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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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Trips to Asia

Spy – book

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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Travel reports

South Thailand 2011

By: Martin Malik
All travel reports are translated electronically although minor improvements are sometimes made.

South Thailand 2011

(Description of my impressions of beach paradise on the exotic islands of Thailand)

South Thailand: table of contents:

The Gulf of Thailand – Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Ma, Koh Tao, Thailand

Andaman Sea – Krabi (Aonang Beach), Chicken Island, Tup Islands, Si Islands, Poda Islands, Railay (Phra Nang Cave), Koh Lanta, Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi (Monkey Beach, Viking Cave, Pe Lay Bay, Loh Samah Bay, Maya Bay, Hin-Klang, Bamboo Island, Runtee Bay, Loh Moo Dee Beach, Shark Beach), Phuket.

, South Thailand 2011, Compass Travel Guide

In addition to the precise descriptions of the places mentioned, these reports also include a number of practical tips, personal sensations, curiosities and descriptions from the road.

In 2004 I also was in Thailand and described Hat Yai town lying to the south, close to the Malaysian border.

Transport from Bangkok to the south

After many good days in Bangkok we went by bus south of Thailand. We were driving a very good, two-story bus, which was near Kaosan Road. For one person I paid only 400 bhat which was very cheap and for a kid I did not have to pay at all. Our ride lasted from 6 pm and at Koh Samui we arrived at 11.30am with a transfer in Suratthani (Don Sah port).

As additional information I would add that travelers traveling first or only to Koh Tao should seriously consider taking the ferry from Chumpon Harbor.

South Thailand – description of the region

Southern Thailand is a world famous beach paradise that leaves with great regret. There are perfect beach views, beautiful sunsets, coconut trees bent to the sea, diving in the warm, exotic sea and warm, pleasant climate. The Malay Peninsula at the level of Thailand divides this region into the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea where archipelagos of exotic islands surrounded by turquoise lagoons are found. The saying “paradise on earth” can easily be adapted to this region.

, South Thailand 2011, Compass Travel Guide

Thai Bay

In the Gulf of Thailand I was on five islands: Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Ma, Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan.The Gulf of Siam is the most popular and most visited area of ​​beautiful islands where you can still enjoy paradise at an affordable price. In a few words, this part of the world could best be described as: beaches, palm trees, warm sea, diving, coral reefs, delicious food and picturesque sunsets.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui is the largest island on the Gulf of Thailand, with the largest number of roads and hotel facilities.It was Koh Samui, the first island that started tourism and started to develop it at the fastest pace. Koh Samui is often undervalued and therefore tourists are immediately Koh Phangan, which is a mistake. Koh Samui has many beautiful and inferior beaches as well as jungle, waterfalls, wonderful nature, Thai culture and elephant riding. Local Thai food is offered at the barbecue, which is also a great asset of this island.Besides there are some nice temples but after many days in Bangkok I wanted to rest from them. Samui is also the only island with its own airport although this way I get here is the worst since we lose the adventure and beautiful views along the way.

From the port of Na Thon we picked up a large taxi which took us to Lamai beach for New Hut bungalows built on the beach. We could only walk a few steps, including palm trees on the way, showers and restaurants with a magnificent view of the turquoise sea. We were in paradise though for a price of 250 bhat for us the three cottages were cramped. On the first day we were swimming in the warm sea, we went to a small port built entirely of bamboo and we did a lot of photos. Unfortunately on Lamai beach you have to be careful when entering the water as there are a lot of sharp corals and shells. The whole day was spent on paradise because there was nothing else to do. We also strolled down the main road from time to time for snacks consisting of papaya, mango, watermelon, rambutan and many other exotic fruits. In the evening we went to the Chaweng Beach area and although the visit itself was very pleasant, I quickly understood why I did not want to live here. At Chaweng, the event lasts 24 hours a day, which is very loud and very expensive. Even the worst bamboo bunk called the room costs 500 bhat. There were some art shops, good food sold on the street, girls dancing at the tube for sale and once again good food. When I was walking here, the girls from the massage parlors whistled at me and invited me in, and although the massage itself was the best way to go in, it was not difficult here also to “happy ending” . Then with a portion of fruit we headed towards our beach hut. My women went to sleep and I went out for a walk to admire the moon. However, I did not get along very well, because local bitches pulled me to the bar with a big scream. One danced on the tube, the other dribbled on the armchair and another dumped my breast on my back and asked what I was doing. What exactly? That is the question!!! I did not think so … So I thought that if I was already invited in such a warm way, I would order a slice and play with them a couple of billiard parties and then I would go back to my hut on the beach. That’s what happened. The girls quickly understood that the thread of business was why we danced together in pool and we were romantically talking about how nice they were dancing.

