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, Palestine, Compass Travel Guide
Official name: the State of Palestine
Populacja: 4 930 000
Area: West Bank – 5,860 km2, Gaza Strip – 360 km2, Jewish territories – 22 072 km²

, Palestine, Compass Travel Guide



!!! This article will be complete for readers only if it’s read with the article about Israel.

Most travellers wouldn’t bother to publish Palestine on their website because politically it belongs to Israel. Most travellers would eventually mention Palestine as the “West Bank” or the “Palestinian Territories” within the section of Israel, but in my opinion this is not enough. The same as I did in the case of Tibet I also decided to publish the section “Palestine” in order to make it clear that even if a country is occupied it does not mean that it doesn’t exist. Once Poland was not on the map of the world and today it is the case with Palestine. Times change so unexpectedly……

Apart from that I would feel like a traveller hypocrite if first I went to Palestine and than I would pretend that it doesn’t exist.

My journey around Palestine opened my eyes to many things. I went to all the biblical places but the thing which I will remember the most is the Palestinian realism and the fact that a lot of Palestinians want to tell their stories to tourists, as well as about their dream of free Palestine. In Palestine I saw a lot of poverty, the tragedy of Palestinian people, the occupation, the Arab bazaars, I tasted Arabic sweets and I met a lot of business oriented people. I think that even under Jewish occupation Palestine is a very interesting and educational tourist destination and due to political circumstances Palestine can be compared to Tibet. Travelling around Palestine surely turns imagination into a dark adventure and has a good deal of emotions but a journey through that country is similar to a trip around other Arab countries.

Aida Palestinian Refugee Camp in Betlehem is one of many examples of the kosher democracy.

Aida Palestinian Refugee Camp in Betlehem is one of many examples of the kosher democracy.

Those of my readers who are interested in the Jewish-Palestinian conflict I recommend my article “Expedition to Israel and Palestine”.

Tourist attractions of Palestine

My first trip from Jerusalem was to the birthplace of Jesus – to Bethlehem. I went there primarily to see the Church of Nativity with its place of the holy family’s shed where there is an exact place of Jesus’ birth and the manger just next to it. Today however Bethlehem is an Arab town with important Christian churches and colourful bazaars which would be completely deserted without its Christian history. I however was moved especially when I saw in Betlehem its high wall that separates Palestine from Israel, the observation towers and colourful graffiti showing free Palestine, Israeli soldiers and violence against Palestinians. I was also in “banksy” shops where I bought occupation art souvenirs and I went to Aida Palestinian refugee camp where once again I saw the brutal reality of the “kosher democracy”.

I also went to the city of Ramallah which I recommend even though it doesn’t have any cultural heritage. Ramallah is very good due to observation of people. There is a huge mosque and a bazaar around, even though Ramallah is a grand bazaar in itself. I also went to Nablus to see the old architecture and the traditional bazaar with good fruit and Arabic sweets. As before in Bethlehem, also in Nablus there is a beautiful church (which Arabs should be very proud of); and unfortunately there is also the Balata Palestinian refugee camp. I spent half a day in Balata talking to Palestinians, I had a dinner there, I bought fruit and took an interesting photo of myself inside a car after a bomb explosion. I wish Palestinians all the best but I think that escaping to Europe is not the right choice. They should remain in the occupied Palestine and with the help of other countries they should fight for free Palestine.

Palestinian family loads food in to their car given to them by the UN.

Palestinian family loads food in to their car given to them by the UN.

From Nablus I went to the town of Qalqilya to see its small zoo and I have to admit that despite of its small territory and just a few animals the zoo in Qalqilya is one of the nicest experiences in the occupied territories. I was quickly surrounded by children because everyone wanted a free lesson of English, although they liked me too. I felt embarrassed when Palestinian girls picked up wild flowers for me. Qalqilya Zoo brings a little bit of happiness in the occupied territories and a smile on children’s faces. In the same place, in addition to many drawings on the walls depicting Yasser Arafat there was also a painting exhibition showing olive trees behind barbed wire guarded by Israeli soldiers. At every step in Palestine and on every occasion there is a strong reference to the occupation and that’s why Palestinian people remain strong.

I really enjoyed my trip to one of the oldest cities in the world – to Jericho. I saw interesting ruins in the ancient Hisham palace and I went up by a cable car to the Mount of Temptations where I saw the Qurantul Christian monastery built on the edge of the rocks and partly inside a cave. Of course there is more to see in Jericho than just those two objects. It is also about the lives of people, setting of the town’s main square with a park and many bars and workshops. But most of all Jericho is a city of history where first people settled around 10,000 BC.

At the end I relaxed by walking in the fountain and I bought a first quality box of Palestinian dates (not worse than those in Iran), salty mud from the Dead Sea and a date syrup.

Very interesting was also the city of Hebron where Jews and Palestinians regularly treat each other with stones, Molotov cocktails and gas of course. I went there to see the Old Town and the Ibrahimi mosque which contained the tombs of prophet Abraham and his wife Sarah. Of course all the small streets and local products were very interesting but most shops and even street was closed because of the Jewish occupation. Hebron is a very special city because about 4000 Israeli soldiers guard 500 Jewish settlers who live in separate ghettos. Whilst walking down the street I saw a metal mesh over my head with stones dropped by Jews on Palestinians. I also saw watch towers with Jewish soldiers over Palestinian territories and I visited Palestinian homes without locks or door handles so that Jewish soldiers could always get into Palestinian homes without any problem. Arabs in Hebron live in fear and are kept on a very short leash but to me it was an unforgettable experience where I even bought a sheep skin.

Qalandia checkpoint. Israel.

It is very interesting that the Berlin Wall was seen as an attack on freedom and democracy and the fence surrounding concentration camps was seen as a crime against humanity but on the other hand the wall in Palestine, although much longer and higher than the one in Berlin is kept in silence as if it didn’t exist. In my understanding it means that brutal occupation and walls of that type are perfectly fine but only on a condition that they serve Jews.

Palestine – the present times

The international recognition of Palestine and my private opinion

Palestine has been recognized by 137 UN members and since 2012 it has had the status of a non-member observer state at the United Nations – what indirectly gives Palestine a country status. State of Palestine currently occupies the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem as its capital, although Palestine also demands the entire territory occupied by Israel. Palestine is not recognized primarily by Israel and the whole of North America, as well as by Colombia, Western Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Burma. Either way 70% of the world recognizes Palestine, although taking into account destruction of the Arab world by the Zionists, and their financial, political and medial control I can’t see any true hope for Palestine, unless it comes mainly from Russia and Iran.

My country, Poland, recognized Palestine as one of the first, on the 14th of December 1988. Britain, which is responsible for the whole chaos recognized Palestine in October 2014, but it was a very forced and unwilling gesture, which due to relations with Israel is not taken seriously and has no relation with changing its foreign policy.

