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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

===============================================  “Religion, like alcohol, should only be for wise people”

Martin Malik

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

The cultural ‘enrichment’ of Europe; part IV ‘Indians’

By: Martin Malik

Start from part one . . .

⇒ Replies to the prosecutor’s allegations regarding this article, under the article ! ! !

Part V – „Indians”

. . . (and racial – cultural segregation as a way of protection of the White society)


During my world exploration I visited all the countries of the Indian Subcontinent, which to the Europeans is a schocking experience. With all my heart I recommend exploration of India, I recommend its fascinating cultural heritage left behind by its ancestors, I recommend rich in tastes cuisine, its breathtaking natural beauty, the originality of a different civilization, and extremely interesting contact with people. Based on many years of my experience I’ve come to an opinion that Indians are intelligent and hardworking people, but unfortunately this is not a compliment due to their ongoing deception. The attitude of Indians towards Europeans is based mainly on economic gains, and it is rare for morality to win with profit. Because I spent such a long time in the Indian Subcontinent, and because I am interested in that region, I managed to see how Indians behave in their own countries, what is their true character when they live in Europe, and what we should be careful about.

In my opinion, Hinduism and Sikhism are not destructive to the European culture, and with the current numbers, they do not pose a cultural threat to Europe, but they already pose a threat in many cities in England. Contrary to Islam, each of these cultures and religions can coexist in harmony with any other, because Islam cannot exist with any culture. However, this does not change the fact that I do not agree with the cultural doctrines of India, and I believe that the place of each one of them is far from Europe, and these people should stay in the countries of their cultural and ethnic origin. In the case of Indians, the threat to Europeans is not because of their religion or high level of crime, but because of their huge numbers and exceptional ruthlessness and calculation in their pursuit of making money. In my article, I am going to briefly discuss the two religions of India, to show the cultural and moral differences between Indians and Europeans. Due to the ethno-cultural balance in England, Indians should immediately return to the country of their ancestors.

, The cultural ‘enrichment’ of Europe; part IV ‘Indians’, Compass Travel Guide

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country but why did this man want to charge 5 times the price?

I believe that traveling around India opens eyes to a lot of things, and teaches white people how to think independently. In India there are a lot of intelligent scammers waiting for Europeans, and Indians have mastered scams to perfection. Sometimes a clean, civilized Indian who speaks perfect English can tell such a story, that the wallets of white tourists open up on their own. It is unbelievable but in my opinion fraud in India and pickpocketing is the unofficial ayurveda and tikka masala of India. I am talking about high-class liars, to which for example naive white women are not prepared for. I personally believe that most of the mixed relationships in Europe between white women and Indians, and the children from such relationships, are the result of deceptions intended to give Indians measurable benefits. Travelers constantly publish videos and books on the Indian scam strategies. Even when living in England, I receive calls every day from scammers offering me the business of my life and questions about my credit card, and each time it is a phone call from someone with an Indian accent. Fraud is the national business of the Indians, and I found it out in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, and Dubai.

The main religions of India – Hinduism and Sikhism

In order to better understand my judgement of the described people, first I’ve decided to write about my opinion of their ideologies and philosophies, also known as religions.

Hinduism is a religion of rich imagination and a fascinating and colorful, but also an absurdly naive story. There is a man with a monkey head, and a man with an elephant head. There is a blue man with a cobra around his neck and a woman with eight arms. The whole package is framed with lotus flowers, tiring music and a kitschy architecture. Even though I don’t treat Hinduism seriously, I think that to a certain limit this religion has its positive sides – it is fun, it raises people’s spirits and it takes people to a fairy tale world, at the same time freeing them from the hardships of everyday life. Hinduism is a philosophy, which recognizes that man is divine and that religion is related to yoga and ayurveda massage. On the other hand Hinduism is also an infinitely naive ideology, which has no sense at all in a sensible life. I would’t be surprised if Lewis Caroll took his ideas from Hinduism, when he was writing “Alice in Wonderland”, because it is also an interesting and a colorful story, but also a pure fiction cut off from reality. I think that everyone would admit that religion that recognizes a cow to be a saint is either a fabulist’s invention, or the mental asylum’s greatest achievement. Besides, there are millions of Gods in Hinduism, and I don’t think that Indians are even able to memorize them all. For that reason it is another proof, that Hinduism is a religion taken out of blue.

However, the seemingly peaceful Hinduism also has its dark sides. For example Kali, the goddess of death cuts off people’s heads and swims in their blood. When I was in Calcutta I went to a dirty, neglected temple of the goddess Kali, where a flock of naive Indians brought gifts for a merciless idol, who didn’t even exist. Apart from that, at numerous festivals in all parts of India Hindus make sacrifices of living animals. They cut throats of buffaloes and goats inside Hindu temples, for idols such as Kali or Bhavani. In my opinion, this ritual demonstrates the cultural backwardness of Indians. Hindus are also known for religious murders, such as for example in the state of Orissa, where they killed 67 Christians.

, The cultural ‘enrichment’ of Europe; part IV ‘Indians’, Compass Travel Guide

Attention! Circus has come to town. The cow is sacred, the cow is an angel. In my point of view it is a phenomenal comedy.

