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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

===============================================  “Religion, like alcohol, should only be for wise people”

Martin Malik

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

Race or civilization?

By: Martin Malik

Race or civilization?


To the globalists the White race is the greatest threat – that’s why they keep on destroying us the most, deliberately introducing into Europe the elements unable to assimilate culturally and racially. When people lose their racial identity and their culture and faith, then such nation is no longer a nation, and it is easy to control it! If Europe is occupied by black and Muslim hordes which live at our expense and bring legendary crime at the expense of the Whites, then let’s talk about it the way it is. When it comes to accusation of the so-called ‘racism’, I wouldn’t worry about it too much because according to the system everyone is racist. 



I present my dear readers a conversation which I had with Martin Malik, already known to the readers of (right wing site).

I do it with even a greater pleasure because I don’t agree with him on fundamental points, and as a supporter of the French empire on three continents I treat his views as an unfounded absolutisation of biological factor.

I appreciate both his intellectual honesty and his eagerness to defend the Church, and also the fact the he speaks his mind. Interview with Martin was a great pleasure for me and the moment of freedom of expression. I breathed the fresh air.

So I spoke to Martin Malik, the owner of who publishes not only travel photos and travel reports from his trips, but also his noble right-wing views. To some people Martin’s ideas still turn out to be too heavy to digest, and others see it as a voice of truth. Do our readers agree with them?

These are the questions that I asked Martin :

AR: Martin, thank you very much for agreeing to this interview. Not long ago you published an article on the right wing site titled “Globalization in the eyes of a traveller”,  and I have to say that your work provoked very strong reactions.

Another words, your debut alone at the right-wing website from the very beginning made you an “enfant terrible” of the “blogosphere”. Because you have become our “enfant terrible” – could you start by presenting yourself to the readers? Where were you born, where did you study, how old are you and in what circumstances did you leave Poland? What did your studies at the Academy of Physical Education look like?

MM: Welcome. I’m glad I have the opportunity to present my views in the times of the leftist absurd, and I hope that I’ll be able to have a positive impact on my readers. I am also aware that my views are somewhat different from those usually heard, but only because I openly speak the truth about the obvious issues that others are even afraid to mention quietly.

My article titled “Globalization in the eyes of a traveller” sparked strong reactions before, because every day people are forced to read far-left propaganda which has nothing to do with the truth, and if once in a while they see a publication of different colours, it destroys their artificial feeling of safety.

I think that we shouldn’t choke ourselves with problems, but instead we should talk about them openly. If Europe is occupied by black and Muslim hordes which live at our expense and bring legendary crime at the expense of the Whites, then let’s talk about it the way it is. When it comes to accusation of the so-called ‘racism’, I wouldn’t worry about it too much, because according to the system everyone is racist. I advise you to read my article “Globalization in the eyes of a traveller” a few more times with understanding, in order to realize the seriousness of the current situation.

I was born in Warsaw almost 36 years ago. After many years of martial arts training, travelling and studying at the Academy of Physical Education of Warsaw I moved to London permanently in 2002. I remember that I left Poland just one day after receiving my master’s degree diploma, because my education meant only unemployment. Studying itself was very pleasant and at the end I got a diploma, which to me was just a confirmation that I was able to reason. However my real education began after my graduation, although the “Life University” will never issue me any diploma.


AR: In the article which you have mentioned you called yourself a Catholic and a white man. I have no doubt that you are white because I can see it in the picture, but how do you understand your Catholicism?

MM: Yes, I am a white man and I am a Roman Catholic, and I am very proud of that. My Catholicism manifests itself not only by going to the church but above all by attachment to my culture, my faith and Poland. Poland adopted Christianity by Mieszko I and since then all Poles are Catholics. I think we should be faithful to our Catholic values and cherish them instead of in the name of absurdly leftist, Marxist ideology move away from the Church. Let us remember that the Pope John Paul II helped us to destroy communism and priest Popiełuszko died for Poland.

The Catholic Church is also the guardian of Poland, it guards our moral values and works for the unity of all Poles. Through the Catholic Church I also see hospitals, orphanages, charities and many other wonderful things. My Catholicism manifests itself the most through attachment to my culture and my country, and when I have time on Sunday I also gladly go to the church. On the other hand I consider atheists and people leaving their national and cultural values to be traitors and people of a weak character. However, I believe that Poles know their value and their history. In hard times Poles always ‘flee’ to the Church.

