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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

===============================================  “Religion, like alcohol, should only be for wise people”

Martin Malik

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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Curiosities The politics of truth

Citizenship by investment

By: Martin Malik

Start from part I: “Rule of Blood and Rule of Land”.

Citizenship by investment


Second citizenship offers new opportunities and people acquire it for various reasons. You should check however what it’s like to settle in a new country and what the responsibilities associated with new citizenship are. Holding certain passports is neutral or accepted with a smile, while others are perceived with hatred and reluctance and close many doors. In this article you will learn which citizenships are worth investing in, which ones are worth having and which ones should be avoided like fire. I don’t believe however that second citizenship is necessary. This is of course the author’s subjective assessment, but I believe that most people would probably agree.

The article “Rule of Blood and Rule of Land” consists of three parts, but each of them was published under a different title.


Investment in citizenship

Many governments offer citizenship by investment; most often by buying real estate or contributing money to a government project. Requirements and additional benefits for a new citizen vary by country. In some you have to live for some time and in others you don’t. In some countries you have to invest quite a lot in the local economy and in others much less. It is easier for citizens of some countries than others, also because of the requirement to check the origin of the money. I suspect that when it comes to citizenship by investment, if I was the official I would certainly be more careful in granting it to people from countries which are controlled by drug cartels or countries hostile to the country of choice.

Generally, when you pay money they will print your passport. The cheapest and least demanding are the beautiful countries in the Caribbean. The price also depends on the strength of the passport. Some of them open the door to the whole world, others to a few. Please note that some dark-skinned nations offer their citizenship to investors, so to people who have economic value to them. The governments of those countries would never welcome parasites and criminals for fear of being accused of ‘racism and xenophobia’. White people are the ones who are dying from these war strategies.

The countries I will mention do business without sacrificing their security or losing basic national values. Meanwhile, Europeans have declared war against themselves. These are poor countries that don’t offer social assistance but in return they offer peace, exoticism and natural beauty. At least in my case it’s not always about money and I think this attitude towards life is shallow.

In my opinion some of the countries that offer citizenship by investment are not worth the high price, such as Jordan ($750,000), Cambodia ($250,000), Turkey ($400,000) and North Macedonia ($200,000). These are beautiful countries for holidays but I think that their citizenships are unattractive and not worth the price. Depending on your origin, you should also check your country’s consular law.

Typically the most popular countries for acquiring citizenship by investment are small islands in the Caribbean, virtually isolated from the rest of the world but in close proximity to the USA. Additionally, citizenship in one of these countries gives you unlimited access to others in the region, which is very helpful.

  • The Vanuatu passport by investment costs $130,000 for a family of four and allows visa-free travel to 112 countries.
  • An Antigua & Barbuda passport costs $100,000 and $25,000 more for a family of five. By buying real estate the cost is $200,000 but with this passport you don’t need a visa for up to 150 countries.
  • Unfortunately, St Kitts & Nevis is an option for much wealthier people because this passport costs as much as $250,000 or $400,000 with the purchase of real estate.
  • There is also Grenada in the Caribbean region, which offers citizenship by investment under various conditions from $150,000-$220,000.
  • Neighbouring Dominica costs $100,000 for citizenship per person.

The Caribbean is of course not the only choice. Austrian citizenship costs €8 million paid for 3 years. Malta also has a citizenship by investment program but in the €600,000-€750,000 range. Unfortunately citizenship in the wonderful Maldives costs as much as $50 million!!! Well, they are dreaming.

None of the above examples changes the fact that in liberal Europe it is probably best to become a black pontoon sailor fleeing from Africa, to be able to fight ‘racism’ for fat benefits. In the process they would slaughter and rape several white racists, including innocent white women and children. They would slaughter other blacks who are in a rival gang and say that whites did it, and they would sell drugs as an addition to benefits.

It’s exactly the same with Muslims who constantly fight for the cause of Allah and are infamous for terrorism and rape. They all of course qualify for European citizenships, and if they don’t speak the local language, a lawyer paid for by white taxpayers will fill out the form for them. Isn’t it a simple acquisition of citizenship through a free investment!? Moreover, the birth rate of coloured races is much higher than that of white people, so there will be always someone to continue fighting against ‘racism’ and for the cause of Allah. The Rule of Blood, to confuse the naive, will only help them in this.

