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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

Globalization in the eyes of a traveller

By: Martin Malik

Whilst travelling the furthest corners of our beautiful but often a very tragic world I also draw my attention to the behaviour of other travellers and holidaymakers. Some people under influence of the local culture lose their touch with reality and act as if they were really born in Tibet and as if they were going to achieve nirvana.

I stand more firmly on the ground. I am an observer looking for adventures but I remember that I am a White man and a Catholic, although based on the example of Islam I think that religion, the same as vodka is only for wise people. I also believe that for the same reason why the Middle East should be a home to Arabs and Mongolia to Mongols, in order to keep the cultural and racial balance, apart from small exceptions Europe should be a home only to White Christians.

In our small overcrowded continent, overwhelmed by an outbreak of political correctness and full of sick and twisted, sometimes even perversive ultra-liberalism it would help to maintain the national and religious identity and so extremely important – the racial purity. This is particularly evident in several European capitals where in many places “The White Species” is very rare.

I say this because when I look at Islamic values and the ever growing population of Africa I believe that their cultures and races will survive centuries to come and about the European culture I’m not so sure anymore.

In light of the above it becomes very clear to me that every Christian abandoning their culture and every White person having a non-White child commits the greatest crime against our beautiful race and should be punished for it severely. I personally call such dealings a theft of a rightful birth because when a child is born it is not only a gift to the family but also a gift to the state and that’s why it should be up to the racial standards of that country.


Europe – the beauty being lost. (The birth of Venus; 1486 is a very special piece of art in the European culture). If Europe is still on being colonized by Muslims then art like that would be forbidden as contrary to Islam. In many European countries Islam has become a plague.

I’ve been travelling the furthest corners of Asia for many years, searching for beautiful landscapes, fauna and flora, historical objects, education and wonderful adventures but I also travel in the search of understanding of other cultures and other races. When I was for example in Samarkand, Khiva and Bukhara in Uzbekistan I was very happy to see the historical, fine Islamic architecture from the XIV century although at the same time I was equally happy to see it in Uzbekistan and not in Europe. When I was for example in Madurai in India I felt fulfilled to see the colourful hindu temples of Sri Meenakshi. Among the many achievements of Asian cultures I have huge respect for the amazingly beautiful ancient temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and also to the golden pagodas and Buddhist temples of Thailand and Burma; and the very romantic The Sikh’s Golden Temple of Amritsar in India.

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the temples of ancient Persia through the Himalayas and through the Great Wall of China into the lush jungles of Borneo I realized the the world should have its order. Whether I was shearing fresh tea with Buddhist monks in the tea fields of Sri Lanka or whether I got stuck between lemon trees of chaotic Bangladesh I always greatly appreciated the beauty of our own White Christian culture and the heritage of our own White race.

I feel blessed by the privilege of knowing and exploring different cultures, habits, architectures, handicrafts and all the angels and demons of the far away lands. Because of educating myself this way I feel that apart from admiring the countries’ heritage I’ve become richer mentally and softer emotionally and because of travelling I can see very clearly not only the problems of Asia but also the problems of Europe and the native Europeans’. I think that every nation in the world regardless of ethnicity and culture should have a fundamental right to continue its culture, its faith and also its race.

I also admit that although I travel because of natural, cultural and historical beauty my presence in so many far away, exotic countries has also helped me in a more precise racial classification, what interests me greatly. Because race, next to culture is what determines the origin and affiliation of given human species to the ethnically appropriate part of the world. It is therefore true that travelling enriches intellectually in many ways, where everybody can chose something for themselves.

Europeans are White Christians and they should remain as such. That’s why I strongly disagree with perversive, immoral and stuck with its own dirt globalization. For all the above reasons I feel that different races and cultures should never be allowed to interbreed and they should never be imported to Europe on a mass scale. This is because the dealings of venomous globalization which equals to the politics of White Apartheid against White Christians in their own lands, leads to the bloodless White Genocide of the XXI century.

Also, all the beautiful in their own countries temples of the Middle East, in Europe I see as architectural garbage and monuments of our leaders’ political prostitution, whose Owners do not allow to learn from our history. From the traveller’s/adventurer’s point of view it is very sad that whilst travelling around Europe I can see that in the name of an utopian ideology the White Species has been bloodlessly exterminated from its native lands, because the New World Order is based on the mass denationalization of the European nations. The alien species which benefit from that ideology I see as the elements racially and culturally worthless because they are unable to pass on to the next generations clean genes and values which build our unique White race.

