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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

The political virus Covid-19; part II

By: Martin Malik

Start from part I . . .

The political virus Covid-19; part II


The perfect enemy is the enemy which doesn’t exist, or whose existence we are not even sure of, because then we don’t know who to hang in the event of a global poverty. The ‘Divide and Conquer’ tactic was a great tool for globalists to put all races and cultures against each each other, so that it would be easier for them to rule over us in the conquered territories. Invasive alien immigration and vulgar race mixing caused a lot of people to even lose touch with their ethnic and national identity. On the other hand however, every monopoly on power begins to crumble at some point, and that’s why in order to forget about the still-present problems of the white civilization, the global “Lord of Darkness” decided to destroy in a more sophisticated way. What if the alleged enemy whose existence we are not even sure of kills everyone, supposedly regardless of race, culture, religion or political views. Still, most often the poorest and unnecessary ones will die, and not necessarily due to the virus itself, but due to its economic and psychological consequences. It is possible that a global reset is being set up, and someone will make a lot of money again, while the working middle class will be the biggest loser. 


The world after Covid-19

Nobody can predict what will happen after the world has dealt with another virus. I think we will live in a transition period, waiting for the next virus, but in the meantime they will scare us as usual. They will scare us mainly with Russia, but sometimes also with America, and with the invasion of Negroes and Arabs. Certainly, there will be creating social problems and insolent search for an enemy that does not exist. All of that however will go on, until they discover a new virus, and probably one that would come from a country that poses a military and economic threat to the US and Israel. Then all the import from that country could be stopped, or the virus could be simply bombed to the ground. If we make one campfire anyway, it’s always best to roasts a few pieces of meat on it at once, and people would somehow manage because they have a natural survival instinct.

Here’s how I see the world after victory declaration over Covid-19

As a traveler, I am terrified by the fact that I would not be able to go anywhere without the “miracle” vaccine, which would be obligatory. In other words, those who don’t get vaccinated would have house arrest in England. Some countries may have more or less lenient rules, and flying itself might be also become more expensive. Let us also imagine unpleasant surprises, such as for example: someone enters Cambodia without any problems, but without a vaccine he is banned from entering the Angkor Wat temples ‘because it’s an epicentre of the virus’. The same of course would be in the case of other fascinating places in many countries around the world, such as Machu Pichu in Peru, or the Borobodur temple in Indonesia. That way, countries would be open to tourism, but on the other hand they would become unattractive. I hope vaccinations won’t be compulsory.

As a traveler I’ve have always enjoyed the fact that I was able to help people in poor countries. If thousands or millions of “white rich” (as we are perceived in many places in the world) paid for their livelihood in India, the Philippines or Iran, then we could help local people. I’ve always tried to spend my money in such a way that it would go to small business owners, and not to corporations. I lived in private hostels, I bought food in street stalls, and souvenirs from random street vendors, because very often it was their only income. Now these poor people can no longer earn money, which is why tourism is so important to them. In Iraq, India and Bangladesh I bought food for the poor and cookies and tea for the children. In Sri Lanka I bought a whole bag of rice on the beach for a local family, because they were so desperate. What will happen to these poor people now, while the economic virus Covid-19 is still in and there aren’t any white tourists?

Unfortunately that is not all, because another way to kill tourism might be through forced quarantine. Officially, countries would be open to tourism, but only for the vaccinated, and additionally according to the rules of a given country. Let’s imagine that someone is flying from London to Kathmandu or Manila, but on the way he would like to get off in Manama for 3 days to visit Bahrain, buy dates and above all see the old forts. It would be a beautiful desert trip in a new country, but at the airport I might be told that ‘even though I could officially enter Bahrain, first I would have to pay for the expensive test against Covid-19, and then I would have to wait 2 weeks for the result in an expensive hotel’. As a result, the Kingdom of Bahrain would become extremely unattractive … and this is just one example. In addition, the insolent government in London could also track its citizens using an application on the phone, but it could also say that ‘Bahrain has the most ruthless virus within the walls of the old castles’ (because Bahrain doesn’t want to give presents in the form of free barrels of oil).

It is possible that not nations anymore, but multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-lingual human groups living within a certain country will be divided into two groups: the vaccinated  ones and the not vaccinated. The non-submissive ones, so those who wouldn’t allow to be vaccinated, would not be allowed to enter cinemas, theaters, sports centers and even shops, and of course they wouldn’t be able to travel. This means that the vaccine in the so-called “democratic country” would not be compulsory, but those who don’t get vaccinated might have huge difficulties. At this time, population of every country would turn into vicious informers from an early age. Under Stalin children reported to the KGB that their parents were against the communist regime, and then those parents were sent to gulags in Siberia, where they were usually worked to death, and their children were given sweets and red ribbons; and became the property of the party. It could be similar in ‘democratic countries’, but without gulags.

