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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

===============================================  “Religion, like alcohol, should only be for wise people”

Martin Malik

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

Facebook and the media control

By: Martin Malik

I was prompted to write this article after Facebook removed the profile of the centre-right Polish political party: Confederats.

Facebook and the media control


We live in times when one powerful corporation is able to influence politics all over the world. This global media mogul has the power to remove from social media, or severely restrict anyone who is not their ideological ally. The excuses are usually ‘community standards’ and ‘hate speech’, but now also ‘fake news’ and ‘Covid-19 disinformation’. Most often however, they are so arrogant that they don’t even bother to make any excuses at all. In the US politicians have long tried to divide Facebook through the route of ‘fighting monopolization’, but this is only a theater for the naive. Facebook is about media control and it is an intelligence agency.


Facebook and the media control

Currently, television and the mainstream media are losing their importance, but the social media is becoming more and more important. About 2.8 billion people use Facebook all over the world, and about 44% of the population in Poland, which is about. 21.5 million. Twitter is used by 186 million worldwide, of which about 6 million in Poland and 19 million in the UK. Facebook also owns WhatsApp and Instangram, and has tried to buy Twitter too. One Jew can influence the presidential election in the USA and it can swing support for the political parties in Europe. This is what I mean when I talk about the Facebook media control.

In many countries the social media is forbidden, in order to prevent foreign corporations from having power over governments and societies around the world. Countries without social media in 2021 are: China, Iran, North Korea, Turkey, Uganda, Vietnam, Egypt, Syria, Cuba, Mauritius, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Facebook on the other hand stated, that “it will fight for freedom of speech and human rights in those countries”. Facebook is: hypocrisy, selective freedom of speech, and kosher democracy.

Facebook is a leftist fortress, that truth defines as ‘hate speech’, and common sense as ‘discrimination’. Faceboook once removed Pope Benedict XVI’s post, because it was ‘against community standards’. Another time Facebook censored a photo of Father Christmas kneeling in front of baby Jesus, describing it as “violent content”. Those facts alone prove the best what purposes that Jewish invention truly serves.

In addition, Facebook regularly removes likes from right-wing websites and brings them down in search results. Facebook in theory allows to promote articles criticizing homosexual propaganda and anti-immigrant policies , but at the same time it does not promote them, because the number of visits in such posts is frozen.

Facebook as an intelligence agency

Besides, Facebook is an intelligence agency that collects information about you, and makes money from adverts tailored to your interests. Think well before you give private information on this important wing of the CIA. We live in times when it is not necessary to brutally interrogate “the enemies of the revolution”, if there is a device thanks to which people willingly say what they have done, and even what they will do. Facebook knows who you are connected to, it knows your interests and your political views; and if you are really naive, it also knows your family and your car registration number. To the secret services, Facebook is a dream come true.

Facebook is a mine that extracts information about you instead of coal, and makes money on your privacy. Really, there is no privacy anymore, and technology becomes more dangerous. As confirmed by Facebook’s founder silence, I think that even if you delete your FB account, the info about you stays with them forever.

, Facebook and the media control, Compass Travel Guide

The best known intelligence agencies in the world are: CIA, FBI, MI5, MOSSAD, KGB ….. Google and Facebook. By creating a Facebook account, you set up your own police file!

To those who doubt in “freedom of speech”, I advise to learn how to fake your IP address. The first rule is that IP address does not travel with the user, although there are other ways. If someone is an “intolerant racist”, and wants to write on FB that: English people are white and only white, that he doesn’t want to transform Big Ben into a minaret, and that anus was designed only for toilet purposes, then it is better to post such comments outside of your address and under fake account, because otherwise, as I have read: ‘the brave men in police uniforms have no problem in finding a delinquent who promotes an extremist material’. This is not Communism by the way , but ‘progressive democracy’ based on total invigilation – through creating a pleasant and technically advanced concentration camp with glass walls! I wanted to laugh when the USA accused Russia and China of spying on its citizens and of terrorism, and then Edward Snowden and Julian Assange proved that the USA was much worse.

