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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

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Trips to Asia

Spy – book

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

The cultural ‘enrichment’ of Europe; part III ‘Gypsies’

By: Martin Malik

Start from part one . . .

⇒ Replies to the prosecutor’s allegations regarding this article, under the article ! ! !

Part III – “Gypsies”

. . . (and racial – cultural segregation as a way of protection of the White society)

The Gypsy origin and the gypsy population

Research on Gypsy language and genetic research on Gypsy men showed that the nation comes from the north-western India. It is important for us to know that because Gypsies would never tell the truth. Indians, who are masters of deception themselves could no longer withstand Gypsies and that’s why they drove them out from India in the sixth century and they were gradually throwing them out until the eleventh century. Then, over the centuries Gypsies were wandering around the world living in the Caucasus and the current territories of Egypt, Tunisia, Persia and Turkey. Scientists do not have any doubts that Gypsies originate from India, from around the Ganges basin and they spent most of their time in Egypt.

It is also important to remind that Gypsies should not be compared to Romanians because there are two different, hating each other nations which have different languages and different genetic backgrounds. Calling Gypsies Romanians would be a great compliment while calling Romanians Gypsies a great offence. Gypsies are officially Roma, while Romanians are Romans from the country of Roma. In addition, Romanians have racial characteristics of the Southern Slavs and Gypsies (Romani people) look like Indians because they come from there.


The Gypsy realism.

The current world Gypsy population is a criminal, pathetic and totally unnecessary 10 million, although some Gypsy organizations estimate the total number of Gypsies to about 15m. The European Commission has published the Roma Population List which states that the countries and territories with the biggest Gypsy problem are: Turkey (2,75m), Romania (1,85m), USA (1m), Russia (900,000), Bulgaria (750,000) Spain (725,000), Hungary (700,000), Serbia (600,000), Slovakia (500,000), France (500,000), Great Britain (300,000), Germany (300,000), Greece (300,000), Italy (150,000), Scandinavia (150,000), Portugal (50,000). It should be also noted that these numbers are rapidly changing because Gypsies are nomadic people who move across Europe’s open borders as soon they hear that it is easier to steal in a different part of our continent.

The general overview of the Gypsy criminal career

It is impossible to write about all the crimes committed by Gypsies, that’s why I’m going to generally describe what Gypsydom truly is and what a disgusting nature it represents. Gypsies have trained their criminal profession for over a thousand years. Thefts, violent crimes, extortion, kidnappings for ransom and arson are their education and the only way of life. This is their profession and their family business. In addition, Gypsies look at societies as prey which exists just to be robbed.

In Europe Gypsies have lived for about 1000 years and it is a nation which lives in segregated ghettos, which is known for its high crime and which bases its survival on theft, fraud, kidnapping for ransoms and social welfare. Gypsies were subsequently expelled from all the countries they went to and they were always hated because they have had a rightful reputation of thugs, thieves and lazy breeding machines. Gypsies are also very ungrateful, noisy, they have a very demanding attitude to life and are a very serious criminal threat. In addition Gypsies are the worst educated people in the world, often not able to read or write although on the other hand the Gypsies’ real education are theft and fraud. We should be therefore honest with ourselves that Gypsies are a plague that should be avoided more than an outbreak of sick pigs. Gypsies are criminal locusts which loudly scream “racism and discrimination” but very quietly: “work and education.” Gypsies are an obvious weed on the body of every society, no matter what race or culture.

For centuries Gypsy horse carts travelled around Europe, provided idiotic entertainment and sometimes were cruel to animals. When Gypsies played accordions and told their nonsense, Gypsy women with infants on their hands turned people’s attention away while Gypsy children robbed people who were watching the show. Nothing has changed in that matter, except that over time Gypsies have become even more brazen, as now they rob Irish people in front of cash machines and they create artificial crowds at street markets to steal wallets and bags. That was the case in Wroclaw where in the Old Town Gypsies robbed Poles by pulling their bags in a broad daylight. Stockholm has been invaded by Gypsies because just from begging they can get about $1000 a month. In Ireland, Spain and England Gypsies rob people when they use cash machines and in Italy Gypsies argue over money in the streets, even though they live in Italian-paid ghettos and they don’t even pay for electricity.

, The cultural &#8216;enrichment&#8217; of Europe; part III &#8216;Gypsies&#8217;, Compass Travel Guide

Gypsies arguing about the money which they have never earned and about the right to the land which is not theirs.

The politically correct media always try to portray Gypsies as a dancing, friendly and persecuted for no reason ethnic minority, but in that nonsense nobody believes anymore. Gypsy women and children can often be found near main roads where they steal, beg, do “fortune telling” and inhale the smog from the street so later they could give all their money to their fat men. In their great stupidity, the governments of Portugal, the United Kingdom, Ireland and many other socialist countries took Gypsies out of their illegal camps and put them into social housing near their native inhabitants. For results of those stupid decisions they didn’t have to wait long because the houses were quickly devastated and the level of crime rose drastically. Gypsies do not just go out for a walk, but to feed on the naive.

According to the British Prisons Inspectorate 5% of all prisoners are Gypsies, even though according to the 2011 census only 0.1% have declared themselves as “travellers.” According to the same organization, keeping 4,200 Gypsies in British prisons costs British taxpayers £185m per year. I just wonder if there is any sense in this? Besides, Gypsies do not have any qualifications and many drive cars without driver’s licences because they can’t read nor write. Even according to the very politically correct British police, the probability of Gypsies being arrested is 7 times higher than arresting an Englishman. In addition, Gypsies represent 11% of all non-native criminals, even though they represent only about 0.1% of the UK population. The opening of the British border in 2004 was a dream come true for the governments of Romania and Bulgaria because the large percentage of the worst criminals and parasites left for England. At the bus stations in Sofia and Bucharest there were posters showing the Big Ben and the English telephone booths as “the promise of a better life as far away from here”.

