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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

===============================================  “Religion, like alcohol, should only be for wise people”

Martin Malik

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

Population explosion

By: Martin Malik

Population explosion


Taking into consideration the White Genocide project which is based on destroying the White civilization, the European governments conduct an anti-White birhtrate propaganda in all First World countries, in order to have an excuse to shift different continents to Europe. Mainstream media spread the abortion and anti-Christian propaganda, and according to the Globalists, Christians are “educated worse” and that’s why they have more children than atheists. However, the very authors of such propaganda don’t feel comfortably to discuss the fact that Africans and Muslims in Europe have 4 or even 6 children per family. This means that white people in Western Europe are made to believe that they are stupid to even have children, but on the other hand the back door immigration from the Third World and their high procreation means, that for example in England they will have to build a city comparable in size to Birmingham, without a single English person living there.



World is the ever changing gift of God, which perfectly balances the ecosystem and guarantees order on earth. But on the other hand Satan keeps on trying to show God that humans are simply a failure and he would do all that is in his power to come out on top. When one of many species becomes an enemy of the world because of its excessive population and a nature of a poisoner then the balances of all ecosystems undergo a crisis. The United Nations officially claimed that in 2011 the global population had reached 7 billion people. In 2024-30 it will be about 8 billion and in 2050 about 10 billion. According to the same prediction, with the current tendency at the end of the XXI century the global population will reach from 11 billion people up to 16 billion, although in my opinion the more believable number is about 12,5 billion. Only in Africa there will be from 4 billion to 5,1 billion what means that comparing to the current population of Africa it will increase four times or even five times. Population of Asia will increase from 4,3 billion up to 5-5,2 billion people in 2050.

In my article I’m going to show the disastrous way on which people condemn not only Earth, animals and plants but also themselves. By presenting the overpopulation problem globally and by giving examples of certain countries and regions I’m going to discuss the problem of population bomb and the price that humans will have to pay for their ignorance sooner or later. The question I’m going to try to answer is mainly how many billions of people the Earth is able to hold. How many billions of people it is able to feed, water and provide medical care and education and not to suffocate itself to death at the same time. In my opinion we are heading into a black abyss and we are pulling all that is beautiful with us. Having shown numerical and ecological facts I’m going to awake my readers when the population equals 12 billion people and then I’m going to show the reality of life when there are almost twice more people than there are now, but also what such a large population would mean for each and every one of us.


Historical population

In order to understand the growth rate of the very different kinds of Homo Sapiens, first we need to get to know the history of our population.

In 10.000 BC the global population was only about 1 million and was scattered around the whole planet. It was a frigid and brutal time when people hunted mammoths while sabre-tooth tigers hunted people. In those times, when Ice Age was reaching its end there were no medications and those who managed to survive didn’t live longer than until their thirtieth birthday.

2000 years later, in 8000 BC there were 5 million people what means that in those times the global population was quite equal to the current population of Norway. There was no ice anymore and people occupied themselves not only with nomadic life and hunting but also with permanent settlement. With the birth of Jesus the world population stood at 200 mln and people used to live in towns and villages where they developed trade, farming, fishing and breeding live stock. Apart from that people learned how to use herbs and plants to deal with illnesses, wounds and puffinesses. Garlic, tarragon, pomegranate, dill, forest fruit but also cabbage and vegetable brew were used to enhance health.

During next centuries people provoked many wars and different civilizations in the world experienced natural disasters, famines and epidemics so it seems that population shouldn’t have increased. Throughout the next centuries trade and sea routes were being developed and with them people exported lethal diseases and experienced disasters. Between 1315 and 1322 Europe experienced Great Famine. Millions of people died because of bad weather that destroyed farmlands. Then Europe again lost millions of people because of slaughter, high infant mortality and even cannibalism. In the Middle Ages, especially in the XIV century plagues of famine were frequent and a lot of people died because of that. With the development of trade, ships with Chinese spices brought infected rats to Europe and as a result of that there was a new pandemic. Between 1346 and 1353 Black Death, which was the biggest epidemic ever known raged through Europe and killed from 74 mln – 200 mln people. This means that Black Death killed about 40% – 50% of the European population and therefore rebuilding of the White civilization took the next 150 years. Later, Black Death appeared in Europe sporadically in the XIX century in different forms. However, taking into consideration all those epidemics, primitive medical services, floods that affected people and crops and continuous wars, in 1800 the world population reached 1 billion anyway.

The next two centuries, from 1800 to 2000 was an avalanche of population growth. Developing of the Industrial Revolution, medical service and trade and wholesale industrialization of food caused that humankind did not stop growing in numbers. Because of the plague of pox, cholera, tuberculosis and typhoid which were brought to the American continent by White settlers and Black slaves, on the other side of Atlantic 50 million or even more Native Americans died. Because of wars for influence and mostly for land and because of lack of immunity to epidemics brought by Negroes the native population of America significantly decreased.

