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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

===============================================  “Religion, like alcohol, should only be for wise people”

Martin Malik

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

Citizenship by Rule of Blood and Rule of Land                                                                                                         

By: Martin Malik

Citizenship by Rule of Blood and Rule of Land                                                                                                         

Citizenship through Rule of the Blood and Rule of Land are the main topics of my article. I included however more threads to not to be just political. I describe the immigration policies of European countries in terms of granting citizenship but I also write about the policies of African and Asian countries. That way I show the defence mechanism of some countries and mistakes of other ones, against the background of many races and cultures. In my article I travel around the world and I’ve included a lot of interesting information from its many sides, so I guarantee that it will be interesting.

The article “Rule of Blood and Rule of Land” consists of three parts, but each of them was published under a different title.


Rules for granting citizenships

I think that in a racially and culturally enriched Europe it is worth asking who should have the right to citizenships of the European countries. The invasion of coloured races into Europe has no end because it is a problem created by design. Just as a director sticks to the script of his film, in the same way powerful global Non Governmental Organizations have written the script for Europe. In such difficult times, when the Great Replacement Project is visible in the European cities even to the most hardened left-wing extremists, I wonder who should have the right to European passports.

There are several methods of granting citizenship around the world. These are citizenships granted by birth in a given country, citizenship by descent, or citizenship by investment. There are others, such as citizenship through naturalization, an rarely for political reasons. When it comes to granting citizenship, I immediately think of the Rule of Blood and the Rule of Land, but not only that. Based on the testimonies of white victims and the hostile to Europe media I came to the conclusion that in the case of exotic rapists in Europe, permanent residence has been unofficially introduced for them just for committing these crimes. Some even admitted that they rape because the conditions in British or Swedish prisons are better than living in freedom in their countries.

Citizenship Rule of Blood and the Rule of Land map

The Rule of Blood and the Rule of Land are shown on the world map. In my opinion this is only a conventional map because each country defines this law according to its own discretion and in many countries these two diametrically opposed laws have elements of both. I believe that this is another great fraud because the World Government is able to Africanize and Islamize Europe regardless of whether it is the Rule of the Land or the Rule of Blood. In the so-called ‘democratic countries’ there are plenty of legal provisions designed to destroy those countries from the inside.

I’m going to describe the differences between the ways of obtaining citizenship, in order to provoke my readers to think if we are not being deceived? I came to the conclusion that no matter how the law on this issue is formulated, in practice it looks the same or at least it is very similar. In my opinion the Rule of Land is an automatic law, while the Rule of Blood is actually the Rule of Land, but usually with a 5-year delay.

In many countries where the Rule of Blood applies, there are also officially elements of the Rule of Land, such as in the USA and the UK. Other countries, such as Israel also has the Law of Return, what means that the descendants of Israeli emigrants living abroad are recognized by the State of Israel as Israelis. Officially this only applies to the first generation born abroad, what I doubt because Israel needs people who want to become its citizens and are friendly towards Jews. Israel needs people who converted to Judaism and who know at least basic Hebrew.

Regardless of the law, there are minor differences in both cases because some countries offer citizenship easily and quickly, while in others you have to wait a long time and the process is very expensive and demanding. There are also countries where granting citizenship exists in theory, but in practice it is impossible. Some countries have officially or unofficially added the religious element to their citizenship. They also threaten that in the event of anti-Islamic activities on the territory of another country, citizenship may be revoked. But who would want to become a citizen of such a country?

Israel also introduced the religious element, what means that the Law of Return does not apply to Jews who converted to religions other than Judaism. I think it was a very wise move on the part of the Jews to not to include the word ‘democracy’ in the name of their country. India also introduced the religious element to make it easier for Hindus with blood ties to meet the requirements for obtaining the Indian citizenship. Recently India even introduced a citizenship ban for Muslims. Is this discrimination? That is still the case in Europe but in my opinion it’s common sense resulting from a defence mechanism.

There are also countries such as the United Kingdom (UK), which remove citizenships for the ‘public good’. I understand that some of them are terrorists, spies or people who acquired UK citizenship by fraud. However, I suspect that most of them simply had political views unfavourable to this narrow group of people who really rule the UK. These are the so-called ‘extremists’, and I’m not talking about Muslims. The UK has so far revoked 464 citizenships, most of which are shrouded in mystery because the Home Office does not provide information on this subject. In the so-called ‘democratic countries’ like Soviet Britain it doesn’t matter whether it is the Rule of Land or the Rule of Blood, and each new citizenship is like a gym membership. You must agree or at least say nothing, or otherwise you will be persecuted by the British KGB, end up in prison or they will quietly kick you out of the country.