In the report from 2013 I read that within 5 years the English police arrested 27,725 Gypsies for crimes such as rape and murder, although there were only 60,000 Gypsies in England at the time. According to police statistics it was clear that almost half of the Gypsy population in England had been already arrested. The problem is also that the arrested Gypsies always introduce themselves as Romanian or Bulgarian, even though they are completely different peoples. Gypsies also rob houses, jewelry shops, assault older people to snatch their wallets and they acquire fake identities to extort money. A few years ago, a British newspaper reported that the British police in Durham had finally done their job as it should. The gentlemen in black suits closed in on an international gang of Gypsies and they recovered £85,000 in cash, stolen goods and £1m in suspicious foreign transfers! The British police, cooperating with the Romanian police also reached the Romanian village of Tandarei, which is infested by Gypsies. The English could not believe what they saw because as soon as they entered the village, 4-year-old children begged for money on the street and the older ones, 10-year-olds watched how to snatch their wallets. However, despite such poverty the Gypsies’ houses looked like multi-storey palaces, built precisely on the pain and sorrow of their children. Among many things the British police also found: stolen cars, stolen British passports, weapons and intoxicants. This example shows very clearly that Gypies are an organized global criminal network in which even children are involved.

, The cultural &#8216;enrichment&#8217; of Europe; part III &#8216;Gypsies&#8217;, Compass Travel Guide

Gypsy pickpockets.

Every story I read about Gypsies or any conversation about them with people from many countries confirms my opinion that Gypsies are not interested in education, work or integration but in only crime and social help, which for Gypsies is the basis for even more crimes and even bigger claims. Wherever Gypsies appear, the locals are very quickly sick and tired of them and they always have to watch out for their pockets, homes, shops and their children. European governments have invested hundreds of millions of euros in education and integration of Gypsies but every single time it is a task impossible to achieve because Gypsies want to live “the Gypsy way”. If all humane and liberal governments had common sense they would invest that money in their own nations and pay for English children in England and for French children in France because they are the ones who represent the valuable future of those nations – and Gypsies are criminal pests whose further breeding in Europe is a crime against White Civilization and an offence to all the honest and hard-working people. Europeans think that everyone has their mentality and that everyone wants to get education and work but Gypsies do not think that way. Gypsies have the highest percentage of school drop-outs, they are all unemployed and none of them has any spark of ambition.

A lot of Gypsies also register as “mentally handicapped” because they get extra „care” that way. Gypsies use all possible means of deception, every weakness of the state and every loophole in the law that they are given by the “humanitarian organizations”, to take advantage of the state that has adopted them in their great naivety. If someone ever travels on Romanian roads he will be definitely stopped at traffic lights by Gypsy women with children begging for money, and if someone does give anything then a Gypsy child hiding at the back would scratch the car. How much evidence do we need to remove the Gypsy cancer of Europe once and for all?

Besides, Gypsies do not even care about their personal hygiene and most often they smell very bad and those who wear perfumes still don’t have a shower. They just use perfumes to kill the stench of their bodies. I will never forget when I was in the seaside town of Batumi in Georgia. The city itself and its promenade by the Black Sea were very attractive but I was wondering why there were so many human wastes in the streets. Because Batumi is haunted by Gypsies who litter, stink, steal, they tried to snatch a sandwich from my hands ……. and apart from that they discharge in the street. Who knows how many diseases they cause?

, The cultural &#8216;enrichment&#8217; of Europe; part III &#8216;Gypsies&#8217;, Compass Travel Guide

A Gypsy action at a cash machine.

This is exactly what Gypsydom is about and we must realize without liberal perversion in our characters that Gypsies are the enemies of every country they go to! Gypsies do not deserve any compassion but sadly, in the current political climate a completely reverse happens because the Western European system is designed to profit pests and criminals. What I’m going to write about now may sound like a tragic joke but I assure that it is true. The niggress, Head of Diversity in the London Police has forced English police officers to celebrate the “Gypsy History Month” for apparently “all the good things that Gypsies brought to the multi-cultural life of London.” In other words, the British police celebrates that the most vile criminal element has come to England to commit crimes. It is indeed a crazy political correctness. This is not just a sad habit of the English because in France police search 80-year-old French grandmothers while Muslims, Black and Gypsy gangs stand near them, they openly laugh at the police, they smoke drugs and throw marijuana butts in the street. Yes, Western Europe is already bleeding to death and that’s why God bless the “racists” for the sober assessment of the situation. Gypsies in England are so rude that after they got free accommodation and all possible benefits they demanded from English people and their children to pay for entry to an English playground.

However, the most successful criminal career Gypsies have achieved in America as the direct cost of the Gypsy crime is estimated at $15 billion. With the changing world Gypsies change too and today they are no longer just pickpockets, fortune tellers, burglars or fake handyman where victims open their homes to a further cleansing. The Gypsy crimes of the future are fraudulent insurance claims after skillfully directed car accidents, credit card fraud and Las Vegas where the most common Gypsy crimes are: theft from hotel rooms, robbing tourists and stealing from cars in car parks. Insurance companies don’t want to go to courts to argue about fraudulent accidents and that’s why they prefer to pay the Gypsy $2000 in cash towards his “health insurance”. Credit card companies get fulled on the Gypsies’ false identities what means that Gypsies withdraw as much money as they can and they disappear. But when it comes to Las Vegas, that city is robbed, raped and abused by Gypsies every day. Another infamous Gypsy scam is to provide a young Gypsy girl for older men, as a companion, but as a result of this those men lose everything because they open up to even more crimes.

