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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

Simon Mol – the black supplier of HIV

By: Martin Malik

Simon Mol – the black supplier of HIV

I wrote this article in defense of white women.

There are such things that good people brought up on docile and gentle Christianity would never dream of. Simon Mol – a story based on facts about how a black man in Poland fulfilled his degenerate sexual fantasies by infecting naive left-wing Polish women with HIV. This article will be about the darkest side of political correctness because even those Polish women who gave themselves to the black supplier of HIV were also accused of racism by him, when they said they wanted him to use condoms. The left accuses the right of ‘racism’ and ‘disrespect for women’s rights’, but it treats white women as mindless pieces of meat that can be used for their own political gains. The black supplier of HIV Simon Mol was one of many we heard about thanks to ‘racists’ – in defense of white women. The mainstream media in Poland never mentioned it.

A very interesting material in defense of white women below the article.

Who was Simon Mol

Simon Mol (Simon Moleke Nije) was an enemy of Poland who used political correctness to intentionally infect Polish women with a malicious strain of HIV – 1, found only in Cameroon and neighboring countries… and now in Poland. By the way; HIV is a ‘gift’ from Africa!!! Simon Mol was a Cameroonian criminal who invented a false biography and who, of course, presented himself as a persecuted refugee from Africa. Simon Mol introduced himself as a writer and poet who had been writing for years for non-existent newspapers and those that had never heard of him.

A black fraudster who even had two dates of birth testified that he was fleeing from Cameroon because in 1996 he was arrested while preparing to write an article about corruption in the Cameroonian government. This was, of course, one of many made-up stories by the black trickster. According to the fabricated biography of our black HIV supplier (‘writer and poet’), Simon Mol was also given asylum in Ghana. Mol testified that he worked as a journalist in a newspaper which was in opposition to the Cameroonian government, and was arrested because of his political activities. His version was checked in Ghana and it turned out that he was never repressed or arrested and he never wrote about politics but about football. All his stories were false so that he could deliberately prey on naive left-wing Polish women.

Those lies however were enough for the naive and horrified by the accusation of ‘racism’ Polish government to grant him political refugee status in 2000. As it later turned out, in the name of ‘gratitude’ to Poland, Simon Mol could have infected with HIV at least 16 stupid left-wing Polish women, some of whom died of AIDS. As he testified: (Attention!!) he infected Polish women with HIV because he was taking revenge for ‘racism’. I think it also explains a lot about the dignity of Polish women and their honour. I also wonder if those white women and their families and friends still vote for the left or have they become ‘racists’. I warn however that the stupidity of white people knows no end. I talked to an English woman who blacks had already put a knife to her throat and robbed her several times, and she still loves all black people because the attackers could have been white.

Simon Mol multiculturalism HIV

Simon Mol – black supplier of HIV. On one hand he infected with his ‘sacred sperm’ because he was taking revenge for ‘racism’, and on the other he testified that (according to the primitive African superstitions) he transmitted HIV to others.

The case of black Simon Mol and his naive white leftist sexual victims is a terrifying black story based on black facts. I believe that it is the blackets chapter of black political correctness and the inept immigration system in culturally and racially enriched Poland. However, I would like to say to those who support the “Cultural Enrichment of Europe” that according to the primitive beliefs of African shamanism, negroes believe that diseases can be gotten rid of by giving them to others. Simon Moll said that he didn’t believe he had HIV, but on the other hand he testified that he infected white women with HIV to take revenge for ‘racism’. Simon Moll: a fraudster, pervert and murderer pretending to be a refugee, the owner of two dates of birth and the favourite of the Polish leftism.

A specific type of Polish women

It is very important to add what kind of Polish woman someone like Simon Mol was able to infect with HIV, because this is not a closed case. Simon Mol is dead but stupidity, naivety, leftist stupor and acceptance of war against one’s own race are still alive. This and other black fraudsters and sexual predators are only able to exploit those white women who come out in droves to rainbow marches, who accuse white men of ‘racism’ and fight for refugee rights. These are the same Polish women who recognized feminism and tolerance as their new religions. Polish women from this group are destroy Poland not only through race-mixing. These are extreme leftist voters from PO (Civic Platform) and similar anti-Polish parties. These are viewers of TVN and Netflix, as well as readers of Gazeta Wyborcza and Wirtualna Polska, who treat their leftist gurus as the oracles of truth.