‘Facebook in particular is the most appalling spying machine that has ever been invented. Here we have the world’s most comprehensive database about people, their relationships, their names, their addresses, their locations and the communications with each other, their relatives, all sitting within the United States, all accessible to U.S. intelligence.’


For RT: “Information Facebook houses is a potential boon for the U.S. government if it tries to build up a dossier on users.


Julian Assange

In addition, Facebook is designed to be addictive. Its template quickly catches the eye, it lets people to complain about social and political matters, and those who feel lonely have their own communities on FB, so they don’t feel that lonely anymore. Users are rewarded and punished, that’s why they try to present themselves the best the can in the eyes of their communities. They unconsciously open the door to police, secret services, and foreign consulates issuing visas. The users of Faceboook and other social networking sites promote false, improved image of their own reality, for which they want to be admired and rewarded. By opening a Facebook account you draw a target on your back for the sniper.

My Facebook account is forever restricted or blocked for publishing truth and conservative views. My Twitter account was removed for life after I got into a Twitter conversation with 10 Downing Street about multi-culti, Islamization, Jews, race mixing and Polish history related to Churchill. For a month I had a strong conversation with the office of Prime Minister Theresa May, until they finally told me what they thought about me and kicked me out of Twitter. The freemasons from No. 10 also worked hard to destroy my mental health. In countries of modern technology, which are also the ‘oasis of freedom and democracy’ Twitter stopped working many times. Twitter crashed in England, continental Europe, the US, Australia, and New Zealand. During the US Capitol riots Twitter deleted 70,000 right-wing user accounts in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

eye of providence

We are watching you!!! The Eye of Providence is a symbol that depicts an eye, often enclosed in a triangle and surrounded by rays of light or glory. It is meant to represent divine providence, whereby the eye of God watches over humanity. This eye is also used by a certain caste of people who claim to be the mystical elects of God, to whom he has given the privilege of ruling the world of subhumans. Those chosen ones, who chose themselves and bring the Eye of Providence to mankind, are like Lucifer who brings people the “light of peace”.

I suspect that during the most important elections, when the right-wing parties might have a chance to come to power in the traditionally white countries: the right-wing accounts will be massively removed or even the entire internet might crash! The Jews are terrified that white people are waking up and begin to communicate. This is one of the ways they control us.

The case of the Polish political party – the Confederats

This time, without any warning that Jewish corporation based in the US removed the right-wing party in Poland: the Confederats. Well; Mark Zuckerberg did not agree with this party’s views. Earlier, Twitter had also removed President Donald Trump’s account. If 21.5 million Poles use Facebook and 6 million use Twitter, this could have huge impact on politics, and the only way for the Left to win, is to gag the Right. In Poland an act on limiting foreign traditional media is immediately necessary, as well as the creation of a Polish version of Facebook and Twitter. Otherwise Poles will be manipulated by a Jew on the other side of the ocean, and the Polish Government will be powerless. And they want to teach us democracy !!!

Confederats or any other organization can of course appeal, but it is very difficult and I doubt it even makes sense. An ‘appeal’ in the case of Facebook is a conversation with a machine that first replies ‘no’ and then deletes the post or the entire profile. One might say that if someone doesn’t like Facebook, which is a private company, they don’t have to use it. Yes, it is true, but on the other hand to those companies, political parties, journalists or private persons there is no alternative. There is also no alternative to platforms such as Twitter, Instagram or Youtube, which are the main channels of information flow and easy advertising. This means that stopping the use of Facebook itself would be detrimental to companies or political parties, and their activities could miss the goal. Therefore Facebook is no longer just a platform for sharing vacation photos, but a place of political debate. Facebook is the guardian of lies. I want to remind that Russians have already thought about that, and they have VKontakte.

