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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

===============================================  “Religion, like alcohol, should only be for wise people”

Martin Malik

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Trips to Asia

Spy – book

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

The cultural ‘enrichment’ of Europe; part V ‘Orientals’

By: Martin Malik

The final word to white people, at the end of this series . . .

Start from part one . . .


Part V – “Orientals”

. . . (and racial – cultural segregation as a way of protection of the White society)


During my travel career I have visited many countries of the Far East and Southeast Asia, and I believe that each of those regions has many interesting and valuable things that deserve to be explored. With all my heart I recommend exploration of beautiful Asia, I recommend its fascinating cultural heritage left behind by its ancestors, I recommend rich in tastes cuisine, its breathtaking natural beauty, the originality of a different civilization and very interesting contact with people. Based on many years of my experience I’ve come to the opinion that Asians are intelligent and hardworking people who nevertheless never take masks off their faces. I met a lot of good and helpful people during my travels, but after all their attitude to Europeans is based mostly on economics, and it is very rare for morality to win with profit. Because I spent such a long time in Asian countries and because I live in England where already lives the whole world, I managed to see how Oriental people behave in their own countries, what is their true character when they live in Europe and what we should be careful about.

In my opinion Buddhism is not destructive to the European culture and in the current numbers it is not a cultural threat to Europe. Contrary to Islam; Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism can live in harmony with any other culture and religion. This does not change the fact that I don’t agree with these religions and I think that their place is far away from Europe, and that those people should stay in the countries of their cultural and ethnic origin. In the case of Oriental people the threat to Europeans is not because of their religions or the high levels of crime, but because of their enormous numbers, and their extraordinary ruthlessness and deceitful character in order to get rich. These are the main issues that I am going to show in my article. Besides, I also intend to briefly discuss what Buddhism is actually about to show the cultural differences between Asians and Europeans. In other words, I like Asia and its people, but I also like the ethnic and cultural balance.

Besides, I believe that traveling in Asia not only opens eyes to many things, but also teaches white people how to think for themselves. Marriage scams and pickpocketing are “white collar” crimes, which in China or Thailand are the unofficial tai chi and yoga of this beautiful and diverse continent. I am talking about high-class liars, for which for example naive white men looking for cheap thrills with Asian women are not prepared. (At this point, I recommend English men to read the Bible regularly, because it can save them from bankruptcy and disease.)


In order to better understand my opinion of the Oriental people, I first decided to write about my assessment of their ideology and philosophy; described as religions.

Buddhism is at first sight a very peaceful and harmless doctrine. In my opinion Buddhism only does harm to Buddhists and to the mislead and ignorant Europeans. I believe that Prince Siddhartha really lived and that after years of meditation and spiritual perfection he was declared the Buddha. I also realize that Buddha had interesting philosophy that conquered the hearts of many people, and that his philosophy has become a way of life and then the cultural base of a big part of Asia. Still however, Buddhism is not a religion that comes from God but a philosophy created by a bright man or a great drug addict, whose way of thinking has become very popular. Besides, Buddha and his philosophy of life have become so popular not because he was right, but because reality doesn’t like emptiness. During the times when most people didn’t have any access to education, someone like Buddha easily filled people’s minds with his ideology, in the same way as an empty cup can be filled with water. I therefore think that if Buddha can be called “God” or a great philosopher followed by millions, then equally someone like Leonardo Da Vinci or Nostradamus could also become „God”.

I disagree with Buddhism mainly because of certain philosophical dogmas. The first is reincarnation – the travelling of souls, which is different comparing to the Christian religion. I believe that every man is original, a different soul, and that everyone is unique, and after life a person meets God, or he doesn’t. In Buddhism however there is no final judgment, therefore Buddhists don’t expect to meet God. A Buddhist monk in Tibet told me that if someone was good, then in the next life, due to reincarnation he might become a beautiful and respected person or an eagle, if such is his will; but he could also become a pig living in a pigsty if he doesn’t deserve anything better. In my opinion reincarnation is a false teaching because in Buddhism people don’t wait to meet God, and to the Buddhists people are not unique. In Buddhism a man’s soul is only borrowed and it wanders all the time. Apart from that people are equal to animals because they can become eagles, dogs or pigs. I admit that it is an exciting story, but looking through the picture of Christianity and taking into account differences between people and animals, I don’t treat Buddhism seriously.