When I travel people always ask me about my faith, and I always answer that I’m a Christian, because there is also one more important reason for that. Explorers roam the world to learn about other cultures, customs and rituals. However, the same travellers often overlook the fact that local people very often want to learn something about our culture too. Even Muslims show me more respect because I am a Catholic. Muslims say that a goat or a pig does not believe in anything, because it doesn’t have a soul or culture, and this means that the one who is a human should always culturally belong somewhere. I agree with them on that.

Dziecko stworzone na podobieństwo Boga.

A child created in God’s image.

AR: What do you mean by “racial purity”? Personally, I definitely do not follow racism and the concept of racial purity because racism was one of the reasons why the promise breaker Charles de Gaulle committed treason in Algeria and previously had finished the French Empire, what means that this coxcomb and tyrant wrenched France’s live and cut down France’s legs. Racism is therefore alien to me.

If the European colonial empires had not been abolished by the request of the Soviet Union and the United States after 1945, there would be no immigration today and perhaps we would have quite a different situation on the continent; and certainly in Great Britain too.

MM: Racial purity means procreation only between people of the same race. In this case for white people it is a necessary condition for our survival, because today we constitute only about 16% of the world population. In light of the above I believe that every white woman who gives birth to a non-white child commits the heaviest crime against our dying race. The genes of white people and our pure white bloodline have been kept clean and passed on from one generation to another for thousands of years, and by mixing our pure race the White family’s clean bloodline dies. In order to protect the White Species I also recommend racial hygiene, meaning relationships only within our own race.

I personally don’t believe in racism of whites towards others, but I believe in radical racism of Negroes against Whites, what for example manifests itself by massacres of whites in South Africa. Even the pathetic pseudo-music called rap was created because of hatred of Negroes towards Whites. Other non-white races are also racist but towards themselves, because they subconsciously think of white people as the most beautiful and the most noble of all races. In China for example there are creams that are supposed to make their skin whiter, even though they do not give anything. In Korea and Japan are very common eye surgeries during which Asians shape their eyes the European way.

When a white man enters a restaurant the whole street stares at him in awe. When I was in Bangladesh they recorded me when I was eating, and in India they watched me like a television with open mouths. The only difference is that certain races like us and the others hate us, and that is racism. White man pointed the way of progress that all races want to follow, but nobody is able to imitate us. Unfortunately those who usually like us are also a threat to the White Species, because they want to approach us too closely.

Liczna rodzina nie obciążona genetycznie.

A big, genetically unburdened family.

The history of European nations is full of traitors and unfortunately betrayal of our own people has been always a norm in Europe. De Gaulle was only one of many, and I think that at this point only a civil war could help France. Unfortunately this beautiful nation of poets, chefs and artists will be ethnically murdered, unless the French finally wake up. Unfortunately for now it doesn’t look like it.

During WWII Europe was not able to protect itself, and that’s why she suffered from blackmails and extortions of the USA and the Soviet Union. I am also interested in the years after the war, because it was then when the immigration decisions were made. European nations were lazy and they didn’t have enough children, and economy had to be taken very seriously. In the early years of immigration of alien races and cultures Europeans did not realize what they were doing. Now they do, and many spit in their own faces, but for changes it is too late. Now we need a total breakthrough on a global scale.

AR: There will be never a civil war in France but that’s another story. You say that the Afro-Asian cultures will survive thousands of years, when our civilization might perish. That our civilization can be lost is very possible. But even if other cultures, lower and at its core and more primitive than ours do survive, it is only because they have been fertilized by the light of our Western civilization. On its own they are wrong and do not have in their wombs the principles of sustainability. Do you agree with my opinion?

MM: Unfortunately, if nothing is done in this direction then the civilization of the white race will be slowly exterminated. An Open Door Policy, mixed relationships and low birth rates among white people hammer the final nail into our coffins. I also think that through the propaganda of fear and economic hardship people will be falling even quicker into a total control.

In Britain for example English people drown in fear so much that they are no longer able to think soberly. The British are afraid to even talk about the colonization of their country, what reminds me of the situation in Tibet. Over there everyone is afraid too, although in our countries it is called ‘equality and democracy’, and over there it is a regime. In my opinion China and the United Kingdom have very similar policies.