In political terms Hinduism aims to unite more than 1 billion people through outstanding nonsense, although in bookshops this “religion” should be placed in the fairy tales section for little children. On the other hand, from the economic point of viev Hinduism functions quite well. Because of its numerous festivals in all parts of India, Hinduism helps the Indian rail to survive, it helps to sell food and body paints, but also lotus flowers and many other plants. Thanks to Hinduism there are jobs for builders, sculptors and all kinds of scam artists who in India spring up like mushrooms after rain. Above all however, Hinduism is an indisputable proof that Indians are turned back in time, because in India there are “sacred cities” and “sacred bridges” – and for that they have money, but on the other hand there aren’t even basic sanitaries in Indian schools. In the filthy city of Varanasi, they burn corpses on the Ganges River 24 hours a day, because according to their belief the one who was burnt in Varanasi goes straight to heaven. Indians wash themselves in the sewers of the Ganges, and in order to be healthy they additionally make the Ganges river even more sacred by organizing childlish shows called “Pooja”. To me as a traveller it was a happy and an original experience, which I happily left in India.

Hinduism is so absurd that it doesn’t even fit into the definition of nonsense, and if India’s whole ignorance could be turned into litres, it would fill the entire Indian Ocean.

I wouldn’t hurt Hindus and I wish them a safe return to India, either on business class, economy class or on a board of flying cattle wagons at the cargo airport – which in India they are used to anyway. And when it comes to me, when I miss the cultural experience of India, I know where they are. I also think that Hindus should invent the God of Deception, because in India cheating and scamming white tourists is so brazen and intrusive that they could use a God for that too. Unfortunately, Indians come to Europe with exactly the same attitude, and white liberals brought up on tolerance believe in everything . . .

ATTENTION, SHOCK! There are two festivals in the Hindu tradition that testify to how dirty, disgusting and ridiculous Hinduism is. There are probably more, but I will only write about these two.

– The first festival is the Cow Shit Festival. During this festival Hindus throw cow shit at each other, they use cow shit for fortune-telling, and they lay their children on cow shit and they pray over it. There is a footage of this festival, and I can assure that it is a topic which shocks even the most advanced adventure travellers. Hindus are happy when they feel shit on their faces, because it comes from a cow, so it’s ‘holy’.

– The second festival is organized in the name of the Goddess of Prostitution. Poor couples who cannot afford to pay for their daughters, and are unable to find a husband are sent to the temple, which is in fact a brothel. In front of this ‘temple’ Hindus sell food and orange flowers, and pray to the Goddess of Prostitution. This is how Indians give themselves the moral excuse to turn their daughters into whores, in the name of some bogus idol probably invented by some drug addict or turban wretch.

So all cultures are equal? ? ? I repeat: if the ignorance of India could be converted into liters, it would fill the entire Indian Ocean. During all my travels, the greatest culture shock of all I experienced in India.

Sikhism is another doctrine of India, which even though it is false because it was created by the self-proclaimed leader Guru Nanak, it still has more common sense than Hinduism. Sikhs believe in one God, and Sikhism is primarily about being good towards others and about honest work – the same as Christianity. In spite of living in the same country Sikhs are different from Hindus, and not just because of a different style. Hindus organize primitive celebrations for false idols and afterwards they rob or cheat European tourists, while Sikhs don’t organize insane celebrations and instead try to be good to people. From my experience, if I was to leave my wallet or a camera in India for safekeeping, I would prefer to leave it with Sikhs, because Hindus are born fraudsters and thieves with double or even a triple morality. I understood that when the only rickshaw driver in India who didn’t try to cheat me for money, turned out to be a Sikh.

On the other hand however, I could compare Sikhs to sharks. The great white shark is able to sense a drop of blood in 100 liters of water, while the great brown Sikh, jokingly speaking, is able to hear the rustle of a banknote from a distance of 1 km. When I opened my wallet in Amritsar every turban in the area was staring at the White man’s banknote. In general though Sikhs are interesting people and I recommend this inter-cultural experience.

Sikhs have their very impressive “Golden Temple” in Amritsar, where I had some interesting experiences. I believe that the Golden Temple is a magical, fairy-tale place that should be on every traveller’s list. There were bands of brown, bearded men playing and singing, and people seat and listen, while others walk around the body of water. This temple generates a lot of money, mainly from gifts – although no one asked me for any money. The Sikh population is only around 20 million, of which around 420.000 live in England.

Apart from about 20 million Catholics in India, Sikhs are the only ones I take quite seriously. This is a group of good people following the wrong trail. As far as I know there are direct connections from London to Amritsar, and that’s why I wish the Sikhs a happy one way trip and success – in their country.

I think that Sikhs are a credit to India, and for the sake of that country, they should rule the Hindu mob. Goa, on the other hand, should become a special administrative region for Catholics.

, The cultural ‘enrichment’ of Europe; part IV ‘Indians’, Compass Travel Guide

Mr Sikh. Stylish beard, original outfit, towel on his head, and a capitalist mind.

Hinduism is a naive fairy tale about interesting characters and holy cows, which cheers up and gives Indians a sense of solidarity. Hinduism has many actors and may offend basic intelligence, but this ideology is mostly a hilarious invention of Indian fantasy. Sikhism, on the other hand, is a philosophy of life that teaches good things and has interesting and happy rituals, as well as original architecture.

I think that these doctrines are worth getting to know, even though none of them relates to the true God. I believe that Hinduism and Sikhism are not destructive to the European culture. The only danger here can exist in naivity of Europeans after encountering these religious currents.

Hindus – I sincerely wish you all the best, but in your country. When I am in India, I will gladly go to your temple and lay a lotus flower in front of your idol. Your festivals are interesting and fun (if there are no scammers around), but we have to live separately. The downside of multi-culturalism is, that the more numerous culture always starts to dominate, and there are a lot more of you than us.

