 million girls a year, including about 500 000 in the European Union alone, although another 180 000 are at risk of genital mutilation, mainly in Germany and France.

The overwhelming Muslim population

When I look at the map of Europe I feel greatly concerned because the Muslim population is growing at an enormous pace and now the Muslim enemies of the European culture are the majority in European capitals. Currently, especially in the Western European countries the problem is not only about the Muslim crime ghettos but about parallel societies which are doomed to live in a dark existence next to each other. Meanwhile the politically correct governments of Western Europe are more interested in how to appease Muslims than to fight the invasion. In Sweden it is forbidden to display the Swedish flag, in England it is forbidden to display the flag of England and in Denmark they don’t display the Danish flag, because they offend Muslims. Christian symbols are also removed from the social life, also to not to offend Muslims and the post-British schools are dominated by the ideology of Islam. Any objection to Islam in a form of struggle for the European culture leads to riots, arson and rape which is used as a Muslim tool of war against Europeans and Christianity. The government of “Great” Britain in order to appease Muslims allowed the Sharia patrols and actively works on how to introduce Sharia law into the British law so it could be “compatible with the British culture.” The French government has increased benefits for Muslims so they don’t throw stones at Catholics leaving the church. In Germany an article was published in a parenting magazine about being wary of blond haired families because they might have right-wing views, which have no place in the German society.

The international, Jewish communist clique of pseudo-intellectuals have raised Muslim monsters in Europe according to their war doctrine “divide and conquer”. Along with Africanisation, sodomisation, liberalism and feminism used as the socialist’s weapons against the European culture and the European ethnicity Europe becomes a part of history.

Muslims themselves do not even hide their intentions of the conquest of Europe and they have already said that according to them the first Muslim country will be Denmark because half of the Danish Parliament belongs to them. Perhaps in this matter it is only their fantasy but Muslims certainly have the basis for such an opinion. Taking into account the great Muslim immigration, a huge number of births in Muslim families and very small numbers in the European families, I believe that the Muslim calculations are very true.

, The cultural &#8216;enrichment&#8217; of Europe; part II &#8216;Muslims&#8217;, Compass Travel Guide

I therefore include a research carried out by an independent organization called Pew research, which calculated the Muslim population growth by 2030 – if Europeans do not start to fight for Europe. I want to add that the Pew Research Center based in Washington is a non-profit organization which has no connection with the far-right. Generally, in 2030 the world population will grow to 6.9bn and the Muslim population will grow to 26.4%. By 2030 79 countries will have 1 million more Muslims. In the USA in 2030 the Muslim population will double from 2.6bn in 2010 to 6.2bn in 2030. In Europe the Muslim population of 2030 will grow to 8% of the total population (and the prediction for 2050 is by the way 10.2%). More worrying however are the data about the individual countries because in 2030 the Muslim population will be as follows: United Kingdom 5.6m, France 7m, Germany 5.5m, Sweden 1m, Netherlands 1.4m, Belgium 1.2m, Italy 3.2m, Norway 400.000, Denmark 300.000, Greece 700.000, Austria 800.000, Bulgaria 1m, Spain 1.9m, Macedonia 800.000, Russia 18.5m, Albania 2.6m, Switzerland 660.000. In addition the average age of Muslims in Europe is 30 years old while the average age of Europeans is 40 years. I’m therefore not surprised that Muslims in England go out to the streets and shout in the faces of a handful of Englishmen (quickly arrested for “racism”), that their children and grandchildren will be Muslim. However, according to my opinion Europeans will not be finished off by Muslims but by their weakness, apathy, cowardice, and above all by stupidity. From a Belgian I heard that such situation was normal, a Dutchman told me to look at how much evil the Catholic Church did to the world, an Englishman passionately shouted “racist” into my face for about half an hour and a German woman said that when Muslims rape it is not always a rape. That’s why in Europe of degenerate, weak, politically correct cowards and idiots Muslims do not even have to fight anymore. All they have to do is to immigrate and have a lot of children.

The British police has been instructed to silence everyone who is critical of Islam because the British economy is based on oil trade and Saudi Arabia has a very sweet deal with Britain in that matter…… the price of Islamization and the rape of the British nation. Besides, Saudis spend a fortune in English shops and they buy the most expensive real estate in London. The English working class does not have any value to the British government.

On the basis of the evidence that I have collected I came to the conclusion that the enormous global Muslim population is a huge threat to the world and it should be radically reduced. 2.2bn Muslims in 2030 is totally unnecessary and in my opinion only 20 million would be enough in each country to maintain balance and keep the culture. As the example of the populations of Muslim countries in 2030 I have decided to give Egypt (117m), Bangladesh (187m), Pakistan (245m), Indonesia (296m), Iran (88m), Turkey (88m), Nigeria (117m) and India – which even though it is not a Muslim country, according to the Pew Research Center in 2030 the Muslim population in India will reach 240m and in 2050 there will be more Muslims in India than in Indonesia with the total number of 311m. In my opinion India should not even have one Muslim and the other countries that I have mentioned should have only as many Muslims as it is really needed to fight the Jewish Satan. If the Muslim population is not reduced so drastically than jihad and Sharia will overtake the world by simple biology; and there won’t be such an army or such banksters that would be able to stop the avalanche of jihad. Another version of the future is that Europeans would finally open their eyes and then with the help of Israel, America, Russia, China and India they would remove Islam from the face of the earth, which in turn would lead to the global depopulation.

