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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

===============================================  “Religion, like alcohol, should only be for wise people”

Martin Malik

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Trips to Asia

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

Israel’s war against the whole world; part II – ‘Global War’

By: Martin Malik

Start from part I ...

Israel’s war against the whole world; part II – ‘Global War’


It’s terrible that the Muslim’s war to liberate Palestine could transform into World War III. Where there are Jews there will be always war because the Jews want to have the world for themselves. They gave themselves the right to dominate other nations. If Muslims won it might be even worse, and I’m not talking about Iran, Turkey or the Arab countries because I don’t have any grudges against those countries. The war would quickly spread to Europe; and it would be a war fought with knives, sticks and axes, and from time to time with firearms. It would be a war of ‘refugees and victims of racism’ against ‘racists and colonizers’ and against those who would happen to be nearby. A weakened America would encourage China to invade Taiwan. As for Japan, the Philippines and other countries in the region, they have all been hurt by America so much that they could even reach an agreement with each other behind America’s back. Why fight with China when they could make a deal with their neighbours? It’s cheaper and safer that way


The risky chance of Muslims to liberate Palestine

You would think that Palestine would be occupied as long as Jews control America, but I see an opportunity for Muslims here. First, the world looks different today than it did in the mid-20th century. Back then there was no strong China, strong Iran and Turkey. Still, the USA, Israel, Great Britain and other countries sold for Jewish money are more technologically advanced, but the countries on the other side of the barricade are no longer primitive. Muslims have something that the US and no other Western country has. They have huge populations and their greatest strength is unity. History has proven that the real weapon of mass destruction is not the atomic bomb but a well-trained man with a rifle. Kalashnikovs still kill about 250,000 people every year, more than jet fighters, missiles or tanks.

I see a chance for Muslims only through the creation of a Islamic Military Union, led by Turkey. If Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia created such a union, other Muslim countries would surely join it to start their holy war. They will send muhajedin and deliver weapons. Muslims love war, so finding fighters for the ’cause of ‘Allah’ would not be a problem. Every Muslim who has a pair of sandals and can bend his index finger would go to that war.

Let us remember however, that creating such a union would be extremely difficult due to enormous corruption in all Muslim countries and their military organizations, and because of the national interests. When I think about corruption I immediately think of Pakistan. The wealthy sheikhs of the Arabian Peninsula certainly wouldn’t want to give up their luxury because of destroyed Palestine. On one hand Saudi Arabia is a client state of the US and Israel. On the other Turkey and Iran openly speak out against Israel, and Turkish president Erdogan even welcomed the leader of Hamas. The nations of Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan and many others are already calling for a ‘holy war’ against the occupiers of Palestine, but their governments are restrained. Muslims have many well-trained, numerous and well-funded military groups which would come from the end of the world because they love war. After all, war for the cause of Allah is an integral part of the Islamic culture.

The countries of the Middle East are tired not only of Israel but also of Palestine. Moreover, the USA and Israel have already ‘introduced democracy’ to so many countries that Arabs are simply afraid. I think Iran deserves respect in this situation because despite all the possible sanctions and threats of destruction by ‘democratic and tolerant’ countries, it is still fighting so that Iran does not end up like Libya, Iraq or Syria. Iran is surrounded by American military bases, Israel and numerous surprises such as submarines armed with nuclear missiles. Who is a threat to whom?

American military bases in the Middle East. Iran.

The United States has over 40 military bases in all Muslim countries around Iran. The US has a destroyer and submarines in the Persian Gulf with nuclear warheads on board, and in addition an illegally established military base of Israel, which burns with hatred towards Iran. Who is the threat to whom???

If this war was to happen I believe that Turkey should not get involved in Palestine. The Turkish military should stay in Turkey to make it clear that the US Navy is very unwelcome in their region and Turkey should respond if attacked. Turkey and Egypt should only block the Suez Canal and Iran and Pakistan should jointly block the Gulf of Oman. Other Muslim countries and organizations should fight in Palestine if they choose, but not Turkey. Besides, Turkey can also easily get nuclear bombs from Pakistan as a part of psychological weapon.