About 80 million people died in both World Wars and according to WHO, AIDS killed about 40 million people and still kills about 1,5 million every year and 70% of all infections takes places in sub-Saharan Africa. My reasoning is therefore that despite all those fatal facts population is still increasing with a terrifying growth rate. In order to understand better the growth rate of population I present data published by the UN and the US Census Bureau called the “years of the next billions”. In 1959 there were 3 billion people, in 1974 there were already 4 billion, later in 1987 there were already 5 billion and in 1999 the global population doubled in number since 1959 reaching 6 billion people. This means that just after 40 years there were 3 billion more of us. In 2011 there were 7 billion people and whilst I am writing this article in February 2015 the global population has already increased by the next 250-300 million. However, according to the UN prediction, within the next 9 years, that is in 2024 the global population might already amount to 8 billion people.

As we can see the population is still increasing and there is less and less time between one billion and the other. The aim of the “historical population” chapter is not only to present data but also to make people understand that wars and epidemics would not solve the problem of the population bomb. It can be solved only with education about population in First World countries and then implementation of anti-population growth regime in Third World countries. Unfortunately, taking into consideration the degree of literacy in countries such as Pakistan (55%), India (75%), Bangladesh (56%) or Ethiopia, Mali, Chad and Niger where literacy level stands at 30% on average, I think that education in those countries is as much of an utopia as the cultural Marxism in Europe. To dark races which stand at a lower level of culture and civilization, education is not able to reach on a nationwide scale. Dark races are capable of brutal revolutions but not of corporate discipline and need of education, what leads to fatal results such as famine, epidemic and total disaster of themselves. In the colonial times a White man was seen as pure evil but dark races still do not want to realize that White men wanted to implement order and education and wanted to introduce technology of the First World into countries which are still stepped back in time. Nowadays, the White civilization does not want to solve population problems of Africa or Asia, partly because of ideological issues. One side feeds itself with a deep feeling of guilt and the other believes that Whites are guilty of all the sorrows which have happened to them and that will happen in the future.

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Famine, next to epidemic, crime and wave of social problems is just one of results of the population bomb.

The criminal population bomb as a local problem

In my opinion the population explosion is not a global factor but a local one and continental. Nowadays, the most densely populated continent is Asia and then Africa which populations remind me of a lottery win advert. It is “million on Wednesday, million on Saturday”. Meanwhile, population of Europe, North America and Australia, which are the countries of White fatherland are struggling with low birthrates, except Great Britain where African and Asian continents have been relocated to. Taking political correctness into account we often see global numbers that suggest automatically that we all are equal, we all have the same contribution to the global GDP and we are all at the same level of technology, education and culture. Well……the global number of births is about 134 million a year and the global number of deaths is about 56 million a year but according to the UN this number will increase to about 80 million around 2040.

In my opinion these are very optimistic data (read: hypocritical) because taking into consideration only the population of India the truth quickly comes out. In 1998 population of India stood at 1 billion people, currently it is 1,27 billion and in 2050 it will reach 1,6 billion. We can see that even if we don’t consider Africa which population in 2050 will be at least 2 billion, the experts’ opinion that there’s nothing to worry about is just a big lie. Apart from that there is about 800 million people in India who live in extreme poverty, that is for $1.25 a day, and the other 300 million lives in a bit less of an extreme poverty, which is for $2.25 a day. Meanwhile, the literacy level stands at about 75% and schools aren’t equipped in learning materials or even basic sanitation. Therefore bearing in mind the populations of Africa and Asia the whole world is becoming the Third World. According to CIA about 870 million people in the world are illiterate and this is the part of the global population which is being relocated to Europe what means that those people adjust Europe to the Third World standards by bringing their primitive customs, diseases, crimes and lack of will to work with them.

Taking into consideration the White Genocide project which is based on destroying the White civilization, the European governments conduct an anti-White birhtrate propaganda in all First World countries, in order to have an excuse to shift different continents to Europe. Mainstream media spread an abortion and anti-Christian propaganda and according to Globalists Christians are “educated worse” and that’s why they have more children than atheists. However, the very authors of such propaganda don’t feel comfortable to discuss the fact that Africans and Muslims in Europe have 4 or even 6 children per family. This means that people in Western Europe are made to believe that they are stupid to even have children while on the other hand the back door immigration from the Third World and their high procreation means that for example in England thee will have to build a city comparable in size to Birmingham without a single English person living there. Different matters are laziness, fear, welfare, foolishness and extreme ignorance of the White race but the White apartheid policy by all means exists. For example, considering the number of births in certain countries published by The Population Reference Bureau, differences between the White population and the Third World one are enormous. In African countries such as: Niger, Mali, Burundi, Somalia, Nigeria or Burkina Faso the number of children per every woman is from 5 to 8 on average. When it comes to the rest of Africa the standard is 5 children per woman.