I personally recognize Poland and even though on the subject of the Jewish-Arab conflict I have my cold opinion I advise Europeans to treat this conflict with a distance because each side has its arguments and each one has a lot of blood on its hands. In addition, the problems that Europe faces are more important to me and when I remind myself history, it is clear to me that when Poland was not even on the map and when Poland was bombed by Germany and Russia at the same time, and when Poland itself was under Judeo-communist occupation during the Soviet Union, no one in the West went to the streets for the “marches of support with Poland” and no one felt sorry. Today however, loaded with leftist ideologies stupid Western societies automatically see victims in all dark skinned criminals and in increasingly tiring homosexuals, whilst White Christians have been forgotten. There isn’t a more cruel monster in the world than a Jew but Muslims fit them very well. Of course I sympathize with the Palestinian people and I wish them well because they live under a brutal regime, but on the other hand, from a point of view of a Christian who knows history I know that strong Muslims always attacked Europe, they committed genocides against Christians and were worse to us than currently Jews to Muslims. Israel is a terrorist state in the heart of the Arab land, but based on history I am sure that if Israel was not there, then growing in strength Muslim countries would surely attack Europe – and this is exactly that one reason why the very existence of the evil Jew in the heart of the Arab land makes sense. Jews are “the serpent tribe” and “the fathers of all lies” but on the other hand 57 Muslim countries did not become Muslim because of democracy or poetry, but because of oceans of ​​blood and the plague of rape, which has been around for 1400 years. Therefore, despite the fact that I wish Palestine well, I believe that Palestine’s independence and the eventual liquidation of Israel should be seen not only on the basis of Palestine’s freedom but also through the picture of freedom of the entire Muslim world and its implications for the security of Europe. I also think that the possible liquidation of the State of Israel would be a cultural, economic and ethnic tragedy for Europe because then 6.5 million hostile Jews would inhabit us. Personally, I would prefer a chickenpox epidemic than Jewish immigrants because Jews will be always a problem. For that reason it is more convenient for us if Jews stay with Arabs after all, and additionally I would gladly pay them to also take all the Muslims, Gypsies, Negroes, homosexuals, communists and liberals that we unfortunately already have in Europe. In conclusion, I am in favour of a greater Palestinian autonomy and I think we should speak openly about the Jewish crimes, but on the other hand Muslims who do not feel a whip over them are Muslims slaughtering non-believers in the name of the religion of peace. The Palestinian issue is therefore exceptionally difficult and I advise to avoid that never-ending, political, war infested stench. Palestinians are the victims here but in my point of view Jews and Muslims are worth each other and their cultures are based on hatred towards one another.

Banksy. Bethlehem. Palestine.

Bethlehem – In this photo we can see a white dove which symbolizes Palestine. It wears a bulletproof vest, an olive branch in its beak and a gun sight pointed in his heart by an Israeli sniper. This image symbolizes Palestinians as people of peace who are under Jewish occupation. Jews question the credibility of this image as untrue because they say that “all Palestinians are potential terrorists who do not want peace but pretend to be peaceful.” What do my readers think about this topic?


In the beginning it should be made clear that Palestine is an occupied territory and that’s why its economy is also occupied. Within the last 70 years Israel has done what it could to match the Palestinian economy to its own needs. This means that Palestine gives Israel an opportunity to get rid of all its goods of the last category, while Palestinian products have poor entry into the Israeli market, and if they do, then always for ridiculous prices. Palestine’s economy is in the hands of the Israeli economy, and for example only until 1984 89.3% of all goods in the West Bank came from Israel. In addition, between 1967 and 1990 as many as 40% of all workers in Israel were from Palestine, what improved their earnings but left Palestine without workforce and as a result caused a further economic decline of Palestine.

The Gaza Strip on the other hand is separated from the West Bank not only territorially but also economically because Jews do not want to combine these two economies, and in addition to keep the Gaza Strip in poverty Israel does not let Gaza workers into the Israeli territory. Exports, imports and trade agreements signed by Palestine are done in such a way to bring profits to Israel at the expense of Palestine. According to the UN Conference on Trade and Development Israel’s products accounted for 70% of Palestinian imports in 2015 and absorbed more than 85% of Palestinian exports.

Palestinian economy is therefore a hostage in the hands of Israel, it is at its mercy, it is isolated and Judeo – centric. In my opinion, as long as Palestine is occupied by Israel, the Jewish parasite will suck life out of Palestine, what translates into an obvious policy of economic apartheid. (On the other hand however, Muslims living on European benefits have exactly the attitude to us.)

I think that the Palestinian economy should be divided into 3 regions: West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. Under normal circumstances this would be one economy but Jews destroy each one of them and only support those sectors which are in their interest. In my opinion the most isolated economy is the one in Gaza Strip. The occupation of Palestine is not only about the military regime but also about the economic intimidation. A good example is the 27-mile corridor between West Bank and Gaza Strip, through which Palestinians could move freely because by law these two territories are one country. However, Israel closed entry to Gaza Strip and separated it from the world, what resulted that 85% of factories shut down, the rest worked at 20% capacity and additionally, by 2008 71% of Gaza’s population was unemployed.

Apart from that, in order to not to help the already very poor Palestinians, Israel looks for workers in Romania, Thailand and other countries. The economy of Palestine is also weakened by brutal conflicts. For example, the war in 2008-2009 devastated the entire economic infrastructure in Gaza and Palestine lost $1.4bn. Currently Palestine relies mainly on external aid, which has reached $1.8 billion and which is about 30% of the Palestinian GDP.  The United States and the European Union pour billions of dollars into Palestine, but as calculated about 80% of the external aid ends up in Jewish wallets, what explains why the Arab countries stopped helping Palestine financially in 2010. It does not matter what Palestinians produce, what they manage to sell or how intelligent they are. Everything is taken by Jews, who treat Palestinians like slaves needed to fulfill their needs.

Palestinian liberation art "banksy".

Palestinian liberation art “banksy”.

Palestine and Israel also trade together but I’ve already seen too much to believe that Jews want to help Arabs. A good example is the Israeli-Palestinian project called “the Olives of Peace”, which aims to sell olive oil. This one is very clever because olives are a large part of the Palestinian economic sector, Israel has a high demand for it, and the name itself – “the Olives of Peace” is a propaganda dream come true which the human rights organizations like very much. Israeli companies employ Palestinian engineers in the Mellanox computer company, which also sounds very well on the way to peace but in reality only 15 Palestinian engineers work for the whole company.

In 2011 trade between Israel and Palestine reached $4.5 billion but out of that $3.5 billion was Israeli exports to Palestine, what confirms my theory about the Palestinian economic hostage. In 2013 the trade between the two was already $20bn and once again most of it was Israel’s export to Palestine. Apart from that there are peace plans, talks about building cities in Palestine, conferences, fiery speeches and a lot of handshakes – but I’ve been to Palestine, I’ve seen the poverty, I know their realities and that’s why I simply don’t believe even one Jewish word. The annual GDP of Palestine with a population of almost 5 million is about $10 billion, of which 25% of the population is unemployed, even considering that according to official data from 2017 about 200,000 Palestinians work permanently in Israel.