The Indian nature

The adventure with Indians in Europe usually starts quite nice. They open bars with tasty Indian food and they are not afraid of hard work. The religion of Indians is so absurd that no one takes it seriously, including many Hindus. However, behind the façade of peace and honest work exists a completely different picture of Brown people, and after some time those easy going gentleman in turbans, whose population suddenly reaches several hundred thousands, show their true faces. Firstly, brought up under the influence of the caste system they begin to treat the poor like slaves, and secondly they want to have children with White women, because they at least want their children to be a better caste than the ordinary Indians; and that is themselves. In other words, Indians want their children with white women to advance socially and be a better caste than they are themselves.

Unfortunately, everyday life and especially the very nature of Indians is no longer a colourful story, but insidious, extremely greedy, dark and a blood chilling thriller. Indians come from extreme poverty and that’s why they have a different approach to money than Europeans. For money Indians are capable of terrible back-stabbings and crimes. An average Indian is so greedy that he would wipe himself with a broken glass to save on toilet paper, and he would blow his nose into his turban to save on tissues. Besides, Indians are professional liars who use absolutely every situation to deceive anyone, while a deal with an Indian doesn’t have any value, because a lot of them don’t have the sense of morality. I know from experience that Indians agree on one thing and then they demand something completely different. A good example are Indian rickshaw drivers, who speaking perfect English agree with me that travelling certain distance would cost 50 rupees, but on the arrival they often demand 150 rupees, and they try to convince with great seriousness in their voice that this is what they originally agreed to. Then after getting to the hotel the rickshaw driver wants a commission from the hotel manager at the cost of the tourist. This is the true Indian nature and it pays to remember it.

This is what the true nature of Indians id about, and it’s important to remember it! Indians are the closest relatives of Gypsies, and there are already many travel guides and programs about their scam-based organized crime. As with the Gypsies, also for Indians notorious fraud is the fundation of their living, and it is with this mindset that they migrate to a Europe full of ‘white ATMs’.

, The cultural ‘enrichment’ of Europe; part IV ‘Indians’, Compass Travel Guide

This Indian man asked me for money but when I offered him some change he said the he only accepted banknotes and he pointed his finger at my wallet. He was a ‘nobleman of the Indian slums’.

After getting to the Delhi railway station tourists are invaded by a locust of scammers, who say that the hotel which I booked no longer exists and the ticket office where I wanted to buy the next train ticket had been burned. Their plan is to take me to a much more expensive low-end hotel and sell me a ticket with a huge profit. Exactly the same agenda is conducted at the level of the state, because India operates on the White man’s price, what means that Europeans have to pay a lot more. A good example is the entrance to the Taj Mahal which costs 10 rupees for Indians, costs over 1000 rupees for me and every other European. At every turn and at every opportunity there is fraud. There are donations for charities that don’t exist, donations for schools and hospitals that land in the fraudsters’ pockets, important documents issuance that don’t have any importance, and the eternal search for idiots. This approach to White people exists in the whole Subcontinent, but by far the worst situation is in India and Sri Lanka. I personally call the Indian Subcontinent: the “Subcontinent of Scammers”, and this is precisely the attitude of immigrants from South Asia who travel to Europe. Let us not forget, that Indians are the relatives of Gypsies.

The inseparable feature of Indians is their enormous filth and stench which they spread wherever they go, as if they were born dirty and as if filth was a part of their culture. Every time I asked about a toilet in India, they always pointed a tree and they said to not to worry because it was India. However, every time I saw a public toilet, the walls were always stained with urine by those who wanted to save 1 rupee. In Indian cities it is hard to breathe, and the Jamuna River flowing through the Taj Mahal is not a river anymore but a dead sewage. In India there is so much ignorance about the environment protection and extreme lack of cleanliness, that recently there was even an issue of dumping toxic waste to the Kasadi River in Mumbai, what caused that dogs which bathed there and drank that water, turned blue. There are a lot of stories like that, and exactly the same case is with the disease hatchery, the”sacred” Ganges river, which I wrote about above.

The worst part is that many Indians wipe themselves with bare hands and they eat with bare hands, and I’m not talking just about chapati. They mix rice with sauces with their dirty hands, while still feeling the stench of their shit, and when I repeatedly asked why they didn’t use forks, they always told me that that way they could feel the taste of food a lot better. I think that it is a crucial information for any stupid blonde who fell in love with an Indian, because he gave her a chain in yellow colour for £9. Do we want all these things in Europe?

However, the disgust of Indians is beyond the limits because they drink cow urine. Sometimes Indians wait until the cow lifts the tail so they could put a cup underneath and drink right away, and the others have come up with an idea to produce a refreshing drink with cow piss, and they sell it as the Indian coca cola. Hindus say that cow urine is the best cure for everything, including diabetes. In addition, Hindus use cow urine for many things, including toothpaste, soap and after shave, although experts in that field say that the most valuable urine is derived from virgin cows, so those which have never had calves. My readers probably think that I’m writing about a small group of Indians, but from what I’ve researched this business is spinning around, because cow urine in India becomes very popular. For example in neighbouring Pakistan, Muslims drink urine too, but they prefer the one from camels. We can therefore say that people in the Indian Subcontinent drink piss, they shower in piss, they brush their teeth with piss, and then they use it as perfumes. (The next time I go to South Asia I must not forget to piss on their faces if they enjoy it so much :). Well, they make fun of us too.