In England the police must celebrate Gypsies, while in America police created a special anti-Gypsy force called South Florida Gypsy Crimes Task Force and the same branches are in New York, Illinois and Wisconsin. In England it would be called “racism” or “persecution of ethnic minorities” but for example the Milwaukee Police publishes newspapers and organizes meetings where policemen lecture on Gypsy crimes. Gypsies most often attack defenseless, old and lonely people although the greatest strength of the Gypsy con artists is the lack of reliable identification. Every Gypsy has several names and several dates of birth and therefore the best way to identify them is by making fingerprints on the spot, in police cars, and by engaging older people to watch and report on Gypsies as they have a lot of time. Young Gypsies in America prefer arms and drugs, mainly cocaine.

Gypsy children as an investment in the criminal activity

It’s not a secret that Gypsies multiply like rats but good news is that they have the highest mortality rate among children while their average life expectancy is 12 years lower than the national average. In addition, the Gypsy breeding season is extremely intesive and it practically never ends. Instead of a moral way of life 14-year-old Gypsy girls get pregnant because they take benefits earlier and they can beg with children on their hands, and therefore becoming a valuable part of the organized Gypsy crime syndicate. In fact the average marriage age for Gypsies is 15-16 for men and 13-15 for women and they make as many children as possible because one child living in poverty can earn Gypsies 100,000 euros from begging throughout its childhood. This was evidenced by British journalists when the BBC shot videos with hidden cameras, showing how 10-year Gypsy children were robbing people at ATMs for one year in a very disciplined and organized way. Then the money is sent to Romania for which Gypsies build their palaces. It is no wonder that Gypsy children are the basis of the Gypsy crime syndicate.

, The cultural &#8216;enrichment&#8217; of Europe; part III &#8216;Gypsies&#8217;, Compass Travel Guide

A Gypsy ghetto.

I talked to Gypsies who told me that school was a waste of time because they had their own education. When I asked about what kind of education they talked about they showed me how they taught their children how to steal phones and wallets from back pockets and they of course laughed. Besides, Gypsies who stand high in the criminal hierarchy do not treat children as family members and don’t want them to live well. To Gypsies children are investments set to bring a specific income. Has anyone ever wondered why Gypsy babies held by their mothers are always so calm? Because they are stuffed with alcohol and intoxicants, so they don’t disturb Gypsies in robbing the naive. The role of Gypsy babies is just to look as poor as possible in order to generate maximum compassion needed to make a profit. Older children, from 9-12 years old are taught how to be a well organized and disciplined gang specializing in robberies at ATMs and in robberies at bazaars. Then they donate all their money to their Gypsy bosses and continue to live in poverty on the streets or in slums. That is why Gypsies get married early and give birth to as many children as possible.

In addition, Gypsy women have no rights and husband can even kill his wife what is fully accepted in the Gypsy community. “The honourable killings” are an aspect of the Gypsy life and it is a common custom with Muslims. Gypsy girls on the other hand either participate in organized crime or are sold like meat. Gypsies do not hide the fact that the sale of young women is acceptable to them and that the biggest money is earned by virgins. One Gypsy man who lived in Italy openly admitted that he sold his daughter in 2004 for a very large sum and he has so many children that he has lost count and he does not even remember their names. According to his experience children are a great business because infants and toddlers earn fortune on begging, older ones on robberies and Gypsy daughters earn even more because they can be sold. In several cities in Italy and Spain the “Gypsy Emergency” was announced during which the police arrested Gypsy children. According to the investigators the Gypsy children were able to steal from $15,000 to $20,000 a month. Young Gypsy girls, if they are not sold by their fathers as living goods to various types of criminal organizations, are sold into marriages. In Romania a 13-year-old Gypsy girl was sold to an older man for nearly $10,000 and her husband was happy to pay the money because he knew that his investment would soon give him great returns. Her father assured her future husband that his daughter was able to steal a minimum of $600 a day and she is obviously able to give birth to many children who will make her husband rich.

However, Gypsies do not only abuse Gypsy children but also the foreigner ones. In 2000 Gypsies in Russia kidnapped a small Russian boy who managed to escape from the Gypsy ghetto in 2016. Young man with light skin and blond hair introduced himself as a Gypsy but Russian police reminded themselves about the case of kidnapping of a 16-year-old boy which took place 16 years ago. Then they did a DNA test on his dead father and it turned out that the young man was Vasily Musufranov. For all these years Vasili worked casually and then gave all the money to the Gypsies. Vasily could not read nor write and didn’t know how to use a watch. Throughout all those years the Gypsy kidnappers died his hair in black and didn’t send him to school to avoid suspicion but eventually the boy managed to escape. This tragic story is just another example of the Gypsy criminal activity which once again shows that Gypsies are capable of everything.

By the way, I also wonder who kidnapped Madeleine McCann in 2003 because Gypsies were also suspects in that case.

The lesson of religion for little Gypsies

Lying to oneself is also possible but only to a certain extent. If Gypsies are aware that they are a nation of thieves and scammers it is hard to tell their children that what they do is good. For that reason Gypsies falsify Christianity in order to have a policy of innocence for their criminal activity. According to Gypsies Jesus Christ was to be crucified not with three but with four nails. Two were to be stuck into his hands, the third one into his feet and the fourth nail, made of gold, was to be pierced into the heart of Jesus. However, a Gypsy boy stole the golden nail which according to Gypsies saved the life of Jesus. As a payment for this deed God in his grace allowed Gypsies to steal forever without any moral consequences.

, The cultural &#8216;enrichment&#8217; of Europe; part III &#8216;Gypsies&#8217;, Compass Travel Guide

A family Gypsy pests and thiefs.

For that reason Gypsies believe that God gave them his blessing to rob the world and that thievery is the moral custom of their nation.

