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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

===============================================  “Religion, like alcohol, should only be for wise people”

Martin Malik

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

British Citizenship Requirements

By: Martin Malik

Start from part I: “Citizenship by Rule of Blood and Rule of Land”.

British Citizenship Requirements


Citizenships are granted under various conditions. Some of them I consider to be fair to a given nation and others to be destructive to the nation. Therefore, I would like to present my own British citizenship requirements, because I consider them to be the only appropriate ones. I expect great support on this issue.

The article “Rule of Blood and Rule of Land” consists of three parts, but each of them was published under a different title.

British Citizenship Requirements according to the law of Martin Malik

I think it is worth presenting my own rules for granting British citizenship, so that Brits have a chance to find out what is best for them. I urge British politicians to immediately implement my rules for granting citizenship because they are ideal, the most fair and have British interests as their goal. I designed my citizenship law to protect the strength, unity, security, health and purity of the British nation. What I mean here is national and racial purity as well as cultural and spiritual purity – with the simultaneous elimination of undesirable, hostile, defective and worthless elements. I also don’t believe in ideological mystifications such as equality and democracy, but I do see the dark features of tolerance.

white children and mother

They deserve British citizenship. Europe should have only such children !!! We know what the colours of Africa, China and India are. Naturally, the colour of Europe should be white.

Below I present the new requirements for granting British citizenship, revoking citizenship and settlement status in the UK.

British citizenship through the Rule of Blood

1. A child born in Britain, whose parents are both British.

2. A child born abroad, whose parents are both British.

3. A child born in the UK or abroad, one of whose parents is British.

3a) The basic condition is that the child must be of white race, so it must meet the racial standards typical of Europeans. The elements racially worthless, commonly described as the ‘weeds of race-mixing’ cannot be qualified as British citizens regardless of their place of birth and residence.

3b) If a white child lives in the UK permanently, he or she qualifies to become a British citizen at the age of 12.

3c) If a white child lives abroad, he or she qualifies to become a British citizen at age of 16; after passing an exam in English language and knowledge about Britain, and after proving regular contact with the United Kingdom.

4. British citizenship through dual descent, following the bloodline of a British grandfather or grandmother. This way qualifies a white person whose at least one of his grandparents was British born within the historical lands of Britain. Such person must pass an exam at English language and knowledge about Britain, and must prove his or her uninterrupted connection with the UK. An additional requirement for obtaining British citizenship through dual descent is documented residence and work in Britain for an uninterrupted 3 years. (Tolerance of absence in Britain each year is up to 60 days in total.)


1. The regime in Britain should always encourage young people to want to become British. British consulates and British organizations abroad should offer English language courses and contact with the British culture. Through the Rule of Blood white children who speak English and who feel British always have the right to dual citizenship.

2. In order to finally resolve the Jewish issue, the United Kingdom will cooperate with Israel and the global Jewry to qualify the suspected children for the appropriate nation. Typically, this includes ancestry data and DNA testing.

British citizenship through naturalization

1.  A British citizen may be a white man or woman of any origin who lives and works in the UK. After 8 years permanent residence and after another 2 years citizenship. You must pass an exam at English language and knowledge about Britain.

1a) Permanent partners of British men and women of white race have the right to British citizenship after living in Britain for 5 years, after passing an English language test and knowledge about Britain. You must prove a permanent relationship with a native British person through racially pure white children. The regime in the United Kingdom reminds that a child is not only a gift to the family but also a gift to the state, and that’s why all children must meet racial standards and be free from disabilities or homosexuality.

Exclusion from naturalization

1. A person who is proven to be hostile towards Britain or cooperates with governments and organizations hostile to Britain cannot become a British citizen. It may also be a political activist or media provocateur who slanders Britain and British people in the UK or abroad, and attributes historical crimes to Britain that it never committed. (Not to be confused with freedom of speech, which is open criticism of political and media organizations in Britain and criticism of social changes.)