When it comes to South Asia in countries such as: India, Pakistan or Bangladesh the average is 2.5 to 3 what means that their huge populations are still growing. Even in China where the one child policy has been implemented because of their 1.35 billion population, still there are 1.6 children per woman. It is also important to mention that each of those nations has great populations in Europe, America and Australia and over there their population are not restricted. For a comparison in the countries of the White fatherland, such as for example: Germany, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Denmark or Norway the number of children per woman is from 1.2 to 1.8. Unfortunately even that data cannot be taken seriously because the birthrates in the Netherlands (1.7), France (2.1) or Great Britain (1.9) are proportionately higher thanks to Muslims and Africans, and the number of births is a different research than for example steady immigration which in Great Britain stands at about 200.00 a year and it keeps on growing. Moreover, nowadays we live much longer than 200 years ago and that’s why the problem with immigration and population shift in Europe will deepen. Our ineffective system will lead to a situation in which elderly people will be left alone or 1 person will be working for 10 pensioners. The economic reasons linked with the never-ending import of Negroes and Muslims will change Europe into a Third World continent. According to Islam “only Allah decides about the number of children” and unfortunately Allah also decides for Muslims living in Europe too, what means a great ethnic and cultural change of the White continent.

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According to the “experts” population depends only on two major things: the number of births and the length of life, although in my opinion population depends mainly on education. Moreover, I also see population in racial and cultural terms and purely for the survival of the White civilization and creating balance in the world this problem should be only seen that way. Speaking about education, Bangladesh is a classic example for those who are interested in the overpopulation problem and in my opinion Bangladesh has made a significant progress in this area. At the beginning of the XX century the average number of births was between 6 to 8 children per woman and nowadays it is 2.5. People in Bangladesh have finally realized that huge population is a lethal problem and because of that there are a lot of organizations which help to educate simple people and provide health care. Women trained to do this job walk from one village to another and from one house to the next one an talk to women about family planning and give them free condoms. Nowadays it is clearly visible that the education provided over the century has achieved good results in Bangladesh but in my opinion it has happened 100 years too late and the results are still not satisfactory enough. Bangladesh occupies a territory which is just a little bit bigger than the territory of Greece; but population of Greece is only 11 million while the population of Bangladesh stands at unbelievable 158 million. We can only imagine how happy we are that we do not have to squeeze ourselves in Bangladesh and I’m not even going to take under consideration all the seasonal hurricanes, earthquakes and extreme poverty of Bangladesh because it is not the point of this article. Let’s keep in mind the population bomb.

According to the World Bank the overall population density in Greece stands at about 90 people per 1km² whilst in Bangladesh it is 1203 people per 1km². Therefore we, White people who always balance the world by our western standards simply assume that people of Bangladesh and the whole race of South Asia are very careful and control their population? Unfortunately not. According to the UN and the Department of Social and Economic Matters in 2035 in Bangladesh there will be 191 million people and in 2050 about 202 million people. I only give Bangladesh as an example but at the same time I can guarantee that it is still not the worst of examples because in comparison to African anti-standards of poverty, crime, epidemic and population bomb Bangladesh can still feel like a winner. According to the UN at the end of the XXI century population of Africa will hit 4 billion, however some of the sources predict that it might be even 5.1 billion. On the other hand it’s a big win for all the cultural Marxists occupying Europe because great population in Africa will provide them not only with a continuous surge of paid slaves but also illiterate voters who will bring the Left to endless power for the price of sacrificing the White civilization.

People versus penguins

Perhaps it sounds funny but in my opinion people would solve problem of excessive population if they tried to copy penguins. When I watch penguins marching through the Antarctic in order to find better breeding grounds and food I can see people in those noble and proud birds. They live as we do in groups, they hunt together and they protect each other against predators and frost. I would like to concentrate on emperor penguins which is the biggest species with the biggest brains. I think that when it comes to behaviour and controlling population emperor penguins stand definitely higher than people, and not only in family planning but also in relationships with their partners and raising their young ones. In this section I’m going to prove that family values and a proper way of raising children or lack of it has also a big impact on population.

  • Emperor penguins start to look for their partners in March or April and it looks like a kind of a dance during which a male and a female look into each others’ eyes and that way they decide if they want to be together for the rest of their lives. Love making starts when temperatures in the Antarctic goes down to -40Cº but penguins make each other hot because of love. That way both a male and a female enter into a consensual copulation which takes place around May and they are together until death does them apart. It is very romantic, isn’t it?

People however look for sex partners the whole year round but in many countries instead of making love they brutally rape women. According to UN police around the world receives more than 250.000 reports about rapes and various sex crimes. These however are still very optimistic data because in many Muslim and African countries and because of immigration to the European countries there are honourable killings, marital rapes and fear of submitting reports to the police because of “women’s fault”. Also, a lot of children are born as a result of rape what raises population and deepens social problems which are totally unknown to penguins. In African countries suffering from wars there are hundreds of thousands of rapes and almost each one of them results in pregnancy of adult women and even 12 years old girls. During the civil wars in Rwanda and Sierra Leone rape was used as a weapon of war and purely because of hundreds of thousands of rapes hundreds of thousands of orphans were born. Education is therefore the key to solve the problem but unfortunately in countries where there is a lot of poverty and where people are the most stupid the population is the biggest. For example in Papua New Guinea 55% of all women have been raped and according to the honest statements of men 70% of them raped more than once, 63% raped for fun and 50% in order to punish a woman. Rapists are responsible for explosion of population in that country with 3.1% growth a year. For example in Yemen and in other Arab countries there isn’t even such a thing as the age of consent, what means that girls either die during childbirth or they become breeding machines. In African countries such as Kenya and Ethiopia girls are usually kidnapped what means that a Negroid kidnaps an 11 year old girl, then he rapes her for a few months and when she finally gets pregnant he bargains a price with her father over their marriage. In south Africa there are about half a million rapes a year, in Egypt there are about 200.000 and in the so called First World countries such as Great Britain there are even 85.000 rapes a year, and what’s very important those tragic numbers are getting proportionally bigger with immigration of Muslims and Negroes. For the same reason Sweden has became the European capital of rape but its government still keeps on giving asylum to Muslims. What’s more, because of extreme political correctness Sweden has the lowest number of convictions for rape to not to offend Muslims.