As far as I know the Confederats had 671,000 followers on their profile, and in their case Facebook was a useful tool for campaigning and sharing their views. Well, Confederation today, maybe me tomorrow. I wouldn’t regret anything, because to me Facebook is not so important. Mr. Jew can also delete my account if he wants. I wouldn’t cry. In defense of Mark Zuckerberg I have, that: if he invites me into his house and I misbehave, or if I behave well but he doesn’t want to host me anymore, then he can throw me out at any time he wants. On the other hand, global social media influencing politics is no longer his private affair. Manipulating politics reminds me of manipulating the stock market, and there are strict rules there, even if the stock exchange is privately owned.

Democratic knights in defence of the Confederats – and my opinion on democracy

The Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and the Polish Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro gave their opinions about the removal of the Confederation’s profile by Facebook.

‘Freedom of speech only makes sense if everyone is free to express their views without destroying the freedom of another person. Facebook’s decision to close the Confederation’s profile strikes at fundamental democratic values. There is not and there will be no consent from the Polish government. Digital censorship is a powerful threat to democracy today. Social platform owners need to understand that freedom of debate means that there are views which we disagree with. I argued with the members of the Confederation Party many times and didn’t spare them any criticism. And they me. But criticism doesn’t mean closing your mouth by force. That’s why I stand on their side today. I don’t agree for the right to freedom of speech to be taken away from the Confederats. ‘


Mateusz Morawiecki


‘It is incredible and unacceptable that someone interferes in the public debate and thus may influence the future elections results. The Justice Minister demands sanctions for the attack on freedom of speech. He also announces that he will soon present a project to ‘protect freedom of speech’, which would include penalties of up to 50 million PLN on social networking sites for such type of practice. ‘


Zbigniew Ziobro

Well, it looks that both Mateusz Morawiecki and Zbigniew Ziobro acted like good people, who sincerely want justice and who want to protect democracy. Gentlemen, here is my opinion on democracy:

‘Democracy had many flaws when it was created by the Greeks, but since it’s been taken over by the international Jews, it has become political fiction. Democracy keeps people away from throwing themselves out the window because they honestly believe that their votes matter, and that the one who has only 1 pound is equal to the one who has a million pounds. Democracy is anarchy in white gloves, while the strength of democracy depends mainly on firepower. Democracy is the constant manipulation of human minds, the lack of proper organization and a bureaucratic mess. Democracy, like any other product which is for sale should have a quality certificate, because it’s a corrupt system that requires victims. If I ever stood in a political election, first I would tell people that my regime wouldn’t be democratic, because I cannot represent something what I don’t believe in. I don’t think a lot would change in people’s lives, mainly except that at last they would stop being lied to. But do people deserve to know the truth, and does the truth interest them at all? ‘


Martin Malik

Facebook is obviously very useful to a lot of people, and it’s a brilliant idea, but let’s not expect anything to be fair or truly democratic. The owner is Mark Zuckerberg, and I suspect that in order to promote that service, first it needed generous donors with very specific political views. I have no doubts that some of those generous donors was the US government, in order to help CIA to spy more efficiently on people around the world. With Facebook is like with a Columbus egg. It’s very simple, but someone had to do it for the first time. If you haven’t opened a Facebook account yet, I advise you to not to do so.

Facebook censorship

They are all involved in a constant conspiracy against us. If they offer you a drug in the form of social media or a smartphone, they want you to feel better because it serves their cause. If freedom is taken from people every once in a while, piece by piece, people won’t even notice when they would become slaves.

Two sides of the same coin

– In each country, Faceboook and other platforms that I mentioned should be accountable for their actions to the government of that particular country, because otherwise one corporation would decide what is ‘wrong and forbidden’ and what is ‘good and allowed’. What’s the point for the existence of law in a given country, if Facebook is transnational and each country has to act according to its ‘community standards’? In that case Facebook is above the law, and if all those big platforms are above the law too, then the owners of small websites should not be held accountable for their actions neither; unless we have equal and more equal; and we do, don’t we ?!