The main branches of the Palestinian economy are:

  • Agriculture, which employs about 90% of the population. In Palestine about 183 hectares of land are under cultivation, half of which is for olives and the rest for vegetables, fruit and flowers. In my opinion the olive business of Palestine is great and it is closely related to the Palestinian culture but under the occupation it has many problems. Selling them is only possible with the consent of Israel, the Israeli army blocks the roads and the land is confiscated from Palestinians for Jewish settlements and military bases.
  • Craft is very popular in Palestine and I must admit that Palestinians have great talent. In Nablus I was personally in a soap factory, although popular are also making dishes, glass, sheep carpets (I bought one in Hebron), sewing and sculpturing from olive trees.
  • Cutting stones, especially in West Bank where there are 650 factories.
  • Transport; for example from the Old City in Jerusalem I went to Bethlehem from the Arab Bus Station.
  • Communication and computer parts – for Israeli companies.
  • Tourism is becoming increasingly popular. The most visited city in Palestine is Bethlehem and 40% of all tourists are from Europe. Most come only for a few hours, just to Bethlehem, but some tourists such as me travelled around whole Palestine. For example in 2010 Palestine was visited by 4.6 million tourists. In fact Palestine does so well in tourism that Israel doesn’t like it and that’s why it began to control the number of tourists. On the border they asked many times if I wanted to go to West Bank, why I wanted to go there and what places I wanted to see, and when they understood that I wanted to spend most of my time there, the Jews began telling me horror stories about Palestine, so I would decide to not to go there. The Gaza Strip has been closed since 2005.
  • There are other things like construction industry or food processing.


It might be a surprise to some but under the Jewish occupation and despite all the difficulties Palestinian children do quite well at school. Palestinian children have a 10-year elementary school which they start when they are 5 and then they have a 2-year secondary school which directs them to a particular profession and ends with an exam called tawjihi. The level of education in Palestine is one of the best because under the supervision of the Palestinian Ministry of Education, which took control of education in 1994 Palestine has one of the highest scores in schooling in the Arab world and developing countries and creates conditions for education for both boys and girls.

In my opinion it is highly admirable because Palestinians living behind the “apartheid wall” and in places like Gaza or East Jerusalem have limited access to educational institutions and still have one of the highest literacy rates. According to a study conducted in 2014 the literacy level in Palestine stands at 96.3%, of which men are 98.4% and women 94%. Compared to 1995, when less than 80% of women were able to write and read, this is a huge success. (For a comparison, about Pakistan Allah probably forgot because over there only 58% can read and write).

Street in Hebron, Palestine.

Street in Hebron, Palestine.

In Palestine there are schools only for boys, only for girls only and coeducational. There are also free schools in refugee camps called UNRWA built by the Red Cross that educate the poorest Palestinian children since 1949 – and I think it should be very important information for all Muslims who do not like the “crusaders” and who demolish churches. For example, in 2009 691 children in refugee schools had 482,000 Palestinian children enrolled in primary education and who could later apply for secondary education. In Palestine there is no problem with the number of schools (state and private) or with the number of teachers but with the level of education against other countries and with access to schools due to occupation. Financing of Palestinian education comes from the government funding (17.9% in 2003) and also from international organizations and private donors. Because of ongoing funding problems, schools often lack basic materials and textbooks and there is a lack of help for students with special needs, what unfortunately weakens their motivation to learn.

When I was in Israel, Jews didn’t talk to me a lot unless they wanted to present Palestinians in a bad light. This was the case when Jews wanted to present me their higher education level in which they indicated that according to Jews Palestinians only want to learn how to produce bombs. Nonetheless, the record for higher education in Palestine is one of the highest in the world, accounting for as much as 46% of all students. Higher studies in Palestine are divided into 4 years of engineering / bachelor’s studies and another 2 years of master’s degree and they take place in many different directions. In the Gaza Strip alone there are 10 universities and 32 colleges. Interestingly, despite Israel’s closure of the Gaza Strip and even though Jews try to portray the Palestinians living there as blood thirsty terrorists, Gaza Strip professors were invited to lecture at European universities and Palestinian students also study in Europe. Doing a PhD is only possible in Israel and abroad.

The big problem for educated Palestinians is that finding good and well paid jobs is only possible in Israel and abroad, and unfortunately Israel does not want to recognize Palestinian education because Jews don’t want to employ Palestinians in jobs which they would like to see Jews. It reminds me of a conversation which I had with an Ukrainian woman living in Israel. She said that she had to convert to Judaism because otherwise she would not be able to find a job, and this is exactly the way we should understand equality in Israel.


Because of the long war between Palestine and Israel, which has been going on and off since 1948, the health system in Palestine looks very bad. In 2002  Jews built an 8 metre high and a 708 kilometre long wall which resulted in the separation of West Bank and became part of the Palestinian landscape. The so-called “separation wall” led to tragic results for Palestinian people and caused fragmentation of the region. Because of the wall it is more difficult to ensure trade, free transport of people, water and food, education, social life and family life of Palestinians on both sides of the wall and also the health care. This means that from the medical perspective the wall stops free movement of doctors, nurses, ambulances, medicines and medical equipment. (On the other hand, according to the international law the so-called “separation wall” is illegal, but I still believe that European politicians have a lot to learn about building walls against Islam.)

For example the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip is completely separated from the world and Israel does whatever is possible to destroy that small piece of the world firstly in a military way and now economically, what obviously affects health care. I do not claim that Hamas is without a guilt but the fact is that living there is very difficult and there is nothing to suggest that it would improve. In my opinion the Palestinian health care has many problems, mainly because of the war and the Jewish occupation, although partly also because of Palestinians themselves. Palestinians living in such harsh conditions have huge families because their women are married when they are 18-20 years old and one Palestinian woman has on average 5 children. Apart from that, there are smaller gaps between every child and the bad economic situation leads to large malnutrition of children. According to a research 7% of children in West Bank and up to 13% in the Gaza Strip are malnourished. Malnutrition which lasts for a long time leads to a decline in health among children, which is manifested by lower body mass and lower growth than their fully nutritional peers. In 2007 the World Food Program released a report in which it said that 58% of the population in Gaza Strip and 24% in West Bank has no food guarantee. The situation is even worse in Palestinian refugee camps where 90% of respondents said their children have health problems. According to data from 2002 to 2006 mortality of newborns during natural births are 22.6 per 1000 and the deaths of children under 5 are 31.6 per 1000. The situation is improving however, because in 2012 the death rate of children under 5 was 23 per 1000. Palestinians, including those living in refugee camps receive vaccinations but only recently, but until now they still have no vaccinations against: meningitis, pneumonia, diarrhea and a few more.

Israeli soldier in the Jewish ghetto in Hebron.

Israeli soldier in the Jewish ghetto in Hebron.

