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Martin Malik

My name is Martin and this is my story. I travel because it is fun and a great way to continue self-education which enriches the worldview and opens my eyes to unnoticeable things, both in the distant countries and the closest ones. Let's get to know other cultures but let's also respect and defend our own.


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The Politics of Truth

===============================================  “Religion, like alcohol, should only be for wise people”

Martin Malik

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A few words from the author

Whilst travelling from the Christian remains of Constantinople and the ancient sands of Persia, through the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China and the dense jungles of Borneo, I realized that the world must have its order. Therefore despite my beautiful adventures and experiences I always remembered which culture I myself belonged to, and I also appreciated the beauty and values of our beautiful - White Christian civilization.

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The politics of truth

Seen from the Islands; Part IV

By: Martin Malik

Start from part one…

a series of interviews with Martin Malik

– – Antoine Ratnik: I don’t understand why would someone want to be British … After all it is the source of all malice, all evil, genocide and exploitation.

Martin Malik: And your beloved France is not? I realize that you’re referring to the colonial times but even though the British Empire was a nightmare to the world, it did a lot of good things too. The British Empire developed trade and built economies of many colonial countries. Without the British Empire places such as Singapore, Hong Kong or Malacca would be only obscure fishing villages. Without the British Empire in the Indian Subcontinent perhaps just 30% would be able to read and write, and it would be a breeding ground for even more deadly diseases.

British showed on the map of the world places such as Ceylon where today tea trade is a huge part of its economy. Because of England the tea industry also flourishes in India, Bangladesh and Malaysia. British developed the spice market and because they organized many far away environmental expeditions, they classified a huge number of exotic plants and animals. The British Empire also contributed to excavations in Egypt and in other countries showing people extinct civilizations and their cultures. British used to build whole cities, they shared their technology that enabled local people to increase their farming, and they also taught how to build the necessary equipment for it. The British Empire introduced medical care, they built roads, churches, schools and universities.

The British Empire

The British Empire was also a great adventure.

Of course the British Empire did all of that for their own benefit but as a result of their work they contributed to the development of the Third World, whilst today poverty in those countries is not the fault of the UK alone. Primarily it is because of lack of organization and lack of skillful management of colonial countries after gaining independence. I agree that the British Empire traded slaves but on the other hand it was the British who abolished slavery in 1833 as the first in the world, and then they used to save Africans from foreign vessels which still trafficked them.

Due to the fact that for thousands of years Negroes as the only ones have not been able to create any civilization, I believe that the British Empire was a great chance for development of Africa. Especially that it was no-one else but the African tribal leaders who used to sell to Europeans the most worthless Negroes, who could only breed like rats and steal; and that’s the way it is until this day. I’m sorry that this paragraph is incompatible with promoting the “White Guilt” but I think that it is my duty to mention all the good things. Let us also remember that slave vessels were owned mainly by Jews and they were the ones who really benefited from the African slave trade.

As for the part of your question in which you used the word such as: “malice, evil, genocide and exploitation” in relation to England I would rather want to concentrate on they way that every British government has treated native Britons for centuries, and then I would like to remind the betrayal of Poland during the World War II. These two issues I have described already in depth in my previous articles, that’s why now I will only mention them briefly and if anyone is interested in the real history I recommend to read my articles: “Great Britain and the GREAT betrayal of Poland” and “The British – the nation of great pretenders” – each in two parts. As a Pole I am simply not interested in all the harms caused to Negroes or Arabs because they’ve been attacking Europe for centuries and they still are. Do we feel sorry for our enemies?

During the industrial revolution all materials for the development of Britain were shipped from the colonial countries. It was obviously exploitation which “cost a lot of evil and malice” as you called it, but I am more interested in the situation of the British society during those times. Let us remember that the so-called “liberal economy” was liberal because it was based on using poor English people, including all the hungry and barefoot children. The British super rich opened more and more factories and because there wasn’t a minimum wage, the British government exploited the British nation to the level of extreme poverty. It was the British factory owners who used to buy colonial goods for nothing and earned so much money on pain and sorrow of British people that today their children enjoy universal respect for being “Lords”.

Therefore the whole wealth of the United Kingdom was built on exploitation of the colonial states but on the other hand also on exploitation of British people. Ships with spices, slaves and tea sailed to India and even to the Orient, and obviously to make it happen was needed a native British manpower, and during long voyages many of them died from exhaustion, disease, hunger and thirst. In the name of the glory of the British Empire a life itself and a quality of life of every British person were worth as much as life of a black slave. The only thing that mattered was a life of a “noble gentleman” – and those who have yet not let themselves to be fooled by the myth of democracy know that nothing has changed.

