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In this chapter, I present the countries of Asia which I have travelled, separated by regions. I want my readers to treat this chapter not only as a tourist guide, but also as a way to like geography. Geography is a beautiful science, and I remind that it is very important.


Asia is the largest and the most populated continent in the world, and it is very attractive to tourists. Asia is a continent of picturesque landscapes and people of many cultures and races, with a very rich cultural heritage. Official sources indicate that Asia is divided into 48 independent states but in my opinion this number should be only treated contractually, because the political division of Asia looks differently in the eyes of Arabs and differently in the eyes of Jews; although I could give more of such examples.

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East Asia is located along the Pacific Ocean and covers the countries of the “Chinese cultural circle”, which had its development in other East Asian countries during the Tang dynasty. East Asia is a very interesting region; homeland of the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Army and the ancient Buddhist and Confucian temples in Japan and Korea. East Asia also includes panda bears, picturesque landscapes and a wealth of flavours of oriental dishes.

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Southeast Asia is the most famous and popular region of Asia. Fairy tale beaches of Thailand and temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia are known all over the world. Southeast Asia is a region of good food, massage under palm trees, turquoise waterfalls, thai-boxing, Buddhist temples and a relaxed lifestyle close to the tropical nature. It is this region of Asia that is most often associated with the “tropical paradise on earth”, although Southeast Asia has a lot more to offer.

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South Asia takes travellers around the palaces of Indian rulers and shows colonial architecture, as well as the famous Taj Mahal, the Sikh’s Golden Temple, Hampi and Sri Meenakshi in Madurai. India in particular, attracts with the richness of colours, flavours and customs, which can turn out to be a culture shock. In India, we can also see picturesque beaches and national parks. In Nepal, I recommend the old city of Bhaktapur and mountain expeditions in the Himalayas. There is also Sri Lanka, with its rich cultural heritage and beautiful beaches, and the adventurous Pakistan and Bangladesh. However, the Indian Subcontinent requiries adaptation period, as it is difficult and shocking. For sensible travellers, the Indian Subcontinent would surely turn out to be an eye-opening adventure.

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West Asia is a region of old civilizations, beautiful desert landscapes, warm seas and interesting cities where tradition mixes with modern influences. West Asia is also a region where Zionist terrorists constantly attack members of the ‘religion of peace’ and vice versa. I have very fond memories of the monuments of Iran and the adventurous Lebanon and the Iraqi Kurdistan. For me; the occupied Palestine, the Old City in Jerusalem and Petra in Jordan are simply unforgettable. The region dominated by Muslims is very interesting, although some countries that I visited gave me an adventure with a thrill.

Elephant Rock Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia (soon)

Bahrain fort Bahrain flag

Bahrain (soon)

Kuwait Towers Kuwait City

Kuwait (soon)

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, Countries, Compass Travel Guide


Central Asia is a less popular region of Asia, which has so far been a black hole on the world’s tourist map. It is a region that requires from travellers strength, independence and endurance. On the other hand Central Asia gives great satisfaction and if someone likes open spaces, great valleys, deserts and ancient cities on the Silk Road, then Central Asia is the region I recommend the most. Knowledge of Russian is essential.

Before we go anywhere I recommend my article in two parts on the Coronavirus, which unfortunately has an impact on global tourism. ‘Political Virus Covid-19’.

  1. Reply

    Yiga Hussein

    19 November 2022

    Hello Martin, I have gone through a couple of your work here, your adventures are amazing and your discoveries are quite fascinating. Keep doing what you do best, Ooh by the way, I shud hope you remember to email me the pictures you took of that fort in East riffa, In the kingdom of Bahrain.

    • Reply


      4 December 2022

      Hello Yiga. Thank you for reminding me. I’ve just sent you six photos from Bahrain, of which three are with you.

      I will visit beautiful Africa too.


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