According to American agency Centres for Disease Control and Prevention only in America about 32.000 children are conceived because of rape every year. For example in Congo, even though the war has finished and rape is not used as a weapon anymore, now rape has become a cultural element of that country. There are currently 400.000 rapes in Congo every single year and in a country where abortion is banned and where submitting a rape report to the police is equal with banning from the social life, most rapes end with pregnancies and newborns with HIV. This means that in Congo there are about 1100 rapes every day and it is the regional way of controlling the Congolese birthrates – (and races are apparently equal?)

  • A female of an emperor penguin lays only one egg which is incubated by the father. After hatching of young penguin the parents take turns in hunting and caring for the young one, what means that penguins have strong family ties. Then parents stop feeding a young penguin when it is able to hunt by itself. Thanks to a well organised cycle in the world of penguins there is order and the natural control of population.

When it comes to people, family ties and upbringing of their children are less significant and they depend on race. According to Population Reference Bureau as many as 67% of Black children are brought up without fathers while among White people it is “only” 17-25% of children that are brought up only by a mother. However, when it comes to Negroes some data mention about 82% what means that on average 70% of Black men have children with many women and none of them will be ever called a “daddy”. Then, those children learn to live in the streets or in houses full of social problems and without any role models apart from living in gangs and multiplying their useless population even further. In The Kingdom of Political Correctness (the UK) about 1.5 million children live without fathers and according to BBC Education & Family in England and Wales there are 256 districts where 50% of children are brought up without fathers. Moreover, in Manor Castle in Sheffield as many as 75% of children are brought up without fathers, what means that spotting a child with a father, whether in school or in a playground is an extremely rare experience. The fathers themselves often have orphans with other women and when the children grow up they behave in the same way because of lack of role models and education.

Let’s think for a moment what would happen to the population of emperor penguins if they learned culture from Negroes or Arabs.

Let’s imagine there are 12 billion of us and let’s face the consequences

We live in the ever changing world where migration of people never stops. It is migration of many races and cultures to smaller cities and to mega cities which get created from big agglomerations, but also to slums of India, Brazil, Africa and to crumbling Europe and America. Migrating mainly for economic reasons, in the never-ending chase for food, money and personal space we increase our hunger for electricity, petrol, clean water and necessary services. Despite the fact that majority of people live in poverty, the circle of world population never stops spinning, putting an increasingly heavier impact on our planet and on us. Most of us don’t even think about the problem of population bomb but in my opinion we should be very worried and when thinking about our children and grandchildren we should be terrified. During the last 150 years the endlessly increasing human population has been able to make major changes on Earth. We have changed forests into fields and monuments made of concrete, and the other inhabitants of Earth, both living on land and in water are no longer animals in our perception but a part of food industry. Earth gives us crops, coal, nuclear energy that heats our homes and gives us oil thanks to which it is possible to transport food, clothes and medications. In spite of carbon dioxide which has already become a permanent part of our poisoned atmosphere, our population is still growing.

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Have we ever wondered what would happen if there were so many of us that Earth wouldn’t be able to feed us, provide water, heat and petrol in order to transport food to desert and mountainous areas? What would happen if the population bomb doomed us once more to a medieval epidemic, plague, famine, thirst, uncontrolled anarchy and even cannibalism? Putting this problem more personally I would like to ask my readers to think what would happen if such tragedies hit each and every one of us, every selfish one out there? In this section I’m going to explain why excessive population should worry us and I think that even the most selfish ones will rethink the enormous problem called the population explosion. Let’s imagine that there are 12bn of us today, and these are the consequences that we must face:

Insane construction

Governments of most countries have a great problem with accommodating people and for that reason mass building has been implemented in industrialized countries. Unfortunately mega – cities made of big cities are already full what means that there is no space to build anymore and people are still coming. The only possible direction of building is the way up. Architects begin building great skyscrapers what means that their plan is to copy the highest buildings such the ones in Taipei, New York or Dubai and putting them in a short distance from each other in all the previously normal cities. Currently such problem is present in Hong Kong which is the most populated city in the world and where there are even 100 buildings built side by side and each of them has 80 floors. For that reason there’s no air to breath because wind cannot go through the concrete wall. I can’t imagine what Hong Kong would look like if the world population was 12 billion, especially if it has the highest population density already. This means that in the territory of 1104km² lives more than 7 million people and in the highly urbanised places there are even 400.000 people per 1km² . Currently 75% of Hong Kong is not planned for building but if the number of people doubled or tripled there would be more of such high “residential walls” which would lead to lack of air circulation, to breathing carbon dioxide, to many diseases and a plague of suicides. I have given Hong Kong only as an example to show the extreme population density in a small territory but let’s now concentrate on huge agglomerations. Let’s imagine Paris, London, Berlin, Constantinople, Tokyo, Delhi, Karachi, Beijing, Shanghai, Manila, Lagos and the new huge city of North America which has swallowed New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Richmond and Norfolk. Unfortunately with a population of 12 billion people residential towers of 80 floors are no longer sufficient. In order to accommodate 100 million people in any of the mega – cities the towers would have to have about 220 floors and weigh more than half a million tons each. Despite the fact that they are not pieces of art solving the housing problem the world governments are aware that there won’t be enough space for everyone and flats will have to be smaller. It might be even necessary to put a few families together on very modest square meters. Apart from that in order to build such tall and heavy buildings they would have to sit on rocks. Otherwise they would get into the ground and knock down other blocks like domino tiles. Because of developing mental diseases, sanitary problems and extreme claustrophobia millions of people find homes in parks, offices, bus stations, subways, underground stations, underground parking lots and even zoos. Architects are forced to build residential towers in the last green area where now people live in tents and cook as if they were camping. Central Park in New York which in my opinion is the most beautiful part of that city is quickly becoming a part of history. At some point a question is born who can afford a property when the unlimited labour force creates a nation of low-paid slaves in all colours.

In developing countries (although with a population of 12 billion a better term is “the countries with the lowest GDP and PPP) millions of people live in deserts and semi deserts where they build primitive houses of materials that they are able to find. Over there car wrecks and rusty railway carriages become homes and in the regions where there are strong winds trenches with provisional roofs also become good houses.

Population of 12 billion people means that even in highly-developed countries the era of private, single-family homes would come to an end.

“So many forests, all cut, that have become land … that can longer give life. This is our sin, exploiting the Earth and not allowing her to give us what she has within her.”                   


Pope Francis

Billions of hungry people

Among the first needs of humans and animals is to stop hunger, what makes the housing problem not the biggest problems of all that a 12 billion population has to deal with. Currently, when the global population amounts to 7.2 billion people according to the UN’s wing called The Farm and Agriculture Organization, farmlands cover 33% of the earth’s surface (149 mln km²), which of only 9.3% of them are arable and the rest is used for keeping livestock. According to the University of Wisconsin-Madison as much as 40% of the earth’s surface are arable, of which only a territory more or less as big as South America is used as farmlands. Going to further details it means that with the current 7.2 billion population farmlands cover 48.9 mln km² which is almost equal to the whole territory of Asia (>44.6 mln km²) and Australia (>7.7 mln km²). Let’s imagine that right now there is another 5 billion hungry people. In such circumstances it means that on agriculture (rearing live stock and farmlands) we would have to use a whole territory of Africa too, not mentioning yet about fishing. I suspect that new farmlands could not be located on grounds that are difficult to agriculture or that are simply worthless, such as: Sahara, covered with ice Siberia, Saudi Arabia or steppes of Mongolia and Kazakhstan. It means that people would be forced to cut out the “world’s lungs” and in such a desperate move they would hit the final nail into the coffin of humanity. I’m sure that the countries of North Africa would try to level Sahara with heavy equipment and they would invest in desalination of ocean’s water to later water the desert in order to create farmlands, but the whole operation would be very difficult. It would be far easier to became an ecological murderer and cut out forests in Europe and both Americas but even if people went so far, deforestation would be only the first long phase in the direction of converting all the empty grounds into farmlands. This means that taking into consideration both developed and primitive technologies, the world governments would not be able to feed a 12 billion population and they would not be able to feed live stock that is essential to feed people. Moreover, many regions of the world are water impoverished which is the basis of growing crops. During the times of the Green Revolution (1940-1960) people tripled production of cereals, only by a 10% increase of farmlands but this miracle is now gone because since the beginning of Green Revolution the human population has increased 2,5 times. In 1999 the supply of food able to feed the whole world was enough to last for 116 days while in 2015 with the population of 7.2 billion people it might be enough for about 57 days. The situation is really complicated because around 2040 we will have to find enough food to feed the additional current populations of India and China. My critics may say that they could only eat meat but it is not so simple. The world produces about 5 billion pieces of hoofed animals a year and about 15 billion pieces of poultry a year and all those animals consume 1/3 of all produced cereals, not to mention the supply of fresh water, electricity and petrol to maintain them. Currently there are more than 240 million dairy cows in the world but in order to produce milk they have to be at least 2 years old and they have to consume 50 kilos of cereal, potatoes and other nutritious foods every day. The epidemic of “wild cows” has proved that if we want meat of high quality cows must be fed with „dignity”. Animal husbandry is not always beneficial because of high costs, and in many parts of the world farming is not always safe because of draughts, floods and air pollution. For example in Bangladesh or the Philippines there are regular hurricanes and floods what means destroyed crops, such as rice and cereals and also dead animals. For that reason I can’t imagine how for example poor Bangladesh could feed 200 million people. Hurricanes, typhoons and earthquakes are also more frequent in South and East Asia and one of them hit a nuclear power station in Japan. what again polluted crops. Then Japan of 127.5 million population was forced to import rice from China.