The second dogma in Buddhism which I strongly disagree with is the belief that “the more you suffer in this life the more you will be rewarded in the next life.” This approach teaches lack of ambition and teaches that suffering is good, whereas in Christianity Jesus taught that being rich is good, but only if wealth is not achieved through crimes and trickery. Buddhism is therefore a socialist religion based on poverty, of which Buddha himself was the most evident example. In the spirit of this belief prostitutes in Thailand openly say that they sell themselves to strangers and old men for money, to pay for their families in a countryside, because if they suffer now they will be rewarded in their future lives. This is the very wrong reasoning taught by Buddha, and that’s why I recognize Buddhism as an interesting but a harmful and destructive philosophy in a nice frame.

, The cultural &#8216;enrichment&#8217; of Europe; part V &#8216;Orientals&#8217;, Compass Travel Guide

I liked this Buddha in Burma as the element of the local culture and art, but the same Buddha in Europe would be the symbol of loss of the European culture, and the symbol of prostitution of our liberal puppet masters.

I don’t have bad feelings towards Buddhists, but I feel disappointed with the behavior of ignorant and weak Europeans who are so lost that they look for false prophets. I often see Buddha statues in English gardens and in English homes, despite the fact that English people don’t have a clue about Buddhism. I very much enjoyed the Giant Buddha of Leshan in China, the monuments of Buddha in Burma and Thailand, and the great Buddha on Lantau Island in Hong Kong. When I was in Asia it didn’t matter to me whether I agreed with Buddhism or not because Buddha was part of the Oriental culture. When I was in Burma and Sri Lanka, simply because of respect to the countries that I visited I even laid down a lotus flower at the feet of Buddha. On the other hand all the Buddha statues in English gardens and the Buddha in the Battersea Park in London I find disturbing. The same Buddha in Thailand would be in the right place, while a monument to Buddha in London is a symbol of English loss, a symbol of weakness of the English culture, a symbol of absence of the local culture, and the symbol of political prostitution of our liberal puppet masters. (If the English absolutely must have a sculpture in their garden, I recommend them an angel or an English animal.)

Buddhism is a fairy tale for children in a nice setting about a man dressed in orange, who had the wisdom of life and who wanted to do the best. Buddhism, however, is a philosophy that offends basic intelligence and does not relate to the true God. It is a peaceful and easy-going philosophy that makes people happy, it has bueautiful art and interesting manners, but it should not be taken seriously.

The Oriental nature

The honey trap

The Oriental race, colloquially called yellow, is in reality not just yellow but also brown with all kinds of slanted eyes. When writing about that breed in terms of threats to Europe, first we should distinguish the great differences between the countries of East Asia and the countries of Southeast Asia. Countries such as Japan or South Korea, where economy and living standards are high are not such a big threat, because those people don’t migrate to Europe on a mass scale. The problem is with the poorer countries such as China, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and also with Muslim countries such as Malaysia and the overcrowded Indonesia. I have already discussed the Muslim issue in part II of my article, that’s why now I’m going to write about all but apart from Muslims. Although immigrants from the Buddhist countries and certainly immigrants from the Catholic Philippines are not a cultural threat and they don’t have destructive ideologies, it is important to take into account that their large populations pose a risk of an ethnic bomb to Europe and to Australia.

I realize that at first glance it is a “race of a lower risk”, but here the degradation of the European ethnicity is abused by mixed relationships, which are most often and eagerly committed by Oriental women and European men. In this case white men search for easy targets because they are too lazy to look for White women, while Oriental women come to Europe and Australia not to work but to hunt for white husbands. I personally talked to a Chinese woman who told me that she had invested her life savings to come to England to find a rich Englishman, because as she put it: „it was a great business”. She also said that all Chinese women who she knew in the area, either already had rich Englishmen or they were still looking. In Thailand they even made a program in which Thai women honestly admitted that their choice of a husband depended purely on his money. Each one of them saves on a ticket and a visa to travel to Europe, Australia or North America to look for a man who would give them a big house, western citizenship and money. Oriental women are not interested in Polish men because we are too poor, but they love Polish passports. When I told them that I lived in England, my value on the potential husband’s market rose immediately. As one Belgian man in Thailand said to me: “they are all prostitutes.”

In Thailand marriages with older Americans, but especially with Englishmen are very popular. Straight after marriage an Englishman buys his Thai wife a house, he buys her a shop or a hotel and he gives her British citizenship, and when the Thai woman doesn’ot need him anymore she takes divorce. Then the stupid Englishman, by the power of the Thai court loses everything and he is deported to England at his expense without a penny. When I was travelling around Thailand I met a lot of such mixed marriages, and I noticed that as soon as they got married, every single time the roles were reverse; the Thai woman was the boss and the Englishman was her slave, because she was very well educated in the Thai divorce law with foreigners. After marriage the Englishman is practically a bankrupt and he has no rights to his property.