Attempts to assimilate Gypsies and the end of patience of the Europeans

The Gypsy criminal activity is so obvious, so frequent and so intrusive that even the insanely politically correct British media would not be able to persuade English people to not to worry about Gypsies. For that reason, for centuries medieval kingdoms and people in all the cities where Gypsies lived, turned against them. It was the same one thousand years ago and it is the same now. Gypsies were excluded from their host countries, lost their citizenships, they were enslaved by armies that invaded Europe, they were murdered for their crimes in huge numbers – and today there are anti-Gypsy marches and huge dislike towards Gypsies wherever they appear. Gypsies were slaves of the Mongols, Tatars and the Ottoman Empire and they were suspected of espionage for the Turks and the spread of diseases during the epidemics. Spain tried to get rid of Gypsies in 1749. Argentina forbade entry of Gypsies in 1880 and the United States did the same in 1885. Problems with Gypsies were always the same: thievery, deceit, disease, poverty resulting from laziness and turning back in develepment all the regions where they lived. Still, some European nations have tried to assimilate Gypsies from the 17th to the 19th century. Countries such as Spain, Germany and Norway have tried to give Gypsies work, educate them, join the army and impose the European culture. But every time Gypsies were not interested in any help. They just wanted to live in a Gypsy way and create their own state within a state.

In the 20th century the Nazi Germany removed a lot of Gypsies from Europe but no one knows how many exactly. According to American historians the Germans killed about 220,000 to 500,000 Gypsies, although some say it was closer to 1.5 million. In my opinion Germans killed only about 50,000, what I find to be very disappointing. Then, during the Kosovo War Albanians practically exterminated all Gypsies. In former Czechoslovakia, since 1973 people were so tired of the Gypsy plague that they introduced a forced sterilization of Gypsy women. In my opinion such move was too gentle because it doesn’t solve the problem of the Gypsy occupation. In the current times, in the times of the European Union, which in my opinion stands for denial of the European culture, the politically correct bureaucrats bow their heads to Gypsies and they fantasize about another assimilation program which is destined to collapse. The European Union is even ready to assimilate wolves with sheep because to them the utopia of combining nations and race mixing have become their obsessions. In 2008 Gypsies committed a brutal rape in Italy what resulted in Italian government announcing that Gypsies posed a threat to the national security. In 2010 the French also run out of patience after Gypsies attacked the police and the government decided to destroy 51 illegal Gypsy camps and deport them back to Romania. The “humanitarian organizations” were of course against deportations and sterilisation but I wonder which humanitarian activists would like to take Gypsies to their own home? Today we can long debate about the persecution of Gypsies, but they never happened without a reason because every action causes reaction.


It makes me laugh that the stupid British government spends £185m per year on imprisoned Gypsies, what gives over £42,000 per every Gypsy criminal. For example in America there were ideas that if one bullet caliber 5.56mm costs only 21 cents, then the Global Gypsy Crime Syndicate could be solved for only $2.1 million. I on the other hand have come up with other solutions to the Gypsy issue that would be economically and socially beneficial – and humanitarian at the same time

In a moment of my Christian mercy I thought that it would be a good solution to carry out the mass sterilization of Gypsies and then placing them in specially designed facilities where Gypsies could concentrate on working in the agricultural, construction, mining and textile industries. Gypsies would then have the right to holidays and entertainment but they would have to be separated from the rest of the society. In addition, all Gypsies would have to sign a document confirming that they would allow their bodies to be used after death – as the payback for their crimes. By saying this I mean that for a while I’ve been very interested in processing dead Gypsies into coal and fuel, because as far as I know from meat, bones and fat we can create a substitute of petrol. This means that first the 10 or 12 million Gypsy villains could serve the society through honest work, at the same time earning money and living in humane conditions, and after death they could take us on a “trip around the moon.” I realize that these are quite innovative solutions with which not everyone has to agree, but in my opinion the most valuable time of Gypsy life is possible only during social work and after their death.

For example in the UK many cows and sheep were killed because of the so-called “mad cow disease” (BSE) and because of their meat Britons were able to generate electricity. With the right technology, a simpler solution is to transform all the dead Gypsy villains into farm fertilizers, what is very common in many farms in the US and the UK and it is a valuable source of phosphorus and proteins. Scientists are currently working on acquisition of clean energy, including fuel that comes from garbage and human waste. I consider my ideas to be economically advantageous, socially beneficial, ecological, humanitarian and also solving the eternal problem of Gypsy crime.

Still, I feel that I should give an extra explanation on this issue because I realize that it is a controversial topic from which it is easy to draw my words out of context. In many Buddhist and Hindu countries as well as in America and Europe cremation of the dead is quite popular, which in practice means burning of the whole body. Then the family is given an urn that can be left either in the cemetery or it can be put at home on the fireplace. In the far-eastern culture, Buddhists sometimes throw the ashes of the deceased into the sea or onto the ground, though I have also heard that one man wanted his ashes to be scattered in the woods where he walked all his life, so he could become a part of the nature. Other people sacrifice their bodies after death to scientific research, and for example I was once at a shocking exhibition of German doctor Ghunter von Hagens, who displays cut human bodies in order to teach anatomy; and the doctor has already announced that after death he also wants to be displayed. What if we go one step further and use dead Gypsies for either tomato fertilizers or use them in the energy industry?

, The cultural &#8216;enrichment&#8217; of Europe; part III &#8216;Gypsies&#8217;, Compass Travel Guide

A family of Gypsy thieves, which for years managed to steal good worth $3m. Their specialty was stealing from shops i burglaries.

I am sure that anyone who is interested in the Gypsy issue could find tonnes of evidence against them and I think that my article gives enough insight into the fact that Gypsies are a huge criminal threat and the threat to the national security. I am sure that if civil war erupted in western Europe against Muslims and Negroes, then Gypsies who got fat on European benefits would join our enemies and kill Europeans, just to rob them. Gypsies are the criminal mud of the global society and therefore on the basis of the evidence that I have gathered I have come to an opinion that keeping that species in a country of any race and any culture is a crime against every civilization. Unfortunately despite all the evidence there is no shortage of idiots, and those are mainly women. When I was traveling around Bulgaria I met women from Western Europe and America who travelled to help local Gypsies. They played guitar in Gypsy ghettos, they celebrated Gypsy Culture Days, they gave them money and later it turned out that they chose me as the local symbol of evil, even though I wanted to protect White women.