, The cultural ‘enrichment’ of Europe; part IV ‘Indians’, Compass Travel Guide

Indians „cure and clean themselves” with cow urine. I wish 100 years to all piss-drinkers.

However, the most cruel crimes committed by Indians are the crimes against their own children, and those are the crimes comparing to which even Islam looks like an angel in the sky. Everyone who has children understands the parental love for their children, and what it means to care for them and to protect them. However, in India many parents twist their children’s joints so that they are forever crippled. They do it so they could generate compassion and beg on the streets for their parents until the end of their poor lives. India has the highest rate of disability in the world, which is not only due to birth defects or accidents but primarily due to child molestation. Most often they are blindness, permanent knee hyper extensions and deliberate twisting of infants’ arms and knees, so they could grow up as cripples. Most often one Indian man stands behind children beggars who collects their money, but it is also important that these children are voluntarily given to him by their parents.

A caste system plays a major role in the lives of Indians, irrespective of whether it is in India or in England. Every Indian has a very low self-esteem because he is brown and he would never advance to be a higher caste than his parents and grandparents. However, when in Europe, by marrying a White woman and having children with her, he is socially uplifted and feels like a winner in the lottery of life ……. at the cost of White people. Therefore Indians see White people as their victims and the White angels through whom they can feel a little whiter. (Exactly the same issue exists in all dark races, what only confirms that the White supremacy is continued not by Whites but by the dark races.) For that reason rape in India has also intensified, including on White women. India has even a higher rape rate than the neighbouring Pakistan, and on all of these things represent the true nature of towel heads.

In addition, South Asia is infamous for its superstitions based on the civilisational idiocy, which I don’t want in Europe, because I think that we should not turn our culture in time. For example in the tourist paradise, in beautiful Nepal there is a widely practiced tribal tradition called chhaupadi, according to which “a woman having a period brings bad luck to the family.” Relatively recently there was a well known event when all villagers banished a girl from their village, because she was on a period. Her only solution was to sleep in a hut with animals, but she was bitten by a poisonous snake, what caused her death. Is this what we want in Europe?

I will never forget when I travelled around India and I’ll never forget how surprised the Indians where, when I bought water for beggars or when I fed a dog. The whole street laughed at me and they pointed me with their dirty fingers. In Indians and in their culture there is of course a lot of good, but when dealing with them we should be always very careful, so they don’t cross certain line and they don’t get too friendly. Indians must understand the iron boundary separating the dark races from the white race, and many of them understand it because they also don’t want us in their holy places and in their families. The general rule in dealing with Indians is to not to believe a single word they say, because they would never tell the truth unless they make a mistake, and I’m sure that when they do, they probably regret it for a long time.

, The cultural ‘enrichment’ of Europe; part IV ‘Indians’, Compass Travel Guide

Honest smiles in Kathmandu.

Another curse of India is slavery. According to the there are about 18.5m slaves in India, including children who are commonly used as servants and as prostitutes, sometimes under forced marriages of young girls with older men. My critics could say that it is because of extreme poverty, and I think that they would be right, but according to my research it is about something more than that. Well established Indians who live in England have such a far-reaching slavery mentality, that they bring very poor Indians from India to employ them for starvation wages, as servants in their homes and in their shops.

With immigration of Indians to Europe the biggest threats are their huge numbers and their disgusting nature, and I think that the importation of Indians to Europe is a suicide for our White race. Indians will never behave like White men and they will never have a gesture, what means that before they spent £1, first they always look at it from both sides and they have to say goodbye to it as if it was a part of their cultural ritual. The only solution to the towel head problem is to send all Indians, their White prostitutes, their mixed children and their ridiculous ideology back to India – but not out of hatred but to protect the White civilization. We, White people simply cannot win with such huge numbers, and that’s why we have to take protection of our borders very seriously.

A few words about the British Empire

Let us also remember that Indians like to complain about the British Empire, which according to them is the source of all evil. Unfortunately in the eyes of all Indians every White man is seen as the British colonizer, and that’s why according to Indians every White man apparently owes them money. Even those who have never been to England. Indians know only one side of history and they don’t want to acknowledge that the British built roads, bridges, factories, ports, airports, railways, they educated Indians, they shared new technologies with them, they raised health care, and they also developed tea trade, out of which India earns billions every year. The British built whole cities and even the Indian law is based on the British law. Therefore if any of those things Indians don’t like, then I advise them to destroy everything that is British and start all over again, but Indians would never do that because they would lose too much. Indians don’t want to understand that it is not England that is to the blame for the India’s immense poverty, but the Indian socialism and the Indian corruption. I also warn against the demanding attitude of the Indians and putting themselves in the position of victims, which are their other ways to look for the naive who would pay them.

Apart from that, I don’t even think the British Empire was fully British. According to my historical research the British Empire was the Jewish Empire. British ships sailed around the world, so that in every corner of the world Jews could plant their banks, and when Jewish banks were rooted well in all parts of the world, the American bankers of Jewish origin invented Roosevelt, Churchill and Hitler, so they could end the “British Empire.” The historical fact is that Hitler offered peace to Churchill two times but England declined two times, because firstly Churchill wanted to end the British Empire and secondly the peace with the Nazis would have been against the Jewish interests in occupied Palestine. The English Royal Family was too poor to finance the colonization of the world, and they needed Jewish money to fuel the economy for both the British and the Jews. British slave ships also belonged to Jews, and Jews made a fortune on African slavery. The English however suffered all the blame because the flags on the ships and the crew were indeed English; even though the secret bosses were all Jews. The white guilt industry is continued by the Jews to this day.