How to recognize this specific type of white women who want to become breeding meat for blacks and Muslim sex slaves? I divide them into two groups:

The first group is disgusting and downright unappetizing, repelling with its sight. Often those women have their bodies covered with tattoos to such an extent that they no longer have room for new ones, even without maintaining any aesthetic values. I’ve seen tattoos on fingers, lips, faces, and I have no doubt that if some of these women took off their panties, a man would jump out of the window in fear.

White genocide race mixing

The woman says: ‘Hey racist Alt Righter, whiteness will be completely deconstructed in a century. I will make sure of it. (And the result in the photo on the right). White women have huge impact on destruction of white civilization.

These women also have piercings in their noses, eyebrows, tongues and wherever they can put them in. They dye their hair green, purple and pink, sometimes shaving it short – and they are all united in their hatred against white heterosexual men. Among the victims of this black man there wasn’t a single conservative Polish woman who would live with dignity as a self-respecting woman. Certainly, Polish women who belong to the All-Polish Youth or to the organization of patriotic scouts from ONR (National Radical Camp) would not become sexual meat for blacks.

The monopoly of being a perpetual victim of racism and slavery are the only branches of the black economy.

The second group are Polish women who think they are smart because they graduated from colleges, and having a dark lover seems to them an exotic promotion… because of their hidden inferiority complex. These are the ones who want to devote their lives to an office career focused on competition with their ‘oppressors’ – white men. Those women want to dress elegantly, they only think about success at work and they are willing to do anything for their career. Unfortunately, what is alien to them and treated like a stone in their shoe is starting a white family. They are usually too busy with studies and work, and if they ever decide to have at least one child they are already at such an age that they cannot get pregnant and they buy a cat.

A white man doesn’t want such a woman anymore, but a black man would take anything that is white, no matter how fat and ugly. In England and the USA there is a saying that a black man would screw anything as long as it’s white. The priority here is of course a white woman, but it can also be a white man, a white dog, a white cat and even a white donkey. At this point appears Simon Mol who introduces himself as an ‘African writer and poet fighting for human rights’. She then considers herself beautiful because she caught the legs of an ‘African intellectual with a heart of gold’, and he is also happy because he doesn’t have to to pay prostitutes in a brothel. If it wasn’t for that naive white woman, the black man would have to rape a white Labrador, but luckily it didn’t have to happen.

White genocide, race mixing of races multiculturalism

Too late to be a self-respecting white woman. Kirsten, 25, is looking for a white man with a good job, who is not a drug addict, but still the one who is not ‘racist’, probably only because of his micro-negro. Now Kirsten says that she is already a good Christian and wants to be a good wife. White men! Anyone interested? Does anyone respect her? Colloquially, it is called a ‘bag for black sperm’.

In Africa there is no such thing as the institution of family, and that’s why a black man does not feel responsible for his child. According to African customs, when a black man impregnates one woman, he immediately looks for another one. It is not without reason that the British orphanages are mostly black. This is how I briefly explained how white women weaken white countries. It does not take Russia armed with nuclear bombs to destroy a European nation. We just need to move Africa to Europe and then introduce liberalism, feminism, tolerance – and political correctness, in case white people dare to fight for their own survival.

The carrer of Simon Mola in Poland

In Poland however, Simon Mol not only infected with HIV. With the help of the Polish leftists he made a real career, thanks to which he was able to take advantage and sexually abuse and infect so many white women with HIV and AIDS. The black man whose case I am describing built his career on a story he invented that he was: ‘a fugitive writer, journalist and poet, and an activist for human rights, who was persecuted for his political views and fought against racism.’ I doubt that a black man from Cameroon would be able to even define such phrases. In the year 2000 the literacy rate in Cameroon stood only at 68% and education there was still very low. Simon Mol allegedly made a living from poetry in several other African countries, including Burkina Faso, where the literacy rate is still at 46%.

On the other hand even the most leftist whites like to think that blacks are stupid. If so, I would like to point out that I see a certain contradiction here. I think that blacks and for example Gypsies are stupid at school but very smart in life. However, white people are smart in school but they prove all the time that they are very stupid in life. I very often meet highly educated white morons, also in Poland. I’ve heard the opinion of a Polish psychologist who said that she had a husband from India and a child with him because: ‘she is not a racist’. She opened her mouth and her eyes very wide out of surprise when I told her that this is not about racism but about the will of white people to survive. Why did she need those studies when a dark-skinned man from a country of poverty and ignorance was able to do with her whatever he wanted? For such a white woman I feel nothing but contempt

As you could easily guess, Simon Mol pursued his career on being a victim of racism and fighting racism. In my previous article about Negroes I wrote that ‘racism’ is a huge branch of the Negro economy, just as in the case of Jews it is ‘anti-Semitism and business holocaust’. I was even sued for ‘hate speech’ for this article. Simon Mol also followed this path, to such an extent that when Polish policemen knocked on his door, he accused them of racial persecution and threatened to notify organizations that fight racism. As soon as the police knocked on his door and when someone didn’t agree with him, the standard behaviour of that black man was to loudly accuse everyone of ‘racism’ and threaten to bring all human rights organizations to Poland. It doesn’t take a clairvoyant to guess what hostages of blacks white Poles would become if a group of blacks were resettled to Poland.

