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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

The illusive alliance with America

By: Martin Malik

The illusive alliance with America


The alliance with America is like a house of cards. America has already betrayed all its allies, because in fact the word ‘alliance’ is a mild word meaning ‘brutal business in white gloves’. America aided the communists in Cuba and Cambodia. The US betrayed its Catholic, anti-communist allies in South Vietnam. America, along with Great Britain, sold Poland to Stalin in Yalta, and in 2019 the USA betrayed the Kurds. The US also bombed Yugoslavia, destroying Christians in favour of the Muslims; and then, together with Israel they created and supported ISIS for many years. I have no doubts that the USA would also throw the whole of Central and Eastern Europe to Russia in exchange for natural resources and a military alliance against China. The alliance with America is fiction! ! !


Two harmful organisms

For centuries Poland has strengthened itself in the belief that it can count only on itself and that alliances do not have a realistic value. Despite this fact the childishly naive Left which has sold Poland many times over sells it once again and many Poles still believe them. Unfortunately, now politics has become more sophisticated and ruthless because the enemies of Poland operate under the false cloak of ‘democracy, equality and openness’.

In my point of view only a hidden anarchy truly exists and democracy is a pure fiction invented by the ruling class, so that the poor and the weak could feel better. George Orwell wrote very clearly about the concept of equality in the “Animal Farm” which is about the fact that some animals are more equal than others and nothing will ever change that. Nobody is equal, nobody is equally beautiful, wealthy or wise. The same as leaders are not equal poker players and are not equally specialized in a political bluff. When it comes to openness, in my previous articles I wrote about breeding of the elements racially and culturally worthless in Europe which step by step lead to slow White Holocaust of Europe.

Currently Poland is situated between two harmful organisms and it is still not free. In the east we have the old and well understood by all Soviet Union where Moscow controls its republics by combining military force with the natural resources blackmail. This story we already know very well and that’s why that enemy is better understood. Russia is not in a position to surprise and deceive us because, what means that in this case Russia is a poker player who plays with open cards.

But more than about enemies I am more worried about our unfortunate relationship with our ‘friends’. In the west we have the Red Union of the European Republics where each of the republics is controlled by a puppet government in Brussels and where in exchange for leftovers from the master’s table each of the republics must sell itself like a prostitute. Everything is for sale here icluding a thousand year old culture, shaped for centuries moral values and even our skin colour. We all know what Arabs or Chinese people look like, and everyone also knows what should the nations of western Europe look like.

Flaf of European Union. Toilet paper.

The flag of lies and a total control.

Unfortunately this time the moral degeneration, destruction and political prostitution of the attacked republics comes to us from the west. In the face of a centrally controlled European Union which in my opinion is being built on Marxist ideology, for the West Poland only plays the role of an export market. The main tasks of Poland are to import as much as possible, have a minimum export, send young people abroad and replace native Poles with Jews and the Third World. All of that is brought upon us so we could understand that our country no longer belongs to us, so we could become weak, helpless and so that we Poles could feel like foreigners in our own country.

‘God save me from my friends. I can protect myself from my enemies.’


– Voltaire

In France and England there were once whole neighborhoods of White people too, where each native family had its small business and in those good times the native Europeans did not experience tyranny such as accusing the entire nation of racism or the wasn’t introduction of homoterror. In those days everyone was a master of his own business and today people work for the monopolists for survival salaries. This is exactly what the Red Union of the European Republics is about. It is just another type of the Soviet Union.

In the Soviet Union a republic fought for its independence with its blood whilst in the European Union republics pay for independence with total bankruptcy, and Ireland is the example. As for the enemies of the revolution today they are called “racist” because the same as before they are against the Marxist ideology.

The North Atlantic Terrorist Organization

Now for a change let’s discuss the issue of NATO and the role of Poland as a buffer country. NATO is also is nothing new because before the war we had our NATO with England and France. However first I would like to remind history which was not written by the Zionist Jews, in order to refresh certain facts. Until March 1939, Adolf Hitler, our close neighbour and an ‘understanding’ man with regard to the Jewish occupation tried to establish alliance with Poland.

Polish Foreign Minister Józef Beck stayed many times at banquets in Berlin and Goebells was in Warsaw where both smiled to photos with general Piłsudzki. At that time Poland and Germany were suffocating in their own countries because of Jews – or if someone prefers because of today’s multicultural society. For the price of Gdansk which was German anyway and for the price of extraterritorial corridor Hitler considered building the Polish army to jointly invade the infested with Jews and communism Soviet Union. The Polish Government however, instead of doing everything to peacefully settle that matter with the nearest neighbour, trusted traitors and cowards who then sold us many times over. I’m not saying that the alliance with Hitler would have been a lottery win but I am convinced that it would have been incomparably more beneficial and not destructive to Poland.