I am sure that in such case Russia and China would not remain indifferent. Russia and China would certainly do a lot to weaken America in every possible way.

Nie mam żadnych wątpliwości że gdyby Ameryka była to tego zmuszona to użyłaby całej swojej potęgi militarnej w obronie syjonistycznego reżimu. Dzięki Izraeolowi USA jest w stanie kontrolować cały region Azji Zachodniej wraz z jego polami naftowymi. Bliski Wschód jest bardzo ważny dla kontrolowanego przez Żydów USA z powodów ekonomicznych i strategicznych. Gdyby Izrael został zwyciężony to Ameryka zostałaby bankrutem a jego imperialna pozycja zaczęłaby się sypać. Porównałbym to do losu Imperium Brytyjskiego po stracie Indii.

I have no doubt that if forced to do so, America would use all its military might to defend the Zionist regime. Thanks to Israel the US is able to control the entire region of West Asia and its oil fields. The Middle East is very important to the Jewish-controlled USA for economic and strategic reasons. If Israel was defeated, America would become bankrupt and its imperial position would begin to crumble. I would compare it to the fate of the British Empire after the loss of India.

Muslims however should highly respect this fact that comparing to them little Israel is a technological empire in a Muslim region. From the very beginning of Israel’s existence Zionists have proven that they are able to fight on many fronts at the same time and win against all their enemies. Little Israel is surrounded by numerous enemies on all sides and still holds them under its brutal regime. I also believe that if Israel and America wanted they would be able to bomb all of Gaza in one evening but I have the impression that Jews are killing Arabs slowly because they get pleasure if they suffer longer and die slowly. This is a disgusting policy on the part of the Jewish ‘monopolists of suffering’.

Only Jordan remains sane and sends medicines and food to the Palestinians. Turkey however might be running out of patience and if Turkey attacked Israel, I am sure that Iran and Egypt would not waste this opportunity. Smaller Arab countries eager for revenge may also join in, for example by supplying weapons. Organizations financed by Iran would unleash hell without hesitation and Muslims in Europe would go crazy.

However, an open war between Muslim countries and the USA and Israel is very unlikely because Muslims have too much to lose and they realize that they are too weak. There are no guarantees for help from Russia and China, and this help would be also expensive. More likely is a proxy war through terrorist attacks from all sides. Western media have accustomed us to the fact that apparently Muslims are the only terrorists, but we could be also sure of terrorist attacks by the Zionists hiding behind the flags of many countries.

Risk of World War III

For saying that Jews are responsible for all wars, the so-called ‘liberal democracies’ condemn their citizens. In this case it is rather true, and if the worthless, degenerate Western democracies were to lose or at least be weakened, then the Jews would no longer be able to write history. (Apparently Jews and only Jews died in concentration camps? Interesting!?) The problem is that this one regional war in Western Asia could open a front in the Far East. A weakened America would encourage China to invade Taiwan. As for Japan, the Philippines and other countries in the region, they’ve all been hurt so much by America that they could even reach an agreement with each other behind the America’s back. Why fight with China when you can make a deal with them? It’s cheaper and safer this way.

Meanwhile the scenario in Europe would be disastrous. Sometimes when travelling around Europe, I wonder whether my travels to Africa, India, Arabia and many other countries still make sense since all these nations and civilizations are already the majority in European cities. I feel pity and contempt for degenerate, racially mixed, drunk and drug-addicted Europe. I know how to fix Europe, but my methods would be very politically incorrect and far from democracy, which I never believed in anyway.

Maurice Samuel, "You Gentiles".

That magical moment when an ‘anti-Semitic conspiracy theory’ becomes true even in the mouth of a Jew.