There are many Christian humanitarian organizations in Palestine that seek to improve the lives of Palestinian children and the entire medical system but because of constant conflicts and the separation wall, reinforced with sniper towers and high voltage fences improvements are impossible. I must admit that Jews have learned a lot from the concentration camps. In other words Israel is doing whatever it can to keep Palestinians sick and poor, even though Palestine has state hospitals, private clinics and Christian organizations such as Christian Aid Mission, Disciples of Christ and United Church of Christ. (Attention! It is a very important information for the Muslim enemies of Christians). In my point of view as long as Israel does not destroy the wall the hope of improving health care for the Palestinians is very small because there is no free flow of doctors, vaccines, medical equipment and it limits the health education.

It is often not possible in Palestine to carry out certain operations and therefore Palestinian doctors are forced to send an ambulance to Israel. However, sometimes there are long queues at the checkpoints what puts the patient in a much worse situation. Sometimes Israeli soldiers are malicious and return ambulances back. Even in West Bank there are barricades between cities, what also makes it difficult to get to the hospital or even to a better stocked pharmacy. The Gaza Strip is even a worse story because although Israel allows transport of medications, to be sure that Gaza would not run out of bandages, just in case the region relies on supplies from Egypt. Israel also does not allow Gaza doctors to travel abroad to improve their qualifications. The situation is so bad that nearly 37% of Palestinians are treated privately and only in 2003 private donors gave as much as $240 million to the Palestinian health care. Destruction of the wall would greatly improve the situation of the Palestinians in many ways but Israel maintains an opinion that it is necessary for the protection of the Jews.


My readers probably think that the culture of Palestine is based on Islam but in my opinion the culture of Palestine is based primarily on hatred towards Jews. It is hard to blame them but whilst in Palestine I felt that the solidarity in hatred gave Palestinians the power to unite against the Jewish enemies. Even organizations which are hostile to each other, such as Fatah and Hamas and even hostile to each other neighbours still have something that binds them together and ironically, in a very vicious way Jews solidarize Palestinians and they maintain their national identity.

Palestinian culture and traditions are similar to other Arab countries and come from the times when Palestine was an agricultural country and where in small towns Palestinians ran their shops and farms, while the cultural and social centres were always bazaars and tea rooms near the mosque. The cultural centers were Jerusalem, Nablus, Hebron and Gaza, where products such as soap, sheepskin and clay dishes were made. A catastrophe for Palestine was the creation of Israel in 1948 and as a result of that occupation creation of refugee camps and mass displacements, which also affected the continuation of the Palestinian culture. Although many Palestinian men work in petro-rich Arab countries, family ties are very strong. Men send money home to their wives and children and while they are away the oldest son cares for the family, which is a testimony to the patriarchal style of the family. which I by the way like the most. Palestinian children feel obliged to care for their younger siblings, and grandparents and grandmothers work as a pre-school.

The art of Palestine has always a revolutionary character.

The art of Palestine has always a revolutionary character.

Marriages are most often arranged by parents although in Palestine young people have more freedom than for example in Pakistan. In Palestine young people can get to know each other before marriage, although they must be accompanied by a third person and then decide for themselves whether they want to get married or not. Palestinians from higher spheres get married without their parents’ approval. Weddings usually take about 3 days and the whole village and all the neighbors in a refugee camp come together, they kill several lambs, the table bends under Arabian sweets and the whole village has fun. Palestinians have their own national costumes and national dances, such as “dabke” which consists of tapping and jumping and the also have their national dishes like musakhan, falafel and kanafeh, and sweet baklava in many forms.

Food varies according to the region because for example in the Gaza Strip it is Egyptian-Mediterranean cuisine with more fish and spices. Due to the difficult economic situation young people can rarely afford to live together and that’s why a couple moves into the groom’s parents home. Young wives are often forced to work because husbands either work abroad, they earn too little or they are locked up in Israeli prisons.

Since the occupation the role of women in Palestine has got a political importance, as women are very active in liberation and social activities as well as patriotic educational institutions and interest circles for children. Very often Palestinian music, poetry and theater are revolutionary because they refer to the struggle for freedom and living under the occupation. When I was in Qalqilya to see the zoo I saw an exhibition of local artists, titled “Olive trees behind barbed wire”. Half of all the fields in Palestine are used for growing olives, what has made them a symbol of attachment to the Palestinian soil and that’s why those paintings depicted Palestinian women picking olives behind barbed wire whilst being watched by Israeli soldiers with rifles. Of course there was also a large picture of Yasir Arafat who in Palestine became the symbol of struggle for independence. A good place to admire Palestinian art is the wall in Bethlehem which tells the whole history of Palestine, shows the victims who died for freedom (including women and children) and shows Israeli soldiers as brutal occupiers and tragic clowns.

How lucky I am that I am destined to get to know all the cultures and religions of the world, but on the other hand what a great misfortune it is that all the cultures and religions of the world live together in Europe.


Martin Malik (author of Kompas website)

Part of the Palestinian culture is also defined by its sacred architecture and the best example is Al-Aqsa Mosque, with its golden dome and a blue mosaic. Unfortunately here I have to complain about the Palestinians because they didn’t let me in. I think that hospitality is also important in Palestine. It happened to me a few times that Palestinians invited me to the table to drink tea with them, and the others gave me bakhlava. Generally, people were excited that a Polish tourist wanted to come to Palestine, wanted to spent time in refugee camps and wanted to eat and drink with them.


Freedom of the press in Palestine is guaranteed by the Palestinian government but in practice it is fiction. Journalists are arrested without charge and brutally interrogated and not only because of the Israeli occupation but also because of the conflict between organizations such as Fatah (Palestinian National Liberation Movement) and Hamas (Islamic Resistance). These two Arab organizations operating in Palestine fight each other and persecute Palestinian journalists from competing organizations, whilst terror fueled by the Israeli services terrorizes Palestinian journalists to such a degree that they censor their articles by themselves. In addition, Israel closes those Palestinian newspapers which are against its agenda and later the Zionists officially accuse Palestinians of violence. During street demonstrations Palestinian journalists experience violence and intimidation from the Israeli government.

According to the MADA organization (Palestinian Centre of Media Freedom Development) there were 383 attacks on Palestinian journalists in 2016 and 599 attacks in 2015. In 2016 IDF shot a 22-year-old student Omar Sajadiyya at the Qalandia checkpoint. This is one of many actions carried out by the Israeli servicemen. When I was in Ramallah I managed to find out that Israel kills the inconvenient Palestinians in such a way as if Jews wanted to provoke an internal war between them. They gave me an example when Jews disguised as Arabs murdered a Palestinian man in a hospital and then they described this murder in the newspapers throwing all the blame on the Arabs, in order to provoke a civil war between Palestinians. Another Israeli strategy is to show on TV archive brutal demonstrations, in order to take advantage of the chaos and kill a few inconvenient Arabs. Palestinians are also not without a fault because they also organize “peaceful demonstrations” but only to distract Israel so they could carry out bomb attacks on Jews. Only between 2000-2005 Palestinians killed 1,100 Jews.

In a car bomb trap, in the Nablus refugee camp.

In a car bomb trap, in the Nablus refugee camp.