My critics would probably offer me to send Gypsies back to the country of their ethnic origin but I believe that deportation of Gypsies to India does not make sense because Indians would once again kick them out from India and then Gypsies would plunder, rape and kill their way through half of the world and settle where it is easier to steal, and that is Europe. The historical and the current experiences from many countries and several continents prove that the only sensible solution to the Gypsy issue is their separation and social work aimed at contribution to  the energy industry after their death. During their lives they would be treated with dignity and with respect for their needs but for their own money.

At the end I would also like to say to all members of the “humanitarian,” “equality” and “liberal” organizations that if they want they can take Gypsies to their homes, and I guarantee that they would all agree with me in no time. Liberals believe that the world is like Disneyland where people of all races and cultures live together in peace and happiness – but Gypsies are a well organized international criminal gang without any compassion, whose criminal attitude to life is the basis of their culture and which is furthermore perceived by the Gypsies as their moral obligation. I wish liberals good luck in educating Gypsies about the ethical approach to life.

Read part four . . .


Replies to the prosecutor’s allegations regarding this article:  “The Cultural Enrichment of Europe; part 3 Gypsies” ==========================================================

“The Cultural Enrichment of Europe part 3 Gypsies”– is also an article about the fact, that Gypsies are a very privileged ethnic group. In the name of the deity of political correctness, liberal governments are able to accept absolutely any deception, crime, and any meanness towards their native people, if those crimes are committed by Gypsies. Unfortunately this is to such an extent that even pedophilia has quiet consent in the Gypsy communities. A Gypsy village is a state within the state, which has all welfare benefits at the expense of indigenous taxpayers, it has blind police, and of course the media licking the gypsy anus.


Well. . . The Gypsies didn’t like, that a Pole dares to write about their criminal career. For this reason, they chose a few of my sentences from the context, and ‘The Polish Roma Association’ with their far-left informers: ‘The Center for Monitoring Racism and Xenophobia’, sent a report about my article: ‘The Cultural Enrichment of Europe part 3 Gypsies’. Of course, as before, they sent their grievances to the anti-Polish enemy of the freedom of speech, to the overzealous, far-left prosecutor at the Warsaw Praga-North prosecutor’s office at 5 Jagiellońska St. (I will write about all these three organizations in another article. In this one I just want to give my answers to the prosecutor’s allegations, regarding my article about Gypsies. In the meantime I just want to add that I hope that this prosecutor would one day get a free apartment in a Gypsy ghetto.)


I must admit that Gypsies are a nation like no other. It is a true phenomenon of fraud, theft, begging, hooliganism, doing nothing, and on top with a very demanding attitude to life. There is no other such nation. For example, with Negroes there are huge criminal and social problems, but many still try to work, and not all of them are criminals. Gypsies however are ‘unique’, because that nation acts like a criminal organization, living at the expense of the state, which in its great naivety has welcomed them. Gypsies are so terrible that they’ve been even kicked out of India by their Indian relatives – so it’s not about racial hatred, I think? After that, Gypsies were kicked out of every country they’ve been to, and they are hated wherever they appear. Somehow, any nation that moves to another country, first looks for employment. Gypsies however are the only ones who never look for work. Instead, they are fully covered by the welfare system, and they engage in criminal activities. This is their profession.

From English benefits Gypsies built settlements in Romania and Bulgaria. They also got a new housing estate in Slovakia abolutely free of charge, which they completely devastated and turned into a slum and a garbage dump. I am talking about Lunik 9, near the Slovak town of Kosice. Gypsies steal from Las Vegas; and the American police having enough of political correctness, directly warns residents against the Gypsy threat. Anti-Gypsy marches have already taken place, and wherever Gypsies appear, there is always a huge criminal threat, extreme rudeness, notorious thefts, begging as a way of life, assaults, kidnappings, and lack of peace. Big-money have been already invested into plans to civilize Gypsies, but every single time it turned out to be a complete waste of time and money. Gypsies are so privileged, that for example in Poland the police arrested a Polish woman for being a victim of a Gypsy crime. The policeman defined it in such a way that ‘there are more of them than the police force, and he has a family to support’. What was she arrested for? When the Polish policeman didn’t know how to answer, he said that’s because the Polish woman called them Gypsies. (I’ll explain this below).

Naive and weak European nations brought up on docile Christianity have over 2000 years of experience in turning the other cheek, and they always get out of the way of Gypsies because they want peace, and they naively believe that tomorrow it could be better. Believing that Gypsies would change, is like believing that if the water in the ocean is salty, maybe it is sweet in certain places because the ocean is so big.

On the other hand, maybe Gypsies finished only two years of primary school and they are unable to read and write properly, but they scam Poles who graduated from high universities into millions. It is therefore a cultural aspect, which is based on treating anyone who is not a Gypsy as prey; and this is what Gypsies exploit without mercy. Then Poles go to the church to listen to the extreme far-left, submissive propaganda, that: ‘everything is their great fault, that they have to turn the other cheek, that they have to pay for evil with good, and that their God won because he died on the cross’. At the same time Gypsies have parties and they count the stolen money. Who in this situation is smart and combative? Barely literate Gypsies or heavily taxed Polish people after expensive colleges? Of course Gypsies, because Gypsies have one religion with a very simple message, and that is: ‘fuck them all’.

