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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

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Trips to Asia

Spy – book

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

The Case of Cultural Marxism; part I

By: Martin Malik

The Case of Cultural Marxism; part I


Cultural Marxism is a criminal ideology invented by Jews, aimed at marginalization, or even the removal of white Christian civilization from the face of the earth. Through the immigration of millions of racially and culturally alien invaders, and through the promotion of sexual deviations, white people are replaced by dark-skinned enemies, and ruled by the light-skinned Jewish elite. “Temporary workers”, “family reunification”, “assistance to the victims of war”; different times, different lies, but the goal is always the same – a transnational plan to destroy the White Christian civilization, described as the Great Replacement Project.


The genesis of cultural Marxism

The term “cultural Marxism” is for the worshipers of that ideology a deliberately informal term and it has a very wide meaning with regard to the promotion and application of the so-called critical theory. The doctrine called “cultural Marxism” is associated with the communist left and it is the work of the enemies of the Western civilization because the term cultural Marxism includes many other socialist ideological currents, which under the art of falsified common language were able to master the cultural, academic and political sphere of Europe and North America. To some they are pseudo-intellectuals, to others they are warfare specialists but certainly the fathers of cultural Marxism have created an ideology even more destructive than traditional communism because in their opinion traditional communism did not introduced sufficient social and economic changes (read: destruction).

This therefore means that according to the European communists, in the name of a new hidden Bolshevik revolution it was necessary to introduce White Christian peoples a critical theory, with a division into interdisciplinary theories, in turn leading to a complete social, cultural, religious, academic and sexual transformation in White Christian societies. According to cultural Marxists, only White people, only Christians and only heterosexuals need not only transformation but also a complete denial of their cultural patterns and gender identities, while people of other cultures and religions are not to be attacked. Therefore, one must understand without endless self-deception that cultural Marxism is a war tactic that leads to marginalization and possibly even to the removal of the White Christian civilization from the face of the earth.

“The classes and the races too weak to master the new conditions of life, must give away or perish in revolutionary holocaust”.


Karl Marx – (a communist as the first one wrote about holocaust)

The global ploretariat gets together to beat White people. Cultural Marxism in practice.

The global ploretariat gets together to beat White people. Cultural Marxism in practice.

The roots of cultural Marxism come from the so-called Frankfurt School where the critical theory was originally promoted as the falsified war tactic, by Jewish thinkers associated with the Institute for Social Research at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. This theory was critical of Soviet capitalism and socialism but above all of the cultural and gender identity of ethnically European societies. For this reason the cultural Marxists were so interested in social sciences, humanities and research on gender and race. Cultural Marxism is not only a war against white Christian civilization because according to the creators of this theory this wouldn’t be enough.

Traditional Marxism, according to Karl Marx’s recommendations, is to be based on an endless class war where the oppressed working class (the ploretariat) must fight a war against the privileged nobles, whereas in modern cultural Marxism the class war is primarily about a racial and cultural revolution whose mission is to simply last. Things such as sexual orientation, gender, culture, race, family, religion and every aspect of human identity are questioned, so that every norm and every standard in society is questioned and changed for the ultimate political goals of the cultural Marxists.

Behind the real purpose of such criminal ideology Marx allegedly sought to help the oppressed groups against the injustices that occurred between the rich bourgeoisie and the poor ploretariat, whereas in cultural Marxism the ploretariat was replaced by the “suffering and persecuted” ethnic and sexual minorities, whilst the alleged bourgeoisie is a privileged and oppressive White Christian and heterosexual majority. That is why, according to progressive communists, this “privileged majority” must question itself so that they can pay for their alleged crimes, which they themselves do not even realize that they had committed. For that reason, for example the British Labour Party invaded Britain ethnically and culturally with hostile civilizations in order to destroy the indigenous society and then Labour privileged its electoral proletariat against the native Britons.

This is the war tactic of the cultural Marxists which is much more dangerous than military war. People consider the war through the prism of two opposing armies going against each other, where each army is dressed in different uniforms and each one has weapons. Such an enemy however is less dangerous because the walls can be rebuilt and because such war tactic stands against the cultural Marxists’ ideology. In such a situation the nation would unite against the common enemy. Inviting a heavily armed army dressed in uniforms is therefore not as destructive to the White civilization, but immigration of a large unarmed army not dressed in military uniforms, but under the slogans such as: “tolerance, multiculturalism, diversity, help to victims of war, temporary workers, family reunions or liberalism” – make destruction irreversible.