, South Thailand 2011, Compass Travel Guide

Next day, after breakfast on the terrace, overlooking the palm trees and beautiful sea, we drove to Na Muang Waterfall for the whole day. A shared taxi cost 50 bhat per person. Then from the main road we had to go uphill for about 40 minutes, through banana fields and other exotic vegetation. When we got to the main square, I saw that the waterfall was just one of many attractions. In addition, you could go on elephants and see a show of tigers and snakes. Each of these attractions on Koh Samui was very expensive, so I translated them into Kanchanaburi. Then we walked another half hour up the hill, also through beautiful, exotic vegetation until we got to the jungle where the waterfall was. The water flowed from about 15 meters to the natural pools where the people rested. In the hot Thai climate, it brought me relief because the water was cold. In the Na Muang waterfall I spent a very pleasant time and I could have had all day but I had to start descending down for more pleasure. As I stepped over the coconut palms and banana trees, I reached another big swimming pool with warmer water where we bathed in the shade of palm trees and orchids embedded in their coconut shells. Then when we got to the main road we sat on the edge of the palm trees and tempted ourselves with a grilled fish with sticky rice and of course chilli. I also noticed each time we eat, there is always a gathering of dogs waiting for the remains. After feeding them we caught a taxi and returned to our beautiful beach. It was another hot, pleasant beach day as always on Koh Samui. The next day on the island passed us like in heaven. We spent time on the beach, eating exotic fruits and swinging on swings attached to the palm trees bent to the sea. The only thing worth mentioning is our walk to two very specific rocks: the rock of the grandfather and the grandmother , as these are rocks naturally formed in the genitals of the genitals. This is a popular and popular place to wake up every time laughter, but on the other side also another paradise island Koh Samui. The whole is surrounded by oval rocks and inviting in the center with turquoise water pools.

Koh Samui was wonderful and you can spend here for weeks.

Transportation to Koh Phangan

We took the Lomprayah ferry boat from Mae Nam port for 300 bhat from person and 4 year old kid for free.We also spent some time on the beach at the port and once again it was wonderful. That day the sun was so hot that the water had a clear turquoise color, and the white strip and palm trees added even more charm to this beautiful place. Our journey took only 20 minutes.

By the way, I will mention again the prices, which I described more in practical information . For a bus ticket from Bangkok to Koh Samui including ferries I paid only 400 bhat and drove half of Talandia, while for a 20 minute ferry to the islands as much as 300 bhat. Unfortunately for the south paradise of Thailand we have to pay a lot more.

, South Thailand 2011, Compass Travel Guide

Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is an island from Koh Samui and second in terms of ferry travel, but it is still the most popular in my opinion. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of cheap seaside bungalows and a very relaxed or party atmosphere depending on the mood, suited to each pocket. Koh Phangan also has wonderful beaches, mountain streamers and fabulous views of the lagoon. This island also owes its popularity to the popular “the Full Moon Party”. I think that before coming to Koh Samui we should answer one question: do we want to go to a quiet and peaceful part of the island or where the party never ends. I add that quietness means much cheaper and the famous “Full Moon Party” is a never ending, very noisy financial trap.

We reached Thong Sala port and wanted to go to a quiet place. As soon as we picked up the luggage and looked around, we were delighted by the turquoise color of the sea, and the hot climate and the pleasant wind made us not move, mindlessly staring at the horizon. Shortly after, we rushed to the Tajka, who wanted to push us to the bungalows right by the sea. I bargained for a very cheap deal because the official cheapest price is 300 bhat and for our three I paid only 150 bhat per night. For comparison, Angels who were riding in the louder part of the island paid 600 bhat per night. A taxi from the port for 100 bhat from person we reached the beach of Ao Srithanu where we stayed in a cottage 10 seconds from the turquoise shore. On the first day we spent time on the beach, in the shade of coconut palms and in the garden, consisting of beautiful, exotic plants. There was also a small center where you could eat fried rice with seafood, a pub with billards and as it is in Thailand, also a club with girls dancing at the tube, which was probably a hatchery of venereal diseases. Anyway we were in a tropical, tropical climate on the seafront and it was wonderful. The next day we went for a walk up the hill to the northwest. First we saw Laem Sonlake and then we went to the beach where we went to Ao Haad Yao (West) and back to the smaller Ao Haad Son beach. Our walk was heavy as I often had to push the stroller with the child up and up and the hot climate made me instantly wet. There was a heap but the views of the sea, palm trees and the scenic, turquoise lagoons were exceedingly beautiful. Both beaches began and ended with rocks. There were, of course, palm trees, waves, pleasant wind and warm water like soup. In the evening we played a billard match with local bitches, which I admit that they played well and my woman was not jealous. We played in a bar without walls, only under the bamboo roof covered with banana leaves. It was another nice day although we could not sleep because the toke geckos that besieged our walls barked late. The next day I rented a moped and took my girls to Haad Mae Haad Beach. As usual, it was beautiful and beautiful as described above. The beach is also a good place for snorkeling and snorkeling as there is a coral reef and beautiful fish. We spent all day here because it was so good but at the end of the day it reminded us of the rainy season. The rain was so sharp that it broke the palm leaves and after a while the sun came out again.We also had a good dinner and swing on a swing on a palm tree watching the sunset. Then I went out with my moped out of banana trees and even drove to our end of the island.

, South Thailand 2011, Compass Travel Guide

On the last day we had a tight schedule because I wanted to see quite a lot but on the other hand we had a moped so we had time too. First, we went to Haad Salad Beach which was one of the nicest I have seen.Unfortunately, living in this part of Koh Phangan is very expensive because here I did not see bamboo barracks and only luxury bungalows with air conditioning and swimming pools between them. Of course, wherever we were, there were plenty of exotic plants of many colors. I also noticed that in Thailand it is very popular to put the roots of orchids into coconuts and attach them to the palm trees. On Haad Salad beach we walked a lot of the shallow shoals out from the calm turquoise waters, bathed and generally we were in paradise. Then on the way from Haad Salad to Haad Rin we stopped for a meal near the road at the temple and the plant shop. The beach for the rich where we were just before was very expensive and here for fried rice with vegetables and chicken and a couple of freshly squeezed fruit drinks I paid a bhat couple. Incidentally, it was another delicious meal in the tropics under the banana, for the author of this site.