European citizenship - Syria Muslim ISIS terrorist

Investment in citizenship: In the photo above we see what a Muslim terrorist from ISIS looked like when he was killing and raping in Syria in the name of Allah, and in the photo below this is exactly the same terrorist, but disguised as a ‘refugee’ who is going to Europe to fight for ‘human rights’. He shaved his beard, put on a white shirt and changed his facial expression. This is why thorough research is needed because Europe has high population of naive morons (liberals) and internal enemies.

Let the above photo also be a warning to very naive white sex slaves with low self-esteem, who out of the goodness of their hearts vote for their terrible fate and strip themselves of their dignity. The average white woman is able to buy any lie and allows herself to be degraded. What’s more, she is proud of herself because she has a non-white exotic man and she is not racist. My useful articles for white women on this matter are: Simon Mol – the black supplier of HIV and Al-takiya – the Islamic Philosophy of Deception.

“The wise warrior avoids the battle. If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.”                                                                                                       

Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”

Personally I would never pay for citizenship because I can go wherever I want and I can change countries of residence whenever I want. The reasons are however different, so think about why you need a second citizenship and if it’s worth it at all? Do you have too much money and you want to become a citizen of an exotic island so that you can boast about it? Perhaps you are a drug lord on the run from a rival cartel? Maybe you’re a contract killer on the Interpol list?

Or maybe you are a prominent Jew hiding behind a Polish, German or English name, who caused so much trouble in the country of your settlement that you suddenly reminded yourself about your love for Israel. That’s why you quickly bought a one-way ticket because you need this citizenship. As you can see, it’s not always about palm trees and romantic sunsets.

Citizenships to be avoided like fire

There are also citizenships of countries which in my opinion should be avoided like fire, even if they wanted to give them for free. Such countries include Russia and Ukraine, where the process of granting citizenship is standard and even relatively easy. Let’s imagine that someone decides to become a citizen of Russia or Ukraine, and the next day he is drafted into the army and is on the Eastern Front.

In theory it is also possible to obtain North Korean citizenship but I cannot imagine that anyone would want to become a citizen of that country, even though the ‘dear leader’ called the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea the best country in the world. According to The Guardian, since the 1950s approximately 31,000 North Koreans have fled to the South, risking their lives.

In general citizenship should be avoided not only in countries infamous for poverty, hyperinflation and famine, but also of unstable countries that are stuck in endless conflicts or are at war. Such a country is for example Israel, which nevertheless seems attractive for several other reasons. I’m sure that when an Israeli citizen lands at the airport of a foreign country or says where he’s from, he is met with suspicion and feels like a leper. I suspect that the Israeli passport is only a problem because about 12 countries don’t allow its citizens to enter at all, and several others do not allow third-country nationals with an Israeli visa either. Israeli passport is associated with occupation and war.

Israel Jerusalem old town

Israeli citizenship is very unpopular and has unpleasant connotations. Well, the Jews were expelled from every country in which they settled, and according to the common story, to this day everyone else is to blame, but not the Jews.

It’s similar with Iran, which has a lot to offer to tourists and is interesting for many reasons, but Iranian citizenship must be burdensome. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to receive an Iranian passport even as a gift. Iranian citizens have great difficulties in travelling because their passport requires a visa to 143 countries, and the media is doing everything they can to discredit Iran to anyone they can.

The same group includes, among others, Morocco and Algeria, which have been fighting each other for many years over rich in natural resources Western Sahara, and thus deepen the poverty and destabilization of their own countries. But who would like to become a citizen of a sub-Saharan African country? I can’t imagine.

There are countries like those in Central America, which look like exotic paradises, even though they are actually controlled by drug cartels and have huge numbers of murders, rapes, kidnappings and arson. I’m talking about this because recently for example Costa Rica, which is a beautiful and safest country in that region, offered an easy way to settle there. Now however it is more difficult, and the region of which approximately 20% of GDP comes from drug trafficking and smuggling is unpredictable. In photos however Central America and the Caribbean look great, even though for many years those countries have been among those with the highest murder rates. Of course, Jamaica is in the lead, but let’s not be ‘racist’.

Link to statistical data: Murder rate by country 2023 | Statista

There are also countries which are not at war and don’t have such obvious problems with drugs or gangs, but are synonymous with dirt, poverty, ignorance and fraud. Such a country is India, and its passport is worth nothing. Certain Indian states are indeed famous for their natural beauty and have many interesting historical and religious sites, but I’m talking about tourism here, not about settlement and citizenship. Just breathing in Delhi is carcinogenic. What a terrible ignorance and crap this is, if Indian culture even includes drinking cow urine and eating together with rats. Would anyone like to show an Indian passport?