ROMA or GYPSY ? (explenation)

I once saw an argument on TV between a right-wing and a left-wing activist. The right-wing politician used the word ‘Gypsies’, to which the leftist shouted at him, and whilst making a hateful face, he said that it was not Gypsies but ‘Roma’. That’s what he said, but how is it really? Well, I used to live with Gypsies, who of course scammed and robbed me, but they robbed many other people a lot worse, because they kept on bringing home a lot of stolen goods. The English police made regular visits to them, but they never found anything because they ‘didn’t want to be racist’. I remember that they always called themselves Gypsies, and never Roma. I also remember Gypsies teaching their children how to steal phones, saying: “go, steal yourself a phone.” So it looks like Gypsies first learn how to steal, and then they learn how to walk.

I also heard about Gypsy dances and Gypsy songs, and how Gypsy beggers and fortune tellers wanted to read from my hand, saying: “Gypsy will tell you the truth”. Exactly. How is it that Gypsies can predict the future, but none of them has even won the lottery. Earlier in Poland, I had seen Gypsy horse carts, and each time they called themselves Gypsies, but never Roma. It is very possible that Gypsies are also Roma, but they are known in the world as Gypsies in every language! For that reason I will call them Gypsies. Besides, if Gypsies really want to pretend to be someone else, I think it would make more sense to call them Gypsies of Indian origin, because that’s where they come from.

Iranians are also Persians, Irish are Celts, and Scots and English are also British. The word Gypsy is most often associated with a cheat and a thief, but if they want to be Roma too, it doesn’t really matter to me. Perhaps tomorrow they will try to become someone else, and we, in the name of political correctness, will be forced to believe them again.

– If you ever live with Gypsies because you might not have another choice, there will never be a key to your room. However, there is a way to check if they are going through your stuff, when you are not at home. I left my perfumes on the table as a bait. When I came back, all the Gypsies in the house smelled of my perfumes, and to my surprise their Gypsy neighbours smelled of my perfumes too. Dirt, theft and scum. All the Gypies smelled of my perfumes, but I never saw any of them taking a shower.

I respond to the bitter complaints of the great Gypsy lover – the far-left Polish prosecutor; and my responses to his allegations:

Below I will refer one by one to those quotes from my article that became so painful for the far-left prosecutor. In his opinion, this is an incitement to racial hatred (Art. 256 of the Polish penal code) and promotion of totalitarian system (Art. 257 of the Pplish penal code). (If I was a Ukrainian, I could even praise the Volhynian Massacre in the streets of Warsaw and he would pretend he can’t hear it, but the old Poles who miraculously survived the Volhynian Massacre, he accuses them of ‘hate speech’, because that prosecutor fights against Polish history too.)

The times of double standards have come. If the organized crime group is white, then they are punished with all the severity of the law. However, if this group is of dark skin, then someone like the overzealous apparatchik / prosecutor appears with articles 256pc and 257pc; and he scares, and persecutes, and he fights Poles.

Anti-Polish far-left prosecutor: Martin Malik called Roma people ‘the biggest parasites’.

I’m really tired of these rediculous accusations. Has anybody ever seen a Gypsy (Roma) who would be economically active? I also remind everyone that criminal activity does not qualify as work.

By definition: A social parasite is someone who doesn’t work and most often drinks. Where does he take money for it … obviously he exploits other honest citizens, he takes away a fraction of the surplus value they have earned, as the classics economist would say.

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Green Mountain town in Poland defines a social parasite:

The definition of social parasitism was presented in 1978 by Jan Malec. According to him, anyone who, having no health or personal obstacles and being able to find employment, does not work, is not in education, and dependents on other people, should be considered as leading a parasitic lifestyle [J. Malec, Social Parasitism. (…), Criminological and Penitentiary Studies, vol. 8/1978].

This definition referred to the position of the Supreme Court, which in the resolution of the 18th of October 18 1973 recognized that a person leading a parasitic lifestyle is a criminal offender, who despite being able to do so, does not continue education, and even though he is able to work, he refuses to do so – and the funds for his livelihood are contrary to the principles of social coexistence. In the same resolution it was stated, that recognition of a parasitic lifestyle of the perpetrator, and the crime he causes leads to a harsher sentence, and such choice could be of a more severe type [cf. Resolution of the Supreme Court of 18th of October 18 1973, file ref. VI KZP 37/73, Problems of the Rule of Law no. 170].

Despite the work carried out in this direction, the law on combating social parasitism was not passed in Poland. Failure of the initiators of such a solution ended primarily with the attempt in 1968 to introduce into the draft Penal Code, provisions leading to the penalty of restriction of liberty for leading a parasitic lifestyle, consisting in making oneself a permanent source of income from malicious practice. Such an attitude was punishable by imprisonment for up to 3 years.

The profits of the vile practices were earnings from prostitution, trade in foreign currencies, speculation in scarce goods, gambling, fraud, and begging. In the socio-legal and criminological literature of that time, the parasitic lifestyle was associated unambiguously with other social pathologies, including alcoholism, drug addiction and criminal activity.

Source: The District Prosecutor’s Office in Green Mountain town in Poland

By this definition, which fits perfectly with the Gypsy lifestyle, I stand by my opinion of them as social parasites.

Anti-Polish far-left prosecutor: Martin Malik made a statement with the following content: ‘The current world Gypsy population is a criminal, pathetic and totally unnecessary 10 million’.

That is correct. I fully support my opinion. Gypsies, who apart from begging and living at the expense of the state, is a very criminogenic nation, and for that reason I consider them unnecessary. I find their approach to life pathetic, worthy of criticism and contempt, and I’m not going to change my mind. My opinion is shared by all those, who have this great unluck to live with them.

For example, my opinion was shared by the former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, who in 2010 expelled nearly 10.000 Gypsies from France due to fear of national security. President Sarkozy called them by their names, using words such as “scum”, “bandits”, “mob”, “bastards”, “scoundler“. The leftists screamed about human rights and xenophobia, but no one of them wanted to take the Gypsies home. Perhaps the prosecutor who makes allegations aganist me would like to accommodate them at his home ???