We then drove through the town of Thong Sala where the harbor is located, so I took the opportunity to buy ferry tickets for the next day. Here we also spent some time, but this time on observation geckos and then we went on the road. Our tour led through mountains, jungles and dramatic turns. The ride was not easy and there were some rough moments, especially since the road was broken and I had no license and the illegal motor driver was only from yesterday. We finally reached the famous Haad Rin Beach, where the famous “Full Moon Party” takes place. Here it was also beautiful and the water was pleasant color but there were many more people, it was dirty and unfortunately it was also very expensive. We drove a little, took a few photos before the Rock of the Full Moon Party and we had to go because it was dark. Walking in the dark after Koh Phangan was heavy because the road was not illuminated at all and I had to climb mountains and sharp corners, not even having a driving license. I also noticed that my vehicle had hopeless brakes, so every downhill from the rock was a lethal threat. When we got to Thong Sala we stopped on the road for grilled chickens and sticky rice with chillis and then returned to ourselves – at Ao Srithanu. We also ended this day with a billard at the local bar where the ladies worked for sale. Anyway it was nice even though I was not laughing when the bitches cut me off in a billard.

The next morning I returned the motor, grabbed a taxi from the road and all three of us arrived at Thong Sala for only 150 bhat. On that day there was an exceptional heat but waiting for the heavily delayed ferry we were admiring blue sea, palm trees and the rest of the paradise landscape. I will never forget that view.

, South Thailand 2011, Compass Travel Guide

Koh Ma

Koh Ma is a small island connected to the Koh Phangan embankment on Haad Mae Haad beach. During the rush of the embankment is always flooded but getting to Koh Ma is very easy. Koh Ma is just a few bungalows and this island is not without reason called “paradise”. Koh Ma is surrounded by a reef and therefore its coast is a very good place for snorkeling and snorkeling. The island itself is full of dense vegetation, palm trees, banana trees and papaya. I was in this paradise and did not want to leave him. On Koh Phangan I returned to the flood because the embankment had already flooded.

Take the ferry from Koh Phangan to Koh Tao

Cruise on the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Thailand from one island to another took only 1.5h and this pleasure cost me 300 bhat.

Koh Tao (Turtle Island)

(Diving course, beautiful beaches, meeting with a shark in its natural environment)

The small island of Koh Tao “lies” on the reef and the water is the most transparent of all three main islands of the Gulf of Thailand. Koh Tao, in spite of its small size, is very well-known as a place where you can do a course of scuba diving at the lowest price in the world. Of course, there are beautiful beaches and good food, but Koh Tao comes mainly to dive and do the course.

After getting to the port I immediately understood why Koh Tao is exceptional. The bottom reaches at least 8 meters but the turquoise water was so transparent that it was visible without problems. We stayed very close to the port and the main beach called Hat Sai Ri, where most restaurants and companies organizing diving courses were located. At Koh Tao we were lucky because although it was the most expensive of the three main islands, we managed to live in a new, almost luskusun bunagal for 300 bhat per night. We did not usually eat in the restaurants because it was too expensive but in a village pub under the palm trees near the main road. At Koh Tao we had to spend only a couple of days but because we did the course of scuba divers on open water we spent a week here. Between the dives we drifted off into the sea and were on some nice beaches. We also selected exotic, unknown fruit in our local stalls.

, South Thailand 2011, Compass Travel Guide

Diving itself was a fanstastic adventure, so that I could discover a completely different, colorful and very interesting underwater world. Previously I dived in Egypt, but only in Koh Tao I started to do it in a professional way. At first we had exercises in the pool which included, among other things, how to remove the mask under the water and how to deal with all the equipment. Then, for a few more days, we went out on a two-level boat to the sea, equipped with bottles and all equipment. It was the nicest part of the course because the ship lifted us offshore and waves surfaced us every now and then. On board were platters with fruit and tea to resist. In the meantime I also jumped on the head from the top of the boat directly into the big waves. When it was time to go down, we set up all the equipment and jumped in the water. We dived in several places in order to have a better insight into the underwater world. First we were swimming around the reef, admiring undersea flora and fauna and another time we were swimming through underwater caves. In addition to the beautiful corals, my memory of the barracudas was still in my memory, and the fish that blew up like a balloon and had spikes on the skin. In theory we were going down to the depths of 18 meters but a couple of times I was at 25 meters. We always stopped for a few minutes at the ascent, which is necessary for proper decompression. Our time under water and on the boat was exceptionally pleasant and I counted it to be the nicest during this expedition. It also came to my mind that our planet should not be called Earth but Oceania. At the very end we also had an exam and after the pass, I invited a delicious fish to a restaurant under the palms by the sea.

Our last but one day I wanted to go further than the port area and Hat Sai Ri beach. So I rented a moped and drove through the exotic streets of Koh Tao to the popular Freedom Beach . This beach is especially recommended for young children as it is very shallow for about 200 meters and unfortunately it took me some time to get to the deeper water with a tube, a mask and fins. Freedom Beach is another gorgeous, lazy beach with sun loungers under palm trees. It was beautiful. Then we had a great challenge because we were going to the popular Shark Bay. Unfortunately, getting to the Shark Bay was very difficult because the road was fatal. We had to drive down the sand and stones to the steep mountain and then we had to get off to reach the beach. The beach itself was obviously gorgeous as usual but it was not the most important thing to me. I came here to swim with sharks in their natural habitat. I only had fins and a mask and swam from one end of the beach to another at a depth of about 4-8m, sometimes sitting on the protruding rocks. For about an hour of continuous floating on the water and swimming at the bottom for about 5-6 meters I saw only colorful fish and long gray with long noses. When I lost hope, the shark underneath passed me . At that moment, “I had a heart in my throat” but I fulfilled my purpose. It was about a 1.5 meter reef shark ( Carcharhinus melanopterus ) . Previously there have been attacks on humans by this shark but definitely not the most dangerous of all sharks. It was a wonderful experience to see it in the natural environment during the feeding. On the way back we crossed over the rocks and steep, sandy terrain and then stopped on the main road for dinner under palm, made of seafood.