Citizenship through the Rule of Land

The Rule of Land (Jus Soli) means that every child born in such a country is offered automatic citizenship, regardless of where his parents come from. Rule of Land applies mainly in the Western Hemisphere, what means that it covers the countries of North America and all of Latin America. The only exception is Colombia, which has the Rule of Blood

The Rule of Land also applies in most of Africa. Anyone born in Africa has an automatic right to citizenship of a given African country. However, the exceptions in Africa are: Chad, Tanzania, Mozambique, Namibia and the micro-state of Lesotho.

Black gang

It no longer makes any difference to blacks whether the Law of Blood or the Law of Land applies.

Throughout Asia the Rule of Blood applies, but interestingly the only exception is Pakistan, where applies the Rule of Land.

Pakistan is a state of sick mind:

Of course I include the corrupt Republic of Pakistan among the countries whose citizenship should be avoided like fire (separate chapter). In Pakistan you can officially give up Islam and everyone has the same rights, but when several women converted to Christianity they had to flee the village for their lives. In Pakistan, being a Christian can result in stoning, arson and of course rape – and to such an extent that even Pakistani policemen raped girls for leaving Islam.      

Such cases are common in Pakistan: NEWS ALERT: Pakistan Christian “Burned”, Wife “Raped”, For Refusing Islam | BosNewsLife

Recently, a court in Pakistan sentenced two Pakistanis to death and life imprisonment for ‘blasphemy’. Besides, to those who live in England Pakis don’t need any further introduction. (The elite in Great Britain is seriously considering imposing prison sentences for unfavourable opinions about the prophet of Islam. Elements of Sharia law are already a part of the British law, but soon they might also add penalties for ‘blasphemy’. Shocking!!! Of course it is, but the elite in the UK declared war on Great Britain and white people a long time ago!!!

Link to the article: Pakistan student sentenced to death over WhatsApp messages in ‘blasphemy’ case | Pakistan News – The Indian Express

All the countries I mentioned above have one thing in common: I can’t imagine anyone wanting to become their citizen when people risk their lives and resort to incredible tricks to escape from them. The exceptions are of course the USA and Canada, but these countries are today attractive only to the poor, desperate and uninformed settlers from Third World countries, because of their good old reputation. Still, for blacks, Indians and other heavily tanned settlers, the USA and Canada are countries of benefits and a liberal approach to drugs and robberies, which at the same time fight against ‘racism’. The Rule of Land in North America is an official invitation to invasion, rape, robbery and social parasitism for all the ‘persecuted and oppressed ethnic minorities’.

On the other hand the replacement of society from white to black has become a fact not only in the case of uncontrolled immigration but because many millions of white Americans left the USA. In 2022 the US government calculated that about 9 million Americans left the US, while according to a study conducted by the Washington Post about 15% of Americans want to leave the US. In my opinion, when whites become a minority in the USA and blacks take symbolic power, the USA will become a failed state like South Africa. That’s when we will start talking about equality between races and cultures. Whites are also fleeing from Canada because they no longer feel at home and degeneracy has become militarized.

Rule of Land is nonsense which in my opinion looks something like this: a negro called Bambo from the Banana Republic was born in England so he is English, while the hamster named Dixi was born in an aquarium so he’s a fish. Rule of Land is the official tool for denationalizing nations.

Citizenship through the Rule of Blood

The Rule of Blood (Ius sanguinis) is the principle under which a child’s citizenship is established or acquired on the basis of the citizenship of one or both parents, even if only one of the parents was a citizen. In some cases citizenship by descent may be applied to children born abroad whose parents were not citizens of a given country but belong to the national, ethnic and cultural diaspora of that country (e.g. Israel).

The Rule of Blood suggests that anyone who belongs ethnically to a country can automatically become a citizen of that country, but this is a lie. People whose grandfather or even great-grandfather was born in Great Britain or its overseas territory can apply for British citizenship, regardless of ethnic origin. In this case the Rule of Blood is in my opinion a fraud because British citizenship can be granted to representatives of dark races, even through ‘double descent’, meaning two generations back. For that reason in my opinion this is the historical Rule of Land, officially defined as the Rule of Blood.