It’s terrible that the Muslim’s war to liberate Palestine could transform into World War III. Where there are Jews there will be always war because the Jews want to have the world for themselves. They gave themselves the right to dominate other nations. If Muslims won it might be even worse, and I’m not talking about Iran, Turkey or the Arab countries because I don’t have any grudges against those countries. The war would quickly spread to Europe; and it would be a war fought with knives, sticks and axes, and from time to time with firearms. It would be a war of ‘refugees and victims of racism’ against ‘racists and colonizers’ and against those who would happen to be nearby.

The scale of rape would be greater than when the Soviet Union entered Berlin in 1945, which I think would cure stupid white women of liberalism and feminism once and for all. Then the war in Europe would just continue, without much purpose and without a plan to win it. It would be a war of hooligans, thieves and rapists, but for no reason. It would be chaos and people would forget who they were fighting. If that ever happened, I hope that ‘refugees and persecuted racial minorities’ would start with left-wing voters.

Jewish inventions

There is a saying: that ‘your own shit stinks the most’, and this quote fits Jews perfectly. Israel has already created and financed several Muslim terrorist organizations so they could destroy other terrorist organizations. The main goal is an age-old war tactic: ‘Divide and Conquer’. If one group of Muslim fundamentalists can compete for power and fight another group of Muslims, then it’s a great way to fight all Muslims at minimal financial and human cost.

Let us also remember that Israel draws its strength from the weaknesses of neighboring countries which are hostile to it. For that reason financing extremists, terrorists and rapists outside its borders is in Israel’s interest. In other words the greater the mess and poverty in the neighboring countries the greater the security and prosperity in Israel. Then, as it usually happens, in the name of ‘fighting for the cause of Allah’ and the liberation of Palestine, Muslim terrorist organizations get offended with Israel, they find other sponsors and start fighting against Israel. Israel of course predicts that this would happen and when a Muslim terrorist organization founded by Jews is no longer needed by the Jews, then Israel, sometimes with the help of the USA, bombs them. Then there is a period of media silence, after which the Jews repeat the same scenario all over again. They have nice relationship, don’t they?

Israel’s weakness however is its great pride. Zionists believe that the Muslim militias they create will always be much weaker than them and will not pose a real threat to Israel. Pride and truth are Israel’s greatest enemies. Jews want someone else to fight their enemies, but unfortunately sometimes they have to get their hands dirty too. Muslims are ambitious and battle-hardened, and they have sentimental goal. In addition, other very strong players have also emerged in the West Asia region…

Hamas – a Jewish invention

Gaza has not always been controlled by Israel. In 1966 Gaza was controlled by Egypt and at that time Egypt did not allow the region to be controlled by radical Islamists. Some Islamists were killed by Egypt, not by Israel. However, in 1967 there was a 6-day war that ended with a decisive victory for Israel. Little Israel defeated Egypt, Jordan, Syria and began to occupy the Sinai Peninsula, the Golan Heights, the West Bank, eastern Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.

It was then that Sheikh Ahmed Ismail Hassan Yassin appeared on the Gaza political scene and founded Hamas a few years later. At first Israeli intelligence did not take him seriously and believed that he was just a Palestinian who wanted to run Palestinian schools and hospitals and ensure the national unity of the Palestinians, under the official name of the Islamic Resistance Movement. Israel liked him because Ahmed Yassin hated the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) led by Yasser Arafat. Israel could not stand Arafat because he openly called for the destruction of Israel and carried out terrorist attacks through guerrilla tactics.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. (Are you sure ???)

Israel then helped Yassin so that he could weaken Arafat’s PLO by competing with him for power over the Palestinians. Yasser Arafat (PLO) officially identified himself as a ‘secular nationalist’, while Ahmed Yassin was a radical Islamist. At that time it didn’t matter to Israel because the priority was to weaken the PLO. In 1973 Sheikh Yassin founded the charity Mujama Al-Islamiya, which Israel accepted. By the way, Mujama was a Muslim university which in practice became a breeding ground for Muslim extremists (England is full of them!!) In 2023 this university is of course one of the military centers of Hamas.

Hamas children soldiers.

Hamas – an Israeli invention. In the background, Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin and Hamas children.