, South Thailand 2011, Compass Travel Guide

Our time at Koh Tao was very enjoyable and the dive made more sense throughout my trip. Once again warm sea, white sand, palm trees, coconuts and a warm, tropical climate. Besides the day trip to Koh Nang Yuan it was the end of my trip to the Gulf of Thailand.

Koh Nang Yuan

(Summary of my stay at this unique place and practical information about the Nang Yuan Islands)

Koh Nang Yuan is a complex of three agglutinated islands connected by white beach and at the same time one of the most picturesque and cleanest spots in the Gulf of Thailand. Koh Nang Yuan is located a few meters from the coral reefs which is a very good place for snorkeling and swimming with a mask and snorkel. The water is so clean that the bottom is even 10 meters deep and I know it very well because I was in this unique paradise and descended to the bottom. I spent most of the day practically diving all the time and saw the unique beauty of the underwater world, or corals of various shapes and colorful fish. In addition to this, Nang Yuan Island offers great sunbathing though it was so hot that it was not possible for me. I walked to the top of the island, passing through a small jungle, and at the very end I had to climb the rocks to see the beautiful view of turquoise lagoons, Nang Yuan Island and Koh Tao. Apart from that, there is also a platform on one of the islands, which is another good option for spending time. Koh Nan Yuan is a very unique island. Unforgettable cleanliness, silence, exotic vegetation and underwater beauty of this place are definitely a new stage for travelers having experience in such places. Koh Nang Yuan, however, are certain rules. You can not, for example, bring in plastic bottles, eat your own food and you can not swim in fins so as not to destroy corals.

Koh Nang Yuan is accessible by boat from Koh Tao which is a very pleasant, about 20 minute boat ride. For a two-way ticket I paid 200 bhat and the entrance to the island costs another 100 bhat. However, I point to buy a ticket in the port because a private boat can pay and a thousand bhat. The island is open from 8am to 4pm. Koh Nang Yuan is a restaurant and hotel but only for very thick wallets. Prices for each item are several times higher than Koh Tao and the price for the hotel is even 5 to 10 times more than the cheapest room on Koh Tao or Koh Samui. Beautiful but very expensive.

, South Thailand 2011, Compass Travel Guide

Transportation to Krabi

My trip to the islands of the Gulf of Thailand has come to an end and the time has come for another wonderful impression of South Thailand, but this time on the Andaman Sea side. To get to the other part of the Malay Peninsula we had a little adventure in transport . At 9 pm we sailed from Koh Tao island by sleeper boat and in case it sounded like luxury, it was not. In the big room above the working, heated engine were the freshest mattresses laid out on which lay lazing the heat of tourists. The sea was buzzing with our boat so that many spent the night with their head overboard, though I kept healthy. About 5am we arrived at the well-known transport town of Surat Thani . I met the travelers who tried to find beauty in this place, but in my opinion Surat Thani is unfortunately only a transport hole and I think most will agree with me. In the town I went with a suitcase until 2h after dark, just to get to the office where the bus was supposed to be. About 7 am in the morning the minibus drove up and after a few hours, a little hugged (squeezed like sardines) we reached the suburb of Krabi. From there I had to catch a taxi to get 50 baht for our three to get to the center of Krabi. We arrived, hurray !!!

Andaman Coast

Andaman Coast is another beautiful story from the series: beaches, palm trees, warm sea, diving, coral reefs, delicious food and picturesque sunsets – although this time also climbing the rocks. The Andaman coast is definitely a paradise on earth where there are even more exotic islands surrounded by green and turquoise lagoons. On this side of the Malay Peninsula are beautifully formed rocks, which are not on the Gulf of Thailand. While here I went on many trips and visited a lot of small islands, completely separated from the hustle and bustle of mass tourism. I jumped on the head to turquoise water directly in the shoals of colorful fish to reach the bottom and its shells. I planned to stay here only a few days and stayed almost two weeks because the charm of this part of Thailand can not remain indifferent. On the Andaman coast, I was on the fabulous islands of Krabi, on the paradise islands of the Phi Phi Islands National Marine Park and many smaller islands, and on the islands of Lanta and Phuket. If you have a lot of money and I mean really much, then you can also go to the national marine park of Koh Tarutao or Similan Islands. If paradise exists then I think it is here.

, South Thailand 2011, Compass Travel Guide


(Description of the town as a base for the island, description of the most interesting places and its culinary values)

In Krabi we spent some very nice days as we enjoyed it so much. In fact, it is a small town that can be walked around in a few hours but Krabi is a great hotel and food base of the Andaman coast. For over a week Krabi was our base for the islands in this part of Thailand so we often came back. For nice rooms we paid 150-200 bhat for a night for two people. Especially in Krabi I recommend eating. Best in my opinion was the weekend market, where there were shows and where traditional Thai food was sold. There were, among others, sea banana leaf, grilled squid, banana rice and coconut ice cream in the coconut. On the banks of the river every evening there was also a restaurant market where we usually came to duck with rice and exotic delicacies on a stick. Basically all Krabi is one big bite for the lowest price in the area as the stalls with pancakes set by the Muslims are here at every step. Things that I particularly paid attention to are the nice coast from where you can organize boat trips to the mangrove forest and the visible rocks. A characteristic sight on the pedestrian promenade is the large scorpion monument from which it is the best view. In the center of Krabi, besides the rice terraces and amazingly many pharmacies were characteristic of the passage through the lanes, where the lights held two huge monkeys. We were also in the White Temple of Krabi (Wat Kaew Korawaram) set on a hill, built entirely of white marble, and to the entrance are two long red dragons. It was an exceptionally beautiful property consisting of several buildings built in the traditional way for Thailand. I mean several storey, profiled roofs with arches and extensions and massive pillars and interesting lanterns. Outside of the White Temple, there is also a monastery on the top where the monks live. This is another secluded place full of dried orange robes and wooden houses and several Buddha statues. I would especially like to point out the huge palm trees that are less frequent than the one we usually see on the beaches. In summary, Krabi itself is a very pleasant base for the paradise beaches in the area. Before the trip to the island I advise to stock up here with fruits and use the Internet, mail, laundry, etc.