Different times, different lies but the goal is always the same – the destruction of the White Christian civilization, through: race mixing, promotion of hostile cultures and religions, leaving the church and destruction of families by promotion of sexual promiscuity, sexual degeneration and promotion of consumerism.

Muslims in England.

One day the British will have to decide between tolerance and multi – “culturism” – and the survival of their own civilization. In this picture the friends of ISIS parade in London. On the other hand I don’t want to be one-sided. Who gave Britain the right to invade and destroy 3 Muslim countries which never threatened Great Britain nor had military capabilities to conquer it? If it wasn’t because of the American and the British invasions of peaceful Muslim countries, today there would be no ISIS nor huge immigration. This problem was artificially created by the West to destroy the Middle East for Israel and to destroy Europe. Evidently, the globalists recognized that races did not mix fast enough so they had to find a more radical method. I know this because this radical method had been already discussed by the former French President, Jew Nicolas Sarkozy before the invasion crisis.

The persecutors and the persecuted

In order for cultural Marxism to survive there is a need for two groups of people: “the persecutors and the persecuted” and if such division does not exist and therefore if the isn’t such a problem, then the Marxists will ensure that these problems arise for their own political purposes. For that reason the safest countries in the world and with the lowest level of chaos and cultural and moral disorientation are homogeneous societies. Let’s look at countries such as: Poland, Czechia, Japan, South Korea or Argentina. I would want Great Britain to become a homogeneous country too, especially that specifically when it comes to Britain it is not just a matter of security anymore but a matter of survival of the British nation.

(By the way, if the patriotic and thus anti-Marxist party came to power in Britain, I think that British people would need at least one generation, though probably two generations so they would be able to recover after decades of communist propaganda of self-destruction. Millions of people in England are brainwashed by the Marxists beyond repair.)

Returning to the “persecutors and the persecuted”, according to the doctrine of the cultural Marxists among the persecutors there are: White people, Christians and heterosexual persons, although the cultural Marxists have chosen White heterosexual men as their greatest enemies and if those men are also practising Christians, then they are hated by the modern communists beyond the possibility of expression. The reason for that is that White men built their European countries and they defend their White families, while women stay at home with their children. In order to destroy the country the Marxists question and destroy that natural order at all cost and the most adequate example of it is feminism, which also falls within the framework of cultural Marxism.

A woman is naturally a wife and a mother, whose main duty is to look after the home, her husband and his children, under the protective wings of the patriarchy. However, when a woman is convinced that a man is not a husband and a father but a competitor and an enemy, then the family and the whole society falls apart. Feminism is a very dangerous disease which must be flattened to the ground.

Multi - “culturalism"- before and after. Let's hurry to love indigenous Europeans; they get replaced so quickly.

Multi – “culturalism”- before and after. Let’s hurry to love indigenous Europeans; they get replaced so quickly.

Ways to destroy ‘white heterosexual persecutors’

  • “Oppressive” White people are invaded with multiculturalism and are forced to race-mixing, so they could become a minority in their own cities.
  • “Oppressive” White Christians must have as many mosques as possible and as many Muslims as possible, in order to fight the “oppressive” Christianity.
  • “Oppressive” White heterosexual people must be indoctrinated with genderism and obligatorily must be forced to question the existence of gender and the role of sex, in order to degenerate White people.
  • “Oppressive” White workers are sentenced to apartheid (“positive discrimination”), in order to replace them with coloured employees for the very idea of destruction of White families.
  • “Oppressive” White men must be hit with feminism so that White women see White men not as husbands and fathers but as persecutors and competitors.
  • “Oppressive” White youth must listen to dehumanizing music so that instead of development they could degenerate themselves.
  • “Oppressive” White couples are introduced to abortion so the “persecuted” ethnic and cultural minorities could replace them in the future.
  • “Oppressive” White people who want to fight for their national identity and their culture must be blamed with “White guilt” and called racist.
  • “Oppressive” White people must be shown one the media only as burglars, thieves and black-hearted villains, whilst the “oppressed” Blacks can be shown only in a perfect way which would enable them to gain respect and a credit of compassion. The only exception are White women who are paid to look happy in mixed relationships.
  • “Oppressive” White people should be given however the impression of democracy by creation of a lot of political parties, between which there are no differences at all.

