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Trips to Asia


While waiting for the journey of a lifetime, I recommend an article in two parts, titled: “The political virus Covid-19“, which unfortunately has terrible impact on tourism. Until the sanitary regime is over, it looks like trips to Asia will have to wait.


Dear adventurers,

Currently I am too busy to think about organizing trips, but I have good news. If you have interesting ideas for a trip and need a guide, then write to me about it. It may be a trip from your “childhood dream”, or a trip where “werewolves say good night”. Perhaps I could take you there and fulfil your dreams . . .

Sukhotai Thailand

Sukhothai, Thailand. This beautiful country is not only about beaches. I also recommend cultural and architectural heritage in exotic locations.

I mainly recommend Central Asia and Southeast Asia, but also other regions. My specialties are: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Jordan, Lebanon, Iran, Iraqi Kurdistan and a few more. I also know well Israel well and Palestine behind the wall, which are very interesting and have historical sights, but crossing the border in my company could take many hours there. Maybe the first time is the longest, and once they got to know me, they would let me pass through straight away? I would have to check.

, Trips to Asia, Compass Travel Guide

Dohuk. Iraqi Kurdistan.

Compass Travel is not, however, a tourist agency, but a travel story of one man. My travel companions are always random. Some met me at the end of the world, and we spent  a few days or even weeks together, and then we parted ways forever. When crossing jungles, mountain ranges or deserts, white travellers feel more comfortable in a far away country of a foreign civilization and they help themselves each other. In distant countries where there are no white people, a Pole and a German, a Pole and an American, or a Pole and a French, become friends. I have many fond memories of my fellow travellers.

, Trips to Asia, Compass Travel Guide

A moment of reflection in the church. Cebu City, Philippines. (Look at me. Would you like to go on vacation with me ? ? ? )

With others however, there is such a huge conflict of characters, that a joint journey becomes immediately impossible. Democracy and compromise are not in my nature, but neither in theirs, because everyone has a plan. There are always white women on my way too, who sometimes need contact with a white man; because they feel better that way, because they find me interesting, or just because they want to feel safe. These acquaintances usually don’t last long either, because they either get on my nerves or we have different routes. Maybe one day you would meet me at the end of the world too, but don’t count on it; and even if we meet, there is no guarantee that we would like each other. On the other hand, it could be completely different.

, Trips to Asia, Compass Travel Guide

The Pamir Highway, Tajikistan. Children on the road. People are a big part of my travels. In terms of photography, I am more interested in older men with lush beards and in traditional costumes. Sometimes however, there are also children with special facial expressions, as they reflect the nature of the country.

If you really want me to organize a trip for you, I promise that I would do my best for you. I’ve already guided two women around the Philippines, Thailand, Tibet, Nepal, China, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, and a few other countries. They saw more than they expected and they have beautiful memories to this day, so I can guarantee that you would have them too. I like to look after my travellers, I like planning and taking photos of them. If you decide to come with me, please tell me how much time you have for a given country or region, and what your budget is. The price would also depend on whether I will be in that country, or whether I would have to go there especially for you. So it could be cheap, but remember that flight is sometimes the most expensive part, that’s why it might be worth to stay longer.

Martin Malik

, Trips to Asia, Compass Travel Guide

Aida Palestinian Refugee Camp. Bethlehem, Palestine.

For those of you who don’t want to travel, I can send postcards, postage stamps, banknotes and other small souvenirs from Asian countries. Check: Travel Postcards, for more information.

Perhaps some of you think that you’ll never be able to travel because of lack of money. I wrote an article especially for them: ‘Is travel only for the rich?’ This is also an article about the will to make dreams come true, which I also dedicate to all the jealous ones who hate me so much.

, Trips to Asia, Compass Travel Guide

Potala Palace, Tibet.


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