Religious element in naturalization

1. A person of a religion other than Christian or representing a pseudo-Christian sect which aims to destroy this religion cannot become a British citizen. By a pseudo-Christian sect, the regime in Great Britain means the neo-Marxist mafia in the form of the Anglican Church and other pathetic Protestant inventions. At the same time, the regime reminds that there is no such thing as “Judeo-Christian culture.” These are two separate cultures and religions, as confirmed by the great Catholic authority Pope Benedict XVI.

Regarding the total ban on the introduction of alien religions: the purpose of this law is my belief that introduction of alien religions to Britain that have their roots in different civilizations is a way of dividing the British nation, not uniting it.

Britain accepts however people of no denomination and those representing traditional Old European pagan beliefs. These are love for nature in the spiritual dimension, treating trees as one’s ancestors, the influence of the moon on human nature, dialogue with animals, attachment to the native land, treating people as part of nature and the belief that life and happiness take place during life and not in heaven after death.

British honorary citizenship

Citizenship granted in this way is for foreigners of any race or culture who have contributed to Britain and British people in world politics. It may be for example someone thanks to whom Britain avoided war or British people avoided mass deportations to slave labour abroad during the occupation. In other words honorary citizenship is for a foreigner who is also a British national hero.

A honorary citizen cannot become an athlete or a singer who would automatically obtain British citizenship for entertainment or politically correct purposes.

Status of a British protected person

Britain grants assistance at home and abroad to people of any race and culture who work for the British state abroad and who may thereby expose themselves to danger. This includes consular assistance abroad, the right to permanent or temporary residence in the UK depending on the case, or assistance in settling in another country.

Deprivation of British citizenship

A person may be deprived of British citizenship if he or she is proven to be hostile to Britain and acts to the detriment of Britain. It doesn’t matter whether the person is a native Brit or not, and whether he has a passport of one or two countries. A classic example is when British soldiers participate in an armed conflict in Britain or abroad, and a British citizen joins the enemy army and shoots at British soldiers. Another example is spying for another country and stealing the national secrets of Britain.

In Britain this law already exists but only for mice and scapegoats, in order to fool the masses with false patriotism. If deprivation of citizenship was a real law and if it was honest, then it would be the easiest to find corrupt enemies of the British fatherland in the Parliament, in the media, courts, prosecutor’s offices and non-governmental organizations. These are the ones who silently move around in the shadows of power and whisper among the pillars of betrayal, leading the nation to its downfall. On lies they built their respect and authority. I’m talking about ‘democrats’ here; about figureheads anointed by the global guides of morality, about those who elected themselves and spit with thousands of fake smiles and empty promises. There is no truth or honour in them.      

People who don’t meet racial standards, i.e. those who come from mixed relationships with British people, will be deprived of British citizenship. In this case, these people will be given one year’s notice to leave so that during this time they could take everything that belongs to them and organize their lives in the countries of their racial origin.

Asylum law

Asylum is not covered by British law. Illegal settlers of unknown origin and suspicious intentions are placed in specially designed rehabilitation camps until they are deported to the countries of their ethnic origin. In the event of enforcing asylum by invading the land or sea borders, the British military and private patriots may drop gas for warning purposes, or open fire if gas did not prove to have enough convincing power. (Euthanasia is legal in Britain.)

Rape in England UK Blacks and Muslims

If white women ever wanted company of an exotic prince, please take a look at the photos of these rapists and paedophiles attacking white women and girls in England, and consider what they all have in common. Isn’t it a manifestation of ‘racism’ that in such tolerant times there is such a huge lack of diversity in this photo?

The right to return to the old continent

The right of return means helping ethnic Europeans who are fleeing racist persecution in Africa and other parts of the world. It is a good-hearted combination of naturalization law and asylum law in order to bring mercy to persecuted Europeans. At the airports these real white refugees are granted the right to stay for one year with work permits. The path to permanent residence and citizenship for people not related to Britain is the same as in the law on naturalization. The 1-year visa is intended to help us get to know each other better and help us decide on a visa for the following years.

Britain automatically excludes sex offenders, infected with HIV and those deemed to be ‘immoral freaks of nature‘. Freaks and alcoholics whose insanity can be cured will be placed in rehabilitation camps until they regain contact with reality; with the help of our outstanding experts. If however the therapy fails, the British state will consider euthanasia, but depending on the genetic value and work capability of a given individual. The rest is subject to standard verification.