Sometimes however Australians can obtain British citizenship if at least one of their grandparents was born in the United Kingdom. This law however does not mention anything about ethnicity, which should be the basis of the Rule of Blood. This is therefore another scam. Before the Australian Citizenship Act came into force on the 26th of January 1949, Australians were classified as “British subjects” rather than British citizens. Why can’t European countries copy the Rule of Blood from Israel? According to such law white descendants of the national and ethnic diaspora whose ancestors were not citizens would have the right to European citizenships. (I expand on this topic below).

“Rule of Blood” in practice in racially enriched liberal countries of Europe

White descendants of Europeans born and living permanently in North America and Africa must undergo strict immigration controls. For example, ethnic Dutch people who have been in South Africa for many generations cannot apply for Dutch citizenship, even though they are Dutch by the purity of their blood and have Dutch surnames. It’s the same with white Americans of German and Irish descent. They cannot automatically obtain German or Irish citizenship, even though they should according to the Rule of Blood. They are faced with complicated forms and hundreds of questions about their obvious origins.

So we are dealing here with a law according to which a descendant of Germans with the surname Deutschmann cannot become a German citizen, and John McGregor cannot become an Irish citizen. Unless they collect ironclad evidence of their descent up to three generations back, that one of their ancestors had citizenship of their country. In this case, despite the obvious origin based on Rule of Blood, it is very difficult to gather evidence.

white family

If the Rule of Blood was not a fraud, Europe would be white. The left lying about wanting to protect minorities. White families are not only a global minority but they are also a minority in European cities. Multi-‘culturalism’ is a code word meaning: removal of white people.

On the other hand, blacks who illegally got to Europe on rafts, after 5 years of laziness, drug dealing and burning the streets in the name of ‘fighting racism’ become citizens of a European country. Then all the black children that the African settlers made during those 5 years and will make thereafter will automatically become citizens of European countries because of the ‘Rule of Blood’; even though their blood belongs to Africa and not to Europe. Once again it is the Rule of Land that is destroying Europe and is only defined as the Rule of Blood.

It is exactly the same with the inhabitants of the desert who are never tired of fighting for the cause of Allah. After 5 years of fighting for Sharia law, after an explosion of rapes and calls for the slaughter of infidels (Jihad) they receive citizenships of the European countries. Then all their Muslim children automatically become citizens of England, France, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, etc. Thus a new generation of Jihad grows up with the right to European land through the false Rule of Blood.

Seemingly the Rule of Blood contradicts the Rule of Land, which is based solely on geography. In practice however, in many countries these two principles of granting citizenship complement each other. After many years of obvious deliberate mistakes in immigration policy many countries moved away from the Rule of Land and moved to the Rule of Blood. I however believe that nothing has changed except the name itself because liberal globalist regimes are still flooding Europe with aliens, very often hostile to the native white population.

I am mentioning some countries which in theory abandoned the Rule of Land and switched to the ‘Rule of Blood’, because it is simply a more fair solution. I also assure you that this is not the domain of white nations alone. Many countries settled by blacks introduced not only a national but also a racial element into their Blood Law. Blacks don’t have to explain themselves.

India switched to the Rule of Blood in 1986 and subsequently made additional amendments to strengthen this law. The United Kingdom passed the Blood Law in 1983, Australia in 1986 and New Zealand in 2006. Malta ended the Land Law in 1989 and the Dominican Republic in 2010. People are bound not by geographical location but by ethnicity, culture and national unity, and therefore since it’s been easier for people of colour to move to Europe, there was a need for a law which in theory would develop a defence mechanism but sometimes in practice too.

In my opinion, in practice however it looks like this: whoever wants can come legally or illegally to the countries of white civilization, give birth as much as they want and then wait 5-7 years for a passport. The children of those strays will of course have the right to citizenship of EU countries, the UK, New Zealand and Australia. Therefore the Rule of Blood is a fraud here, but in the USA and Canada you don’t even have to wait because the Rule of Land applies there.

Unfortunately Ireland realized their mistake too late. In 2004 as many as 79% of Irish people voted to change immigration policy to the Rule of Blood. This was because pregnant women from Africa, India and Arab countries came en masse to Ireland so that, thanks to the Rule of Land, their non-white children would have Irish/EU passports. This practice had to end, otherwise the small population of little white Ireland would quickly turn into Afro-Arab-Indian. The globalists had no choice but to accept this law, and that’s why under massive and endless accusations of racism, they are flooding Ireland with blacks and Muslims regardless of this law.