Generally, there is never peace between Israel and Palestine and between Fatah and Hamas, but there are always fewer attacks on Palestinian journalists and fewer arrests in more peaceful times. Every attack, every manifestation and every problem is presented in a completely different way in political newspapers, what makes it difficult to distinguish truth from propaganda. Both Jews and Palestinians are masters of lies and they breath the media propaganda, both nations are very political and they always have something bad to say about “the other ones”. When I was traveling around Israel and Palestine I understood that even a person completely not interested in the conflict, would surely find out a lot of details, sometimes real, sometimes imaginative.

On the 2017 press freedoms index, on 161 countries and territories Palestine was 135th and it is getting worse because in 2016 Palestine was on the 132nd position.

Environmental issues

I would like to write at least one good thing about Jews but unfortunately it is impossible because Israel also poisons Palestinian nature and it is in fact a Jewish pest that feeds on the body of the Palestinian nation like a leech on a healthy animal. By saying this I mean that Israel cares for the Jews to live in prosperity and cleanliness but it does so at the expense of the Palestinians.

Israel has moved heavy industry to West Bank so the Jews would be able to breathe better, while Palestinians suffocate in a stench from which they have no advantage. Good example is Geshuri factory in Tulkarm producing pesticides and fertilizers, which was polluting so much that even the Israeli court decided to close it down. Geshuri had devastating effects on the land, on the health of people and on agriculture. The sewers poisoned the citrus trees and poisoned the soil so much that Palestinians could not plant anything for a long time. Israel however didn’t give up and still continues to pollute but this time in a form of the Dixon gas factory. Palestinian farmers have no control over their land and they have to use pesticides sold to them by Israel. They also have restrictions on irrigation and if they complain too much Israel confiscates Palestinian land and builds Jewish settlements on them.

Palestine is a water impoverished country but because of Israel Palestinians have even less water. In West Bank there are 450 000 Jewish settlers who use more water than 2.3 million Palestinians, and during water shortages Jews are always the priority. Jews use 243 litres of water each day, while Palestinians use only 73 litres. Because of the sanctions imposed by Israel, in some areas Palestinians use only 20 litres per person. The World Health Organization advises to use at least 100 litres of water per day, but the based on exploitation Israeli regime keeps Palestinians on the brink of survival, despite the fact that according to the Ma’an organization Palestinians pay for water 11 times more than Jews.

Palestinian boy shot dead by an Israeli sniper.

Palestinian boy shot dead by an Israeli sniper.

Another problem is deforestation carried out by Israel. It is estimated that forests in Palestine occupy only 0.5% of the country’s land area but the government of Israel does not even allow trees to be replanted, in order avoid legal difficulties leading to the confiscation of the Palestinian land. In addition Israel adopted a new strategy of intimidation by destroying cultivated land and blowing up trees. In 2000 the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture reported that the Israeli army and the Jewish settlers had blown up 124,239 trees, what just within three months between September and December 2000 cost the Palestinian economy more than $129 million.

Desertification of Palestine is a problem which is directly connected with deforestation and of course Israeli politics is guilt for it. Approximately 35% of Palestine is considered a natural pasture but only half is available to Palestinian animal owners. The rest was confiscated by Israel for Jewish settlements and military bases what led to desertification of natural pastures. This means that Israeli policy is planned in such a way that poor Palestinians are also controlled by the Jews through hunger. Naturally fertile land could give Palestinians a life of prosperity but such turn of events does not put into dependency on the occupant.

Apart from that Israel regularly transports toxic wastes to the West Bank and it even takes it to the nearby Palestinian settlements like A’zoun, 50 meters away from the source of drinking water. The Palestinian Environment Protection Agency issued a report that Jews also carry toxic waste from a paint factory in Gaza’s Israeli ghetto to the Palestinian village of Umm Al Tut, while medical waste is deposited in the Jordan Valley near Yafit. I advise to pitch a tent in those areas and when travelers see trucks unloading suspicious materials – these would be the chemical wastes from Israel. A huge problem is also with Jewish settlements in the Palestinian territories which are often located on a higher ground and on upper floors. According to Palestinians, Jews routinely throw garbage and toxic wastes on their heads, what damages the land and the air. I can easily believe that because when I was in Hebron I saw that Palestinians put up a metal mesh over their heads because Jews first throw stones at the Palestinians and then they write articles in newspapers and they broadcast on television that Palestinians were throwing at them. I do not doubt that Palestinians throw stones too but common sense tells me that if Jews didn’t start it, then Palestinians wouldn’t need a metal mesh over their heads.

In summary, Palestine has fertile lands, livestock, its own fruit and vegetables and tourism industry, and apart from that the Gaza Strip has reservoirs of gas and oil that Israel illegally exploits. Palestine could be a rich country which in my opinion based on its natural resources and human labor within 50 years could transform into a second Qatar. But as long as the Jews are present in Palestine, Palestine will be always poor, terrorized and poisoned.

In situations like these the Western media either have 'technical problems; or they show adverts. Betlehem. Palestine.

In situations like these the Western media either have ‘technical problems; or they show adverts. Betlehem. Palestine.

After reading some of my articles someone could be under impression that I don’t like Jews and Muslims but I assure that it is not true. I just feel reluctant towards both because of historical and political reasons, and now also because of high criminality reasons Europe. Besides, even though I support mono-culturism, I really like traveling also because of the contact with people of different races and cultures.

The latest history of Palestine ….. and Israel

Before I begin to talk about the history of Palestine I would like to say that the latest history of Palestine is also the history of Israel and of the entire region of West Asia and the Muslim world. I will limit myself to the most important facts, although I also intend to describe the facts not given in the mainstream historical sources. Let us remember that there are two kinds of history: the true history and the history written by Jews. I prefer the true history but in order to understand how Palestine became a Zionist nest of evil, first we must go back to the First World War and its consequences.

, Palestine, Compass Travel Guide

Most people are asleep because of the myth of democracy but I would like to wake up a few and make them understand that Zionist Jews have ruled America in absolute terms at least since the late 19th century. They’ve had control over American banking system, the media and they’ve had huge impact on politics. At that time, in Europe, in the summer of 1914 World War I broke out mainly between the combined forces of England, Russia, Italy and France, against Germany, Austro-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria. Other countries changed sides depending on the course of the war. After 2 years, in 2016 Germany won the war against everyone. The British navy was destroyed and its soldiers did not have enough ammunition to continue fighting, the Italian army suffered a defeat, France lost 600,000 young soldiers in a defensive struggle and the Russians were so war-torn that they simply packed and returned to Russia. Also the powerful Ottoman Empire was finished, what resulted in redrawing of the Middle East map. Germany therefore won the First World War in 2016 and immediately offered peace to England because the Germans wanted Europe to be at peace. However, the very strong Zionist lobby in Germany, which owned a large part of the German industry, told the British to not to accept the German peace offer because England could still win the war if the Zionists succeeded in bringing American troops to Europe. They said however that if America wins with Germany, the price for it would be Palestine for Jews. In 1916 most Americans were on the German side as many American immigrants were of German descent and wanted to destroy the regime of the Russian Tsar, therefore being on the German side was natural for Americans. The English on the other hand had the same right to Palestine as the Poles to the Chinese rice fields, which is none. Nevertheless, the British Empire agreed to the conditions of the Zionists, they rejected the German peace deal and they sold Palestine to Jews. Soon Jewish bankers transformed America into a war factory and they sent the American army to Europe, which within the next two years crushed the Germans. American society was shocked and opposed to such a situation. Germany was destroyed and forced by the Zionists to sign a very unjust for them Versailles treaty in 1919. In Russia, the Zionists carried out a revolution in 1917 and then created the Soviet Union, whose government was 80% Jewish. By the way, Jews used Communism as the basis of Zionism, because there was no other ideology in the world that could stupefy entire nations as much as Communism. That way Jews destroyed Germany, the country they had warmly welcomed them, and then they led the economic, media and social war against Germany around the world, until Adolf Hitler freed Germany from the Jewish occupation in 1933. The United Kingdom sold Palestine to Jews, which was a country they knew nothing of, and America was no longer America but a Zionist colony of the Jewish bankers.

