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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

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Trips to Asia

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

Israel’s war against the whole world; part I – ‘Hamas attack on Israel’

By: Martin Malik

Israel’s war against the whole world; part I – ‘Hamas attack on Israel’


People all over the world know that Israel occupies Palestine, not the other way around. I’ve been to Palestine, in Palestinian refugee camps, I talked to Palestinians and saw the tools of Zionist terror. I have travelled through 50 countries, like not many people, but I’ve never seen so much hatred, suspicion and contempt for other people as in Israel. The Palestinians, on the other hand, wanted to tell me the history of occupation of their country, and their hatred towards Jews was so great that it was easy to feel. Jews and Muslims hate each other to such an extent that any peace agreements are a mere illusion and are only a temporary ceasefire before another war. I believe that these two toxic civilizations should leave Europe as soon as possible. Jews and Muslims fight each other in Western Asia but cooperate in Europe to together destroy Europeans!

I based the content of this article on my own views and on history not written by Jews. I am not a Jew or a Zionist, and I’m not a Muslim either. By criticizing Jews I don’t automatically support Muslims or vice versa. I was provoked to write this article by another war between Israel and Hamas that broke out on 7/10/23. 

Permanent Observer Mission of the State of Palestine to the United Nations

It was never a question of Israel agreeing to a two-state solution, but the Palestinians. Article 2 of the Palestinian National Charter specifically states:

Article 2: Palestine, with the boundaries it had during the British Mandate, is an indivisible territorial unit.”

Additionally, Articles 19 and 20 reject any and all international decisions from the Balfour Declaration onward:

Article 19: The partition of Palestine in 1947, and the establishment of the state of Israel are entirely illegal, regardless of the passage of time, because they were contrary to the will of the Palestinian people and its natural right in their homeland, and were inconsistent with the principles embodied in the Charter of the United Nations, particularly the right to self-determination.

Article 20: The Balfour Declaration, the Palestine Mandate, and everything that has been based on them, are deemed null and void. Claims of historical or religious ties of Jews with Palestine are incompatible with the facts of history and the conception of what constitutes statehood. Judaism, being a religion, is not an independent nationality. Nor do Jews constitute a single nation with an identity of their own; they are citizens of the states to which they belong.

The Hamas attack on Israel

On October 7, 2023 Hamas attacked Israel, beginning its conquest with the murders of music festival participants, mainly Jews. Hamas fighters entered Israel, where they killed Jewish civilians and raped Jewish women. The media in the West is owned by Jews so you should not believe their versions. Some of them say that 700 Jews were killed and others say it was 1,400. I believe however that Hamas actually killed as many Jews as it could and I believe that Hamas is a gang of rapists. There is no need to even ask Jews for their opinion on this matter because we can see on what scale Muslims rape women in Europe even without Hamas!

(I am only disgusted with the double standards of the Left in Europe, whose message is: “Muslims rape Jewish women in Israel – we see and condemn; but when Muslims rape white women and children in Europe – we do not see and we accuse whites of racism and hate speech in the name of white enslavement.”)

Moshe Dayan Israel Palestine

‘Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories’ grow in direct proportion to how much blood Jews have on their hands.

Even without the Zionist propaganda, whose deception is a war tactic I can also believe that Hamas uses its own people, including children as human shields. In my publications I often spoke warmly about Iran but let the beauty of this country, its good people and rich art not cause us amnesia. During the Iran-Iraq war Ayatollah Khomeini sacrificed approximately 95,000 Iranian children to clear minefields for the Iranian army and tanks. The same tactics were used by ISIS, Saddam Hussein, Al Qaeda and the followers of Allah in Somalia, Mali and other African paradises. So is Hamas really using Palestinian children as human shields? I don’t know; I haven’t seen it, but I can believe it even without reading the Israeli propaganda.

On the other hand it is not the first time that Israel has been accused of crimes against humanity, and not only by its enemies, such as Iran. Hindustan Times quoted the American television station CNN, according to which, from the outbreak of the war on 7/10/23 to 26/11/23 the Zionist regime in Israel killed 15,000 Palestinians in Gaza, including 6,000 Palestinian children. The same version was also confirmed by the UN, The Economist, The New York Times and Al Jazeera. However, when the same information was provided by Iran, Hezbollah or Hamas, at first the Western media often referred to it as ‘disinformation war’.

