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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

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Trips to Asia

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

I created this chapter in response to the drastically changing population of Europe in ethnic and cultural terms, as well as the crimes and social problems associated with these changes. To some these articles are the obvious truth, and to others only a conspiracy theory.

In my point of view it is the Politics of Truth, because the results of anti-white policies are perfectly visible and measurable. ‘Temporary workers’, ‘family reunification’, or ‘assistance to the victims of war’ – different times, different lies. The goal however is always the same – a transnational plan to destroy the White Christian civilization. I call  it the Great Replacement Project.

As I could expect, all the White Genocide quotes said by the Jewish Communists are always hailed by the English language media as a ‘hoax’. The biggest hoaxes in the world – (next to Yeti and the Bermuda Triangle) are 10 Downing Street and BBC !!! The political and media institutions served in English language are not English at all.

Since ‘the Lord of Darkness’ sacrificed the Two Towers on Sept the 11th, the Western World has been going through constant crises, as if it was on the way to the next stage. Destruction of peaceful Arab countries, refugee crisis, ‘3’ sexes, anal sex as a way of life, vile family destruction, constant race-mixing agenda to the disadvantage of the white race, replacement of the conservative pope into a liberal one, and finally a smokescreen in the form of virus. What’s next? Surely poverty, unemployment and debt, but what else? Perhaps the end or limitation of cash, and a personal microchip in the form of a vaccine causing infertility and heart attacks. Certain quote came to my mind:

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

– David Rockefeller (at the UN Business Conference, Sept 1994)

The politics of truth

In defense of the Polish language

By: Martin Malik
Polish language is being attacked, changed and falsified, depending on who the occupied Polish government and its mainstream media parrots try to please. The Cultural Revolution, through "benevolent assimilation", is a very important element of American domination, what means that in this respect I can't see much difference between the US, Russia and China.
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