When Hitler came to power the rich and influential American Jews were happy because they financed him and they needed Hitler for the final colonization of Palestine. Apart from that, the racial theory of the National Socialists was highly appreciated by Jews because the Talmud itself is built on racism. The Zionists reached the conquest of Palestine at the expense of destroyed Europe and the extermination of 80 million European “Gentiles”. The global Jewry with its headquarters in Wall Street and in the City of London knew that Hitler was not able to win that war because the German industry was not able to match the American and the Soviet industries, which Jews by the way sponsored against the Third Reich, and they also sponsored the German war machine so that the Germans could bleed longer. Hitler however made too many mistakes in Europe and did not reach Palestine to deal with the Jews. Soon the war was over and the global clique of Jewish terrorists and thieving rats won. Meantime the Zionists, by sacrificing worthless to them poor Jews began to promote the “business holocaust” and they were preparing to take over Palestine from Britain.

(Today however, the naive little children knows as “Europeans” and “Americans” believe the Zionist created story about “the evil man known Hitler who killed innocent Jews because he was bad”. Currently history is repeating itself. Zionist Jews destroy Muslim countries by using American and British armies and they also destroy Europe by Islamization, race-mixing and degeneracy. Between the two world wars Germany was run by communists who destroyed the German economy and also promoted degeneracy and extreme social problems. 98% of those communists were Jews.) 

Nazi trap for Jews.

Nazi trap for Jews.

Palestine is a land which historically was referred as the area between the Mediterranean sea and Jordan river and throughout the centuries Palestine was occupied by the Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire, just to mention the two. After the First World War Palestine was administered (occupied) by the United Kingdom on the basis of the mandate given to Britain in 1922 by the League of Nations. During the British rule the British introduced an open door policy for Jews in order to flood Palestine with Jewish Zionists and their politics during the 26 years of their rule was focused mainly on bringing Jews into Palestine and suppressing the anti-immigrant demonstrations organized by Palestinian patriots during the years 1936-1939. In the 1930s even the Jews called themselves “the illegal immigrants in Palestine” because at that time Jews getting off the ships did not realize that they would have Israel. Then in 1947 and also with the help of Great Britain the Zionists made armed assault on Palestine calling it “the return of the Jews to their historic homeland” – after 2000 years!

In order to make the Jewish take over of Palestine possible the British were the first to initiate the proclamation of the new state of Israel in Palestine, which they themselves occupied before, and in addition they unofficially left a a lot weapons for the Jews as a present. During transportation of the weapons on the trains the British employed Jews so it is easier for them to steal and those British soldiers who didn’t know about it and defended the ammunition were killed by the Jews – what the British propaganda quickly silenced. In 1947 the UN proposed the partition plan of Palestine (officially “division” to make it sound nicer) into the Jewish and the Arab territories and even though that resolution was very accurate in terms of division of land, from 1947 until today the Jews confiscated most of Palestine, pushing the Arabs to refugee camps and separating them by the wall. When the Israeli independence was announced the British troops left Palestine / Israel at the end of 1948 and Harry Truman, the President of the United States immediately recognized a new country, what gave rise to a new, endless war; and by the way also helped to rebuild the global arms industry. (By the way, after reading the historical facts that I have just described I am not surprised that Muslims hate the British so much. It’s good I’m Polish.)

“You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism, but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless of whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest.”


The Zionist agent – Winston Churchill

(Recognition of Israel by America was also dictated emotionally because the entire US Senate was influenced by the Jewish lies about the number of Jewish victims during the Second World War, what made them think that they needed a country for the protection of Jews. There are more Jews in America than in Israel and anyone who can count to 6 should not believe in such huge numbers of Holocaust victims. Those Jews who had money fled to America and the poor Jews fled to Russia. After the II World War the American World Almanac counted the world population according to religion and it turned out that there were more Jews after the war than before the war. Well, control over the media and the world finance gives huge powers.)

Loss of Palestinian land.

Loss of Palestinian land.


(As for the British themselves, in my previous articles I always tried to say something good about them, I showed them as victims of the colonial politics of their own empire and I paid attention to the good things they did in their colonies; and I still think so. However, when it comes to Palestine I can’t find any excuse and I think that what the British did in Palestine was disgusting. I can’t imagine that the British would control Poland for 26 years, that during that time they would let in 10 million enemies of Poles at the same time killing Polish patriots and then they would just leave and support our enemies militarily and through propaganda. Ironically, now the peoples of Africa and Asia colonize Great Britain and the nation that once wanted to be the masters of the world are made pregnant on a large scale by the Black and Muslim primitives, and with the accompaniment of the degenerate English masses.)

As soon as David Ben Gurion announced the founding of the State of Israel on May the 15th 1948 under the terms proposed by the United Nations, the Arabs had a different opinion on that subject and joined the fight for Palestine and the Arab Palestinians. The Arabs were devastated because Palestinians who had normal lives were now lived in refugee camps in desert tents where they were starving and dying. It was not until many years later that they were transferred to refugee camps built of bricks but still without electricity and running water. It is also important for my readers to understand that while Judea in Palestine existed at the time of Jesus, Zionism is a colonial ideology even contrary to Judaism. During the first Israeli-Arab war Palestinians were defeated and therefore in 1949 both sides signed a ceasefire agreement. At that time Israel occupied areas of Palestine designated by the United Nations, Jordan controlled West Bank and East Jerusalem and Egypt controlled the Gaza Strip.

Another important event was the 6-day war which took place from the 5th to the 10th of June 1967. Since the first Israeli-Palestinian war Arabs had time to rebuild their armies and that’s why they became very confident. Egypt at that time had the largest squadron of combat aircraft, a lot of tanks and soldiers and they though that with the help of Jordan they would turn small Israel into dust. However, the Israelis could not take a risk of the Arab invasion and for that reason they attacked first, effectively removing the Egyptian air force from the surface of the planet. For a comparison, the Arab side had devastating losses in equipment while losses in humans only in the Egyptian army reached about 10,000 – 15,000. In the Israeli army those losses did not exceed 1000 and the losses in equipment were minimal. That war, although lasted only 6 days turned out to be a nightmare for the Arabs as it meant that Israel needed only 6 days to emerge as the leader in the region. Later Israel took over the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, from Jordan it took West Bank and East Jerusalem and from Syria it took the Golan Heights. (The United States immediately recognized the new enlarged borders of Israel.)