In my opinion Indians and Orientals are not such great enemies of the White Civilization as Negroes, Muslims or Gypsies and that’s why I place them in the group of a lower risk. I believe that a lot of Indiands and Orientals like White people and our culture but because of their huge numbers, race mixing and going to money on corpses they are still very dangerous. On the other hand, Indiands and Orientals are hard-working and without a question more intelligent than the races I described in my previous articles, but they are more vicious. In order to guarantee peace between our civilizations, first and foremost we should live separately, we should never talk about money, never show them white women and be well educated about the extensive list of their scams. In any case, a large Indian and Oriental population would also mean a deterioration of the European environment, what can by easily verified because Indian rivers are sewage and Indian streets are trash.

Indians is one of those nations that is able to finish Europeans in a very peaceful and pleasant way. They deliver Indian food and once in a while they might organize a nice festiwal of Dhiwali. Indians are experts at putting white people to sleep. Everything is fine, but when the whites begin to notice that they are a minority in their own city, it is already too late. When Indians start to be the majority, their attitude towards whites also changes to a much worse. The greatest threat from the Indians is therefore the naivety of Europeans.

I think that getting rid of them from Europe would be very easy and it would end without bloodshed. If suddenly a patriot became a leader of for example Great Britain it would be enough to announce that in a year from now the British government will introduce a law that it will reclaim all property from all Asians, meaning that they have more than 360 days to decide whether they want to keep their money or not. For that reason the British Prime Minister advises Asians to take everything that belongs to them and in less than 360 days return to Asia with everything what belongs to them. Also, in 360 days all Asians will have to pay a departure tax of 5000 GBP, that’s why to save this money it is better to leave this year.

I don’t want to hurt Indians. I want them to take their money and everything that belongs to them, and go back to India. Let them be rich and happy, in India.

Read part five . . .

Replies to the prosecutor’s allegations regarding this article:  “The Cultural Enrichment of Europe; part 4 Indians” ==========================================================

“The Cultural Enrichment of Europe; part 4 Indians” – I admit that it was a huge surprise for me when I learned that in this article the prosecutor also found ‘hate speech’ and ‘promoting totalitarianism’. I will try to comment on the absurdity of the overzealous prosecutor.



India is a country where I experienced the greatest culture shock. Even the most frequent travellers who have been to India 5 times, always find something shocking, immoral and disgusting by the European standards. On the other hand, India is also an interesting, beautiful, attractive country with a rich culture and architecture left by the ancestors, that one can either love or hate. Some people are fed up with that dirt, ignorance and an army of intrusive scammers all at one time, while others take up the challenge and specialize in India. Many places in India are beautiful, but who hasn’t travelled around that country and doesn’t know Indians, has no idea what he’s talking about, criticizing me fiercely.

The mainstream media has always praises India’s economic progress, as well as good doctors and IT specialists. Yes, it is all true, but whilst traveling in India I saw things so shocking and disgusting that they knocked me off my feet. India is also a land of terrible dirt, human settlements in garbage dumps, a country of people bathing in rivers of urine and decaying corpses, and a country of extreme ignorance due to folk beliefs. India is a country of professional cheaters and people without morals or scruples. Imagine the parents mutilating their children and then selling them into slavery to slave-owners, so they could beg for him arousing pity. Travelling in India is a shocking experience, and I believe that the borders of Europe should be closed to Indians as they import their customs to Europe.

According to numerous reports from around the world, including CNN, India has the highest number of rapes and sexual assaults in the world – and even higher than Muslim and African countries. In my conversation with Indians, they themselves admit that this is true, but say that their rape statistics are so huge because of the huge population of India. For that reason we should always remind Indians that this research shows the number of rapes per 100.000 people. Of course, nobody has to believe me, but in India, rape is a very high-profile case, and the Western media often writes articles on it, with headlines such as “India is the most dangerous country for women” or “shocking number of rapes in India.” Meanwhile however, rapists in India are often protected by the corrupt Indian government. Then an army of brown crooks and rapists comes to Europe, they act like foxes in a henhouse, and liberal white sheep believe everything because they are not ‘racist’. India is also famous for spilling acid, slavery, circumcision of women, and forced marriage; also with children. I can assure you that it is not uncommon, and every now and then there are very high-profile rape cases in India, also on white tourists. One of them was for example, when a horde of brown rapists beat up a Dutch man and raped his Dutch wife.

Here is one of the many articles for ‘racist’ hunters in England: This makes us immediately forget about tikka masala, and about funny to us holy cow. The lifes of Indians is not a fairy tale on a painted elephant, but a dark thriller.

I will never forget when I bought water from Indian beggars in front of the Taj Mahal. They were laying with their faces stuck on hot concrete, and they didn’t have the strength to get up, but when I poured water over them, they began to give a sign a life. After a while, a shaven Indian man in a clean white shirt came up to me and said to: “You don’t need to do this. This is the lowest caste. They are used to living like this. ” The lowest caste in India is Dalit. There are approximately 160 million Hindus who have been declared untouchable, because according to other higher-caste Hindus, they are dirty subhumans. Sometimes they are also raped and burned alive, and are not allowed to drink from the same well as others. The lowest caste of the same Indians as everyone else is stripped down in the streets and beaten by the police. This is the part of the Indian culture, which is based on contempt and slavery; and such mentality is imported from India to Europe. If anyone thinks that Jews are capable of the worst meanness for money, it is probably because they haven’t dealt with Indians yet.