Simon Mol, black fraudster HIV

This time I don’t want to suggest anything. I kindly ask every white woman to evaluate the actions of the Left for herself, whether they feel safe with the Left and whether they feel worth anything to them. Let this effusive comment from the Left be a warning to all husbands and fathers too.

Even after the prosecutor brought 13 charges against Mol under paragraph 156 of the Penal Code, including 11 for intentional HIV infection and 1 for attempted infection, the Polish Ministry of Justice, even with such charges and abundant evidenc temporarily released Mol. Apparently the court decided so for humanitarian reasons because Mol was dying of HIV. I wonder if the court considered, even for a moment, what humanitarian considerations the black HIV supplier had towards naive Polish women who had stripped themselves of their dignity. Simon Mol said that he infected with his ‘sacred sperm’. Among the highly educated left-wing Polish women who were hungry for exotic adventures, it was in fashion to tick off a negro. ‘As long as he’s not Polish,’ said those young Polish women. I wonder how many of them are still alive with a suspended death sentence???

The white Left in Poland, full of tolerance towards the crimes of that black man chose him as their African prince. Mol became an advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a journalist at “The Warsaw Voice”. Polish women who despised Polish men came to admire Mol at his literary meetings in the name of ‘the fight against racism and the fight for human rights’. Mol also became the editor-in-chief of the Refugee Association in Poland and the secretary-in-chief of “Voice of Refugees”. Simon Mol also fought against Polish football fans. In 2003 the extreme leftist and hostile to Poland organization ‘Never Again’ named Mol the ‘antifascist of the year’ for co-organizing the campaign: ‘Let’s kick racism out of football stadiums’.

The most comical moment however was when in 2004 the communist president Aleksander Kwaśniewski, democratically elected by Poles, nominated Mol for the award of the Commission for Refugees under the patronage of the UN. Simon Mol was involved in so many ‘human rights and anti-racism’ organizations and received so many awards that it is difficult to list them all. In 2006, thanks to the efforts of leftist fanatics, he also received the OXFAM pen-club award for freedom of expression. Thanks to all of that, Simon Mol was also able to extort an apartment, even though Poles didn’t have such a right.

In their leftist frenzy and enormous destructive naivety, Polish women looked at their black idol without limits because he was so ‘good and exotic’. Left-wing Polish women filled with hatred towards Polish and other white men were simply unable to keep their legs together. Interestingly, when those Polish women told Mol that they wanted him to use condoms, Mol accused them of ‘racism’. Then, when his victims told him that they had been infected by him with HIV, he again accused them of ‘racism’ and slammed the phone. He no longer needed his ‘naive white rags’.

The Left accuses the Right of ‘racism’ and ‘disrespect for women’s rights’, but it treats white women as mindless pieces of meat that can be used for their own political gains.

Simon Mol HIV Poland

Adventures in mixed relationships: educated white idiots received HIV as a gift from their black prince. Let’s skip talking about the honor of these Polish women. It is also worth remembering the version of the Jewish Gazeta Wyborcza. Shortly translated from Polish: – According to the Jewish newspaper Simon Mol was the antifascist of the year. – The Polish newspaper simply provided details of the case, what made them ‘racist’.

The so-called feminism, emancipation of women, liberalism and blind tolerance are destructive ideologies that are huge enemies of women. Besides, communists have always preyed on women for their own political gains. I was planning to return to Poland to teach Englis but now I am inclined to believe that it would be safer for white women not to know this language. Maybe white women would be better off learning Latin in Catholic seminaries?

A pathetic comedy of the Left after Mol’s death

Even when this black fraudster, sexual predator and HIV supplier went to hell in 2008, the leftists still licked his black ass to a high gloss!!! After his death the vulgar leftists made him a hero because he was black. To honor Mol for his ‘outstanding achievements’ in the field of fraud, sexual crimes and HIV infection, they went to his funeral to lie about how much good Mol had done ‘to fight racism and help refugees’. Leftist leaders and their useful idiots even held a silent march to finally honor their ‘antifascist of the year’. Isn’t this a romantic story, like something out of a horror movie?

