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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

===============================================  “Religion, like alcohol, should only be for wise people”

Martin Malik

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

Gypsies and Facebook censorship

By: Martin Malik

Gypsies and Facebook censorship


Sometimes the truth is not only inconvenient and forbidden, but it is also considered immoral. Criticism, most certainly because we have ‘democracy’, but as George Orwell wrote: ‘All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others’. After a massive attack by ultra-leftist informers Facebook once again puts a muzzle of political correctness. The truth about Gypsies cannot be told because the truth about them is: ‘abusive and offensive and leads to exclusion, segregation and false stereotypes.’ In this article however Gypsies are only a small topic, as I present them only as tools of Facebook’s hypocrisy.


Introduction to the Gypsy issue

I’ve written about Gypsies and Facebook before, that’s why this article won’t be anything new in my publications. It will only be a further confirmation of gross injustice in favour of what is extremely criminogenic and parasitic – and untouchable. If I wrote about Polish or English alcoholics there would be no problem, but once again I dared to remind what Gypsies are. I also wrote a letter to the ‘Facebook Oversight Board’ which I am posting below.

Relevant publications:

My article on Gypsies is: “The Cultural Enrichment of Europe – Part III Gypsies”. The politically correct enemies of the white civilization could not stand the obvious truth, and that’s why they sued me for this article. It is interesting however that neither the judge, nor the prosecutor, nor any leftist internal enemy wants to live or talk to Gypsies. Their real version is: ‘We avoid Gypsies like tfire and when we see them we hold our wallets – but if you write the truth about Gypsies, we will make you a criminal in court.’ What a terrible hypocrisy!!! How disgusting!!!

My articles about Facebook are: “Facebook and the Media Control” and “Facebook publications”. In the first one I wrote about Facebook as a terrifying spying machine whose aim is to also shape the public opinion. In the second one I put my entries that Facebook had previously removed. Let everyone judge whether any of them are the so-called ‘hate speech’.

Politicians of the left and right talk a lot about protecting ethnic and sexual minorities – but they never talk about protecting the majority!! That way they create a country where prevails the ‘law of minorities’, while the majority is marginalized and persecuted for the political purposes of internal enemies.


Martin Malik

My removed post about Gypsies

Gypsies – fight against the truth

I recall my article on the contribution that Gypsies have to any society in which they appear. Social parasitism, notorious fraud, theft, begging, hooliganism, vandalism, extortion, setting up companies abroad where Poles are recruited as slaves. The list is long.


On this occasion, on April 8 they organized Gypsies the ‘International Roma Day’ for their ‘great merits’. The mainstream media in Poland almost shit themselves out of admiration. I wrote the truth about Gypsies, although sometimes the truth is considered not only inconvenient but even immoral. This is the case here. Among the Gypsies 14-year-old girls get pregnant and it is the norm, although I’ve never heard the police or the media talk about pedophilia as part of the Gypsy customs, because they are privileged to such extent.


In connection with this article, the case against me is still pending in Poland, but the real star of my article are not even Gypsies anymore, but the guardian of lies, prosecutor Maciej Młynarczyk. Młynarczyk and all the guardians of lies misunderstood Art. 256. This is not about hatred but about contempt, and not about racial contempt but about contempt for the Gypsy way of life, which I have already described in detail. I also don’t associate any ideology with the Gypsies (Art. 257). I’m simply disgusted with those thugs.


Młynarczyk has already disgraced his position protecting those bandits, but I wonder if the Polish Ministry of Justice would also make a fool of itself. I think it is possible. In the so-called ‘progressive and democratic’ countries such as: England, Sweden, Norway, France, USA USA are so tolerant that gypsy and black gangs go unpunished.. I will make sure that my article on Gypsies is read by the PiS and the British Consulate. Gypsies must be removed from the list of ‘holy cows’.


The cultural enrichment of Europe – part III Gypsies


Psst. Copper! I think you should secure this post. I know you have a family to support and a mortgage, and you could get fired for standing up for the truth.

Roma Gypsies

Gypsies – Facebook does not allow you to write the truth about them because the truth about Gypsies is: ‘abusive and offensive and leads to exclusion, segregation and false stereotypes.’ Mr English! Vote for the left and gypsies will become your neighbours. Just be careful to not to become ‘racist’ or commit ‘hate speech’.

Facebook doesn’t censor your words because they don’t make sense, but because your words have a power that Facebook fears. These words are against the interests of the Jews.


Martin Malik

My letter to the Facebook Oversight Board

After my post was deleted I wrote to the so-called Facebook Oversight Boar. I knew it wouldn’t help and Facebook even informs itself that it only reads some letters, which is probably one in 100,000. Anyway, I decided to write to them, just so I could put the content of my letter below. Facebook also gives instructions on what to include in a letter to them.