I for example would never become a US citizen because of double taxation. If a US citizen works abroad, the IRS will chase him for every dollar even at the end of the world. For example in 2022, 2,390 Americans gave up their US citizenship, and in 2023, 5,315. Moreover, Americans are always perceived with hostility and distrust, and I think that due to the American type of ‘democracy’ this is a justified reaction. Additionally, the internal problems of the US, at their own request, are terrifying. Those who live in England, Sweden or Germany know well what I talk about. The invasion of heavily tanned ‘doctors and engineers’, enriched with political correctness and liberalism also make those countries less and less attractive.

I could go on with this chapter, probably mentioning most of the countries in the world, but in general I’m trying to say is that some countries are obviously hell on earth and others seem attractive but they are not. Not only the economy, security and immigration laws are important, but in my opinion also neutrality, reputation, health care and natural beauty. You should also be careful with local laws, such as religious fanaticism (Pakistan) or ignorance resulting from religion (India).

There are countries which don’t accept dual citizenship and others automatically cancel the citizenship of origin when they find out that the citizen has acquired an additional one. Please check.

India – rape epidemic

Moreover, India is very dangerous for white women due to the plague of brutal gang rapes and sexual harassment. Indians try to whitewash themselves by highlighting rapes in the neighbouring Pakistan, even though the situation in India is much worse. Here is a link to one of many articles about the gang rape of a female tourist from Spain: India police arrest five more after Spanish tourist gang raped – CNA ( I have a very low opinion of Indians.

These kinds of issues come to light all the time in India and there are regular demonstrations against the culture of violence against women and the avalanche of rapes. Raping a white woman, most often in a group, is a ‘racial advancement’ for Indian primitives because they rape the highest caste while considering themselves the lowest. Here is another article about how eight Indians gang-raped a woman from Switzerland while she was on a cycling trip with her husband to see the Taj Mahal. Swiss Tourist Reportedly Gang-Raped In India (

For example, at the University of Leipzig, in 2015, a professor announced that she would not accept Indian men to her courses precisely because of the rape epidemic in India and out of concern for the safety of women in Germany. Other professors supported her. German prof rejects Indian student for ‘rape problem’ | India News – Times of India (

It’s not just the regions of India that are off the tourist trail that are deadly dangerous for white women. Gang rapes, robberies and murders of white women also take place in the state of Goa, whose beaches attract thousands from around the world. In 2017, a British tourist was raped, robbed and murdered in the state of Goa. Earlier in 2008, also in the beach paradise of Goa, a 15-year-old girl from Great Britain had been raped and murdered. In the rest of India it is an everyday horror. Could it be the ‘racist news’? Here’s the article: India man held for rape of British woman in Goa (

Why didn’t the mainstream media in Europe mention it even in one word? They should, especially considering the growing population of Indian scammers, primitives and sexual predators flooding Europe. Selective news in a corrupt, anti-white continent!

Time machine George Wells Morlock and Eloi.

Adventures in mixed relationships; sometimes voluntary and sometimes forced, but always filthy for the body and soul of white human. Race mixing is biological warfare against whites.

How lucky it is for India that Pakistan is nearby. Indians can put all the blame on Muslims. Of course, I am not defending Pakis because I know them very well and the whole of England has also got to know them, but in India the situation is much worse. I don’t disqualify India and Indians completely because from the traveller’s point of view it would be harmful both to them and to us. However, when I think about the shocking realities of India and the dark nature of those people, I have a low opinion about Indians. I have however a much lower opinion about white women who defile themselves with Indians because of their low level of self-value.

Sentimental citizenships

Although this is extremely rare in a world based on money, I decided to touch on this topic as well. Sometimes someone would like to have citizenship of a certain country for sentimental reasons. It may for example be an Italian who has lived in the USA for three generations but feels a bond with the country of his ancestors. He reads a lot about the country of his ethnic origin, likes its cuisine and enjoys his native culture and art. He is thinking about living in Italy in the second half of his life, in a small stone house in an olive orchard, because he feels best in Italy. He wants to learn Italian and would also like to have an Italian passport through the line of his ancestors, according to the Rule of Blood.

This practice also takes place and applies to all people. Some of them return to their poor and cheap countries of origin after many years because they have already earned their money and will be able to afford a good and comfortable life. I personally met women from Thailand who were fed up with England and returned to Thailand. There are also black people who feel so tired of America that they return to Africa with the money they have saved. In Africa there are also many beautiful and relatively safe places in picturesque natural surroundings, at a very low price. In this case, African citizenship can be exotic and exhilarating even for blacks.

Read part III – “British citizenship requirements”.



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