This is the same Left that ‘fights for women’s rights’ and at the same time it sacrifices Polish women at the altar of political correctness. The left are liars, hypocrites and enemies of white women. The only defenders of white women can only be white men brought up in the national spirit and with the sense of fighting for the purity of our blood. This is due to the natural feeling of belonging to the white herd. It was a tragic story based on the enormous injustice towards Polish women who were supposed to have their whole lives ahead of them.

The case summary

At the end of this tragic story there is someone I must praise. This is the Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro. I’m not a detective and I don’t follow his political career but this time he certainly behaved rationally, with dignity and honour. Zbigniew Ziobro did not bow to the world’s Left and decided to publish the image of Simon Mol due to important social interest. Zbigniew Ziobro also ordered for this case to be told on the Ministry of Justice website because the crimes of that negro were extremely vile; and they really were.

African invasion to Europe

Doctors, engineers, outstanding poets like William Shakespear come to Europe to enrich us culturally and scientifically. Left-wing psychiatrists agree on their diagnosis. Well, a black Negroid from Africa suffers from a syndrome called: ‘psychotic transmigrant’. What does it mean? Well, the Negro was born in the wrong body because he is a black Sudanese, but he’s always felt that he was actually German. Fortunately, Bambo is now heading to his emotional homeland. This theory is also supported by the ‘gender fluidity’ experts. Is it not strange that blacks are willing to risk their lives to get to the continent of white racists where they are persecuted because they are black.

In 2008, after the ‘literary achievements’ of Simon Mol, Poland introduced mandatory HIV tests for all the invasive settlers, who are commonly called ‘refugees’ in order to confuse European victims. It is important to add that in order to destroy Europe and spread HIV, the UN Refugee Commission loudly opposed that decision. (By the way, these are the same people who closed the global economy due to Coronavirus but support the importation of HIV from Africa to Europe for humanitarian reasons.) The problems that Europe is struggling with at its own request will not be solved unless white people get out of the leftist madness, fear and white guilt. Survival must become their priority. Too much emancipation of women is a very dangerous weapon against women.

 The so-called feminism, emancipation of women, liberalism and blind tolerance are destructive ideologies that are huge enemies of women.

!!! I advise Polish women and other white hunt meat to remember in every minute of their sucker lives that it was the leader of the United Right who stood up for them, while the ‘tolerant’ people on the Left took advantage of the great harm of those women for their own promiscuous political gains, and they made money on their sorrow. I advise white women to sometimes listen to the teachings of the Catholic Church on virtue and dignity. On the other hand I advise to not to listen to the church’s nonsense about turning the other cheek and praying for your enemies, and you should never kneel. In my opinion Zbigniew Ziobro represents a very mild right wing views. I would remove modern Bolshevism and its tools of invasion without regret or remorse.

Well… now we are waiting for a Jewish director to make a heart-warming and Oscar-winning film about how a tanned African poet didn’t receive the Nobel Prize in Literature because Polish women turned out to be racists.

Additional material on the destruction of Europe and white women by blacks and Muslims

Women! I hope that one day I will become your favourite ‘racist’.

In this chapter I will not cover every case regarding the African invasion of Europe and the direct destruction of white women that resulted from it. In the additional material I only want to show that the case of Simon Mol was not an isolated one. The stubborn left and its supporters, put against a wall of evidence could always say: ‘We made a mistake in the case of Simon Mol but this is the only exception.’ Well, they certainly won’t say that because their plan for the death of white Europe could be slightly shaken. Exactly, only slightly shaken because the European nations were already tricked and scared. for that reason I don’t think that my article could harm the leftist. The anti-white leftists could silently talk to each other: ‘Look, Martin Malik wrote the truth and now they are even more stupid than before.

woman crying

Here are a few examples which I give to make blind white women see:

1. My article: “Rape of Sweden“, which due to the black invasion has become the European capital of rape. Marxists in Sweden have denied the truth as long as they could, but after a series of terrorist attacks and after the once peaceful country was overrun by black gangs, the left finds it more difficult to lie. However, rapes against Swedish women still don’t bother either the left or the false right in Sweden. In the so-called ‘democratic country’, in Sweden people go to prison for telling the truth.