, The cultural &#8216;enrichment&#8217; of Europe; part V &#8216;Orientals&#8217;, Compass Travel Guide

The future wives of Englishmen. Through their zips and economic marriages straight to the whole property of naive Englishmen. In England such marriages are a plague and they are promoted.

In England, the stupid, infinitely naive and also very lazy white men marry Oriental women and they make them 3 mixed children. After that an Oriental woman takes divorce, she takes his home and such Englishmen is forced to move to a rented flat, and he pays a mortgage for a house that legally does not even belong to him anymore. This is the way how the British property that belonged to English people for hundreds of years are passed into the hands of Asian women, who just got out of massage parlours and brothels ! ! ! Many Oriental women who have English husbands and who live in wealthy homes and have servants, just a few months earlier had worked in brothels or they had been giving oral sex for £10 in the dark streets of Bangkok or Shanghai. But the best part is that this scenario is being repeated over and over again and as the years go by, English men get even more stupid and they count on a miracle. Just as Muslims openly say that they want to blow us up and they want to conquer Europe, so the Oriental women openly say that they arrived to do business at the cost of White Men. Well, I want to protect the white race, but on the other hand is it worth to protect English idiots? If Orientals see an Asian woman with an Englishman, they might even wink at her and smile, because they know that she has done a good BUSINESS. Orientals can be terrible !

I had a conversation once with an Englishman who had three Asian children and he also had a very rude, ugly and a highly demanding Oriental wife. He asked me why I thought that he did wrong. My answer was that only in China alone there will be soon 1.4 billion Chinese, and he made another three, so he should answer me whether he did well or not. That Englishman lived in a wealthy neighborhood in a big house, and the English law always protects the “suffering” mother with children, what means that the English moron is now at the mercy of his Asian “masseur” who is in a position to take over his entire estate. What opinion do my readers have about it? Did he do well or maybe I’m just racist? I would drown such traitors and idiots in a sweet and sour sauce.

Even in wealthier countries such as Japan or South Korea women often want European men to take them out for dinners. White men think that Asian women like them, and maybe that is also true, but over there it is never about friendship but above all about business. A Korean woman meets a White Man for a free meal and a free English lesson, which in Asia are very expensive. In such case I often replied to Oriental women that for English lessons I charged $40/h, and if I ever need a whore I know where to go. Unfortunately most white men in Asia „were born yesterday”. For me, the choice is simple – if it’s not a white woman, then it’s none.

The brutal side of Orientals

Oriental men are also a threat to Europeans. This is mainly because of race-mixing, though to a lesser extent than in the case of Oriental women. The threat is about their will of getting to money on corpses. Orientals are definitely more soulless and brutal in earning money, and they are capable of committing more violent crimes for money. It usually starts very nice because Orientals open bars and restaurants with exotic food, and inside them they hang posters with pandas or dragons, and Buddha seems to be a symbol of peace without destroying ideology. All these things make Europeans sleepy about the Oriental invasion, and before they wake up it turns out that Asians slowly buy out their city and the population is being exchanged from the European into Asian. In the meantime Orientals form gangs which usually deal arms and drugs, they slaughter each other for local influence, and they also kill those native white people who fight for their country.

There were many cases in England where Vietnamese gangs set up marijuana plantations in their homes, while the Asian-dominated street markets are no different from the lands where Muslims build their mosques. The idea is exactly the same – conquering the enemy’s territory. As a student I worked at a huge football stadium transformed into a big street market where I had my business, and as a young man I saw a lot of unpleasant things, especially that there were people from all over the world and I had a good look of what I could expect from each race. The Vietnamese for example worked like ants and they certainly could not be accused of laziness. In addition they always behaved very quietly and they did their best to not to bring any attention to themselves. On the other hand however, sometimes I found corpses of Vietnamese men in local rubbish bins, because other Vietnamese got rid of competition that way. I quickly realized that Buddha, lotus flowers and the self control learned from Tai Chi were just propaganda for Europeans; the eye blinding bull shit used to hide the true Oriental nature. For example in America and in England there are Oriental gangs called Triads, which occupy themselves mainly with drug trafficking, dealing weapons, contract killing, human trafficking, prostitution, extortion and money laundering. In London Chinatown we can see Chinese architecture and art, dragons, oriental products and Chinese restaurants, but there are also Oriental Gangs on which the politically correct British police is silent about.