Unfortunately I don’t agree with your opinion that other cultures are wrong and they have no principles of sustainability, although on the other hand it also depends on the culture. The Chinese culture, Indian and all the Oriental ones will surely survive. In the ancient times it was China that was the most technologically advanced country in the world, and their culture is very strongly rooted inside them. India also has its rich art, culture, cuisine, national costumes and customs. Their cultures are taken care of at all times, and ours is being murdered. Furthermore, Asian people are huge in numbers.

I would also like to say something good about the culture of Negroes or Gypsies, but unfortunately I don’t see anything valuable there that could be useful to the world. Unfortunately the biggest parasites multiply like rats without giving absolutely anything to any society apart from problems. In my experience it is clear to me that in all the countries that I have visited, everybody are disgusted with those two races. Negroes are abhorred by Muslims, Chinese and Indians too.

Muslims in Europe are a huge problem but they at least have their art, architecture and good food. Negro or a Gypsy is just a huge problem and the fact that a White man brought a Negro into civilization, bought him a suit and sent him to the office will change absolutely nothing, and will certainly hurt us.

As for Islam in itself, it is simply contrary to the European culture and impossible to assimilate. At this point I could remind interesting facts from the Koran such as Mohamed’s marriage to a 9-year old girl and continuation of this crime to this day, however now I don’t want to focus on that. As long as Islam exists outside of Europe I do not have a problem with it and I’m not going to teach Muslims how to live. I think that all Muslims should be deported to their home countries, and they should stuck in their own madness at home. There are also a lot of interesting, beautiful and good things in the Muslim world, but our peace could be guaranteed only by separation of our civilizations with the exception of trade and tourism. I want to stress that it is the Jews who really hate Muslims, whilst Catholics only don’t want them in Europe because they feel sick and tired of them. It is really unfortunate, but if we keep on fading into a multi -‘cultural’ society, I’m afraid to think about the tragic consequences for the entire world.

AR: You totally ignore the role of civilization and this your mistake. You can’t see the same mole’s work of the Left in Africa. Well, perhaps we’ll talk about it another time. What do you actually understand by race? This concept is not clear in itself. Can you explain?

MM: I define race as an affiliation to a specific ethnic group, which at the same time makes the population of the same species capable of reproduction. People of the same race are thus free to continue their specific bloodlines and genes, and they are free to pass their values on to the next generation. In a more generalized sense people of the same race have the same skin colour and similar facial features, the construction of their eyes, head and hair, though not necessarily they speak the same language or have exactly the same faith.

There are usually differences in the structure and composition of bodies between different races. Negroes have big lips, curly hair and wide noses, whilst white people have narrow noses, straight hair and small lips. Thus, the Dutch and the Swedes are of the same race, although they are different nations and speak different languages. Generally I can recognize Poles but not every time, because some Polish people look more Scandinavian and others look more German and Russian. Either way all members of the White Species are similar to each other. For the same reason Arabs born in France and living there for three generations, having French citizenships and raised in France will never be French. They will be always Arabs who were only born and raised in France.

A question than appears: if a dog is born in a stable, does it mean that it’s a horse? Definitely not, because Arabs do not have racial features specific to the French, not to mention the culture. They will be always aliens!

AR: The same mistake as before. You’re a typical Englishman! I agree with you that the globalists want to exterminate the white race. There is evidence to support that. It’s just that your defence program is not very realistic. Because how to penalize inter-racial marriages? By self-judgements? Wouldn’t it be easier to return to the virtuous of the ancient Greco-Roman and Christian morality, which would create closed communities just like football fans do it in Poland, and perhaps give families and the society a militarized character?

MM: To the globalists the White race is the greatest threat – that’s why they keep on destroying us the most, deliberately introducing into Europe the elements unable to assimilate culturally and racially. When people lose their racial identity and their culture and faith, then that nation is no longer a nation, and it is easy to control it!

I think the answer to the second part of your question is very simple. First of all we could protect Europe from extinction in a peaceful manner, although when it comes to Negroes and some Muslims I simply doubt if it could be done peacefully. With everybody else it wouldn’t be a problem. First we should close the borders to non-White, not Christian immigration while introducing high penalties for race-mixing. In other words as long as we live in the same area we could live in friendship and mutual respect side by side, but not together, in order to protect ourselves.