Many Britons died in wars over British influence, others during battles with pirates and others from French cannons. Those were the days when people had to agree with everything because if someone wasn’t “lucky” enough be left behind in wild Australia, America or Canada, was publicly hanged whilst listening to cheers of poor and illiterate English crowd.

I presume that we all know Charles Dickens’ books who in a very good way showed the misery and pathology of British people to the world and the way in which the British government made fortunes on British people’s misery, at the same time profiting from the colonies. When it comes to Charles Dickens I am sure that if he was alive today he would surely become “racist and homophobic” because he would be certainly an enemy of the current system.

Poor English children in the time of Charles Dickens.

Poor English children in the time of Charles Dickens. Why doesn’t history teach about the exploitation of the English by the British Empire? Because it would be against the promotion of White Guilt. English people deserve historic justice !!!

These days people think that they have democracy or freedom and they think they are worth a little more, but in the UK nothing has changed. In England only the elites have value and the rest can believe in whatever they want and they can be of any colour they want, as long as they live in fear in order to be obedient. In the previous centuries British people were deported like animals across the world or they died of hunger and cold in the streets of British cities and today the British Government pays generous benefits to the enemies of the British civilization, so they could murder and rape the British in their own streets. In the times of Charles Dickens barefoot children used to die in the streets of cold and hunger and today the enemies of the British culture get free houses, money and privileges while each year approximately 60,000 British families are thrown away on the pavement.

There wasn’t education before and people were illiterate whilst today the true education in the UK is just for the elites, what means that education for poorer children is based only on reading, writing, arithmetics and Marxist indoctrination. I think however that discussing this subject with average British people would be too much of a challenge for them. History in England exists only for the purpose of building the White Guilt. Children in schools learn about “black scientists.” Absolutely ridiculous … and tragic at the same time. The British nation is dying but in order to destroy it fully, first the British government steals their minds.

Upon rethinking the hole matter I’ve decided to change my mind. Britain is a cradle of malice, all evil, genocide and exploitation – but against its own people.

We Poles and the educated British will never forget the fact that the Prime Ministers Chamberlain and Churchill sold Poland many times over because it was supposed to give Britain huge benefits. The alliance with Britain was a political illusion that cost us devastated Poland, the “Iron Curtain”, 50 years of official communism and even the murder of the Polish Prime Minister in exile in London (Details in the article Great Britain and the GREAT betrayal of Poland). The 303 Polish Squadron which defended Britain in 1940 was cheated too and not only because Churchill sold Poland to Stalin and Poles to labour camps in Siberia, but also because Polish pilots fought for England for English people and not for Muslims, Negroes and sodomites.

Indeed, the malice of the United Kingdom has no limits.

– – Antoine Ratnik: Well, nothing more nothing less. When a few years ago we had our first interview you mentioned about the baptism of Mieszko I and some readers who live in Poland started mocking it. What’s the attitude of Poles in Great Britain to the history of their own country? Are they ashamed of being Polish as it is sometimes with those countrymen who stayed in Poland, or they are rather proud of it?

Martin Malik: Poland became Christian over 1,000 years ago and I consider it to be a blessing for our country for many reasons. In those times it gave the Polish leader a lot of advantages because Mieszko I strengthened Polish position on the international arena and thus gained new allies. Poland took Christianity in 966 from the Czech Republic through Mieszko’s I marriage with the Bohemian princess Dobrava, which gave him favourable approach of the clergy and greater independence from Germany.

The baptism was of great importance in the history of Poland because a Christian ruler could count on a greater military, economic and political support of their neighbours and under one cross, under Jesus Christ could unite Slavic tribes, which later became an important Polish nation. Besides, not adopting Christianity was dangerous because pagans were attacked.

From the moment of baptism Poland also opened itself to the Christian culture of Western Europe and automatically found itself in the geopolitical centre of our continent. Poland also became a destination for Christian priests who improved education of the Polish nation. Priests taught better methods of cultivation and they built stone churches. Also thanks to the new Christian allies Mieszko I was able to join the Polish Malopolska and Silesia to Poland.

It should be also reminded that for 1500 years Islam was not able to conquer Europe thanks to strong Christianity. During the invasion of the Ottoman Empire, when Sultan Mehmet II and his huge army stood at the gates of Vienna it was our King John Sobieski III and his brave hussars who turned Muslims into dust. Catholic Poland means also strength because as long as we are united in Christ and we have strong faith we are able to defend ourselves.

Unfortunately now when Christianity is weakening in most European countries an empty space is being created, which the enemies of the European civilization in top positions viciously fill with Islam. Nowadays Islam is the enemy of Europe only if we let it to be through our tolerance, apathy and political intimidation or when Islam is pointlessly provoked by Jews hiding behind European flags. Muslims and Christians have never been friends but they also have a common enemy.