– Certain people in Poland: the so-called ‘experts on freedom of speech on the internet’, are in my opinion powerless people in that topic who consider themselves ‘experts’ just to gain intellectual self-esteem. Those ‘experts’ would be of greater use in the farms or to dig ditches. They are petty crooks who called themselves ‘experts’ to avoid work and look smarter than a broken radio. The same ‘experts’ don’t realize that they are keen-minded with political correctness, what means that their work from the very bottom line is about fooling themselves and others. Each one of those ‘experts’ talks about ‘protection against hate speech to keep us safe’, but moderation itself means censorship and it restricts freedom of speech online, for which those supposed ‘experts’ are fighting for. The way each organ of the government and he opposition views the world is naturally dictated by Cultural Marxism. These are entire nations and political parties subjected to the ideology pioneered by the Jew Lev Trotsky – but how could those ignorant people after overpaid universities know that, or even more, to understand it?!

Other media monsters in Poland and England

Let me remind you that in Poland there are also the American TV station called TVN, and the Judeo-Communist Gazeta Wyborcza, and both of them are openly hostile to Poland. When I was in Poland and watched TVN, I quickly realized that after their one hour-long broadcast even the smartest person could go completely crazy. I have my final solution for them, but I think that at the level of Law & Justice party it would be possible to introduce a new tax in order to watch TVN. This means that TVN would be encrypted and that its viewing would be possible only after paying a monthly license of PLN 500 a month. I believe that in their case however, the freedom of speech should have limits, because absolute control of Poles is very possible through making them totally stupid. I’ve not seen a more intrusive propaganda than in TVN. I wonder what is the total power of TVN viewers’ IQ? There are many more of such media monsters in Poland. A good example is Wirtualna Polska, which likes to present itself as a political centrum. In my opinion, there is not much difference between Wirtualna Polska and Gazeta Wyborcza. One difference is that GW has specified anti-Polish Judeo-communist character, while WP is a flag in the wind that blows left or right depending on who is in power and who pays. I refer to these two media as: ‘same shit, different asshole.’

Media of any kind are weapons in the hands of our enemies. I mean not only traditional and social media, but also computer games for young people, street adverts, dehumanizing music and art, or the Zionwood propaganda machine. These media are capable of turning a nation of intelligent people into a herd of obedient sheep and trained parrots. Without skillful propaganda, economic dependence and terror of the vultures of law, the occupation of hearts and minds is impossible. Call it a communist dictatorship, a fascist regime, or a parliamentary democracy. Any system is about the same thing; about controlling people and about money. Propaganda however can never be directed to outstanding intellectuals, because they would not be deceived anyway. For this reason, regimes deliberately keep their nations at a low-educational level and they promote social problems, while at the same time offering them education of half-truths and worthless diplomas, which only confirm the existence of reason.

‘Arguments must therefore be crude, clear and forcible, and appeal to emotions and instincts, not to the intellect. Truth was unimportant, and entirely subordinate to the tactics and psychology, but convenient lies (“poetic truth”) must always be made credible.’


The Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels

In England, the media is even worse than in Poland. English media is served in English language but it is not English. These media are very hostile to English people and to the local English culture. Cultural Marxism, the ideology of white guilt, constant delusions of left-wing pseudo-intellectuals. This is what I think of the internal enemy which is colloquially known as the ‘British media’. Information is disinformation, and education is indoctrination.

‘When I was a little boy I thought that World War III would be between different countries. When I was a little older I thought it would be a war between the people and the banks, and now I think it will also be a war between people and transnational corporations. The so-called ‘enemy countries’ are most often a means of distraction and a way of creating artificial divisions, which are supposed to benefit our real enemies’


Martin Malik

Addiction to phones and social media

Do not try to promote an improved image of yourselves on the internet, because you are chasing an unreal dream, which could become a terrible mental blow during the first brutal contact with reality. Instead, I advise you to learn manual jobs which develop thinking and independence – (carpentry, construction, plumbing, herbology), so we don’t end up with a generation of idiots, whose whole world ends with stupid selfies and Facebook likes. If young people do not free themselves from technological addiction, we will soon have a generation of slaves and losers who would not be able to speak Polish or English properly, and wouldn’t be able to say a sentence without mentioning about sex.