However, I am not surprised by the fact that the internal enemies of English people – the BBC – were accused by foreign media of double standards. The BBC is flooding with information about Russia’s crimes in Ukraine and leveling Putin’s actions, but at the same time they justify Israel’s crimes in Palestine in favour of the Zionists. Words like ‘massacre’ and ‘atrocity’ are only used by the BBC when they refer to Hamas. Eight BBC journalists wrote a lengthy letter to Al Jazeera in Qatar in which they admitted their mistake. (Source: Hindustan Times).

The terrorist and liberation attack by Hamas was like a gift from heaven for Israel, and perhaps it was even planned by Israel. The Gaza Strip and Hamas have been giving Zionists sleepless nights for decades, so it is obvious to me that the Zionist regime was able to go to absolutely anything to get rid of the Gaza problem once and for all. All Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, i.e. over 2 million people may be considered by Zionists to be members of Hamas and therefore they may be forced to move to the Sinai Peninsula or Egypt.

Ilan Pappe, an Israeli historian, calls Israel a settler colonial state that ethnically cleanses the Palestinian people. Jews all over the world oppose Israel, and yet anyone who criticizes Israel’s fascist government, which does not represent the Jewish people, is an anti-Semite.,9781851685554

In this way the Palestinians have the task of making room for the ‘chosen people’, that is, for ‘the better ones, the more equal ones, the one whose interests are the priority’. To ‘help’ the Palestinians leave Palestine, Israel has cut off water, electricity, medicine and fuel supplies and is razing the Gaza Strip to the ground. In the case of the bombed Al-Ahli hospital in the Gaza Strip, Hamas and Israel accuse each other. The fact is however that the Gaza Strip is uninhabitable.

Israel and Palestine. The largest prison in the world. History of occupied Palestine.

The largest prison in the world. History of occupied Palestine.

"Ethnic cleansing in Palestine".

“Ethnic cleansing in Palestine”.

Hamas has fought Israel many times and and took the beating every time. However, each time Hamas was able to reorganize itself and with Iran‘s help and his own efforts became even stronger over time. This time however Israel, in addition to the regular army has summoned as many as 300,000 reservists and plans, as it says, to destroy Hamas once and for all. I highly doubt it. Hamas is a huge political and military force, with allies and generous sponsors; and it also has underground tunnels.

Because of its small territory Gaza has many buildings and narrow streets. Israel realizes that it would be a massacre for the Jewish soldiers and that Muslims could paralyze Israel’s defense missile system with thousands of rockets. Sometimes it seems to me that in general Muslim armies are like plants. As soon as you plant one, other ones will grow from it in a short time. The same case is with the lies of Jews.

In my opinion the lives of several hundred Jews are of no great importance to the Zionists. When it comes to the first successes of Hamas by killing many Jews, there is a certain Jewish war doctrine, according to which they should sacrifice some of their own for the greater good. It was the same with the Holocaust. Polish Prime Minister in Great Britain Władysław Sikorski asked Churchill to order the RAF to bomb the tracks leading to the concentration camps to save the Jews. However, the Zionist agent Winston Churchill did not do this at the request of the leader of the Zionist organization in Palestine because the Zionists wanted to use the tragedy of the poor Jews for business Holocaust.

Naive, deceived, subjected to Judeo-centric indoctrination English simpletons chose Churchill as their hero. Churchill was not a British hero but a Zionist hero, and the blame for the occupation of Palestine and constant wars in this region lies with Great Britain and the obese Zionist agent Winston Churchill!

Palestine. An Israeli soldier keeps watching.

Palestine. An Israeli soldier keeps watching.

I suspect it was the same in the case of the Hamas attack on Jews enjoying a concert. Zionists have been ambitiously working to continue the constant threats and provocations against Palestinians, in order to take revenge. That’s why the Zionists needed Hamas to attack them so much. Jews, who have been portraying themselves as the ‘monopolists of suffering’ since World War II cannot attack Hamas first, so they needed an excuse to attack, and they had it.

The Zionists’ version, no matter how naive, still makes sense. In short it is: “Hamas attacked peaceful Jews at a concert, that’s why we first defended them and now we are fighting this terrorist organization on their territory.” I believe this is a great alibi for the Zionists for their own terrorist activities. Moreover, it will now be even easier for the Zionists to control international Jews through fear, especially since several Jews have already been murdered around the world.

“The cancer of the Zionist regime will be eradicated.”


 Imam Khomeini

Mossad says that they didn’t know about the impending attack, that they were deceived and that they were completely surprised. Anyone who is naive would probably believe them. I believe that if Mossad agents were put through a lie detector, it might turn out that Mossad planned the Hamas attack on Israel… ‘for the greater good’. However, if Hamas really started this war, I doubt whether they actually helped the Palestinians.

