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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

The Union of Antichrist

By: Martin Malik

The Union of Antichrist


The EU’s propaganda machine planned in a subtle way in the European Genocide Laboratories of Marx and Engels lead the European nations to the brink of survival. The European Union of the politically correct eurocrats is modeled on the communist machine of the Soviet Union, where every country is only a republic without being able to make its own decisions.


What is really the European Union

On the surface the European Union strokes us with a false sense of freedom and prosperity, at the same time taking freedoms away and destroying Europe from the inside. On one hand we have open borders and free movement of people, goods and services, but on the other hand we also have depopulation of the European nations and replacing them with strangers, making laws based on White and Christian apartheid and the politics of homo-terror, which is hard to digest even for the most mental liberals.

Communist flag of the European Union.

Symbols are usually very illusive. Before it was a hammer and sickle on a red background and today there are yellow stars on a blue background. The concept remains the same.

The European Genocide Laboratory as an assumption with the official centre in Brussels aims to have absolute control over its republics and as a way to achieve the absolute power the main goal of its murderous ideology is to lead to a mass denationalization of the European nations and to destruction of Christianity. To the quiet occupiers it of course makes sense because if a nation is an artificially made crowd of many different peoples of different races, cultures and values, and with an adequately constructed to such regime education system, then the nation like that would be much easier to rule. It would be easier to govern and create paranoia in such a nation and if at the same time the traitor government destroys God within that nation whilst building a homosexual “golden calf”, the people would not be able to cope with their own religious identity or even with their ethnic and cultural affiliation.

The intended collapse of moral values is a specialty of the euro-regime because destruction of a nation through destruction of its culture and faith always gives the desired results. It is also not a secret that race mixing and sexual degeneration lead to the end of a nation.

Considering the above paragraph I think that the quote below very adequately pictures the European Union:

“The classes and the races too weak to master the new conditions of life must give way or perish in the revolutionary holocaust.”


– Karl Marx.

Comparison of communism with fascism against the European Union

Karl Marx was the first who began to talk openly about racial extermination. Later, in the first Marxist country, in the Soviet Union, Lenin and then Stalin passionately studied his work and first they resettled and then murdered tens of millions. On the other hand, in 1924 the New York Times published an article written by Joseph Goebbels who admitted that Lenin and the Hitler’s National Socialist Labour Party can be compared and the differences between the two ideologies are very narrow. Later Hitler admitted many times that he learned a lot from the Marx‘s publications but because of great dissatisfaction of voters the Nazis stopped admitting that fascism was built on communism.

Comparing the two ideologies I can see a great similarity between the two and it is clear to me that communism and fascism are twin prostitutes who grew up next to each other and also learned from each other. The differences depend largely on the ‘frameworking of each ideology, although I see it a little bit deeper. The first one we can dress in red and pin a hammer and sickle to it and the other ideology we can dress in brown and give a swastika in its hand, but in both cases we have similar strategies involving deportations, resettlement and in extreme scenarios also murders. There is also a third version of a very similar ideology which is dressed in blue and has yellow stars pinned to it. The political manifestos in this case are also very similar. Communists inventedthe enemies of the revolution’ as their main enemies whilst the progressive communists in a form of the European Union haunt ‘racists and homophobes’ what means that both persecute exactly the same people.

According to me the main difference between the two is that communism or the progressive communism in the form of the European Union needs cheap labour to lower the prices of goods and services, and communists are able to do it at absolutely any cost; including its own culture, ethnicity and religion; which in their opinion is only ‘opium for the masses’ anyway. An open out killing of Christians would be bad for the economy because they can work to feed the ruling elites, therefore the more effective way for them is to kill Christian values through extreme promotion of homosexuality and other perversions. On the other hand, Nazis also want cheap labour but not at the expense of their race, culture and faith – and this is the important difference. However, the times are changing and with them also the technology and demand for labour. When countries where based on agriculture there was a need for a lot of children so someone could ‘help’ the parents in a farm, but today bringing up children is a great expense what makes families with children unprofitable for their governments and they cost a lot of work and obligation for many years without any financial gains.

I also think that when the technology reaches a very high level and as a result of it many professions would become extinct, then the progressive communists would borrow parts of the fascist ideology in order to get rid of all the racial and cultural minorities from Europe. Considering how much money, patience and problems of all kinds cost useless Negroes, Muslims and Gypsies, keeping them in Europe at the expense of the state is simply not cost-effective; although on the other hand ‘there is a higher fee for a white man flower delivery’, what the elites don’t see as cost-effective too. I therefore suspect that sooner or later there will be a civil war on a European scale.