Be sure to write:
– ‘why my post is important’,
– ‘how will it affect the community’.
– and ‘how it relates to respecting human rights’.

That’s what I did.

Content of my letter below:


I wrote a post about the criminal nature of Roma Gypsies which goes on from one generation to another but it is tolerated under false flag ‘tolerance’. Facebook removed my post because criticizing the so called: ‘persecuted ethnic minority’ is politically incorrect.


I have disagreed with many of Facebook’s decisions, and always for the same reason. Facebook is well known for cenzorship. It is an extreme far-left platform on which a different point of view, but especially truth are considered: ‘hate speech and against community standards’.


My post about Gypsies is important because thanks to it less people would be scammed, robbed and terrorized by well organized Gypsy gangs, whose profession is to rob, cheat and steal. The evidence is overwhelming wherever they appear and I included it in my post. If you don’t republish my post you will impact a lot of communities because Gypsies will find it easier to continue their crimes, social parasitism and intimiditation.


The ongoing double standards on Facebook assure me that if I wrote a similar post about Russians or Germans, then there would be no problem and everything would be: ‘according to Facebook Community Standards’. However, writing inconvenient truth about people of colour, Jews and homosexuals is forbidden. You’ve been blocking my account for a long time.


Facebook apparently fights for human rights, at the same time taking away the basic human right which is: freedom of speech. What a hipocrisy! That Marxist bacteria (political correctnes) which Facebook is so infamous for is designed to silcence the truth.


I wrote this letter to tell you what a lot of people think of Facebook but I don’t think you will change your mind or bring back all the options to my account.




Topics: freedom of expression, journalism, marginalized communities.

Well, at this point I could use the phrase: ‘stupid as a Pole’. How is it that wherever Gypsies live, Poles sometimes testify with tears in their eyes that they are terrorized and robbed by Gypsies. Despite this, the police repeatedly punished Poles for simply testifying against Gypsies and that Poles threw out Gypsies to avoid crime. However on the other hand in those Polish cities where there are a lot of Gypsies, Poles always flock to the left, what works to their further disadvantage. Is it: then ‘Dumb as a Pole’?

Roma Gypsies

Gypsies – a photo taken in Europe in the 21st century. Don’t we agree that they enrich Europe culturally and technologically? But not only that! Gypsies have many talents, even though that’s not a compliment.

I will give just a few examples of how the anti-Polish police and the anti-Polish Ministry of Political Correctness work:

1. Gypsies demolished a Polish woman’s car and insulted her. The policeman chose to not to see it and arrested the Polish woman: ‘because she called them Gypsies’. Later his explenation was that he did it: ‘because he had a family to support and he wanted peace’.

2. Gypsies always came to the same restaurant. They never paid their bills and they scared off customers with their behavior. For that reason the owner of the restaurant posted the information: ‘Gypsies are not allowed in’, and then the court sentenced him to a fine of nearly £2000.

Other examples of the Gypsy way of life in my article: “The cultural enrichment of Europe – part III Gypsies”.

It is the same casein England. Every time I talk to the English about immigration, they always say that they are against it and that the borders should be closed so that no more could enter. I’m sure many English people would like to see mass deportations. Brexit was the result of it, but the British didn’t take into account that African and Asian countries were not in the European Union. Despite this, the English most often vote in such a way as if they wanted even more immigration, although in most post-English cities the votes of English people don’t count anyway because they are already a minority. Here I recommend my article: “The Great Replacement Project”.

Facebook ‘Page Quality’

The entries which are against the Facebook’s political position are called ‘hate speech’ and are removed. If there is nothing to complain about, then Facebook lowers certain accounts in search results. How do I know that? I know because Facebook explained it to me in the ‘Page Recommendation’ section. Please read carefully and I am sure that everyone would understand that this is the language of political and ideological censorship.

Page recommendation:

Not recommendable

We’re no longer suggesting your Page to people. People can still find and like your Page, but we don’t recommend Pages that include any of these: Learn how Recommendations works:

Admins with a history of violating Community Standards, (political and ideological censorship)

Topic of Page is focused on civics, vaccines or other sensitive subjects, (political and ideological censorship)

Pages with a history of violating Community Standards, (political and ideological censorship)

Content is clickbait, spam or just stuff that people don’t want to interact with, (political and ideological censorship)

Advertising policy violations (if you want to advertise something on Facebook that is contrary to the ideology of that platform, resign. If you have an account that Facebook does not like and you put an advert for 24 hours, Facebook will make a negative or positive decision after 23 hours. Of course Facebook would take the money. Leftist pages have automatic consent.)

On the other hand those accounts that promote globalization, homosexuality, racial miscegenation and political correctness get huge help from Facebook. Such pages make a great career on Facebook. Left-wing informers are also very popular on Facebook, and they are useful informants for this platform.