There are approximately 320.000 Gypsies in Great Britain. All at the expense of the state! The English police admitted that the probability of arresting a Gypsy is 6 times greater than that anyone else. . . even comparing Gypsies with the cultural enrichers from the Black and Muslim neighborhoods. When the European Union wanted to send even more Gypsies to England, the Prime Minister David Cameron refused, even though he was accepting everyone else at the time.

Please note that I consider as necessary other people of the same or very similar race as the Gypsies, such as the people of Nepal or Sri Lanka. I therefore consider Gypsies to be unnecessary not because of their ethnicity, but because of their way of life.

Anti-Polish far-left prosecutor: Martin Malik wrote: ‘I’m going to generally describe what Gypsydom truly is and what a disgusting nature it represents’.

Yes Mr prosecutor, this is exactly the case! Poles are persecuted, beaten and robbed in all the cities where Gypsies reside, and the Polish police arrest Poles for the sake of peace of mind’. Places in Poland where the Gypsy element leads its criminal and parasitic life are, among others: Mława, Iława, Maszkowice, Nowy Sącz, and many others. Kazimierz on the Vistula river used to be a very pleasant place, but since the Gypsies moved in to beg and rob tourists, it is already very unpleasant. Interestingly, wherever Gypsies reside, the Polish police protects those criminals like a national pride. I already wrote about the disgusting nature of the Gypsies in the article, but I’m going to say a bit more below.

Gypsies in Russia kidnapped a little Russian girl, who the police found after 16 years. The girl brought up as a Gypsy could not even write and read, but she was able to steal, because the Gypsies kidnapped her just so she could steal and beg, and then give everything to her Gypsy kidnappers. After some time, those Gypsies who kidnapped her, sold her to other Gypsies for cash and a pair of golden earrings. Meanwhile, the girl was also sexually abused by the Gypsies:

It is not the only case of such kind, because Gypsies also kidnapped a Russian boy, and to him they did the same:
Gypsies also kidnapped a girl in Greece

Child kidnapping, pedophilia, sexual abuse, forced slavery and criminal activity are the Gypsy specialties. This is what they live on ! ! !

If it’s not enough about the disgusting nature of Gypsies, I can give more examples. One more of them is for example, when Gypsies were recruiting Poles to slave labour in England. I recommend the article titled “The Gypsy gang has built the largest human trafficking network in the UK. the victims are Poles ” –,84645.html

I think that Gypsies have disgusting nature, and I think that for our safety, people should know what the Gypsies truly are ! ! !

Anti-Polish far-left prosecutor: Martin Malik wrote: ‘Gypsies were subsequently expelled from all the countries they went to, and they were always hated because they’ve had a rightful reputation of thugs, thieves and lazy breeding machines’.

Yes. Gypsies arrived in Europe about 1500 years ago, and since then they’ve been kicked out from every country, and I have no doubt that they will continue to be thrown out. It is only a matter of time. Why are they hated everywhere, and why they have a legitimate reputation of bandits, thieves, lazy breeding machines – please ask the citizens of those countries from which the Gypsies were already kicked out. Before the Gypsies arrived in Europe, they were also expelled from India, Turkey and Egypt. Yes, they hate and despise Gypsies everywhere, because of the way they act. For ,000 years there hasn’t been even a single country, including their native India, that would want them.

As for the Gypsies as ‘reproductive machines’ I would like to present some statistical data. The average number of children per Gypsy woman is 4.6, and having children is the greatest happiness for Gypsies, because in the Gypsy culture children are not an addition to the family, but an investment in robbing people. Some Gypsies have even 9 children, and withiut any work, education or means to live. They live off theft, and their children are to either beg and steal, or distract when their parents steal.

As for the Gypsies as ‘lazy’, I refer to the definition of social parasitism above.

Anti-Polish far-left prosecutor: Martin Malik wrote: ‘Gypsies are a plague that should be avoided more than an outbreak of sick pigs’.

Based on the evidence against the Gypsies, I honestly believe that Gypsies are a social plague, and a criminogenic locust. The quote about avoiding them like sick pigs I took from the holy book of Jews, from the Talmud:

Non – Jews / Goys must be avoided more than sick pigs / a plague of sick pigs (depending on translation).”

(Orach Chaiim 57, 6a)

Anti-Polish far-left prosecutor: Martin Malik wrote:

‘Gypsies are an obvious weed on the body of every society’ – If they weren’t, then the Gypsies wouldn’t be thrown out of every country in which they settled. So it is easy to guess that every nation considers them a weed because it gets rid of them. I have described the reasons above.

‘Gypsies are criminal pests whose further breeding in Europe is a crime against White Civilization’ – The issue of criminogenic disgrace and a social parasite, which is also a pest I have described above. I believe that it is a crime against Europeans to keep people in Europe who, instead of helping to build, they destroy and cause notorious problems. Instead of assimilating and working, they fight for the right to rob without moral and criminal consequences. I do not accept this criminogenic and parasitic disgrace.

‘Gypsies breed like rats’ – As I wrote above. The more they multiply like rats, because children among Gypsies are an investment in criminal activity.

‘They are a nation of thieves and scammers’ – Exactly. Fraud and theft are the national trade of Gypsies. I have not come up with anything new in this regard. These are the facts.
Gypsies even rigged the Christian religion so they could steal without any moral burdens. The prosecutor cut this piece off, because I really wrote: ‘Gypsies realize they are a nation of thieves and scammers.’ The whole sentence is already changes the context, and that’s why the prosecutor is trying to present it in a deformed way.

‘Gypsies are the criminal mud of the global society’ (…) ‘keeping that species in a country of any race and any culture is a crime against every civilization’ – I confirm that precisely this kind of attitude towards Gypsies is an international anti-sentiment. Gypsies have always been despised and kicked out of any country, regardless of race or culture. How can you accuse Indians of ‘racism’ who are the Gypsies’ relatives and who were the first to kick them out?