My guess is that for many, my article about Indians is indeed shocking, most often for two reasons. The first group of people are those who have never been to India, but have formed an opinion about that country based on tales of Taj Mahal, painted elephants, and Indian cuisine. The second group are European tourists on organized tours who only saw the Taj Mahal and then relaxed on a beach in Goa. However, after traveling around India for several months, and learning about the terrible nature of the Indians and their omnipresent dirt, a person begins to think very soberly. Indians in England don’t change neither, they are always the ones who hate India the most, and they don’t even want to visit India. They are terrified from what dirt and mentality they come from, and they don’t want to have anything to do with it. Some white people like travelling around India, because it is a truly magical experience detached from the European reality – but only for the wary! If you can, please ask Indians if they like India, do they like the Indian mentality, and do they like going there on vacation?

Please don’t believe me in anything. I suggest that everyone, but especially white women learn themselves about the nature of Indians.

‘CIAPATY’ – the meaning of the word

(Certain words in this chapter would be better understood by Polish speakers, that’s why I will give additional explanation for English speakers)

As soon as the Cultural Marxists came to power in the countries of white civilization, they immediately divided the peaceful white societies into two groups: the persecutors and the persecuted. In their plans it was necessary to control the colonized white nations. Hence the constant accusations of ‘racism’.
‘Persecutors’ : white heterosexual men.
The ‘persecuted’ : dark skinned people, Muslims, women, and all sexual and racial minorities.

This however was not enough for the modern communists, and that’s why they began to ban certain words, and change the meaning of others. In Poland, they tried to ban the word ‘murzyn’, but they failed, because ‘murzyn’ is too closely related to the Polish language: (fairy tale of murzyn Bambo, black cake which also called ‘murzyn’).

‘Ciapaty’ however was a new word in the Polish dictionary, and that’s why Poles fell for it, even though the word ‘ciapaty’ has nothing to do with the skin colour. Indians aren’t the only people of brown skin. The Indonesian, Thais, and Latin Americans are also brown.

Also ‘Ciapaty’ comes from the name of the Indian bread ‘chiapati’. There are also other Indian breads such as: roti, naan, paratha, and many more. That’s why calling a Indian man ‘ciapaty’ is like calling an Italian man ‘macaroni’. When in India I called an Indian man ‘ciapaty’, he calmly showed me where I could buy bread.

By banning certain words, nations lose their freedom. They want us to be afraid to speak, think and feel.

It is worth saying to English people, that calling an Indian man a ‘rag head’ or a ‘towel head’ is also not offensive. A turban does indeed remind of a towel, that’s why by saying that, an Englishman could be at most accussed of not knowing the Indian customs. Some Indians have sense of humour, and they rather take it lightly. The word ‘rag head’ or ‘towel head’ is most offensive not to Indians but to the White Left, so they could use that word against English people for their own political ends.


I find that Indian cuisine is one of the best I have tasted. Indian cuisine is a wealth of flavours, exotic spices, seeds, herbs and various colours. In my opinion, Indian cuisine is a very important element of the culture of the Indian Subcontinent and its many ethnic groups, because in each region and state of India a different dish is a specialty. Bravo !!!

Unfortunately, Indian cuisine is probably good in all countries where there are Indians, apart of India. Eating in India is harmful and dangerous because of the very dirty water. According to official data, food poisoning in India affects about 170 million Indians and white travellers every year. Diseases in dirty water should not be underestimated. Additionally, the best Indian food is too expensive for Indians. In India, 70% of the population lives on less than $2 a day and another 30% on less than $1.25. Dirt, extreme poverty and ignorance are the sad realities of India.

The best and safest Indian food is in London (clean water and many chefs), in Kathmandu (clean water flowing from the Himalayas), and on the Malaysian island of Penang, which I personally call the culinary island.

I remember walking out of a dirt-covered train station in Mumbai, and I wanted to try some local delicacies. The sweaty Indian fried his disgusting things in a very black oil. I asked him how old it was. The Indian man replied that it was fresh because it was only half a year old. Also, Indian food in India is only for the brave, and in such a case a week in the toilet should be added to the monthly trip.

India is a country of beautiful views, spectacular temples, and one of the dirtiest rivers in the world. I’m not saying that the rivers in Poland are clean, but those in India are flowing sewage and rubbish. It’s sad but true. (The dirtiest river in the world however is not in India, but in Indonesia – the Citarum River in West Java).

The biggest source of water pollution in India comes from untreated sewage, but also from agricultural runoff and unregulated industry. Hindus also throw garbage into their rivers, dead bodies on a large scale, and they immerse their idols too. Then the Hindus swim in those rivers, they pee in them and they make tea from the same water; what leads to many diseases which are long gone in Europe. There are opportunistic landfills and free toilets next to each river. Families who cannot afford burials or even burning of the deceased family members, simply throw the dead bodies into the river. Women on the other hand, also do laundry in that cesspool.

India pollution

1. When I was in the city of Varanasi, I saw Indians burning corpses 24/7, and throwing the burnt bodies into the ‘holy Ganges river’. Then they bathed in it and drank it. In the evening there were always primitive rituals called “puja”.

2. Jamuna River – flowing near the famous Taj Mahal. It’s a stinky cesspool with a garbage dump on the shore, fish floating belly up, and bathing Indians. Photos of the Taj Mahal shown by tourist offices with a clear river and camels are just plain lies. Such landscape simply doesn’t exist over there.