Blacks, Gypsies and Muslim extremists go out to the streets of Europe to tell us bluntly that they want to rob us, denationalize us and destroy us. They burn the streets, they turn back European countries in time, and they want more and more. Orientals however are a different genre, which I will illustrate on the following example. Orientals work and smile falsely and bow to Europeans. They are seemingly polite. This means that if a department store belongs to the Vietnamese and only to the Vietnamese, they will invite Poles or English to do business with them. However, when someone starts to criticize Asians, the Vietnamese would stab him in the back, and I assure everyone that there would be no witnesses to this crime, even if it was witnessed by 100 Asians. The next day, Asians would again invite Europeans over, they would smile to them falsely, and bow for show to do business with white people. This cultural trait of the Orientals is of course terrible, but it is also a sign of their racial and cultural solidarity in white countries.

If I was a prisoner during World War II, I would rather be put into a German concentration camp than be under Japanese occupation. Europeans forced people to work and they killed them, while Orientals turned tortures into ‘art’. I recommend my article about Thailand, where I described the bridge over the River Kwai and the fate of white captives.

, The cultural &#8216;enrichment&#8217; of Europe; part V &#8216;Orientals&#8217;, Compass Travel Guide

Chinese gangs are a plague of the West. From the mainland China through Hong Kong and Macao, then through England all the way to America. In my opinion Chinatown in London will sooner or later become a war zone between competing with each other Oriental Triad gangs.

When I was in Thailand, China and Vietnam I noticed that very rarely someone smiled to me for free. Each time Orientals smiled either to my money or because they thought that I had money. In Europe, the raised in Christianity white people have charities and they have gestures to help others, but in Asia a man without money is a dead man with a delayed sentence. Asians in Europe are nice only as long as they don’t have money, but later they show their great distaste towards White people, because they and their parents and grandparents had been our servants for centuries, and for that reason their every smile and every gesture of friendship is fake. Asians wear masks which they never take off.

Besides, Asians have no hearts and they can be disgusting. In the jungles of South-East Asia there are bamboo slaughterhouses where Orientals slaughter reptiles for meat and skins, including endangered species. I saw with my own eyes how Chinese and Thai people beheaded turtles and lizards and I saw streets of death where reptiles, cats and dogs were kept for weeks in small cages so at the end Asians could slit their throats. The brown and yellow populations are huge, that’s why they eat rats impaled on a stick, they eat eggs with chicks inside them, they eat locusts and scorpions. Sometimes I think that if shit had legs and could run, Orientals would also catch it and eat it. I will never forget the Chinese toilet. The Chinese were shitting into one trough, kneeling next to each other without any privacy, and then a Chinese woman splashed all that smelly cargo with a bucket of water. Disgusting!

I would also like to remind all the worshippers of multi-culti that if the Orientals gained absolute power over any European city, first all the parks in that city would start to disappear. I haven’t seen any parks in the Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese or Thai cities. I only saw very small green areas, usually one tree with little grass around. In China, you cannot walk on grass, because over there grass is only to look at, and you cannot ‘destroy life’. Orientals have less need of contact with nature, because in place of the park they pour concrete and build shopping centres. I think that Oriental cities are depressive. A Muslim would build a mosque on the last lawn in the city, while an Oriental would build a temple of money.

Orientals are very hardworking and ambitious people, but this diligence has its dark sides, because the pursuit of money in the Orientals has no moral boundaries. I can assure you that if a Chinese district was established in a European country, there would also be smuggling of some animals, including endangered species. Restaurants would serve shark fin soups, meat from endangered species, and rhinoceros horn powder. It is not even about the legendary aphrodisiac or exceptional nutritional values, but about social status. The Chinese who is willing to pay $200 for a shark fin soup or even more $$$ for tiger body parts, are considered superior to others. In general, hunting tigers or sharks is illegal, but on the other hand, the use of animal parts for scientific, medical and cultural purposes is legal in China. In Japan or China, there are slaughterhouses for rare species of animals, and not only dolphin and shark slaughterhouses in seaports, but also open slaughterhouses on the streets of these countries. I am sure that if a Chinese district was established in Warsaw, illegal trade in parts of rare animals would also arise immediately. Orientals and respect for nature are words that simply don’t fit together. I think that Orientals can be ruthless.

I remind that nobody has to believe me in anything. Everything I write about can be checked.