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Hungry children – victims of population explosion.

According to the part of UN called The Food and Agriculture Organization the global harvest of wheat, which is one of the major cereals, in 2013 stood at 713 million tons and the number always varies depending on weather conditions. In 2012 it was 674 million tons, in previous years it had been a little bit more than 600 million tons and in 2002 it was only 560 million tons. Just to compare in 2012 were collected 720 million tons of rice and more than 870 million tons of corn. Let’s imagine how dramatic, harmful to the environment and damaging to a budget of an average family in Europe it would be if we had to feed another China, another India and another Africa. Another words it means that uncontrolled population means anarchy because in a world in which a trip to a grocery store costs 50% of an average salary people are no longer interested in robbing a jewelry shop but a food market. With a population of 12 billion people and a high technology of developed countries unemployment rate goes up to unimaginable numbers end even those who work cannot afford to live anymore. People have to think for themselves how to feed their families and that’s why they change professions from office workers, drivers or doctors…….to farmers. When we run out of domestic animals then roofs, windowsills, all edges of few story parking lots, balconies and football stadiums change into farmlands. Although at first it seems like a good solution what if there isn’t enough water for people, animals and plants and what if it doesn’t rain enough to water the crops? The next stage is a global chaos, additionally fueled by the fact that countries such as China and the USA stop exporting seeds in order to feed their own citizens. In the act of the next desperation people head towards the seas and oceans and start fishing more than ever. Fish are an essential part of a human diet because they contain a lot of valuable vitamins, minerals and proteins. However, taking into consideration the history of fishing, even 200 years ago people brought some species of fish and see mammals to the edge of existence. They did it to whales for their oil and to many species of fish for their valuable meat. Sea bass, blue fin tuna and herring were almost removed from our planet, and still people don’t realize that excessive fishing means breaking the food chain in oceans. In 2003 it was even claimed that population of big fish stands at 10% of their original populations. According to a research carried out by The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), with a population of 7 billion, in the recent years about 90 million tons of fish have been taken out from the seas, 63 million from fishing farms and more than 30% of all fishing took place in and around China. To sum up, with a population of 7 billion, in 2010 the fishing industry caught 148 million tons and in 2011 it was an astonishing number of 154 million tons. Apart from that we also have to count illegal fishing and recreational fishing which is again calculated in a few more millions of tons. Let’s think how many tons of fish we would be forced to catch in 2050 when the world population hits around 10 billion people. Let’s think how many fish would still remain and what would be the cost for a kilo of carp or salmon bred in farms? The answer to this question is chaos connected with a total collapse of the worldwide fishing industry, unless people give up on eating fish for a few years. Let’s bear in mind however that people don’t want to wait a few years. They want to eat now.

Desperate governments are building more factories and power station in order to cope with 12 billion population and wide chimneys work round the clock and emit substances to the atmosphere which are deadly to people. The biggest mega – cities of Europe, both Americas and Asia are engulfed with poisonous mists causing a variety of diseases. In New York, Delhi or London poisonous gases cover even 70% of sun rays and landscapes of great cities of China look like as if it was on Mars. China is becoming the “red planet” and the government keeps on lying about the epidemic of cancer.

Water – the biggest treasure

With a population of 12 billion the world’s mega – cities become overcrowded and in the suburbs people set up camping towns and small farmlands. People harm themselves and the planet by deforestation and oceans turn into empty, dead waters. Despite that plantations and animals on farms absorb more energy, cereals and water and even though food prices hit the sky people have even more problems. Because of constant transportation of food by trucks and trains a lot of roads and railway tracks are in need of immediate, billion pound investments or otherwise millions of people living far from main urban centres would die of famine. Therefore taking into consideration the world’s problems with housing, food and breaking transport, ironically these are still not the worst of all the problems. 12 billion people and animals must drink and crops have to be watered in order to produce vegetables and cereals. However, the chaos above imagination starts right now because the climate around the world tends to be moody. Cities such as Singapore or Hong Kong have high precipitation and warm climates but not a lot of space but cities such as Lima, Dubai or Cairo are absolutely desperate for water and not only for drinking but also for hygiene and sanitary facilities. Let’s take London for example where in 2015 with the global population of 7.2 billion live more than 8.5 million people. I suspect that when the foundations of chaos start to appear immigration would not have any boundaries whatsoever and with the world population of 12 billion around 20 million people would settle down in London. Such a huge population demands enormous investments because in order to provide water to every tap in London the system of sewers would have to be revolutionised in such a way that it doesn’t get clogged. If twice more people opened taps, used toilets and took showers, the water system would not keep up. As a result of overpopulation, in London water would pour out from street canals and there would be floods in bathrooms because of full toilets. This means that England and other European countries what be back do medieval pandemics such as: cholera, typhoid, dysentery and renal failure. When water from cesspools start to mix with drinking water then people drinking it in an act of desperation sentence themselves to slow death, which is additionally spread by rats. Europe would be struck again by Black Death epidemic that last time struck the continent in the XIV century. In developing countries where it is much hotter and where medical care is rare people get sick much quicker and die in pain by millions. In that moment all the non – infected and strong enough start a massive migration towards the north where they can find the biggest reservoirs of fresh water and those who chose to stay in cities rely on water talons. Soon after in front of governmental buildings people start massive protests with canisters in their hands and politicians who want to stay in power decide to implement the next extreme move. They sent ships to the North Pole and instruct soldiers to blow up icebergs with dynamite and then tow them in special conditions to the rest of the world. After a short time the ecosystem of the far north becomes seriously disturbed what still doesn’t change anything to a 12 billion human population. Shortly after the governments realize that blowing up icebergs is not the right solution and unfortunately reservoirs of fresh water are nearly empty. There isn’t enough water to water farmlands or to give water to animals that are supposed to feed the enormous human population. Harvests of cereals and rice in Asia suffer a shocking defeat and the nations of China and India slowly die of famine. Sub-Saharan Africa becomes a death zone. Finally people realize that water once used to have a bath, shower, washing dishes, laundry, flushing toilets or even watering lawns was a treasure that guaranteed the golden age of humanity. Because of lack of water building industry suffers too because in order to produce steel or mix cement water is also needed.