Unfortunately, it is not better with air neither. One day spent in Delhi equals to smoking more than 50 cigarettes. Air in Delhi is so toxic that sun’s rays cannot penetrate the smog. Of course, you don’t have to believe me. This is verified information that can be checked. The Ganges, Yamuna and many other rivers have even toxic foam on the shore! Horror!

India is a great adventure and a lesson in humility. You can either love India or hate it and be disgusted with it. White travellers need an adaptation period there. Not everyone is suitable for travelling in India, and I think that noone should force himself to do it.

I respond to the charges presented to me by the butcher of freedom of speech, the far-left anti-Polish prosecutor:

Below I refer one by one to those quotes from my article that became so painful for the prosecutor, and the left-wing informers. According to the prosecutor, my quotes are incitement to racial hatred (Art. 256 of the Polish penal code) and promotion of a totalitarian state (Art. 257 of the Polish penal code). After years of dealing with the leftist scum, I understand their story. Generally, you cannot criticize people of colour, Jews, homosexuals, and now also Ukrainians in Poland. As you can see, ‘holy cows’ are in Poland too.

The far-left anti-Polish prosecutor: Martin Malik wrote : ‘If India’s whole ignorance could be turned into litres, it would fill the entire Indian Ocean’.

I stand by the above as much as before, and I’m not going to change my mind. I believe that it is a very accurate metaphor. Please read my article carefully, as well as a lot of other information about India, which perfectly illustrate the great ignorance of that country. I divide the ignorance of India into several types:

– Cultural and religious rites detached from reality and devoid of any sense. Earlier I had mentioned the ‘cow shit festival’ and the ‘goddess of prostitution’, though there is also ‘goddess Kali’, and many other primitive idols that set back Indians in development. At first I thought that it was just a joke, but Indians really do pray over cow dung, they bless their children over it, and finally they throw cow shit at each other for fun. In India there are also so-called Devadasi, or young girls who live in ‘holy brothels’ dedicated to the goddess of prostitution. They support their families that way, but those are prostitution and pedophilia that are part of religion. Generally in India, bridges, trees, statues of the monkey god Hanuman, etc. are ‘holy’. In my opinion, Indians no longer need religion but education, an according to me many aspects of their culture are wrong, harmful and they are a laughing stock. In my opinion, cultures are not equal.

– Primitive superstitions, such as for example that a woman having her period is unclean and brings misfortune. In Hinduism, food is also ‘sacred’, and for that reason a woman having her period cannot enter the kitchen, and cannot touch the food because it could become unclean. In Indian or Nepalese villages, menstruating women are thrown away during such state, and they are not allowed to touch food. However, on the other hand Indians rub their feet with their bare hands and then they eat their rice with sauces using bare hands, which still stink of their shit. When I asked them why they didn’t use cutlery, they replied, that their food tasted much better that way.

– In the 90s of the twentieth century, only 48% of Indians could write and read. At the beginning of the 21st century India had 61% of literate people, and in 2020 literacy stood at about 75%. This means that about 350 million Indians still cannot write and read in that country of “great engineers, scientists, doctors and IT specialists”.

– According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 90 million Indians, or 7.5% of the country’s population of over 1.3 billion, suffers from some form of mental disorder.

“If India’s ignorance could be converted into liters, it would fill the entire Indian Ocean.” Once again I confirm, but I also remind you that this is only a metaphor, not a rule. ‘If Poles and Russians stopped drinking vodka, they would fill with it the entire Baltic Sea.’ In that case, I wouldn’t be accused of hatred because it is about white people, although knowing the Banderist prosecutor, if I had included Ukrainians in this quote, he would probably accuse me.

The far-left anti-Polish prosecutor: Martin Malik wrote : ‘the Indian Subcontinent drink piss, they shower in piss, they brush their teeth with piss, and then they use it as perfumes. The next time I go to South Asia I must not forget to piss on their faces if they enjoy it so much.’

I confirm that I absolutely agree with this quote, especially as it is based on facts. What’s more, Indians even make money on the cow urine. I don’t expect an unaware Polish prosecutor to know about it, but the urine of cows in India, and not only in India, has medicinal and cultural significance. I also assure that drinking of cow urine in India is practiced not only by the lowest, illiterate social caste, but also by certain politicians of the party which is currently in power. Those politicians and many ‘medical activists’ in India believe that cow urine is a cure for the coronavirus too. Many high-ranking Indians said, that they believe that cow urine is “holy”, and they drink it regularly at special events organized exactly for this purpose. Others also confirmed that they shower in cow dung!

I know that to English people it is unbelievable, and I didn’t believe it neither. For that reason I advise to not to believe me in anything at all, and just check it out yourselves. I assure you that these practices in India are a fact, even though Indian experts have warned that drinking cow urine and showering in cow dung has no therapeutic value. I therefore go back to my previous quote, that “if the ignorance of India could be converted into liters, it would fill the entire Indian Ocean.”

I realize this topic is getting more and more disgusting, but the Government of India itself commissioned scientists to test, whether using cow urine and cow excrements has medical benefits as a natural remedy against many diseases. Some Indian scientists asked the Government of India to give up this idea because the whole world would laugh at them, and it doesn’t make sense, but their requests do not help. Currently in India, cow urine is an ingredient of shampoos, toothpastes, soaps, and household cleaners. In India life is simply that way, that religion is more important than science. The next time I go to India, I have to send a cow shit toothpaste to all my critics. “

My last quote: The next time I go to South Asia I must not forget to piss on their faces if they enjoy it so much’, doesn’t mean that I would. Absolutely not, but the ignorance in India is so great that if I disguised myself as an Indian cow, many Indians would take my urine on their faces or make shampoo, soap, or a toothpaste out of it. For example in Africa, a popular product is ‘guano’, which is bat shit.