, South Thailand 2011, Compass Travel Guide

4 Islands Tour (one of the most beautiful)

Day trip to four islands is the most popular and cheapest of all Krabi. This trip gave me the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the Andaman Sea, the surrounding islands and lagoons and the small and huge rocks of original shapes emerging from the turquoise water. On this day was very good weather because the sun was shining and the colors were very expressive, which is not always guaranteed during the rainy season. The entire trip cost 400 bhat and in cost was included boat transfer, lunch, transportation to and from the hotel and guide. To those who would like to organize it myself, I advise against it because it would cost you a dime. In turn I saw the following islands and beaches:

  •  Ao Nang Beach . This is where the commotion of organized tours begins, so after picking us up from here we boarded a boat. The main street is full of travel agencies and shops and there are great hotels for the rich, so the town of Krabi is a good option for poor travelers. At Ao Nang I have visited many times and every time the boat and transportation to the hotel were delayed, therefore I sailed here and threw myself into the waves. The beach itself is beautiful, long and offers nice views over the rocks but there are many others in the area that are better.
  •  Chicken Island , a large island with a characteristic shaped like a neck and a chicken head. We did not go to the island, but we just floated a few times around.
  •  Tup Island , one of the most beautiful places I have seen that day. The Tup Islands are two large islands connected by shoals of sand that disappear at high tide. If paradise exists then it is definitely here. Tup is primarily close contact with blue water, white sand massaged sand and colorful fish under the water.There are excellent conditions for sunbathing, swimming and diving in peace and quiet. The Tup Islands are covered with sharp rocks and impressive vegetation. It was wonderful, especially when before departure the guide cut for all the watermelons and pineapples !!!
  •  Si is a group of small islands between which we swim with a mask and a tube to observe the coral reef and the creatures living there. The water is so clean that you can see the bottom of eight meters but I went down to the end playing with animals. One species of fish, though harmless, was very territorial and therefore nipped me when I was too close. It was a great attraction for me to jump on my head from the roof of the ship and for the rest of the tourists feeding with colorful fish bread. Especially feeding fish is very popular here on all the Krabi trips. In general, the island of Si is a pleasure.
  •  Poda Island was our stop for dinner. One island is flat like a pancake and it was here we ate. In addition there is an exceptionally expensive pub and waiter transvestite, a rare forest starting almost from the shore and monkeys stealing from tourists. The second island of Poda is a very impressive, tall, vertical rock formation designed for observation only or as a challenge for rock climbers, which is very popular in this part of Thailand. In addition, we have crystal clear water, white sand and beach paradise.

, South Thailand 2011, Compass Travel Guide

  •  Phra Nang Cave is located on Phra Nang Beach in Railay Bay. This is a very popular place also known as the Temple of Fallus because the model of this organ (as a symbol of fertility) is there in abundance. This cave / temple is well known for its well-preserved stalagmites and stalactites, and its erotic nature. In my opinion, it is even more beautiful on the beach Phra Nang . Once again, I could say a lot about white sand, turquoise, warm water and rock formations. The views from this beach are breathtaking though you have to be vigilant. When we sat on the beach, the monkey jumped down from the tree and wanted us to steal papaya, but luckily for her was too heavy and I was able to recover it.

After all, we came back by the stunning Andaman Sea to the Ao Nang beach where he still bathed, and then returned by bus to Krabi. The whole trip or views, the sea, swimming in the reef and amazing natural beauty meant that it was another great day.

Railay (SEC; Hat Rai Leh)

Of all the lovely places of southern Thailand Railay it is one of the best known and sometimes defined as “outdoor paradise”. Among the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea emerge limestone rocks that are a paradise for climbers worldwide and mangrove forest and wild jungle. Of course, still the most popular activities here are sunbathing on the beaches full of wonderful spots, white sand and wonderful views of the turquoise sea, and of course food and enjoying the magnificent views. On the other hand, many are choosing to study especially climbing the vertical limestone walls, canoe trips through the surrounding lagoons and jungle expedition. There is also of course a lot of Other standard offers courses such as Thai cooking and boat trips.Anyway Railay is another wonderful part of Thailand full of beaches and turquoise lagoons and exotic plants. Apart from palm trees on the way to the jungle impression on me did very thick and far-reaching tree branches and roots. Such places there are plenty. While a few rocks and caves make this place even more attractive. As an extra step, we werePhra Nang Cave and then in the cave of the diamond (in Bhat 20), which is deeper and more illuminated. Right next to a small port, among the mangroves, are starting to be very expensive, luxury hotels continue but is cheaper. We paid 200 bhat per night in very poor conditions, but I think 400-500 bhat on Railay is more decent conditions. Railay is an island but is still reachable only by boat (long tail boat). From Krabi we paid 150 bhat per person but the starting price is 200 bhat. Unfortunately, she found us here because the rainy season on Railay spent only two days and returned by boat to Krabi.

