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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

===============================================  “Religion, like alcohol, should only be for wise people”

Martin Malik

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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Trip to Jordan

By: Martin Malik

Trip to Jordan


Jordan is located between the countries sentenced to ‘American democracy’, and real Muslim terrorists and fanatics in Sinai and Saudi Arabia. Jordan also has a long border with Israel, which to the Muslim world produces the biggest stench. Therefore the geographic element makes tourists wonder how much time they have before the war starts in the region. For political and economic reasons the West needs terrorists and Israel wants to enlarge its borders; and the best example of it is Golan. For now however, in December 2015 we don’t have any signs of war, and as long as Jordan is not provoked from the outside, it would remain a safe destination for White Christian tourists.


Introduction to the trip in Jordan

My journey around Jordan turned out to be a great adventure. Before I decided to explore that country I had heard of course about Petra, which is the greatest tourist attraction, but soon I realized that Jordan has a lot more to offer. Unfortunately in the eyes of tourists Jordan means only Petra and perhaps the Wadi Rum desert; but in my opinion such an approach is very damaging to that very interesting country. For that reason tourists usually go to Jordan for a few days either from the occupied Palestine or they fly in for about a week. I however spent three weeks in Jordan and I think that sufficient time is needed to get to know the most interesting places, and to get to know the character of the country.

Wadi Rum desert. Trip to Jordan.

Wadi Rum desert, Jordan.

One might argue with me that all Arabs are the same anyway, so apparently it is enough to go to tragic France or Sweden, to get to know their true nature. Well, there is plenty of evidence that this is true but on the other hand I also think that beautiful tourist destinations, regardless of culture, should never be compared with the Muslim invaders, who have been let to Europe on request of the cultural Marxists; because they are two different worlds.

From the Arab perspective all Whites are also all the same because we are equally ‘spoiled’, and the Jewish media only helps them in keeping that opinion. That’s why I like travelling, because it developes independent thinking. I am under opinion that as long as Jordan and all Arabs stay in their countries, their interesting and beautiful places should be recommended as fascinating tourist destinations.

Wadi Rum. Trip to Jordan.

Wadi Rum, Jordan.

Amman and a trip to the Roman Ruins in Jerash

I landed in Amman, and unfortunately at the airport I had an unpleasant surprise. I had to pay 40 dinars for a visa, what is expensive because the Jordanian Dinar is almost equal to the British pound. In Amman I lived in Downtown where I saw the impressive Roman Theatre, the Hippodrome and the Citadel on top of the mountain. The whole area is very interesting, pleasant and also the only one that I recommend. These three places that I mentioned can be seen in one day, and it is definitely the most historically and culturally valuable part of the Old City. The traditional and beautiful Amman is located in Downtown.

Downtown Amman is a place of many restaurants, shops with tea sold per grams, Arabic sweets and souvenirs. It is the place to feel the true nature of an Arab country, what would be impossible in the new and expensive parts of Amman. Downtown is also a great place to buy counterfeit perfumes, which are sometimes 10 times cheaper than the original brands. I think the Arabs just thin them out, even though the street scammers say they make them by themselves. (Arabs have many stories to tell.)

Jerash. Trip to Jordan.

Jerash, Jordan.

Amman was also my base for many days, because from there I went to the Roman ruins in Jerash for one day. Another time I went towards Iraq, to a boring town in the desert called Azraq, to see ancient castles built even 1,000 years ago. Then I was hitchhiking across the desert and getting off in front of the castles, and at the end I pitched a tent in the desert. The next day I went back to Amman. In the meantime I had of course quite a few adventures in transport.

With the biggest smile I remember the chaotic and filthy to the limits of dirt bus station with a bazaar, called Zarqa. In Poland a place like that would be adapted into a rubbish tip or a drug ghetto, but in Jordan there are food stalls and buses, and people spend most of their lives there. It is true that it is hard to compete with the Indian chaos and dirt, because that one is truly extreme. Arabs however certainly do have their place on the podium.

The Treasury, Petra. Trip to Jordan.

The Treasury, Petra, Jordan.

Trip through Jordan

My next base was the very interesting mosaic city of Madaba. Even though the bus station and the nearby bazaar made me imagine that Americans first bombed the place and then they dropped garbage, after all Madaba and all other places close by were beautiful and very interesting. I saw a lot of Christian objects all over that area. Madaba prides itself with Roman ruins and beautiful churches with old mosaics. There are stunning images in the churches made of millions of small stones, which show biblical scenes. Throughout Madaba there are workshops where Arabs make Christian and Jordanian mosaics, and the most commonly emerging theme is the “tree of life”. As for the panorama of Madaba I recommend John the Baptist Catholic Church, where there is a great view from the top of the tower.

From Madaba first I went to Mt Nebo, where Moses saw the Promised Land. Today it is a popular place of Christian pilgrimage, where in good weather it is possible to see Jerusalem. Then, through the mountains and a strong sandstorm I drove to the baptism site of Jesus by Jordan River. Jordan River is a special place in the history of Christianity, but also a very sensitive area because of the border between Jordan and Israel. During the same trip I also went to the Dead Sea, where I floated on the water like a rubber duck. If it only didn’t rain and if there was no garbage and even more garbage, then it would have been even nicer. In that moment I felt that I still didn’t have enough of the Dead Sea, but I also felt that Arabs should learn cleanliness and discipline.