To summarize, to a certain degree I accept the bringing cultural beauty and socially and economically beneficial racial and cultural minorities in Europe but only on a condition that they would remain minorities and that they would not change the racial and the cultural face of European countries.

When I go for example to France I do not want to see the 6mln extremely problematic and impossible to be assimilated Arabs and their mosques, embracing illusive fetish believes – but the French and their culture. When I go to England I do not want to see Negroes and their legendary crimes and social disease, but English people and their way of life.

It is one of the reasons why I travel around Asia. It is still Asian what guarantees great experiences to a traveller of my type. I’ve been also wondering if in such a “free” and “democratic” country like Britain people ever had a referendum in which they voted “for” or “against” the complete destruction (“multi-kulti”) of their country and themselves???

The precious victims of the White Holocaust in the ultra-politically correct, extreme far-Left Europe. Race, the same as extinct species cannot be rebuilt.

A tale about Morlocks and Edens

When I look at Black crime and the inter species relationships it reminds me of a fairy tale about the Morlocks and the Edens. Edens lived on the earth’s surface and they were the race of soft white skin, blond hair and blue eyes. They fed on nectar and ambrosia and they read poetry and played harps. On the other hand Morlocks lived underground and they were black, they had thick black hair, expressionless black eyes and empty black souls. While Edens were created to look like God himself and their task was to create art and education, Morlocks were an insult to humanity, a mistake of evolution and creation of a different, inferior God. Sometimes however Morlocks managed to escape to the earth’s surface to hunt Edens, eat their delicate white meat and through their crimes taste some heaven.

This fairy tale however does not mention that Morlocks had more rights in the Eden’s world than Edens themselves because fairy tales are supposed to have happy endings.

So the enemies of the true humanity say that different races should mix and their children would be “equal” but on the other hand it is not at all racially and culturally beneficial for different breeds to create hybrids, if they can be racially clean. For this reason I also believe that people should form couples in order to guarantee themselves racially clean children because if there is any culture that must be protected it is the White Christian culture built on Hellenic foundations. It is this culture which gave enlightenment to the world and which gave beautiful art and education, and that’s why it should not be replaced with any other.

Therefore purely for the protection of our White Species in certain European countries the Politics of Racial Purity is enough but in other countries, more polluted by alien breeds the only way of survival lies in the Selective Breeding System based on big birthrate of native Europeans. Otherwise Europe and Europeans are finished. Someone could blame me that I define people as different species and not just different races but in my opinion homo sapiens is only a general definition of many different less or more related species.

I would like to travel throughout my life educating myself that way but the more I get to know the world the more I doubt if it would be always possible on such a scale. On one hand we have the European Union shaped like the Soviet Union where both organisms rely on creating as much fear and paranoia as they only can. In the Soviet Union they hunted the “enemies of the revolution” and in the European Union they hunt “racists”, so realistically speaking they hunt the same people.

On the other hand we also have the hungry for global power and global currency families who are currently in the process of creating artificial “heart attacks” and staging the world on the basis of a chess strategy. Chess players do not care what pawns believe in or what colour they are, as long as they are blunt, defenseless and through appropriate strategy they are easy to control. Apart from that every chess pawn is number “0” and it is sacrificed without any regret. I hope to complete my expeditions.

Funny? I don’t think so. With an appropriately destructive propaganda based on fear and paranoia women “would fall in love with them”.

At the end I would like to write a few words to the ultra-liberal Left which multiplies like Egyptian plagues and which sooner or later will read this article. Firstly, not everyone has to agree with my views and I do not want to cause an outrage but after seeing the world from such a broad perspective I don’t only see the problems of the distant countries but most of all my loved ones. In addition I include this whole paragraph to the obvious truths which are silenced by the absurdly politically correct system. By saying that I am aware of eventual, small criticism which I am open to but only on a condition that it would make sense and it wouldn’t turn into a pointless melodramaticism artificially inflamed by the Zionist media. My noble right-wing views I describe as conservative.

To all who have read this article and will read the next ones I wish good reading and deep thoughts and then also successful journeys.



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