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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

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Trips to Asia

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

The Case of Cultural Marxism; part II

By: Martin Malik

Start from part one …

The Case of Cultural Marxism; part II


Cultural Marxism is a criminal ideology invented by Jews, aimed at marginalization, or even the removal of white Christian civilization from the face of the earth. Through the immigration of millions of racially and culturally alien invaders, and through the promotion of sexual deviations, white people are replaced by dark-skinned enemies, and ruled by the light-skinned Jewish elite. “Temporary workers”, “family reunification”, “assistance to the victims of war”; different times, different lies, but the goal is always the same – a transnational plan to destroy the White Christian civilization, described as the Great Replacement Project.


The fraud of the language

The language is divided into two types: spoken and written; and that’s why a language in the false form of communication can become a weapon against the native societies. After years of repeating meaningless phrases, a nation begins to treat its native language in the same way as a parrot, which in a mindless way repeats trained sentences. It is a political strategy directed to falsify the language in order to bring the nation to mental analphabetism and a lack of mental literacy. This is precisely the evil desire of Jews and the White goys who have sold their souls for shekles covered with our blood. They want us to stay at a low educational level so that we cannot think for ourselves, so we cannot make decisions on our own and that we censor our statements and our thoughts in order to please the Anti-white, anti-Christian regime. Education is our weapon but the true education, not the one invented by Jews.

Here is the list of politically correct phrases in order to convince us that grey is “almost white” and that Arab is just a “tanned European”. This is the media mind control:

  • terrorists in the Middle East – rebels,
  • terrorists in Europe – refugees,
  • anti-white, anti-Christian government in Europe – the liberal government,
  • a pro-white, pro-Christian government in Europe – a fascist dictatorship,
  • right-wing march – riots,
  • leftist march – peaceful march,
  • someone who disagrees with the left – racist, fascist, Nazi,
  • someone who agrees with the left – open, modern, without prejudice,
  • lazy parasite – economically inactive, with insufficient motivation,
  • black criminal ghetto – economically neglected area,
  • husband, wife – partner,
  • Merry Christmas – seasonal greetings,
  • white patriot – saboteur, racist, agitator, criminal,
  • traitor of white people – liberal,
  • an illegal immigrant – an undocumented citizen,
  • homosexuals – gays,
  • HIV promotion, AIDS promotion, promotion of venereal diseases – equality parade, love parade,
  • murders of unborn children – abortion,
  • deliberate destruction of a family, destruction of men – feminism, women’s rights,
  • pathological family – dysfunctional family,
  • apartheid against white people – positive discrimination,
  • fight for the rights of white people- racism,
  • lies – alternative facts,
  • rational fear – phobia,
  • manageress – manager,
  • man, woman – person,
  • plastic surgery – cosmetic surgery,

“When words lose their meaning, people lose their freedom.”



  • crime rate – street activity,
  • a criminal – having a problem with finding oneself in a society,
  • a criminal who is being chased by the police – a person of interest to the police,
  • fat, gross, obese – large, with thick bones and poor metabolism,
  • liar, dishonest – ethically confused,
  • thief – has sticky hands,
  • rapist – sexually dysfunctional,
  • garbage collector – sanitation engineer,
  • cleaner – conservator of flat surfaces,
  • slut – liberated woman,
  • prostitute – sexual care worker,
  • half-naked woman dressed like a whore – brave outfit,
  • ugly, nasty – visually unattractive,
  • pimp – a representative of the ladies’ business,
  • moron – mentally handicapped,
  • poor – marginalized economically,
  • vomiting – unplanned food return,
  • Negroid – Afro American,
  • Mexican – Latino,
  • white genocide – diversity,
  • the Great Replacement Project – multiculturalism,
  • Islamization – cultural enrichment,
  • cursing – strong language.

„The Revolution won’t happen with guns, rather it will happen incrementally, year by year, generation by generation. We will gradually infiltrate their educational institutions and their political offices, transforming them slowly into Marxist entities as we move towards universal egalitarianism.”


Jew Max Horkheimer – one of the members of the Frankfurt School and the leading pioneers of cultural Marxism

Diversity is coming – you're just about to be culturally enriched!

Diversity is coming – you’re just about to be culturally enriched!