The main ally of Hamas is primarily the very strong nuclear Iran and the well-armed and trained Hezbollah, which hates Israel and has its base in Lebanon. Iran, Hamas and Israel also knew that in 1968 Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was elected leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, what means that Israel knew who it was dealing with, and yet the Jews still helped him because their desire to defeat Arafat’s PLO was too strong to resist.

Even when in 1984 Yassin was proven to have armed himself against Israel, the Mossad still considered him a ‘lesser evil’ because defeating Arafat’s PLO was the most important thing. Yassin was an Islamist who educated Muslim extremists, but at least he didn’t call for the destruction of Israel. In 1987 Yassin was released from prison and founded Hamas, which was also the perfect time for him because of the first ‘intifada’ (Palestinian uprising) began in the same year. Yassin then took advantage of the huge desire to liberate Palestine among the protesting Palestinians, who carried out a revolution on the streets of Palestine/Israel.

“Jews are everywhere. We must attack every Jew on planet Earth! We must slaughter and kill them, with the help of Allah. We will tear them to pieces.”


Hamas leader Fathi Hammad, Gatestone Institute, July 14, 2019

(Considering many confirmed sources and the fact that these words were said by a Hamas leader, I believe them to be true.)

I suspect that just to prevent Yassin from becoming too popular, in 1990 Yasser Arafat (PLO) signed a peace agreement with Israel, recognized Israel and stopped calling for its removal from the face of the earth. Many Palestinians, additionally under the strong ideological influence of Hamas believed that the PLO was actually too soft towards Israel because Arafat decided to make peace with the occupier. At that moment, Hamas, taking advantage of the Palestinians’ sentiment in the fight for freedom attacked Israel, killing Israeli soldiers. This means that Hamas was created with Israel’s consent, and with the money that Israel gave to Hamas to fight the PLO, Hamas attacked Israel; not the PLO that made peace with Israel. This means that Hamas was able to rise up and attack Israel using Jewish taxpayers’ money.

Then in 2006 Hamas won the elections in Gaza and took a majority in Parliament. Hamas fighters then killed about 600 members of Fatah – their main political rival in Gaza. However, in 2014 Hamas and Fatah signed a cooperation agreement, thus creating a joint Palestinian Government. Hamas has not given up the military fight against Israel, as it proved in 2023. Fatah, on the other hand, which has its roots in Yasser Arafat’s PLO, which once called for the removal of Israel from the face of the earth, has officially abandoned violence.

In my opinion, in the Gaza Strip, apart from Hamas there is currently no option. I believe that all peace agreements and stories about two countries side by side are only a temporary silence before the next war. Israel will not completely bomb the Gaza Strip and an invasion by Israeli soldiers against Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip would be a massacre of the Jews. Even if Israel took total control of Gaza, it would not destroy Hamas, which is well-financed and armed, and has brave soldiers ready to fight Jews until the death. Hamas also has representatives on the West Bank of Palestine, as well as in Lebanon, Qatar and Egypt.

Hezbollah and Hamas are united in hatred against Israel and are a real military and political force. Iran, which has a very strong army is waging war against Israel using its organizations such as Hezbollah, Hamas and the Houthi rebels in Yemen. In my opinion, an unofficial ally of Hamas is also a local power: Turkey. Russia and China, which support an independent Palestine under the banner of peace, would also use their opportunity to easily supply Muslims with weapons against America. For those reasons Hamas is not alone and it knows it. However, Hamas has a very strong opponent for whom the greatest power in the world, the USA, would fight to the last drop of blood and to the last dollar.

“Every time we do something you tell me that America will do this or do that… I want to tell you something very clearly: do not worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America and Americans know it.”