The Union of the Socialist European Republics.

The Union of the Socialist European Republics.

The European Union and its rigid, bureaucratic and confusing laws remind me of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” where one thesis automatically rules out the other one:

  • All animals are created equal – but some are more equal the the others.
  • No animal shall kill another animal – for no reason.
  • This work is voluntary – but who doesn’t take it will have his food ratios reduced by half.

Political manifestos and guiding principles of the EU regime

“Everyone has the right to a private property.”

Yes, but only superficially. The globalist monopolization leads to a situation in which small tradesmen do not stand a chance in competing with large corporations, which completely take over the market. This means that whole nations of low-paid slaves work in their countries for foreign owners of huge companies that they don’t even know. This leads to a total dependence of societies on monopolists, what means that it is just a more sophisticated way of a centrally controlled economy – but from the point of the vast and global “private” property. In such ecenomic environment an individual who dares to open his own business has to balance on the edge of the law to not be destroyed by taxes.

For the government which usually owns shares in large corporations it is even a better system than in traditional communism, because in the case of revolution people do not even know who to hang. The tax system of the European Union reminds me of the socialist, based on Marxism regime in Cuba. In the EU taxes are very brutal because in many of its republics the average income tax rate stands at 60%, and that is just the beginning. When employing a worker on a contract in Cuba a business owner pays the government $8- $10/ha and only then the government pays about 80 cents per hour to the employee.

“The European Union is an area of open borders to insure the free movement of people, goods and services”.

To some extent yes but let’s not open a bottle of champagne yet. Young Poles massively went abroad to find work but when they finally arrived they learned two major things:

  • that because of “the positive discrimination” White people are the last on the list to find employment, and so the political correctness utopia could be brought to the limits they have to give priority to immigrants from Africa and Asia.
  • and that earnings in relation to day to day expenditures do not make anyone a millionaire. Today many have already realized that their “American Dream” will never come true, and that’s why many of them try to build their lives in Poland.

Currently Poland is in the process of being brainwashed with an extreme Left globalist propaganda but because of Catholicism and the historical consciousness of Poles the most effective way to destroy such nation is to simply spread the native people around the world and then replace them with elements racially and culturally alien.

The EU propaganda of greatness

The EU propaganda of greatness works in exactly the same way as the propaganda in the former Soviet Union. The Polish party in power PO (The Civic Platform) spent millions of dollars to promote the 10-year anniversary of the EU occupation of Poland despite the fact that the money could have been spent on hospital equipment, education or financial assistance for native Poles, so they could set up their own businesses. However instead we can see flags of the EU occupants which hurt our eyes when hanging near the beautiful Polish flags. As a matter of fact the most adequate name for the PO would the People’s Socialist Platform because this dishonorable and treacherous organization which clearly works for destruction of Poland violently burns with Marxism.

What’s more, the shameless Marxist parties argue that as many as 89% of people in Poland supports the Socialist Union. In my opinion it is either a lie or the Left conducted its research on communities coming out of synagogues. Currently Poland, because of the PO party, because of the leftist perverts and the enemies of the church brainwash people’s minds with an extreme left-wing, multi – “cultural”, perverted propaganda. Against the odds I still believe that Poland, despite its membership in the Union does not fit the anti standards of the moral disgust and racial assimilation of Western Europe, because Poland is guarded by strong Catholicism and the strength coming from the knowledge of its own history.

Being an adventure traveller, the possibility of a visa-free travel is a very good thing, but once again it is not that straightforward. When Poland was terrorised by the evil of traditional communism people could not go abroad on such a large scale, despite the fact that everyone had a job. Currently, during the times of progressive communism everyone can go where they want but not many people can because of lack of money, due to unemployment and low wages. To summarize in this respect it seems we are better off but on the other hand we are stuck in dead end.

“Small countries are represented in the international arena because they are a part of a great organization.”

However on the other hand no-one treats them seriously, because the last word always belongs to the strongest country. The European Union is dominated by Germany, and Poland is just the sales market.

“Greater cooperation in terms of immigration control”

In theory “there is a greater cooperation in terms of immigration control” despite the fact that there isn’t even a single country in the European Union which would be able to control it. In this case even someone who does not follow politics knows that it is just a lie. The Union can not deal with the Third World immigration as evidenced by millions of Muslim and Negroe immigrants in France, England, Benelux, Scandinavia and southern Europe; and what has already led to exchanging the European population by the alien one. In many cities of Western Europe Europeans are a minority and they have to adapt to the laws and habits of their occupants.