People don’t need bars to become prisoners and they don’t need chains and whips to be slaves. Through financial dependence and a constant feeling of guilt White nations feel like scared animals in the genocidal corner of liberalism. Instead of the word “war” we have the word “multiculturalism”, “openness” and “help to the victims of war” and instead of mass executions we have false tolerance in the form of race-mixing and promotion of abortion directed to white women and only to white women. The process of destruction of the White civilization is then more consistent and accepted with a smile on White sheep’s lips.

The economic side of cultural Marxism

The basic economic manifesto of the communists is the abolition of private property, so according to their utopian world everyone would be given according to their needs. The communists believe that only a centrally controlled economy is able to ensure equality for all the social classes and that under such rules the rich bourgeoisie could not oppress the poor ploretariat. This system of course was a total disaster and a great injustice because Lenin took property from wealthy people and give it to himself; and the remains from the master’s table were given to the poor ploretariat, which in the communist times was as poor as it was in the Romanov times. Lenin said: “Take what you want because everything belongs to you” – but how could that thief give anything at all if nothing belonged to him?

Centrally controlled economy turned out to be so genocidal that it led to famine in Ukraine in the former USSR when Stalin took away land from farmers. The plague of famine was also in China during Mao Zedong and in Cambodia during the Pol Pot regime – even though everyone was forced to work in the state owned farms. It was the so-called collectivization which as result led to slavery, to extreme poverty and to mass robbery in accordance with the communist law. These were the times when no one had anything and poverty was divided equally despite work beyond human limits.

After some time even the communists themselves, such as for example in China allowed the private sector, at the same time quietly denying the Mao Zedong’s Red Book. The communists realized that without the capitalist element, which they fought so fiercely China or Russia would not be able to develop.

In progressive communism, the so-called cultural Marxism, it is similar although in that case the centrally controlled economy is hidden behind the iron curtain of “private corporations.” A network of large supermarkets operating under many names is the central-controlled economy, which is characteristic of communism. People do not realize that supermarket A, supermarket B, C and D are only called differently so they could continue the theatre of competition, but really they all belong to the same company or eventually their ownership is divided between a few people. People working in supermarkets work on the same basis as Cambodians during the Khmer Rouge regime. In communist Cambodia or in Mao Zedong’s communist China people were forced to work in the state-owned fields nicely called “collectivization”, while in Poland or in England people work collectively in state corporations as cheap workers on foreign capital.

This time no one forces people to work because people have no choice. This is exactly the same system as in the traditional communism of the twentieth century, only that progressive communism make an effort to wrap red totalitarianism in a colourful paper. My critics might disagree with me, arguing that this is not true because people can set up private companies. I agree with this, but not entirely. People can set up their own companies but many people are forced to close them and return to the slave system because they are not able to compete with a one large corporation under many attractive names.

Although the regime of progressive communism of the 21st century Europe doesn’t read to people the Mao Zedong’s “Little Red Book” or Marx’ and Engels’ “Communist Manifesto” in which both authors agreed that ” massed must be deprived of private property”, the economic system of the European Union is based precisely on those communist publications and also on the insanely destructive ideology of the communist Leon Trotsky. A butcher can open a shop but he knows that he would go bankrupt because the supermarkets also sell meat. The same is with a milkman, a seller of chemicals, flowers, fruit and vegetables, dairy products and all the other things. This system is designed to break business talented people, to legally rob them, put them in debt and re-imprison them in a rat race – another words the one collective corporation under many names.

By the way, there are a lot of corporations but if I had to choose a corporation straight from hell, it would be definitely Monsanto.

Global corporations. Absolute control.

This is your boss and the boss of your bosses and it doesn’t matter that you don’t know him. You are his slave. He has Google, Monsanto, Canon, BMW, Microsoft, Pepsi, McDonald’s, KFC, Nescafe, Marlboro, Nokia, Hewlett Packard, Motorola, Samsung, IBM, Gillette, Coca-Cola, American Express, Toyota, Pfizer, Walt Disney, Pixar, Facebook and many more. Do you still believe in a free market economy? Would you like to compete with him and set up your own business? You’re free to do so slave!