How did it happen that less trained and less armed Arab guerrillas thought that they could defeat a local power that is well trained, well organized, has the support of the world’s largest military powers and is a local technological empire. If this was not planned by Israel but really by Hamas, then Hamas must have done it purely out of desperation.

Bethlehem, Palestine. The fighting spirit among the Palestinians is strong, but Israel is stronger.

Bethlehem, Palestine. The fighting spirit among the Palestinians is strong, but Israel is stronger.

This is how it is that it is always the poorest who suffer and die. On one side died poor Palestinians and on the other poor Jews who had nothing to do with Zionism or Hamas. The rich and influential Jews who may have financed this war still sit in their banks in Wall Street and in the City of London, and the leader of Hamas lives in luxury in Qatar. This is history repeating itself. When Hitler came to power the rich Jews knew what was coming and so in due time they fled to the United States and England, and the poor Jews fled to the Soviet Union. There was also the group of Jews whom the Zionists sacrificed – ‘for the greater good’.

“Our soldiers are the only innocents in Gaza. Under no circumstances should they be killed because of a false morality that prefers to protect enemy civilians. One hair on the head of an Israeli soldier is more valuable than the entire population of Gaza, which has chosen Hamas and supports and encourages anyone who murders Israelis.”


Moshe Feiglin, 2014. The then deputy speaker of the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) from Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Likud party.

What is the Gaza Strip

Gaza Strip is the largest open-air prison measuring 41 km by 10 km. Before the 7/10/23 invasion the population of the Gaza Strip was approximately 2.3 million Palestinians. Housing conditions in the Gaza Strip are among the harshest in the world. Due to the apartheid and terrorism policies imposed by Israel, commonly referred to as ‘sanctions’, the Gaza Strip has always lacked the basic necessities of life. There was always a shortage of water, electricity and fuel. There wasn’tt even proper sewage and medical care.

Aida Palestinian refugee camp. Bethlehem, Palestine.

Aida Palestinian refugee camp. Bethlehem, Palestine.

“[Palestinians] are animals, not people.”


Eli Ben-Dahan, 2013 – The then deputy minister of religious affairs and current deputy minister of defense.

Unemployment in the Gaza Strip is one of the highest in the world. On average it was 46% but among young people it’s even 70%. It can easily be assumed that 2/3 of the population of the Gaza Strip is unemployed and the majority lack basic living conditions. Israel is so terrible to Palestinians that even though Gaza Strip is located on the sea, Israel has imposed restrictions on fishing. For most of its existence it was only 11 km from the shore where there are only small sardines. Then Israel kindly increased the range to 27 km, where they can also catch tuna and mackerel. However, in recent years Israel has changed its fishing range as many as 14 times; as I understand, depending on the behaviour of Arabs. We are dealing here with a situation where the territory on the Mediterranean Sea with a coastline of 41 km is unable to fish.

“Accusing Israel of apartheid is not anti-Semitic, but describes reality.” A growing number of Jewish scholars use the term apartheid to describe Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.


Amos Goldberg, a leading Holocaust professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

About 75% of the Gaza Strip is used for agricultural industries, such as citrus trees, vegetables and olives. Depending on the obedience to Israel, Palestinians may or may not export their crops. Out of desperation many Palestinians went to Egypt to look for work, but Israel closed the border to make things worse for the Palestinians. Then Israel agreed to let Palestinians from Gaza to work in Israel because the Jews needed cheap paid slaves.

Gaza was basically supported by donations from rich Arab countries, such as Qatar. By 2021 Gaza has received approximately $400 million in humanitarian aid. Israel did not always agree to humanitarian aid and even used humanitarian aid to accuse Arab countries of supplying weapons to Hamas. In this I believe Israel but I doubt that Hamas would become the dominant political force in Gaza if Arabs lived there in prosperity on at least 2 or 3 times the area.

Wall in Palestine

The wall in Palestine is the second largest in the world after the Great Wall of China. Meanwhile, Jews accuse Europeans of ‘racism and xenophobia’ when they protect their borders. This is Jewish hypocrisy without limits!

Even though Gaza Strip is one of the poorest regions in the world, lacking even water and food, the birth rate is one of the highest in the world. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, in 2021 it was 3.38 children per woman. Why were contraceptive pills and condoms not provided in humanitarian aid from Arab countries and also in the interests of Israel? It would be easier for them, but on the one hand Palestinians have become used to poverty, and on the other Hamas needs fighters. Large families are also deeply rooted in the Muslim tradition, regardless of whether they have money or not.