Baptism of Poland

Baptism of Poland, 966 ad.

Thanks to this very important event Poland is based on Catholicism, which today gives Poles a sense of cultural and national identity. This makes me feel that there isn’t such thing as a Pole and a non-Catholic. If someone is a Pole in my understanding he is also Catholic and if someone does not want to be Catholic I think that such person has a serious cultural crisis and in his emptiness he looks for false prophets. From what I know sometimes even Polish atheists go to church and become godparents, what is just another proof that the Polish Catholic Church is not only the guardian of moral values of our nation but also the indestructible foundation of our homeland.

In Polish history it happened sometimes that some people rebelled against the church like small children but when Poland got struck by the toxic burden of communism and when priests gave their lives for Poland, then we Poles always united in our holy Catholic Church. We are not able to deny it and we are not able to run away from it. We Poles are Catholics.

Many Poles are proud of their Polishness and they want to be Polish but others deliberately cut off from their roots. Let’s not forget that the current regime in the UK doesn’t want to promote Polish culture but a global village where everyone would be a sexless and an easy to manipulate citizen of the world, without its own culture, history or national identity. I therefore think that in order to be Poles abroad we should not only want that but also work on that. Across England there are many Polish schools and Polish churches which do a very good job in uniting Poles and maintaining our Polish culture, even though unfortunately not all of us what to enjoy those cultural benefits .

Poles in Poland do not even realize what a great blessing for the Poles the Catholic Church truly is. Every Sunday I can see crowds of Polish people who fill Polish churches to the limits, while Anglican churches are either empty or are converted into mosques. Alongside our schools which have existed for decades it is the Polish churches that save our Polish identity, remind us of our history and make us aware who we really are ….. and we are Polish, and therefore we also have Polish duties to our country and to our faith.

Crowds of Polish children in Polish schools and crowds in Polish churches show me clearly that despite great adversities and dramatic economic and political conditions Poles bravely fight for survival of Poland wherever it would be. I think that the patriotic Catholic group of Poles is a definite majority and I truly love that group.

But there are also Poles who don’t want to send their children to Polish schools and who don’t go to churches because they feel English, even though they will be never English. Most of them come from the lowest social class who assimilate very well with obese English women on benefits pushing strollers with black children. Others speak about Poland in a very hateful manner and they use very insulting language because they were so poor in Poland that they never want to go back. Those are very low minded people who mistake Poland, our beautiful homeland, with the corrupt Polish political apparatus that forced me to leave too.

Those Poles don’t want to have anything to do with Poland, they cut off all Polish links and they give their children English names. Poles of that type are not able to speak good Polish or good English but when they speak Polish they throw English words into sentences, what to them might be perhaps an illusionary improvement of social status or assimilation, but to me it’s a syndrome of enslaved Poles which comes from a low level of their own value.

I knew a Pole who opened a construction company and achieved an average financial success. Even though his attitude to Poland was not extremely bad I could see that he was furious at his country, even offended by its name. He called his daughter Jessica and he always spoke very badly about Poland. That poor, uneducated Polish moneymaker does not realize that even people from such poor countries like for example Nepal love their country because they love their flag, their emblem, history, their mountains, rivers and their national cuisine. To such people like him we should speak because to Poland he is not yet lost.

I’ve noticed that patriotism is the strongest in national families, as I call them, but not only. Although I consider homogeneous relationships to be culturally most reliable there are also relationships which are mixed nationally but which still meet our strict racial standards. I’m talking for example about Polish women who have children with English or Australian men and very often their children also speak Polish and they go to Polish schools.

Those children are raised to be Poles and I also accept them as Poles because they are elements racially beneficial who have the Polish cultural code. In those relationships there is a need to work harder on being Polish but the good thing is that mothers spend with their children most of the time and they speak Polish to them.

I have a definitely different point of view about Polish women who are evident traitors of the Polish culture and when betrayal comes from stupidity, from exceptionally low judgement of their own value and a type of character which I call the “gene of prostitution”. Those Polish women whore themselves with Negroes and Muslims and they don’t see anything wrong with that. I think that although negative attitudes of some Poles to Poland could be changed into patriotism, the harmful component of our nation committing an explicit crime against our white race should stay in England and should be brutally destroyed by the lives that they have chosen.

Polish women who in their infinite naivety believe that a Muslim is “just a tanned European” or that a Negro is “almost white” and that all of them “have our values” are rejected and treated like prostitutes because indeed they are. Those women are a poison to our blood and an insult to Poland and they don’t realize that Poles gave their lives for the independence of our country and they certainly didn’t do it so Polish women could be whores to Negroes and other enemies of the Western civilization. Fortunately however most Polish women are racially aware and they give births to white children, who to me are the golden harvests of our White Civilization.

Read part five, the last one… 



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