, Facebook and the media control, Compass Travel Guide

How a woman presents herself on social media, and how she really looks.

Twitter is another Marxist platform led by Marxist trolls; and that’s why my Twitter account has been already suspended. Generally on Twitter, church and white people can be offended at will, but on the other hand criticism of homosexual movements and anti-liberal, non-globalist views lead to account suspension. I also noticed that especially quotes from the Bible, to Twitter are like salt in the eye.

dreams reality social platform

Dreams versus reality on social platforms.

When it comes to women, I advise them to learn how to bake cakes for their husbands, instead of flexing their buds on Instagram. Social media is also designed to outcast people from the real society, because people whose attention is constantly hijacked by tablets, smartphones and computers, do not have time to interact with real people.

“People will come to love their oppression, to adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think.”


Aldous Huxley

Throw away your smartphone, and use cheap trashy phones without internet access, and use temporary SIM cards with them. After a week or two, burn them and use another disposable trashy phone. You will be safer and you will keep more privacy from the constantly stalking You eyes of the Big Brother. If several million people did it, smartphones would be free, on a condition of long contracts and internet connection. Stop wasting your life on pressing buttons on your smartphone that you don’t even fully understand, and which have already taken over your freedom. Instead, talk to a living human being, have connection with the natural beauty, and your phone can be as primitive as possible. I even think that not using a smartphone these days is an act of rebellion against Big Brother, who wants to control us more and more through visually attractive but to most of us incomprehensible, advanced applications. During my travels I don’t have a phone and I only use the internet once a week. While I live in the ‘Kingdom of Political Correctness‘, I always have days without technology.

, Facebook and the media control, Compass Travel Guide

Phone addiction is a dangerous civilization disease, which causes families and social bonds to break up.


Through propaganda tubes described as ‘free and independent media’, democratic totalitarianism is able to provide only such information, on which basis it wants to shape the public opinion, but it can also distract the nation from any news whatsoever, by providing substitute information.

1. If the government starts to complain about ‘refugees’, it means it might want the people to forget about the possibility of leaving the European Union.

2. If the opposition fights for the rights of sexual minorities, it may be getting money from the ruling party, for silent support of closing the borders.

3. If the ruling party and the opposition speak with one voice about the alleged Russian attack on Ukraine, it is probably because they want to quickly obtain weapons, cheap workers, and they want to have their shares in a diamond mine in Africa, which is worth 100 times more than the worthless Ukraine.

That way, the government sends hundreds of thousands of naive desperates onto the streets, and if the nation is cunning and refuses to believe anything despite manipulation; then it will be either hit by an increased price of sugar, or a virus, or a huge duvet sale that no one needs.

‘Believe nothing you hear, and only half  that you can see.’


– Edgar Allan Poe.


Here’s another surprise after censors decided to report me to Facebook for ‘hate speech’. Of course, they would prefer to take me to court for ‘hate speech and promoting totalitarianism’, but despite all their efforts there was no basis for it, so they reported me to Facebook. Facebook, on the other hand, would remove everything which is not in line with its ideological thought. Well, I don’t care, but here’s the info. Specifically, it was about my post titled “My idea for helping Ukraine and Ukrainians“, in which I suggested taking back the Eastern Borderlands. This post was removed from Facebook because it doesn’t meet the community standards. Please read it and judge it yourself. When a Pole reminds what should belong to Poland, it is: ‘hate speech’.

, Facebook and the media control, Compass Travel Guide

Kompas Travel Facebook page is at risk of being unpublished.



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