Raz Segal, an Israeli historian specializing in Holocaust studies, calls it genocide of the Palestinians.

In addition, there are numerous armed conflicts in Gaza, smaller and larger wars, rockets flying from both sides and a policy of starvation, intimidation and poverty. Also, Israel has always controlled Gaza’s airspace. Sometimes Israel and Hamas conclude fictitious peace agreements, which are quickly broken due to Israeli provocations or Arab lack of patience. All of this is sad, but it doesn’t change the fact that Jews were talented students in concentration camps!

The World for Palestine – Governments for Israel

Shortly after Israel began razing Palestinians to the ground, marches took place around the world in support of a free Palestine and against the crimes of Israel. These marches took place on all continents. Revolutionary marches full of passion and anger took place in cities across Europe and North America, but also in India, Brazil, Argentina and Australia. Naturally, there were also huge marches and prayers on the streets of Muslim countries, which only deepened Muslim domination on the streets of European cities. In London alone, a march for Palestine took place, attended by as many as half a million people. Many of those people were Muslims but not only them. There were also English people of different political views. Perhaps not all English people are as naive as the Western media makes them out to be and know what is really going on. On the faces of all these people one could see the tiredness of Jewish persecutions, as well as anger and tiredness of constant wars in favour of Zionist Israel.

Occupation of Palestine.

Occupation of Palestine.

When I saw it I thought: perhaps only now have left-liberal traitors realized how large the scale of Islam is in Europe. Today, many European cities have been transformed into Muslim territories, and after many decades of political correctness towards Muslims, after decades of handing out money and open borders, it is clear that some Jewish puppets in the governments of Europe have begun to dislike Muslims. Muslims however, are not a herd of docile European sheep living under the whip of ‘racism’ and ‘white guilt’. No one forces Muslims to breed with blacks, as it is in England, and no one tells them they are guilty. Islam is an expansive religion at any cost.

For example ‘Great Britain’ is really interesting, just in name alone, because it is neither great nor do British people live there. The House of Lords, the British Government, the BBC are self-elected Jews hiding behind English names who have fed Muslims against the English for decades; and now they are reaping the fruits of it. Since the war in Gaza, puppets in England have stopped threatening with ‘racism and Islamophobia’ and have started threatening with ‘anti-Semitism’. Suddenly, articles about Muslim terrorists in England, Germany, Sweden and all other ‘liberal paradises’ began to appear. This hypocrisy, this level of corruption and hostility towards Europeans in the so-called ‘democratic countries’ simply disgusts me! Muslims are at least painfully honest.

Holocaust survivor Dr. Gabor Mate claims that Palestinians have been persecuted for the past 75 years and that Israel is ethnically cleansing them.

If English police have allowed Muslims to sexually abuse, rape and threaten to kill English girls since the 1980s, it is no wonder that Muslims feel they can do anything. The pro-Palestinian marches showed that the English and other Europeans had lost their countries. The deplorable traitors in the British police even said that ‘calling for Jihad is legal because it has many meanings’. Well, I know Islam well and I have travelled through more Muslim countries than Muslims. The word ‘Jihad’ means a holy war against infidels, first by converting them to Islam, and if that is not possible, then by enslaving them or slaughtering those who don’t want to convert. The women of the unbelievers would be used as sex slaves and breeding cows for the future soldiers of Allah. This is the only meaning of the word Jihad! Unfortunately, nothing would surprise me in England anymore.

A nation that celebrates degeneracy in rainbow costumes and that allows the entire world to sexually exploit their women and children for their own money; cannot win against an ethnically pure, militarily trained Muslim army united in its expansive religion. England has jet fighters, aircraft carriers, tanks and nuclear booms – but so what!? The war in England will not be a technological one. It will be a war fought with kitchen knives, Molotov cocktails, baseball bats and trucks ramming crowds of leftist morons who vote for liberalism and tolerance.

It is worth adding here that the English police, media and politicians are the internal enemies of the English. What is happening in England, Sweden, Germany and Palestine is called: ethnic cleansing and apartheid! The only difference is that in Israel the Jews no longer even try to cover up their crimes against humanity, while in England the Jews cover up their crimes through skillful propaganda, dependence on social welfare and promotion of social problems.

“A Jew always has a much higher soul than a Gentile, even if he is homosexual.”


Rabin Eli Ben-Dahan, 2013 – The then deputy minister of religious affairs, and the current deputy minister of defense.