After a short time the same phenomenon appears that took place after extinction of dinosaurs. It turns out that only the smallest reptiles survived because there wasn’t enough food to maintain even medium-sized animals. In case of a 12 billion population it is exactly the same. The biggest chances of survival would have only very small nations that produce food on their own, that have access to fresh water and are separated geographically. Countries and regions such as; Iceland, Greenland, the Falkland islands or Faroe islands would be the easiest. But in all other places with hot climate and where it is far away from rivers people would die of starvation followed by epidemics. In the face of chaos caused by hunger, when there’s no water to drink or use for hygiene it is clear that national business takes priority over international trade and words agreed with contracts and fake handshakes. 12 billion people drink rivers faster than for example Thames river can supply and on which London depends on. Thames becomes more and more shallow to the point of temporary droughts what as a result leads to the fall of economy. 20 million in London are not able to survive without water and that’s why London becomes abandoned.

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12 billion people are simply not needed. They disturb each other, they become the Earth’s parasites and their lives have no value anymore. 3 billion unemployed and the other 1 billion heavily underpaid break into houses in search of food and water. Economy is destroyed and chaos becomes the new reality. There is army in the streets and curfew is also introduced. Even so, hunger and thirst are stronger and that’s why if any country has more water even bullets aimed at the crowd of immigrants are unable to stop millions of people. Wars over water erupt around the world and “water migrations” to the north are very common. Those people have nothing to lose but they don’t know that because of pesticides used for crops and heavy gases and chemicals emitted by chimneys of power stations and factories most rivers and lakes are simply intoxicated and their shores are now graveyards for fish, birds and plants. From that moment onwards only two options still remain. People must either dig in the ground to find water or climb the high parts of Himalayas or other mountain ranges. Unfortunately in such conditions nobody has strength to do it and nobody has enough water to get there. The strongest and the most persistent reach to the north of Canada, Scandinavia, Siberia and the Andes and then by living in harsh conditions they start a new civilizations. When it comes to the rest of humanity the situation is fatal, especially that deserts are now a lot larger and most of the planet is destroyed.

Even now, in 2015 with the world population of 7.2 billion there are a lot of water impoverished countries, such as for example: the whole of Arabian Peninsula, Israel, Jordan, Central and Sub-Saharan Africa, the south of Central Asia, Malta and the Maldives. On the other hand countries rich in water are Russia, Canada, USA, China, Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Indonesia.


It is indeed very ironic but the most natural way for introducing a depopulation program is to drive the global humanity to a breaking point in order to make billions die of famine, thirst, cold, edge of suffering and broken economy. People are too selfish and too ignorant to care about the planet and the next generations. Only when billions die for all the above reasons, then next generations would realize for some time how much the Earth is able to keep and only then the nature would start to restore itself. Therefore responsible living in harmony with nature is crucial if we are to survive.

From time to time people create depopulation theories which in my opinion are true to a certain extent. Governments are trying to stop the Third World population from further breeding but taking into consideration political correctness and the fact that depopulation program edges over genocide it is really a very delicate matter that has bad impact on voters. Popular thesis are genetically modified vegetables and meat produced by companies such as Monsanto and Codex. Those foods include in their ingredients toxic substances causing cancer and sexual incapacity. I’ve never carried out any research on that topic but if we think for a moment why some apples or tomatoes in England look exactly the same and why chickens are as big as medium-sized turkeys then such theories start to make sense. Monsanto which has its roots in hell is a well known poisoner in Europe and an evil producer of genetically modified food. Let’s imagine that the New World Order regime drives farmers into poverty and then suddenly gives them funds but only on a condition that they would buy genetically modified seeds from Monsanto, what means that the full of chemicals corn or cereal is no longer an ordinary plant created by God but by Frankenstein. For example Codex established probably by Lucifer himself, without any mercy adds pesticides and chemicals to their products which are very dangerous to human life and health.