The disobedience of sheep nations to epidemiological standards could be also be used as a tool to exercise hidden authoritarian rule. If for example the entire socialist city of Manchester decided to not be vaccinated and enslaved, then no one would get benefits, the city would be cut off and the businesses of the inhabitants would be closed ‘for their own good’. From the point of view of the authorities, the revolution would also have to be brutally stopped to counteract “racism.” How English is that!

Besides, what is the vaccine? What’s inside, what are the side effects, and who does it really serve? It certainly serves governments and pharmaceutical corporations, but does it serve people? Perhaps the vaccine might cause cancer, heart attacks, seizures, and liver failures? Wouldn’t that be depopulation? After some time the governments would announce that no one is dying of the Coronavirus anymore, but no one would talk in the media about the increased wave of other diseases created by the vaccine.

Human contacts will be very limited… (just in case), and these restrictions would cause aggression and vicious reporting. In the beginning of the propaganda of global extermination caused by Covid-19, the English bypassed me on the streets as if I had leprosy, although I must admit that Poles were the same. When I was in Poland, an old woman yelled at me in the shop: “Why aren’t you wearing a mask?” And I responded: “and why did you put pants on your face?” To me it’s a vision of a world, where despite the vaccine the invisible enemy will continue to exist, thus creating a new species of informers, in a world of potential enemies looking at each other with great distrust.

Depopulation of cities. Already, many cities in the West are deserted, and it is not only about unemployment, but also about high-speed Internet access. In order to do business in a big city, you don’t have to live in a big city. Why pay expensive rent in London for a small square, and take the expensive tube to work and be cramped like a sardine, when you can move to the picturesque English countryside and live like a Hobbit in a big house, and even have your own field by the river. For many people, it would be also an opportunity to start a large family and buy a dog, which is often impossible in London.

The next point is depopulation, and I am not talking about Africa, where a couple has five or eight children who go barefoot and starve to death. In the so-called ‘developed countries’ depopulation takes a more subtle form. Well, just because of the Covid-19 virus; in the US 40% of American women planning a pregnancy said that they would postpone having a baby, what means about half a million children less in the US. In Europe; in countries such as Italy, Germany, France, Great Britain and France; 34% of women decided to postpone their pregnancies for better times, precisely because of the virus. In Poland, the government also advises Polish women to not to get pregnant during the pandemic. All the women’s guides are packed with warnings and threats about complications of the fetus during the Covid-19 pandemic!

! ! ! In my opinion the anti-British newspaper The Guardian has an extremely disgusting depopulation policy, which one week writes to not to have children for climatic reasons, showing only pictures of white children as those who are unwanted. But soon after that The Guardian urged to take African and Muslim soldiers known as ‘refugees’. The Guardian! ! ! What is it if not the Great Replacement Project and promotion of the White Genocide ? ? ?

, The political virus Covid-19; part II, Compass Travel Guide

First photo: White Genocide promoted by The Guardian. In the UK there is a constant over representation of Blacks in the media, but when it comes to abortion or limiting the number of children, then the anti-British media every single time shows only white children as the ones who are unwanted and destined for abortion.

, The political virus Covid-19; part II, Compass Travel Guide

Second photo: The Guardian promotes the Great Replacement Project by flooding Germany with Muslims and Negroes, still believing that only white children are destined for abortion, while the dark-skinned invasion is according to them ‘good and necessary’.

, The political virus Covid-19; part II, Compass Travel Guide

Third photo: The Guardian shows a white mother with a white child as those destined for disposal, while praising black immigration as the one that ‘saves’ Canada.

! ! ! In my opinion The Guardian is a Marxist vomit that reflects the ideology of the communist Jew Leon Trotsky. Of course this rag gives the passionate support for the Labour Party, which in its outrage of hatred towards English people even announced that the British did not represent any particular race or culture. (However, the same anti-British Labour Party and its propaganda mouthpiece The Guardian do not deny African, Chinese or Indian ethnicity, and even though they fight Christianity, they sympathize with Islam.)

Demography and depopulation are interconnected topics these days, so I’ll cover that briefly too. In general, the entire world now has negative birth rates, while higher percentages in some European countries are the results of African and Muslim immigration, what means that many Western countries no longer qualify as parts of the so-called ‘Western Civilization’.

