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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

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Trips to Asia

Spy – book


My account has been blocked many times for publishing truth and conservative views.

Facebook is a leftist fortress, that truth defines as "hate speech", and common sense as "discrimination." It even happened that Facebook removed the post of pope emeritus Benedict XVI, because it was too conservative - but professionally speaking, it didn't meet the Facebook's "community standards". Another time Facebook censored a photo of Father Christmas kneeling in front of baby Jesus, describing it as "violent content".

In addition, Facebook regularly removes "likes" from right-wing websites and brings them down in search results. Facebook in theory "allows" to promote articles criticizing homosexual propaganda and anti-immigrant policies , but at the same time it does not promote them, because the number of visits in such posts is frozen.

The best known intelligence agencies in the world are: CIA, FBI, MI5, MOSSAD, KGB ..... Google and Facebook. By creating a Facebook account, you set up your own police file!

Think well before you give information about yourself on this important wing of the CIA. We live in times when it is not necessary to brutally interrogate "the enemies of the revolution", if there is a device thanks to which people willingly say what they have done, and even what they will do. Facebook knows who you are connected to; and if you are really naive, it also knows your family and your car registration number. To the secret services, Facebook is a dream come true.

Facebook is a mine that extracts information about you instead of coal, and makes money on your privacy. Really, there is no privacy anymore, and technology becomes more dangerous. As confirmed by Facebook's founder silence, I think that even if you delete your FB account, the info about you stays with them forever.

To those who doubt in "freedom of speech", I advise to learn how to fake your IP address. The first rule is that IP address does not travel with the user, although there are other ways. If someone is an "intolerant racist", and wants to write on FB that: English people are white and only white, that he doesn't want to transform Big Ben into a minaret, and that anus was designed only for toilet purposes, then it is better to post such comments outside of your address, because otherwise, as I have read: "the brave men in police uniforms have no problem in finding a delinquent who promotes an extremist material". This is not Communism by the way , but "progressive democracy".

In addition, Facebook is designed to be addictive. Its template quickly catches the eye, it lets people to complain about social and political matters, and those who feel lonely have their own communities on FB, so they don't feel that lonely anymore. Users are rewarded and punished, that's why they try to present themselves the best the can in the eyes of their communities. They unconsciously open the door to police, secret services, and foreign consulates issuing visas . FB and other social networking sites promote false, improved image of their own reality, for which they want to be admired and rewarded.

Dreams versus Reality- on social platforms.

Do not try to promote an improved image of yourselves on the internet, because you are chasing an unreal dream, which could become a terrible mental blow during the first brutal contact with reality.

Instead, I advise you to learn manual jobs which develop thinking and independence - (carpentry, construction, plumbing, herbology), so we don't end up with a generation of idiots, whose whole world ends with stupid selfies and Facebook likes.

Twitter is another Marxist platform led by Marxist trash; and that's why my Twitter account has been already suspended. Generally on Twitter, church and white people can be offended at will, but on the other hand criticism of homosexual movements and anti-liberal, non-globalist views lead to account suspension. I also noticed that especially quotes from the Bible, to Twitter are like salt in the eye.

When it comes to women, I advise them to learn how to bake cakes for their husbands, instead of flexing their buds on Instagram. Social media is also designed to outcast people from the real society, because people whose attention is constantly hijacked by tablets, smartphones and computers, do not have time to interact with real people.

“People will come to love their oppression, to adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think.”

— Aldous Huxley

Throw away your smartphone, and use cheap trashy phones without internet access, and use temporary SIM cards with them. After a week or two, burn them and use another disposable trashy phone. You will be safer and you will keep more privacy from the constantly stalking You eyes of the Big Brother. If several million people did it, smartphones would be free, on a condition of long contracts and internet connection. Stop wasting your life on pressing buttons on your smartphone that you don't even fully understand, and which have already taken over your freedom. Instead, talk to a living human being, have connection with the natural beauty, and your phone can be as primitive as possible. I even think that not using a smartphone these days is an act of rebellion against Big Brother, who wants to control us more and more through visually attractive but to most of us incomprehensible, more advanced applications.

In my point of view phone addiction is a dangerous disease of civilization

"Freedom of speech" on social media is not free, privacy is like golden dust, and officially it is neither Communism nor censorship, but "progressive democracy" based on total invigilation - through creating a pleasant and technically advanced concentration camp with glass walls!

"Believe nothing you hear, and only half the you see."

- Edgar Allan Poe

In the 'About the author' section I have posted the most interesting entries from my Facebook account.

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

The hidden manipulations of the leftist regime

By: Martin Malik

Below, a short speech of a leftist politically correct politician directly translated from his language into our own. A separate, rich and pointed out translation at the end of the chapter:

Ladies and Gentlemen,


My name is Traitorstein. We have problems with the microphone so I’ll repeat. My name is Traitorstein and my family began very modestly. My father had a barbershop specializing in curling sidelocks and my grandfather used to produce large black hats. The Traitorstein family has had a huge impact on our tax paying community for many generations. I’ve been attached to Your nation with all my heart for many years, or rather since I moved in here two weeks ago.


As you can see I have a very plain looking overweight wife what proves that I do not have perversive nature and that I am not a homosexual. Standing right behind me there are my Black friends (dummies) who prove that I am not a racist.


When I was still a child my dear father, also Traitorstein sent me to the military academy so I could fight for our beautiful country. I was intentionally signed for the shortest service possible and only to the unit which would never be involved in actual combat. Why? So I could show off with it to you right now and fulfill the dream of my father and my grandfather and win this election ……… just so I could overpower you.