Summary of the Orientals

In my opinion Orientals are not such great enemies of the White Civilization as Negroes, Muslims or Gypsies, and that’s why I place them in the group of a lower risk. I believe that a lot of Orientals like white people and our culture, but because of their huge numbers, race mixing and going after money on corpses they are still very dangerous. On the other hand, Orientals are hard-working and without a question more intelligent than the breeds I had described in my previous articles, but they are also more vicious and sneaky. In order to guarantee peace between our civilizations, first and foremost we should live separately, we should never talk about money and be well educated about the extensive list of their scams. In any case, a large Oriental population would also mean a deterioration of the European environment. Landscapes of many industrialized parts of China look as if they were on planet Mars, and their rivers are sewage.

I think that getting rid of Orientals from Europe would be very easy, and it would end without bloodshed. If suddenly a patriot became a leader of for example Great Britain, it would be enough to announce that in a year from now the British government will introduce a law about reclaiming all property from all Orientals, meaning that they have more than 360 days to decide whether they want to keep their money or not. For that reason the British Prime Minister advises Orientals to take everything that belongs to them and in less than 360 days return to Asia with everything what belongs to them. Also, in 360 days all Asians will have to pay a departure tax of 5000 GBP, that’s why to save this money it would be better to leave this year. In addition, any property obtained on the basis of divorce cases with British people will be annulled and will remain in the UK with their legitimate, English owners. I think that just the introduction of the last law would reduce the number of mixed marriages with Oriental women to zero.

I think that yellow people with slitty eyes shouldn’t worry about what I think about them, and it shouldn’t matter to them that I disagree with their ideologies. It is important that they agree and they enjoy it, although I enjoy them too when I’m in Asia. I accept yellow people the way they are and I don’t want to change anything about them, but on the other hand I also don’t want them to change anything in Europeans either. To make it clear, I don’t think that every Oriental woman is a prostitute who has false matrimonial plans against European men, and I don’t believe that every Oriental man would kill for money. On the other hand however, based on my experiences, I treat them as high risk races with regard to all the traits of their character which I described above. I also believe that if their populations are not reduced by half or at least by 25%, sooner or later it will have catastrophic results primarily on them. This is a problem which I think they should consider. To sum it all up, I wish all yellow people a very happy one way flight back to Asia, with everything that belongs to them, and when I miss the cultural experience I will surely visit them with my camera.


The final word to white people

By the way, if I talk about threats I think that the biggest threat to the White Christian civilization, and a much bigger one than all the races and cultures of the world taken together, are indigenous white people; such as: liberals, communists, feminists, race traitors and promotors of sexual degeneracies, who in their trans of sick and exaggerated humanitarianism and destructive tolerance have forgotten who Europe really belongs to, and what values it should have to survive! All the other races and cultures that I have visited during my travels will surely survive, because over there no one would ever allow the replacement of a native society into alien.

At the end of the series, I would like to say that white people are also a threat to dark-skinned people, as they already have sad historical experiences. When traveling around Asia, I realized that they also classify people by race, and in the Orient, in Africa, or in India, it is very noticeable. In Indonesia they took me for a Dutch, in India for an Englishman, and in Muslim countries they give me that deep look and say that I look like American soldier. My point is that for people of colour, we are the descendants of colonizers and / or slave traders, even if we come from a European country that has no colonial past. To them we are white, so we are incredibly rich because we live off the exploitation of the colonies. It’s just easier for them that way, and please don’t expect anyone to know where Finland or Czechia are, and don’t expect those people to know their history. If the whites do not understand this and we don’t become peaceful white nationalists, then sooner or later the social and ethnic construct known as the “white race” will cease to exist because of our own naivety.

I also believe that regardless of the political system, immigration to Europe will never end, precisely because of the Europeans themselves. In England for example, every Englishman would like to become the Prime Minister, but in order for the nation to continue, with its racial purity and cultural unity; we also need English cleaners, English babysitters, English labourers on construction sites, and English rubbish collectors. The British Prime Minister complained that there was nobody to pick vegetables in the English fields. Meantime the English people, also those who were unemployed and in debt, didn’t want to do this job at all, that’s why it was taken by immigrants, mainly from Bulgaria and Romania. The English didn’t want to do that dirty work because they are ‘sir’ and ‘lady’, and neither the Blacks or Muslims, because they are not slaves and they have such benefits that they don’t need a job. The UK Prime Minister didn’t even offer this job to Negroes and Muslims, because he was not a ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’. In order to protect the English culture and English ethnicity, it is necessary to destroy socialism, and to change the system, and the way of thinking.

I could write a lot more about all the other races and cultures, but sometimes I also have to look critically at my own white people. It is not the people of colour, but white people, as the only ones who have the ethnic and cultural crisis, and it is the lives of whites that are full of hedonism, social cowardice and existential nihilism.



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