Briefly, the number of children per woman is:

Germany 1.57, The Netherlands 1.66, Belgium 1.68, France 1.92, Poland 1.39, Russia 1.66, USA 1.76, Canada 1.50, Czech Republic 1.63, Australia 1.76. My conclusion is: the inevitable end of white civilization, because in order to sustain a given ethnic and cultural group at least generational replacement of 2.50 is needed . Why not 2.00? Because some people die of cancer, others die in car accidents, and others are homosexuals who would not have children.

Japan 1.43, China 1.68. South Korea 1.05, North Korea 1.91, Thailand 1.53, Philippines 2.64, Indonesia 2.34. My conclusion is, that the number of Oriental Asians is decreasing, but still safe due to their large numbers. When it comes to China, I predict that in this huge but aging society, by 2050 the workforce will shrink by 200 million.

However, on the other hand the average number of children per woman in poor Africa is as high as 5.0, even though there is often a lack of basic living conditions. ! ! ! Libya 2.28, Saudi Arabia 2.37, Iraq 3.76, Afghanistan 4.63, Syria 2.85, Pakistan 3.56, India 2.24. My conclusion is: Africanization and Islamization of the world, because of the naivety of liberal Europeans who behave like carps voting for Christmas.

Israel 3.11, what means exceptionally high population growth for a developed country. Israel however, has walled itself from everybody else and has high birth rate which is entirely Jewish, despite pressing other nations to accept abortions and destructive socialist ideologies. Jews are the greatest advocates of “liberalism, diversity, tolerance and equal rights for women”, and Jews promote these destructive ideologies around the world…. except one Israel ! ! ! 

Gypsies: the average number of children per Gypsy woman is 4.6, and having children is the greatest happiness for Gypsies. Some Gypsy women even have 9 children, without work, education and any means to live.

! ! ! Unfortunately to white women having a baby is a problem and a career obstacle, and they don’t always give birth to white babies. Feminism, liberalism, leftist ideologies, and dreams of great careers, mountains of gold and academic titles, cause that white women wake up in their 50s when they can’t get pregnant anymore. Covid-19 will only make this problem worse. (I remember when during a feminist convention young women were saying who they wanted to be in the future. One of them wanted to be a manager of a large corporation, another wanted to become a pilot, the third one a policewoman, and the fourth one a firefighter. They all got big applause. But there was also a woman who said that she wanted to have a husband and children, and she faced so much criticism that she was almost razed to the ground. If only immigration was the only problem…)

I suspect that Covid-19 is an economic virus, and I break this issue into several categories:

We will have a lost generation. It will be much more difficult for young people to earn any money. Work will be even more precarious as the societies of all countries become poorer. We can already see it in cities such as London or Los Angeles, where the presence of homeless is more and more frequent and hardly anyone is surprised. How will these poor people have families, and how will they be able to live a normal life at a decent level? This situation will lead to the almost complete disappearance of the middle class, which in my opinion is the most important class, because without it the good life of the majority is not possible. We will only have a few magnates and very poor people living in tent villages. There will be an increase in suicides, divorces, crimes, and great social problems that will become more common with time.

As usual, banks will reach out to those in need, what will lead the already heavily indebted societies into even greater poverty, and then banks will make money on them again. Credit cards, special promotions and personal loans at the so called “low interest rates” will turn middle class societies into dead slaves, although I believe that as a result of it also many imprisoned criminals and fugitives too.

In the time of bankruptcy of major companies, such as for example airlines, there will be always ‘helpful bankers’ from Wall Street or The City of London, who will buy the largest private corporations for peanuts, and then they will rebuild them under their supervision, when they decide that enough of them have already gone bankrupt. A system of this type will only deepen a centrally controlled economy under many different names, even though all these corporations will belong to a few richest families. It would be a continuation of the centrally controlled economy proposed by such ‘philosophers’ as: Trocky, Lenin, Stalin and Mao Zedong. Imagine a fat cat sitting on a high armchair watching its little helpless mice. This is what socialism looks like, only that the peoples of Western Europe, for decades kicked in their heads with Marxism would not realize it, and they will continue to naively believe that ‘all are equal’. In a way they will be…. mice that fell into the trap.

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

– David Rockefeller (at the UN Business Conference, Sept 1994)

If things get very bad in the so-called “democratic countries” and also “developed countries”, I suspect that Africa, South America and most of Asia will become zones of death and disease. Poverty, hunger and lack of medications will become their daily viruses. One could pursue this further and ask why in countries such as Mali and Burkina Faso more than 40% of the population lives below the poverty line, even though those countries are the largest gold producers?

According to a UN report, 821 million people suffer from persistent malnutrition, and about 9 million die each year from hunger. Less than 2 billion people in the world, or about 25% of the world’s population suffer from a moderate lack of food, what means that they eat once a day or they eat 1 meal every two days. Interestingly, most children per woman are still born in places where food is scarce.