Many of you would never take such an emotionally hard work because you would’t want to send your beloved children to war, to a certain death. Ladies and gentlemen, please don’t worry about it. This is the risk that I would gladly take. Soon, with your support I intend to submit a very clear message to the parliament. What is this message? This message is …. Traitorstein!


What am I going to focus on during my term in the office? I think that the most important thing this year and perhaps even the next, is for your benefit and protection the avoidance of the “centrally-terestrial enchocyloglotophobic narcosis” – whatever that means.


STOP at this point!!!

Naród owiec ogląda promowane przez lewicę wiadomości.

The nation of sheep watches the news promoted by the Left.

In this case Traitorstein has absolutely no idea what he said but he is happy that his words look enigmatically. Because of that he looks wiser than he really is and he believes that the sheep would buy his empty promises. A politician barking out similar words to a nation has no idea what he talks about because they don’t make sense at all. However, poor people looking at him with their mouths open think: “a wise man, and those words! What do they mean? Shame to ask …. so let’s pretend we can understand.

The reason behind this nonsense is the mental industrialization of thoughts which can be understood as schematic-biased phrases limiting the native language while at the same time forcing to reflect on something what is completely unnecessary and meaningless. This happens for several reasons:

1. If the nation is at all times a subject to the implementation of the same biased phrases repeated hundreds of times, then in the end people would believe them and regard them as normal, usual and in accordance with their national and cultural nature.

If we see an article in a newspaper titled “Britain is proud of its multicultural society” our reactions would vary depending on how many times we would see such a title. The first time we would consider it to be a total nonsense. After five hundredth time we would begin to think that perhaps we are somewhat satisfied and after hearing that slogan even more often it would be so ingrained in our minds that it would become inseparable.

Just like inhaling fumes in the street. We need to breath it in whether we like it or not. With propaganda it is the same.

Another classic example of brainwashing people is a tv programme called “Muslim women at the driver’s license course” what means that in this case the “driving course” alone does not meet its propaganda purpose and it is contrary to the whole idea of the leftist regime. Therefore “driving” is of secondary importance here. That’s why to us even though the politically correct phrase causes nausea, just like a five time reheated pork chop, we must only remember that it is the Muslims who learn to drive. Probably just to be safer?

2. Reduction of usable language with the main purpose to limit the communication just to pass on information selectively formulated by the ruling classes which in advance assume the stupidity of the people. A classic example in this case is a very overused phrase “you’re a racist” or a “racist attack”.

For example a fight in a cinema between the British and the Poles could perhaps be of an alcoholic issue, it may come to family matters, or if they really did not like each other very much it could be a nationalist attack because nationality is indeed different, but certainly it would not be a racist attack because these people are of the same race.

On the other hand from the position of the ruling classes what’s the point to compel people to a mental effort. If people need to remember a few words that they’d better remember just one. Perhaps among the sheep there would an ambitious one who would want to dig into the subject and find out the difference between racism and nationalism. At present however let’s not get too tired and let’s recognize each fight as racist.

3. The propaganda of multiculturalism reminds me of an empty shop from the Soviet times.

By not giving too much choice to people they do not understand what they really want and what is best for them. The ruling classes are terribly frightened that when they give choice people might ask for a forbidden fruit and for something that simply does not exist in the political menu. One might then remind himselves of the basic rule of democracy what could create a very uncomfortable situation.

4. Teaching jobs for material benefit of the state and just for the idea of teaching.

First of all if education is too expensive for most people then it means that it just doesn’t exist. Moreover, even the most eminent genius is completely useless without hands to work, so what’s the purpose for producing the army of the unemployed which can only read and write? The purpose of it is that the true and real education could reach only the selected ones and so the people could pay a lot of money for studies that do not lead to anything. To summarize, nobody has the proper experience to undertake a job for decent money, but everyone would like to have a document confirming that they are able to think.

5. Artificial creation of social problems is a master specialty of the politically correct traitors because they are designed to pull attention away from the real problems.

It is more than obvious that in order to cover up such a painful problem as the Third World invasion on Europe and the politics of the White Holocaust, the Left has to talk about something very drastic. What works best is the sexualization of children in the media, teenage pregnancies and children alcoholics. All these problems could be solved very easily and very quickly but from the point of view of the ruling classes these problems ……… suit them very well.

6. Controlling people through fear because fear causes the nation’s multi-cultural unity and further dependence from its “loving” rulers. In this system there is a need for an enemy, a need for war and unfortunately there is a need for victims. Finding an official enemy is too obvious and does not meet the standard that’s why the most perfect enemy is always the one who does not even exist.

The “war against terrorism” is the best example of it and a poor goat shepherd from Iran who doesn’t even have electricity and is not even aware of anything also “belongs” to the “Axis of Evil”. Another classic example was the artificial creation of the Taliban where poor people honestly believed that they fought for the “religion of peace” but in fact fought for American dollars without even knowing about it.

As we can see false manipulation of multi-cultural Europe is not only based on robbing Europeans from their national identities and constantly reminding them that their countries do not longer belong to them. This propaganda is also based on developing the lack of mental literacy, on getting people drunk and keeping them in constant fear so they could not think straight and were not unable to carry out any action.

But in order to create a myth of generosity about the “noble philanthropist from the top of the iceberg” silence is rewarded with benefits – which are to be taxed although this one is not to be discussed loudly. The nation is then very grateful because according to the main principles of the system not many have desired the work experience, and everybody needs to eat.


Politics always proves to us that the truth no matter how virtuous is always as fleeting as circles on water and as difficult to digest as herrings in chocolate, but a lie is eternal and it always travels with a light speed.


Martin Malik



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