Then we should deport all criminals what means that a lot of Jewish banksters and politicians, and a large part of the black and Muslim population would have to automatically leave Europe. As for the rest of my ideas I think I’ll keep them to myself, because I don’t know where my life would take me. Unfortunately I cannot tell all my secrets, but I can say that my politics would have only one purpose and it would be very easy to understand. I would do anything for the protection and happiness of white children.

Referring to your question, I believe that young people should form couples in such a way that they would guarantee themselves racially clean children, because when a child is born in a particular land it is not only a gift to the family but also a gift to the state. For this reason every child should meet the racial standards, ethnically characteristic for particular country .

Z pokolenia na pokolenie duże Białe rodziny gwarantują przetrwanie Białego Gatunku.

From one generation to another large White families guarantee the survival of the White Species.

AR: At the end I would like to ask you about a few technical details. How do you fund your travels? Do you travel on your own, and during your escapades did you ever come across other Poles or the French? If so, could you describe their behaviour in exotic countries?

MM: Funds for my travels are very modest, because I live in guest houses and I eat local food, at the same time avoiding luxury. I often sleep in deserts, in the mountains or in the woods in a tent, and I still mostly travel around the cheapest countries. Generally if I can afford the flight I can also afford a trip, because when I get there it is always beautiful and very cheap. I am happy with every country I visit (in this case no matter of what race and what culture), and I feel that I greatly fulfil my passion for travels.

It is a great form of education and a great adventure worth every penny. I also often help local people, I work in hospitals, I buy them food and I teach children English ‘for a bowl of rice’. On some of my expeditions I take my blonde with me, and sometimes also a child.

In many countries white woman is a very sensitive issue, although now in Europe too, because we’be anointed by the multi – ‘cultural’ utopia. Sweden for example is the European capital of rape purely because of Muslim immigration. On a side note, because of the evident destruction of the sub-Nordic race, I think that the Swedish government deserves extermination.

I rarely meet Polish people, even though I’d like to meet them more frequently and the contact differs from one to another. Poles usually talk to me for a moment or make me understand that they are not interested. Some encounters are nice, and the others are quite cold. With the French it is different, although I want to emphasize again that I am talking about the real French and not some Arabs who imagine themselves that they are French. French people usually think that I am English, and they don’t seem to be very excited about it. However when I say that I am a Pole, first they feel surprised and then they sometimes smile. I have a good contact with French people.

When I was in Burma I travelled with a Frenchman for three weeks and in the Malaysian Borneo I spent a pleasant day with a French woman, and I took her for a dinner. They are usually nice and I have a very good contact with them. Their accents are very funny, what only adds humour to my life, and that’s why I like them even more. With French and French Belgians I crossed the jungle in West Malaysia. As for the weak points of French people, there are the two main things: they are all heavy smokers which I am not able to bear, and the young French generation has been brainwashed by the left-wing propaganda to such an extend, that they honestly believe that despite all the problems and great hostility, Arabs are apparently also French.

Besides, they don’t want to vote for Marine Le Pen of the National Front, even though she is the only one who can save France. French are also a nation of the left-wing victims and atheists, who have lost touch with reality, and with what the real France used to look like. Taking into account my heartfelt wishes to French people, unfortunately with such an attitude their end might be tragic. By the way, it is just as bad as it is in the Netherlands. The Dutch is a nation that has already accepted that they will die out, and they have no problem with that. I just hope that not all of them feel that way.

The British for example are a nation of frightened and brainwashed sheep, who are afraid to even talk about the problem. We therefore have a very serious crisis in Europe, and still only Central and Eastern Europe somehow holds together. I also think that some Germans still have common sense because someone told them in the past that they were ‘the master race’, and I think that it is still paying off. To make sure that genocide of the sub-Aryan race never happens, it is in their best interest to believe that they are ‘a master race’, because only then they would not mix with the elements racially worthless, and they would continue there clean bloodline.

Thank you very much for the interview and I greet all people of pure hearts. Please direct all questions and comments to

Martin Malik

AR: It is me who is grateful for your disarming honesty. The conversation with you was a pleasure and I immediately want to set a date for another one, if you’re interested. Good luck.

Antoine Ratnik



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