I'm in the room of proclamation of the new state of Israel. Tel Aviv.

I’m in the room of proclamation of the new state of Israel. Tel Aviv.

I think that it is also important to remind the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty on the 8th of June 1967, during the Six-Day War. After the Americans learned that it was not the Arab but the Israeli air force that killed 34 American servicemen and wounded 171, Israel said that it was a mistake because they thought it was an Egyptian ship. However, a mistake like that was impossible to make because USS Liberty was very well marked with American flags and American symbols and that kind of ship was certainly not owned by Egypt. Israel apologized and paid compensation to the families of the victims and they also paid for the equipment, but it is obvious that the true reason for the attack was to provoke America into a war against Egypt. Israel thought that Americans would be naive enough to be fooled, although it soon became irrelevant anyway because the pro-Jewish propaganda in America quickly silenced the Israeli attack on America.

Another war broke out in 1973 between Israel and Egypt in the Sinai Peninsula and against Syria on the strategic Golan Heights; although Jordan and Iraq also sent out a couple of battalions. Egypt had once again overwhelming strength and it was primarily a war for the Sinai Peninsula that broke out as a result of the 1967 Six-Day War. This time the Arab forces were winning in the beginning and Arabs definitely proved that they could match in the fight against their Jewish opponent, although ultimately Israel achieved a very expensive victory. Mainly Egypt, but also Syria, Jordan and Iraq invaded Israel unexpectedly during the Jewish reconciliation holiday (Yom Kippur), but the Israeli army which was deployed on the Sinai Peninsula managed to push the Arabs beyond the Suez Canal and they even threatened Cairo. The United States and the Soviet Union could longer put up with that war and because of their diplomatic efforts both sides stopped fighting. In 1979 Israel and Egypt signed a peace treaty stating that until 1982 Israel would take all its troops from the Sinai peninsula, apart from the Taba territory which was returned to Egypt in 1989.

In subsequent years, from 1974 to 1982 Lebanon, Syria and Iraq carried out many artillery offensives against Israel and Israel of course did not stay in debt. Either way, if I wanted to be more detailed it would be really difficult to count all the Israeli wars and military operations against the Arabs, but if I had to list the most important ones I would definitely include the ongoing water war and the Israeli intervention during the Lebanese Civil War in 1982 and the Israeli occupation of Lebanon for 22 years until 2000. Israel also bombed hospitals and Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and it invaded Lebanon once again in 2006, however this time Hezbollah gave a painful lesson to Israel. (I recommend the Hezbollah run Mleeta Museum in Lebanon where I went for an educational trip about war). The Iran sponsored Shiite Hezbollah, the Qatar sponsored Hamas and any Arab who can build a bomb, a Molotov cocktail or even throw a stone dreams to destroy Israel. Peace between Jews and Muslims is a fiction.

The Jew job in Gaza strip. (To not be one-sided I want to remind that Muslims have exactly the same solution for Jews.)

The Jew job in Gaza strip. (To not be one-sided I want to remind that Muslims have exactly the same solution for Jews.)

In my opinion any peace deal between Jews and Arabs is completely irrelevant and a Jew who believes an Arab is simply a naive Jew. This war has been going on for thousands of years, although the modern Arab-Israeli war has been going on since 1948. I think that Arabs have already learned that they will not win with Israel in an open war, even though they are able to inflict wounds to the Jews, as for example the Shi’ite Hezbollah which was able to win the battle. Free Palestine is the dream of every Muslim and that’s why I believe that now Arabs will try to destroy Israel through the politics of small steps. Israel itself is well aware of that and for that reason when Jews see that Arabs get stronger they provoke wars to weaken their opponents and maintain dominance in the region. In my opinion another war between Jews and Arabs is only a matter of time. In addition, both Jews and Arabs are toxic nations that have been thrown out of every country they lived (and still they are “innocent” !!!), and they hate each other the most. I also think that the Jewish national identity is based on hatred towards Muslims and vice versa. I have no doubt that even if they signed 100 friendship agreements, then at a convenient occasion Muslims would rape all Jewish women and they would kill every Jew to the last one of them, and Jews would drive Muslims out even to India or they would poison them all. From the European perspective the expulsion of Arabs by Israel to India would be neutral for me but the problem is that the Zionist Israel and the Jewish financiers in America sponsor the Islamization of Europe and they don’t even bother to hide it. I do not claim that every Jew is bad but there is plenty of evidence that powerful Zionists lead a war not only against the Arabs but also against the White Christian civilization.

In 1974 the Arab League recognized the Palestine Liberation Organization as a representative of Palestinian people on their way to independence. In 1988 the National Council of Palestine approved the Palestinian Independence Declaration, which states: “the Palestinian state in our Palestinian territory with its capital Jerusalem”, although it didn’t specify exact borders. The well-known word in Palestine is “Intifada” which is the rise of Palestinians against occupation and confiscation of land, against putting Palestinians into Israeli prisons, against deportations and against bad conditions in the occupied territories. Only in the years 1987-1993 more than 1000 Palestinians were killed in the streets, despite the fact that the Western media always show Jews as victims and Palestinians as terrorists. I therefore understand that Poles were also terrorists because they fought the German and the Soviet occupation?

This situation led to the first formal agreement between Israel and Palestine which took place in Oslo in 1993 and which transformed into another theatre for the naive West. According to the peace treaty West Bank and Gaza Strip were to be under the Palestinian rule and Israeli troops were obliged to leave the area. However, shortly after the Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin was killed in 1995 and the peace deal with Palestine was immediately cancelled, even though the killer was not a Palestinian but a Jew Yigal Amir. In my opinion the Jews considered it a better choice to sacrifice one of theirs than to lose partial control over Palestine. Over the years Jews have also committed a number of terrorist attacks in Israel, which were supposed to look like the work of Palestinians but they were done by Jews. The most unbelievable attacks were bombs in Jerusalem on empty buildings and empty cars where not even one person got hurt but there was a lot of noise and a lot of fire.

The Palestine football team during a tournament in Australia in 1939. Maybe one day we will see the free Palestine team at a World Cup?

The Palestine football team during a tournament in Australia in 1939. Maybe one day we will see the free Palestine team at a World Cup?

Palestine has been recognized by 137 UN members and since 2012 it has had the status of a non-member observer state at the United Nations – what indirectly gives Palestine a country status. Negotiations are still in progress but in my opinion this problem can be only solved either with war or with an earthquake under the Israeli army, because democratic solution would not be possible even if Palestine was recognized by every country in the world. I would also like to point out the false speeches of America about peace between Palestine and Israel. If America wanted peace, then peace would have been achieved a long time ago because all it takes is to cut off funding for the Israeli army and to break up cooperation with Israel. That’s why all the emotional speeches of America about peace are just mere scam. Jews also do not want peace because as Jewish politicians say, according to them there has never been anything like Palestine, despite the fact that the word “Palestine” appears four times in the Old Testament. On the other hand, the word “Eretz-Israel” also appears in the Bible but in my opinion Jews are not the chosen people because they have repeatedly broken vows with God, eventually rejecting his son as a saviour. I used to think that the best solution would be to create an independent Palestine from the Suez Canal to the Dead Sea with the special administrative province of Judea in Tel Aviv, but now the war has gone too far to make it possible.