In 2001, 176 countries gathered to discuss that matter and each one of them decided that even though all of those substances are extremely dangerous, especially 12 of them are highly toxic and absolutely unacceptable, but on top of it 9 of those are pesticides which exist purely to kill. They are called Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) and the main list of pesticides and food contaminations added to food by Monsanto and Codex are: DOT, Mirex, Dieldrin, Hexachlorobenzene, Toxaphene, Chlordane, Aldrin, Mirex, Endein and Pentachlorophenol. Apart from that the intentional polluters (widly known as food contaminations) which are added to food globally are: Furan, Dioxin and PAH, and if that was still not enough the chemicals added to food are: PCB and Hexabromobiphenyl. Currently in the USA 85% of corn, 88% cotton and 91% soya is genetically modified. Because of enormous population genetically modified plants and animals are unfortunately tragic future of our planet. Officially animals haven’t been modified yet because of people’s resistance but plans aiming to breed genetically modified salmons have been already made. To put it into a more understandable English this means the salmons could have even genes of pigs or cows. By the way, in Great Britain “the conservative” government has approved the law allowing a child to have even three parents because in a laboratory into an egg of a woman doctors can add sperm and also genes of a different woman. In my opinion genetically modified plants are only the beginning but the true aim is a mass genetic engineering of people.

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Countries where there is an obligation to mark the genetically modified food.

I find it very difficult to believe in all the epidemics that spread around Africa, that’s why I treat that continent and its Black population as laboratory mice testing lethal viruses, which are being cultured in the genocide laboratories. How come HIV appeared only in the XX century and how is it possible that Ebola virus started spreading so suddenly? It seems to me that technology has not been developed yet to the level needed by the elites because HIV kills for years and Ebola is not effective enough. The elites therefore need the perfect virus that would kill regardless of geographical location but only those with specific genetic backgrounds. I’m sure that Jews would give such a “present” to Arabs if they only could but the problem is that those two races have very similar genetic background. Wars do not have the planned genocidal result because even in Iraq and Afghanistan populations are still increasing. The only solution is to either drive people to a natural depopulation at the cost of the planet or to use the magical weapon addressed to particular races. Purely because of the numbers beyond imagination I think that such viruses should be intended especially for Black, Brown and Yellow races and before spreading such virus the authors should already have the antidote at the ready, they should ban flights to and from those countries and stop importing goods. Then when only 5-10% of the original population survives the magical antidote would be discovered. Nature would revive immediately, air would be clean, seas and oceans would be jumping with fish and forests and animals would make the world without Negroes a much better, healthier and a more peaceful place. Let’s imagine the world without Gypsies and let’s imagine the world in which the populations of Pakistan and “Arabistan” would be equal to a maximum of 100.000 people in every country.

Somebody would probably label my ideas as terribly evil but I can assure that I only speak out about the things that the ruling elites have thought about for a long time and are trying to put them into practice. I am entirely sure that the genocide laboratories have worked for a long time and the governments of the USA, Israel and Great Britain finance such research under the table. I also wonder if the so called “incurable diseases” are really incurable and what would happen if with the current population bomb somebody would reveal a cure for cancer or malaria, that cause death of about 1 million people every year. Let’s remember that health is a great business for pharmaceutical companies and for that reason the market is flooded not with those medications that heal but with those which get financial assistance from the super rich elites. I also approach with great disbelief all the vaccination campaigns in Africa, which in the current situation should be highly loaded with very solid, permanent sterilizing agents. This should be the priority.


I realize that my article is very dramatic and it can be seen as dark fantasy. Regardless of such reception, I think that my scenario will come true in certain points and it will be a very tragic experience for the human races. What’s more, in my article I discussed only some of the tragic predictions and if I made further effort I could still continue. In my opinion without education and admitting that the overpopulation problem does exist people will keep on behaving like an alcoholic who in his carelessness and mental intoxication drinks until he drops dead. We live in the world where almost half of the global population (3 billion) lives for less than $2.5 a day and 80% of people live for less than $10 a day. To economists the Third World is a cancer inside a healthy body because 40% of humanity produces only 5% of the world’s GDP whilst the rich 20% of humanity produces 75% of the world’s GDP. Taking into consideration that sad fact, to the elites it is simply not worth keeping Africa alive and nobody cares that just because of extreme poverty and malnutrition 22.000 children die every day and that still, around 750 million people can’t even write their own name.

Perhaps one day somebody would write an article giving us an illusion that there is no problem at all and I’m sure that such “experts” also exist. However in my opinion the population explosion will be a problem driving industrialized countries to the edge of survival, also mental survival and for the majority of people and for our beautiful planet it will be a catastrophe. As if that was not enough, when it comes to education of Negroes and other primitive races I would best compare it to the myth about Sisyphus but in this case Sisyphus would not be even able to roll the rock to the foot of the mountain.

As an adventure traveller I feel very close connection with nature and I think that removal of the natural beauty because of our greed, ignorance, stupidity and lack of respect for all the wonderful living creatures is equal with removal of God. To see what happens when a nation rejects God we can look at Russia 1917 or the plague of rape in the tragic experiment of multi – “cultural” Marxist run Europe.                                                                                                                                                                       

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