In this paragraph I will focus on Poland, although this example could be also applied to England or any another country. My idea for healing the Polish labour market is extremely anti-communist and nationalistic. I don’t want Poles to be cheap workers in foreign companies but to be business owners. In order to make it possible first it would be necessary to destroy the persecutors and the parasites of the fatherland. I will explain this issue based on huge supermarkets because it is a simple matter and easy to understand. For example, from a huge building occupied by a hipermarket A, I would throw out the corporation that occupies that building. Then I would divide the same building into 2000 stores and I would sell each one of them to a Polish family, so that every Polish family could be the owner and not a cheap labourer. In such instance there would be still cashiers at the exit to simply save time time but the money would not flow to the fat cats on the top but only to Polish families. From that moment onwards the Poles would earn more, they would show greater creativity and ambition and at last they would owe property in their own land. They would have their own capitals that could be inherited by their Polish children and grandchildren, what means that Polish capital would always be in the hands of Poles.

In such system it would be difficult to rob Poles, unless they would vote for a traitor who would trap them in a feeling of guilt for unknown things. Such system would also create many other jobs for Polish business owners and Polish farmers because the condition of having such shops in the former supermarkets would be to purchase only from Poles. Of course we would still have foreign products, such as: coconuts, olives, cocoa, bakhlava and for example dried and naturally salted sea algae, which is a great beer snack. On the other hand: milk, apples, potatoes, yoghurts or pork would have to be exclusively Polish. (By the way, I would forbid buying palm oil to protect orangutans).

For centuries, the Judeo-communist regimes have been telling us that nationalism is bad but I think that nationalism is very good and profitable. Nationalism is not bad but only inconvenient to our enemies because from a nationalist country it is hard to steal; and this time it has nothing to do with my racial theory but only with the protection of the domestic labour market. An adequate example of nationalist economics is Israel, which promotes socialism in every country in the world except Israel, but at home it has economy similar to my example. I also want to add that for example Palestine (West Bank) is an economic hostage in the hands of Israel because for decades Israel have made Palestinians dependent on the Israeli economy in the same way as drug addicts to heroin.

The Marxist pseudo-education

Destroying European nations would not be possible without proper propaganda. Anti-White regimes do whatever they can to make White men feminine and guilty of being White, and so White women could be sex dolls of the dark-skinned invaders. In Great Britain history lessons are lessons of White guilt, while in Germany it is a vulgar propaganda of Jewish worship, despite the fact that there is iron evidence that Jews also caused a lot of harm to the Germans.

In England BBC advertised for job, stressing however that they no longer employ White people, as I’ve noticed the BBC doesn’t show white heterosexual men anymore. The BBC mainly shows people of colour, White homosexuals and White women but always in mixed relationships and with coloured children. The European media promotes “monkey music”, which aims to turn back White people in development and destroy their national and racial identity. If the word “British” covers every race, every culture and every faith in the world, it means that the word “British” means everything and nothing at the same. Education has been replaced by the Marxist indoctrination, Christianity by Islam, sodomy and Sunday shopping, while the White man’s culture by the Marxist bacteria in the form of political correctness.

News on the mainstream media are not meant to show the truth, and this is not just for propaganda reasons. In England for example people are not interested in truth and I notoriously see it whilst talking to English people. The English are interested in the news which they would be able to sell or thanks to which they would be able to shine in front of their artificial friends. However, everyone who even refers to the truth that surrounds them every day is socially marginalized, not only by the anti-White institutions but also by the liberal pseudo-intellectuals after expensive but worthless universities.

If British people are to go to expensive, Marxist propaganda univeristies in England, then it would be better for every Englishman to learn how to be a bricklayer or a carpenter, and at the same time educate himself for free at home from non-Marxist sources. Otherwise, based on the example of England I say that Europe will not have wise people anymore, except the communist and the light-skinned Jewish elites which manage this mess. The second way to improve education is to throw television out and not to read mainstream newspapers, because false democracy works on electricity and it is printed on paper.

“The perfect dictatorship has the appearance of democracy, a prison without walls where prisoners don’t even think about escape. A slavery system, thanks to consumption and recreation, the slaves will love and defend their slavery.”