I know that all I write is just ‘hate speech’ and ‘Nazi propaganda’, that’s why I enclose a video of this. (Note: a funny but easy-to-understand Indian accent. For non-native English speakers it may be even easier to understand than the original English.)

Gravitas: Would you use toothpaste made of cow dung and urine? (video)

The far-left anti-Polish prosecutor: Martin Malik wrote : ‘The only solution to the towel head problem is to send all Indians, their White prostitutes, their mixed children and their ridiculous ideology back to India.’

– The prosecutor deliberately cut off some of my opinion: ‘but not out of hatred but to protect the White civilization.’

– I explained in detail the meaning of the word ‘towel head’ above, and that’s why I will not shred my tongue twice.

– ‘Solving the towel head problem’ means first of all the deportation of Indians to India. However, the ‘problem’ for me is, first and foremost, is the huge Indian population, which can pose a great danger to Europeans, if not controlled. The Indian population in India alone is 1.38 billion in 2020, while in 2050 it will be over 1.6 billion. With such a huge population, Indians are able to denationalise small European nations in a very peaceful way, and the fact that white people are viewed by them as the highest caste, building relationships with Europeans is, in their opinion, a social and racial advance. Treatments such as skin whitening are very popular in India.

– ‘Send back all the Indians, their white prostitutes and their mixed children.’ Well, I have outlined the current and future population of India above, but there is more bad news. The average number of children in small European countries is: Germany 1.57, Netherlands 1.66, Belgium 1.68, France 1.92, Poland 1.39, Russia 1.66, USA 1.76, Canada 1.50, Czech Republic 1.63, Australia 1.76. It should be also noted that in many European cities white people are already a minority, and that’s why mixed marriages should be avoided, and the Indian’s white women and their mixed children should be sent back to India. In my opinion, white women in mixed relationships are irresponsible, naive prostitutes who further aggravate the extinction of the white civilization.

– Indeed, I think that the Indian ideology is ridiculous, what I’ve already presented in this article on many examples. If the prosecutor thinks that it i cans not ridiculous, then let him go to India, and after a shower of cow dung, he prays at the statue of the sacred monkey. I would love to see that. There are many more such ridiculous cultural attractions of India. To me as an adventure traveller they are still interesting, but I’m glad they are not a part of my culture.


Idians are a nation to which I wish all the best, but in India. I think that with India we should develop trade and tourism, but without the possibility of permanent residence in the European countries. Generally, every Indian is ready for a one-way flight to Europe, and once he has got here, he would do whatever he can to not to go back, because Indians simply hate India and they often don’t even want to admit where they come from. Before I thought about giving Indian couples a one year work visa, but after dealing with them I understand that it would be a mistake, and this is not only because of Indians themselves, but also because of the enormous stupidity of the naive ‘white prostitutes’ who believe in every deception of those brown dodgers. I could possibly let a few Indian families to Egland to run Indian restaurants on one year visas, or a few Indian doctors, but that would be all.

Europeans have a naive tendency to believe, that every race and culture wants to be like them. In my opinion it is quite the opposite, while the cultural conflict and the transfer of dark races to white continents, especially in large numbers, is a time bomb. Besides, the nation of brown businessmen is very smart. Indians work well in England, but deep in their hearts they will always hate white people, because they associate our civilization with colonial times. On the one hand, I hear promises of friendship from Indians, but on the other, the Indian lobby in England has billed Great Britain for colonial times at £45 trillion. To Indians – Poles, Czechs or Lithuanians are just a different kind of English people – because business requires it! ! ! White women are infinitely naive, what for Indians works perfectly, because with them they can feel a bit whiter and they can obtain all the documents they need.

I don’t believe Indians even in one word, and I consider my approach to them to be the only right one. Conversations with Indians should be recorded, so at some point we could show them their own lies. Besides, Indians have already lost themselves in their own lies, so even more a European should not believe in anything they say anymore. ‘Indian Scams’ is a popular travel topic written by the most reputable travel guides. New books are being written all the time about Indian fraud, and they are written by people who have absolutely nothing to do with the Right.


  1. Reply


    29 October 2023

    …I’m not going to call you ignorant but maybe take a moment from your travels to actually read something. Some of your insights are diverting but others seem largely based on wild heuristics and are wanting in terms of actual educated analysis.

  2. Reply


    29 October 2023

    …Hence why it is revered to this day. All religions are largely if not in fact majoratively superstition and gibberish but there are parts that are actually dogma that have a pragmatic source even contributing to the survival of families, groups or settlements. We in Britain and other ‘civilised’ nations have had much of this survival instinct bred out of us starting with the Romans (before which according to written records our druids practiced human sacrifice) and somehow think we are somehow superior. Who really knows what’s superior because the logical progression of the European enlightenment seems to be transhumanism which is a little too progressive to me frankly.

  3. Reply


    29 October 2023

    An entertaining if not irreverent commentary

    Apart from the absurdly opinionated analysis, which of course anyone can give or take, the ridiculing of cow worship is astoundingly ignorant of historical anthropology. Cow shit bathing and urine drinking aside, it doesn’t take more than a vague guess to realise that in a nation such as India having a cow alive has far more value than dead because it produces endless food whereas a dead cow provides a limited supply.


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