Temporary residence permit

For people from foreign cultures, that is from outside of the white European civilization, Britain issues work or student visas for a maximum period of one year. These may be single-person or family visas for representatives of foreign races, cultures and religions who want to set up a business in Britain. In addition to confirming their qualifications, all applicants must attach to the form a police report from their country of origin and a medical report. In other words Britain automatically excludes sex offenders, HIV patients, and those who are considered ‘immoral freaks of nature’. The rest is subject to standard verification.

Types of visas:

  • ‘Culinary visa’ for people from the countries of the Orient, Arabia, the Indian Subcontinent, Persia, Turkey and others; in order to open a catering point.
  • ‘Health visa’; for dentists, doctors, masseurs, chiropractors, nurses.
  • ‘Standard visa’, depending on labour market shortages in specific sectors (drivers, agricultural workers, construction workers.)
  • ‘Visa contract’; when an agreement is signed with a foreign government or organization to carry out a specific project in Britain.
  • Student visa for a maximum of 1 year, depending on the length of the course. The price for studying In Britain is three times higher than for British and ethnically European students.

These people cannot establish their own religious, cultural, political, educational, social and media institutions in Britain. In return they will be treated fairly and with respect. Race-mixing is prohibited because it’s a biological weapon designed to destroy white people. Visa extensions are not possible. After 1 year Britain says goodbye to current workers and welcomes new ones from the same or other countries. It is not possible to travel to the neighbouring countries so that Britain does not become a transit country for illegal immigration to the rest of Europe.

The goal here is mutual cooperation and intercultural experience. In principle, it is also an opportunity to help developing countries because these people will be able to build their businesses in the countries of their ethnic origin with the money earned in Britain. Admitting millions from Africa and Asia to Europe permanently will not change anything in poor parts of the world, but the short-term admission of enterprising and ambitious workers can improve those countries.

Temporary residence visas are issued only in such numbers so the percentage of people from outside the white European civilization does not exceed 1% in each city. The same number of men and women must also be maintained. Families with children are accepted too, so white children could also have racial-cultural experience. This law is constructed in such a way that young men of military and reproductive age wouldn’t be the only ones coming to Britain, and so the temporary minorities would remain minorities. This law is a defence mechanism designed to protect indigenous Europeans, who are not only a global minority but also a minority in many European cities.

After years of experience with workers from all over the world, in the following years priority will be given to foreigners from those countries who were not problematic. Britain welcomes you warmly, and reminds that the right of residence is not an immigrant’s right but a privilege.

At the same time Britain reminds that not everyone who has the citizenship of a European country is European, in the same way as not everything that swims is a fish. In such a case the Border Guard has the right to refuse entry to the UK or may admit the individual on a tourist visa, adequately to his/her ethnic citizenship.

British passport

British passport design by Martin Malik. I think that a wolf howling to the moon against a black background would send the right message to the world and it would proudly represent Britain. As we can see, it is also time to change the British emblem to a Celtic cross. This is a much better design of the British passport than the current one, which in my opinion looks like: ‘fairy tale creatures with a potty and a horn on their heads against a blue background’. Considering how divided Britain is, the name ‘United Kingdom’ is a tragic joke.


I believe that my opinions and ideas contained in this article would become a role model for many countries. This is the only correct way and should be implemented immediately into law. I expect complete support on this matter and I also recommend my other views.

Finally, I also present the current requirements for acquiring British citizenship for foreigners, which give me the impression that Britain doesn’t even have borders. The law granting British citizenship simply encourages invasion and exploitation, even by small children. After reading several documents I find the legal principles about “armies of refugees, long-term settlers, random children, sham marriages and pseudo-businessmen” to be an absurd. Some people would surely laugh after reading about Windrush scheme and ‘good character’ requirements!

In theory deportations are possible but lawyers and judges in the UK treat heavily tanned murderers, rapists, drug dealers and high class parasites as if they were national treasures, so the whole British Immigration law is a joke. Please read this document and consider whether British passports are not handed out like leaflets, but with a slight delay: Guide AN: Naturalisation booklet – The requirements and the process (


The end of part three and the last one.



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