For the above reasons European cities are today African and Asian whereas hypocrisy and double standards of cultural Marxism are beyond nonsense. If a White woman feels uncomfortably in a city dominated by Muslims, it means that she is an “Islamophobe” and a “racist” while Muslims in the same city are not racist or Christianophobes because they “represent multiculturalism”. On one hand Muslims who threw stones at White people leaving the church in France, got their benefits increased so they don’t want to throw stones any more. On the other hand however, white people who peacefully protest against Muslim crimes, as it is England, quickly become labelled as “Islamophobes” and go to prison with Muslims for “hate speech”, where they are quietly murdered by Muslims.

Negroes deal drugs in the English streets what is completely ignored by the police but on the other hand an Englishman riding a bicycle on the pavement is punished straight away. In England there was even a case when a young English woman called the police because she was gang raped by Muslims. When the police came Muslims admitted their crime because they were so full of themselves that they didn’t even bother to lie, and the police according to the Marxist justice of “persecutors” and “persecuted” left Muslims in peace and arrested the raped girl for being drunk and disorderly. There are plenty of examples of that type and as long as European nations lie to themselves that there is no problem, there will be more victims and above all more persecution of White people.

To the cultural Marxists the White race, White culture, Christianity, family and all cultural achievements of the White civilization are like salt in the eye, a thorn in the head and pain in the back which must be eliminated. Only minorities feel good in this system, but not all of them; only the most simple ones and without any education but also the lowest and the most degenerate White social class that mixes itself with the people of colour and attends homosexual marches, because they are dumb enough to believe in ” tolerance, liberalism” and of course that “everyone is equal. “

White family and homosexual parade.

Picture on the left: Attention “racism”! A white heterosexual family – according to cultural Marxists is authoritarian, oppressive, sexually repressive, abnormal organization leading to fascism, racism and anti-Semitism. It is also old-fashioned and must be destroyed.

Picture on the right: Uff, “tolerance”! Homosexuality – according to cultural Marxists is completely normal, healthy, progressive, tolerant and should be promoted. In addition, Marxists recommend “weddings” and adoptions of children to balance heterosexuality with homosexuality. Hailed as the “new normal”.

As we can easily guess in the persecuted group there are: all people of colour but especially those who are hostile to the White Christian civilization, all sexual minorities and women. The persecuted (multi – coloured ploretariat) gets privileges in every aspect of life and the persecutors (White Christian bourgeoisie) is marginalized and destroyed according to the cultural Marxists’ war tactic. The Marxist policy is nothing more than the creation of an utopian society based on genocide and total nonsense, which is also a policy of weakness and submission towards the ever offended and in need of welfare ethnic and sexual minorities.

When writing this article in January 2018 I can see that today in such communist republics as: Canada, Great Britain, Holland, Belgium, Germany and of course Sweden – Negroes, Muslims, all the coloureds and homosexuals are the new ploretariat of the hidden Marxist revolution, while against the indigenous people of Europe the Marxists fight an ethnic, cultural, religious and a moral war. Genocide has become ‘multiculturalism’, apartheid has become ‘positive discrimination’ and freedom of speech has become ‘hate speech’. English people who speak the truth about the crimes of Muslims are sent to prisons with Muslims where they are killed by Muslims, the BBC officially admits that it does not employ White people and it also doesn’t show White men on TV in the company of White women, while Christianity is being replaced with sodomy.

The Jewish origin of cultural Marxism

I would like Jews to be sometimes innocent, as they always like to portrait themselves. I look for evidence confirming their innocence but despite hard efforts I cannot find any. Every time I follow who started the wars, who is responsible for poverty, brutal revolutions, genocides and financial crises, every single time some disgusting Jew appears on the surface. I think that this is a fact which we must not ignore and which should make us sensitive to the issue of an evil Jew.

I am also surprised why despite the fact that Jews have been expelled from 128 countries in the world from the ancient times until today, why they are still “innocent” and the whole world is “anti-Semitic”. Why nobody ever expelled Norwegians or Czechs, but for some reason always Jews? In this sense however it is a chosen nation, although I doubt that if it was chosen by God.

“The goal of abolishing the white race is, on its face, so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists… Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the ‘white race’ is destroyed.”