Citizenship Rule of Blood Ireland immigration

For hundreds of years the Irish have fought so bravely for their independence; only to then give it up without a fight. Military attacks did not conquer little Ireland and did not break the will of the Irish to fight. Therefore, the end of the Irish nation will occur by appealing to basic human instincts, such as ‘Christian help to those in need’, and then wage biological war through a massive alien invasion and race-mixing. In a war carried out this way the attacking army does not need weapons because the Irish voted for their own end and are still paying for the removal of themselves, their culture and their history from the face of the earth. I am very sorry for the Irish.

Rule of Blood in Africa

The situation is different for example in African countries. I don’t know who would like to have their citizenship, but Liberia for example allows only: people of African descent to take up its citizenship; that means only black people. Imagine the wave of hatred in the world’s media if Great Britain, Germany or Sweden announced that they would only grant citizenship to whites. Uganda has the same law but worded in a more gentle form, which clearly states that: a descendant of an Ugandan citizen (black) or a descendant of a member of a local tribe (black) who was born in Uganda from February 1926 is eligible for citizenship by descent.

This is exactly the law I support, except whites who don’t have a law based on defence mechanism. Whites are forced to accept laws that force us to destroy our defence mechanism and herd identity.

Examples of my theory on racial double standards:

In many African countries white people are the target of mass murders and rapes, are discriminated against and marginalized, and have their property taken away. This is the case in South Africa and Zimbabwe; once Rhodesia.

A petition was even presented to the British Parliament to stop the genocide of white farmers by blacks in South Africa, but it was quickly silenced: Sanction South Africa for White Genocide – Petitions (

The issue of inciting white genocide and mass murders of white people in South Africa are carried out from the position of the government and opposition in South Africa. Calling for the mass murder of whites in South Africa guarantees the popularity of political parties. Elon Musk gave an interview on this topic, but despite the evidence, mainstream media in the US and UK consider it an ‘far-right myth’: Elon Musk raises specter of ‘white genocide’ after South Africa apartheid chant – The Washington Post

In Europe and North America however there are anti-white laws in favour of black colonizers. Could it be a conspiracy theory? Cambridge University in England openly discriminated against white students and openly wanted to introduce a complete ban on white students (in the name of ‘diversity and inclusion’). Link to one of many controversial articles on this topic: Cambridge University Blocked White Students From Applying For Post-Graduate Programme – The People’s Voice (

In England and the USA, even mathematics was called ‘racist’ because blacks were unable to pass exams, and according to experts in this theory forcing blacks to learn maths is a show of white supremacy, racism and white colonization imposed on blacks. Link here: US educators slam math workbook that claims it’s racist to ask students to get the right answer | Daily Mail Online Don’t ask negroes how much 2+2 is, because it’s a manifestation of white supremacy.

The policy of anti-white apartheid is of course also pursued by blacks in Africa. For example, at the university of Pretoria, South Africa, which was built by whites and which is based only on the scientific knowledge of white people, the black organization AfriForum Youth, built on hatred towards whites, pasted stickers: ‘No whites allowed’ and ‘blacks only’. Link to the article Why AfriForum Youth put up ‘no whites allowed’ stickers at University of Pretoria’s Hatfield campus | News24 Would I get a life sentence if I posted a ‘no blacks allowed’ or ‘whites only’ sign at the Warsaw University?

Donald Trump South Africa White Genocide

Donald Trump on the White Genocide in South Africa.

The topic of racial double standards designed to destroy white people could be described for a long time! The naive white leftist in the USA and Europe does not realize that when the white continents become the site of a race war, blacks will not look at whites’ liberalism but at their skin colour, which will classify them into a specific group. This trend is evident considering the murders, rapes and beatings of white people by heavy-tanned settlers. White women fighting for the right of ‘refugees’ were also raped and killed by ‘refugees’.

The Rule of Blood implemented in various ways applies mostly in the Eastern Hemisphere, that is in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. I have listed the exception countries in the section above and according to the map. At the end of this article I’m going to explain my own rules for granting citizenship by origin, which I consider to be the only reasonable and fair one! However, as we can see in the above examples, although the Rule of Blood is one, it looks completely different in different countries.

Read part II – “Citizenship by investment”.



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