Aldous Huxley

A part of the Marxist anti-education of the nation is also the creation of false role models to follow. We have athletes and celebrities promoted as the new heroes of this pathetic world, but we don’t have real role models such as national heroes, patriots and people who would represent the true culture of a given country. Athletes are contemporary gladiators who in order to continue their fame must shine with sex and fit the leftist-liberal lifestyle. However, athletes are not the worst because sport requires hard work and discipline and therefore the regime will never be able to put the athletes to the equally low level of all the half-naked, drunk and often stupid celebrities. National heroes are replaced with traitors and false heroes, as in England for example it is with Churchill. Patriots are presented as Nazis while people of „culture” are selectively chosen by the Marxist regime, so that they are either homosexual, liberal or Black.

In such system young minds are like sponges which absorb hostile ideologies which destroy them, and the whole educational system is created in such a way that young people would have no choice, apart from the one which is offered to them by masonic teachers, lecturers, politicians and journalists. People who are supposed to be role models poison society every day. I know someone personally who studied at the University of Education in London and during one lecture about communism the student asked if there is an opposite ideology to communism. The masonic teacher stated that there was none to which my Polish friend said that the opposite ideology was fascism and would like to learn something about it too. At that point the lecture ended quickly, which only confirms my belief that universities in England are the forge of the Marxist propaganda, and a diploma from the English university is best suited as a leaflet in a pub over urinals.

However, despite so passionately advertised “equality”, there are two types of education in the Marxist world. One type are schools for the elites, where students are taught independent thinking and are prepared to take up the highest positions. Over there education is not Marxist because the schools for the elites are about real learning and the students themselves are treated like extraordinary bread eaters. The second type of education is the universal education for the working class masses, where science is based mainly on the hostile to the White culture and hostile to Christianity indoctrination, as well as basic arithmetic and literacy skills. Those however, in schools for the working class are conducted in such a way so the pupils are not able to think independently, what means that masonic teachers teach to read and write not by teaching the alphabet and studying proper literature but by instilling trained phrases.

In schools for the masses the teachers’ greatest achievement is always when his disciples think and feel as they have planned for the rest of their lives, and so that they are never able to see the world without the Marxist mind barriers. Exactly this education exists in such Bolshevik countries as: England, France, USA, Canada, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Norway, Italy and many more. The working class education starts early and finishes early regardless of school results, in order to feed the ever hungry job market with mentally limited workers. The more ambitious ones who want to go to universities are simply brainwashed further for more money I call this kind of „education”: „the Marxist makeover factory line”. Some people ask me how to fix this system, to which I answer that fixing is impossible. This system should be rooted out, burned and replaced with another one.


Cultural Marxism is a social, political and economic disease invented by Jews, which leads to slavery, degeneration and genocide. This hidden totalitarian regime is a crime against humanity and is able to survive only in societies which are constantly intimidated and unaware that they are sleepwalking through their own genocide. In this system every existential and cultural norm, such as attachment to one’s country and one’s culture, the role of a woman and a man and even gender identity are undermined and destroyed, and freedom of speech in defense of those values becomes “hate speech”.

White genocide. White children.

This is what the Anti-white racists want to destroy. They want a future without White children. Could a normal person do something like that? You either support the right White children to live or you are a genocider who advocates the extermination of White civilization, including children like this one. “Anti-racism” is a code word meaning anti-White. And if in the current times they call you “racist” it means that you are probably a good man.

In my opinion, in societies so politically brainwashed as the nations of England, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium or Canada, cultural Marxism can be completely destroyed only in the way of mass murders of those responsible and supporting this regime; and then through installing a fascist regime. However, this option is extremely unlikely because there are too many fools and there are a lot of people who can be easily bought. In my opinion, when the situation with immigration, sodomization and the Great Replacement Project becomes unbearable, then the global regime would inform the masses that they came to a conclusion that there is a problem.

Then the Marxist regime would solve just a small part of the problem, and then out of gratitude the naive societies would elect exactly the same regime that terrorized them. Over the next passing years however, the Marxists would ensure that the same problem returns. In other words, the British would be grateful that the British government partially paid for their dentist, completely forgetting that it was the British government that broke their teeth in the first place.

With Marxism it is exactly the same as with cancer; it would be either cut out completely or it would spread in a whole body and lead to death. Half-measures are a waste of time in this matter.

There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda and brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be THE FINAL REVOLUTION.”


Aldous Huxley, 1961 (I recommend a book „Brave New World”)




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