The Prime Minister of Israel Ariel Sharon on October 3, 2001

‘Terrorist organizations’

Israel realizes that it is fighting for its survival and that’s why it keeps inventing new ways to constantly provoke dangers, to weaken and destroy Muslims with further attacks. In my opinion the attack on the Two Towers in New York on September 11 2001 was an ‘inside job’ so that Israel could blame the Arabs for this attack, which it organized itself, and thus have public support to start the ‘war against terrorism’, i.e. with the “Axis of Evil”. Then the US and UK destroyed Iraq, Syria and Libya and created ISIS. So who is the terrorist here?

I understand that my version may be perceived as a conspiracy theory but British Prime Minister Tony Blair went to war against the ‘Axis of Evil’, because according to him the leader of Iraq Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction that were never found, because he simply did not have them. The UN confirmed this. There were mass protests all over England against the war on terrorism, and Tony Blair did not have the support of British people because there was one huge problem. Well, there were no terrorists, and that’s why a blown up bus in London on July 7, 2005 fell to him like a present fom the heavens. In my opinion MI6 did it so that Tony Blair could have an alibi for why he was going to war against countries that never threatened the US or the UK, and never had the capability to threaten NATO. So who is the terrorist here?

Twin Towers September the 11th

I suggest we consider in whose interest were all these wars.

“We must kill all Palestinians unless they accept living here as slaves.”


(Chairman of the Heilbrun Committee for the Re-election of General Shlomo Lahat, Mayor of Tel Aviv, October 1983.)

Muslims have never been saints but in this war they were victims of Western/Zionist terrorism. The West calls Iran the ‘Axis of Evil’, a ‘terrorist country’, a ‘regime that does not respect human rights’ etc. Iran has not attacked any country for over 200 years and has the right to arm itself against its enemies. Iran is surrounded by American bases, Israel, and probably many surprises in the form of submarines armed with nuclear weapons. So who is the threat to whom here?

Moreover, Iran sees what the so-called democratic and tolerant countries have done to Syria, Iraq and Libya, and they must arm themselves, to not to end up the same way.

Iran is actually fighting Israel with its armies such as Hezbollah, Hamas, the Houthis, and perhaps a few others as well. I don’t know. Let’s assume that each of those groups consists of radical Islamists. Under these circumstances it no longer matters to me whether they are Muslims or Buddhist monks. Israel was established illegally in Palestine and has been terrorizing Palestinians and all neighboring countries. When it comes to constant Muslim invasions in Europe and problems with them wherever they occur, this is true, but in Palestine they are at home. Jews have indeed been in Palestine for thousands of years and have always been tolerated there, but Zionism is a terrorist totalitarian ideology. In my opinion: Zionism is global Bolshevism!

It is obvious that hostile countries and organizations fight each other in every possible way, but a lot depends on the media coverage. So I pose a question. In 1939, when Poland was attacked by Germany and the Soviet Union, were Poles terrorists because they fought the invaders on all fronts? In 1944 there was the Warsaw Uprising, in which Polish partisans fought on similar principles as Hamas and Hezbollah now. The Warsaw Uprising was aimed militarily against the Germans, and politically and ideologically against the USSR and the Polish communists subordinated to them. The achievement was therefore to break the occupiers mentally, just as Muslim organizations are doing against Israel today.

Certainly ISIS was a terrorist organization, and it was so terrible that Muslims should fight against them the most. ISIS was didn’t fight for any noble cause. It was a group of scoundrels, mass murderers and rapists who further destroyed Muslim countries already devastated by the war. ISIS was supplied with weapons by many countries, including the United States, and when ISIS terrorists were injured they received medical care in Israel. Officially Israel helped ‘Syrian rebels’ to fight terrorists financed by Iran, such as Hezbollah.

ISIS Israel America

Not only Muslims produce Muslim terrorists. Enemies of Muslims also produce Islamic extremism for the ‘greater good’.


“We don’t ask who they are, we don’t conduct any checks,” the official said. “Once treatment is complete, we take them back to the border and they are on their way.”


Israeli military official (Source: Jerusalem Post)

This is the relationship between the Jewish ‘monopolists of suffering’ and the ‘religion of peace’. Both of them are ‘great humanitarians’ wherever they appear…

Read part III …



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