As for white women, in the article about Sweden I described the case of Erin Krantz. That young 27-year-old girl was an ultra-leftist fanatic, and she believed that Sweden shouldn’t have borders at all, and she became obsessed with the sick ideology of race mixing which she openly promoted. Erin hated white men. That young, lost girl also really liked the music video titled “Mix it up”, which is a brutal race mixing propaganda founded by Jews in Sweden and whose main plot is a call for interracial sex. It is a pushy, slimy, worthless and extremely demoralizing music video featuring fat black women and a blonde riding a negroid and singing the Swedish national anthem. A real Sodom and Gomorrah.

One evening she was approached by a Negroid from Ethiopia who after serving his sentence in the US asked for asylum in Sweden on the basis of “racial persecution in the US”. The Swedish government of course welcomed him with open arms and provided him with free housing and lifetime benefits. That Negroid who had been unemployed throughout his stay in Sweden and previously also in the USA followed Erin under the cover of night. According to an eyewitness he tried to make contact with the gir but she didn’t want it, so he attacked her, brutally raped her and then killed her.

Erin Krantz

Erin Krantz – extreme leftist activist supporting the invasion of blacks and muslims into Sweden…..brutally raped and murdered by a black man!!!

To make sure that Erin was already dead, the black man took a 83.6 kg stone and smashed her head. Then he threw her naked body into the bushes and walked away as if nothing had happened. Erin clearly didn’t realize how much Sweden had changed because of women like herself, and she had to pay the ultimate price for it. The media in Sweden did not provide information about the origin of the perpetrator of the murder for a long time, but thanks to a ‘racists’ like me people found out.

2. Stupid German women filled with white guilt because the Jewish media told them that Hitler was responsible for all the crimes in the world. Well, no one told the Germans that if the Jews had not destroyed Germany through the Treaty of Versailles and then financed the Nazi party, Hitler would never have come to power. Either way when Angela Merkel let in millions of settlers, happened exactly the same situation as in the European rape capital. On New Year’s Eve 2015-2016 as many as 1,200 women were raped, sexually assaulted and robbed in Cologne. The scale of the crime was enormous since even the anti-British leftist stronghold BBC wrote about it. In those crimes were involved about 2,000 men of origin (quiet here because of ‘racism’), so it is clear that they were gang rapes.

Refugees welcome

German sex slaves welcome refugees. (Photo taken before warmly welcomed intruders in Germany raped 1,200 women in one night.)

Did German women get smarter ??? Of course not. In 2018 I was in Malaysian Borneo where I talked to German women who said they were ‘happy that Merkel helped refugees and that diversity was their strength’. I don’t talk about it with Dutch women anymore because it doesn’t make sense. Talking to Dutch women is like talking to an empty trash bin. There’s no brain in there.

3. I think it would be appropriate for me to mention a case from England, where nothing is able to surprise me anymore. This time however it will not be a story about how Pakistani gangs raped English girls for 20 years and the English police destroyed evidence against Muslim rapists/pedophiles so as not to appear ‘racist’.

The case I will write about happened a few days ago. How many things about England don’t we know about? Are my readers ready? If they are let them take a deep breath, and not because of the wild Negro but because of the Ministry of anti-British No-Justice. Well, the so-called ‘illegal immigrant’ from Gambia raped a Scottish woman by holding a knife to her throat, and he can’t be deported because of ‘human rights’!!!

Gambian rapist Scotland

A British court ruled that if the black rapist was deported to Africa, he would not receive adequate medical care in his country of origin and he “would face a real risk of social isolation and stigmatization.”

White women! Have you got it yet? The left feeds on your tragedy like leeches feed on blood. White men have many flaws but they are not your enemies and with them you will maintain your honor.

  1. Reply


    31 January 2024

    You seem like a white incel cuck who does nothing except crying like a mangina. Ask yourself mother where the fuck is your Christian god when migrants like black, Indians, muslims are fucking your white mothers, sisters, wives and daughters . You white cucks enjoy watching your woman with BBC and lick their cum from your wives pussy lol. Ask your mother about her body count . You are a son of a whore Martin. I can assure your mother and women in your family also think about getting BBC. Keep crying and we people of colour will conquer Europe. After traveling so much you are still an incel cuck

    • Reply


      31 January 2024

      Thank you for your opinion you worthless sack of shit. You are always welcome to load off your hate under my articles if it helps you to deal with your masturbation addiction.
      You can also recommend my site to your fellow baboons, whose biggest dream is to be white.

  2. Reply


    29 October 2023

    That’s not Erin Krantz in the second photo but someone else.
    A quick search at the time yielded that this was made up.


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