Jewish professor Noel Ignatiev

For centuries Jews have poisoned Europe through their usury and sinister ideologies, resulting from the belief that as a “chosen nation” they have the right to take control of the world and to demoralize and destroy its inhabitants without moral burdens. The Jews are the ideological and social plague and as long as Europe and other White continents are managed by Jews and until their corrupt goys and masses of white sheep are inspired by Jewish lies, the White civilization would not be able to survive. Patriots in England and Poland complain about the invasion from Africa and the Muslim countries but I tell them to look at this matter deeper. Is it a good idea to hate a hammer for a broken window or maybe instead it would make sense to hate the one who held the hammer in his hand?

“We must realize that our Party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By pounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the Whites, we can mold them to our program. The terms ‘colonialism’ and ‘imperialism’ must be featured in our propaganda. In America we will aim for subtle victory while inflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will endeavor to instill in the Whites a guilt complex for exploiting the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions, and in the world of sport and entertainment. With this prestige the Negroes will be able to intermarry with the Whites and begin a process that will deliver America to our cause.”


Jew Israel Cohen, 1912, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century

The most influential pseudo-scientist and pseudo-thinker of the Frankfurt School was Herbert Marcuse. In 1965 he wrote a book entitled “Repressive Tolerance” in which he wrote about “small and powerless minorities who were struggling against the awareness of strength of their majority oppressors” According to Marcuse “minorities must be helped and their continued existence should be more important than the consistently abused laws, freedoms and constitutional powers of those, who oppressed those minorities.” The social pseudo-justice, progressive feminism and the propaganda of guilt in post-colonialism are all the movements inspired by or born of the Marxist critical theory – and therefore they all come from one despicable weed called “cultural Marxism.”

Jew! The tiger is stupid but I'm not. I know all your disguises very well.

Jew! The tiger is stupid but I’m not. I know all your disguises very well.

It is also worth adding that in 1993 the first poisonous scribble of Herbert Marcuse was his review of Marx’s Economic and Philosophical Hand Scripts of 1844. In this review Marcuse defined his own interpretation of Marxism. Herbert Marcuse was a Jew.

Another original member of the Frankfurt School was Theodor Adorno, who wrote a book entitled “Authoritarian Personality.” In my opinion that work is an attack not only on the White Christian civilization but also on the fundamental pillars of humanity. Adorno in his book came to the conclusion that: “pride resulting from parenthood, Christian attachment to traditional roles of gender and sex, and love for one’s country are all pathological phenomena.” In other words Theodor Adorno wanted to tell us that the traditional Christian family and national identity are according to him only mental illnesses.

That exact opinion, which distorts life patterns and which does not correspond with the political goals of the Jews is characteristic of cultural Marxism – in which normality, the rule of law and human dignity are defined as phobias and irrational social leanings based on prejudices against the eternally offended minorities. Theodor Adorno had a Jewish father, though as it used to be described during that time, he was the so-called “assimilated Jew”, which was yet just another scam to convince European Christians that “the Jew is one of us.”

We will not take America under the label of communism, we will not take it under the label of socialism. These labels are unpleasant to the American people, and have been speared too much. We will take the United States under labels we have made very lovable, we will take it under liberalism, under progressivism, under democracy. But take it, we will!


Jew Alexander Trachtenberg, National Convention of Communist Parties, 1944

The other members of the Frankfurt School where Jews began cultural Marxism and the destruction of the White Christian civilization, are: the Jew Max Horkeheimer, Jew Walter Bendix Schönflies Benjamin, Jew Felix Weil, Jew Erich Fromm, Leo Löwenthal, Jew Carl Grünberg, Jew Friedrich Pollock, Jew Otto Kirchheimer , Jew Franz Leopold Neumann and other Marxists of German descent. Jews invented communism to destroy the Slavic people. So if I am an “anti-Semite” then I think that I have very good reasons.

Promotion of homosexuality.

I would like to ask my readers a question. If European men looked like this, would Europe have a chance to win with Afro-Muslim invasion?

Political correctness

An inseparable element of cultural Marxism is political correctness, which exists for two reasons:

  • for example in England to constantly remind English people that their country does no longer belong to them but to the hostile invaders,
  • so that the ever offended and promoted as ever persecuted racial, cultural and sexual minorities would keep the Marxists in power.

I regret to say that but in a country like England it will be very difficult for the English to take their country back, because political correctness has caused that every community in England is far-right while the English are far-left. English people are running out of time!!!

Read part two …



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