, South Thailand 2011, Compass Travel Guide

Hong Islands and the Paradise island

(Description of another corner of southern Thailand paradise surrounded by coral reefs and palm trees)

Hong Islands is another exotic experience in southern Thailand. Hong Islands consist of a group of paradise islands surrounded by a coral reef and its Pelay-only beach is covered with white sand, shells and beautiful rows of palm trees. Pelay beach is surrounded by spectacular limestone in the construction of its rock formations, which gives a sense of isolation from the rest of the world. Also, this is true in a sense, because Hong island located about an hour from the beach of Ao Nang in Krabi and around, and there are no hotels or restaurants. Hong island offer a nice retreat from the outside cywilacji and admiring nature can spend the time to dive in the crystal clear water and admiring the coral reefs and exotic fish. Most are also kayaks,which allow circumnavigation around the archipelago Hong and also can arrange Ao Nang or Krabi town center.

When I was here, we had a rocky start because the monsoon did not spare us. The sea was rough and biting rain fell. Even when the roof of a boat wrapped around the oilcloth, and so we were soaked. Soon, however, the weather cleared and we spent wonderful time. I swam among the coral snorkeling and I was shooting. Then we sailed well on Paradise Island where truly paradise lagoon is a small beach and where the dense, tall palms lead directly to high limestone cliffs. I bathed here, watched over the fruit before the monkeys and ate dinner looking at the white sand and turquoise shore. Then came the boat through the sea to the beach Andaman Ao Nang where the waves threw and then to Krabi.

, South Thailand 2011, Compass Travel Guide

Lanta Islands

Lanta Islands are located about 70km from Krabi and consist of two main islands. This smaller Koh Lanta Noi and the larger and more populated it Ko Lanta Yai . In addition, there are also some small islands in the vicinity, which belong to Ko Lanta. 9 The main island has beautiful beaches of soft white sand and palm trees like on postcards. In addition Lanta offers beautiful views, mangroves, hills, coral reefs, diving and many others. On the islands of Lanta and many other parts of southern Thailand, a large Muslim community lives. On the one hand you can with them also eat well and buy fresh fruit but on the other hand, Islam does not suit me to Thailand (not to mention Europe). From Krabi we left early in the morning and drove about an hour to the ferry. We stayed on the beachKlong Ninin a bamboo hut, covered with palm leaves in the garden grow banana trees and other exotic plants. In the middle of the cabin was nicely decorated and had all the lows to be able to live comfortably. Otherwise it was a pleasant enough that fell asleep and woke up to the sound of waves. The price is only 250 bhat per night and it was the sum of knowledge. Other tourists were paying 500-600 bhat and pleasure this season would cost 1000 bhat. For this was a pub near us on the beach with a pool table where between partyjkami threw typhus in waves, regardless of whether it rained or not. Despite the full monsoon and it was so beautiful. The next day I rented a moped (even though it does not have a driving license) and slowly drove across the island on one of the two roads. Crossing the rice fields and Muslim stalls with fruit arrived at the old town or LantaLatn Old Town . The old town is a pleasant place on the seafront where the long pier, the old lighthouse and a playground. We went on a moped at the end of it and there was a beautiful view of the island and besides, it is a very good place for fishing and jumping into a clean, turquoise water. On the shore there is also the main street where a lot of souvenir shops and pubs Thai. For only 50 bhat you can eat something good here staring at the beautiful horizon and forgetting about such ugly things as taxes or piston in the subway. Riding a moped is the best way to see the island. We were on the local market and then on the beaches of Klong Khong and Klong Dao. Every time I walked into the sea and walking through picturesque beaches. It was an unforgettable time of peace, the more so because at that time Lanta was empty and we always had all the beaches for yourself. It rained quite often but it was still beautiful. Everything that has received the charm of this place is a large colony of “covered heads” and their mosques, but nowhere is perfect.

, South Thailand 2011, Compass Travel Guide

Phi Phi Islands

(Description of Phi Phi islands and their unique natural beauty, a few words about the movie “The Beach”, which was to promote the island and the tsunami, other tourists and my impressions)

Early in the morning we were driven from Krabi to the port where the boat after about 2 hours we got on the paradise island of Phi Phi. When dopływaliśmy to the port, I understood why these islands are world leaders paradisiacal beaches. The water was clear and turquoise with white, soft sand emerged coconut palms. Charakaterystym views on Phi Phi are boats with colored sashes for the Thai flag and this particular view of the turquoise water and palm trees, hammocks and sometimes in the same scene is the most touted by travel agents worldwide. The main islands are here in Ko Phi Phi Don and Ko Phi Phi LehOf which only Phi Phi Don is inhabited and has a lot of tourists coming to this paradise all year round. Phi Phi islands are also other islands, but they are small, emerging from the sea cliffs, inhabited mainly by monkeys.

Phi Phi islands fame has also brought the movie 2000 Fri. “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio , who reportedly destroyed part of the beautiful natural island. On the other hand, it did, and so little importance because during the tsunami in 2004, almost all infrakstruktura on Phi Phi was destroyed and its restoration took about 10 years. When I arrived on Phi Phi in 2011, it was already a paradise without any signs of damage.