At the end I have a curiosity for the most hardcore liberals, leftists and all the promoters of multiculturalism who do not see the threat of Muslim immigration to Europe. In 2010 the global Muslim population stood at 1.6bn while in 2030 this number will grow to 2.2bn, what means that only within 20 years the Muslim population will grow by another 600m and it will reach 26% of the global population. The Left believes that there is no danger and that’s why I’ll try to imagine for a moment that I am as naive as they are and accept that in 2030 90% of the total Muslim population will love the European culture and Christianity and only 10% will hate us. This means that even with such a childishly naive assumption “only” 220m Muslims would want to conquer Europe. Now let’s suppose that only 10% of that 220m hating us Muslims would manage to come to Europe and that means that they will be able to build a 22m strong army on our continent. These assumptions however are ridiculous because all Muslims in Europe only respect the Sharia law and they all “treat Crusaders like pigs”. Therefore, according to the Pew Research, in 2030 Muslims in Europe will have an army of 58m! By 2050 the Muslim army in Europe will grow to 71m!!!

When a nation forgets her skill in war, when her religion becomes a mockery, when the whole nation becomes a nation of money-grabbers, then the wild tribes, the barbarians drive in…


Robert E. Howard


Read part three . . .


A warning to white women

I’m not going to assess the intelligence of white women, who continue to prove that they were born to become sex slaves and incubators for men from Africa, India, and Arabistan. As a white man however, I cannot surrender white women, and that’s why I’ll try to explain something to them; and this is not only for the survival of Europe, but also for the white women’s dignity.

Well, every Muslim, every Negro, Indian, and every dark-skinned man would do absolutely anything to get a white woman. They all have very low self-esteem, and that’s why by impregnating a white woman, they feel they are advancing socially and racially. All the politically correct, subordinate governments help them by promoting mixed relationships, which is why race-mixing with whites is promoted in many countries. This is because of the Great Replacement Project, and in order to continue the decline of European culture. Arabs or Negroes are only the tools of destruction, but without any real power.

A man of dark skin colour is able to tell a white woman absolutely anything to sleep with her, and that’s why I give this advise to you, so you don’t end up like ‘a piece of screwed white meat’. You should play their game, to laugh in their faces. When an Arab or an Indian is simply too nice to you, tell him that: ‘you like Arabs and Islam very much, and say that you like Negroes for being so smart and handsome, and that you like Indians too’; but you have one condition. Well, you want him to be a cosmonaut, because the planetary system is the most exciting thing in your whole life. I guarantee you that your suitor could “become an astronaut” right away. Say that you believe him, but before you go to bed with him, ask him about the average temperature on Saturn during the day, and on Jupiter at night. Ask how many planets there are in our solar system, and if he knows someone who has landed on the Moon. Remember!!! To him, you’re just a dumb blonde, so let him tell you that he’s an astronaut, or that he’s an expert working for NASA. Perhaps he could show you around?

Or you can say, that you can achieve orgasm only with a chemist or a quantum physicist. Learn a few things in any field to make this coloured trickster drown in his own shit, right next to you!!! In general “you are very interested in Islam”, and you want to know why “the prophet” Mohamed killed the defenseless poet in Mecca, even though he was so good. Why did Mohamed sleep with Aisha when she was only 9? Let him explain it, because depending on his explenation you might convert to Islam?

A few years ago I saw an Arab from Lebanon, who didn’t know how to pull a Polish woman, so he told her that during the Second World War, Lebanon helped Poland to defeat Germany. She believed him, she was so stupid.

, The cultural &#8216;enrichment&#8217; of Europe; part II &#8216;Muslims&#8217;, Compass Travel Guide

The Muslim pedophile gangs in England, specializing in gang raping of white women and girls, operated for some 20 years with the quiet approval from the left-wing parties. English policemen destroyed evidence against Muslim rapists, to not to offend them, by the request of the leftist politicians, who continued their careers on Muslim votes. When English patriots finally started talking openly about the Muslim rape epidemic, they were arrested and jailed for ‘racism’. The response to those crimes from the ultra-left wing Labour Party politician was: ‘Those (raped) girls should keep quiet for the sake of diversity.’

Poles living in France said that one Arab wanted to pull a Polish woman, and he persuaded her that he was a diplomat in Paris, who permanently lived in a palace in Dubai. Polish boys tracked him down, and it turned out that he was a poor, illegal immigrant from Algeria who slept in a loft with several other Arabs. He shared the bed with his brother to be able to afford the rent. The Polish woman was already in love, and she thought she had found a prince charming from a fairy tale dream.

There was also a case when a Pakistani man confessed his love to a Polish woman at the first meeting, and he gave her a ‘golden’ chain for £2,500, as a token of love. It turned out that he gave her a yellow chain which he had bought for £9. He also didn’t say that he was from Pakistan, because it was too embarrassing. This example proves that for Muslims, a white woman will always be just a cheap whore.

My guess is that most of the mixed relationships with Muslims and the children from such relationships, are because of the naivety of white women and the cunningness of Muslims. The moment she becomes pregnant, he puts a black rag over her head, and the fairy tale ends!!!

Muslims lie without even thinking about it, and I will never forget what I experienced in one Arab store in London. When I told him that I was from Poland, he replied that a million Poles lived in the south of Algeria. After some time I returned to the same shop, but I was dressed differently, and the same Arab said that there was about 1 million Germans in the south of Algeria, because I had introduced myself as a German. In addition, I said that when I go to the south of Algeria to feel like in Germany, I would like to buy a kangaroo. He said that there was no problem, because the Germans sell kangaroos over there.

Islam is based on unconditional lies against infidels, and when an Arab sees a white woman, he simply loses his mind, he becomes an astronaut, he sells kangaroos, he would say anything. I recommend my article: “Al-Takiya; The Islamic Philosophy of Deception”.



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