In my opinion if all Muslim countries under the highly unlikely Russian leadership do not organize a decisive attack on Israel, then the playing on time Judeo-America would allow Israel to first push all Arabs out of Palestine and then expand the Israeli borders from Nile to Euphrates. This means that the Greater Israel would cover the whole of Jordan, Lebanon, half of Saudi Arabia with its oil fields, most of Syria and Iraq, rich in oil Kuwait and the most fertile lands of Egypt from Nile to the east including the Sinai Peninsula and the Suez Canal. In addition, top rabbis and David Ben Gurion have repeatedly mentioned that the current borders of Israel are the borders drawn by the British but they are not the real borders of Israel recognized by Jews. Such a scenario would lead to a great war in the Middle East between Jews, Muslims and their allies, and it could cause immigration implications for Europe on a genocidal scale and it could even mean the end of the White Civilization. Black clouds gather over the Muslim world ……. and over Europe, and both are being finished off by the same Zionist killer, but in two different ways. West Asia is being destroyed by Jewish terrorism and Islamic fanatics and Europe is being destroyed by a Zionist-funded open borders policy and degeneracy. I also don’t think that an attempt of conquering Israel would make sense because in my opinion the power over Israel is not in Israel and Israel is not the centre of Zionism but only its satellite. Zionism is a Global Bolshevism and its destruction would have to be planned as a coordinated attack on key targets in many corners of the earth, but Muslims wouldn’t do that because they have insufficient military power and too much to lose; and Europeans and Americans would not do it too because they are too stupid to even see what is going on around them. Most of the Jews living in Israel would in my opinion support any act of Zionist aggression because they love their home country and also because they are controlled by the propaganda of the Arab apocalypse, in which ironically the Palestinians help the government of Israel.

, Palestine, Compass Travel Guide


“You ask me to repudiate the Balfour Declaration and to stop (Jewish) immigration. This is not in my power … and it is not my wish … It is manifestly right that the scattered Jews should have a national centre, and a national home to be re-united, and where else but in Palestine, with which for three thousand years they have been intimately and profoundly associated?


We think it will be good for the world, good for the Jews, good for the British Empire, but also good for the Arabs who dwell in Palestine…they shall share in the benefits and progress of Zionism.”


The Zionist agent – Winston Churchill

I based the historical part on my own research, taking into account the speech of Benjamin H. Friedman from 1961 at the Willard Hotel in Washington. Freedman was a Jew who converted to Catholicism and who decided to expose the crimes of the Zionists.

A must read:

Expedition to Israel and Palestine




, Palestine, Compass Travel Guide

Practical information

Tourist visa: Palestine is under occupation of Israel and therefore the visa requirements for Palestine are the same as for Israel. At all border crossings citizens of most European countries, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, North America and most of South America get a free stamp entitling them to stay in Israel and the Palestinian Territories for 90 days. Sometimes an immigration officer may decide to issue a permit for no longer than 30 days but then a traveller is informed about it. In general the biggest difficulties in getting to Israel have Muslims, those who have connections with Islam and citizens of the Third World countries.

Safety: Security in Israel and the West Bank is taken very seriously and the government of Israel is prepared for any eventuality. In the whole country there is a risk of throwing stones and Molotov cocktails, attacks on buses, stabbings and beating on intercity routes. However, I visited a lot places in the West Bank, I walked at night and I always used public transport and I never felt in danger. Therefore in my opinion, apart from “special occasions” such as internal fighting, demonstrations and bombs dropped at the border areas, Palestine (West Bank) is a safe country for tourists. Tel Aviv, Eilat and Galilee are safe, the same as Nazareth and Jerusalem which are homes to many Palestinians. Jerusalem is safe because the whole city is backed by an armed police and there are observation towers and snipers on all roads. Besides, there is also the infamous wall with observation towers which separates Israel from Palestine and that’s why everyone who enters the Jewish part of the country is checked to the limits

On the other hand, let’s keep in mind the reputation of Israel as a country which is in the heart of the oldest conflict in the world. When in France or Belgium Muslims show us the true meaning of the “religion of peace”, still those European countries are considered safe but Israel is associated with war even if nothing happens. In addition, a dangerous fear propaganda is also fueled by the Israeli government and by average Jews because if a Jew has something to say to a tourist, most likely it would be a story that “I should never go to the Palestinian Territories because they would certainly kill me”. I spent three weeks travelling around Israel and the West Bank and I never had any problems but it is easy to notice that people are vigilant. In order to visit West Bank in a peaceful time tourists should check safety before going to specific cities. Apart from demonstrations and open fights between Jews and Arabs West Bank is safe for tourists. When it comes to the Gaza Strip I would advice a more precise safety check.

On the other hand I am against taking travel advice from the fear addicted British Ministry of Foreign Affairs because they always show the world through the picture of apocalypse and the judgment day.

Moving around the country: Getting around Palestine is very easy as there is a well organized network of buses and shared taxis. On the way to Israel there is a routine check and bus change. Once I also managed to catch a Palestinian hitch from Hebron to Jerusalem.

Prices: (in 2015 when £1 = 4.6ILS) West Bank is cheaper than the Jewish part. For accommodation in the dormitory I indeed paid the same as in Israel which was 60 shekels, although in Nablus I managed to find a bed in a basic but a decent hotel for just 30 shekels.

Transport in Palestine is also cheaper than in Israel. For a place in a shared taxi from Ramallah to Qalandia checkpoint I paid 4.5 shekel, from Ramallah to Nablus 10.5 shekel, from Jerusalem to the Betlehem turnoff 8 shekels and then for a shared taxi to Hebron another 11 shekels. My most expensive transportation in Palestine was for a shared taxi from Qalqilya (zoo) to Ramallah – 23 shekels.
Food in Palestine is also cheaper. For comparison, for a falafel sandwich in Jerusalem I paid 6 shekels and in Hebron only 2. For 5 shekels at the Ramallah bazaar Arabs gave me a whole bag of fruit and some gave me a few more as a present, while at the Yehuda market in Jerusalem I felt blood dripping from my nose every time I paid for an apple. In Palestine I could eat a decent dinner for 10/15 shekels whilst in Tel Aviv the same thing would cost at least 25.
On my way from the Jewish territory to the Arab one I felt that I was going on a financial holiday.

Climate: Palestine has a temperate, Mediterranean climate. The rainy season is between November and May and winters can be cold and wet. The south of the West Bank becomes very hot during summer months what means that the best time to visit Palestine are spring and autumn when the average temperature is around 23°C.

14 February 2010


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