I also wonder how much the life of one Jew is worth compared to the life of a Palestinian or an Englishman? What is the conversion rate? After Hamas attacked Israel (occupied Palestine), Muslims murdered several Jews in Europe and the US, and wrote slogans on walls against the occupation of Palestine. Colloquially, criticism of Jews is called ‘anti-Semitism’, even though Jews stole this word because Arabs are also a Semitic nation.

How is it that after the murders of several Jews, the British Government threatens with ‘anti-Semitism’ and terrible punishments, but when 2,000 English girls were raped by Muslims with the permission of the English police and one party under three names: Labour Party, Liberal Democrats, Conservatives – those crimes were covered up and English patriots ended up in prison. Disgusting!

Who will win this war? The Jews will win because greater Israel (USA, UK and many others) are the colonies of Jewish bankers armed with Jewish propaganda tubes and the US Navy. People around the world will soon get tired and the world will get used to the ‘new normal’. They can shout as much as they want. At most, Jewish bankers might increase poverty in Western countries, the constantly growing number of homeless people, tent cities, support the full legalization of drugs, they would militarize rainbow degeneracy and introduce benefits only for the selected few. There will be no bombings in Western countries because the USA and Europe are being destroyed differently than the Islamic world.

Mimo to już teraz muzułmanie wygrali w sposób duchowy dlatego że poprzez swoje marsze byli w stanie wygrać serca ludzi na całym świecie. Przed tą wojną ludzie wiedzieli o okupowanej Palestynie, niektórzy słyszeli o Strefie Gazy i mieli niepochlebne zdanie na temat Izraela. Dla większości sprawa Palestyny była jednak tematem odległym a teraz zaczął nią żyć cały świat. Dzięki temu walka o wolną Palestynę stała się globalna w wymiarze duchowym. Palestyńczycy i inni muzułmanie odnieśli w tym względzie potężne zwycięstwo, którego nie można kupić za pieniądze i zbudować ze stali.

Nevertheless, Muslims have already won spiritually because through their marches they were able to win the hearts of people all over the world. Before this war people knew about occupied Palestine, some had heard about the Gaza Strip and had unfavourable opinions about Israel. For most people however the issue of Palestine was a distant topic, and now the whole world has started to think about it. Thanks to this, the fight for free Palestine has become global in the spiritual dimension. The Palestinians and other Muslims have won a mighty victory in this regard, which cannot be bought for money and cannot be made of steel.

Israel lobby.

Lobbying for Zionism on both sides of the Atlantic.

"Pro-Israel lobby in Europe".

“Pro-Israel lobby in Europe”. The politics of religion and Christian Zionism in the European Union.

Whoever controls the banking system also controls the media and political puppets. People all over the world know that Israel occupies Palestine, not the other way around. I’ve been to Palestine, in Palestinian refugee camps, I talked to Palestinians and saw the tools of Zionist terror. I also talked to Hezbollah in Lebanon about their fight for freedom. Lebanon was also occupied by Israel for 20 years. I have travelled through 50 countries, like not many people, but I’ve never seen so much hatred, suspicion and contempt for other people as in Israel. The Palestinians on the other hand wanted to tell me the history of the occupation of their country, and their hatred towards Jews was so great that I understood it without words. Jews and Muslims hate each other to such an extent that any peace agreements are a mere illusion and are only a temporary ceasefire between those two toxic civilizations. There, another war is only a matter of time.

Regardless of the above Palestinians do not consent to the ethnic cleansing of their own people and do not consent to being slaves. Palestinians think like free people, even though they have Jewish chains on their arms and legs and live in refugee camps in their own country. Israel shows the Palestinians Jordan and Egypt, but the Palestinians do not intend to fulfill Zionist dreams. Europeans who support the mass deportation of Muslims from Europe must understand that Palestine is a separate issue. I believe that Europe should fight the expansion of Islam in Europe, but we should live in harmony in the Middle East, also so as not to fulfill the Zionist dreams.

Currently there are as many as 57 Muslim countries, of which in 48 of these countries Muslims are the majority and in the rest they are a significant minority. There are 1.9 billion Muslims in the world, but in 20 years their number will increase to at least 2.2 billion. If this trend is not stopped, the Muslim population will reach 2.8 billion in 2050 (source: This is avalanche of Islam is terrifying, at least because of its huge and constantly growing population… also in Europe. How did Islam spread so much? It is probably thanks to democracy, tolerance, feminism and liberalism? Oh no – Europeans will die from those viruses, but not Muslims and not Jews!

Read part II …



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