Phi Phi Islands are small and there is always a lot of people, which are always very crowded. It is combined with the natural beauty that makes is unfortunately expensive. The average room rate is about 600 bhat but we managed to find a decent room with private bathroom for 400 and then up to 300 bhat. Unfortunately, the entire southern Thailand and most of all the islands are more expensive than Bangkok and the north of the country. Besides, even though it is more expensive and the portions are smaller so squeezed juices and fruit are watered down to the maximum. In the tourist center because it was not very pleasant evening was always a lot of drunk, screaming White. Girls tatułowały and pierced tongues, in the meantime drink alcohol. Sodom and Gomorrah but on the other hand, there were also the dive shops,beautiful cliffs overlooking the sea and restaurants where you can enjoy a half composed of Merlin, tunas and barracudas. The whole first day was spent on the two main beaches, swimming in the warm sea and taking pictures of the fabulous plenerom. The next day we went on a day trip by boat on the tiny island of Phi Phi, which was a very beautiful experience. On a side note, I can not imagine how you can come here for a two-hour trip from Krabi, and yet there is such abundance. For only 400 bhat we went on a cruise of our lives. We have visited many scenic spots and each new finisher to the edge of paradise because it was always entered the warm, turquoise water, and always bathed. I felt that I was in paradise, but only someone who was there is really able to feel and understand the beauty of all these places.One of these things are, for example, multi-colored orchids in a coconut shell, located on the palms. Exoticism on Phi Phi knocks its beauty and that is why we have been here longer than planned. Places that I saw that day were:

, South Thailand 2011, Compass Travel Guide

► Monkey Beach ; a small beach full of monkeys that at the sight of people’s feet after pulling bananas, papayas and other fruits

► Vinking Cave ; This cave is situated at an altitude level turquoise water filled with birds nests. In the middle there are also paintings reminiscent of Viking boats. I’ve seen better caves than the same but its incorporation into the beautiful nature is wonderful

► Full-Ley Bay ; just behind the cave Vikings are high limestone cliffs and a small isthmus, which is crossed by boat. At this point, we were in the middle of the blue lagoon entirely surrounded by high rocks.

► Loh Samah Bay ; This bay and the beach of the same name located on the smaller island of Phi Phi Ley. Loh beach itself is not made up of gently emerging from the water but sand with vertical mountain walls and probably why this is the reason why Phi Phi Ley was never populated. The great attraction here is swimming among the coral reef feeding small fish and bread. The water here has a green hue and is transparent to many meters into.

► Maya Bay ; It is one of the most beautiful bays on Phi Phi Leh, surrounded by a 100 meter high cliffs of the three page acquisition.The middle of the bay Maya several small beaches, most of which exist only at low tide and the largest has a length of about 200 meters. Maya Bay is basically one reef silky soft sand and clear, warm water. The shore is covered with palm trees and other exotic, lush vegetation. The disadvantage of this place is its popularity and reguralnie crowds arriving here. The same will get to Maya Bay was an adventure in itself as the first had to go through sharp protruding rocks and corals on the boat had to go with a small child who was lying on my plecach.W this place was jumping on her head into the water about 5 meters.

► Hin-Klang ; It is the best coral garden swimming with a mask and tube. It is another paradise for lovers of swimming and diving in the warm, exotic open-air.

► Bamboo Island ; is a small, flat island, which can all go in about 20 minutes. It is a wonderful, secluded place with palm trees. A paradise for lovers of sunbathing and swimming in the comfort of a transparent, turquoise water. The coral reef is located about 50m from the shore. Bamboo Island is a paradise in itself.

► Runtee Bay ; which in turn next beach on Phi Phi where it is cabanas, hammocks, palm trees and the beauty of the sea. Another corner of paradise.

► Loh Moo Dee Beach ; another attractive beach overgrown with tall palm trees. Great for swimming and sunbathing.

► Shark Point ; that is wonderful, clean and quiet area arranged by nature in the form of three limestone peaks. The name of the place comes from the large number of completely harmless sharks leopardowych. It is a popular place for diving.

, South Thailand 2011, Compass Travel Guide

After returning from a trip we were extremely happy. Unfortunately, I lost aboard your SD card because it sailed into the dark to recover it, the more that I had on it a lot of beautiful photos. It also was a good adventure as the Andaman Sea was warm and pleasant even after dark. Fortunately regained card.

The next day we walked the beaches Phi Phi Don, we were on a good dinner with a view of the sea and borrowed a canoe to sail at Monkey Beach. It was our last day at the legendary Paradise Phi Phi.


(About the island, its beauty, the center of Phuket, terrible hotel, the police and my mandate for the lack of a license, a waterfall and a gibbon conservation center, on the aquarium, with roast duck and beaches)

To Phuket we got to class because sailed high air conditioned and drinks boat movie Avatar. Price unfortunately 300 bhat per person that hurt me a little.

Phuket is the largest of all the islands of Thailand and he stay on it gave me the feeling I was not at all on the island. Phuket is connected with the mainland by means of a bridge Sarasin and has a length 50 m and a width of 21km. All the other islands in Thailand are either very small roads, and it is usually only one way, or two, or not have them at all (like on Phi Phi). Phuket while the highway and are very large village. Phuket is one of the world’s headlamp holiday because it has as many as 17 attractive beaches with soft sand and palm trees, and the most popular of all, Patong beach also attracts surfers because of the big waves. On the island there are many interesting places, museums and good cuisine offering seafood street. Accommodation near beachesespecially in Patong is aimed only at organized tours with very thick wallets. So we lived inPhuket Town,what was the cheapest available option. As extremely funny money sweated to death in a very low-class hotel, with walls made of plywood, rusted bars on the windows and the stench of old oil from the pub below us. This was the “hotel” called Peng Man where I paid only 120 bhat for three people per night. I slept on the floor on a towel and my companion traveling with a child under the bunk grungy fan. The heat was unbearable but stench and rotting walls of our hotel as well. Man Peng hotel I loved it but for my women a memorable one. The pub downstairs served a real shit that chased immediately to the toilet (a hole in the floor) because we had more confidence in the sticky rice from the street. All in all it was a very nice surroundings. The next day, after I took all my complaints of the traveler,I rented a moped (license needed) and drove to the beachPatong and Kalim spaced from the center of Phuket about 11 and 16km. The road was winding, long and tiring and after getting to the place it was hard to park. Patong is Top files from all beaches on Phuket, which I think has nothing in common with what it really is Thailand. Patong Beach is a commercial for the rich alley where it is full of very expensive hotels and shops. Not seen but also Thai food as it was expensive and McDonald’s restaurants. The beach itself is long and wide at low tide and what is important enjoys surfing high waves. The whole area is nice but very loud because we kept close to the beach and the sea. After several hours, we drove a few km uphill to the beach Kalimwhere it was also very quiet and beautiful. The center of Phuket wróclismy after sunset which meant, unfortunately, a long and hard ride.