“Crime against humanity” – this term is only a personal opinion, a simple point of view. For example, the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, said that in his opinion: “Islamophobia is a crime against humanity.” I disagree with his opinion, but there are some who probably agree with him. My phrase “crime against humanity” should be also understood in the same way as the opinion of the Turkish president, and I am not forcing anyone to agree with me.


I could write a heartwarming summary for the prosecutor or judge, about how ‘I love, respect and admire the Gypsies very much for their eloquent and brave achievements’, but I will say the same what everyone else thinks, but they don’t talk about it out loud because they are afraid. I despise them and I avoid them from a distance, and when I see Gypsies, I grab my wallet first. I have a right to such feelings. My suggestion to the Gypsy lovers is, that they should go against my views, and take them to their homes. I believe that any attempt to reform Gypsies is utopian, like persuading wolves to become vegetarians. The best I could do for Gypsies is to deport them all to the country of their ethnic origin, which is India; but I think that first we should ask Indians if they want them.

In my opinion, there is also a solution to the Gypsy problem at the local level. How to throw them out of Poland? Make them equal to Poles, i.e. take away their benefits and social housing, and force them to work and pay for their own maintenance. Let Gypsies pay the rent, all taxes, VAT, force them to work, and make begging an offense under under the penalty of a fine.

During my travels to around 50 countries, and during my life in London where people speak around 300 languages, I have seen something good and something bad in everyone. Gypsies however, are the only nation which I have nothing good to say about, but I have a lot of bad things to say. The media in Poland has been trying to promote their vulgar entertainment and kitschy costumes lately, but I doubt that even the most stupid people on Earth would fall for this intrusive propaganda.

If the Banderist prosecutor or an internal enemy of Poles of a different kind wants to continue the topic of Gypsies, then there is no problem. We can continue until he embarrasses himself to the extreme. Not only me, but also people all over the world could say much more about Gypsies. There is plenty of evidence against the Gypsies. I am also well aware that in the case the Anti-Polish far-left prosecutor doesn’t care about the truth and he doesn’t care about the Gypsies too. He just wants to repress Poles. (There have already been complaints against him, including a petition to remove him from the prosecutor’s office. Sadly, this prosecutor is a guardian of lies in favor of the Gypsies, and in the name of his ideology.)


I add my comment about Gypsies which I put on Facebook, but it was removed at the behest of the left-wing trolls (due to the ‘community standards’). Let everyone judge for themselves whether my comment is offensive or whether Facebook is a politically biased platform.

‘Common fart’ (real name hidden ‘to not to offend’)

And will you write such article about Poles who abused
the benefit system in the UK and Ireland, without getting anywhere close to
work and living only on benefits?
Or about all those who instead of working at all, as you called it, ‘parasitize’
on benefits and 500-plus benefit in Poland, and about those who
atill work with dignity even when ther were abused by
business owners?

Kompas Travel (comment removed under ‘community standards’)

Attention, I explain! There are also many Poles and English
parasites and criminals, who deserve criticism and contempt.
Every nation has a percentage of parasites, thieves, child abductors
etc. However, Gypsies are a cutthroat nation that is wholly dependent
on the state and it bases its survival on criminal activity, on
begging, human trafficking, and on being parasites. To Gypsies,
this is their way of life and their national profession,
and in other nations it is a pathological minority.
That is the difference.

Additional articles and videos on the ‘charms’ of living with Gypsies

Polish village of Maszkowice (the everyday Gypsy realism) –

Lunik 9, the biggest Gypsy slum in Europe. (Video footage of how Gypsies devastated the new housing estate given to them by the Slovaks. SHOCK, but for Gypsies it is normal.)

Gypsies in England – a politically correct English program about English people who don’t want to live with Gypsies and who feel like foreigners in their own country, and for that reason they are framed into ‘racism’. The British reporter even tries to convince an English woman that she is a greater burden for the UK than the Gypsies. Of course, there is no mention of Gypsy crime and the free housing that the English pay for. The British Channel 4 suggests that the English should leave their country to make way for Gypsies. Moreover, Gypsies are most often depicted as Slovaks, Czechs, Romanians, Bulgarians, etc., in order to make English people dislike the true white Europeans from those countries.

Blond Angel bought by Gypsies for 1000 Euros !? (Shocking article about Gypsies. English people, protect your white children! Unless you’re a far left liberal idiot – then Gypsies are fine. I even advise all the leftists to employ Gypsy childminders and give them keys to your houses.

Problems with Gypsies in Slovakia. In order for political correctness to reach the height of Mount Everest, an Englishman is the narrator. However, even he himself asks a rhetorical question why nothing changes in the Gypsy ghetto, if the Slovak government spends 200 million euros a year on the Gypsies? I would have built a new country with that much money, but these are Gypsies. . . and the white leftists pretending to not to know what the problem is.

Another program about Gypsies on the extremely politically correct Channel 4. After seeing this nonsense, I have the impression that ‘Gypsies came to England to work and because they were persecuted in Eastern Europe’. Yes, they were persecuted because of their criminal activities and social parasitism. Real Europeans could not stand them, and as soon as the Gypsies left for England, in the Czech Republic and Slovakia white people ran out of champagne. An English reporter chose one Gypsy as the “guardian of order” to show how good he is!?. The number of children per family is 4-10. The worst thing is that every English reporter says they are from Eastern Europe. Well, a few more years, and they’ll say that all Gypsies are from England. I don’t recommend going to Sheffield. That city is finished. . . . . . but the English do it to themselves. The Great Replacement Project continues. (It is also worth mentioning, that close to Sheffield there is Rotheram, the English capital of Muslim pedophiles.)

There is a lot evidence against Gypsies, which can be easily found on the internet.

Gypsies and Facebook censorship



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