In addition the name itself: ‘Page Quality’ on social media has nothing to do with quality, even when it is not about the political and ideological censorship. The number of friends, the number of likes and positive opinions mean nothing. A girl who shows how to paint her eyelashes or flexes herself in new panties is more popular than someone who writes about construction techniques or hunting dogs. By this I want to reassure my readers that social media are neither an oracle of quality nor truth, and how they judge you should roll off you like water off a duck’s back.

Facebook censorship

Supposedly ‘free speech, equality and justice’ are the flagship features of democracy? It doesn’t matter if it’s fascism, communism or liberal democracy. When it comes to power and money all systems are the same.

Facebook and its ‘mission of mercy’

In the Community Standards Facebook wrote in a caring way about its mission of peace, promoting respect, equality and openness. Indeed, when reading the following text one can get the impression that Facebook is a platform that promotes peace and love between people. This is what I support. In the vast majority of my articles I myself promote exploring the world, cultural and architectural achievements of many civilizations and respect for exotic cultures and customs. I also promote the great cuisines of Asia and the natural beauty of many countries. I myself have repeatedly praised the people of Asia for their ingenuity, resourcefulness, pugnacity and joy of life; often despite difficult economic and political conditions. I also described the beauty of women of other races and the help of those people in a very positive way. I experienced this personally and I included it in my reports.

So what is it about me that doesn’t appeal to the left wing that is stalking me on Facebook? Well, probably that the hidden nature of Jewish Facebook are double standards formulated in such a caring and benevolent way, so they are able to hide the fact that they are focused on creating and strengthening the left-wing electorate. Below, I will additionally refer to Facebook’s flagship rituals, which are really addressed only to the traditionally white nations. The following instructions are peacefully formulated whips, in order to develop a sense of fear, guilt and humility in Europeans and only in Europeans.

We define hate speech as a direct attack against people — rather than concepts or institutions— on the basis of what we call protected characteristics: race, ethnicity, national origin, disability, religious affiliation, caste, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity and serious disease.

I see in these words a struggle against the fundamental right of every white nation to continue its race and culture. People of colour however have every right to do so. This is called: apartheid.
It has already been proven beyond any doubt that Facebook favours left-wing parties and penalizes right-wing concepts and institutions.

What is ‘hate speech’? Please tick the correct one: ‘white pride’ or ‘black pride’? ‘Poland for Poles’ or ‘Israel for Jews’? These are the Facebook’s double standards!
What is ‘racism and xenophobia’? Please tick the correct one: Africa is colloquially known as the ‘black continent’. Does it mean that Europe can be called the ‘white continent’? Blacks will never be accused of ‘racism and xenophobia’ because maintainaning a constant sense of fear, guilt and humility is only for whites.

‘By protecting ‘gender identity’ Facebook does not protect men and women but it supports genderism, a child-destroying ideology that ultimately destroys white nations.

By protecting ‘sexual orientation’ Facebook is building a global left-wing electorate. I’ve talked to homosexuals who will be never shown on TV because they said that they found out overnight that they were being ‘persecuted’. Ever since the homo-propaganda started, that’s when they started to feel unsafe.

We define attacks as violent or dehumanizing speech, harmful stereotypes, statements of inferiority, expressions of contempt, disgust or dismissal, cursing and calls for exclusion or segregation. We also prohibit the use of harmful stereotypes, which we define as dehumanizing comparisons that have historically been used to attack, intimidate, or exclude specific groups, and that are often linked with offline violence.

In other words, it is about giving certain groups immunity and about silencing their crimes for a ‘higher purpose’. As the anti-British and anti-white Labour Party declared, ‘White girls being raped by Muslim gangs should keep their mouths shut for the sake of multiculturalism.’ As for ‘exclusion and segregation’, you can’t speak the truth against black hooligans and BLM arsonists who operate to collect cash from white sheep.

The pinnacle of Facebook’s hypocrisy about its anti-‘rejection, exclusion and segregation policy’ is the fact that Facebook regularly takes down the pages of Palestinian newspapers. This case has been covered many times by the American, British, Arab media and even by the Times of Israel. The case was also covered by the human rights organization: Human Rights Watch.

(Washington, DC) – Facebook has wrongfully removed and suppressed content by Palestinians and their supporters, including about human rights abuses carried out in Israel and Palestine during the May 2021 hostilities.


Human Rights Watch

We also protect refugees, migrants, immigrants and asylum seekers from the most severe attacks, though we do allow commentary and criticism of immigration policies.

Does Facebook protect Palestinian refugees? No, only those who flood Europe. Palestinians still live behind the wall. Facebook does indeed allow criticism of immigration, but only to Israel.

‘A hypocrite is a politician who would cut down a forest full of beautiful trees to make money from their wood, and kill all the animals for skins and meat – and then he would pour concrete over that area and in the same place he would build a Nature Conservation Centre.’


Martin Malik

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