Then I had an interesting hitchhiking trip to the city of Karak, where the only attraction was the castle on the top of the mountain. Apart from that I also had an interesting conversation with young Arabs about Islam, just to ascertain myself once again that Arabs are professional liars who are able to cover up any crimes committed by Islam and by Mohamed; and that Koran is the only book they have ever read. In the Koran there are many quotations confirming that Islam is a militant and violent ideology with a religious component to maintain Muslims in certain limits of psycho-regime. We did not agree about anything but we said goodbye to each other in peace.

Dead Sea. Trip to Jordan.

Floating like a rubber duck on the Dead Sea, Jordan.

From Karak I also went through the mountains to the Dead Sea, but this time it was around the town of Mazra’a. It was very non-turisty there and far away from everything; and it was clean. Besides the beautiful weather and relaxing on the water I saw interesting rock formations made of salt, and also Jordanian fighter jets and then Israeli jets on patrol flying over my head. What a coincidence!

I also spent a few days in the Dana Natural Reserve, where I was walking in the mountains inside the vast valley. In one day I walked 12km in rough terrain, and as I walked uphill and downhill, I passed between narrow canyons and jumped off high rocks into the lower parts of the canyon. In the Dana Reserve there was also a beautiful greenery and large rocks on the road in many colours. Some trees were wrapping their roots around the rocks and one part of the valley was different from another. I lived in a mountain hostel built of rocks (my favourite building material).

Petra and the Wadi Rum desert

Then I hitchhiked to Wadi Musa, which is a jumping off town to the desert city of the Nabataeans – Petra. Before I got there I had seen a very attractive Shobak castle. Petra is one of the new seven wonders of the world, but nevertheless tourists are familiar with images of only one object, which was shown in one of the films of the Indiana Jones series. Petra is not just one object but a fairly long mountain expedition, where there are the famous Treasury, Roman streets, caves, and even a place on top of the mountain which was intended for sacrifices.

Petra is a journey through sands and red mountain trails which can be also done on a donkey, on horseback or on a camel. I spent there 3 days and I have no idea how tourists can go there just for 5h and they think that they’ve seen Petra. The whole place takes time to be seen and it needs a moment of reflection on the history and the beauty of the surrounding nature. Petra, which is Jordan’s biggest tourist attraction is worth every moment.

Another beautiful place I saw was the desert of Wadi Rum. It is a protected area where we can admire pristine wilderness, canyons, mountains destined for climbing and big sand dunes. The first day I went on a whole day trip and I spent a night in a desert.

Petra Jordan

Once again beautiful Petra, Jordan.

I helped Bedouins in collecting firewood, setting up a fire and cooking. The next two days I explored the desert alone. I took my supplies of water and food, I collected firewood, I brewed tea on my own campfire and I slept in a tent. It was a very important time to me, because I wanted to explore the desert on my own. From time to time I only saw herds of camels.

This is the beauty of the Arab country, which I’m looking for during my travels, and which I am unable to see in Dubai anymore.

My good opinion about Bedouins

I would also like to express my good opinion about Bedouins. I like their traditional way of life and attachment to their land and their culture. From my observations I’ve noticed that Bedouins prefer to live in the desert, in tents, they like to drink tea prepared on their own campfires, they like their animals and all rock, canyons and sands that surround them. Also, firstly they are Bedouins and then Jordanians and Arabs. With such an approach their culture will definitely survive; and this is the exact thing which the white sheep infested with cultural Marxism and sick tolerance should learn from the Bedouins.

The Wadi Rum desert is the best place to learn about the Bedouin way of life.

Aqaba on the Red Sea. Trip to Jordan.

Aqaba on the Red Sea. Jordan.

Aqaba – a charming place on the Red Sea

The last place I visited was Aqaba on the Red Sea. Aqaba was not only my farewell to Jordan, but also a place where I took some rest after mountain and desert trekking. I swam in the sea, I did laundry and I slowly began to resemble myself. I didn’t do a lot of sightseeing n Aqaba. I mainly sat by the sea under a palm tree, I tasted Arabic sweets and I guess this was my way of saying good-bye to Jordan, which I will always remember as a beautiful adventure in a far away country.

I love Jordan and I wish that country all the best.

Summary of Jordan

Jordan has everything what a white tourist needs. There are beautiful landscapes, open spaces, beaches, rivers, canyons, a lot of history, close contact with animals, inexpensive shopping and good food. People are friendly and very professional to tourists, what means that Jordan is a Muslim country which is completely safe for White Christians, including white women who know their dignity. In the local transport students sometimes make fun of tourists what may seem intrusive, but those are only jokes, nothing more. Apart from that Jordan gives a good model of a Muslim country, where tourism is an important part of the economy. The only thing which is bad in Jordan is the geographic location of the country, due to the stench of Zionism. It is a conflict which destroys the atmosphere in the region.



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