Let’s imagine Warsaw with only 33% of Polish people and this is exactly what the EU condemns us to. David Cameron for example promised that immigration to the UK will be limited annually to tens of thousands but at the end it turned out that the annual number of immigrants last year hit 212 000. In addition, for politically correct reasons politicians talk openly about the newcomers from Europe but they are silent on the Third World immigration. It is a deliberate policy aimed at providing cheap labour despite the fact that due to high numbers of crime, social problems and the benefit payouts it is the last nail to the coffin of Europe.

“Ensuring safety and combating drug trade”

“theoretically the EU countries work closely together to ensure security, such as for example the war on drug business”. However on the other hand, according to official figures about 18-23 tonnes of heroin and 25-30 tons of cocaine gets to the UK every year, and then the British government makes money on it. Even without statistics that I often find false I can clearly see a great acceptance of the British police to drugs. Negroes who are used by the Left propaganda as the “victims of racism” openly sell drugs and they always do it in the same places whilst police walks past them giving fines for cycling on the pavement.

“Greater security against external enemies”

Another legend is also that “the Polish membership in the European Union gives us a greater security against external enemies” but in my opinion we are surrounded only by enemies and our main task is to buy everything from every other country and provide the West in cheap labour; and in the event of an attack from the East, Poland would be also used as a buffer state.

It is not a secret that the EU does whatever there is in its power to destroy its republics. A country such as Poland is used only as a convenient export market for foreign companies where Poles work for little money to enrich foreign capitals or otherwise they are forced to go abroad to work for foreign nations. Is anyone able to explain to me why Poland imports a very expensive milk and yoghurts from Germany, despite the fact that Poland produces very good and very cheap milk which farmers are forced to spill in the streets? This is the very dark side of the European Union.

The Tower of Babel which is confusingly similar to the European Parliament.

The Tower of Babel which is confusingly similar to the European Parliament.

Although the Tower of Babel was a provocation aimed against God, at least for some time everyone understood each other and tried to achieve the common goal. However in the equivalent of the Babel Tower, in the European Parliament, nobody understands anyone and nobody has any idea what they want or even what they should do. It is a worthless political maze occupied by politically correct demons and pen pushers, who don’t even understand what they do.

Subsidies to strengthen economy

“Larger countries give smaller countries subsidies towards agriculture, infrastructure and strengthening their economies” But eurocrats like to forget that the money will have to be given back at some point and if Poland does not have it, then Poland will have to be sold piece by piece to pay its debts. For that reason “help” is not the right word here. I would rather use an expression: “pact with the devil”.

The silent agendas of European Union

At the end let’s think about the basic plans of the Luciferian European Union which is a part of the New World Order. The main agendas are:

  • destruction of national governments and installation of one above all,
  • destruction of Christianity and the institution of marriage and then creation of false values,
  • destruction of family values to break the European societies,
  • economic destruction of individual countries so they could depend on “Satan”,
  • and lastly falsification of history for the purpose of raising the nations of obedient sheep.

Exit from the European Union and a warning against Russia

Let us remember that in these difficult times we must realize that our survival depends on our solidarity as a Polish Nation and unity in the Catholic culture. Regardless of attempts to finish Poland, a nation united and strong in faith is in fact indestructible by its internal enemies. I’m also afraid that one day Poland might have no choice but take the side of Russia. When America and Western Europe become culturally and socially degenerated to the very limits, when they transform into Sodom and Gomorrah then Russia will be the only strong country that will preserve its Christian traditions and also the only one who would be able to oppose the New World Order.

In this case, Russia which certainly has never been an angel could become in they eyes of Poles a false symbol of a changed romantic hero and that’s why I warn Poland against the boundless closeness. For now I am leaving this as an open issue, whilst in the meantime Poles should never sell their souls to the backstabbing West. I think that Poland would be in a much better position if it cooperated with the European Union as an independent state rather than if it existed as a dependent republic owned by a huge and evil political machine.

Communist flag of European Union.

The red murderer hiding behind the false flag.

At the end I want to ask my readers a question. In their opinion, is Poland able to leave the Union and then survive without it? I think that if Poles voted out of the EU and if the government wanted to follow suit, then there would be an immediate economic war which would lead to our bankruptcy. This would only prove that Poland is not free. The exit from the Evil Axis would therefore have to be conducted in the English way – “in white gloves”. What do my readers think about it???

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