Global hunger map

The Global Hunger Map ! ! ! I wonder why the countries with the greatest natural resources; often such as oil, gold and precious stones are so poor that 30% -40% of the population cannot even afford food? Covid-19 will be a disaster for the most hungry ones.

I hope that nature will be the winner after the virus. Airplanes don’t fly so the air should be cleaner. Where there are no tourists, there are no exhaust fumes and no rubbish on the beaches. I heard that long unseen small sharks returned to the shores of certain beaches, and on another beach sea turtles considered endangered laid their eggs. In my opinion, these kinds of wins of nature are not the results of good hearts of the people, but the results of viral politics. To this day, at street markets in Africa you can buy gorilla paws, rhinoceros horns and other valuable species of animals, and in South America they sell turtles in bazaars, and they make soups from them. When I was in China, I was on the reptile death street, where the Chinese cut snakes and lizards, and in another street they skinned cats alive. In China, they also ate rats on a stick; but they can afford a strong army. In Thailand, I saw exactly the same slaughter; and it is this treatment of animals that discourages me from the Oriental race. The Vietnamese in Poland secretly served dogs with rice to save on buying beef. Economic desperation can mean that animals won’t benefit from the virus. There are far too many people in the world!

Wearing masks as a way of forcing submission

2,300 years ago Arabs discovered that forcing people to cover their noses and mouths was breaking their will and individuality. Wearing masks took away their personality, and made them more submissive. Therefore, the Arabs made it compulsory for every woman to cover her face with a piece of fabric. Later, Islam turned it into a symbol of a woman’s submission to Allah, but also a symbol of submission to a man, as the owner of the harem and the king.

Modern psychology explains, that we don’t exist as independent beings without a face ! ! !

Face coverings / masks are ancient tools used to psychologically break people down. This is the beginning of the removal of individuality. Anyone who does not know their history is certainly doomed to repeat it.


I want to suggest the global government that in order to limit the world’s population; that is to depopulate the world, and what I by the way support, you should play with open cards. Sometimes the truth is the best, even when it comes to embarrassing and politically incorrect matters that harm voters. Neither wars, nor detonation of atomic bombs, nor the satanic viruses from the communist laboratories of Marx and Engels would depopulate either. My idea is simple and humane, but with taking into account the racial balance and education, rather than chaos and indoctrination. The whole world has to agree to one child policy, except for the white race because this one is the rarest. As a result of this policy, the quality of life of dark peoples would significantly improve, and they wouldn’t have to suffer from hunger and miserable conditions, and they wouldn’t have to drown on their way to Europe. To achieve this, regimes must be installed in the most populous countries that would follow these guidelines in many ways, but which I prefer not to discuss right now. I tell my critics: let’s think about those whose living conditions we can improve.

In Europe on the other hand, in addition to the open door policy, the greatest enemy is the degeneration, usually described as social freedom, and the constant persuasion of women that they are equal to men and that they should compete with them. If white woman does not see a white man as the husband and father of her children, but the enemy and competitor for work, and if a white man fights for “equality and tolerance” instead of for strength and honor, then Europe is finished.

Besides, depopulation may turn out to be necessary regardless of political beliefs or the origin of the rulers. The Internet, factory and device automation, and artificial intelligence will take millions of people out of job markets. People will cease to have value because they will become unprofitable, and therefore the elite needs a vaccine for an artificially bred pandemic, that would cause disease and infertility. When this goal is achieved, the elites will impoverish societies because they know that the key to controlling the masses is controlling their debts; not wealth. This will be the moment when everyone will become truly ‘equal’ , and then total communism will begin.

Let’s imagine Africa as a continental nature reserve with several urban zones, or the Indian Subcontinent as a subcontinental nature reserve with a motorway around the best temples, and with several cities. Each one of them would keep their traditions and deep attachment to the culture of the region, but without invasive human politics.

I don’t know how I would be perceived after my article on Covid-19, but I suspect that governments would secretly agree with me on many things. Officially however, they would maintain that this article is only the result of a sick mind and conspiratorial theories, further fueled by the mythical neo-Nazism. (This is how they usually define the ones who they disagree with.) I can assure you that I have many great solutions, but the problem is that the human pieces on the world chessboard have already been set. Covid-19 is just one way to create poverty and reduce population, while at the same time testing endurance and herd management. It is only a matter of time before the global regime finds a new way to deepen its absolute control, and be warned that the name of the regime is irrelevant. It may be communism, fascism, democracy, parliamentary monarchy, or global Bolshevism – commonly known as Zionism. The name does not matter, exactly as it is with slavery which never ended but only evolved.

To avoid criticismsay nothingdo nothing, be nothing „                                                                                            


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