, South Thailand 2011, Compass Travel Guide

The next day we drove away for about 20km from the center of Phuket. We saw the waterfall in the tropical forest and the small Gibon Conservation Reserve, which is located in the same place. At the entrance there were elephants on which to ride but we just stopped to feed them some rambutans bought on the road. The waterfall itself was pleasant but compared to others I have seen (especially with those in Laos and others in Thailand) was not interesting. It was a jungle adventure where you had to go to get to it.The narrow, trodden road, exotic vegetation and huge, interestingly profiled roots of trees were what took me at least an hour. Besides, there was also a small river, the characteristic sound coming out of the jungle and the accompanying high humidity. At the bottom was also the Gibon Conservation Reserve , which was rather a sad place. Although the monkeys had large cages and were active, the facts about them made us cry. Now there are no longer living gibbons in Phuket, and despite their protection, there is still a way to mock them. It would seem that giving the monkey a good home and as many bananas as you want to eat is a good thing, but only on the surface. You can only give birth to a baby and to have him, people kill his parents. Fortunately, gibbons are still good in other parts of Asia (eg in the mountains between Vietnam and Laos) and in parks and zoos. After all we went to feed the cedar and then to a roadside pub under the palm trees. We used to be fried rice with chicken and vegetables and green tea, and even after a few months I had not had enough. On the way to the center of Phuket we stopped yet to see the Taoist temple of Tha Rua . It was built in Chinese style, with beautifully profiled roofs, colorful tiles and of course in this case with many sculptures and motifs of dragons. I recommend this very interesting place because of the architeture, the paintings and paintings inside the temple and the beautiful dragons from far away. Tha Rua Temple is the fourth oldest in Phuket. Not to be overlooked is also located on the main road Monument Bohaterek , or two sisters, which deceived defenses Phuket against the Burmese army. Unfortunately I did not take pictures because the traffic was pushing me forward and finally I did not stop. In the evening, already in the center of Phuket, we went to a cheap pub on the street for a portion of rice with chicken and vegetables. Again, we returned to our lame hotel, which had its charm. That evening I invited my girls to a rather average quality restaurant but for a delicious meal. We were given a roasted duck with rice, bamboo and broth. This was the best meal we had on Phuket. On the way to the hotel we also stood at a big fruit bazaar where we then regu- larly shopped. Life in Thailand I liked very much.

, South Thailand 2011, Compass Travel Guide

Our next and probably the last day on Phuket was probably the nicest of all. We went for another moped ride in search of new beaches. But first we went to the Phuket Aquarium where there were many interesting marine species. There were huge fish living in specially prepared aquariums with grottoes in the middle, turtles, morayas and amphibians and other colorful fish floating near the coral reef. Although all aquariums were very interesting, the point of the program was a glazed corridor on both sides and at the top were swimming sharks and rays. I was reminded at this time of a much larger aquarium in Astana (Kazakhstan), but it was equally interesting in Phuket. Besides, there were many shark and shark models at the entrance, which also absorbed my attention for some time. Entry costs 100 bhat per person. When we left the aquarium we came along the coast and drove to the nearby pier. There was a beautiful sunny day and a wonderful turquoise water bubbling up to the shore. We were happy here, traveling Phuket on a moped without a driver’s license. Then we drove around the island and stayed on the beaches of Makham Bay , Chalong Bay and Yon Bay . Every adventure was a steep descent down to the beach level. Besides, it was our farewell to Phuket and South Thailand. These were our last moments of admiring the Andaman Sea and its waves bouncing against the rocks. We walked on the beach, took a bath at sunset and then returned to our hotel for only 120 bhat a night.

The next day before leaving I wanted to practice in the nearby King’s Park but the police stopped me and had to pay 300 bhat for a no license. This incident told me a lot about the functioning of Thailand because after paying the mandate they let me go.

, South Thailand 2011, Compass Travel Guide

Transport to Bangkok

When I got to the police station, we got on the bus and after crossing the Sarasin Bridge and overnight, we went back to Bangkok. I was able to get there faster but the bus on Kaosan Road was only going through Surat Thani. I wanted to do it this way because I did not want to pay in Bangkok for a taxi of at least 300 bhat to take me to Kaosan Road. Overall the transport was not bad.

My trip is not over yet so if you are interested in my journal about South Thailand, continue reading and go to the Central Thailand .

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    18 October 2014

    I am thrilled with your artcile. I am going to Thailand with my husband in 3 weeks and I can’t wait to see, what you had seen with your own eyes:)

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    12 November 2013

    We have read your journalabout southern Thailand with great curiosity. I’m flying to Thailand in December, and I’m going to follow yout route. I’ve read the website, I printed your article and I will take into account your instructions.


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