We have a similar situation today. The Polish government fights Russia and it creates hate propaganda towards its neighbour, while hoping that the ‘most democratic country in the world’ in stripes and stars, in the event of an attack would fly across the ocean and save Poland just like it always does in movies. The naivety of the Polish government has no end.

NATO-The North Atlantic Terrorist Organization.

War is business that’s why the Ambassadors of Death would defend Poland only under a condition of the absolute capitulation to the West (USA).

Poland should use the super powers in such a way to create a sense of competition between them for Poland, but never any other way. Besides, Russians know where Poland is whilst 70% of Americans think that Spain is next to Mexico because they also speak Spanish. In the case of a real attack on Poland it is very easy to predict what would happen. I’d like to note however that I am not talking only about the attack from the east but also abot the attack from the west.

At any manifestation or struggle for independence Poland would be attacked from the West economically and politically. It would be an attack designed to devestate the country’s market liquidity which would very quickly put us in the same line with Ireland, Portugal or Greece. In order to function we would then have to remain in the European Union and owe even more debt to the American Jews, whilst selling all our companies, airports and factories to Germany. Apart from that Poland would be also a victim of a media witch-hunt, in order to destroy us mentally. I am therefore talking about total slavery.

In the event of the attack from the East it would be an attack in the form of high bills for gas and exerting influence on us that way or it could be eventually a military attack. I would like to remind that NATO is the North-Atlantic Alliance, and that means the protection of only few selected countries, at the same time with sacrificing the buffer countries. If the attack came from the east here’s the predictable scenario of that game: America which is strong only at invading countries which I describe as the ‘sitting ducks’, would never dare to attack an equal opponent. They would end up on issuing emotional speeches to Poland which to an average American is probably located somewhere near to Kazakhstan.

 ‘When morality comes up against profit, it is seldom profit that loses’.


– Shirley Chisholm

On the other hand the small numbers of US troops in Poland would not be there to defend our country but to emphasize their dominance over our territory. England would be silent about it and all the European countries and Israel would sell plenty of weapons to both sides because war is a business building their economies. The attack would end in “western borderlands” and Gdańsk in accordance to an agreement with Germany, and then Poland could start its wet dream about NATO and the EU. In this scenario all the European countries, Russia and America would make a lot of money at the expense of Poland. In my opinion, such a scenario is very possible.

America. Question mark. Doubt in America.

Perhaps someone would not agree with me but in my opinion we are still alone.

Summary of alliance with the USA

To me America is just another type of Russkies, with exactly the same appetite for total control but with a much more disgusting, rotten and a throw up propaganda and ideology. That country destroys itself morally and culturally from the inside, and it pulls its controlled ‘friends’ with them. Terrorism, threats, empty promises, betrayal, chaos after endless wars. This is how the US understands democracy. I hope that their “American dream” in relation to the puppet Polish state will never come true, because it may mean trouble. They want the whole world to be like the USA, and they dare to brazenly preach about ‘tolerance’.

(America lost its beautiful, valuable, admirable culture with the assassination of President Kennedy. From that point on, the USA began to slide downhill !!!)

The geopolitical situation of Poland requires it to be in one of the terrorist camps. I believe however that Poland can be an ally of the USA, but at the same time without waging wars with its enemies. Poland should trade and maintain good relations with all countries in the world, and not only with those that the US and the European Union like at the moment. An alliance with a dose of neutrality is my suggestion. The King of Saudi Arabia told the US that he would be their ally and agreed to military bases, but refused to allow America to ever interfere with their culture and religion. Poland is now Americanized, just like the Philippines before. Poland has weak leaders without character.

America fights Russia and China, and the rest of the countries are just pawns to be sacrificed if necessary, and economic hostages. The only countries the US cares about are Israel and Great Britain. America takes Israel seriously because the Jews control their finances, politics, and the media. Britain is taken seriously by the US because it represents the US entry into Europe, it is a highly dedicated ass licker, and it is also controlled by the Jews.

A few years ago, in 2019, the USA clearly showed its attitude towards Poland, supporting the unfounded claims of Jews against Poland and several other countries. Act 447, because that’s what I discuss, was also supported against Poland by the ‘English lords’ – by Jews hiding behind English surnames. Does anyone still believe in alliance with America?

A must read:

Great Britain and the GREAT betrayal of Poland; part I

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